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Author has written 33 stories for Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In my personal opinion, the Star Wars Expanded Universe is the greatest work of fiction ever, and the best part of it is the New Jedi Order series; I often feel that the NJO was greater than anything Star Wars had ever done before, and they never managed to achieve anything that good again -- it was phenomenal. To a lesser degree, I also enjoy Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, and any of Rick Riordan's mythology series (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and The Trials of Apollo). Other than that, I also enjoy Arrowverse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Currently, I am reading The Haunting of Barry Allen by Clay and Susan Griffith. Related to Harry Potter, I also enjoy the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series. These films feel like they're telling a story I've wanted to hear since I first read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - the battle between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

My favorite author is Matthew Stover, whose novel Traitor is, in my opinion, the best Star Wars installment. Closely followed by him are Timothy Zahn, James Luceno, Troy Denning, Michael A. Stackpole, Karen Traviss, Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, Sean Williams, Greg Keyes, Walter Jon Williams, Kevin J. Anderson, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan, with my favorite books being Vision of the Future, The Unifying Force, Apocalypse, I, Jedi, Sacrifice, Conviction, Ascension, Force Heretic: Reunion, The Final Prophecy, Champions of the Force, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and The House of Hades, respectively.

My favorite character is Jacen Solo, the central figure of the Yuuzhan Vong War -- and by "favorite character" I mean of anything, not just Star Wars. He is the only character I have related to on such a deep and personal level.

Top 36 Favorite Characters

Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus: Jedi Knight, Yuuzhan Vong traitor, Jedi spy, student of the Force, Aing-Tii student, Fallanassi student, Dathomiri Witch student, time traveler, Galactic Alliance colonel, Galactic Alliance Guard leader, Jedi traitor, captain of the Anakin Solo, Galactic Alliance traitor, Galactic Alliance Chief of State, Dark Lord of the Sith, Jedi hero, lover of Danni Quee, lover of Tenel Ka Djo, ex-lover of Tahiri Veila, father of Allana Solo, ancestor of Cade Skywalker, ancestor of Ania Solo, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Vergere, apprentice to Sekot, apprentice to Tadar'Ro, apprentice to Koro Ziil, apprentice to Akanah Norand Goss Pell, apprentice to Lumiya

Mara Jade Skywalker: Emperor's Hand, Imperial spy, outcast, mechanic, smuggler, Imperial traitor, Car'das spy, trader, captain of the Jade Shadow, Jedi Master, Jedi spy, Jedi High Council secretary, Ganner Squadron member (Ganner Four), martyr, ex-girlfriend of Lando Calrissian, wife of Luke Skywalker, mother of Ben Skywalker, ancestor of Cade Skywalker, apprentice to Darth Sidious, apprentice to Talon Karrde, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Kyle Katarn

Luke Skywalker: Jedi Grand Master, Rogue Squadron pilot and founder (Rogue Leader), New Republic general, Jedi instructor, Twin Suns Squadron pilot and founder (Twins Leader), Jedi spy, Jedi High Council leader, Ganner Squadron member (Ganner Three), Galactic Alliance traitor, Jedi Coalition leader, Rakehell Squadron founder, captain of the Jade Shadow, exile, Gray Squadron pilot (Gray Ten), former love interest of Tanith Shire, ex-boyfriend of Shira Brie, ex-boyfriend of Gaeriel Captison, ex-boyfriend of Callista Ming, ex-lover of Akanah Norand Goss Pell, husband of Mara Jade Skywalker, father of Ben Skywalker, ancestor of Cade Skywalker, apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi, apprentice to Yoda, brief apprentice to Joruus C'baoth, apprentice to Darth Sidious, apprentice to Vodo-Siosk and Bodo Baas, apprentice to Sekot, apprentice to Tila Mong

Jaina Solo Fel: Jedi Master, Rogue Squadron pilot (Sticks), Jedi spy, captain of the Trickster, Twin Suns Squadron pilot (Twins Leader), New Republic major, Sword of the Jedi, Galactic Alliance colonel, Killik Joiner, Jedi Coalition member, Rakehell Squadron pilot (Rakehell Nine), Darkmeld founder and leader, Galactic Alliance traitor, Gray Squadron pilot (Gray One), Jedi High Council member, brief love interest of Kyp Durron, ex-lover of Zekk, wife of Jagged Fel, mother of Fel II, grandmother of Roan Fel, grandmother-in-law of Elliah Fel, ancestor of Marasiah Fel, apprentice to Mara Jade Skywalker, apprentice to Kyp Durron, apprentice to Boba Fett, apprentice to Goran Beviin

Tahiri Veila: Jedi Knight, Yuuzhan Vong deity, Jedi spy, Killik Joiner, Galactic Alliance spy, Jedi traitor, Sith spy, time traveler, Galactic Alliance lieutenant, Dark Lady of the Sith (Sith apprentice), bounty hunter, Darkmeld member, Armand Isard convict, fugitive, bodyguard, Imperial Hand, girlfriend of Anakin Solo, ex-lover of Darth Caedus, apprentice to Ikrit, apprentice to Corran Horn, apprentice to Sekot, apprentice to Darth Caedus

Riina Kwaad: Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Jedi Knight, Yuuzhan Vong deity, Killik Joiner, Galactic Alliance spy, Jedi traitor, Sith spy, time traveler, Galactic Alliance lieutenant, Dark Lady of the Sith (Sith apprentice), bounty hunter, Darkmeld member, Armand Isard convict, fugitive, bodyguard, Imperial Hand, ex-lover of Darth Caedus, apprentice to Mezhan Kwaad, apprentice to Sekot, apprentice to Darth Caedus, counterpart to Tahiri Veila

Vergere: Jedi Knight, Yuuzhan Vong familiar, Jedi spy, Yuuzhan Vong traitor, teacher, student, mentor to Jacen Solo, New Republic prisoner, fugitive, martyr, apprentice to Thracia Cho Leem

Corran Horn: CorSec agent, Corellian spy, fugitive, Rogue Squadron pilot (Rogue Nine), Imperial traitor, Lusankya convict, New Republic spy, Jedi Master, exile, Yuuzhan Vong deity, Jedi High Council member, Ganner Squadron member (Ganner Two), Galactic Alliance traitor, Rakehell Squadron pilot (Rakehell Five), Jedi Coalition member, brief love interest of Erisi Dlarit, husband of Mirax Terrik Horn, father of Valin and Jysella Horn, apprentice to Luke Skywalker

Kyp Durron: Kessel prisoner, Imperial prisoner, Jedi Master, Dark Lord of the Sith, New Republic traitor, Jedi traitor, Kyp's Dozen pilot and founder, Jedi High Council member, Twin Suns Squadron pilot (Twin Suns Two), Jedi Coalition member, Galactic Alliance traitor, brief love interest of Jaina Solo Fel, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Exar Kun

Saba Sebatyne: Jedi Master, Wild Knights founder and leader, Jedi High Council member, Jedi Coalition member, Galactic Alliance traitor, Galactic Alliance Chief of State, mother of Tesar Sebatyne, mother-in-law to Wilyem, Zal, and Dordi, grandmother of the Hatchlings, apprentice to Eelysa

Ben Skywalker: Killik Joiner, Jedi Knight, Galactic Alliance lieutenant, captain of Ship, Galactic Alliance spy, Sith prisoner, Jedi Coalition member, Galactic Alliance traitor, exile, time traveler, ancestor of Kol Skywalker, Nat Skywalker, and Cade Skywalker, apprentice to Jacen Solo, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Tadar'Ro

Abeloth: servant, Mother, dark side entity, Bringer of Chaos, prisoner, destroyer, fugitive, Jessar Senator, Galactic Alliance Chief of State, Beloved Queen of the Stars, ex-wife of the Father, stepmother of the Daughter and the Son

Shira Brie / Lumiya: Imperial spy, Alliance traitor, Emperor's Hand, Dark Lady of the Sith, fugitive, captain of Ship, martyr, ex-girlfriend of Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Darth Vader, apprentice to Darth Sidious

Zonama Sekot: sentient world, Force-sensitive entity, fugitive, Jedi ally, Galactic Alliance ally, savior, Yuuzhan Vong ally, offspring of Yuuzhan'tar

Nom Anor: Yuuzhan Vong Prefect, spy, New Republic traitor, Yuuzhan Vong traitor, exile, fugitive, prophet, Jedi traitor

Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo: Dathomiri warrior, Jedi Knight, Jedi spy, Hapan Queen Mother, Jedi Coalition member, lover of Jacen Solo, mother of Allana Solo, ancestor of Ania Solo, apprentice to Luke Skywalker

Mitth'raw'nuruodo "Thrawn": Chiss commander, exile, Imperial Senior Captain, Imperial Vice Admiral, Imperial Grand Admiral, Imperial warlord, captain of the Chimaera

Gilad Pellaeon: Republic Captain, Imperial Captain, Imperial Admiral, Imperial Supreme Commander, Imperial Grand Admiral, Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander, head of state of the Imperial Remnant, captain of the Leveler, captain of the Chimaera, captain of the Right to Rule, captain of Bloodfin, martyr, lover of Hallena Devis, father of Mynar Devis and Vitor Reige, apprentice to Mitth'raw'nuruodo

Onimi: Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper, Shamed One, Yuuzhan Vong traitor, Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord (de facto), Dark Jedi, court jester, martyr

Han Solo: Imperial lieutenant, smuggler, pilot for hire, captain of the Millennium Falcon, Imperial traitor, Alliance spy, New Republic general, Kessel convict, Imperial prisoner, New Republic commandant, Yevethan prisoner, Galactic Alliance general, Chiss prisoner, Corellian pilot, Galactic Alliance traitor, Club Bwua'tu member, ex-boyfriend of Bria Tharen, ex-boyfriend of Xaverri, husband of Leia Organa Solo, father of Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo Fel, and Anakin Solo, father-in-law of Jagged Fel, grandfather of Allana Solo and Fel II, ancestor of Roan Fel, ancestor of Ania Solo, apprentice to Roa

Leia Organa Solo: Alderaanian princess, Alderaanian Senator, Alliance spy, Alliance founder and leader, Imperial traitor, Death Star convict, New Republic Chief of State, diplomat, Jedi Knight, co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, Chiss prisoner, Galactic Alliance traitor, Galactic Alliance political advisor, Galactic Alliance convict, Club Bwua'tu member, fugitive, ex-girlfriend of Fenn Shysa, ex-fiancée of Isolder Chume Ta', wife of Han Solo, mother of Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo Fel, and Anakin Solo, mother-in-law of Jagged Fel, grandmother of Allana Solo and Fel II, ancestor of Roan Fel, ancestor of Ania Solo, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Saba Sebatyne

Shimrra Jamaane: Yuuzhan Vong traitor, Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord (de facto), deity, martyr

Boba Fett: bounty hunter, captain of Slave I, Imperial spy, Manda'lor of the Mandalorians, exile, ex-husband of Sintas Vel, father of Ailyn Vel, father-in-law of Makin Marec, grandfather of Mirta Gev, grandfather-in-law of Ghes Orade, apprentice to Jango Fett

Winter Celchu: handmaiden, Alderaanian spy, Imperial traitor, Alliance Intelligence agent, NRI agent, aide to Senator Organa Solo, bodyguard, Galactic Alliance Intelligence agent, aide to Admiral Ackbar, Darkmeld member, Galactic Alliance traitor, wife of Tycho Celchu, second mother to Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo Fel, and Anakin Solo, apprentice to Bail Prestor Organa

Anakin Solo: Jedi Knight, mechanic, pilot, Jedi spy, martyr, boyfriend of Tahiri Veila, ancestor of Cade Skywalker, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Ikrit, apprentice to Mara Jade Skywalker

Talon Karrde: smuggler, information broker, captain of the Wild Karrde, Imperial prisoner, New Republic ally, Imperial traitor, Galactic Alliance ally, Jedi Coalition ally, possible love interest of Shada D'ukal, apprentice to Jorj Car'das

Jorj Car'das: smuggler, information broker, Jedi traitor, Aing-Tii student, New Republic ally, apprentice to Mitth'raw'nuruodo, apprentice to Tadar'Ro

Booster Terrik: smuggler, captain of the Pulsar Skate, Kessel convict, captain of the Errant Venture, Imperial traitor, Jedi ally, husband of Jysella Terrik, father of Mirax Terrik Horn, father-in-law of Corran Horn, grandfather of Valin and Jysella Horn

Ganner Rhysode: Jedi Knight, former member of Kyp Durron's faction, Yuuzhan Vong prisoner and traitor, Jedi spy, martyr, Yuuzhan Vong deity, apprentice to Luke Skywalker

Wedge Antilles: Rogue Squadron pilot and founder (Rogue Leader), New Republic general, New Republic spy, Galactic Alliance general, Galactic Alliance prisoner, Corellian Supreme Commander, Galactic Alliance traitor, exile, Ganner Squadron leader and founder (Ganner One), Rakehell Squadron pilot and founder (Rakehell Leader), Jedi Coalition member, ex-boyfriend of Qwi Xux, husband of Iella Wessiri Antilles, father of Myri and Syal Antilles, apprentice to Booster Terrik

Iella Wessiri Antilles: CorSec agent, Imperial traitor, NRI agent, Jedi Coalition agent, wife of Diric Wessiri and Wedge Antilles, mother of Myri and Syal Antilles

Garm Bel Iblis: Corellian Senator, Alliance spy, Imperial traitor, revolutionary, fugitive, New Republic general, Galactic Alliance general, husband of Arrianya Bel Iblis, father of unnamed children

Gavin Darklighter: Rogue Squadron pilot (Rogue Leader), New Republic spy, New Republic corporal, Galactic Alliance admiral, captain of the Mon Mothma, captain of the Trucemaker, ex-boyfriend of Asyr Sei'lar, husband of Sera Faleur Darklighter, father of unnamed children, apprentice to Wedge Antilles

Valin Horn: Jedi Knight, Corellian Jedi, Jedi Coalition member, Galactic Alliance traitor, Force psychosis victim, Armand Isard convict, fugitive, apprentice to Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Corran Horn

Jorus C'baoth: Jedi Master, diplomat, father of the Outbound Flight Project, Jedi traitor

Joruus C'Baoth: Dark Jedi Master, insane clone guardian of Mount Tantiss, would-be Galactic Emperor, apprentice to Darth Sidious, clone of Jorus C'baoth

Elegos A'Kla: Caamasi Senator, Jedi ally, Caamas Remnant leader, Yuuzhan Vong prisoner, martyr, father of Releqy A'Kla

Ysanne Isard: Imperial spy, head of Imperial Intelligence, Galactic Empress in all but name, Imperial warlord

Characters I Like to Read About (in no particular order)

Palpatine / Darth Sidious: Dark Lord of the Sith, Sith spy, ambassador, Naboo Senator, Republic Supreme Chancellor, Confederate prisoner, Republic traitor, Galactic Emperor, Imperial warlord, apprentice to Darth Plagueis

Mace Windu: Jedi Master, Jedi High Council member, Master of the Order, Republic general, Republic traitor, apprentice to Yoda

Siri Tachi: Jedi Master, Jedi spy, Republic general, apprentice to Adi Gallia

Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi: Jedi Master, Red Squadron pilot (Red Squadron), captain of the Negotiator, Republic general, Jedi High Council member, exile, hermit, moisture farmer, martyr, surrogate father of Luke Skywalker, apprentice to Yoda, apprentice to Qui-Gon Jinn

Ferus Olin / Fess Ilee: Jedi Padawan, Olin and Lands co-founder and leader, The Eleven co-founder and leader, The Erased member, Imperial Inquisitor, Jedi spy, Alderaanian Minister of Agriculture, Alliance member, martyr, surrogate father of Trever Flume and Leia Organa Solo, apprentice to Siri Tachi, apprentice to Darth Sidious, apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi

Voss Parck: Imperial Captain, head of the Empire of the Hand, apprentice to Mitth'raw'nuruodo

Valin Halcyon / Valin "Hal" Horn: CorSec agent, Corellian spy, husband of Nyche Horn, father of Corran Horn, father-in-law of Mirax Terrik Horn, grandfather of Valin Horn, apprentice to Nejaa Halcyon

Mirax Terrik Horn: smuggler, trader, captain of the Pulsar Skate, New Republic ally, Imperial prisoner, New Jedi Order ally, Jedi Coalition ally, Galactic Alliance traitor, Darkmeld member, wife of Corran Horn, mother of Valin and Jysella Horn, apprentice to Booster Terrik

Airen Cracken: Alliance colonel, Alliance spy, Imperial traitor, New Republic general, head of New Republic Intelligence (NRI), Galactic Alliance general, father of Pash and Dena Cracken

Tycho Celchu: Imperial pilot, Rogue Squadron pilot and leader (Rogue Leader), Imperial traitor, Lusankya convict, executive officer, New Republic general, Galactic Alliance general, military adviser, Jedi Coalition spy, Rakehell Squadron pilot (Rakehell Three), husband of Winter Celchu

Nejaa Halcyon: Jedi Master, Republic general, husband of Scerra Horn, father of Valin Horn, father-in-law of Nyche Horn, grandfather of Corran Horn, grandfather-in-law of Mirax Terrik Horn, ancestor of Valin and Jysella Horn

Kinman Doriana: Sith spy, Republic traitor, aide to Emperor Palpatine, chief orchestrator of Emperor Palpatine's rise to power, apprentice to Darth Sidious

Sate Pestage: Sith spy, Republic Senatorial aide, Imperial Grand Vizier, New Republic ally, Imperial traitor, apprentice to Darth Sidious

Galen Marek: Dark Jedi, Imperial spy, Jedi Knight, Imperial traitor, Alliance founder and spy, martyr, apprentice to Darth Vader, apprentice to Rahm Kota

Bail Prestor Organa: Alderaanian Senator, Republic Security Committee leader, Republic Loyalist Committee member, Delegation of 2000 founder and leader, Alderaanian Viceroy and First Chairman, Alliance founder and leader, Alliance spy, husband of Breha Antilles, father of Leia Organa Solo, surrogate father of Winter Celchu, father-in-law of Han Solo and Tycho Celchu, grandfather of Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo Fel, and Anakin Solo, grandfather-in-law of Jagged Fel, ancestor of Allana Solo and Roan Fel

Least Favorite Characters*

Belok Rhal: Mandalorian, mercenary, hired gun of Natasi Daala

This is the only Star Wars character, other than the ones from the new canon, who the mere thought of him makes me really angry. It had been over a year since read of his killing Kani Asari in cold blood, but I still feel just as angry as I did when I first read of it. Because of this, I think he fits right along with Dolores Umbridge as one of the two worst literary villains for the same reasons written below about Umbridge.

Ahsoka Tano: Jedi Knight, Republic commander, fugitive, exile, apprentice to Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader: Chosen One, Jedi Knight, captain of the Jabitha, Gold Squadron pilot (Gold Leader), captain of the Azure Angel, Republic general, captain of the Resolute, Jedi High Council member, Jedi traitor, Dark Lord of the Sith (Sith apprentice), Imperial Supreme Commander, captain of the Executer, martyr, husband of Padme Amidala, father of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, father-in-law of Han Solo and Mara Jade Skywalker, grandfather of Darth Caedus, Jaina Solo Fel, Anakin Solo, and Ben Skywalker, grandfather-in-law of Jagged Fel, ancestor of Allana Solo, Roan Fel, and Cade Skywalker, apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi, apprentice to Ki-Adi-Mundi, apprentice to Darth Sidious

Alema Rar: Jedi Knight, Twin Suns pilot, Killik Joiner, Jedi traitor, Dark Jedi, Killik spy, fugitive, captain of Ship, apprentice to Daeshara'cor, apprentice to Lomi Plo

Akanah Norand Goss Pell: Fallanassi leader, New Republic ally, wife of Andras Pell, ex-lover of Luke Skywalker

Natasi Daala: Imperial admiral, Maw Installation administrator, captain of the Gorgon, Imperial warlord, captain of Knight Hammer, exile, captain of the Chimaera, Maw Irregular Fleet commander, Galactic Alliance Chief of State, Armand Isard convict, fugitive, Imperial traitor, lover of Wilhuff Tarkin, wife of Liegeus Vorn, mother of unidentified son, grandmother of unidentified grandson, apprentice to Wilhuff Tarkin

Borsk Fey'lya: Alliance spy, Bothan Senator, New Republic Chief of State, martyr

Jabba Desilijic Tiure: Crime lord, leader of the Desilijic Hutt clan, member of Black Sun, apprentice to Jiliac Desilijic Tiure

As I only like the original six films and the old Expanded Universe, any character first introduced in this new canon would fall under this category. I cannot emphasize enough how much I despise this new canon, and I'll never stop wishing that one day the old Expanded Universe will be revisited.

Favorite Characters

Harry James Potter: Chosen One, Gryffindor House Quidditch Captain and Seeker, Horcrux destroyer, time traveler, Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare secretary, Triwizard champion, Dumbledore's Army founder and leader, Slug Club member, Order of the Phoenix agent, fugitive, Ministry traitor, victor against Voldemort's campaign, Malfoy Manor convict, godfather of Edward Remus Lupin, martyr, Auror leader, husband of Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter, father of James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna Potter, apprentice to Albus Dumbledore, apprentice to Remus Lupin, apprentice to Sirius Black, apprentice to Bartemius Crouch Jr., apprentice to Severus Snape

Luna Lovegood Scamander: Dumbledore's Army leader, Malfoy Manor convict, fugitive, Ministry traitor, naturalist, wife of Rolf Scamander, mother of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, apprentice to Pandora Lovegood, apprentice to Xenophilius Lovegood, apprentice to Harry Potter

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore: Grindelwald ally, International Confederation of Wizards Supreme Mugwump, winner of the Order of Merlin (First Class), Wizengamot Chief Warlock, Transfiguration professor, victor against Grindelwald's campaign, Gryffindor Head of House, Hogwarts Deputy Headmaster, Hogwarts Headmaster, Order of the Phoenix founder and leader, time traveler, mentor, Triwizard judge, exile, Horcrux destroyer, Voldemort historian, martyr, apprentice to Bathilda Bagshot, apprentice to Nicolas Flamel

Remus John "Moony" Lupin: Marauder, werewolf, Order of the Phoenix spy, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Patronus Charm instructor, Greyback traitor, Ministry traitor, Potterwatch member, martyr, husband of Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, father of Edward Remus Lupin, winner of the Order of Merlin (First Class), likely father-in-law of Victoire Weasley

Gellert Grindelwald: Durmstrang student, Dark Lord, International Confederation of Wizards traitor, Nurmengard convict, Order of the Phoenix ally (indirectly), martyr, love interest of Albus Dumbledore

Newton Artemis Fido "Newt" Scamander: Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures employee (Office for House-Elf Relocation), author, traveler, Werewolf Register and Ban of Experimental Breeding creator, Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau employee, winner of the Order of Merlin (Second Class), husband of Porpentina Goldstein, father of Scamander, grandfather of Rolf Scamander, grandfather-in-law of Luna Lovegood Scamander, ancestor of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander

Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley Potter: terrorist (under Death Eater influence), Dumbledore's Army leader, Gryffindor House Quidditch Chaser and Seeker, Slug Club member, fugitive, Ministry traitor, Holyhead Harpies Captain and Chaser, wife of Harry James Potter, journalist for the Daily Prophet, mother of James Sirius, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter, apprentice to Harry Potter

Severus Snape: Slug Club member, Death Eater traitor, Order of the Phoenix spy, Potions Master, Slytherin Head of House, Occlumency professor, time traveler, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, fugitive, Hogwarts Headmaster, martyr, apprentice to Lord Voldemort, apprentice to Albus Dumbledore

I may have Snape listed as one of my favorite characters, but that doesn't mean I like him. I agree with J.K. Rowling; Snape is not a hero. I have never understood how people can forgive Snape and Dumbledore for sins that got people killed, but somehow what James Potter did is unforgivable. If anything, Snape's crimes are unforgivable. He should never have been made a teacher. He uses his power over his students to bully and intimidate them. He is one of the main reasons that Neville Longbottom had such low self-esteem -- him and Augusta Longbottom. James was too self-involved to ever notice what he did had the slightest effect on others. He was arrogant and immature, but I don't think he ever intended to truly harm people. Snape bullied his students, knowing full well that his actions could have an effect on their lives. He is not a hero or a victim. He made his own choices. He joined the Death Eaters; no one forced him to do that. Regardless of what James or Lily Evans did, Snape would have joined the Death Eaters. He was a pureblood supremacist. If I were Lily, the moment I learned that Snape hated all Muggle-borns but me, I would be done with him. He may be the "bravest man [Harry] ever knew," but he's not a hero. What I think happens is that fans romanticize Snape's character because he saved Harry Potter's life on numerous occasions. That might make up for starting the chain of events that led to the Potters' deaths, but it does not make up for the cruelty he showed towards Harry and his other students. It certainly does not make up for what he did to Remus Lupin. From the moment Remus started working at Hogwarts, he showed Snape the utmost politeness -- no matter how rude and nasty Snape was towards him. And yet, Snape had to hold that grudge against the entire Marauder gang, even against Remus who did nothing to him. As a werewolf, Remus found it hard to get a job anywhere, and when he finally finds a job that he likes and that is worthy of his skill, Snape had to go and ruin it. Not to mention, his actions coincided with Dolores Umbridge's legislation that prevented werewolves from finding jobs. If anything, Remus is a hero, not Snape. He helped put an end to prejudice against werewolves. That makes him a much better person than Severus Snape.

Sirius "Padfoot" Black III: Marauder, Animagus, Order of the Phoenix agent, Azkaban convict, Death Eater scapegoat, fugitive, martyr, godfather of Harry James Potter, first casualty in the Second Wizarding War

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody: Auror leader, Order of the Phoenix agent, martyr

Neville Longbottom: Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare member, Dumbledore's Army leader, fugitive, Ministry traitor, Horcrux destroyer, Auror, herbologist, Herbology professor, husband of Hannah Abbott, apprentice to Pomona Sprout, apprentice to Harry Potter

Lily Evans Potter: Gryffindor House Head Girl, Order of the Phoenix agent, martyr, wife of James Potter I, mother of Harry James Potter, mother-in-law of Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter, grandmother of James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna Potter

Tom Marvolo Riddle / Lord Voldemort: Slytherin House prefect, Heir of Slytherin, Slytherin House Head Boy, winner of the Special Award for Services to the School, Borgin and Burke's employee, collector of historical antiquities, Dark Lord, Death Eater founder and leader, Ministry traitor, immortal Dark wizard, fugitive, British Minister for Magic (de facto), apprentice to Horace Slughorn

Bellatrix Black Lestrange: Death Eater, Ministry traitor, Azkaban convict, fugitive, Death Eater lieutenant, martyr, wife of Rodolphus Lestrange, apprentice to Lord Voldemort

Minerva McGonagall: Gryffindor House prefect, Gryffindor House Quidditch player, Gryffindor House Head Girl, Department of Magical Law Enforcement employee, Transfiguration professor, Gryffindor Head of House, Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress, Order of the Phoenix agent, St. Mungo's patient, Ministry traitor, Hogwarts Headmistress, wife of Elphinstone Urquart, apprentice to Albus Dumbledore

Nymphadora Tonks Lupin: Auror, Order of the Phoenix agent, Ministry traitor, martyr, wife of Remus John Lupin, mother of Edward Remus Lupin, likely mother-in-law of Victoire Weasley, apprentice to Alastor Moody

William Arthur "Bill" Weasley: Gryffindor House prefect, Gryffindor House Head Boy, Gringotts Curse Breaker, Order of the Phoenix agent, Ministry traitor, husband of Fleur Isabelle Delacour Weasley, father of Victoire Weasley, father of Dominique Weasley, father of Louis Weasley, likely father-in-law of Edward Remus Lupin

Cedric "Ced" Diggory: Hufflepuff House prefect, Hufflepuff House Captain and Seeker, Triwizard champion

Draco Lucius Malfoy: Slytherin House Quidditch Seeker, Slytherin House prefect, Inquisitorial Squad member, Death Eater traitor, respectable wizarding citizen, husband of Astoria Greengrass, father of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, apprentice to Severus Snape, apprentice to Bellatrix Lestrange

Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Jr.: Death Eater, Azkaban convict, Ministry prisoner, fugitive, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Death Eater spy, orchestrator of the Second Wizarding War, martyr, apprentice to Lord Voldemort

Rowena Ravenclaw: Ravenclaw House founder and leader, Hogwarts founder, Hogwarts Headmistress, mother of Helena Ravenclaw

Least Favorite Characters

Dolores Jane Umbridge: Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Hogwarts Headmistress, Inquisitorial Squad founder and leader, sadistic tyrant, Ministry traitor, Muggle-Born Registration Commission leader (under Death Eater influence), Azkaban convict, most insufferable character in Harry Potter, worst villain in history

Umbridge is the worst fictional villain in history. She is worse than Voldemort, Bellatrix, Palpatine, Kronos, Gaea, and Darth Caedus combined. She is not even on any particular side. One can respect Voldemort and Palpatine as being good villains. One cannot respect Umbridge. She is not fighting for any cause. She only takes whatever side will allow her to hurt more people. That is why she is this author's least favorite character -- and not just in Harry Potter.

As stated above, I have recently adjusted my opinion here after reading about Belok Rhal. Now I would say Umbridge is one of the two worst fictional villains in history.

Cornelius Oswald Fudge: Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes Junior Minister, British Minister for Magic, winner of the Order of Merlin (Second Class), adviser to the Minister for Magic, husband of an unknown woman

Hermione Jean Granger Weasley: time traveler, Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare founder and leader, Gryffindor House prefect, Dumbledore's Army founder and leader, Slug Club member, Order of the Phoenix agent and decoy, Ministry traitor, fugitive, Death Eater prisoner, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures employee, Department of Magical Law Enforcement employee, wife of Ronald Bilius Weasley, mother Rose Weasley, mother of Hugo Weasley, apprentice to Harry Potter

Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley: Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare treasurer, Dumbledore's Army founder and leader, Gryffindor House Quidditch Keeper, Order of the Phoenix agent and decoy, fugitive, Ministry traitor, Horcrux destroyer, Malfoy Manor convict, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes employee, Auror, husband of Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley, father of Rose Granger-Weasley, father of Hugo Granger-Weasley, apprentice to Harry Potter

Rufus Scrimgeour: Auror leader, British Minister for Magic, martyr

Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Sr.: Department of Magical Law Enforcement leader, Wizengamot Chief Warlock, Ministry traitor, Department of International Magical Cooperation leader, husband of Mrs. Crouch, father of Bartemius Crouch Jr.

