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Hi there. Shimmercloud here. I go by Shim or Daisey. Whichever you prefer. You'll have to excuse me if I'm not committed to updating some of my stories. Sometimes I lose interest, sometimes I forget. But if you really want me to continue, submit a review or something. That usually does the trick.

About Me:

I'm an amateur dreamer and fangirl and I really like writing. I have a habit of falling into deep obsessions with really obscure media. Usually that's a disadvantage but on here it's actually a perk. I love meeting people with the same interests as me. Feel free to PM me about anything you want. I'm always open.

The following text will be short "according to me"s of some stuff that I like and might write about. It will likely contain some fangirling. Read at your own risk.

Beauty Pop- Kiyoko Arai
Beauty Pop was the first manga I ever legitimately read. This is significant because this was my first experience of getting killed by the feels. It was pretty ridiculous, and needless to say I had no idea what was happening and concluded that there was only a certain amount of cuteness that I could ingest before I got really sick. This is honestly a great manga. It was kind of all over the place at times, but that actually just it better. It was such a magical story. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the drama/romance genre. The romance factor is actually not overdone, surprising enough. My favourite character is Iketani because he's amazing. Have you ever noticed how it's pretty much him who saves the day, but he doesn't really get any credit in the end? Anyway I really like Iketani because he's the dynamic character. I always love the dynamic character. Every single time, it's always the dynamic character.
Anyway yeah, read this manga. It's really good.

Special A- Maki Minami
SA was the second manga I read. It was a lot longer than Beauty Pop. There was a lot more romance, and it was a lot more far fetched. But I actually felt like I was falling down multiple flights of stairs while reading it. It was honestly the cutest, most overwhelming thing I have ever experienced ever. I had no idea it would be that good. As you may have noticed, I'm not great at handling overwhelming emotions. Everytime I read this manga or watch the anime, I end up really physically exerting myself a whole lot. But I really loved how all the characters were explored at some point. There were no filler characters. Every single character was dynamic and descriptive and I could really imagine them as a person. It was so awesome. My favourite character is Tadashi because he's such an awesome guy. He's so carefree and adorable, and for some reason he actually changed my mindset towards life a little. Everyone needs a bit of Tadashi in their lives. I highly recommend you read the manga and also watch the anime. The anime isn't totally accurate and there are a whole bunch of things wrong with it, but watch it anyway, after you read the manga because both are good.

Don't watch the dub, it's inadequate.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
I LOVE THIS SHOW! The Last Airbender was actually amazing. I found the end of book 2 to be a little off, but it was great all the same. It's not exactly an anime, but it definitely could have been one. Although it didn't give me intense feels like the mangas do, it was still an amazing show. It's pretty old school, but totally great all the same. Everyone needs to watch it! I know it's a bit lengthy, but watch it anyway, it's worth it :D I actually do like Legend of Korra too. Sure, there are a ton of things wrong with it, but not everything can be perfect, can it? My favourite characters from both series are (bear with me, there are quite a few) Azula, Ty Lee, Toph, Iroh, Mai, Zuko, Lin Bei Fong, Iroh II, and of course Jinora. I'd probably say my absolute favourite from Legend of Korra is Jinora, but I probably wouldn't be able to decide for the Last Airbender :P My favourite ship is probably Sokka and Suki. Mostly because I didn't really like any other ships. I know most people obsess and fan war over the Kataang-Zutara stuff, but I honestly am not really interested at all in that stuff. And I think both sides are kind of ridiculous. Anyway, WATCH THIS SHOW! It's super awesome :)

Warriors- Erin Hunter
It's a little weird writing this because I haven't read any Warriors for the longest time, but since I do write a ton of Warriors stuff, I feel like it's worth mentioning. Warriors was the first fandom I ever joined and it was my first experience fandom-ing :) It was great. There were a lot of ups and downs but I don't regret it. The series itself is pretty good. I really just like the baseline, feral cats with a hierarchical system. It's just interesting to me. A lot of stuff could definitely use some work, but it definitely had its good parts. I actually really liked the Last Hope. It was a good way to wrap things up. I'd say my favourite books were probably Bluestar's Prophecy or Crookedstar's Promise. They both kinda go hand in hand. They both made me cry, Crookedstar especially. My favourite character is Hollyleaf, because she reminds me of myself. And my favourite ships are...well Dovewing and Tigerheart were great, and I really like Lionblaze and Heathertail too, and I was pretty mad they never finished that off. This series isn't for everyone, but give it a go if you've never read it.

The Last Dragon Chronicles- Chris D'Lacey
Man, where do I begin? This is such an amazing series. It's seven books long, just like Harry Potter. In ascending order they go The Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, Fire World, and the Fire Ascending. There's also a reader's guide called Rain and Fire. Seriously, if you like super complex plotlines with a sci-fi fantasy sort of feel, then this the book for you. It takes a few times reading it to actually start to be able to understand it, but it's definitely worth it. It's about dragons. And aliens and bears, but mostly dragons. It's magnificent. It's so creative and complex and waaaah I don't even know. But it's honestly a pure stroke of genius, and if you ever encounter this guy, Chris D'Lacey, give him a pat on the back for me. It's such a beautiful story, and not all the books are in chronological order. In fact the end has a lot of time travelling involved. It's super complicated, but the more you understand it, the more amazing it is. My favourite character is Tam Farrell, because damnit he is so freaking attractive and amazing and just such an awesome supporting character. I love the bears too, Kailar especially. And David, the main character, is seriously the most epic guy I have ever read about, EVER. I'm not even kidding you, if you like this kind of stuff, READ THIS BOOK. The beginning is a but slow, but get through them and you are in for the biggest plot twists EVER.

