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Hello. My name is Conor.

I am thirteen.

I am going to be a Laywer (or Doctor) who writes novels (or newspaper articles) on the side.

I like fantasy. There are people who say they don't like fantasy because it's unrealistic, but I say they're afraid. They're scared that if they try it, they'll like it, and they're afraid it will change them. Well, those people usually get a lot easier to be around after they're first fan fiction story (^_^)

See that up there? The smiley? That is one I created, and if you use it without my express permission I will sue. Even though I haven't patented or copywrited it, I have proof I edited it on this date and therefore can claim intelectual property law.
Ask first people.

Moving on, I like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I won't tell people, because they'll laugh, but I think it's a brilliant show, not just story-character-action wise, but because of what it represents and what it deals with. It is the show about teenagers. Pure and simple.

Twilight. I'm a guy. I like it. It was good, it had drama, it was a strong romance book. It was funny, well written, and nice. I can't tell you how much that means to a guy like me. No swearing, sex or violence. I did like it. I thought it was strong.

Chaos Walking Trilogy. Best. Books. Ever. Manchee! Oh Manchee, God, it should have been me! It should have been me! Seriously, though, they are very strong novels, filled with creative ways to express the thoughts and little nuggets of information you think of yourself as you read. Magical, truly magical.

10 Facts about me:
1:I am Irish
2:I am smart. I attend the Center For Talented Youth Ireland. Top five in the country.
3:I'm a vegetarian. No meat or fish.
4:I am a good person. No, I swear. I always try to do good.
5:I have won 7 art competitions, but nearly failed art as a class.
6:My favourite subjects in school are English, History and Geography.
7:Favourite band is Paramore.
8:My cousin Erika is a talented singer.
9:My friend Sean is a talented guitarist.
10:I am a talented waffler. I have compelled you to read in so far, have I not?
11:I write grammatically correct text messages.
12:No matter how many things I say I'll put in a list, I always put in two more.

I like to write.
My current projects are:
Wooden Bullets:

Basically, the Master has arisen and kidnapped Buffy. His plan to destroy the world is being held back by the scoobies, but they know they won't hold forever. So Dawn leaves for L.A., searching for an army of good guys to save the world. Which is where she Meets Carter, sixteen year old vampire hunter.

And Riot Time:

Buffy's second death caused Taylor to be called. Brash, badass, and without a watcher to guide her, she tackles the only thing she thinks will give her a challenge.
Faith, The Vampire Slayer.

Please read and review, I always respond to reviews, so please, unload your opinion.

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Markus and Glenn are two souls, cursed to be monsters. Cara is a young heroin, with a destiny thrust upon her. Erika is a street thief destined for more. Evaire is a rich girl, Henry is a war torn hero and Zed is an arrogant wizard. Destiny is cruel.
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Wooden Bullets reviews
The Master's back, and Sunnydale has become a vampire haven. With Buffy captured, and the rest of the Scoobies fighting to stop the apocalypse, Dawn heads off in search of help. Which is where she Carter Able, sixteen year old vampire hunter.
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