Lavender Brown: Dumbledore's Army member, Ministry traitor, apprentice to Harry Potter

Parvati Patil: Dumbledore's Army member, Ministry traitor, apprentice to Harry Potter

Pansy Parkinson: Inquisitorial Squad member

Gilderoy Lockhart: Ravenclaw House Quidditch player, author, liar, Memory Charm expert, winner of the Order of Merlin (Third Class), Dark Force Defense League member, winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, St. Mungo's patient

Cormac McLaggen: Gryffindor House Quidditch Keeper

Zacharias Smith: Hufflepuff House Quidditch Captain and Seeker, Dumbledore's Army member, selfish disgrace to Hufflepuff House, Dumbledore's Army traitor, apprentice to Harry Potter

Vernon Dursley: Grunnings employee, self-absorbed Muggle businessman

Argus Filch: Hogwarts caretaker


I am a member of the Ravenclaw House. I think Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs are highly undervalued at Hogwarts. It's the Gryffindors and Slytherins who get all the glory. Not only that, but Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs are the only Houses who aren't elitists with an inability to accept people who are not like them.

I am indifferent towards Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew. Unlike a lot of people, I don't dislike him. I wouldn't even consider him a villain. I don't think Wormtail is worth anyone's hatred. He is pathetic. I pity him. If anyone should be blamed for what happened, it's James and Lily Potter -- they're the ones who made him Secret Keeper. Anyone could have guessed that making Wormtail Secret Keeper would not bode well for anyone, even if he hadn't been a spy. The man is weak and cowardly. Even if he hadn't been a spy, he'd have been broken easily. He's beyond pathetic, and that's why I don't have him listed amongst my least favorite characters.

Favorite Characters

Nico di Angelo: demigod, resident of the Lotus Hotel and Casino, Westover Hall student, exile, Ghost King, time traveler, senior counselor of Cabin Thirteen (Hades), Gigante prisoner, ambassador of Pluto, key to endless death, son of Hades, son of Maria di Angelo, stepson of Persephone, brother of Bianca di Angelo, brother of Hazel Levesque, boyfriend of Will Solace, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Minos

Perseus "Percy" Jackson: demigod, Yancy Academy student, fugitive, senior counselor of Cabin Three (Poseidon), resident of the Lotus Hotel and Casino, Meriweather Prep student, time traveler, Camp Half-Blood leader, Goode High School student, Ogygia convict, Hades convict, Fifth Cohort legionnaire, New Roman praetor, Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, son of Poseidon, son of Sally Jackson-Blofis, stepson of Paul Blofis, brother of Estelle Blofis, stepson of Amphitrite, nephew of Hades, nephew of Zeus, brother of Tyson, brother of Triton, onetime love interest of Rachel Dare, boyfriend of Annabeth Chase, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Luke Castellan, apprentice to Lupa

Annabeth Chase: demigod, senior counselor of Cabin Six (Athena), fugitive, resident of the Lotus Hotel and Casino, Camp Half-Blood leader, Titan prisoner, chief architect of the gods, Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, magna mater of Athena's cult, daughter of Athena, daughter of Frederick Chase, stepdaughter of Mrs. Chase, sister of Robert Chase, sister of Matthew Chase, sister of Malcolm Pace, girlfriend of Perseus Jackson, apprentice to Luke Castellan, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Athena

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano: demigod, handmaiden of Circe, pirate prisoner, child of Rome, New Roman praetor, exile, Roman traitor, fugitive, Huntress of Diana, daughter of Bellona, daughter of Julian Ramírez-Arellano, sister of Hylla Ramírez-Arellano, apprentice to Circe, apprentice to Lupa, mentor to Frank Zhang, apprentice to Diana

Jason Grace: demigod, child of Rome, consul to demigods, Fifth Cohort centurion, New Roman praetor, Wilderness School student, senior counselor of Cabin One (Zeus), Cyclops prisoner, Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, fugitive, Pontifex Maximus, champion of Juno Moneta, martyr, son of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, son of Beryl Grace, stepson of Juno Moneta, brother of Thalia Grace, onetime love interest of Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, ex-boyfriend of Piper McLean, apprentice to Lupa, apprentice to Chiron

Luke Castellan: demigod, senior counselor of Cabin Eleven (Hermes), Titan demigod leader, Greek traitor, captain of the Princess Andromeda, fugitive, Titan Lord (under Kronos's influence), Titan traitor, hero of the Great Prophecy, martyr, Elysium resident, son of Hermes, son of May Castellan, brother of Connor Stoll, brother of Travis Stoll, possible potential love interest of Thalia Grace, apprentice to Halcyon Green, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Kronos

Thalia Grace: demigod, spirit of Thalia's tree, martyr, senior counselor of Cabin One (Zeus), manipulator of the Mist, immortal Huntress lieutenant, daughter of Zeus, daughter of Beryl Grace, stepdaughter of Hera, sister of Jason Grace, apprentice to Halcyon Green, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Artemis

Zoe Nightshade: Hesperid, Hesperid traitor, exile, immortal Huntress lieutenant, martyr, daughter of Atlas, daughter of Hesperus, sister of the Hesperides, former love interest of Heracles, apprentice to Artemis

Frank "Fai" Zhang: legacy, demigod, child of Rome, Fifth Cohort centurion, time traveler, Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, fugitive, New Roman praetor, son of Mars Ultor, son of Emily Zhang, grandson of Zhang, descendant of Shen Lun, descendant of Periclymenus, descendant of Poseidon, boyfriend of Hazel Levesque, apprentice to Lupa, apprentice to Mars, apprentice to Reyna Ramirez-Arellano

Hazel Levesque: demigod, Fields of Asphodel resident, time traveler, Fifth Cohort centurion, Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, fugitive, sorceress, manipulator of the Mist, champion of Hecate, Fifth Cohort centurion, New Roman praetor, daughter of Pluto, daughter of Marie Levesque, ex-girlfriend of Sammy Valdez, girlfriend of Frank Zhang, apprentice to Lupa, apprentice to Hecate

Bianca di Angelo: demigod, resident of the Lotus Hotel and Casino, Westover Hall student, Huntress of Artemis, martyr, Elysium resident, daughter of Hades, daughter of Maria di Angelo, stepdaughter of Persephone, sister of Nico di Angelo, sister of Hazel Levesque, apprentice to Artemis, apprentice to Zoe Nightshade

Tyson: Cyclops, Merriweather Prep student, resident of Cabin Three (Poseidon), forger, Atlantis resident, Cyclops general, New Roman bookstore co-owner, guardian of the Sybilline Books, son of Poseidon, son of a nymph, stepson of Amphitrite, brother of Perseus Jackson, brother of the Younger Cyclopes, boyfriend of Ella, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Poseidon

Gleeson Hedge: satyr, keeper, Wilderness School coach, chaperone, husband of Mellie, father of Chuck Hedge

Aella "Ella": harpy, prophet, fugitive, New Roman bookstore co-owner, guardian of the Sybilline Books, sister of Iris, sister of the harpies, girlfriend of Tyson

Ethan Nakamura: demigod, resident of Cabin Eleven (Hermes), Greek traitor, Titan demigod leader, Titan traitor, martyr, son of Nemesis, apprentice to Chiron, champion of Kronos

Alabaster C. Torrington: demigod, resident of Cabin Eleven (Hermes), Titan demigod, children of Hecate leader, Greek traitor, exile, son of Hecate, brother of Sue Ellen, apprentice to Howard Claymore, apprentice to Hecate

Howard Claymore: mortal, thanatologist, author, hero, martyr, Mistform

Halcyon "Hal" Green: demigod, prophet, lacrotae prisoner, hero, martyr, son of Apollo, mentor to Luke Castellan

Hylla Ramírez-Arellano: demigod, handmaiden of Circe, pirate prisoner, Amazon queen, daughter of Bellona, daughter of Julian Ramírez-Arellano, sister of Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, apprentice to Circe

Festus: automaton, Bronze Dragon, protector of Camp Half-Blood, mount of Leo Valdez, figurehead of the Argo II

Blackjack: pegasus, Titan prisoner, mount of Perseus Jackson

Hades / Pluto: Titan traitor, Greek god, Erebos king, Lord of the Dead, lord of darkness, son of Kronos, son of Rhea, brother of Zeus, brother of Poseidon, brother of Hera, brother of Demeter, brother of Hestia, brother of Chiron, husband of Persephone, father of Melinoe, lover of Marie Levesque, father of Hazel Levesque, lover of Maria di Angelo, father of Nico and Bianca di Angelo

Dionysus "Mr. D" / Bacchus: former demigod, Olympian god, lord of wine, lord of satyrs, lord of parties, lord of theater, lord of vegetation, Olympian Councilor, member of the Council of the Cloven Elders, former Camp Half-Blood director, son of Zeus / Jupiter, son of Semele, brother of Heracles / Hercules, husband of Ariadne / Ariana, father of Pollux, father of Castor, father of Dakota

Mars Ultor: Roman god, lord of war, lord of battle strategy, lord of the Roman Empire, protector of demigods, patron of Rome, Olympian Councilor, Gigante prisoner, son of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, son of Juno Moneta, brother of Bellona, brother of Vulcan, brother of Juventas, brother of Minerva, brother of Apollo, brother of Diana, brother of Mercury, brother of Bacchus, brother of Hercules, lover of Emily Zhang, father of Frank Zhang, lover of Venus, father of Metus, father of Timor, father of Cupid, counterpart to Ares

Apollo: Greco-Roman god, slayer of Python, lord of prophecy, lord of archery, lord of healing, lord of plague, lord of music, lord of bachelors, lord of the sun, Olympian Councilor, Camp Half-Blood camper, Camp Jupiter camper, son of Zeus, son of Leto, brother of Artemis, brother of Ares, brother of Heracles, father of Will Solace, father of Michael Yew, ancestor of Octavian, father of Asclepius, father of Orpheus, father of Kayla Knowles, lover of Daphne

Artemis / Diana: Greco-Roman goddess, lady of the hunt, lady of the moon, lady of maidens, Olympian Councilor, Titan prisoner, Hunters of Artemis leader, rogue goddess

Poseidon: Titan traitor, Greek god, king of Atlantis, lord of the sea, lord and creator of horses, lord of storms, lord of earthquakes, lord of the Cyclopes, Stormbringer, Earthshaker, one of the Big Three, Olympian Councilor, son of Kronos, son of Rhea, brother of Zeus, brother of Hades, brother of Hera, brother of Demeter, brother of Hestia, brother of Chiron, husband of Amphitrite, son-in-law of Nereus, father of Triton, lover of Sally Jackson Blofis, father of Perseus Jackson, father of Tyson, lover of Gaea, father of Charybdis, father of Theseus, counterpart to Neptune

Athena: Greek goddess, lady of wisdom, lady of war, lady of weaving, lady of battle strategy, lady of crafty counsel, patron of Athens, daughter of Zeus, daughter of Metis, sister of Ares, sister of Apollo, sister of Artemis, sister of Hephaestus, sister of Dionysus, sister of Hermes, sister of Hebe, sister of Heracles, sister of Thalia Grace, sister of Jason Grace, lover of Frederick Chase, mother of Annabeth Chase, mother of Malcolm Pace, mother of Daedalus, grandmother of Perdix, counterpart to Minerva

Hermes: Greek god, lord of messengers, lord of travelers, lord of thieves, lord of merchants, Olympian Councilor, son of Zeus, son of Maea, brother of Dionysus, brother of Apollo, brother of Artemis, brother of Athena, brother of Ares, brother of Hephaestus, brother of Hebe, father of Pan, lover of May Castellan, father of Luke Castellan, lover of Stoll, father of Travis Stoll, father of Connor Stoll, counterpart to Mercury

Least Favorite Characters

Octavian: legacy, demigod, child of Rome, First Cohort centurion, New Roman Senator, augor, second-in-command of Camp Jupiter, Pontifex Maximus, Roman traitor, martyr, descendant of Apollo, apprentice to Lupa

Hera / Juno Moneta: Titan traitor, Olympian Queen, goddess of family, goddess of marriage, goddess of childbirth, the Warner, Olympian Councilor, Olympian traitor, exile, daughter of Kronos / Saturn, daughter of Rhea / Ops, sister of Hestia / Vesta, sister of Demeter / Ceres, sister of Hades / Pluto, sister of Poseidon / Neptune, sister of Zeus / Jupiter, wife of Zeus / Jupiter, patron of Jason Grace

Leo Valdez: demigod, fire user, mechanic, Wilderness School student, senior counselor of Cabin Nine (Hephaestus), captain of the Argo II, exile, Roman traitor, fugitive, time traveler, Ogygia convict, martyr, son of Hephaestus, son of Esperanza Valdez, stepson of Aphrodite, nephew of Rosa Valdez, grandson of Sammy Valdez Jr., descendant of Sammy Valdez Sr., brother of Charles Beckendorf, brother of Jake Mason, brother of Nyssa Barrera, brother of Felix, brother of Christopher, boyfriend of Calypso, apprentice to Gleeson Hedge, apprentice to Chiron

Piper McLean: demigod, charmspeaker, thief, Wilderness School student, senior counselor of Cabin Ten (Aphrodite), Hero of Olympus, exile, Roman traitor, daughter of Aphrodite, daughter of Tristan McLean, sister of Silena Beauregard, sister of Drew Tanaka, sister of Mitchell, sister of Lacey, ex-girlfriend of Jason Grace, apprentice to Gleeson Hedge, apprentice to Chiron, apprentice to Hazel Levesque

Favorite Characters

Killian "Hook" Jones: deckhand to Captain Silver, naval officer, lieutenant, captain of the Jolly Roger, pirate, Neverland prisoner, servant to Peter Pan, smuggler, deckhand to Blackbeard, ally to Queen Regina, ally to Cora, traitor, time traveler, Dark One, Underworld prisoner, Nautilus prisoner, ex-boyfriend of Milah, husband of Emma Swan, stepfather of Henry Mills, father of Hope Swan-Jones, stepfather-in-law of Cinderella, step-grandfather of Lucy, apprentice to Liam Jones, brief apprentice to Emma Swan, brief apprentice to Nimue

Emma Swan: Misthaven princess, thief, convict, bounty hunter, Storybrooke sheriff, Savior, Dark Dungeon convict, sorceress, Neverland convict, time traveler, Dark Palace convict, Misthaven prisoner, Dark One, Underworld prisoner, Wish Realm princess, ex-fiancée of Baelfire, former love interest of the Huntsman, ex-girlfriend of Walsh, wife of Killian Jones, mother of Henry Mills and Hope Swan-Jones, mother-in-law of Cinderella, grandmother of Lucy, apprentice to Queen Ingrid, apprentice to Baelfire, apprentice to Cleo Fox, apprentice to Snow White, apprentice to David, brief apprentice to Rumplestiltskin, apprentice to Queen Regina, brief apprentice to Nimue, apprentice to Merlin, apprentice to the Oracle, apprentice to Jiminy Cricket

Zelena / Kelly West: woodcutter, sorceress, Witch of the West, Oz ruler, Misthaven ruler, midwife, convict, traitor, ally to King Arthur, ally to the Evil Queen, time traveler, bartender, cycling instructor, ex-wife of Robin Hood, ex-lover of Hades, former stepmother of Roland, mother of Robin, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin, apprentice to Glinda, brief apprentice of Queen Regina

Tamara: servant to Peter Pan, torturer, interrogator, kidnapper, martyr, ex-fiancée of Baelfire, lover of Greg Mendell

Merlin: soldier, sorcerer, seer, healer, Camelot prisoner, ex-fiancé of Nimue

Pinocchio / August Wayne Booth: puppet, guardian, writer, motorcyclist, martyr, Storybrooke convict, puppeteer, woodcarver, apprentice to Geppetto, apprentice to Jiminy Cricket

Elsa: Arendelle queen, sorceress, exile, Snow Queen, convict, time traveler, apprentice to Queen Gerda, apprentice to the Grand Pabbie, apprentice to Queen Ingrid

Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard: Misthaven princess, fugitive, thief, exile, revolutionary, Misthaven queen, teacher, Storybrooke convict, Dark Dungeon convict, Storybrooke mayor, sorceress, Underworld prisoner, former love interest of Hercules, wife of David, ex-lover of Victor Frankenstein, mother of Emma Swan and Neal Nolan, mother-in-law of Killian Jones, grandmother of Henry Mills and Hope Swan-Jones, ancestor of Lucy, apprentice to Queen Eva, apprentice to Hercules, apprentice to Red Riding Hood

Prince Charming / David Nolan: shepherd, swordsman, Misthaven prince, fugitive, soldier, exile, Dark Palace convict, revolutionary, Misthaven king, comatose patient, pet shelter assistant, Storybrooke sheriff, Black Knight, assassin, Knight of the Round Table, ex-fiancé of Abigail, husband of Snow White, father of Emma Swan and Neal Nolan, father-in-law of Killian Jones, grandfather of Henry Mills and Hope Swan-Jones, ancestor of Lucy, apprentice to Ruth, apprentice to Anna

Drizella / Ivy Belfrey: noble, sorceress, traitor, mastermind, secretary, Hyperion Heights prisoner, time traveler, love interest of Henry Mills, apprentice to Rapunzel Tremaine, apprentice to Queen Regina, apprentice to Gothel

Killian "Hook" Jones / Rogers: deckhand to Captain Silver, naval officer, lieutenant, captain of the Jolly Roger, pirate, Neverland prisoner, servant to Peter Pan, smuggler, ally to Queen Regina, ally to Cora, mercenary, brief ally to Lady Tremaine, time traveler, police detective, ex-boyfriend of Milah, ex-lover of Gothel, father of Alice Jones, apprentice to Liam Jones, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin

Alice Jones / Tilly: Wish Realm prisoner, enigma, servant of Rumplestiltskin, time traveler, police informant, ally to Killian Jones

Milah: wool spinner, pirate, crossing guard, ex-wife of Rumplestiltskin, ex-girlfriend of Killian Jones, mother of Baelfire, stepmother of Gideon, grandmother of Henry Mills, ancestor of Lucy

Nimue: villager, Dark One, sorceress, deal broker, seer, warlord, ex-fiancée of Merlin

Rapunzel Tremaine / Victoria Belfrey: Wish Realm prisoner, noble, tyrant, time traveler, real estate industrialist, Belfrey Developments CEO, Hyperion Heights prisoner, martyr, ex-wife of Marcus Tremaine, mother of Drizella and Anastasia, stepmother of Cinderella, stepmother-in-law of Henry Mills, step-grandmother of Lucy

Maleficent: fairy, sorceress, shapeshifter, Storybrooke convict, guardian, ex-lover of the Dragon, mother of Lilith Page

Henry Jekyll: scientist, doctor, Land of Untold Stories prisoner, groundsman, assassin, traitor, former love interest of Mary Lydgate

Mr. Hyde: scientist, doctor, thug, Land of Untold Stories ruler, warden, Storybrooke prisoner, ex-lover of Mary Lydgate, counterpart to Henry Jekyll

Fiona / Black Fairy: peasant, light fairy, protector of children, dark fairy, Dark Realm prisoner, Dark Realm ruler, Storybrooke mayor, ex-wife of Peter Pan, mother of Rumplestiltskin, mother-in-law of Milah and Belle, grandmother of Baelfire and Gideon, ancestor of Henry Mills and Lucy, apprentice to Reul Ghorm

Belle / Belle Gold (née French) / Lacey: Misthaven noblewoman, servant, Dark Castle convict, Dark Palace convict, Storybrooke convict, librarian, waitress, pawnshop owner, ex-fiancée of Gaston, love interest of Will Scarlet, ex-wife of Rumplestiltskin, stepmother of Baelfire, mother of Gideon, step-grandmother of Henry Mills, step-ancestor of Lucy, apprentice to Colette

Malcolm / Peter Pan: peasant, con man, coward, sorcerer, Neverland tyrant, pied piper, kidnapper, Lost Ones leader, seer, ex-husband of Fiona, father of Rumplestiltskin, father-in-law of Milah and Belle, grandfather of Baelfire and Gideon, ancestor of Henry Mills and Lucy, apprentice to the Shadow

Ingrid / Sarah Fisher: Arendelle princess, sorceress, convict, Snow Queen, foster mother, ice cream saleswoman, foster mother of Emma Swan, foster mother-in-law of Killian Jones, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin

The Evil Queen: equestrian, Misthaven queen, sorceress, traitor, convict, Storybrooke mayor, Wish Realm queen, ex-fiancée of Daniel Colter, wife of Leopold, former love interest of the Genie of Agrabah, ex-lover of the Huntsman, ex-lover of Rumplestiltskin, fiancée of Robin of Locksley, former stepmother of Snow White, adoptive mother and step-ancestor of Henry Mills, stepmother-in-law of David, step-grandmother of Emma Swan and Neal Nolan, step-grandmother-in-law of Killian Jones, step-ancestor of Lucy and Hope Swan-Jones, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin, apprentice to Cora, apprentice to Maleficent, counterpart to Queen Regina

The reason I actually like the Evil Queen, whereas Regina gets on my nerves, is because the Queen is the only Regina who is not hypocritical and is honest about who she is. Not to mention, unlike the true Regina, the Queen's redemption storyline was actually done realistically.

Red Riding Hood / Ruby Lucas: werewolf, ally to Snow White, revolutionary, waitress, slave to the Witch, former assistant to Emma Swan, ex-fiancée of Peter, former love interest of the Huntsman, former love interest of Gus, girlfriend of Dorothy Gale, apprentice to Anita

Widow Lucas / Granny: werewolf, revolutionary, innkeeper, diner owner, cook, waitress, former love interest of Amos Slade, wife of an unidentified man, mother of Anita, grandmother of Red Riding Hood

Least Favorite Characters*

Owen Flynn / Greg Mendell: fugitive, servant to Peter Pan, patient, torturer, interrogator, kidnapper, martyr, lover of Tamara

Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold / Weaver: Savior, wool spinner, soldier, village coward, Dark One, sorcerer, deal broker, seer, Dark Dungeon convict, pawnshop owner, attorney, Storybrooke convict, Neverland convict, martyr, slave, exile, Light One, Underworld prisoner, servant to Hades, time traveler, police detective, former ally to Peter Pan, ally to the Black Fairy, ex-husband of Milah, ex-lover of Cora, ex-husband of Belle, ex-lover of the Evil Queen, father of Baelfire and Gideon, grandfather of Henry Mills, ancestor of Lucy, apprentice to Zoso, apprentice to Nimue, apprentice to the Seer, apprentice to Merida

Isaac Heller / The Author: television salesman, author, prisoner, convict, former love interest of Cruella de Vil, apprentice to the Apprentice

Hansel "Jack" / Nick Branson: Oz prisoner, adventurer, giant slayer, revolutionary, time traveler, lawyer, vigilante, serial killer, servant of Dr. Facilier, Hyperion Heights prisoner, cursed ex-boyfriend of Cinderella, cursed father of Lucy, apprentice to Ivo

Queen Regina / Regina Mills / Roni: equestrian, Misthaven queen, sorceress, traitor, convict, exile, Storybrooke mayor, fugitive, ally to Cora, Neverland prisoner, spy, Misthaven princess, thief, Underworld prisoner, time traveler, bartender, ex-fiancée of Daniel Colter, wife of Leopold, former love interest of the Genie of Agrabah, ex-lover of the Huntsman, ex-girlfriend of Robin Hood, former love interest of Robin of Locksley, ex-girlfriend of Dr. Facilier, former stepmother of Snow White, adoptive mother and step-ancestor of Henry Mills, stepmother-in-law of David, step-grandmother of Emma Swan and Neal Nolan, step-grandmother-in-law of Killian Jones, step-ancestor of Lucy and Hope Swan-Jones, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin, apprentice to Cora, apprentice to Maleficent, brief apprentice to David

Baelfire / Neal Cassidy: Lost One, Neverland convict, fugitive, janitor, thief, martyr, ex-fiancé of Emma Swan, ex-fiancé of Tamara, father of Henry Mills, father-in-law of Cinderella, grandfather of Lucy, apprentice to Killian Jones

Henry Daniel Mills / The Author: student, Neverland prisoner, Lost One, Truest Believer, author, Underworld prisoner, swordsman, best man to Killian Jones, adventurer, motorcyclist, writer, adventurer, realm traveler, prince, revolutionary, time traveler, ex-boyfriend of Violet Morgan, husband of Cinderella, love interest of Drizella, father of Lucy, apprentice to Snow White, apprentice to Jiminy Cricket, apprentice to David, apprentice to Killian Jones, apprentice to Rumplestiltskin, apprentice to the Apprentice

I list Rumplestiltskin as one of my least favorite characters, because while I think he is a good villain for the series, I've never been able to stand him as a person. The main reason I can't stand him is because the show has a tendency to portray him sympathetically, and it is on those times that I really can't stand him. If the series almost always portrayed Rumplestiltskin as the monster I see him as, then I could at least like him as a villain as I do with his parents. Not to mention, I find Rumbelle to be the most dysfunctional relationship, and not just on television. The only time I've ever found it functional was when Belle was Lacey. In fact, I've liked every other relationship Gold has had - with Milah, Cora, or the Evil Queen - far more than his relationship with Belle.

Also, since the seventh season started, I've been beginning to feel that Henry takes a little too much after his father. I always found Henry to a little annoying and dull at times, but since the seventh season I feel like they brought Neal back. Any line that Neal, Regina, or seventh season Henry have said has annoyed me in some way. The biggest disappointment of season seven that the three regulars who stayed on -- Regina, Henry, and Gold -- would have been first on my list of characters I would have liked to leave if I had to choose.

Favorite Quotes

Harry Potter:

  1. "I don't know. I think Hermione does, though, why don't you try her?"
  2. "Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world. Everyone says so. Even when you were strong, you didn't dare try and take over Hogwarts. Dumbledore saw through you when you were at school and he still frightens you now, wherever you're hiding these days."
  3. "He'll never be gone, not as long as those who remain are loyal to him."
  4. "No one knows why you lost your powers when you attacked me. I don't know myself. But I know why you couldn't kill me. Because my mother died to save me. My common Muggle-born mother. She stopped you from killing me. And I've seen the real you. I saw you last year. You're a wreck. You're barely alive. That's where all your power got you. You're in hiding. You're ugly. You're foul."
  5. "There's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid."
  6. "I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."
  7. "You're the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we've ever had."
  8. "I don't give a damn what your father thinks, Malfoy. He's vile, and cruel."
  9. "Actually sir, after all these years I sort of just go with it."
  10. "I realized I can't shut myself away, or — or crack up. Sirius wouldn't have wanted that, would he? And anyway, life's too short... look at Madam Bones, look at Emmeline Vance... it could be me next, couldn't it? But if it is, I'll make sure I take as many Death Eaters with me as I can and Voldemort too, if I can manage it."
  11. "There's no need to call me 'sir,' Professor."
  12. "Yeah, I am. Glad we straightened that out."
  13. "Not to mention the pincers."
  14. "I'm not afraid of the name, Professor. I'm going to tell you something others have only guessed at. I am the Chosen One. Only I can kill him. But in order to do that, I need to know what Riddle asked you that night in your quarters all those years ago. And I need to know what you told him... Be brave, Professor. Be brave like my mother. Otherwise, you disgrace her. Otherwise, she died for nothing. Otherwise, the bowl remains empty forever."
  15. "He will only be gone from the school when none here are loyal to him."
  16. "It's time you earned it."
  17. "Oh, I don't know, Hermione. I'd be pretty ashamed of him. If the new regime thinks Muggle-borns are bad, what will they do to a half-werewolf whose father's in the Order? My father died trying to protect my mother and me. And you think he'd tell you to abandon your kid to go on an adventure with us?... I'd never have believed this. The man who taught me to fight dementors, a coward."
  18. "So what part of it isn't living up to your expectations? Did you think we’d be staying in five-star hotels? Finding a Horcrux every other day? Did you think you’d be back to Mummy by Christmas?"
  19. "Maybe I am! Look what he asked from me, Hermione! Risk your life, Harry!... And don't expect me to explain everything, just trust me blindly... even though I don't trust you! Never the whole truth! Never!"
  20. "Yeah, because we really need a bit more fear in our lives."
  21. "You're going to kill me? After I saved your life? You owe me, Wormtail..."
  22. "There are no Horcruxes. It's just you and me. Neither can live while the other survives. And one of us is about to leave for good."
  23. "It's your one last chance. it's all you've got left. I've seen what you'll be otherwise. Be a man. Try . . . try for some remorse."
  24. "Albus Severus Potter. You were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was the bravest man I’ve ever known."
  25. "Then Slytherin House will have gained a wonderful, young wizard. But listen — If it really means that much to you, you can choose Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat takes your choice into account... It did for me."

Sirius Black: "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

Obi-Wan Kenobi:

  1. "We speak of the will of the Force as someone ignorant of gravity might say it is the will of the river to flow to the ocean. It is a metaphor that describes our ignorance. The simple truth, if any truth were ever simple, is that we do not truly know what the will of the Force may be. We can never know. It is so far beyond our limited understanding that we can only surrender to its mystery."
  2. "Only a Sith deals with absolutes. The truth is not always so black and white."
  3. "There's no such thing as luck."
  4. "There are alternatives to fighting."
  5. "Who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"
  6. "Don't give in to hate. That leads to the dark side."
  7. "You don't need me, Luke. You are a Jedi, strong in the Force. At any rate, the decision is not mine to make. I have lingered too long already, and can no longer postpone my journey from this life to what lies beyond. It is the pattern of all life to move on. You, too, will face this same journey one day."
  8. "You will yet face great dangers, Luke. But you will also find new allies, at times and places where you expect to find them least."
  9. "And now, farewell. I loved you as a son, and as a student, and as a friend. Until we meet again, may the Force be with you."
  10. "Not the last of the old Jedi, Luke. The first of the new."

Jason Grace: "I'm the son of Jupiter! I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion. I slew the Trojan sea monster, I toppled the black throne of Kronos and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands. And now I'm going to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed you to your own wolves."

Frank Zhang: "Keep it simple."

