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Hello. I am Space Cowgirl, and apparently you cannot stop yourself from reading my profile.

I suppose you came here looking for personal information, maybe a long and pointless list of "fav couples! ^_^" or "the best fanfics EVR by my best online friends, their so kwaii!"

As you can discern from the above paragraph, sarcasm is something that I just can't stop myself from injecting into my stories and pretty much everything else in my life. If you're looking for a little about me this is what you get: I'm an English major at a liberal arts college in the US, and I am also a professional writer. Latest work is 'Iron Phoenix', an XBox game due out in November.

This leads me to an irrational desire to better the writing on this site, in the form of constructively critical reviews. Unfortunately, some of the fourth graders hanging about take those reviews as flames, and bitch at me in all sorts of ways. Listen up, as I'm making this short and sweet: A FLAME IS SOMETHING THAT OFFERS NO SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUES ALWAYS TELL YOU HOW YOU MIGHT IMPROVE. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LISTEN, THEN SOD OFF AND STOP WRITING JUVENILE EMAILS TO ME TELLING ME HOW MUCH I SUCK!

Have I mentioned I don't shout often? Now that I got that off my chest, a little bit about my writing before you journey on from this profile page. I write in two areas: Cowboy Bebop to satiate the rabid otaku in me and X-Men to feed the ravenous geek. I post Cowboy Bebop stories under this name, while any X-Men stories written after 2001 can be found under the account of my very good friend and co-writer Addie Logan. If a story of hers says "co-written with GambitGirl", that's moi! Anything non-Cowboy Bebop under this account is abandoned and is NOT going to be finished, if it isn't already. I just have too much paying writing work to drum up sequels to any of my little scribblings (typings?) right now. Some of my stories were written before I had the detailed knowledge of the X-Men that I do now, so yes, there are inaccuracies. If you're looking to pick on that, don't bother. I know I sound like a stupid git. That concludes this portion of our tour. I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but I'll close with a list of a few likes and dislikes...I just can't help myself.

White Queen
"X-Men: Evolution"-version Quicksilver
The Joker
Harley Quinn
Jack Sparrow (bet you weren't expecting that one, HAH!)

Jean Grey (oh, I guess she's the Phoenix again now, fine then, JEAN GREY THE PHOENIX! Bloody woman...)
Shadowcat (pick a version, any version)
Colossus (oh wait, he's dead. HAAAHAHAHA!)
Superman (just 'cause)
Julia of Cowboy Bebop
The vast majority of OC's in any fandom I write/review for. Yes, I am biased against OC's. However, if they make the grade and are not Mary Sues, I will give a postive review of an OC story.

X-Men (Comics, the Movie, Evolution)
Cowboy Bebop
Hellblazer (Vertigo)
Pirates of the Caribbean (because it was a bloody good movie)

If you write in these categories, you may want to expect a visit from me. I don't always leave nasty reviews. Some are actually rather nice and complimentary. I'm no Wicked Witch of the West. I give credit where credit is due.

And lastly, what would any self-respecting profile be without a few...

-People who can't take critisism (or a joke) and the No NC-17 Policy (my god, think of the children!)
-Mary Sues (yes, again. They really get on my nerves.)
-The "word" ROMY. For heaven's sake, people. Since when was adopting a fad started by X-Men: Evolution all hip and cool? Let them have ROMY. To us civilized comic fans, it will always be R/R.
-Authors who profess to write an AU story without first knowing the canon story. Once you've learned the facts, you can change them. Not before.
-Everyone who ever had the brilliantly original idea of giving Jack Sparrow offspring.
-Bringing Spike back to life so he can realize his epic and undying love for Faye. He's dead, people. Dead, dead, dead. He's not a mutant, he doesn't have a healing factor, he cannot micraculously recover from fatal stab wounds to the gut. Leave well enough alone and let the poor man rest in peace.

Well, I've bitched enough for one day. Probably enough for several days, but I tend to do a lot of bitching. I like to think it's what makes me a good critiquer (is that even a word, or am I inventing them now?) In closing, I'd like to present a bit called FLAME OF THE DAY/WEEK/OR POSSIBLY MILLENIUM, wherein I cackle at hysterical and outraged responses to my perfectly reasonable and non-fiery critiques.


This one comes to us from ThePhantomsChristineDaae, author of "IZ" over in the X-Men Comics section.

"I'd like to thank Space Cowgirl for her lovely review. It was a Christmas present right up there with coal."

Since that lump of squished plant matter is STILL the only review for this story, I'd like y'all to head on over and help poor Phantoms out. Just remember that she bruises easily...

NOTE: I know the FLAME OF THE WEEK is really out of date, but lately everyone I've critiqued has either not responded or taken their story down. Wusses.


"Well...I think we've all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually...ecumenically...grammatically...ta!"

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