Angel Beats

Holy crap I love this anime. It's just so deep. And beautiful. It's cool cause it's not actually in a materialistic world. Nothing is actually physical, so everything is emotional. Which is the main reason why there is so much emotional impact on the audience. I didn't like, cry a whole lot, but it was reeeeeally heart wrenching. It was just nonstop emotional trauma from beginning to end. I think the show could definitely have been a whole lot longer, since there were so many characters and not enough time to elaborate on all of them, especially Girls Dead Monster, cause I loooooved them so much, and also the little blond girl by the name of Yusa, who for some reason is one of my favourite characters even though she doesn't really contribute to the plot much. Anyway My favourite character is definitely Iwasawa, cause she's amazing and I see a lot of myself in her. I especially liked her part in the manga prequel Heaven's Door. I honestly wish they would make more of this anime, like mini episodes that take place in the storyline. Not a sequel, cause all the characters are gone and that wouldn't make sense, but just some side stories. Because everyone likes side stories. WATCH THIS ANIME IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. Yes that is all.

Of course since I watched Angel Beats I had to watch Clannad. This is probably hands down the most perfect anime I have ever watched. It was so beautiful and heartwarming and all the stories and themes it depicted were amazing and the character were well developed and in depth and everything was just so amazing and I cried so hard. Everytime. It's similar and different from Angel Beats in a lot of ways, but it's longer and was able to explore the backstories of all the characters, instead of just a few like Angel Beats did. I loved all the different stories and arcs, and the way the converted the visual novel into the anime was actually so genius. It had such a deep and dreamy sort of atmosphere, similar to Angel Beats, but was actually real and material. And I loooooved the soundtrack. Like, I cannot emphasize this enough, it was actually the most amazing thing ever. My favourite character from Clannad is Miyasawa Yukine, cause she's so considerate and kindhearted and helpful and asdfghaldjkh she's just so beautiful and I loved her story so much. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING WATCH THIS ANIME WATCH THE WHOLE THING AND AFTER STORY JUST WATCH IT RIGHT NOW.

This is another one of those obscure things that I love. I can't even believe how into Digimon I was. I first watched Adventure 02 actually, and then Adventure. Of course I watched it as a kid, who didn't? But it's actually such a complex and deep show, and as a kid you wouldn't be able to fully grasp the concept. So watch it again! It's truly amazing. And just when I thought it couldn't get any more amazing, I watched Tamers. I grew a really unhealthy obsession with that Terriermon. I fact I'm still obsessed with him. Terriermon is the best. I honestly think that we all need to be more like him. Carefree and happy but at the same time tough and strong and just amazing in general. I also really liked the Terriermon in Adventure. And Willis/Wallace too. He was so cute :O Anyway, Tamers is a whole lot darker and mature, even though it's still for kids. I actually really like the dub. If you don't, the sub is great too. I loved this series so much that I ordered the entire season on DVD. Yup, this is the kinda stuff I do. Irrationally order things online. Anyway, watch the show. It's the best.

Metal Fight Beyblade!
I feel like I will be judged for not having interest in the original series. I know it's pretty stupid, and maybe the original series is better, I really can't tell you that. Metal Fight Beyblade is such an amazing series, and I am thoroughly disappointed about the amount of hate it gets from my friends. I mean, yes it's over the top, ridiculous, and far fetched. The dub is kind of bad, but at the same time really good. What I really like about it is the characters. The characters are the whole reason I watched it. The characters are what makes me fall over and cry for hours. Because the characters are AMAZING. My favourite character is Ryuga because he's the best and the strongest and the most epic. Like, you know things are about to get real when Ryuga shows up. He's also pretty dynamic. I know he's pretty good now, but I probably won't consider him as part of the team any time soon. He doesn't work with others. Anyway my very close second favourite is Tsubasa. Cause who doesn't love Tsubasa? I sure do. TSUBASA IS THE BEST. (after Ryuga) I feel like Tsubasa is easier to write in because he's had a lot of screentime and he's nice and well mannered and everyone loves him. Everytime I see him in Shogun Steel/Zero-G I cry with happiness. He's so amazing. Number three is Yu, because he's so freaking adorable and I wish I had a Yu. Anyway, like I've said with everything else, watch this show. WATCH IT.

Phineas and Ferb
This is the last obscure thing, I promise. I don't even know what happened when I got into this show. It was the middle of summer and I suddenly got very disappointed in how I was spending my own summer. I love this show for the running gags. This is literally the most witty, hilarious show I have ever watched. The humor isn't even stupid and random. It's actually legit clever stuff. And the songs are so freaking amazing. Being a musical person myself, I have to appreciate the work put into producing those songs. Lots of love for those Musical Cliptastic Countdowns, although I think Summer Belongs to You should have won that last one. I also do love some of the little subplots in the show, such as Isabella's crush on Phineas, or Vanessa's thing with Monty. I'd say my favourite character is either Ferb or Vanessa. I do actually think FerbxVanessa is really cute, but in all practicality it probably wouldn't work out. Phineas and Ferb are both two young to date anyway. I really like VanessaxMonty. That is a pretty legit couple. Who would've though two people who are so different could get along so well? Their relationship is honestly sooooo adorable and I can't wait to see more of it :)

Some other stuff:
Along with all that stuff up there, I'm also a fan of the Hunger Games, the Divergent Series, along with Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I also love animated movies and I'm a big fan of Howl's Moving Castle. And I'm a Marvel fan too. But don't ask me anything about it because I really don't know. But I am still a fan. You cannot tell me otherwise.

Uh yeah, I think that's it. Give my stuff a try, and drop a review if you like it :) I always want to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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