Albus Dumbledore:

  1. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that."
  2. "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
  3. "However, you will find that I will only have truly left the school when none here are loyal to me. Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it."
  4. "It is our choices that make us what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
  5. "it is not in the nature of a dementor to be forgiving. Therefore, I must warn each and every one of you to give them no reason to harm you. But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
  6. "You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think that we don't recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night."
  7. "You are blinded by the love of the office you hold, Cornelius. You place too much importance, and you always have done, on the so-called purity of blood. You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."
  8. "If your determination to shut your eyes will carry you as far as this, Cornelius, we have reached a parting of the ways. You must act as you see fit. And I . . . I shall act as I see fit."
  9. "The only one of whom I intend to work is Lord Voldemort. If you are against him, then we remain, Cornelius, on the same side."
  10. "You have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you."
  11. "There will soon come a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy."
  12. "Today we acknowledge a truly terrible loss. Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard working, infinitely fair-minded, and, most importantly, a fierce, fierce friend. His death has affected all of you, whether you knew him or not. Now, I think, therefore, you have the right to know exactly how he died. You see, Cedric Diggory was murdered . . . by Lord Voldemort. The Ministry of Magic does not wish me to tell you this. But, not to do so, I think, would be an insult to his memory. Now, the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me - reminds us - that while we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. In light of recent events, the bonds of friendship we've made this year will be more important than ever."
  13. "Lord Voldemort's gift for spreading discord and enmity is very great. We can fight it only by showing an equally strong bond of friendship and trust."
  14. "I cared about you too much. I cared more for your happiness than your knowing the truth, more for your peace of mind than my plan, more for your life than the lives that might be lost if the plan failed. In other words, I acted exactly as Voldemort expects we fools who love to act."
  15. "There is a room in the Department of Mysteries that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of many subjects for study that reside there. It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldemort has not at all. That power took you to save Sirius tonight. That power also saved you from possession by Voldemort, because he could not bear to reside in a body so full of the force he detests. In the end, it mattered not that you could not close your mind. It was your heart that saved you."
  16. "But as I have already proven to you, I make mistakes like the next being. In fact, being, forgive me, rather cleverer than most beings, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger."
  17. "You are protected, in short, by your ability to love! The only protection that can possibly work against the lure of power like Voldemort's! In spite of all the temptation you have endured, all the suffering, you remain pure of heart, just as pure as you were at the age of eleven, when you stared into a mirror that reflected your heart's desire, and it showed you only the way to thwart Lord Voldemort, and not immortality or riches. Harry, have you any idea how few wizards could have seen what you saw in that mirror?"
  18. "It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness. Nothing more."
  19. "Help will always be given at Hogwarts, Harry, to those who ask for it. I've always pride of myself on my ability to turn a phrase. Words are, in my not so humble opinion almost inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of inflicting injury and remedies. But I would in this case amend my original statement to this: help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it."
  20. "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love."
  21. "It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well."

Piper McLean: "Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible; it means you're brave enough to stand up and do what's needed."

Poseidon: "Percy, lesser beings do many horrible things in the name of the gods. That does not mean we gods approve. The way our sons and daughters act in our names…well, it usually says more about them than it does about us. And you, Percy, are my favorite son."

Athena: "There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it."

Thalia Grace: "I'm honoring a friend. I must join the hunt, Percy. I haven't known peace since...since Half-Blood Hill. I finally feel like I have a home. But you're a hero. You will be the one of the prophecy."

Nico di Angelo: "Just who I am... Easy for you to say. You're everybody's golden boy, the son of Jupiter. The only person who ever accepted me was Bianca, and she died! I didn't choose any of this. My father, my feelings..."

Bianca di Angelo: "You must listen to me. Holding a grudge is dangerous for a child of Hades. It is our fatal flaw. You have to forgive. You have to promise me this."


  1. "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force."
  2. "The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader."
  3. "If so powerful you are, why leave?"
  4. "There is no try."
  5. "Always in motion is the future."
  6. "Decide you must how to serve them best. If you leave now, help them you could. But you would destroy all for which they have fought and suffered."
  7. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."
  8. "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."
  9. "My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us, and binds us."
  10. "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will."
  11. "A very great Jedi Master you have become, Qui-Gon Jinn. A very great Jedi Master you always were, but too blind I was to see it. Your apprentice, I gratefully become."
  12. "Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you? 'How did you know, how did you know, Master Yoda?' Master Yoda knows these things. His job it is."
  13. "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is."
  14. "Only the Dark Lords of the Sith know of our weakness. If informed, the Senate is, multiply, our adversaries will."
  15. "Darker, the coming storm grows. I fear the dark cloud of the Sith shrouds us all."
  16. "In a dark place we find ourselves… and a little more knowledge might light our way."
  17. "Twilight is upon me, and soon night must fall. That is the way of things, the way of the Force."
  18. "When you look at the dark side, careful you must be; For the dark side looks back."
  19. "To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night, Padawan: but choose!"
  20. "Wars not make one great."
  21. "You must unlearn what you have learned."
  22. "This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away, to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, hmm? What he was doing. Hmm. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things."
  23. "Like fire across the galaxy the Clone Wars spread."
  24. "That is why you fail."
  25. "Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere! Yes, even between the land and the ship."
  26. "Each act, you see, is like a fossil, preserved in the Force, as – aiee! Stop! Stop! Eating this, I am!"
  27. "Victory? Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan, not a victory. The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has."
  28. "If in anger you answer, then in shame you dwell."
  29. "If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are... a different game you should play."
  30. "That place is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go."
  31. "Soon will I rest. Yes, forever sleep. Earned it, I have."
  32. "I want… I want a rose."
  33. "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack."
  34. "If far from the Force you find yourself, trust you can that it is not the Force which moved."
  35. "To a dark place this line of thought will carry us."
  36. "Mysterious are the ways of the Force."
  37. "Alone? No. Always the past to keep me company. The creatures on the planet, and the Force. And now you. Annoying though you may be."
  38. "When you look back, lose your place on the path, you do. Learn you will, Anakin, that stars move and stars fall, and nothing at all do they have to do with you."
  39. "Ready, are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained."
  40. "A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger. Fear. Aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow. Quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice."
  41. "Only a fully trained Jedi knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Emperor. If you end your training now, if you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil."
  42. "Believe I do, Senator, that a free society must guard its freedom zealously, lest wake one morning it does to find all freedom disappeared."
  43. "Chaos begun cannot be ordered so easily."
  44. "What use saving the galaxy is if so much hurt and pain one must cause? The Jedi way that is not. No. Hurt you I won't. Trust you I will, trust you…and the Force. The Jedi way that is. Be good to speak again it will."
  45. "Speculation! On theories such as these we cannot rely. Proof we need. Proof!"
  46. "Convinced it is right I am not. Working behind the scenes we should be - to uncover Darth Sidious! To move against Palpatine while the Sith still exist - this may be part of the Sith plan itself, to turn the Senate and the public against the Jedi! So that we are not only disbanded, but outlawed!"
  47. "Have the advantage already they do. Increase their advantage we will, if in haste we act!"
  48. "So sure of your skills you are? Easy to negotiate this matter is not!"
  49. "Troubled is the planet Mon Calamari. Its races have divided. The droid army of the Quarren Isolation League moves against the Calamari Council. Alone, the Calamari are no match. Intervene we must!"

Luke Castellan: "Ethan. Me. All the unclaimed. Don't let it...Don't let it happen again."

Mara Jade Skywalker:

  1. "I'm a fighter. I've always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, I've been miserable. I want challenges, I crave them."
  2. "Oh, come now, when have I ever made anything easy for you?"
  3. "You're as evil as he was. . . . Palpatine."
  4. "Service to evil is still evil. What you're saying is that doing something wrong isn't really wrong if your motives are good. That's nonsense."
  5. "When I first met Luke, I was under a compulsion to kill him. Generally not a good sign for a lasting relationship. Such was his courage that he did not run, and did not strike me. He accepted me, as no one else had done before." *
  6. "I was his Hand, Skywalker. That's how I was known to his inner court: as the Emperor's Hand. I served him all over the galaxy, doing jobs the Imperial fleet and stormtroopers couldn't handle. That was my one great talent, you see. I could hear his call from anywhere in the Empire and report back to him the same way. I exposed traitors for him, brought down his enemies, helped him keep the kind of control over the mindless bureaucracies that he needed. I had prestige and power and respect. And you took it all away from me. If only for that, you deserve to die."
  7. "Vader? Don't make me laugh. Vader was a fool and skating on the edge of treason along with it. My Master sent me to Jabba's to kill you, not recruit you."
  8. "You think you've won, but Luke will crush you. And I refuse to let you destroy the future for my Ben."
  9. "I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you."
  10. "Well, what happens if you need a diplomat who can also practice philosophy, fight with a lightsaber, and levitate small objects? Who else are you going to call but us?"
  11. "Darling. I love you, you are my life and my light. If you ever do this to me again I will vape you where you stand."
  12. "Oh, and one more thing. That Hand of Judgment name of yours?... Lose it. There's only one Hand in the Empire, and I'm it."
  13. "Which way are you going to go with it? I know both sides – I was the Emperor's Hand and I was Luke Skywalker's wife."
  14. "I always play fair. Exactly as fair as my opponents."
  15. "Where did you learn that smile? Have you been practicing in front of a holo of Han Solo?"
  16. "It's not about the legacy you leave; it's about the life you live."
  17. "Luke, I don't want to discourage your curiosity, but I have to remind you, if something goes wrong, this is an exceptionally embarrassing way to die."
  18. "Stupid, stupid. A big fat diversion—the oldest trick on the list. And I fell for it like some dumb farm kid."
  19. "Negotiating is the art of getting what you want. It's not the art of making the other side feel better... If they were our partners, we wouldn't need to negotiate."
  20. "Don't be ridiculous. Aunt Leia is my best friend... Okay, maybe my best friend is a lizard."
  21. "There is a disturbance in the Force. Lord Vader pursues the Rebel Alliance to the remote world of Hoth. But does he truly hunt the Alliance, or is it something else that draws him there, something stronger? My Master has foreseen that Vader has an heir, a son, one who is strong in the Force, one who could destroy us all. Does Vader seek to turn him or join him? The coming battle may prove Vader's intent. I secretly hope he will betray us. I feel certain that should he waver, I will strike quickly to take his place at my Master's side."
  22. "Trust me, my capacity for mayhem is undiminished."
  23. "Really? And I always thought the reason you left Tatooine was to join the Rebellion and save the galaxy."
  24. "You've got me. I hate that shirt. In fact, I think you're a crummy dresser, period."
  25. "He could have called you 'Master'. Like I do sometimes."
  26. "You mean if we get out of here alive?"
  27. "Then all we have to do is cut our way through two hundred Vagaari soldiers and take over the ship... Sure, why not? I didn't have anything else planned for after lunch."
  28. "I've been letting you do the talking, and all it's gotten us so far is an enforced vacation at this villa. I'm a businesswoman, a trader. Negotiation is my stock in trade."
  29. "Look after my apprentice, won't you? I know she's a Jedi Knight in her own right, but in some ways she's still very much a child – albeit a precocious one. I hope you can be a beneficial part of her education."
  30. "As long as I'm fighting, I'm not dying. And I'm not done fighting just yet."
  31. "Gone hunting for a few days. Don't be mad at me, Farmboy."
  32. "I get the proverbial bad feeling about this."
  33. "Yeah, it's true. Now tell me who blabbed so I can go cut his head off."
  34. "Victims run off and hide. Prey runs off and hides. But I'm not a victim. And I'm not prey. I'm the Emperor's Hand. I am the ultimate predator."
  35. "When I entered the atmosphere I could feel you and Kun tangling. The Force was boiling."
  36. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd be just as happy if this stayed nice and simple."
  37. "You didn't know, but after that pirate base thing, Faughn told me you and I made a good team. She was right. We really did."
  38. "The key thing is to find out for certain if my illness is connected to the Yuuzhan Vong. If it is, when I get healthy, the Yuuzhan Vong will pay."
  39. "Your sister might be Han's soul mate, but Chewbacca was his first mate. It's going to take time."
  40. "Of course I'm up to it. I haven't felt so obnoxiously healthy since…Well, in a while."
  41. "All untrue, I'm sure."
  42. "You promised me on Zonama Sekot that both of us have a lot more living to do."
  43. "The Masters are pulling the order in ten different directions. You have to do this, or they'll tear it apart."
  44. "There is a lot of unrest in life. The Force is created by life, so it has unrest in it. If you open yourself to the Force, how can you not open yourself to a certain amount of unrest?"
  45. "We don't have a lock for the window but there's an alarm on it. You try going out, and it'll be a toss-up as to whether the vornskrs get to you before I do. But don't take my word for it. Try it and find out."
  46. "This ship fights my way, or not at all."
  47. "Interesting how fast the rock mites leave the ore carrier on the way to the crash."
  48. "Keep an eye on Ozzel, I suppose. I don't know if the man's disloyal, easily manipulated, or just plain stupid. But I think he bears watching."
  49. "You are not the only one here who served under Palpatine. I have changed, and so has the Grand Admiral. And I suspect that you must have, too, for our former master would never have tolerated such idiocy in one of his servants. What were you thinking? That Yaga Minor would become capital now that Bastion has fallen? That you would lead the council? Don't be a fool, Flennic."
  50. "We use our powers to save lives, not waste them -- unlike you, Moff Flennic."
  51. "That's just the way things are, Jacen. Sometimes it's harder to make a friend than it is to fight an enemy."
  52. "Maybe. And maybe you're right. Maybe it won't come to anything more than pretty words from an ugly mouth. But when it comes to the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong, I'll happily take a shallow alliance over none at all."
  53. "Doesn't look promising, does it?"
  54. "I'm not going to serve him, Skywalker. I want you to promise that you'll kill me before you let him do that to me."
  55. "You're not concerned about our getting married, are you?"
  56. "Akanah, Gaeriel Captison, Callista … Luke Skywalker's lost loves. Not to mention that one on Folor."
  57. "That's a man with not enough to live for."
  58. "And just to add insult to injury, they managed to make it a mapping expedition. Imagine - one of the best strategists the Empire had ever known being reduced to mapping duty. Ruining his life and his reputation with a single stroke. I'll bet they were chuckling about it together for years afterward."
  59. "So did they."
  60. "Hah! More than a few months of relaxation was enough to bring him to the brink of insanity and boredom. He's back at it and busier than ever, with his hands in more schemes than I can keep track of."
  61. "Good. Then it won't be a family crime to cut you down."
  62. "Don't lie to me, Anakin. The desire to be out there saving the galaxy is in your blood so thick I can hear it screaming from here."
  63. "We get to spend the day gossiping about our colleagues and calling it work? I'm willing."
  64. "Maybe she's embittered over fifty years of loneliness, but I call that an overreaction."
  65. "Vergere is too smart. Too perceptive. Too enigmatic."
  66. "You were one of the people every faction in the court used as an example of what not to do in the middle of a political fight. But then, those were the same people who also thought Palpatine sent Thrawn out here as a punishment. So what did they know?"
  67. "What makes you think Parck even wants diplomatic relations with the Chiss?"
  68. "I know Flennic's type. He'll have a chip on his shoulder bigger than a Super Star Destroyer."
  69. "Too bad we don't have a Dark Jedi handy we could kill. Remember that big blast when C'baoth died?"
  70. "Don't forget, the rest of Thrawn's people are out there somewhere. Whole star systems full of Chiss, whom I notice haven't exactly been eager to make their presence known to the New Republic."
  71. "Luke's right about these two; they're getting people killed with their saber-flashing."
  72. "Imperial Center was a world with enough diversions for just about anyone."
  73. "I don't know whether to mark that down as 'exceptionally daring' or 'unusually stupid.'"
  74. "That's exactly why I didn't mention it then. Because we probably would have asked, and frankly I don't want to know. If Thrawn's back, I think we can assume he's more or less on our side. If he's not back, I guess we'll all just have to make do on our own."
  75. "Take care. Oh, I will. I’ve got one advantage you haven’t, Leia, and that’s darkness. I’ve been that dark. I was trained by a Sith Lord. I can think like them."
  76. “Why, darling, thank you for asking! I’m very well. Just a flesh wound. Look, I caught Lumiya. She’s in a worse state than I am, believe me.”
  77. “It’s no good looking at me like that. I’m not discussing it, I’m not sharing the mission, and I’m not going to take it easy, which I’ll bet is going to be someone’s suggestion. Yes?”
  78. “You can stop the game. I know where you’ve been, and I have a horrible feeling I know why. The whole planet’s seen the news.”
  79. “I could ask Jacen, sweetheart, but I’m not sure I could believe him if he told me what the time was.”
  80. “Oh, I know. I’ve never hidden my past from you, so I know exactly what your work entails. I can talk to you like a grown-up, Ben, because once you do the kind of job you’re doing, you’re not a kid any longer. Do we understand each other?”
  81. “Okay, it was Lumiya. I caught her, but she got away. I gave her a good hiding, and she won’t get away next time. Now—your turn.”
  82. “Okay, sweetheart. Let’s not tell your dad because he’ll rip Jacen’s head off in the mood he’s in at the moment. Can you face coming home?”
  83. “Wherever you feel safest, Ben. I won’t force you to come back with me as long as you swear you’ll come to me the second you have problems, okay?”
  84. “How can I be, after what I used to do?”
  85. “This is what we made you, isn’t it? We wanted you to be like us. We wanted you to be a Jedi and do your duty …”
  86. “No. I haven’t. But I know, and I’m the only one who does. And I also know you can hide in the Force like Jacen does, and it scares me because the first time I felt it I thought you’d been killed. Please, Ben, don’t hide from me. Ever.”
  87. “I didn’t. Not until lately, and then it didn’t feel like guilt. Just … not quite understanding why I did it, because being what I was didn’t explain it all to me.”
  88. “They’re both good at hiding, whether by disguising their presence or erasing the memory of being seen.”
  89. “Yes. I thought it was time someone dropped a hint that we’d noticed our Jacen had turned into a monster. Forgive me for asking, but being his twin, have you never had this out with him?”
  90. “I can’t help thinking that you might have tried slugging him.”
  91. “I just don’t get how you can be so caught up in worrying whether you want Jag or Zekk when your own brother’s going to pieces and taking others with him.”
  92. “Maybe it’s time we all faced that. Together.”
  93. "I spent my whole youth on duty for the Emperor. I never had the freedom that Jaina’s always had. And a little bit of me … resents that now."
  94. "She’ll rise to the challenge when it comes. But if this isn’t it, I don’t know what is."
  95. “No, you’re not. You’re too close to this. She’s baiting you.”
  96. “She’s been into GAG HQ. Or Jacen’s apartment. I don’t know which idea I like less.”
  97. “And what was that conversation we had the other day, about being fit for the role? Me trained killer, you honest guardian of right?”
  98. “Jaina’s dead right. You have too much history with Lumiya, and you’re too stoked up. You have to kill cold.”
  99. “Lumiya’s bending him somehow. Okay, no need to tell me I was the last person to notice that.”
  100. “If I didn’t know Corellia was in dire straits over Gejjen’s death, I’d have said it was an outside attempt to destabilize the GA. If he’d still been alive, they’d have moved in on us by now.”
  101. “I don’t see Jacen being dragged kicking and screaming to the big office, somehow. Regardless of who came up with the idea, he’s hardly rushed to decline the honor.”
  102. “There’s rights and there’s right.”
  103. “Well, trying to talk him around is off the menu. So I’m sticking with going after the irritant in this. Lumiya. But let’s not forget that Omas didn’t exactly behave sensibly, and Niathal isn’t in Lumiya’s thrall. She’s got her own agenda, and I don’t get any sense of the dark side influencing that.”
  104. “This is about Lumiya. It stops here and now. You’ve turned into something vile, and you’re too smart to be conned into that even by her. Beyond dark. See, I’ve been both sides, and I know.”
  105. “It’s the leader on Rhommamool. Nom Anor. He’s reached down and grabbed his followers by their most basic instincts, weaving the dispute against Osarian into a more general matter of tyranny and oppression. Don’t underestimate him.”
  106. “Can’t shoot what you can’t catch."
  107. “They want no part of a Jedi showing a willingness to shoot back."
  108. “And that hotshot attitude of his will reinforce the ring of truth to Nom Anor’s diatribes against the Jedi. He’s not without followers on Osarian.”
  109. “Nom Anor hates the New Republic. And he hates the Jedi as symbols of the New Republic.”
  110. “Don’t take him lightly. His religious cry to abandon technology and machines, to look for truth in the natural elements and life of the universe, and to resist the joining of planets in false confederations resonates deeply in many people, particularly those who have been the victims of such planetary alliances, like the miners of Rhommamool.”
  111. “Nom Anor was stirring up anger against the Jedi long before he ever came to Rhommamool. Here, he’s just found a convenient receptacle for his wrath.”
  112. “If we can’t bring some sense of order to the galaxy, particularly to isolated planets like Osarian and Rhommamool, then we’re no better than the Empire."
  113. “Even when I tried to use the Force to gain a better perspective on him, I drew … A blank. As if the Force had nothing to do with him... No. More like he had nothing to do with the Force.”
  114. "I have an idea... Let’s wait until he shows up, then crush him.”

Luke Skywalker:

  1. "There are times when the end justifies the means. But when you build an argument based on a whole series of such times, you may find that you've constructed an entire philosophy of evil."
  2. "Be careful—don't assume a teacher is always right, without question. You have to think for yourself. Sometimes we teachers make mistakes, too."
  3. "It is my fault, because I emerged from the Rebellion cast as a warrior who had destroyed Death Stars, Darth Vader, and the Emperor himself. Later missions kept that myth alive. Given a choice between calling upon a bounty hunter or a Jedi, folks turned to the Jedi because we worked for free and are concerned about collateral damage."
  4. "To life we owe our compassion and our duty. But I wonder what we owe to something completely outside our definition of life, to something that is a kind of living death. I wonder if we must owe them anything but a real death?"
  5. "The Force may have no light or dark side, but we do. We must choose."
  6. "I've meditated at length. I've concluded how we respond to a crisis—the one we're in now or any other—is far less important than responding to it together. Even with the Force to guide us, we will still make mistakes. We still are mortal."
  7. "I don't like it that you can win an argument without using verbs."
  8. "Every generation has its challenges to face, its own battles to win. Why should yours be any different? Running away from your responsibilities won't solve anything."
  9. "There was a sense to Mara, when I met her, that would not let me fear her, though countless others have learned that not fearing her can be trouble. The Force brought us together, and kept bringing us together until neither of us could deny our destiny to be together forever."
  10. "Not at all! Mara is—er, Mara is my wife. I don't have a girlfriend."
  11. "No, it was the food — definitely the food."
  12. "And you ceased to be one a long time ago."
  13. "Well, you can't just walk up to a woman and say 'Hello, I've heard about your large bank account, let's get married.'"
  14. "I never defeated my father. The deepest cut I ever gave him was in refusing to join him. I think the next deepest cut was when I forgave him."
  15. "You've probably heard this before, but it's a trap."
  16. "You bought me this shirt."
  17. "I'm sure you're not threatening the younglings. Because you really don't want to see me angry. And I think you're smart enough to know that. But if you want to try me, go ahead and make that threat."
  18. "And then there's Aeona Cantor. She's not my love interest – she's Nick's girlfriend, and that's the whole story. Anyway, she's not my type. Too abrasive. And I don't like redheads."
  19. "As well as your tendency toward verbal abuse."
  20. "He kept calling me 'Skywalker'. Because I don't have a title—I'm not a Senator, I'm not a general any longer, I'm not an ambassador. He used the word like an insult."
  21. "If it's not too much of a cliché, take me to your leader. If it is too much of a cliché, take me anyway."
  22. "Tell you what, if you think it's wrong for you to think of them as ugly, just think of how you look to them. Short, squat, unlined skin, a nose that puffs up like a rodent, tiny little mouth with jagged white things in it, a horrible shrub-like growth on your head."
  23. "The future is to be lived, not prearranged."
  24. "Thank you for reducing our task to its basic components."
  25. "I'm always prepared to entertain that suggestion. The universe is nothing if not humbling."
  26. "Not what I was going to say, but probably true."
  27. "If marry is the word, yes. So be careful who you smile at around here. I'm not ready to be a grandfather. Or even a father-in-law."
  28. "None of the stories people tell about me can change who I really am."
  29. "You know what I like about coming to worlds so backrocket that no one watches the news broadcasts?... No one ever says, 'You look taller on the 'Net.'"
  30. "No thanks, I don't want to look like a grumpy, thickheaded, craggy-faced old man."
  31. "That works for you? With teenagers? I hope you don't expect me to believe that."
  32. "We all need a dream, Lord Taalon."
  33. "True, and when you become a father, you'll discover how much fun that is."
  34. "Son, if you could figure out how to make that a reality, I'd make you the head of the Jedi Order."
  35. "I'll trust you to improve the story. Luke Skywalker goes out in a blaze of glory in battle with a red devourer."
  36. "Maybe I'm too set in my ways to believe that someone who was born Sith, raised Sith, and grew up surrounded by Sith can set that aside enough to become a Jedi."
  37. "I didn't say that I never fail. No Jedi ever becomes perfect. Sometimes, though, what we succeed in doing is not exactly what we intended to do. Focus on what you accomplished, rather than on what you merely hoped to do."
  38. "You don't plan to infiltrate an Imperial battle station and save a princess, do you?"
  39. "I think you've been adopted."
  40. "This woman is a citizen of the New Republic, and if you do not take your hands off her, I will take your hands off you."
  41. "Oh, come on. Leia and Chewie went there and got back all right, didn't they? And Threepio, too. You don't want Threepio saying you were afraid to go somewhere he wasn't afraid of, would you?"
  42. ""Mara… will you marry me?... I mean regardless."
  43. "I name you the Sword of the Jedi. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow that you cast."
  44. "You think the dark side is scary, you say that to her."
  45. "Your lack of faith hurts me. Clearly, we need to elevate your training sessions."
  46. "Filthy rich?"
  47. "Sometimes a Jedi must deal with the disappointment of having to tell the truth."
  48. "You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?"
  49. "He lives in a world of shifting alliances. Borsk does what Borsk needs to do, at any given moment, to benefit Borsk. And he's so jaded by that personal philosophy that he thinks everyone else plays by the same rules."
  50. "None of the stories people tell about me can change who I really am."
  51. "I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
  52. "I want to come with you to Alderaan. There's nothing for me here now. I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father."
  53. "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you!"
  54. "I won't fail you. I'm not afraid."
  55. "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!"
  56. "I am taking Captain Solo and his friends. You can either profit by this or be destroyed. It's your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my powers."
  57. "No. You're coming with me. I will not leave you here. I've got to save you!"
  58. "Sometimes I feel like I've been running full speed since we blasted out of Tatooine with the droids and Ben Kenobi way back when."
  59. "I'll promise you this. Whatever happens in there, you won't have to face him alone. I'll be there to help you."
  60. "My father's destiny is my own."
  61. "The stronger you become in the Force, the more you can do, the more that's expected of you, and the less your life belongs to you."
  62. "Kueller helped you survive, but you don't need him anymore. You have me. Come with me, Dolph, back to Yavin 4. We can heal those wounds the Je'har put in your heart."
  63. "Don't even joke, having you say you'd become my wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No regrets, no concerns, not now, not ever."
  64. "You are all here because the power of the Force is strong within you. You are here because the New Republic needs Jedi Knights. And you are here because it is your destiny to train to become Jedi Knights and use the Force when necessary to maintain peace in our galaxy."
  65. "Remember, a Jedi fights only as a last resort. If you are forced to draw your lightsaber, you have already forfeited much of your advantage. A Jedi trusts the Force and at first seeks other ways to resolve problems: patience, logic, tolerance, attentive listening, negotiation, persuasion, calming techniques. But there are times when a Jedi must fight. Knowing that the Shadow Academy is out there, I fear those times will come all too often for us. And so you must learn how to wield your lightsabers."
  66. "I agree, but we must take action if an extremist group has kidnapped innocent hostages, taken slaves, and threatened to spread a plague so powerful it could wipe out an entire species."
  67. "Challenge and diversity make us strong. Too much protection can prevent us from learning, from reaching our potential. We can learn from others, but we must also learn from our own experiences. . . and our own mistakes."
  68. "I had fought the worst of all wars, and witnessed the redemption of evil. I've seen balance restored to the Force. But order can turn to chaos… as it did when I was born. Now, with my loved ones and my loyal allies, I face a new challenge unlike any before. And I'm not sure if this time we can win."
  69. "I don't propose that we place ourselves in seclusion and pass our days meditating on the Force—though that might be the path for some of us. But I do advocate attuning ourselves to the longer view, and reaching out to others who seek to serve the Force."
  70. "It's coming to me through currents in the Force, he's all wrapped up in shadows… he brings great pain to the galaxy, and me."
  71. "Every future that begins with me going after Caedus ends in darkness. I know I'm the only one who can be sure of stopping him, but no matter how I envisage it, it always leads to darkness."
  72. "We do have a common goal. It would be better to work toward it together rather than getting in each others way. But don't think that I will not be expecting treachery at every turn. There are fewer enmities more ancient than that of Sith and Jedi."
  73. "I am always prepared to fight when I must, and who I must."
  74. "I should have known that any Jedi of hers would be full of surprises."
  75. "I seem to be missing the joke."
  76. "You will give birth to a daughter first, and she will be strong and virtuous, like you."
  77. "You carry within you everything that a Jedi Knight is."
  78. "Yours is perhaps the most difficult task of all. The path of a Queen is different from that of a Jedi. Your duty as Queen of Hapes will inevitably come into conflict with the simpler values of a Jedi. I don't tell you to choose one path over another. I only hope that you choose with your heart, and choose wisely."
  79. "Wedge is in command of Rogue Squadron now, and he told me if I ever needed them they'd come running."
  80. "Would you stop fighting if Wedge was killed? Or me? Or Senator Organa? The Battle of Endor will always be a turning point in this war, but there are millions of Imperials scattered across the galaxy, and we can only assume that they will fight to the end. And they probably have orders to do just that."
  81. "I'm just afraid of placing an extra one on his shoulders. Suppose I named him Obi-Wan, as a salute to my old master? Would he think that means that I want him to grow up to be a Jedi? Would he think he had to live up to Ben's reputation?"
  82. "Sorry, but I think he does. Now that Jacen has convinced him that it's safe to open himself to the Force, Ben will have to make the same decision as everyone else."
  83. "The Corellians just used Centerpoint Station to destroy elements of the Second Fleet. They also tried to kill Jacen. Now, thinking the way Jacen does, the way we must, it's inconceivable that he would not make an all-out effort to capture the station and have in his possession the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. We're not going to let the Corellians have it, and we're not going to let Jacen have it. We're going to destroy it… probably at the same time Jacen mounts his operation to capture it."
  84. "Should the need ever arise, it can be withdrawn by someone as virtuous as yourself, Chewbacca."
  85. "He's more like Kyp than he thinks, but he doesn't see it. He's been through so much and he's too young to easily absorb what he's had to deal with… He's carrying around all that pain and some day that's bound to add up to something he's not experienced enough to handle. Grief and guilt are only a micron away from anger and hatred. And he's still reckless, still thinks he's immortal despite all of the death he's seen."
  86. "Lumiya… the man who made you feel this way used you as a tool… but he's dead now and he wouldn't want you to go on like this… at the end… he reconciled to the good in himself. As you can. I know it…"
  87. "Don't put it past Lumiya to engineer events to serve her purposes."
  88. "Before we get into the meeting, I do want to thank you for stepping in and helping here since Mara became ill."
  89. "Do you remember what you told Jacen after the fall of Ithor, that if there ever came a time when folks looked forward to the return of the man who killed Ithor... And you didn't. But, Corran, the time has come. The invasion is out of hand, and the Jedi need someone of your experience to help us prepare…to teach our young pilots how to fight as a unit and survive."
  90. "Your days as UnuThul are done, Raynar. It's time to surrender and come home... That can't be anymore, Raynar. The Colony can't be anymore. If you stay with the Killiks, the entire species will die."
  91. "Family makes a Jedi more of a whole person."
  92. "Vergere thought knowledge was the answer to everything... I value compassion over knowledge. But I hope I never have to choose between the two."
  93. "Let's just say that's another choice I hope never to have to make."
  94. "You're the future of the Jedi Order. You and Jaina and Tahiri and the others. In my time, I must make way for you as well."
  95. "But if you come with us, it can't be as a prisoner. We're going to have enough trouble without worrying about you."
  96. "Vestara, you've killed an innocent being."
  97. "You want me to take a Sith, whose trustworthiness seems to depend on the time of day, the season, and the phases of whatever moons happen to be nearby, with us on a potentially dangerous mission to the Sith homeworld."
  98. "But I really don't think he's a Dark Jedi. He's erratic and moody, but he doesn't have the sort of evil aura about him that I could sense in Vader and the Emperor. I think it's more likely that Master C'baoth is insane."
  99. "No, he's not. I have my disagreements with him, obviously, but he's trying to save the New Republic, in his own way. A civil war can only make us weaker."
  100. "You're referring to democracy. Something we all fought very hard for. We can't throw it away simply because it becomes inconvenient. Gavin, we aren't having this conversation."
  101. "As my Master told me, there is no try: one can only do or do not. It seems, Wedge, those are your choices."
  102. "Beware revenge, Corran. Such blank emotions open the way to the dark side of the Force."
  103. "For thirty generations the Jedi Knights safeguarded the galaxy, and the Emperor was only able to succeed in our absence. I am dedicating my life to reestablishing the Jedi Knights. I want you to join me. Come with me. Train and learn with me. Become a Jedi Knight... Together we can make certain no more Emperors can rise up to enslave a galaxy. Everything you were raised to do within CorSec you will be able to do in the whole of the New Republic. The Empire is but one manifestation of the Force's dark side and we will stand as a buffer between it and good people everywhere."
  104. "The efforts of your people in eliminating the second Death Star and in liberating Coruscant speak to the nobility in the Bothan spirit."
  105. "Progress is seldom measured in great leaps except when viewed with hindsight."
  106. "Not my intention, but I'm not averse to being used as a motivational tool."
  107. "You and I are alike in that we come from families with a strong Jedi tradition, just neither of us were aware of our heritage until later. You may want to consider finding the lightsaber a coincidence or luck, but there's no such thing. I'll have you know that of the other two-dozen lightsabers in those rooms, only three worked without recharging, and this one had lain in a case far longer than any of the others."
  108. "The flame of a warrior burns bright in you, Tesar. You have shown that you will never falter or abandon a stricken comrade. May the Force guide you in all you do."
  109. "You're the one I've never doubted, your path has never veered from the light, and you've shown that it never will."
  110. "Your mastery of the Force is not as strong as some of us, but your devotion is second to none."
  111. "According to Hapan Intelligence, Bwua'tu is on his way to take over operations in the Roche system."
  112. "There's nobody aboard Healing Star but a few mouse droids. Admiral Bwua'tu said you were going to attack it."
  113. "I laid a trap. That's quite a bit different. The Lost Tribe believes it has a destiny to rule the galaxy. What better way to take a huge step toward fulfilling that destiny than to infiltrate Coruscant?"
  114. "No. You don't understand what's happening to you, and Abeloth is the only one who knows. She's the only one who can tell you what you're becoming."
  115. "As long as Jacen controls the Alliance, there is no Alliance."
  116. "I don't believe the training of a true Jedi comes from listening to lectures. I want to teach you how to learn action, how to do things, not just think about them. There is no try."
  117. "Dual-phase blades seem to be something of a fad among Jedi at certain points."
  118. "I think a Chief of State who's just won a war against an implacable enemy might have a lot of currency with the Senate and the people."
  119. "There is no Alliance. It died with Cal Omas."
  120. "This day has been years in the making. What we do from this moment forward will test our fealty to the Force in a way that the Jedi haven't been tested in more than a generation. Be mindful that we are not the purveyors of conflict and inequity, but the guardians of peace and justice. Above all, we want what the Force wants, no matter where that leads us. If some of us are not seen again today, that does not mean that our actions will have been in vain or will not be remembered."
  121. "She was attacked by her own father, who clearly intended to kill her. She killed him defending herself. There's nothing for her on her homeworld now. And, she seems devoted to Ben, and he to her. She allowed herself to be open in the Force, and her desire is sincere."
  122. "There are spots where continued dark-side use for ages, or the presence of creatures instilled with that energy, can cause the places themselves to radiate with the power of the dark side."
  123. "You've proclaimed who you are. But the Galaxy is not going to leave you alone. Ever. You're stuck where you were seven years ago, Cade--Alone, adrift among the stars, high above the open grave of Ossus. Waiting for Death. Continue as you are and this is your future. Even when you think you have lost everything, there is always more to lose. Is this what you want?"
  124. "A peaceful Galactic Alliance is the strongest pillar of a peaceful galaxy."
  125. "It's foolish to cast the Galactic Alliance as the Empire and Corellia as the Rebel Alliance. Because that's what it might come to, a rebellion—a stupid and unnecessary one."
  126. "We have a hundred Jedi traveling the galaxy, and more ready to serve each year."
  127. "Now that we finally know what the Force wanted for the Yuuzhan Vong, it's time to ask what the Force wants for us."
  128. "I'm no longer convinced that we're meant to police the galaxy. For one thing, we're too few in number. That was made evident early in the war, and it's likely to hold true for whatever conflicts erupt in the coming years. The Jedi began as a meditative order. Our forebears believed that they could balance light and dark by remaining always in the Force, and thereby perfecting themselves."
  129. "Gradually, however, as the Supreme Chancellors appealed to the order time and again for advice in resolving disputes, the Jedi became adjuncts of the Old Republic, then marshals and warriors, taking it upon themselves to uphold the peace, and little by little being drawn away from the Force and into the mundane."
  130. "The genetic makeup of each and every one of us augments our ability to tap the Force, but everyone, regardless of his or her genetics, has the potential to use the Force to one degree or another. Perhaps not to move rocks and take giant strides; but in some sense those physical powers are little more than surface effects. The real powers are more subtle, for they involve adhering to the true path, avoiding the temptation to dominate, sacrificing oneself for those who have less, and living impeccably, by recognizing that the Force doesn't flow from us but through us, ever on the move. I ask only that you give deep thought as to how you might best serve the Force."
  131. "I engaged the Yuuzhan Vong, as well, and could not sense them in the Force. They seem disconnected or shielded from it."
  132. "Everyone can use the Force to some extent, but a few have a stronger innate talent. When I form my Jedi academy, I want to work most closely with those who already have the talent but don't know how to use it. Gantoris is one of my candidates. I think you should be another one."
  133. "Streen is a cloud prospector. At certain times some storm or a deep atmospheric upheaval will make a cloud of volatiles belch up, waiting to be siphoned off. Streen goes out on the winds with his tanks, looking for the treasure. Bespin has computerized satellites to detect these outbursts and to dispatch company men—but Streen always gets there first. He somehow knows an upheaval is going to happen before it does. He is there waiting with his empty tanks to siphon off whatever comes bubbling up and sell it back to the independent refineries."
  134. "I can no longer do this work. And the work I have to do cannot be done here."
  135. "It is both ourselves and the galaxy I'm trying to preserve. If we win the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong at the price of using dark-side powers, it will be no victory."
  136. "I have a feeling that whoever goes to Yavin Four must go in force, or they won't be leaving it again."
  137. "My first true failure as a teacher was Gantoris. He built his lightsaber in only a few intense days, following instructions given to him by the spirit of Exar Kun. Gantoris thought he was ready, and my mistake was not seeing what he was up to."
  138. "Fate robbed you of your childhood, and your only family. Though the Jedi can't replace either, I hope you will look to us for the love and friendship we can give you, and the strength we can lend you in times of need. Now go to Kashyyyk, join your mind with the others, and heal."
  139. "Because of Numa. When Numa was killed, Alema turned a lot of her anger inward—and anger has always been fertile ground for the likes of Lomi Plo."
  140. "Not this—not Gorog. But I knew Alema would fall."
  141. "The Gorog nest. The Colony seems completely unaware of it, so we've started calling it the Dark Nest."
  142. "Remember to serve the light side of the Force. Though you will never wield a lightsaber or heal the sick, you have some light within you. Be true to that light."
  143. "You loved your brother very much. I can hear you, as children, trying to fall asleep in the same large room. Your brother sang to you at night, making you feel safe when you were frightened."
  144. "But Brakiss was different. I knew he was an Imperial spy from the moment he stepped off the shuttle and looked around at the jungles on Yavin 4. I could sense it in him, a deep shadow barely hidden by his mask of friendliness and enthusiasm. But in Brakiss I also saw a real talent for the Force. Part of him had been corrupted long ago. He had a deep flaw surrounded by a beautiful exterior. But rather than reject him outright, I decided to keep him here, to show him other ways. To heal him. Because if there could be good even in the heart of my father, Darth Vader, there must also be goodness in someone as fresh and new as Brakiss."
  145. "You were once my student. You saw the light side, saw its capabilities for good—and yet you ran from it like a coward."
  146. "I did show Brakiss my compassion. I did let him learn the secrets of the light side, uncorrupted by what he had already been taught. And I did make him look at himself and realize how broken he was. Once I accomplished that much, the task was no longer mine. The final choice belonged to Brakiss himself. And it still does."
  147. "No, it didn't die. It's just buried real deep."
  148. "No, Leia. He lost his childhood before he came to Yavin 4. He knew what he was doing, what he had become."
  149. "In one way or another we've all been hurt through our encounters with the dark side. I think rebuilding the Great Temple might be part of healing each of our wounds."
  150. "The Force will be with you always, Mara. And so will I."
  151. "Could I have stopped all this? If I’d told Cal Omas right at the start to let Corellia go its own way, would we be here now? Trying to force every Alliance world to pool its defense forces was a principle. We didn’t actually have an external threat to face. But we created one. And if another enemy like the Yuuzhan Vong had ever shown up—I’m certain that Corellians would have come running to defend the galaxy anyway. Like they always have."
  152. “I know you’re right. It doesn’t feel right, but I know I shouldn’t be going after her bent on vengeance, and I don’t know what it’s going to take to make me kill her. And nothing short of that makes sense now.”


  1. "Do you know the definition of a master of defense?... A master of defense is one who is never in the place that is attacked."
  2. "Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask is a trick. You will find no truth in me. Though you believe nothing else, you may rest your faith on this."
  3. "You were not. Don't make excuses... Out of control is just code for 'I don't want to admit I'm the kind of person who would do such things.' It's a lie."
  4. "That is the most valuable lesson one can teach a fanatic: that fanaticism is self-defeating."
  5. "Ever the optimist. You assume we'll live out the hour."
  6. "Questions are more true than answers: this is the beginning of wisdom."
  7. ""Is it what the teacher teaches? Or what the student learns?"
  8. "A right that is given is as useless as a virtue that is given. Rights are used, or they have no value, just as virtues must be performed."
  9. "That may be true. But I doubt it. Your coralcraft is, after all, a living creature—and Jacen, you may have noticed, has a certain gift for making friends."
  10. "Executor, didn't I say Jacen Solo will steal your ship? When will you learn that everything I tell you is the truth?"
  11. "Freedom is always alarming."
  12. "A lightsaber is an interesting weapon. A blade unique in the history of warfare. A paradox, not unlike the Jedi who wield it: those peaceful warriors, who kill in the service of life. Have you ever noticed? The blade is round. It has no edge. But it is a lightsaber—which means it is nothing but edge. There is no part of this blade that does not cut. Curious, yes? Symbolic, one might say."
  13. "I believe you. But what matters your meaning? How will you prevent me? Will you slay? Will you maim? Cripple your friend Vergere? No? Break a bone, then—above the wrist, if you don't mind. It should heal cleanly enough to be a merely temporary inconvenience... Inflict pain. Twist my elbow. Pluck feathers from my crest. Otherwise, sit down and show me your ribs. Orders not backed by force are only suggestions, Jacen Solo."
  14. "How did you expect it to feel? You are free, Jacen Solo, and that can be lonely, and empty, and frightening. But it is also powerful."
  15. "Light and dark are no more than nomenclature: words that describe how little we understand. What you call the dark side is the raw, unrestrained Force itself: you call the dark side what you find when you give yourself over wholly to the Force. To be a Jedi is to control your passion…but Jedi control limits your power. Greatness—true greatness of any kind—requires the surrender of control. Passion that is guided, not walled away. Leave your limits behind."
  16. "If your surrender leads to slaughter, that is not because the Force has darkness in it. It is because you do... The only dark side you need fear, Jacen Solo, is the one in your own heart."
  17. "Sith? Jedi? Are these the only choices? Dark or light, good or evil? Is there no more to the Force than this? What is the screen on which light and dark cast their shapes and shadows? Where is the ground on which stands good and evil?"
  18. "No, I am not. Nor am I Sith... I am Vergere. What are you?"
  19. "The rise or fall of a civilization can depend on the decision made in a fragment of a second. There are many seconds in a day. How many seconds can you regret? How many choices?"
  20. "Perhaps you can tell me what has happened to the Republic in my absence. Tell me why the thousands of Jedi Knights I expected to contact on my return no longer exist, why there are only a few score half-trained young Jedi in their place, and what all of this has to do with this Sith Lord you mentioned on Coruscant, this Vader, your grandfather, whom I remember as that turbulent little Padawan, Anakin Skywalker."
  21. "What? Of the Sith? I had thought that you were of Skywalker blood... Anakin? Little Anakin? A Lord of the Sith? Oh… oh, could it not have been otherwise? What a tragedy… What a waste."
  22. "You made the choice, and it was uncoerced. For you to question such a choice is not simply useless, but harmful. Such doubts will chain the mind to an endless circle of pointless speculation and self-recrimination. You should prepare yourself to live with the consequences of your decisions, whatever they may be."
  23. "You are forever lost to the worlds you knew. Your friends mourn, your father rages, your mother weeps. Your life has been terminated: a line of division has been drawn between you and everything you have ever known. You have seen the terminator that sweeps across the face of a planet, the twilit division between day and night? You have crossed that line, Jacen Solo. The bright fields of day are forever past. Oh, the Force. The Force is life; what has life to do with you?"
  24. "There are no Jedi here. I am your guide through the lands of the dead."
  25. "Jacen Solo had to be bereft of friends, of relatives, of teachers and knowledge and the Force and everything that could help him. He had to be reduced to nothing—or rather, to himself only. And then he had to act—to act purely out of himself, out of his own inner being. In that state of complete disinterest, everything else having failed him, he had no choice but to be himself, to choose and to act."
  26. "I believe that Jacen is intimately connected with the fate of the Yuuzhan Vong... Destroy them. Save them. Transform them. Perhaps all three."
  27. "I tell you this: though neither he nor they yet know it, he is the greatest of all the Jedi. Jacen Solo is the living Jedi dream. Even without the Force, he is more dangerous than you can possibly imagine."
  28. "Kill you? Don't be silly. If I want you dead, all I have to do is leave you behind. Tsavong Lah will take care of the rest."
  29. "Find the Millennium Falcon, Warmaster, and you will find Jacen Solo. I believe he is aboard her. If he is not, once you have his father, he will not be long in arriving."
  30. "Have I not said the Jedi will prove worthy foes?"
  31. "And if you don't know immediately whether the decision was good or bad? What if you don't find out the answer for fifty years?... Fifty years ago, young Jedi, I made a decision. The consequences of that decision echo down the years until today. And I still do not know whether the decision I made was the right one... The decision that brought about this war. I am responsible, you see, for all the fighting, all the suffering, all the death. All because of a decision I made fifty years ago, on Zonama Sekot."
  32. "I did not know then that the Yuuzhan Vong, in their own way, revere life. Not as a Jedi reveres life, cherishing each individual as a component of the Force that is both life and greater than life, but in their own perverse way, the reverence for life mixed with their own ideas of pain and death. The Yuuzhan Vong revere life in the abstract but sacrifice their own lives without a thought. Their veneration of life is as extreme as their other beliefs, so extreme that they believe nonliving things -- droids, starships, even simple machines -- are a blasphemy, and an insult to Yun-Yuuzhan, their Creator."
  33. "If a Jedi came, I know not. If the message was delivered, I cannot tell. I did what seemed best, but in this I may have failed somehow."
  34. "Following this came the hardest task of all. I destroyed my lightsaber, the outward symbol of everything to which I had dedicated myself. I knew that the Yuuzhan Vong would not permit me to retain anything of a technological nature. My comlink and my few other metal objects I gave to the shuttle pilot who had brought me. And so I bade farewell to everything I had known. I returned to the Yuuzhan Vong and the priestess Falung, and Zho Krazhmir's forces returned to that limitless space between the stars where the Yuuzhan Vong worldships traveled."
  35. "I did not want the Yuuzhan Vong to know that it was my power, not Sekot's, that had created the aerial dance. I did not want the Yuuzhan Vong even to consider the possibility that I had any power of my own."
  36. "As Yun-Harla is, so I became. I became cloaked, as it were, in borrowed garments, in my assumed identity as a simple teacher eager to learn the True Way. My weapons were those I could borrow or adapt from my opponents, those and my own cunning. My Force abilities I learned to keep hidden, even from telepathic creatures such as yammosks. I meditated upon Yun-Harla every day -- every day for fifty years."
  37. "I turned my true self completely inward. It required little effort to maintain my identity as the familiar of Falung the priestess, in part because the Yuuzhan Vong expect so little from a familiar. But in my mind I built my home. There, I could consider the matter of the Yuuzhan Vong, and contemplate the Force. In my mind I learned true freedom."
  38. "In my conversations with Falung I tried to suggest the key Jedi principle of the unity of life, and somewhat to my surprise she agreed with me. All life, she explained, was a part of Yun-Yuuzhan, who created it through his own sacrifice, tearing himself into bits and flinging himself through the universe to spawn all existence. Though the reverence for life was real, it was not possible to separate it from the Yuuzhan Vong obsession with pain and death."
  39. "I agonized over what I would tell them. Should I tell them the Republic was unprepared, in hope that the Yuuzhan Vong would attack prematurely, carelessly, and with overconfidence? Or should I suggest that the Republic's defenses were invincible, and force the Yuuzhan Vong to make elaborate, thorough preparations that I hoped other Jedi, following in my footsteps and warned by my message, would detect? In the end I dared not lie to them. I knew not what other sources of information were available to them. But I could feign ignorance -- I had assured them that I was a simple teacher, no authority on the defenses of the Republic."
  40. "And so the war began, and it began the way it did because of the decisions I made fifty years ago, at Zonama Sekot. Because I danced in the air, and proclaimed my power the power of a world. Was I wrong to do so? Right? And if it was wrong, should I have spent the last fifty years in sadness and recrimination, fearing to act in the event that I made another mistake? I chose. I acted. And then I resolved to face the consequences. Tell me then, young Jedi -- was I wrong?"
  41. "I felt Sekot's goodbye. I had saved it once, but I sensed it was under a new threat. The planet had hyperdrive engines -- it was capable of going into hyperspace. So it fled."
  42. "I remind you that I have been away for a number of years. I will not venture to guess."
  43. "I do not venture into tapcafs. I would not hear such stories."
  44. "No, you may not."
  45. "We're about to fall out of hyperspace. When we arrive in realspace, we'll be near a well-defended world of the New Republic, guarded by fighters very jumpy after the fall of Coruscant. We are in a Yuuzhan Vong vessel, with no means of contacting these trigger-happy defenders, and we have no defenses and no weapons."
  46. "Foolish question. Naturally, we trust the Force."
  47. "It is very dangerous. What if Jedi were forced to choose between their duty and their family?"
  48. "It makes them less than Jedi! And your child is strong in the Force -- that is worse!... Your Ben is heir to more than your husband's name -- he is Darth Vader's grandchild. Three generations now of Skywalkers, all strong in the Force! This is a Jedi dynasty! Can't you see how governments will view this as a threat? Once it is possible for Jedi to leave their power to their children, the balance that exists between government and Jedi falls."
  49. "What did I say about impossible wishes?"
  50. "My abilities in this state are necessarily limited. I suggest you call upon your other friends."
  51. "Dying was my decision, young Jedi. Not yours."
  52. "In that case, you may rejoice in the fact that your sister is alive. Both of us could not live. The situation would not permit that. The choice was between the young and promising, as against the wise and superannuated. And given that choice, nature always chooses the young. I chose to bow to the will of nature. My time ended forty years ago. Now at last I will join my Master, and my old comrades."
  53. "I will not stop you, Jacen Solo. You have chosen your destiny. It is the consequences you must deal with now."
  54. "What can you hope to accomplish besides your own destruction?"
  55. "To despair of life is to despair of the Force."
  56. "You are responsible for your own choices alone... Think of your own choices only."
  57. "I know, young Jedi, that you must choose wisely. I will meditate now."
  58. "Always."
  59. "Let me tell you of a vision I have had. An image of the far future. It came to me through the Force some time ago, but only now have I come to understand it. In that vision, I saw a new figure in the mythology of the Yuuzhan Vong. Not a god, not a demon, but an invincible giant called 'the Ganner...' They will come to believe that the Ganner, the Jedi Giant, is the Guardian who stands before the Gate to the Lands of the Dead. It is the Ganner—and his forever-blazing blade of light—who stands eternal guard to prevent the shades of the dead from passing back through the Gate, to trouble the living. The curious part of the vision—as if it could be any more curious than it is already—is the words engraved on the stone of the Gate, in an arc above the great head of the Ganner: they're in Basic... In deep-carved block letters, it reads: NONE SHALL PASS."
  60. "He was born to be a legend."
  61. "A planet can be described as a single organism, a living creature with a skeleton of stone and a heart of molten rock. The species that inhabit a planet, plant and animal alike, from microbe to megalossus, are the planet-creature's organs, internal symbionts, and parasites."
  62. "The Yuuzhan Vong name for this—ship, station, creature, what you will—translates as "seedship". I suppose a biologist might call it an ecospheric blastoderm. This is an egg that will give birth to an entire world."
  63. "Jedi. Whoever you may be. I have left this message in my seed-partners, in the hopes they will find you, or you will find them. There is little time left. I am leaving with the visitors who have provoked a war here and wiped out half of Zonama Sekot. It is the only way to study them, and the only way to avoid a greater war and save this world."
  64. "The Zonamans call these visitors Far Outsiders. They are different from all the living things we have studied. The Far Outsiders know nothing of the Force. And the Force knows nothing of them. Yet they are not machines, they are definitely alive, and they may pose a great threat to us all. They are fascinated by me, by my abilities, and they have accepted me in exchange for breaking off their attack and leaving this system."
  65. "I go with them to learn their secrets, and I vow, as a Jedi Knight, that I will survive and report my discoveries. But also, I lead them away from a planet I have come to love."
  66. "There is a great secret here, which you may discover in time. The heart of a great living creature has started to beat, and a great mind has become aware of itself. I have witnessed the birth of an amazing being..."
  67. "Warmaster, we think too often in terms of dualism: Jedi or Sith, light or dark, right or wrong. But there are three sides to this blade, not two, opposed and similar at the same time. The third edge is the Mandalorian. All three sides care nothing for caste or species, only adherence to a code that unites. The Mandalorians remain the most formidable enemy of the Jedi: but the Sith are not always their allies. The Mandalorians even worshiped war itself, then simply turned their backs on their god. You might begin to understand them one day."

Han Solo:

  1. "Accountable to no one? Are you kidding me? Luke, have you ever met your sister? Luke Skywalker of Tatooine, let me introduce Princess Leia Organa of whouf—!"
  2. "But as long as we're discussing hostility, you can knock off that 'consort of the Lady Vader' stuff. Call me Han, or Solo. Or Captain. Or practically anything else."
  3. "Never tell me the odds."
  4. "Bugs? Why did it have to be bugs?"
  5. "I happen to like to shoot first, Rekkon. As opposed to shooting second."
  6. "Save me, Luke Skywalker. You're my only hope."
  7. "That's not what the Empire would have done, Commander. What the Empire would have done was build a super-colossal Yuuzhan Vong-killing battle machine. They would have called it the Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose. They would have spent billions of credits, employed thousands of contractors and subcontractors, and equipped it with the latest in death-dealing technology. And you know what would have happened? It wouldn't have worked. They'd forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would drop a bomb down there and blow the whole thing up. Now that's what the Empire would have done."
  8. "I know."
  9. "Uh, negative, negative. We have, uh, a reactor leak here, uh, now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Uh, large leak, very dangerous... Boring conversation, anyway."
  10. "Great, kid. Don't get cocky."
  11. "Let's go back to the Errant Venture... Lando, should we go back to the galaxy's largest mobile gambling and shopping enterprise?"
  12. "Oh, go on, please! I love it when women compliment me. Music to my ears."
  13. "You don't have a plan?! You don't have a plan. No one ever has a plan. Why does no one ever have a plan?"
  14. "Yeah. It helps move the conversation along."
  15. "Doesn't surprise me. And you, you'll sell 'em to museums, won't you?... Okay, then, that's good. That's where they should be."
  16. "I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss."
  17. "Then I'll see you in hell."
  18. "Scoundrel? Scoundrel. I like the sound of that."
  19. "Kiss my Wookiee!"
  20. "Look, Your Worshipfulness, let's get one thing straight. I take orders from just one person: me."
  21. "We should have dropped that kid out the medcenter window the day he was born."
  22. "We're not shooting first. Just stand ready and look tough."
  23. "I don't need a partner, and I don't want a friend. My name says it all, pal. Solo."
  24. "That's a good story. I think you just can't bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight."
  25. "That's not the years; it's the parsecs."
  26. "You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake. Well, this could be it, sweetheart."
  27. "You know, it was a lot easier back when we were just taking on the Empire. At least then we knew who our enemies were."
  28. "Sacred brandy, you've failed me. My daughter is talking and I don't understand her anymore."
  29. "The New Republic doesn't know about this lane. Nobody does... Well, Lando knows. And Chewbacca, he knew—so did Roa. And, of course, Talon Karrde always knows... Yeah. Like I said, nobody."
  30. "Not a bad bit of rescuing, huh? You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."
  31. "I saw him, don't you get it? I saw him standing there as the moon hit Sernpidal. The air just combusted. He was standing there, roaring, screaming. The light turned him black. Just a silhouette. Then it ate into him. I saw his bones. They turned black, too, then white, so white I couldn't watch. Then nothing. My best friend, my only true friend, and I let him die. How am I supposed to live with that? How do I get that out of my head? Tell me."
  32. "Fett does what works for Fett. The rest of us can suck entropy."
  33. "Hey. It's me."
  34. "Well... I can't, really."
  35. "I don't know, sweetie. Mostly I shoot them."
  36. "Yeah, well, if he's such a great Jedi, how come I have to keep rescuing him?"
  37. "Isn't destructive war kind of redundant? Until I see a constructive war, or even a giggly war, I have to think so."
  38. "You tell them I'm a little too busy shooting down their ships to answer them."
  39. "We were chased off Coruscant by bureaucracy. You were the lesser of two evils."
  40. "Not that I know of, though with the Skywalker family you never know."
  41. "Come on. Those guys can't even agree on a color for their armor. There isn't anything super about them."
  42. "Me, either. I'm going to draft a strongly worded letter to the Yuuzhan Vong high commander and insist he stop using them."
  43. "Don't ever, ever say that. Someone important might hear you. And then I'd be stuck with it."
  44. "Inflation. In Imperial credits it works out about the same."
  45. "Well, that was a long time ago. I'm sure he's forgotten about that."
  46. "It's gotta be wildly popular scoundrel or it's no deal."
  47. "Another letter filled with teenage talk, I assume. Girls, speeders, allowance woes... And Sith, of course."
  48. "Of course I can find the ship from here—Corellians can't get lost. Tocneppil doesn't count; he wasn't a Corellian. Besides, I was drunk."
  49. "Easier to ask forgiveness than permission, huh kid? You're getting more and more like me all the time. You might even start to look as good as me one of these days."
  50. "I feel so…dirty. Maybe next time you could buy me dinner or something?"
  51. "Oh, right, my mistake. Nobody move, this is a coup."
  52. "Leia, I swear, I hate having a good reputation. I hate it."
  53. "Let me find my pants. Leia, tell me again why we gave the fishhead a key to the front door."
  54. "Kenth Hamner? Was he chosen because he's the dullest Jedi ever? He says two sentences and it puts Kowakian monkey-lizards to sleep."
  55. "Got that, Fuzzy? I just shot a bunch of troopers in the back. Would a hero of the Alliance do that?"
  56. "Why can we never just sit down and have a decent meal anywhere in the galaxy?"
  57. "There are some things you just don't skimp on. For me, that means good alcohol, and good blasters."
  58. "Here's where the fun begins."
  59. "On a scale of one to the Death Star? It's about... heck, kid, just elope."
  60. "Sorry to interrupt dinner just as it was getting interesting, but I'm afraid we've got to blow some bad guys into small pieces."
  61. "Commodore, eh? Does that come with a hat?"
  62. "Well, don't get all mushy on me. So long, Princess."
  63. "I'd rather kiss a Hutt."
  64. "I have good memories out of Tatooine. Met a nice guy there. Got a wife out the deal a few years later. Maybe there's another wife waiting for me there."
  65. "I see. Finn, are you particularly friendly with my daughter?... Don't be too sure, kid. You haven't answered my question yet."
  66. "Yeah, husband and wife—marked for death."
  67. "I'm a team player. As long as the rest of the team stays behind me."
  68. "'Scuse me, I wanted to tell you that if you ever needed a double to trick the Imperials, I know this guy named Lando who looks exactly like you... Well, this fellow Lando's not a general. He's a ladies' man and a card cheat with a terrible reputation."
  69. "You can't even call your wife on a comlink without Talon Karrde hearing about it."
  70. "They named a GAG Star Destroyer after my dead boy? The kriffing rodders!"
  71. "The end of the world. Who'd've thought we'd live to see it?"
  72. "Daala has no political motives—she just wants to destroy things."
  73. "Underneath that perfectly groomed and boring exterior beats the heart of a good man."
  74. "Figures. What Bothan makes a straightforward attack when he can try something tricky like coming out from behind a moon instead?"
  75. "Come on, you don't believe they can really clean the nanokillers out of Mandalore's atmosphere, do you?"
  76. "Rogue Squadron was engaged with a group of approximately forty TIE fighters and fifty stolen mole miners that had somehow been smuggled into the system. We gave them some assistance with the X-wings, figured out that the Imperials were using the mole miners to try and steal some of the capital ships that had been pressed into cargo duty, and were able to stop them. That's about it."
  77. "They've got technology, sweetheart. They just build it in different ways."
  78. "This isn't a mission; it's a sacrifice."
  79. "Pash, this is bigger than Caluula, and you know it. Alliance command is counting on you people to rally support in your home systems. Besides, you can't make a difference here. Those are evacuation klaxons you're hearing."
  80. "Jacen was a hero. He killed Onimi and won the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, and then he died of his wounds. Caedus is just the monster who stepped into the hollow shell that was left behind…"
  81. "There was never more than a small fraction of the galaxy actually fighting against the Empire."
  82. "He's finally decided to come in for a scrap."
  83. "Zsinj, I'm not a rich man. Not really an ambitious man. Maybe you should take that into account. It means that you can never cost me as much as I've cost you. Never."
  84. "This moon's been in orbit for a million years. How is this happening, and why now?"
  85. "The kid ran into something, and it wasn't just the cold."
  86. "This whole op has been nothing but a reconnaissance to see if Alpha Red has done the trick!"

Lando Calrissian:

  1. "Associates, eh? What kind of associates? Not swindlers and scoundrels keeping the noble Luke Skywalker company, surely."
  2. "I used to own this ship. I'll figure out a way around what Han has done to her. The man ought to be ashamed of himself... So will I. High, loud, and repeatedly."
  3. "You're not asking my opinion?... What kind of stupid question is that?"
  4. "I usually am."
  5. "The old saying's right, Leia: Beauty can be a curse... Especially her. I might persuade her to botch the job."
  6. "Oh, I know that. Not even the wig could downgrade me to 'just startlingly handsome.'"
  7. "Every so often I need to remind the universe that I'm a damned good pilot. With people like you and Han and his daughter around, everyone tends to forget."
  8. "Only the best, Han, though the best isn't as good as it used to be... Besides us? Not much."
  9. "That's the problem with our opposition – they keep thinking nobody could possibly be as stupid as we are. Fools 'em every time."
  10. "If looking good ever becomes a crime, Fenn my friend, I'm ready to do life."
  11. "And I did it looking good."
  12. "I'll need communications access to Talon Karrde, Danni's device, a starfighter squadron, maybe a Jedi or two, and a lot of brandy. I can't stress the brandy part enough."
  13. "Open up with everything we've got, blast anything that looks important. Blast anything that doesn't, too."
  14. "Where time always goes. There's a giant black hole in the center of the galaxy, and it just sucks it right up."
  15. "Don't even say what you're thinking... Don't say 'I've got a bad feeling about this.'"
  16. "Yeah, I'm responsible these days. It's the price you pay for being successful."
  17. "Please, call me Lando. 'Captain Calrissian' sounds like the one-eyed commander of a renegade Imperial Dreadnought."
  18. "Get this through your head, Solo. We've been friends in the past, so I'm not going to do what you so richly deserve and blow your head off. But don't ever come near me again!"
  19. "Kid, luck's got nothing to do with it. Here's your first lesson in sabacc and in life, my young friend. Nothing is what it seems."
  20. "You have no idea what I'm thinking, Raynor. All of this plus my starship lot on Nar Shaddaa—against the Cloud City.'"
  21. "I guess this whole 'respectable baron administrator' thing has been a bit overwhelming, that's all. I can't gamble while I'm in office. Someone's been trying to kill me, so I can't go anywhere without guards. And every little thing that goes wrong, I have to fix. Sometimes I miss hopping around the galaxy with Vuffi or Tocneppil, or even Dash. Life was easier back when I was playing the rogue. More dangerous, yeah…but more fun. I miss the adventure, Lobot. Sometimes I really miss being a scoundrel."
  22. "Please, call me Mr. Calrissian, or Lando if ye—if you prefer. Baron-administrator is quite a mouthful. Here's an exclusive for you: The first citizen that comes up with a better title gets to lead the Miner's Guild…uh, that was a joke. A bad one, obviously. Tell you what, why don't I let you start."
  23. "I hope you've got a very good explanation for this."
  24. "That was never a condition of our agreement, nor was giving Han to this bounty hunter!"
  25. "I wonder how long your "truth" would hold up if the war you ran away from came knocking on your front door."
  26. "Something terrible has happened. Terrible enough to send me combing the galaxy for you two… and have you abandon the search for Han."
  27. "They left me out of this mission because they thought I couldn't be trusted. But stowing away so I could be their ace-in-the-hole should prove that—"
  28. "I hate to disappoint you, ugly—but this is as far as you go!"
  29. "Ever since we left Cloud City under Imperial domination, I've felt uneasy, like there was something I could've done to help. I suppose that's why I'm going back."
  30. "Luke, you've got to leave this to a man with some style, a man of subtlety. A man who knows his way around cities."
  31. "Dash? Aw, he's okay. He's no friend of the Empire, anyway. And he did give a good account of himself for the Alliance on Hoth. We used to do a little smuggling in the old days — guess Dash never got out of that line of work. That's how he knows the set-up on Gall. Sometimes I think he's a little too confident for his own good."
  32. "My plans involve secrecy… subtlety… subterfuge…"
  33. "A recommendation—a letter of reference, if you will. I want into the Hutt Guardsman's Guild…with no questions asked... Let's just say I need to retrieve some stolen merchandise."
  34. "You leave without me, and I'll hunt you down and kill you one cell at a time."
  35. "Great rescue. Excellent rescue. In fact, the best rescue I've ever experienced."
  36. "Even Golden Boy understood what it meant, and he's incoherent in over six million forms of communication."
  37. "It's just plain Calrissian now. My military days are long behind me. Good to see you again, Wedge."
  38. "You need to broaden your horizons-learn about the way commerce works in the New Republic. That'll give you some useful knowledge, in case your lightsabers ever fail."
  39. "I only charge enough to keep me from looking foolish. Anyway, my businesses won't run without communications, either. And there's plenty of competition-the Smugglers' Alliance loves this sort of work. Appeals to the romantic in them."
  40. "Nothing ruins the cut of a suit quicker than epaulets. You remember that - they ever want to make you a general, you insist on braid. Epaulets are showy; braid's classy."
  41. "That's me: Lando Calrissian, miracles made to order."
  42. "Her name says all you need to know. The Lady Luck's fickle, but when she's smiling down on you, you're bound to win. She hasn't given up on me yet."
  43. "I may be mercenary, but since I joined the Rebellion, I've earned a lot of people's respect—I'm not throwing all that away on you! Find yourself another sucker."
  44. "For the right money, absolutely. I'd leave her alone and put her money to work making more money, and she'd leave me alone and still have money to spend. More money to spend, for that matter."
  45. "Give it a chance. In this universe, absurdity tends to a maximum. Especially when I'm around."
  46. "We pay a call on the Outlier planet Sacorria in the Corellian Sector, and visit a young lady by the name Tendra Risant. Assuming she doesn't turn out to have six kids, three husbands, and a beard down to here."
  47. "Don't make jokes, Wedge. Just get there. A lot of lives are depending on you."
  48. "That's why I wouldn't give the job to anybody else."
  49. "Watch Alema. She'll do what's necessary, and so should you."

Leia Organa Solo:

  1. "Why is it you always get formal when you're about to do something stupid?"
  2. "Han, never tell me the odds. Just kiss me."
  3. "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee."
  4. "Hmm. It's a wonder you're still alive. Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?"
  5. "So, basically you're saying that every smuggler or gambler who ever had a reason to slip into Reecee undetected knows this shortcut?"
  6. "All you had to do was ask. I'm always happy to clap you in leg irons, flyboy."
  7. "Even if we use false names, if a Corellian YT-Thirteen-Hundred freighter lands with a dashing, vainglorious man at the controls, it doesn't matter what name he uses, people are going to think Han Solo... Vainglorious. Vain plus glorious. Go ahead, deny it."
  8. "How do you teach a man not to be a noble, long-suffering, self-sacrificing idiot?"
  9. "Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited."
  10. "I felt the same way when Han switched to comedy."
  11. "I worry whenever anything that sounds even vaguely like philosophy comes out of your mouth."
  12. "That's what Mandalorians do, dear."
  13. "Maybe you should tip better."
  14. "We're in this together, nerf herder. This won't be like the time you left me to deal with that unwashed vent crawler she brought home... I know who it was."
  15. "I know. I still can't understand why."
  16. "Of course he knows. He loves it when I dress like this."
  17. "Anyone I know? I'm so terribly fond of the press."
  18. "History decides who's a criminal, Jacen."
  19. "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes."
  20. "All kids argue like senior politicians. Except that not all senior politicians can cry on cue."
  21. "I am not a committee!"
  22. "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."
  23. "With Han, to get our daughter back... What order?"
  24. "I think he meant they were skilled observers, Master Sebatyne. I'm sure that Master Durron has never actually eaten a Gorog."
  25. "Life is the highest truth... There can be no death where there has been no life. Life binds the galaxy together."
  26. "This is some rescue. When you came in here, didn't you have a plan for getting out?"
  27. "This is a war we know how to win. Keep fighting until you can no longer fight, then exhaust the enemy chasing you, and turn and fight some more. Keep fighting. I promise you, we will prevail."
  28. "I understand. Many in the galaxy feel the same way. It's the common birthright of us all."
  29. "Governor Tarkin. I should have expected to find you holding Vader's leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board."
  30. "You needn't worry about your reward. If money is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive."
  31. "No, you wouldn't. Take it from me."
  32. "That would be terrible. What form would this aggression take? Would you strangle security officers and kick children?"
  33. "So gallant. You'd flirt with your own executioner if she were a woman."
  34. "You do have your moments. Not many of them, but you do have them."
  35. "Someone who loves you."
  36. "I heard Luke. But I'm not Luke. Or your teacher. Or your confessor. I'm only your daughter by a cruel trick of fate."
  37. "Believe it or not, your grandpa used to own this planet. For a few weeks, and not entirely legally. He had some bad times here. With Witches, and monsters, and an Imperial admiral who just wouldn't go away, and a rich, handsome prince who wanted to marry me... The prince was your other grandfather, Isolder."
  38. "Feel free to wander around the main part of the city. Don't insult anybody and, whatever you do, don't eat anything. And if anyone offers to sell you a deeb, Anakin, you're too young. Lowbacca, it wouldn't affect you. Jaina, you wouldn't like it, and Jacen…you're not allowed."
  39. "Now I know why you never want to be told the odds. Because you don't know what they mean!"
  40. "Han, we had our first kiss in the belly of a space slug. Believe me when I say that my expectations of doing anything remotely romantic with you have never been particularly high."
  41. "Nothing matters more to me, do you understand? Nothing. So you do what you think you have to, brother – go wherever you have to with whoever you want to, chasing whatever shadow of a hint of a promise of a clue you like. I don't care about any of it. Don't ask for my help again. And don't bring the past into this house. It's all just pain and death. You wallow in it if you want to. I've had enough of it for ten lifetimes."
  42. "That's a very fine line to walk. To an outsider, it may not seem like there's a line at all."
  43. "Join me, Han, and we can rule the galaxy as wife and husband."
  44. "The first thing to remember, which is a real help, is that you generally don't have to tell them to duck when you're firing over their heads."
  45. "It takes a lot to make her cry. I suggest you empty a blaster rifle clip in the direction of whatever made her cry."
  46. "You sound just like Han."
  47. "I'm a diplomat, and you're not. You should have let me do the talking... Do you call insulting our hosts negotiating?... They aren't the 'other side.' They're our partners in this negotiation."
  48. "I don't think anyone ever goes into a war without the nagging feeling that there might have been some other way. Even when every other way has already been tried and hasn't worked."
  49. "Really? In this case, I should think it is the man himself who is the insult."
  50. "I thought you knew better than that. You were acting like a child in there. No, worse, you were acting like Han... That's not a compliment."
  51. "I want them to be happy. I want them to be children, to have the birthright of their innocence. But at the same time, I know they can't just follow any path they want. With their powers in the Force, I have to teach them to distinguish lies from truth, to seek justice the way my father... the way Bail Organa sought justice. I have to... to protect the next generation from them. The way I have to protect the present generation from myself."
  52. "Holding principles deeply doesn't make a being right—and it doesn't make what he's doing right."
  53. "Don't worry, Finn. He's not going to shoot you."
  54. "I'm doing what I do best... I served my term... Wisdom is knowing when you've given all you can."
  55. "What you have, Senators, is a consensus of fools."
  56. "How romantic—we're both wanted by the Hutts."
  57. "Don't confuse refusing help with not needing it."
  58. "Whatever Jacen has become, he was a hero once. Jacen Solo saved the galaxy."
  59. "You have one purpose left to you, and when that's done you wonder if you're just going to vanish, leaving no trace behind."
  60. "Jaina does have a gift for making people nervous. She takes after her father that way."
  61. "I placed quite a burden on Anakin, didn't I, by giving him that name."
  62. "It means that war itself is not the puppet master's original plan, or at least not his fault. But the manipulations we think we've detected do add up to something. We can see a cause-and-effect relationship…we just have to figure out a motive."
  63. "I guess you'll have to open fire, Gavin. This is too important."
  64. "Lieutenant Darklighter is making quite a reputation for himself in Rogue Squadron."
  65. "But you don't know Gavin Darklighter. He always finds a way to do the right thing."
  66. "Viqi Shesh. I would've thought you'd be down in the grotto levels waiting for your masters with the rest of the granite slugs."
  67. "The finest? Really? I wasn't aware that Admiral Bwua'tu has actually seen fleet action as a commander."
  68. "He is in command of the Fifth Fleet. But it doesn't matter. They're bluffing... They are. And, anyway, there's a big difference between simbattle and the real thing."
  69. "Well, at least they cared enough to send the best."
  70. "This isn't like the Yuuzhan Vong War, fought in mindless savagery. Both sides… are us."
  71. "Criticism? I just made the announcement! This is just my brother's wedding, we're talking about, not some political revolt."
  72. "Few are. It's why the Rebel Alliance is lucky to have men like you."
  73. "This is not the end. Two years ago, the Yuuzhan Vong entered our galaxy. They came not as friends and equals, though we would gladly have welcomed them as such, but as thieves and conquerors. They saw a galaxy at peace and mistook the strength of our convictions for the frailty of arms, the wisdom of compromise for the timidity of cowards. They attacked without provocation or mercy, slaying billions of our citizens, enslaving entire worlds, and sacrificing millions of beings to appease the bloodlust of their imaginary gods. They believed that we would be easily defeated, that we would surrender without a fight. They were wrong. We have fought at Dubrillion, Ithor, the Black Bantha, Borleias and Corellia - we have fought them every leg of the way from the Outer Rim into the Core. We have lost untold numbers of loved ones, my own son Anakin and my husband's dear friend Chewbacca among them, and now we are battling in the skies over Coruscant itself. We are still fighting. Soon, the enemy will be on our rooftops, in our homes, roaming the dark underlayers of our city. To those able to evacuate and to those trapped behind, I say the same thing I would tell my twins - were I able to reach them behind enemy lines: Keep fighting. This is not the end. Twice already, Jedi-led forces have decimated Yuuzhan Vong fleets, and we enter each battle with new weapons and better tactics. We have prevailed against ruthless enemies before, against Palpatine, against Thrawn, against the Ssi-ruuk. This is a war we know how to win. Keep fighting until you can fight no longer, then exhaust the enemy chasing you, and turn and fight some more. Keep fighting. I promise you, we will prevail."
  74. "The New Republic? Are you blind? There is no New Republic! It died before the Yuuzhan Vong came!"
  75. "There's a presence aboard ship, someone or something I can't identify…but it's here. Watchful."
  76. "The Emperor's Corellian government got scared. Not just scared of the Rebellion, but scared of everyone. They decided the safest thing to do was not to trust anyone at all."
  77. "Today we become a galactic family—a family of the great and the small, the young and the old, with honor to all and favor to none."
  78. "What little of his Imperial career we know about indicates he is a man who embraces the idea that the ends do justify the means."
  79. "He is a survivor, and shows cunning at playing his enemies off against each other."
  80. "Except for Wedge's kids, who'll probably just subvert the administrators here to get whatever they want."
  81. "It's time Alderaan stopped resisting the Empire and started fighting it."
  82. "I don't think there's any question but that Nil Spaar represents more worlds, a larger population, greater material riches, and a more advanced industrial-technological base than anyone who's come to Imperial City in the last twelve years. And he probably knows it, too."
  83. “I can’t begin to give you a full list of tyrants like Nom Anor that I’ve dealt with."
  84. “Nothing like a few mercenaries to quiet things down."
  85. “They’re afraid that my meeting with Nom Anor will only heighten his stature, both among the Rhommamoolians and throughout the sector."
  86. “Maybe Rodians are smarter than I thought."
  87. “Do you even understand that your stupidity likely escalated an already impossible situation?”
  88. “They were trying to bring us down to Osarian. A not-so-unexpected response, given my announced intentions here. And so we planned to avoid them. Avoid! Do you understand that word?”
  89. “Avoid them and thus cause no further problems or hard feelings. And so we would have, and we would have asked for no explanations from Shunta Osarian Dharrg, all of us pretending that nothing had ever happened.”
  90. “And our graciousness in not mentioning this unfortunate incident would have bought me the bargaining capital I need to bring some kind of conciliation from Osarian toward Rhommamool. But now we can’t do that, can we? Now, so that Wurth Skidder could paint another skull on the side of his X-wing, I’ll have to deal with an incident.”
  91. “Wurth was trying to find his own thrills."
  92. “The Jedi have nothing to do with this struggle. Or at least, they didn’t until Wurth Skidder’s antics.”
  93. “And with the Jedi Knights scattered throughout the galaxy, and so many of them following their own agendas, Nom Anor might just find plenty of ammunition to add to his arguments. I’m glad that my brother is thinking of reestablishing the Jedi Council.”

Jagged Fel:

  1. "I hereby agree to take custody of you, Tahiri Veila. You will obey my orders to the letter, and not go haring off as if your last name were Solo."
  2. "I know Lesson One. Don't grab the glowy end."
  3. "You also have to play politics, which is like piloting an unarmored shuttle through the worst meteor shower in history, and just as productive. I think sometimes the only reason I'm not as unhinged as Daala is because I'm younger... No, but she left the Chief of State's office and took up a profession where she could cut people in half when she got annoyed."
  4. "Go…be a Jedi. You weren't cutthroat enough to be an Imperial Hand anyway."
  5. "It's a good thing your father isn't a Jedi. Han Solo with Force powers would be a very frightening thing."
  6. "If they believe I did not greet them because they are not human, they are stupid. I did not greet them because they are politicians."
  7. "Jaina, I love you for who you are. I have for a long time. I have absolutely no desire to curtail, impede, cripple, modify, or thwart you in any way."
  8. "Don't apologize. The fault is all mine. I should never have made the mistake of thinking Jedi had honor."
  9. "First I must point out the unfairness of the situation. When I decide against the Jedi, you're angry with me. And when I speak out in favor of the Jedi, you're angry at me."
  10. "Of course. In informal circumstances, I really am redundant and stuffy, aren't I?"
  11. "I'm no longer a colonel, no longer an ambassador. No longer a citizen of the Chiss, no longer even a member of my father's house. Technically, that suggests I'm no longer even Jagged Fel."
  12. "I always do."
  13. "I was raised among them, raised with them, judged by their standards. I met those standards. I exceeded those standards. I won command of my squadron. These people competed to join that squadron. They wanted to fly with me, not because I am a man or because I am an Imperial, but because I am a superior pilot and leader. And as for fighting for my freedom, I've been doing that in the Unknown Regions for all my life."
  14. "I came to fight a war, not to play political games. My mission is to help you maintain your freedom, not to help you gather more power to yourself, or to take it from you."
  15. "This is what I was trained to do, no more."
  16. "I believe that this engagement, here on Borleias, will be the surest test of Yuuzhan Vong determination and character. Only in seeing how this campaign plays out can we provide a definitive analysis of the enemy that our people will someday face."
  17. "I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere, Jaina. Not until you wake up. You know what that means, don't you? It means that Twin Suns Squadron is unattended. And we can't have that, can we? I love you, Jaina. Please come back to me."
  18. "I might have disobeyed if the escape vessel hadn't launched."
  19. "Seen in that light, I really have no choice."
  20. "It's change. I'm trying to change the way the Empire thinks of itself, of Palpatine, of the way the Moffs have done things for generations, of the Jedi. People who try to effect change are lucky if they aren't…lucky if they have any success at all. Lucky if they're remembered fondly."
  21. "I am not loyal to the Chiss because my parents were accepted by them, or because I have grown up among them. I'm loyal because they embody traits I admire and respect; they make those traits part of the very fiber of our society. Traits such as strength in the face of aggression, such as acknowledgment of duty before self-interest. The Chiss, however, are not the only people with admirable traits, not the only ones who deserve to survive the Yuuzhan Vong, and not the only ones I identify with. Not anymore."
  22. "I'm trying to find a way to tell her that if you sharpen a sword all the time, even when it's not dull, by the time you need it there's no metal left. It will break. But she's not listening."
  23. "It's not a problem. We're going to be okay. That is just politics. And I'm not going to let a little thing like politics come between us. I'm not going to let anything come between us."
  24. "For now, we can't not keep secrets from each other. All we can do…"
  25. "Oh, I do. I also know that it's what you want... I know you want to be with me. I want that, too. And we’ll have that eventually…or we won't. You don't just feel obligated to travel with the Jedi—you want to, just as much as you want to be with me. And all of that is okay."
  26. "So we get at least one night in a bed?"
  27. "If I may answer a question with a question, how old were you before you first disagreed with a commanding officer—and later found out you were right?"
  28. "My mother gave birth to five children. My older brother died fighting, as did a younger sister. Why are we out there? Why are we fighting? A threat to the New Republic like the Yuuzhan Vong has long been anticipated. You remember the devastation of the Yevethan Great Purge? There were things in the Unknown Regions that would have made it look insignificant, save we were there and stopped them."
  29. "He wasn't prepared to put himself forward as my successor. Which is interesting, because it suggests that he's not, at this instant, ready to step in for me. Which in turn suggests that he has other plans. But if we assume that he does intend to be Head of State, we also have to presume that he's not ready to complete his own plans to become Head of State... Which keeps him on the list of potential conspirators."
  30. "Grand Admiral Thrawn's actions paint us in a dubious light. I understand the reluctance of many people to deal with us."
  31. "The Chiss do not ask to be judged, Master Skywalker. Not by you; not by anyone."
  32. "You see, the Chiss are taught from the earliest days of training that it is not the person holding the position that is important, but rather the position itself. Individuals must allow themselves to be subsumed into the role society expects them to play. If you asked for someone by name, they would on principle not talk to you. If you asked for them by rank, however, they would not hesitate."
  33. "Wraith Squadron. I met both of you on Borleias."

Saba Sebatyne:

  1. "Good? You spent too much of your life in the spice minez, Kyp Durron. There is too much methane in them. They taste like a... No? Not even a little one?"
  2. "That is why we are Jedi and they are not."
  3. "This one does not look into the future. It is more fun to be surprised."
  4. "Mara once told this one that all it took to lift the Emperor'z veil from her eyes was a long walk in the forest with this man. That after she had come to know Luke Skywalker, it was easy to step into the light."
  5. "The Jedi are few and the Yuuzhan Vong many, yet look at the forcez they direct against us: voxyn, blockades, whole hunting fleetz. We are doing something they fear, and the Force tellz this one she must continue."
  6. "For this one's home. For this one's people."
  7. "Hunt the moment…"
  8. "It is wrong. This one cannot take the place of a longtail she has killed... It isn't right."
  9. "We must train you to fly an A-wing, Danni Quee. The Wild Knightz could use someone as crazy as you."
  10. "Better. He is prey-sensitive... He knowz how his prey thinkz. More, he knowz how they think we think."
  11. "The Jedi Order does not intend to remain in control of the executive branch, of course. Conquest was not our aim. Until a new Chief of State can be duly selected, we will be appointing a Triumvirate to act collectively as the Chief of State. It will consist of this one, Senator Treen, and General Jaxton."
  12. “Then why did you say is? If it’z still hunting Mara, then it hasn’t been destroyed.”
  13. “This one does not think so. If it workz so fast, why would they stay to load their shipz?”
  14. “Coward? Mara Jade Skywalker? That is just rockheaded. Leaving is the best thing you can do for Master Skywalker and Han.”
  15. “Foolish guy. He believed he could deceive the Emperor?”
  16. “And because he knowz you are disturbed by insectz. This one does not like the way this feelz, Han. Raynar is showing a cruel streak.”
  17. “If you wish, Master Skywalker. You are the longfang here.”
  18. “This one is shocked at the forgetfulnesz of her student. What must a Jedi do as she enterz the academy groundz?”
  19. “That is no excuse for ignoring the rulez.”
  20. “Reasoning. That is a skill you have already mastered. What you have not yet learned is obedience.”
  21. “It is when we are alarmed that meditation is most important. This one will hold the froth so you can concentrate.”
  22. “Of course. But you did not hear what this one said. It is not your place to question Master Horn’z decision.”
  23. “Indeed. She knowz how to give orderz already. Now she must learn to take them. She will help you with your report, if you still think that is best.”
  24. “Good. Then this will not be a difficult lesson for you.”

Qui-Gon Jinn:

  1. "Don't center on your anxiety, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs."
  2. "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."
  3. "I'm not testing you, Obi-Wan. Life tests you! Every day it brings you new chances for triumph or defeat. And if you pass the test, it doesn't make you a Jedi. It makes you human."
  4. "I have felt certain of many things that have not been so. There are many hidden truths in a galaxy such as ours."
  5. "You bore all the responsibility for what happened. You went over and over your mistakes. You must know this, Obi-Wan—it is Anakin who chose to turn to the dark side. Grief did not push him there. You did not push him there. He made the choice... You must accept your regret the way you accept your mistakes. Then move on."
  6. "Life does not treat you fairly or unfairly, it merely is. It is up to each of us to be fair, or unfair."
  7. "I break the rules not because it suits me, but because sometimes during a mission the rules get in the way."
  8. "That you will withhold facts from me that I need to know."
  9. "Each Jedi apprentice brings something unique to the Temple. Even at a young age, Xanatos stood out. His intelligence was fierce and quick and agile. He was a leader. I thought he was the most promising boy to come to the Temple in many years. So did Yoda. Yet Yoda had questions. As Xanatos grew and I took him as my apprentice, I resented Yoda's hesitations. I thought Yoda was questioning my judgement. Of course, he was questioning the boy. He saw something that I did not. When Yoda suggested one last mission, I was glad. At last, I thought, I can prove to Yoda that I was right. Xanatos will prove himself, prove what I'd seen all along."
  10. "Civil war broke out. Suddenly, people were dying. The situation was out of my control. And all because I did not see clearly what Xanatos was capable of."
  11. "I cannot help feeling that if I'd been a better Master, he wouldn't have turned to the dark side."
  12. "If you have plans for Bandomeer, you should know I am here to stop you."
  13. "You would have died for me. Your courage is extraordinary, even for a Jedi. I would be honored to accept you as my Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi."
  14. "Landing here was no accident, Obi-Wan."
  15. "Let me get this straight. You want two Jedi to help two common thieves steal a treasure from a bunch of gangsters?"
  16. "Don't worry, Padawan. You can handle the mission here until I return. Be alert for palace intrigue. Trust no one here. There is a disturbance in the Force. I don't know where exactly it lies."
  17. "I have been thinking of what I will leave behind when I die. I travel from world to world. My connection to each is so fleeting. What is my legacy?"
  18. "You must choose, Obi-Wan. You can go with me now, or stay. Know that if you stay, you are no longer a Jedi."
  19. "Then he is more foolish than I thought."
  20. "I know you are meant to be a Jedi, too. But whether you are meant to be my Padawan again is not so clear."
  21. "It is the same for me, I think. It will not haunt me—not the way Xanatos hoped it would. Xanatos chose death. It was his nature to choose the dark path. But it will take some time for me to feel peace about it. I cannot help feeling that if I'd been a better Master, he wouldn't have turned to the Dark Side. Yoda would tell me that as a Master, I cannot make a Padawan a success or a failure. I can only guide."
  22. "Obi-Wan, this universe is full of creatures who act without the slightest understanding of what drives them to do what they do. My actions are determined by the will of the Living Force. I fed that poor, little brute because he was hungry. I killed him because if I had let him kill me, I would no longer be able to do my work as a Jedi."
  23. "When the Force tells me the time has come for me to die, Obi-Wan, I will die willingly."
  24. "No, you will hear Bruck Chun's own words. As I told you, I knew Xanatos well. He did not trust anyone, even those under his power. He would not have trusted Bruck. He would have made sure that the boy was under his complete control when he sent him back into the Temple to do his work. He would have access to all of Bruck Chun's conversations because he would plant a listening device in the one thing that a Jedi is never without."
  25. "A child is missing. Never mind that she is Force-sensitive. Her parents are obviously terrified. The situation has changed. And it is because of our presence. If we had not come, the child would be safe."
  26. "I'm not surprised. All living beings find comfort in a truth that makes their lives easier to bear. Here on Kegan the people did not have the strife or hunger that we've seen on other planets. Why should the people question a system that brought them ease and comfort?"
  27. "It's an interesting solution to the problem of maintaining peace between two old enemies. The thinking is that the leader of each world will not attack a planet where his or her child is residing. But the plan has a flaw that the rulers didn't take into account."
  28. "Feelings. Loyalties are formed in your heart, not born in you. Emotion can't be ruled. Both leaders thought that if their children were with them for their first seven years, that would ensure their loyalty. But one can be loyal to one's home planet and yet want a different life."
  29. "Saving your life. Something evidently pleasing to neither of us, but necessary. Do exactly as I tell you and you may live a little longer."
  30. "After all your experiments with the Force, in the end you failed to understand its power."
  31. "I have come to know something. I cannot let you go, I cannot let another minute pass, without telling you this. I did not come to New Apsolon only because you are my friend. I did not remain because you are a fellow Jedi. I have come to see that you are not just a friend and a fellow Jedi, Tahl. You are necessary to my life. You are necessary to me. You are my heart... I am speaking of something deeper. I am speaking of everything a being can give another. This is what I offer you. I offer myself."
  32. "There is no help for me now. There is only revenge."
  33. "I, too, have wished I could have given my life to save another, one whom I had loved. But now I know that it is often harder to be the one left behind. I would not have wanted her to feel such loneliness, to go through the pain I have gone through."
  34. "Yet you have already grown so much. I am proud of you, Obi-Wan. Proud of what you have become. It is an honor to teach you, to work with you. I could not ask for a better Padawan learner."
  35. "Here is the difference between us. I did not get a chance to examine my decision. To see its pitfalls and its faults. I do not know what would have happened if Tahl had lived. We might have decided to put our great love aside. We might have left the Jedi Order. I do not know. I will never know. And I live with the heartbreak of losing her. But I am living, Obi-Wan. I am continuing to walk the Jedi path. What I'm saying to you is that once in a great while we have a chance to look at our lives and make a choice that will define us. You have that choice. It is ahead of you. Do not make it in haste. Use your head as well as your heart. Remember that you have chosen a life that includes personal sacrifice. This is the greatest sacrifice you can give."
  36. "You must learn, as I did from my own Master, that the true moral value of an act can be calculated by weighing the spirit of the motivation against the benefit of the result."
  37. "Only that we are fighting something unseen, Obi-Wan. Each time we draw close to identifying our adversary, it subverts and evades us."
  38. "It seemed to be a momentary disturbance in the Force. Like a shadow passing over the sun. I've never felt anything like it."
  39. "The situation here is not what it seems. There is something else behind all this, Your Highness. There is no logic in the Federation's move here. My feelings tell me they will destroy you."
  40. "Finding him was the will of the Force. I have no doubt of that."
  41. "I shall do what I must, Obi-Wan."
  42. "This planet is both an amplifier and a magnet. Three are here who seek Skywalker. They, like me, believe him to be the Chosen One."
  43. "When you know why you are not ready, you will be ready."
  44. "Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts."


  1. "So be it, Jedi. If you will not turn to the dark side, then you will be destroyed. Young fool, only now at the end, do you understand. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You have paid the price for your lack of vision. Now, young Skywalker, you will die."
  2. "I am the Senate."
  3. "Your faith in your friends is yours."
  4. "Listen to me: If this 'Darth Sidious' of yours were to walk through that door right now—and I could somehow stop you from killing him on the spot—do you know what I would do? I would ask him to sit down and I would ask him if he has any power he could use to end this war... And if he said he did, I'd bloody well offer him a brandy and talk it out."
  5. "You will kill Luke Skywalker."
  6. "You want this, don't you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it! Give into your anger! With each passing moment, you make yourself more my servant... It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You, like your father, are now...mine."
  7. "Choose someone as a successor and you will inevitably be succeeded. Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured. Choose someone quicker and you won't dodge the blade at your back. Choose someone with more patience and you won't block the blade at your throat. Choose someone more devious and you'll hold the blade that kills you. Choose someone more clever and you'll never know your end. Despite these cautions, an apprentice is essential. A Master without an apprentice is a Master of nothing."
  8. "Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design."
  9. "Of all the monsters I have created, I still regard Darth Vader as something of a minor masterpiece. No, he was not an entirely alchemical creation, but he was my monster nevertheless. Even though he failed to live up to his full potential, there was much pleasure in transforming Anakin Skywalker from a bright-eyed, tousle-headed youth into the greatest Jedi killer of all time. Yes, he ultimately turned against his Master, as monsters sometimes do, but that was my fault, not his. Given the opportunity to create Vader again, I would, and with zeal."
  10. "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."
  11. "And if I ever need your services again, I will not hesitate to clone you."
  12. "Curse you, Skywalkers, both of you! I'll tell you the truth about your father! The great Darth Vader was a sick man in an iron mask! Yes, that mask inspired terror throughout the galaxy, but the feeble heart within was forever possessed by the impotent side of the Force!"
  13. "From here you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion."
  14. "Those who do not serve my ends, no matter how powerful they are, will be eliminated."
  15. "I've played with your Jedi dueling games long enough. Now, you will experience my full potency. I live as energy. I am the dark side!"
  16. "Am I? Even if true, that's hardly a crime. My philosophical outlook is a personal matter. In fact—the last time I read the Constitution, anyway—we have very strict laws against this type of persecution. So I ask you again: what is my alleged crime?"
  17. "Vader! I am your master!"
  18. "Beings believe what you tell them. They never check, they never ask, they never think. Tell them the state is menaced by quadrillions of battle droids, and they will not count. Tell them you can save them, and they will never ask—from what, from whom? Just say tyranny, oppression, vague bogeymen that require no analysis. Never specify. Then they look the other way when reality is right in front of them. It's a conjuring trick. The key is distraction, getting them to watch your other hand. Only single-minded beings don't join in the shared illusion, and keep watching you too closely. Single-minded beings are dangerous. And they either work for me, or they don't work at all."
  19. "King of the beasts, Father."
  20. "Though you are wise beyond your years, I would not be dismayed if you do not recognize my simulacrum. You see, I have chosen to appear before you not as I have come to be, but as I was long ago, when I was young. A vanity, perhaps, but I know from experience that a much older teacher, no matter how gifted, can appear antiquated, or even obsolete, and I would be remiss to encourage you to believe I am or ever was your superior. After all, you are full of life, and I…Well, because the Holocron is now in your hands, I must assume I am but a whisper from the past. So please forgive my youthful facade, which I hope will only serve you to more readily accept me as an equal, an ally, and as a friend."
  21. "There is nothing I do not know. Nothing that is worth knowing, anyway."
  22. "I've rejected the name I was given."
  23. "Ah, but now that you have, our partnership is forged."
  24. "It is possible that the war itself has been only one further move in some greater game."
  25. "You have your father's fire. I look forward to seeing your pretty young face in the Senate."
  26. "You must reserve your rage for times when you can profit from it."
  27. "Skywalker's power brings with it more than mere obedience. It brings creativity and luck. We need never concern ourselves with the sort of instruction that Grievous, for example, requires. Even the blind fools on the Jedi Council see clearly enough to understand this. Even they no longer try to tell him how; they merely tell him what. And he finds a way. He always has."
  28. "Skywalker's arm makes him, for our purposes, even better. It is the permanent symbol of the sacrifices he has made in the name of peace and justice. It is a badge of heroism that he must publicly wear for the rest of his life. No one can ever look at him and doubt his honor, his courage, his integrity. He is perfect, just as he is. Perfect. The only question that remains is whether he is capable of transcending the artificial limitations of his Jedi indoctrination. And that, my lord Count, is precisely what today's operation is designed to discover."
  29. "How fortunate I am to have an apprentice who feels it is appropriate to lecture me."
  30. "You could ask your friends on the Jedi Council, I suppose. But of course, if they ever found him, they would kill him on the spot. Not as punishment for any crime, you understand. Innocence is irrelevant to the Jedi. They would kill him simply for being a Sith Lord, and his knowledge would die with him."
  31. "Think, Anakin. I have always tried to teach you to think. Jedi do not think. They know. But those stale answers aren't good enough now, in these troubled times. Consider their motives. Keep your mind clear of assumptions. The fear of losing power is a weakness of both the Jedi and the Sith."
  32. "We're not arguing, Anakin. We're just talking. Perhaps the real difference between the Jedi and the Sith lies in their orientation. A Jedi gains power through understanding, and a Sith gains understanding through power. This is the true reason the Sith have always been more powerful than the Jedi. The Jedi fear the dark side so much they cut themselves off from the most important aspect of life: passion. They don't even allow themselves to love. The Sith do not fear the dark side. The Sith have no fear. They embrace the whole spectrum of experience, from the heights of transcendent joy to the depths of hatred and despair. Beings have these emotions for a reason, Anakin. That is why the Sith are more powerful: they are not afraid to feel."
  33. "Good is a point of view, Anakin. And the Jedi concept of good is not the only valid one. Take your Dark Lords of the Sith, for example. From my reading, I have gathered that the Sith believe in justice and security every bit as much as the Jedi... In these troubled times, is there a difference? The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power."
  34. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."
  35. "I haven't rejected the dynasty I was born into. I've rejected the name I was given."
  36. "I ignore the expectations of others."
  37. "My mentor taught me everything about the Force, even the nature of the dark side."
  38. "Do you feel the hate? … It is the source of your strength. You still hate me. No matter. Today you have delivered yourself into my hands. I have the power of life and death over you, Maul. Someday, you will hold that power over another. It is the honor of the Sith. You will devote yourself to the idea of domination."
  39. "Through me, you might have a voice in the shaping of the Republic. Through you, I better understand the Jedi and their ways."
  40. "Are you still with me, Plagueis? Yes, I detect that you are—though barely ... I actually thought you would die on Sojourn—and you would have if the Hutt hadn't tipped you off to Veruna's scheme ... [But it has] turned out for the best ... If it's any consolation, I'm being honest when I say that I could not have succeeded without you. But now ... I [dismiss you, and focus on executing] the rest of the Grand Plan: growing an army, fomenting rebellion and fabricating intergalactic war, corralling the Jedi and catching them unawares ... Rest easy in your grave, Plagueis. In the end, I will be proclaimed Emperor. The Sith will have had their revenge, and I will rule the galaxy."
  41. "You've been nothing more than a pawn in a game played by a genuine Master. 'The Sith'ari' ... Reflect back on ... the last few years ... Yinchorr, Dorvalla, Eriadu, Maul, the Neimoidians, Naboo, an army of clones, the fallen Jedi Dooku ... You think these were your ideas, when in fact they were mine, cleverly suggested to you so that you could feed them back to me. You were far too trusting..."
  42. "Enter the bureaucrats, the true rulers of the Republic, and on the payroll of the Trade Federation, I might add. This is where Chancellor Valorum's strength will disappear."
  43. "I feel confident that our situation will create a strong sympathy vote for us. I will be Chancellor."
  44. "It's ironic. He could save others from death...but not himself."
  45. "Your boldness has saved our people, Your Majesty, It's you who should be congratulated. Together, we shall bring peace and prosperity to the Republic."
  46. "Perhaps Maul was not the best choice. For my next apprentice, I will choose more carefully. There must be hate and fear in him. There must be something in his heart that has gone cold, something that I can work on to expand into ruthlessness. But there must be great cunning and intelligence as well..."
  47. "I will not let this Republic that has stood for a thousand years be split in two. My negotiations will not fail."
  48. "There are many on both sides of this grand debate eager to turn this dispute into war. It needn't degenerate into so wasteful an outcome. Together, we have the intelligence and the reason to find an alternative solution."
  49. "It is with...great reluctance...that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. The power you give me I will lay down when this crisis has abated. And as my first act with this new authority, I will create a Grand Army of the Republic to counter the increasing threats of the Separatists."
  50. "There are times when we must all endure adjustment to the Constitution in the name of security."
  51. "I foresee an army of Force talented spies in my service. Trained in the Dark Side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar. And my enemies will be helpless against such vision."
  52. "Remember, the first and only reality of the Sith: there can only be two. And you are no longer my apprentice. You have been replaced."
  53. "I assure you that the Republic governors are intended only to make your systems safer—by coordinating planetary defense forces, and ensuring that neighboring systems mesh into cooperative units, and bringing production facilities up to speed in service to the war effort. That's all. They will in no way compete with the duties and prerogatives—with the power—of the Senate."
  54. "All the players are now in place. It is time to initiate the end moves. The plan of many long years shall bear fruit at last!"
  55. "To cheat death is the power only one has achieved, but if we work together, I know we can discover the secret."
  56. "First, I want you to go to the Jedi Temple. We will catch them off balance… Do what must be done, Lord Vader. Do not hesitate; show no mercy."
  57. "Their betrayal will be dealt with."
  58. "After you have killed all the Jedi in the Temple, go to the Mustafar system. Wipe out Viceroy Gunray and the other Separatist leaders."
  59. "The Jedi, and some within our own Senate, had conspired to create the shadow of separatism using one of their own as the enemy's leader… The Jedi hoped to unleash their destructive power against the Republic by assassinating the head of government and usurping control of the clone army. But the aims of would-be tyrants were valiantly opposed by those without elitist, dangerous powers. Our loyal clone troopers contained the insurrection within the Jedi Temple and quelled uprisings on a thousand worlds… The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated. Any collaborators will suffer the same fate."
  60. "These have been trying times, but we have passed the test. The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger. The war is over. The Separatists have been defeated, and the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. We stand on the threshold of a new beginning."
  61. "In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for ten thousand years. An Empire that will continue to be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new constitution."
  62. "By bringing the entire galaxy under one law, one language, and the enlightened guidance of one individual, the corruption that plagued the Republic in its later years will never take root. Regional governors will eliminate the bureaucracy that allowed the Separatist movement to grow unchecked. A strong and growing military will ensure the rule of law… Under the Empire's New Order, our most cherished beliefs will be safeguarded. We will defend our ideals by force of arms. We will give no ground to our enemies and will stand together against attacks from within or without. Let the enemies of the Empire take heed: Those who challenge Imperial resolve will be destroyed."
  63. "Live, Lord Vader. Live, my apprentice. Live."
  64. "Once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy! And... we shall have... peace."
  65. "Power! Unlimited power!"
  66. "You have forgotten your place, Lord Vader. By taking this boy as your apprentice, you have betrayed me. Now you will kill him, or I will destroy you both."
  67. "These people have lost a homeworld through no fault of their own. Offering them a new homeworld is the least I can do to compensate them for their loss."
  68. "We have a new enemy. The young Rebel who destroyed the Death Star. I have no doubt this boy is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker."
  69. "The Force is strong with him. The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi."
  70. "Everything that has transpired has done so, according to my design. Your friends, out there on the sanctuary moon, are walking into a trap, as is your Rebel fleet. It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator - it is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops awaits them. Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive."
  71. "Flesh does not easily support this great power."
  72. "You've grown very strong in the Force since we last met… But then, so have I!"
  73. "I expected to take some damage from him. Any worthy opponent is going to inflict injury. If he doesn't, he's not worth troubling with. Let a few Devastators be destroyed. Let Skywalker think he's getting the best of me. As long as he believes he's succeeding, I have him in my grasp. And as long as I hold him, the more vulnerable he becomes to the unfathomable power of the dark side. Think what he'll do when he is fully mine, when he is working for the Empire, working to help us win!"
  74. "One day soon Skywalker will wake up and find that he can no longer go back to his friends. He will look in a mirror and he will see his true face, the face of power… the face of the dark side."
  75. "Conquer the temptation to create specimens that are superior in every way. The danger of such monstrosities being turned against you is too great."
  76. "This one is constantly thinking, analyzing, strategizing. He showed no fear, but was curious, studying me in turn."
  77. "I have many servants, Doriana, but few as clever and as subtle as you."
  78. "My Master, Darth Plagueis, recorded his own musings on what he believed to be the true nature of the dark side. Although he had a fatal blind spot, he revolutionized Sith understanding of the relationship between biology and the Force."
  79. "You lost the game on the very first day you chose to train me to rule by your side—or better still, under your thumb. Teacher, yes, and for that I will be eternally grateful. But Master—never."
  80. "It has been said that anyone who knows the ways of the Force can set her- or himself up as a King on any world where only she or he knows the ways of the Force. Any Jedi could do this. But the Jedi, fools that they are, adhere to a religion in which the Force is used only in the service of others. How shortsighted of them. Is that not why they lost the galaxy to the dark side?"
  81. "How pleasant it would be, Xizor, to believe that. But I am not such a fool. For one of your devious nature—and high ambitions—to be totally loyal would be a miracle beyond the scope of the Force itself. Even without the Force, I would be able to see well enough into your heart. You are not so devoid of self-interest, Xizor, as you would have me believe. If you wish to see the Empire achieve its fated glory, for its dominion across the galaxy to be total, then such a desire is due to your own lust for glory and power. You tie your ambitions to the Empire, because you know that is the best way to achieve them."
  82. "When have I ever shown myself to be intolerant of species indifferences? Yes, our army is human, I am human, and most of my advisers and military officers are human. But that is merely the result of circumstance."
  83. "Malcontents and troublemakers will always be with us. They exist to dissent. A galactic cease-fire is exactly what most of them don’t want, because it takes away the cover for the small and implacable grievances that give their lives meaning. If they happened to win—they would be lost in aimless despair."
  84. "I see no need to lay waste to an entire world to end a war. Gibad is intact—except for its sentient population. The buildings are still standing. Its farmland and its seas are untouched, and it can be recolonized in weeks. War is never pleasant, but it can be waged in the least destructive way, and let us not forget that this bioweapon was created by a Gibadan scientist. It could have been turned against any peaceful world in the Empire. This is justice, is it not?"
  85. "I take nothing for granted. The Empire may well have millions of troops, but it is still a fragile thing, still in its infancy, and there will always be those who want to overthrow it. But they will look ahead to the time when they are powerful enough to do so; they have no idea that their best time to strike is now, while I have still to consolidate my power. As always, the ignorance and apathy of the populace works in my favor."
  86. "No, General Zey—finding Chief Scientist Ko Sai is as much a priority as locating General Grievous. Our survival depends on a strong army, and that means the highest-quality clones—conscription of ordinary citizens is a poor second and would be politically unacceptable. Find her, if only to deny the Separatists her expertise. You have the best intelligence assets the Republic has ever known. So I’ll accept no excuses."
  87. "Soldiers of the Grand Army, in honor of your courage and service in the fight against oppression, you shall want for nothing, and become instructors of the next generation of young men to defend the Republic."
  88. "The difficulty is knowing not who to trust—nobody, absolutely nobody—but who can be allowed to know how much about a given situation. It’s no secret that we hold Dr. Uthan in a Republic jail, and the assumption is that we need her expertise to prevent the Separatists from creating another anti-clone virus like hers, or even force her to create a countermeasure. But I prefer to think of her as my insurance policy. Should I ever need to remove the Grand Army—if the clones are not as loyal as the Kaminoans claim, and we all know the claims merchants make—then I have my means."
  89. "Someone knows. I feel it. And I know someone single-minded is looking for information about the new clone army.—It’s not a secret I could have hidden, not an operation that big, but I didn’t need to. Beings believe what you tell them. They never check, they never ask, they never think. Tell them the state is menaced by quadrillions of battle droids, and they will not count. Tell them you can save them, and they will never ask—from what, from whom? Just say tyranny, oppression, vague bogeymen that require no analysis. Never specify. Then they look the other way when reality is right in front of them. It’s a conjuring trick. The key is distraction, getting them to watch your other hand. Only single-minded beings don’t join in the shared illusion, and keep watching you too closely. Single-minded beings are dangerous. And they either work for me, or they don’t work at all."
  90. "You worry too much, Clonemaster. I only require your clones to be fit for purpose, and that means they have no need to meet the same exacting standards as the army bred on Kamino. The Grand Army has to be the very best in the galaxy for one single special operation ahead of them. This is the culmination of my strategy—two armies with two quite separate tasks."
  91. "I’m gravely concerned that the CIS was able to break our Fleet codes, Director Isard. It’s not enough to change them on a monthly basis. We must change them more frequently."


  1. "I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."
  2. "Information always matters. Bad information leads to bad tactics. Incomplete information leads to flawed strategy. Both can lead to defeat."
  3. "Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake, Ensign?... Anyone can make an error, Ensign. But that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it... The error, Ensign, has now been corrected. You may begin training a replacement."
  4. "Learn about art, Captain. When you understand a species' art, you understand that species."
  5. "It was my one failure, out on the Fringes. The one time when understanding a race's art gave me no insight at all into its psyche. At least not at the time. Now, I believe I'm finally beginning to understand them... I doubt it. I wound up destroying their world."
  6. "There wasn't anything more to be heard. It was intercepted by a task force outside Old Republic space and destroyed... Because I was the force's commander."
  7. "Insane? Of course it is. The insanity of men and aliens who've learned the hard way that they can't match me face-to-face. And so they attempt to use my own tactical skill and insight against me. They pretend to walk into my trap, gambling that I'll notice the subtlety of their movements and interpret that as genuine intent. And while I then congratulate myself on my perception — they prepare their actual attack."
  8. "But it was so artistically done."
  9. "I rule the Empire now. Not some long dead Emperor."
  10. "Probably. Most alien species are. Shall we go?"
  11. "History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."
  12. "On no fewer than four occasions I told the Emperor that I would not waste his troops and ships attacking an enemy which I was not yet prepared to defeat."
  13. "It was Imperial Intelligence who planted the rumor that Jorus C'baoth had returned and been seen on Jomark. It was Imperial Transport who brought you there, Imperial Supply who arranged and provisioned that house for you, and Imperial Engineering who built the camouflaged island landing site for your use. The Empire did its part to get Skywalker in your hands. It was you who failed to keep him there."
  14. "Not at all. I merely present the problems you and the Force will have to solve if you continue with this course of action."
  15. "Never forget that, Captain. The fortunes of war rise and fall, and you may be assured that the Rebellion will be repaid in full for their destruction of the Peremptory at the Katana fleet skirmish. But that repayment will occur in the context of our overall strategy. Not as an act of private vengeance."
  16. "I've spent many hours studying Bothan art, Captain, and I understand the species quite well. There's no doubt at all that Councilor Fey'lya will play his part beautifully. As beautifully as if we were pulling his strings directly."
  17. "One can concentrate so closely on the words of a sentence that one thereby misses the meaning. As can happen in any area of life. You must never lose focus on the larger landscape."
  18. "If the Republic has no slavery, how is it you understand the concept?"
  19. "But he is the only one who commands those who command it. For instance, he commands you, Lord Jerec."
  20. "Not at all. Their military abilities are undeniable, but their chances for long-term stability are nonexistent."
  21. "Multiple species, with multiple viewpoints and racial philosophies, simply cannot hold power together for long. The dominant voice must certainly be wise enough to adopt ideas and methods from its allies and member peoples. But there must be a dominant voice, or there is only chaos. In this part of the galaxy, that voice is the Empire."
  22. "There's no doubt at all that Councilor Fey'lya will play his part beautifully. As beautifully as if we were pulling his strings directly."
  23. "You must have wondered how a few dozen Rebel ships could possibly rout an Imperial force that outgunned it by at least ten to one… The Rebels did indeed fight better, but not because of any special abilities or training. They fought better than the fleet because the Emperor was dead… you must have noticed it. The sudden loss of coordination between crew members and ships; the loss of efficiency and discipline. The loss, in short, of that elusive quality we call fighting spirit… You had no real fighting spirit of your own anymore—none of you in the Imperial fleet did. It was the Emperor's will that drove you; the Emperor's mind that provided you with strength and resolve and efficiency. You were as dependent on that presence as if you were all borg-implanted into a combat computer."
  24. "We were both born as commoners. I can live that way again if I have to. But I'll do what I can to assure that the Eighth Family doesn't release or rematch you on my account."
  25. "The job for which I was commissioned. I'm protecting the Ascendancy from its enemies."
  26. "No warrior ever has the full depth of control that he would like. But I wish here that it might have been otherwise."
  27. "I do not need permission to fight on their behalf."
  28. "There are two ways to destroy a person, Jorj. Kill him, or ruin his reputation."
  29. "I encounter civilians like you all the time. You believe the Empire is continually plotting to do harm. Let me tell you, your view of the Empire is far too dramatic. The Empire is a government. It keeps billions of beings fed and clothed. Day after day, year after year, on thousands of worlds people live their lives under Imperial rule without ever seeing a stormtrooper or hearing a TIE fighter scream overhead."
  30. "The Unknown Regions are the future of the Empire, Captain. It's only fitting that the Imperial Fleet lead the way."
  31. "Yes, Emperor Palpatine. I have studied Zaarin's ways closely. He will not resist the bait that I have laid out for him. Soon, he too will meet his end."
  32. "The traitor Zaarin cannot run forever. Soon, he will be in our grasp."
  33. "Thus is the fate of enemies of the Empire."
  34. "I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details of the rest when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again."
  35. "There's a degree of risk involved. But risk has always been an inescapable part of warfare. In this case, the potential benefits far outweigh the potential dangers."
  36. "You were expecting, perhaps, that I'd order an all-out attack? That I would seek to cover our defeat in a frenzy of false and futile heroics?... We haven't been defeated, Captain. Merely slowed down a bit."
  37. "The entire Noghri populace, I think, needs to be reminded of who it is they serve."
  38. "The fortunes of war rise and fall, and you may be assured that the Rebellion will be repaid in full for their destruction of the Peremptory at the Katana fleet skirmish. But that repayment will occur in the context of our overall strategy. Not as an act of private vengeance."
  39. "Never forget, Captain, that our goal is no longer merely the pitiful rear-guard harassment of the past five years. With Mount Tantiss and our late Emperor's collection of Spaarti Cylinders in our hands, the initiative is once again ours. Very soon now we'll begin the process of taking planets back from the Rebellion; and for that we'll need an army every bit as well trained as the officers and crew of the Fleet."
  40. "You have excellent insight into the hearts of others."
  41. "The Vagaari have made no move against the Chiss Ascendancy. We therefore have no reason to hunt them."
  42. "As I said, I know their reputation. They've been moving through this region of space, preying mostly on the weak and technologically primitive."
  43. "What does this have to do with us?"
  44. "Stratis very much wants me to destroy Outbound Flight for him."
  45. "I'm afraid in turn that your reassurances are insufficient."
  46. "No. Time to start one of our own."
  47. "For the moment, nothing. Each of us has our own peoples to defend and our own politics to deal with. But in the future, who can tell? Perhaps someday our peoples will end up fighting side by side against this threat."
  48. "Of course. You said it yourselves: you are potential dangers."
  49. "Economics and psychology, Captain."
  50. "The Chiss do not simply accept alien concepts without careful consideration. We certainly do not submit to domination. By anyone."
  51. "I can teach you to understand Cheunh. But I doubt you'll ever be able to properly speak it. I've noticed you don't even pronounce my name very well."
  52. "Chiss don't invade the territories of others. We don't even make war against potential enemies unless we're attacked first."

Czulkang Lah:

  1. "I opposed you years ago because I opposed coming to this galaxy, attacking these infidels."
  2. "Too many clever minds, however heretical they may be, have undone me."
  3. "Be quiet, my son, and know that my last words were reserved for you. Fare well, and may the gods smile upon you, as they once did upon me."
  4. "As soon as you dispassionately place yourselves among those whom you are willing to send to certain death, you take another step toward strategic wisdom."

Jaina Solo Fel:

  1. "She was done with men. She was lucky in war, unlucky in love. And she was the Sword of the Jedi. It might take her a lifetime to learn what that meant, what her destiny was, and she couldn’t afford to lose her focus just because she was tempted to jump into another doomed love affair."
  2. "You could start a whole new Imperial custom. 'Dance, fool, dance!' Zap, zap, zap! 'Ow, my toe!'"
  3. "In just a few words, you've summed up my love life."
  4. "I see you, big ugly orange-red thing."
  5. "Oh. I was trying to get her someone who'd win."
  6. "Nice to see that everyone is so comfortable with deciding my destiny."
  7. "You've got half the males in the plaza standing on their tongues. I hope Dad doesn't know how you act when you're dressed like that."
  8. "Well, I would have used the word crotchety myself, but yes, that's what I'm thinking."
  9. "Okaaaay. We really don't need to hear more—at least I don't."
  10. "Which go together so well."
  11. "Chief Fey'lya. You are a poor excuse for a sentient being. I hope one day you really smell the stink in your heart and choke on the fumes."
  12. "Hey, the universe is the one with the problem. It's just the Solos' job to fix it."
  13. "Of course. You're a man, so you're always wrong."
  14. "My mother isn't unhinged."
  15. "One journalist in particular seems very keen on chatting with Jag and me. Trying to ditch him is like trying to shake a mynock off the hull."
  16. "Hey." (following Jag's first quote)
  17. "Sure, their twin ion engines set up a shock front from the exhaust—"
  18. "It's just like when you were younger, Jacen. You're prepared for the job, but you've not done it yet. You're off thinking about the next big thing, and the little thing in front of you might eat you up. The Yuuzhan Vong aren't one of the little adventures we've had in our lives. They are totally serious, and if you look past them, you won't get past them."
  19. "I was just thinking of…of what Caedus sacrificed. At the end, there was a second when he just stopped fighting so he could warn Tenel Ka. I think he became Jacen again for a second before I…before I killed him."
  20. "Come on, Jacen. If you were our parents, wouldn't you worry?"
  21. "Our cousin is a bad man."
  22. "Always wanted to know how a lightsaber worked. Can I take yours apart, Uncle Luke?"
  23. "That's not right. The dark side doesn't make you any stronger. It's faster, easier, more seductive. It's also more tenacious. Just as the light side brings freedom, the dark side brings only bondage. Once you enslave yourself to the dark side of the Force, you may never escape."
  24. "Okay, hit it, Lowie. As I always say, show me—don't tell me."
  25. "Kind of a family tradition. Dad did the same thing for Uncle Luke at the Death Star, you know. Anyway, couldn't let you keep thinking you're the only one who can pull off a surprise rescue."
  26. "With my parents I could be a smuggler who saved the galaxy or a diplomat who saved the galaxy."
  27. "We saw what Yuuzhan Vong promises meant on Duro. Don't cooperate with them and they mow you down. If you do cooperate with them, they mow you down, laughing about how stupid you've been."
  28. "Right. Revenge comes later."
  29. "You can call me 'Great One'. Most people do."
  30. "I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of surviving… and getting to the end of the war and discovering that I'm all alone. That everyone I knew and cared for is gone."
  31. "Even being a Jedi is something where you look for more. At first you acted as if Jedi was synonymous with hero. It isn't. Being a hero isn't what all these folks are here to do. They're here to do their jobs."
  32. "Please don't threaten me. I really don't take too kindly to things like that."
  33. "All right, Jacen. You're starting to scare us."
  34. "Jagged, we—I—want you to know that I still love you. And I always will. But if you can eject, you should do it now."
  35. "Traitor? Wait a minute, I'm half Corellian by birth, sure, but I wasn't raised a citizen. And as Jedi, we're supposed to put the interest of the greater good above planetary concerns."
  36. "I don't know him anymore. There's something dark about him now."
  37. "If I'm supposed to be the Sword of the Jedi, it's time I took it seriously."
  38. "Fett, you can teach me to bring down Jedi. You've done it often enough."
  39. "Get ready, Caedus. Here I come."
  40. "I shouldn't have asked this of you. I shouldn't have asked you to bend so far you'd break, and that's exactly what I did."
  41. "We're not going to be able to make this work, Jag. No matter how much we want to. Our duties are always going to come between us. This is something I have to do…just like your refusing to help is something you have to do. I'm sorry."
  42. "Is not be angry for it. Ever again."
  43. "Uncle Luke, you take us to the nicest places."
  44. "I knew you would understand duty."
  45. "A little trouble breathing. But not much blood loss. I'll be fine... I'm fine. I've been doing this a long time."
  46. "I thought you might appreciate that."
  47. "Zekk, sometimes you're a real pain in the neck. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kind of starting to like it."
  48. "You have a relationship with me. It's not boyfriend-girlfriend. It's no longer Master-apprentice. I think we both know that neither of these is right. It's partners, whatever that means."
  49. "He learned something there that the rest of us don't know, something that could have made all the difference, if only he'd had time to figure it out. If there is such a thing as destiny, I think that was Anakin's. He has always been different. Special."
  50. "It was bad enough with Valin, but when Jysella snapped—right in front of Cilghal and her two best friends—and got hauled off and ordered to be put in carbonite before Corran could even see her… It was like something broke in him."
  51. "I hate guessing games."
  52. "In other words, if you were to die or abdicate, he's not in a position to secure his position. Not yet."
  53. "Which means the Corellians aren't going to send the Kiris fleet against our blockade. They'll use it to support the Hapan coup."
  54. ""Jagged, we—I—want you to know that I still love you. And I always will. But if you can eject, you should do it now."
  55. "Or die trying. Yes, very droll."
  56. "And I'll never help you again. You can count on it. If you were dying of thirst on Tatooine, I wouldn't even spit on you."
  57. "In Hutt Space, the Yuuzhan Vong have had their own way for far too long."
  58. "They, of course, have never met Ta' a Chume."
  59. "I think he told me about you when I was very young. One of those 'you can be whatever you want when you grow up' stories. 'The Gamorrean Who Became a Fighter Pilot.' I thought he'd made it up."
  60. "I'll take the psychological warfare."
  61. "We've just sent the alert to Yavin 4, but now we have to go... but the Jedi academy is still in danger. I've got a bad feeling about this."
  62. "Yeah, looks like the work of stormtroopers. They must've thought the trapdoors needed to be wider and did a little remodeling...Lowie told us how dangerous it is down there. But I guess it didn't stop them."
  63. "Something's wrong, Uncle Luke. There's been an explosion out in the jungle...oh no! Our defensive shields are down."
  64. “The Force is vital for everyone, but negative emotions are the bane of the Jedi Knight. Too much of that can frustrate you, lead you to despair and rash acts that are of the dark side.”
  65. “I can show you how to screen a lot of the negative stuff and teach you a few more of the simple telekinesis exercises, but first I want to find my mother. She ought to have a clue as to how desperate things are getting here.”
  66. “I did, when I opened myself to it. I’d shut some of it out just because it hurt so much, which is why I didn’t skirt this place.”
  67. “That’s for calibrating my compass. Now that I’ve got a better idea where I’m going, perhaps I can actually get there.”
  68. “I may not know who I am, but I think you’ve pointed me to a good path for finding out.”
  69. “So, this wisdom thing, that kicks in when, about seventeen or eighteen?”
  70. “Uh-huh. And now, at the ripe old age of, what, twenty-one, you know how foolish you were back then?”
  71. “So you’ll give it to me anyway.”
  72. “I don’t know who I am. I’m only sixteen. I know parts of it. I know I’m a really good pilot, and I’m not bad as a Jedi. I know I’m getting tired of being my mother’s daughter and my father’s daughter; and part of me even knows that it will take time for me to emerge from their shadows. I also know that there are folks out there who think I’m going to be the salvation of the galaxy because I’m a Jedi, and others who think I’m doom on two feet for the same reason.”
  73. “It’s something neither of my parents became, so it let me have something to myself. That’s part of being a twin too, I guess; everyone expects we’ll be alike even though we’re fraternal, not identical.”
  74. “That choice was pretty much made for me. My brothers and I are very strong in the Force.”
  75. “I know, she defeated the Empire and kept the New Republic safe. Oh, don’t look at me that way. I know what she did, and I love her dearly... Didn’t you want to move out of your mother’s shadow?”
  76. “That’s okay. Being cooped up with her for the trip out here was enough for now. I don’t need to be there while she’s being ‘Princess Leia.’”
  77. “I’m coming, too. I’d hate to miss Alema if she shows up.”
  78. “Uncle Luke, I’ll stick my nose in here and say it’s better if we go after Lumiya now, because she’s clearly playing a game, and … I’ve never seen you angry like this before.”
  79. “Well, you said it, so—yes, I want to be distracted by personal issues, because otherwise I’d go nuts trying to understand why Jacen’s doing what he’s doing to our parents.”
  80. “Suddenly he’s my responsibility? I’m the one who said he was going dark, way back.”
  81. “I tried. He responded with a court-martial charge, remember?”
  82. “I wasn’t going to. Did you … mention that?”
  83. “They both need a lot of spare parts?... Seriously. They haven’t got enough functioning parts to make one decent humanoid between them.”
  84. “Then they should know to leave us alone."
  85. “Why does Nom Anor hate the Jedi? What do we have to do with the struggle between Osarian and Rhommamool? I never even heard of these planets until you mentioned that we’d be coming here.”
  86. “I still don’t understand how any of that concerns the Jedi."
  87. “Jacen doesn’t think that’s such a good idea."
  88. “Not in Nom Anor’s eyes."
  89. “Oh, both the obviousness of it and the skill with which it was performed. It’s so very, You used to think of us as dark and scary, but now we’re just your stylish allies. The press will love it. That image will play on the holonews broadcasts constantly. Mark my words.”
  90. “I don’t know. He could have come up with it, but he usually doesn’t spend his time planning displays or events. When he does, though, they’re usually pretty … effective.”
  91. “Is that what I was supposed to be doing here? I should have brought my lightsaber.”
  92. “This isn’t going to be a routine part of your consultations with every Jedi.”
  93. “Don’t even say that in jest … Jag, if the Remnant doesn’t join the Alliance, I’m not sure the Jedi can have a presence without Alliance approval.”
  94. “Besides, moving the school back to Alliance space is just a matter of time, logistics, and finances; there’s no question that it will happen. On the other hand, it’s very likely that the government would withhold approval for a Jedi branch in the Remnant, just out of spite, if the Remnant doesn’t join.”
  95. “You just want to have this so I’ll be assigned to come to the Remnant and set it up.”
  96. "Blast it! That's why the Ducha didn't want to talk to us—she's pretending to be on Tenel Ka's side, and she knew two Jedi would sense the lie."

Nom Anor:

  1. "No wonder the New Republic can't hold on to a galaxy. Even its so-called heroes are stupid. Yes, we have met. I've nearly killed you."
  2. "Does the warmaster truly wish a disquisition upon the New Republic's perverse system of government? It has to do with a bizarre concept called democracy, in which ruling power is given to whoever is most skillful at directing the herd instincts of the largest masses of their most ignorant citizens…"
  3. "Jacen Solo has, for the moment, an alarming degree of freedom."
  4. "Humans often cast themselves in the best light. They seem unable to see the shadows they also cast."
  5. "Lord, I have seen many hearts, and few showed evidence of goodness."
  6. "Stand in line, High Prefect. I have no lack of enemies."
  7. "The sun has not yet set on the fortune of Nom Anor. It will rise again, given time."
  8. "If I'm clear on one point, it's this: I want no part of whatever new order is in the making. I will die here with Onimi, for we have been two of a kind from the start."
  9. "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realize that the Yuuzhan Vong had brought along a finely tuned dovin basal for your amusement. The creature was apparently offended by your couch's attempt to outwit gravity and decided to rectify the imbalance by catching hold of it."
  10. "A mistake. It has to be a mistake. Their reverence for life has always been their weakness."
  11. "What a pity the courage of your Jedi does not match that of your bureaucrats."
  12. "I always have a contingency plan to cover any possible disaster."
  13. "This planet has driven you mad, Harrar. You side with the Jedi against me?"
  14. "I want many things, and in time I intend to get all of them."
  15. "What can you contribute, Leia Organa Solo, to the dispute between Rhommamool and Osarian? What flame of hope can you light within the Rhommamoolians that their desperate cry for independence shall not be ignored by the New Republic, who speak of freedom as the greatest of all virtues?"
  16. "Make your noise, Prefect Da'Gara. Destroy Sernpidal and plan your expansion. I will await your call."
  17. "Such an event would prove demoralizing to countless populations. If even the Jedi could be brought down, what hope could there be for the rest? Confidence in the Jedi and the Force would be dealt an irreversible blow. Worlds would begin to capitulate without a fight."
  18. "A possible setback involving our operative. Nothing we can't handle. Though I may have need of your swiftest frigate, Commander."
  19. "And Jedi. Difficult to catch, but some seem worthy."
  20. "No. But your mother and I have met. I am Nom Anor, and you may consider yourself my captive."
  21. "You have an excellent memory. How is your son Jacen? And Mara, is she still in remission? As you know, I have a special interest in your sister-in-law's condition."
  22. "You will not need to wait much longer, Warmaster. My plan is an excellent one."
  23. "But Their gifts are not given. You know this. They require that we earn them: that we bring Their prophecies to pass."
  24. "And so on that great day, Jacen Solo will himself capture his sister, his twin—he will drag her to the altar, and he will himself take her life in the Great Twin Sacrifice, and the will of the True Gods shall finally be brought to pass."
  25. "Vergere's. Vergere! Vergere! It was all Vergere!"
  26. "O great warrior, is this the damutek of the noble intendant Hooley Krekk?"
  27. "Giving Shimrra an itch."
  28. "I'pan has told me the story he heard on Duro. But he tells me also that there are differences between his story and yours."
  29. "From now on, you shall call me Yu'Shaa... The Prophet."
  30. "The gods have granted me a vision. It is a vision of a galaxy of beautiful worlds—worlds in which all Yuuzhan Vong can live in peace as well as in glory, free of shame, and with everything their hearts and souls desire."
  31. "She is a priestess, and close to Shimrra. I knew her before my fall. She named me, Kunra. But I think we can trust her. She has given me… assurances."
  32. "No, Shoon-mi. You were right the first time. I'm not one of the gods. I spurn them as readily as I spurn you."
  33. "The time has come. As Vua Rapuung fought with Anakin Solo, so shall I and the Jeedai free this shaper and find our world."
  34. "I wouldn't fight the Solo brat at Yag'Dhul. Why in the galaxy would I fight you?"
  35. "You misunderstand, High Prefect. Just a particle of sand, lodged in the corner. In fact, you have succeeded brilliantly in disparaging me. But you neglect to add that there has been a bright side to all those events. Or else, how is it I have come to wear the green robes of high office?"
  36. "I am Yu'shaa, the Prophet! Our hour is at hand! I will lead you to victory!"
  37. "I always have a contingency plan to cover any possible disaster."
  38. "I mean only to offer analysis; interpretation is my specialty."
  39. "My spies inform me that the New Republic government has fled Mon Calamari and is hiding in the Deep Core. The warmaster and his forces may trap them there and crush them. Without a central government, the enemy will fall apart."
  40. "I have correlated the evidence from different independent networks operating on Mon Calamari. The plan for what the enemy calls the 'Final Redoubt' came from one source. Its location came from another agent. News of an emergency appropriation to pay for it came from another. The government's absence from Mon Calamari is public knowledge, though it is presented as a kind of tour of the military. And the fact that the Final Redoubt is guarded by Jedi—in fact by the Solo twins—came from my most reliable agent. After this one battle, the warmaster may sacrifice Cal Omas, the heads of the Senate councils, the Solo twins, and many other Jedi."
  41. "I witnessed the death of perhaps the greatest of them all, the one called Anakin Solo, who gave his life so that the ones he loved might live."
  42. "This is a living planet, one large organism, more than the sum of its parts."
  43. "The Jedi stand in place of gods in the New Republic. They are looked to as surrogate parents, gifted with vast abilities that legend further magnifies beyond all reason; their purpose is to fight and die for the New Republic’s debased, infidel perversions of truth and justice."

Viqi Shesh:

  1. "Politics is a practical profession. If someone has what you need, then you do business with him or you go without. And personally, I've always been more interested in business than I have in politics."
  2. "The New Republic is going to lose this war, and there's nothing to be gained by being on the losing side."
  3. "I've spent all morning talking to Core senators. We don't have the votes to win a no-confidence call, but I'm convinced that were Borsk to meet an untimely end, the next chief of state would be less favorably disposed toward the Jedi."
  4. "Leia—always the proper word for every occasion."
  5. "But I am. My most powerful weapon is still with me, Warmaster—my brain."
  6. "Yuuzhan Vong can't kill me. Noghri can't. Jedi can't. You're all beneath me. There's only one thing in this universe that can kill Viqi Shesh."

Tsavong Lah:

  1. "And still you mock death and try to evade its servant, pain. Death, Leia Organa Solo, is the highest truth of the universe... Death ends life."
  2. "We do not live side by side with impurity. Your civilization is built on abominations. Your galaxy is polluted. We have come to cleanse it, so that others besides our warrior caste may occupy it and live cleanly here. It is our destiny, according to Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the priests."
  3. "Watch for worthy ones. With better sacrifices, we might be cleansing the inner worlds now."
  4. "Do what is necessary, but the Solo twins have been promised to Lord Shimrra. Those you must bring back alive."
  5. "I suppose it would be wise to assume the worst. You will take the Ksstarr and start for Baanu Rass at once."
  6. "What is a warrior's life compared to the glory of the Yuuzhan Vong?"
  7. "No matter what our disagreements, you remain a hero to the Yuuzhan Vong, and to your son."
  8. "Splendid. You have done well, Lian. The Legacy of Torment is yours. When you get to Dubrillion, I shall have orders waiting for you."
  9. "Citizens of the New Republic. We speak from the surface of Duro, a living planet that your forebears murdered, but which we and our new slaves will revive. In weeks to come, we will show you how the might of the Yuuzhan Vong addresses reconstruction—the rekindling of a world."
  10. "We will content ourselves with Duro, if you will help us make one final sacrifice. Give us your Jeedai. All of them without exception. Any species, any age, any stage of training. Hold them back, hide them, and you will see how your worlds will be treated. But I will reward—with special gifts!—the person who brings me the Jeedai with whom I especially want to speak. Give me Jacen Solo, alive. So that I may give him to the gods."
  11. "You have indeed. But the refugees will be their undoing yet. They will become the wedge that drives the New Republic away from the Jeedai."
  12. "Seef, you will ask the readers to discover if the gods favor two bold attacks, one to take Borleias, the other to take Reecee... For now. The time has come to prepare our pincers, my warrior. We are ready for Battle Plan Coruscant."
  13. "Supreme One. Forgive the delay. I was cleansing."
  14. "The gods have given me Coruscant. Now I must give them their Jeedai twins."
  15. "My Lord. With all respect—we pursue a broken foe. We may expect nothing but a glorious slaughter that adds great glory to your name."
  16. "Attention all other battle groups! Once our troops are down on Ebaq, you are commanded to withdraw into hyperspace and make your way to Yuuzhan'tar. This battle is lost, but you are ordered to preserve your lives and ships for the victorious battles that will follow. The Battle Group of Yun-Yuuzhan will cover your withdrawal. Praise to the gods! Long live Shimrra, the Supreme One! Do-ro'ik vong pratte!"
  17. "Give me a decisive battle, Supreme One! Let the infidels' blood fill the spaces between the stars!"
  18. "Once I swore to sacrifice you, Jacen Solo. Perhaps we shall have the sacrifice after all."
  19. "You are already dead! The only question is whether you will die honorably as Yuuzhan Vong, or as a cowardly disgrace to the gods who made you!"
  20. "I am killing you because you are no longer a resource, Viqi."
  21. "You are truly gifted, Viqi. On the day of our victory, your reward will be beyond imagining."
  22. "When Borleias has fallen, you will retain command, and the stories of new exploits will be added to your legend, as they should be."
  23. "The resources they bring to bear, tactics I cannot explain, all suggest that something is afoot there. I need someone to go there, root out the mystery, and then destroy the garrison…and to do so in such a way that our embarrassment is forgotten and theirs is legendary."
  24. "I will not offer advice. You are Czulkang Lah. You will crush them despite their state of readiness."
  25. "All living creatures serve the Yuuzhan Vong. And we serve the gods."

Gilad Pellaeon:

  1. "Every ruler should have a garden. It's always useful to draw lessons from nature... From a garden one learns to cull the weak and unfit and to encourage the strong and the vigorous. An inferior bud soon feels the strength of my pinch... Each receives its proper allotment of space and sunlight, and no more. That's fair, don't you think?"
  2. "This is not a cattle market on Shaum Hii, Lieutenant Tschel. This is the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Routine information is not—repeat, not—simply shouted in the general direction of its intended recipient. Is that clear?"
  3. "The young go through wars and think that the experience is enough to teach them to fear such conflicts. And then, years later, their children go to war, and suddenly the parents learn what fear really means."
  4. "Victory by natural selection? An interesting game plan, Solo."
  5. "I hope you're rushing to tell me that the chef has acquired Jacen Solo's entrails and is braising them for dinner... Life is full of disappointments."
  6. "Good grief, Rex, doesn't Skywalker tell his underlings to put clothes on? What does he think this is, a cruise liner?"
  7. "Skywalker, you're getting more dangerous the older you get. I hope I'm not around to see what you're going to be like when you get to be my age."
  8. "Ah, for the days when a commanding officer could dump a useless minion out the airlock without having to worry about filling in forms..."
  9. "What happens when we've bent the rules so far that they come around and stab us in the back?"
  10. "I'm too old to want glory. At my age, you worry more about what might be said about you after you're dead. I'd like to be recalled as an admiral who left the galaxy a little tidier and quieter than he found it."
  11. "Of course. Alderaanian, Caamasi, and Noghri. Three beings with the most reason to hate the Empire."
  12. "And it is yours to stand by. But hear this, Kurlen, you have pulled a weapon on me this day, an act of treason that under normal circumstances would be punishable by death. But these are not normal circumstances, and so I am prepared to overlook your insurrection. However, from this moment on you would be wise to be mindful of your actions. Because if you so much as breathe in a manner that I think is treacherous, then I will have your head. Is that understood?"
  13. "But the threat we have repelled is not the Yuuzhan Vong. It is something far more insidious. Indeed, we didn't know we were facing it until the very last, until it was almost too late to fend it off. That threat can be summed up in one word. It is a word that has more fear for me than extinction. It is irrelevance."
  14. "Isn't that what all leaders must do in times of war? I'm offering you a chance of victory as opposed to the certainty of our destruction. Mark my words: if we do nothing, we will be destroyed."
  15. "I don't need your agreement, Kurlen. When I say that I am advising the council, I am only following a formality. This is the way it will be, because that is the only way it has to be. I am simply saving you the need to think it through for yourselves."
  16. "My loyalty to the Empire is as strong as it has ever been. I will do what I must to ensure its survival."
  17. "Do you really believe that, Kurlen? We weren't able to resist a handful of Rebels, so how would we have resisted the massed might of the Yuuzhan Vong? Your reasoning is both faulty and circular -- and it is precisely the kind of reasoning that has brought us to these straits."
  18. "The Empire is foundering not from forces exterior to it, but as a result of its own internal weaknesses. Our current circumstances are our own fault; it is foolish to lay blame elsewhere for our own failings."
  19. "Like it or not, they have ruled the galaxy for almost as many decades as we did -- and with less bloodshed and military expenditure, I might add. Right now, they are the one thing that stands between us and enslavement and death at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, and it is time we acknowledged that. And we need to do it now before we bury ourselves beneath old grudges and an inability to accept reality."
  20. "Allying ourselves with the Galactic Alliance isn't the same thing as dissolving the Empire. That should be obvious even to a child, Kurlen. They're not asking us to surrender our sovereignty, nor will we. We will simply combine forces to our mutual benefit."
  21. "As I said earlier, the Empire exists today only because of luck: luck that the Yuuzhan Vong didn't attack sooner, and luck that emissaries from the Galactic Alliance came along when they did to show us how to fight effectively."
  22. "If we don't fight back now, the Yuuzhan Vong will return and strike us down without any mercy whatsoever. If we don't drive them back and join with our neighbors to keep them back, then no one will ever be safe again. And this Empire we hold so precious will completely cease to be."
  23. "If you can's accept that argument, Kurlen, then you'll have to learn to accept your irrelevance to the council instead... Yes, Kurlen, I am. The council will unanimously accept my proposal, or I will take the entire fleet with me when I leave."
  24. "Another warlord choking on remembered glories, you mean? There aren't many left, Kurlen. Our numbers have dwindled in futile attempts to reclaim something that was taken from us long ago. The galaxy isn't ours by right; we have lost it. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can begin to understand what role exists for us now. And if that role is to be part of the Galactic Alliance, then so be it. It has to be better than extinction. I for one am sick of fighting a war we can never win -- and against the wrong enemy, what's more."
  25. "We're not equipped for this at all, but I like a challenge. Good for morale when we pull it off."
  26. "I remember those days well. In some ways, I'd prefer not to."
  27. "Not everything, no. But I've had my share of losses."
  28. "I was overjoyed when he returned and I finally found a commander I could follow with a genuine hope of victory, rather than an endless string of defeats."
  29. "I have the feeling, Admiral, that our final offensive against the Rebellion may be ready to launch a bit ahead of schedule."
  30. "The Empire is doomed. There is little more that need be said."
  31. "Empire can be different. Provided we shoot all the lunatics who enjoy the idea."
  32. "If we're destroyed—if we all die—the concepts and ideals of the New Order die with us. But if we surrender, we can keep those ideals alive. Then, if and when the New Republic self-destructs, we'll be positioned to rise again. Maybe then the galaxy will finally be ready to accept us."
  33. "I'll get right to the point, Councilor. The war that began twenty-odd years ago is effectively over, and the Empire has lost... I'm sure the average Imperial citizen has recognized that truth for quite some time. It's merely been the leadership who have clung to the hope that the inevitable could somehow be prevented."
  34. "Understand this: If the Yuuzhan Vong can defeat the New Republic, we cannot stand against them. I suggest you use the time I will win us in fighting against them to make our worlds as secure as you can. If I fail, if you are made to play with your soldiers, I hope I do not live to see the results."
  35. "This is not the last you shall see of me, my friends. Right now, my people are afraid of helping you. There will come a time when they are more afraid of not helping you. I will return then. I just hope it won't be too late."
  36. "You may win the occasional battle against us, Vorrik, but the Empire will always strike back. That I promise you."
  37. "Once upon a time, I was certain I'd never hear those words directed toward me."
  38. "Pellaeon to Fleet. Fleet, this is Admiral Pellaeon. I order you to place your vessels at the complete disposal of Admiral Niathal, and take down Jacen Solo, for the honor of the Empire—"
  39. "It isn't the killing, you know. It's the beauty of battles that I love—the choreography and the challenge of executing everything just right—and the challenge of matching your wits against a capable opponent. I guess I carry a little more Thrawn with me than I'd like to believe."
  40. "He understands nothing but force–and I'm not talking about the one you Jedi regard so highly, either. I'm talking about the brute sort."
  41. "So that's Jacen's new Sith Order. Wiping out civilians…from a safe distance, and getting…a child to…kill an old man…just make sure…you can dismount from that…bloodfin of yours…"
  42. "The Empire is not run by committee, Princess. If I find that the Moff Council needs to know the substance of your message, then I'll be the one who tells them."
  43. "The Imperial fleet will withdraw immediately, and respect the ceasefire."
  44. "The battle for Ithor will determine the course of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. If we win here, they are blunted and can be driven back. If we lose here, I am not sanguine about the New Republic's chances for survival - nor those of Imperial Space."
  45. "Anathema to me? Yes. And I’m not appeasing the Moffs now. I’m trying to make the best of a situation that Jacen Solo will impose on the galaxy whether we join him or not. If we don’t, all the recovery effort after the last war will be for nothing. I anticipate that he will go the way of most despots, and fall, or even hang. If that happens—when that happens—we shall be there to pick up the pieces. I have no faith in the GA to run anything beyond their Coruscant front garden, let alone a galaxy.”
  46. "Let me see… by your logic, it’s acceptable to use these clones and spend their lives, because they were only created for war, and wouldn’t have existed otherwise. The problem I have with that, Lieutenant, is that they do exist, so they know how sweet life is—even from their limited experience—and therefore their lives are worth as much to them as ours are to us. So I’m sure you won’t object to accompanying the men on the next ground assault—and I mean on the ground. Will you?"
  47. "I’m a Corellian. As the saying goes, we won’t be driven."

Jacen Solo:

  1. "Maybe sending their most dangerous and aggressive warriors in to be killed by us will eventually reduce the gene pool, breed a more temperate Yuuzhan Vong."
  2. "Dad, we are not a committee."
  3. "Possessions are burdens. What you have can always be taken away, so wealth breeds fear."
  4. "You're a fraction of the man your father is."
  5. "And I would rather be meditating. C'mon, Threepio. You've done more dangerous things than this before... Show me what you're made of, Threepio."
  6. "No, the law decides who's a criminal. History just forgives them."
  7. "Damnation."
  8. "I want you to know — all the anger and the hate, I didn't bring it with me. Tell Jaina that I forgive her."
  9. "I just feel—I don't know. I hated it. I wanted it out of me. I wanted it dead—but, you know, while it was in me…it made me part of something. Like in the Nursery. During the fight, it was almost like having the Force again. Now—"
  10. "Being abandoned to my enemies, abandoned by one for whom I once had considerable affection and respect, was like being murdered…and surviving."
  11. "The Force is too big... The core of it, yes... There was a lot of travel time."
  12. "You appear to have decided I'm an idiot."
  13. "Well, you'd better sit down again, because this is a very long story."
  14. "Still don't quite have the hang of these jokes, do you? Come on, you know that's not the right response."
  15. "My sensibilities are my own, sir, and I have no wish to impose them upon you."
  16. "Not at all. I am merely explaining what, to me, would be your most prudent course of action at this moment. How you choose to respond to my opinion, of course, is entirely up to you."
  17. "If you ignore me, your people will be slaughtered. And no, I would not like that at all."
  18. "I'm uncomfortable with the term warrior. A Jedi stands for peace, not war."
  19. "I believe that there should be a way of achieving peace other than fighting."
  20. "Then it wouldn't be politics, would it?... I'm not laughing at you. It's just very refreshing to hear someone cut through the nonsense and ask real questions."
  21. "Do you think about the living beings in those fighters, or do you think about us in this ship, and can you ever be sure you took the only reasonable path open to you. I can't answer that. To become my apprentice, you have to be able to answer that in your own mind and live with the answer."
  22. "Tahiri, in the long term, it's easier to kill a powerful enemy than it is an apparently weak one. If you bring down a giant, you're a hero. If you kill something weak—even if it has to die—then you endure contempt. Being willing to be despised to serve the common good…that's the mark of a true Sith. You're going to make a fine apprentice for me, Tahiri."
  23. "It's okay, Tahiri. We're going to live to fight another day. It's our destiny."
  24. "Tahiri, I'm going to tell you something that's going to make you very angry. I want you to feed on its power, because you're going to need it before this last battle is over."
  25. "You may call me Darth Caedus. I shall be known only by my true name from now on."
  26. "I know what I don't want to do—I don't want to be part of an order or a select group. I don't want to be looked to as the guiding light of the new fealty, and I don't want to be surrounded by students who'll ask more of me than I can explain. Most of all, I don't want to be an object of fascination or admiration, because that'll only distract me from what I really need to learn. I don't have dreams of being a lightsaber master or an ace starfighter pilot, and I'm not on a campaign to change anyone or anything, except myself, maybe, just to clear away some of the confusion that's built up."
  27. "I guess you're pretty scared... Believe it or not, that situation isn't completely uncommon in my family. I know how you feel."
  28. "Okay, the thing of it is that you were shaped as a weapon by Jedi Masters who were part of a tradition that had developed into peacekeepers. I get the feeling, though, that's not how the Jedi began. I think the Jedi philosophy started as something that strengthened people within. The powers we manifest—I think those are all outgrowths of the internal strengthening, but a lot of those teachings were lost along the way. I mean, I feel the need for something inside."
  29. "It's as if I'm walking around in a circle, circling around the goal I want. Sometimes it seems as if I need to be alone, and others I'm thrust into the heroic mold that has shaped and consumed Uncle Luke. I know there are other approaches, but I don't know if they are right for me."
  30. "I slipped. I fell, barely on the dark side of…of the balance point. Everything started to slide. Everything. Do we have the right to use this…magnificent, terrifying light…as if we were in charge of the universe?"
  31. "Turning my back on this whole thing feels worse than being a part of it. I still don't like it, but I'll do it. I won't fight Dad anymore."
  32. "Am I worried about what's happening to us? Sure. This war is bringing out all that's selfish and wicked in the New Republic, corrupting the galaxy star by star. I see it pulling one Jedi after another to the dark side, making us fight to win instead of protect. But I can't push others down my path. Everyone needs to choose for themselves. Centerpoint taught me that much."
  33. "Fooled myself. I thought I was the only one who knows the difference between right and wrong. I realized that wasn't true—actually, Tenel Ka pointed it out—after what I said on the Exquisite Death. I've been trying to apologize to you since."
  34. "Your war was about light and dark. You and my mom versus Vader and the Emperor. But this war—For all the evil they do, the enemy aren't dark, exactly—the enemy are outside the Force entirely. So to fight them we need to…to make the Force bigger. Bigger than light and dark, bigger than human and Yuuzhan Vong…I'm talking nonsense, aren't I? Make the Force bigger. The Force is already all living things."
  35. "Call it an instinct. Zonama Sekot is the key to the whole thing—to victory. I'm sure of it."
  36. "It's happening... Another war. An eternal one... Good. Because I'm terrified."
  37. "I apologize. I actually do have to kill you now... That's not enough. You ruin the future, Thrackan. For the greater good, our Jedi traditions notwithstanding, I have to kill you."
  38. "Nelani, I'm sorry. You're…a deflector that would send the future spinning into tragedy. And you're too young, too weak to understand it, to correct it."
  39. "I can tell you, with the certainty of the Force, that failing to stamp out dissent completely now will result in the deaths of billions in the coming years. We stand on a tipping point where we can choose chaos or order."
  40. "It's not like that. It's not about ambition. It's about the galaxy, about peace. It's about building a different world."
  41. "Trust me, Finn. It might hurt you to hear this…but Jaina is the best pilot here."
  42. "Tenel Ka, you can't believe I'm going to surrender—to you or anyone else."
  43. "This place, so much greenery. Can't you feel the Force here, Corran?"
  44. "They look on Fey'lya as a kind of minor hero... And maybe we didn't know him as well as we should have."
  45. "The dhuryam isn't going to fight them. The Yuuzhan Vong are fanatics. For them, everything is Right or Wrong, Honorable or Evil, Truth of Blasphemy. When you fight fanatics, all you do is make them even more fanatic than they were when they started. Instead, my friend the World Brain is going to teach them something. They are about to discover that the Vongforming of Yuuzhan'tar is not going exactly to plan. In fact, everything is going to go just a little bit wrong for them from now on. No matter how hard they try, nothing will happen quite the way they want them to."
  46. "It's that fanatic thing. That's most of what's wrong with the Yuuzhan Vong. Instead of working with what is, they keep trying to force everything to be what they think it should be. That's not going to work on Yuuzhan'tar. They'll either have to murder the dhuryam and start over from scratch -- which they have neither the time nor the resources for -- or they're going to have to learn to compromise."
  47. "I can think of a few Jedi who could stand to learn that one, too."
  48. "I will have a hard time putting 'greatness' and 'Ganner Rhysode' in the same sentence."
  49. "You're the one who's supposed to be my guide through the lands of the dead, right? So go ahead and guide. Show me the way out of here."
  50. "What do you want me to do? I won't leave him! I won't! I can't let people keep giving their lives for me!"
  51. "I never liked you either. I thought you were nothing but a grandstander. A play-acting glory hunter, more concerned with looking good than with doing good."
  52. "I don't have to know. All I have to do is decide. Choose and act."
  53. "Listen: straight back on your right you'll find the Kashyyyk Senator's private office. There's a turbolift shaft behind a concealed door by his desk. Just slide down the inside of the shaft; it'll take you right into the tunnels... I think all the delegates' offices had them. They go into concealed tunnels that are full of shielded conference rooms for secret meetings and stuff. They even connect with Fey'lya's offices in the Imperial Palace... Ganner, those offices used to be my mother's... If you can reach the tunnels, you should at least be able to find a place to hide for a while. You might live a few days. You might even escape."
  54. "We've only got a minute or two before Nom Anor decides he can't keep pretending nothing's gone wrong. About two minutes after that, they'll blow open the Great Door. They'll kill me about thirty seconds later."
  55. "I don't have time to explain. I'm not even sure I can explain."
  56. "No, I don't. The only thing I have to do is be who I am."
  57. "Anakin had his path. Jaina has hers. I have mine."
  58. "No. You have to go. I have to... Ganner, listen. I need you to understand. The only power I have -- the only power any of us has -- is to be who we are. That's what I'm going to do here. Be who I am."
  59. "Then I lose. When you start to become who you are, the first thing you learn is that there is nothing to fear... That's the door. We're out of time. I guess we both lose."
  60. "You have to play the hero. Even if it kills you."
  61. "But you should know that it can also be your greatest strength. Give yourself permission to use that strength, Ganner. You'll need it."
  62. "Our side? You mean the New Republic side? I doubt it. I'm not sure who's side she's on. I'm not sure she's on anybody's. I'm not sure she believes in 'sides' at all."
  63. "Because I have decided to believe she won't betray me."
  64. "I don't. But I've been told that the Yuuzhan Vong would regard such a 'test' as sacrilege. Warriors would never be allowed to lie in ambush in the Well... My -- a friend. Her name's Vergere."
  65. "They say Fey'lya set off the bomb himself. They say he took out something like twenty-five thousand crack troops and a bunch of high-ranking Vong officers -- including the drop commander."
  66. "Your concern is an insult. Nothing can occur that is not My Will. If these creatures slept, it is because I made it so!"
  67. "Do not fear, Ganner Rhysode. Instead rejoice! The day of your Blessed Release has arrived!"
  68. "The Gifts of the True Gods are three. Life They give us, that we may serve Their Glory: this is the least of Their Gifts. Pain They gave us, that we may learn Life's value lies only in Their Service: this is a greater Gift. But the Greatest Gift of the Gods is Death: it is Their Release from the Burden of Pain and the Curse of Life. It is their reward, their grace, their mercy, granted liberally even to the unjust and the infidel."
  69. "Silence! Waste not your breath in prattle! Hear now the lore of the True Way!"
  70. "We can talk now, but not for long. I persuaded all the creatures monitoring us to take a nap... They were watching us. That was the point of that silly nerf-and-Wookiee show just now. The Yuuzhan Vong have decided I'm the avatar of one of their Twin Gods... They can't see us or hear us right now. Pretty soon somebody's going to come around to find out why. We have to be ready to go when they get here."
  71. "The Yuuzhan Vong remake everything they touch. It's not about names. My name is still Jacen Solo."
  72. "Well, actually, yeah. I am. Everything I tell you is a lie... See, the thing is everything everyone tells you is a lie. The truth is always bigger than the words we use to describe it."
  73. "Yeah. But not on you."
  74. "No. I'm not. But I was."
  75. "Thinking of me as Jacen Solo will only get in your way. I was the boy you knew, Ganner, but I'm not the boy who knew you."
  76. "I've been dead for months, Ganner. I died not long after Myrkr. I just haven't gotten around to lying down yet."
  77. "Nothing in the galaxy stops Jaina from doing pretty much whatever she decides to do. So I have to hold that part of myself shut down. If she finds out I'm alive, she'll come for me -- and that'll just get her killed, too. Like Anakin. And me. And you."
  78. "Then I'd be having this conversation with her. And you'd have the chance to live to a ripe old age."
  79. "But nothing worked. If you weren't so bloody brave, you might have lived through this."
  80. "You're the one who needs to understand, Ganner. You are really dead. When you came back to the chamber in the camp ship: that's what killed you. The warriors who were with me were going to slaughter you on the spot. The only way you could have escaped is if I'd helped you -- and if I had, if I'd shown them I was still a Jedi at heart -- the pilot would have triggered the dovin basal and wiped out the whole ship."
  81. "Suicide missions are honor for the Yuuzhan Vong. That stuff about the Blessed Release? That's not just dogma. They truly believe it."
  82. "We've both been dead for a long time, Ganner. And today -- today is the day we stop breathing."
  83. "Because I need you. Because I can use you. Because we both have a chance to make our deaths count for something... I've been waiting a long time for a chance to steal ten minutes alone in the Well of the World Brain. You, Ganner -- your 'sacrifice' -- you're my key in the door to the Well. All I need is to get in there."
  84. "I am going to teach the Yuuzhan Vong a lesson about the way the universe actually works."
  85. "You don't have to. Repeat after me: 'I have seen the Light of the True Way, and go to the Gods with joy in my heart, full of gratitude for Their Third Gift.'"
  86. "I'm not asking, Ganner. I'm offering. I don't need your cooperation. Ten minutes after I walk through the door of the Well, we'll both be dead whether you play along or not."
  87. "Choose and act... Choose to die here for nothing, or choose to die in the Well of the World Brain where your death can change the galaxy."
  88. "Trust, Ganner, is always an act of faith."
  89. "You want to see how much I trust you? Here... Take it. Use it, if you must. Even if you choose to use it on me."
  90. "It's Anakin's... A friend kept it safe for me. A friend."
  91. "You might need one. Since I destroyed yours."
  92. "I haven't seen my lightsaber since Myrkr. For what I have to do, weapons are irrelevant."
  93. "Better put that away. If they find it on you, they'll kill us both. I mean, they'll kill us both too soon."
  94. "May I worry about Jaina now?"
  95. "One hears stories of planets that move. But usually in the same tapcafs, and from the same people, who tell you of the Cursed Palace of Zabba Two, or old Admiral Fa'rey's ghost ship that plies the Daragon Trail."
  96. "I've never heard of Zonama Sekot by that name. And if your warning ever reached the Jedi Council, I haven't heard of it -- but then it's not likely I would have. We haven't had a Jedi Council in more than a generation."
  97. "I chose compassion as well. Compassion for Jaina over the knowledge that my attempt to rescue her was almost certainly useless... And then Vergere chose compassion as well. Compassion for me. And she gave her life for mine."
  98. "I hope you won't have to sacrifice yourself for me."
  99. "I know, and SELCORE isn't exactly keeping its commitments. Think about the way she was standing, too. And that falseness in her tone of voice…The way she held herself, and that strange little smile. They reminded me of the holovids I've seen of another Senator... Palpatine, pre-Empire. When he was on his way up, and he didn't care who or what he destroyed to get there."
  100. "She's also the one who put us here. Who decided Duro was safe."
  101. "They'd handed him extraordinary power, and one that he'd use to change the way the galaxy was governed. He'd use it to take down Chief of State Omas: he wasn't sure of the details yet, but he could do it, and soon. The Galactic Alliance would fall, not with the clash of lightsabers, or ion cannons fired, or troops surrounding the Senate, but with a sheet of flimsy and a nod of heads."
  102. "The Confederation will do what barbarians always do—divide the spoils."
  103. "No one else can do this. No one else is willing to make the necessary sacrifices."
  104. "It really doesn't matter. We've already won."
  105. "All GA vessels, this is your Chief of State, ordering you to fight on. All Imperial vessels-under the terms of our agreement, I insist that you rejoin the battle."
  106. "I don't recognize your authority."
  107. "We need to hit Fondor hard now, before their fleet closes in on us."
  108. "What are you saying? That the ends justify the means?"
  109. "That way lies the dark side. If we have no concern for the methods we use to win our goals, we are no better than the Emperor…or the Yuuzhan Vong."
  110. "Killiks are dangerous friends, but no one's enemy."
  111. "The Killiks are tied to the history of the galaxy in a way we don't understand yet. They were living in cities before humans learned to build, and they were a civilization before the Sith were spawned. They were here when Centerpoint and the Maw were constructed-and they were driven from Alderaan by the beings who did it."
  112. "If Corellia can be be brought to a heel, it sends the message that no single planet is bigger than the Alliance."
  113. "First we must control it."
  114. "What I want is for the trillions of ordinary people in the galaxy to be able to get on with their lives knowing that it's being run by a stable form of government. The vast majority of folk just get smashed by the fallout from the power struggles of a handful. I want to see that stop. I want to see power meaning duty, service, not a prize."
  115. "You know, Captain, I feel the hand of history on my shoulder. I really do."
  116. "Jaina is coming for me. Luke Skywalker couldn't kill me. What does she expect to do?"
  117. "Practically dead already. My sister is nothing to be concerned with. We've won. I've seen it."
  118. "Caedus. My name is Darth Caedus."
  119. "No, I need my own team… that's visibly separate from CSF. If civilian police are seen raiding homes and rounding up residents, it's going to make ordinary policing hard. Politically, it has to be separate—a Galactic Alliance special guard, if you like."
  120. "If G'Sil wants Omas's job, he hasn't shown it."
  121. "Okay, what time is it when an Imperial walker steps on your wrist chronometer? Time to get a new chronometer!"
  122. "You'd think with the pick of any of the worlds in the Unknown Regions that they'd have chosen one a bit more agreeable than this."
  123. "The report made him look like a common gangster, a thug who had seized power and then went about removing anyone who offended him or stood in his way, like some Hutt crime lord. Caedus wanted to comm the holozine and tell them they’d got it wrong; he was serving the common good. Gangsters were driven by wealth, by lust, or by some sick desire to see people cower. He wasn’t a criminal. He didn’t deal in drugs or rob anyone. He’d done what he had to do, because nobody else was willing to tackle the anarchy, or stand up to the old power elites. Did they think he could change the galaxy by asking people nicely to stop being monsters to each other?"
  124. "Mara, Lieutenant Tebut—I didn’t kill them for personal reasons. They were part of the path I had to take to be worthy of this office. How can you understand what a Sith has to do? How can you apply laws to us? Your ordinary laws weren’t meant for us."
  125. "Who would make the tough choices if they were hide-bound by conventional law? Had anyone protested about Luke Skywalker bringing down Palpatine? The Rebellion broke every law in the book, and killed many people, but citizens were ready to accept that because change was needed. Caedus was only doing the same thing, and yet he was vilified for it. He was wounded by the blindness around him. Why could they not understand? He wasn’t explaining it clearly enough, perhaps."
  126. “The way to be liked by your men is this—that they believe that you would never spend their lives cheaply, that their welfare comes first, and that you wouldn’t ask them to do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself. To share their trials and triumphs without being one of them, and they know that’s how it has to be—because they know an officer has to make decisions that cost lives, and that’s something you can do only if you remain sufficiently separate.”
  127. “Assassinate Gejjen. He’s a piece of work, and he’ll destabilize our allies. There’s no negotiating with a man who routinely resorts to state-sponsored assassination like that. The Corellians need to know we can reach out and take them, too. Sober them up a bit. Way too cocky.”
  128. “Everyone knows they had nothing to do with the attack. But they’re still working for Corellia, and I can’t suspend arrest warrants just because they’re family. That’s how corruption starts. Besides, what example does that set the troops? Will they ever trust us again if officers bend the rules for family?”
  129. “I think you could be. I’m not forcing you, but we need good officers coming through the ranks, because we’ll have a challenging role in the years to come.”
  130. “Excellent. I’ll get the adjutant to fix the paperwork. We’ll probably have to delay staff college until the security situation is more stable, but I’m sure Shevu or Girdun will be happy to guide you. And you’ll be able to keep an eye on Ben. He really trusts you.”
  131. “You might do Captain Girdun good, too. It’s interesting how a good apprentice creates a better teacher.”
  132. “Nothing like a united front in wartime. So we’re not the flavor of the month. Our glorious leader didn’t exactly spring to our defense.”
  133. “You realize that when Gejjen says someone has to go, he doesn’t mean a golden handshake and a framed certificate thanking them for loyal service.”
  134. “And then we divert our energies into an internal power struggle with Omas while we have a war to fight. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that if you take a shot at someone, you keep firing until they can no longer return fire. Wound them, and you have an angry enemy who knows your position.”
  135. “If he does a deal with Gejjen, we’re not just back to square one: the Alliance is in a worse position than when it started.”
  136. “I share the admiral’s fears about overstretch. Corellia is still the heart of this. I say we devote all our resources in the immediate term to an all-out assault on Corellia—invasion, in fact. Destroy their industrial base, and remove Gejjen and his cronies. The man’s already had his predecessor killed and made an attempt on the Hapan Queen Mother. I’ve no doubt you’ll be next.”
  137. “Actually, it does matter if it was lucky or not. Because it goes to the heart of the quality of our intelligence. I’m not happy with the quality of GA Intel, which, if you recall, is why I wanted to form the GAG from selected personnel. Intel isn’t up to the task we face now.”
  138. “I’m … interested to see that the military will cross the line from carrying out the government’s will into deciding policy.”
  139. “It’s an emergency kit. If we need to, we can change any minor law, and we can also change any big one if we play this smart. For example, if Aitch-Em-Three were to amend the Emergency Measures Act to include in its scope the GAG’s powers to detain heads of state, politicians, and any other individuals believed to be presenting a genuine risk to the security of the Galactic Alliance, and to seize their assets via the Treasury Orders Act, then I suspect people would look at Prime Minister Gejjen and nod approvingly.”
  140. “Senator G’Sil would simply task me to take care of it. I’m saving him the trouble of knowing. Plausible deniability.”
  141. “Regime change. We remove him from office long enough to get this war won, and then hand it back to Senator G’Sil when the situation is stable so that new elections can take place.”
  142. “I was thinking I might arrest him at the same time you present the evidence to G’Sil. When we move, we have to move fast. No room to be outmaneuvered.”
  143. “Don’t you think I know that? She’d be an idiot if she trusted anyone at this level of government.”
  144. “I’ll use it when I need to. Most of the time now, it’s overkill.”
  145. “Powers or not, I can’t control a galaxy on my own. I need to persuade, to carry people with me. The Force can’t affect the minds of millions.”
  146. “But it’s so fleeting. The line between a crazy impulse and guidance from the Force is getting harder to draw.”
  147. “That’s probably it. And it’s hard to kill someone who doesn’t deserve it.”
  148. “Maybe it won’t be so literal. I’m sending him to assassinate Dur Gejjen when he meets Omas to do his deal. It’s a job that needs doing, it tests Ben’s skills and commitment, it’s far easier for a teenage boy to get past Gejjen’s security, and … perhaps it will put him in real mortal danger... Now, is that a consequence of the task, or is that why I’m sending him? Am I sending him to his death?”
  149. “She’s taken the Brisha story to heart. Nothing like killing someone’s child to guarantee a blood feud, is there?”
  150. “And you wanted to put him in his place. Show him he had no leverage … that you were over him?”
  151. “You taught me that anger and passion are what make Sith strong.”
  152. “She’s hanging on to that GAG connection she found to track you. Keep her occupied elsewhere.”
  153. "This has to be about more than getting tough on chaos and disorder. I need to be tough on the causes of chaos and disorder—greed, corruption, and ambition."
  154. “You’re right, I didn’t run for office, which is why I won’t remain joint Chief of State any longer than I have to. Would you like to see something? Inside the building?”
  155. “That’s Chief Omas’s office. It’s for the elected head of state. It stays sealed until someone is elected to fill it. Neither I nor Admiral Niathal has moved in. That matters very much to us.”
  156. “I’m here to serve the galaxy. Never underestimate the power of being pleasant.”
  157. “I hope we’ve reassured you. And I’m glad you feel you can raise this with us, because there’s no point fighting a war if we can’t behave as a democracy even when things get difficult.”
  158. “It’s true from a certain point of view. He does practice with it.”
  159. “But we shouldn’t make assumptions. They can be misleading.”
  160. “The secrecy is a security precaution. The trick’s effectiveness would be compromised if its nature was revealed.”
  161. “So far, I’m the only one Ben feels comfortable using the Force around. But I’m sure that will change once he realizes that the Force is our friend.”
  162. “Had Tenel Ka lacked courage, you would have died never knowing I was here. Instead she’s willing to risk keeping you alive for a public trial. Her security team will be arriving soon. I’ve made sure they won’t need to kill anyone to reach you.”
  163. “Your act isn’t fooling me. I sense your true emotions in the Force.”
  164. “There is no spycam, Ta’a Chume. I’m here looking for answers to my own questions—not gathering evidence for Tenel Ka.”
  165. “That would be me. And I’m very determined to protect my daughter.”
  166. “I’d like some answers, and we don’t have long before the security team arrives... So we can do this the easy way … or we can do it the hard way.”
  167. “Sure I can. The Jedi learned some new tricks during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong—or hadn’t you heard?”
  168. “Not the only way. There is another.”
  169. “You can signal for help all you like—your bodyguards won’t be coming—but please don’t attempt to point that hold-out blaster at me. I promised Tenel Ka I wouldn’t kill you, and I’ll be very angry if you make me break my word.”
  170. “I see you’re making the most of your house arrest, Ta’a Chume.”

Tenel Ka Djo:

  1. "I will need you to explain why that's funny."
  2. "Only if you do not require me to laugh."
  3. "And this is what you learned in the five years you were gone?... It took five years to learn that?"
  4. "My lineage is tainted by generations of bloodthirsty, power-hungry tyrants. I am not proud that I was born to the royal family of Hapes. I do not wish my friends to know that I am heir to the throne, because I have done nothing to earn it, choose it, or deserve it."
  5. "Ah. A-hah. Yes, that is very funny."
  6. "You talk too much. Or do you intend to use your foul breath as a weapon against me?"
  7. "Master Skywalker, forgive me for speaking so candidly, but have you lost your mind?"
  8. "Don't tell me Admiral Niathal has prevailed on you to talk me out of my last fleet."
  9. "I am hoping you will. Because it is going to break my heart to open fire on you."
  10. "First, they must want to be redeemed. All Caedus wants is to control everything he sees. There is no use wishing otherwise."
  11. "I do not believe you will need this. Your instincts and reactions were commendable."
  12. "They're going to be fine. If anyone can do this, it's Han and Leia Solo."
  13. "My grandmother is power-hungry. She manipulates. I am not sure she even knows how to love."
  14. "I know my grandmother. She will never fully relinquish the throne. Perhaps she envisions ruling a second time, through someone younger and more tractable than either my mother or Princess Leia."
  15. "They say that anger is of the dark side."
  16. "You talk too much or do you intend to use your foul breath as a weapon against me?"
  17. “It’s very different, being the focus of government after you’ve enjoyed the relative freedoms of being a deputy. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake for you.”
  18. “Make sure you both have different ambitions. It’s far safer than both wanting the same thing.”
  19. “I think the phrase is lonely at the top, Jacen Solo.”
  20. “I see you’re getting used to the Hapan level of mistrust …”
  21. “Go ahead and pick her up, Jacen. You do know how to hold a newborn, don’t you?”
  22. “The Force, Jacen. I slowed things down. Life will be dangerous enough for our daughter without my nobles knowing you are the father.”
  23. “In a minute, Ben. But first, stand up and let me have a look at you. I haven’t seen you since you were a baby yourself.”
  24. “In my day, apprentices did not address their Masters by their first names.”
  25. “Perhaps one day. Until then, you’re a very lucky young man. You could not ask for a better guide.”
  26. “Ben, you must keep this secret. The baby’s life will depend on it.”
  27. “Jacen, I have kept myself in seclusion for months. And most of my nobles have guessed why. The list of suspects includes every family who has reason to believe the child does not carry their blood.”
  28. “Who is Gorog? And what is he doing in my vents?”
  29. “The Dark Nest? Why is it okay to have the Dark Nest in my air vents?”
  30. “I am not worried about what Gorog did to him. I am worried about those bruises on his throat.”
  31. “We need to leave here. If I know my grandmother, she already knows that her first attempt failed.”
  32. “I know she is. The only ones who know about the escape tunnel are the Queen Mother … and the former Queen Mother.”

Allana Solo:

  1. "I don't think you can promise that. Even Grandpa and Grandma don't usually fly into the middle of a Sith ambush—at least not on purpose."
  2. "Jedi are supposed to be strong!"
  3. “So when you don’t come to see us I can talk to him instead.”

Valin Horn:

  1. "Funny. That's what I was going to say to you."
  2. "I'd been trying to move the rock with my mind for a while first. Then I decided to try that other way. I guess I'll never be a powerful Jedi."
  3. "Hey. I'm not a brat."
  4. "But those guys with Vehn weren't Yuuzhan Vong."
  5. “Stang, Mom, you’re feeding your son, not a squadron of Gamorreans.”
  6. “You may address me as Jedi Horn. You don’t have the right to use my personal name.”
  7. “You probably know from your research that the Jedi don’t worry much about amputations. We know that a severed limb can readily be replaced by a prosthetic that looks identical to the real thing. Prosthetics offer sensation and do everything flesh can. They’re ideal substitutes in every way, except for requiring maintenance. So we don’t feel too badly when we have to cut the arm or leg off a very bad person. But I assure you, that very bad person remembers the pain forever.”
  8. “No, you’re not. You know what you’re going to do instead? You’re going to tell me what you’ve done with my mother!”
  9. “They may have made you a virtual double for my father. But they can’t have given you his expertise with the lightsaber.”
  10. “When I cut you in half, that’s all the proof anyone will ever need that you’re not the real Corran Horn.”
  11. "Or both."

Wedge Antilles:

  1. "But, sir, I was just going to say how smart you looked in your uniform. I think we ought to stay here, in uniform, a couple of hours so the holographers can capture the image. You know, for the historians."
  2. "Well, it offends me. Turn it off."
  3. "Tomer, I direct your attention to the word 'let'. You've misused it. You don't 'let' me, or 'not let' me, anything. Understand?"
  4. "I expected you to be dead."
  5. "I thought maybe you'd be able to do what I never could. Get Wes up to an emotional age of fourteen, maybe fifteen."
  6. "Leia's two doors down, with two strange men... Han and Luke are two strange men."
  7. "Sometimes I miss my sanity."
  8. "No, General. I'm not your subordinate. And what I'm coming dangerously close to is violence."
  9. "We're going to face them with an enemy they've never had the displeasure of fighting. We're going to hit them with the Empire."
  10. "The Alliance will just have to make do with guys like Darklighter, Page, and Cracken."
  11. "We keep trying to retire. Give up this life of shooting things."
  12. "Yes, sir. I trust you'll wear your dress uniform for an event like that."
  13. "Lieutenant, you're out of uniform. And you know, wearing an Ewok as a swimsuit is a felony on some worlds."
  14. "Of course you can. You could also have me assassinated in a time of peace for having nicer hair than you. If I worried about that sort of thing, I'd never get any sleep."
  15. "There are two types of male pilots. Good men, such as the ones I never tried to break or run out of my squadrons, whom I would shoot before I ever trusted them with my daughter. And worse men, whom I would shoot if I caught them looking at my daughter."
  16. "Jay something. Isn't that right? Jay, Jay... That's it. Jaina Solo."
  17. "Wes, assuming he could be educated up to Alliance fighter-pilot standards, an Ewok couldn't even reach an X-wing's controls... Please tell me you're kidding."
  18. "If you continue to map the Unknown Regions, you'll have to call them something else."
  19. "The lieutenant and I once knew a very fine human pilot who went by Piggy. There's no 'derogatory component' to it in this squadron. Rather, it's a badge of honor I hope you can live up to."
  20. "So you're all now part of Rogue Squadron. What you can expect of the future is this: endless amounts of boredom and routine punctuated by moments of sheer terror. As good as you are, statistical studies of fighter pilots indicate most of you will die in your first five missions. While survivability goes up after that, the odds are still not good that you will live to see the complete destruction of the Empire."
  21. "The New Republic might promote me and this squadron as immortal and immune to danger, but I know better than that. Two of us, just two, survived Yavin. A half dozen survived Hoth and just four of us lived through Endor. As far as I'm concerned the Death Stars lived up to their names."
  22. "When I was your age, I borrowed a Headhunter, that's a type of starfighter, from a friend, and used it to kill the men who were responsible for my parents' deaths. A deliberate act of revenge. The whole universe changed. All the things that had surprised or shocked or offended me just the day before became nothing, instantly."
  23. "Twenty. Which is when I first had a commanding officer."
  24. "I remember the days before Yavin when we were all young, armored with the invincibility of youth and fired by the belief that the Emperor's evil Empire could not win. It didn't, but the cost was more horrible than any of us could have imagined."
  25. "You are a long way from the family fueling depot, Wedge Antilles…"
  26. "If the Death Star didn't stop you an' me…what can these things do?"
  27. "I'm proud to say this is truly the first day of a New Republic, freed from the tyranny of the Empire forever. We're all gathered on the planet's surface. I can hear music and laughter drifting through the trees. I can't help but pause and take a long look at my friends: Luke, Han, the Princess, Lando, and all the other Rebels who fought long and hard in the trenches. Guys like me, guys just doing their job. And I can't help feeling…we're all heroes now."
  28. "It's just that, after every major victory, I hope the fighting is over. But it'll never be over…Even after we defeat the Imperials, there will be someone…another threat to peace… Actually, I'm trying to find a way to tell you I've never been more committed. We have to keep fighting so that others don't have to."
  29. "Not to see you, sir, but to have had you send for me. I know you're from Corellia, like me, but I don't know you, do I?"
  30. "We'd just have killed that many more Death Stars is all. There's no stopping freedom."
  31. "After seven years of nonstop fighting, the leadership of the New Republic decided to rebuild and revitalize this unit. This was a wise choice because all of us—those who had survived—had seen a lot of new pilots come into Rogue Squadron and get killed in Rogue Squadron. […] Rogue Squadron had become a symbol for the Alliance. It needed to live up to its legend and become once again an elite group of pilots who could be called upon to do the sort of impossible jobs Rogue Squadron has always managed to complete."
  32. "If you want Rogue Squadron to fly cover for such a mission, you have us."
  33. "This isn't a Death Star we're going after, and this mission doesn't have that sense of urgency. That's because back then we were fighting for the very survival of the Rebellion. The fact is, though, this mission is just as important as either of the Death Star runs. This time we're fighting for the future of the Rebellion and all the people who want freedom from the Empire. That's a lot less immediate than what we fought for in the old days, but in many ways it's far more noble a goal. This mission isn't going to be easy, but I know we can do it."
  34. "We can argue who gets stuck with credit later."
  35. "This is wrong, and you know it. After all we've fought for, to get to this point and arrest someone who's risked his life time and again for the Rebellion on evidence that's circumstantial at best is a crime itself. A crime worthy of the Empire."
  36. "You're correct, of course, General. We did fight for justice. The pity is, even in victory, justice still eludes those who deserve it the most."
  37. "I joined this Rebellion to fight the Empire's tyranny. Just because we have Coruscant doesn't mean it's ended. The New Republic might not be able to strike at Thyferra, but there are Rebels around who can. I quit, too."
  38. "Since the battle at Endor, the military's public relations groups have represented Rogue Squadron as if we were the lightsaber of the New Republic. A bright, shiny weapon to cut down any dark Imperial holdovers who still stand against us. But, sir, not all battles call for lightsabers. Some of them are fought with vibroblades in back alleys. The New Republic needs those vibroblades too, and doesn't have them."
  39. "Ladies, gentlemen, I'm acting on my own initiative and sending off a request that High Command approve my new plan. Which is this: We've just become crewmen in Warlord Zsinj's fleet…and we're going to do his bidding until we can find a way to strike at him."
  40. "Get the Wraiths together. We're going to conduct one of their insane speculation and planning sessions. Pilots' lounge. And invite any Rogues who want to attend. As usual, with Zsinj, we have to dig one level farther down."
  41. "Maybe, ultimately, I believe in happy endings. I can hope for them, anyway."
  42. "It's been eight or nine years now that I've been fighting against the Empire. There were times I didn't think I was going to live another moment. I don't think I ever let myself dream I might survive this long, to see this sort of victory. This was always a goal, but now that it's here…I never really dared let myself look beyond the next battle, and now, it seems, there might truly be an end to the warfare. I don't know what I'll do with myself."
  43. "Yeah, I started out as a lucky pilot who managed to survive the Battle of Yavin, and look where I ended up: commanding a Super Star Destroyer."
  44. "Nothing I'd like better than to be back with the squadron, but, you know, I've spent the last eleven years of my life blowing things apart. When I returned to Coruscant and I saw all that had been destroyed here, and all the folks left homeless—like you and Mirax—I don't know, something in me wanted a change."
  45. "I've been looking at the two sides of my life. My career and my personal life. Except for the fact that I'm not flying nearly as much as I want to, I have no complaints about my career. I'm doing important work and being recognized for it. But my personal life…Qwi, you were the last part of my personal life. Now there's nothing there."
  46. "We're in kind of the same position here. Play by the rules, do as we're told, keep our careers—and lose everything. Or risk, and probably lose, everything—except our word. The thing is, our word is the one thing no one can take from us unless we leave it vulnerable."
  47. "If we win, you'll get the credit. It will stop the no-confidence vote when you return. It'll allow you to remain Chief of State... She denounces us. We become rogues who went off on our own, trying to save the New Republic, and failing. If we fail, Leia, our reputations won't matter."
  48. "No, thanks. Tried it, didn't like it."
  49. "We heard from various sources that you're going to be going to war. We're too old to fly, but not to help out. You need us, you've got us."
  50. "I think that we're right at the edge of annihilation. Not just the government. Our entire culture, our history. If the Yuuzhan Vong win, they won't necessarily wipe us out…but they'll ingest us. Digest us. We'll become the Yuuzhan Vong, and everything we stood for, everything we aspired to, will vanish. It would be as if we were a hologram and the power was suddenly cut off. Gone without a trace. I'm not going to let that happen to my daughters, or to your children."
  51. "Our people have just taken a tremendous kick in the teeth—the loss of Coruscant. We're going to kick in return. If you run from neks, or Vong, they won't respect you. They'll chase you, drag you down, and kill you. Only if you stand your ground do you have a chance of survival. If we dig in our heels here and slap the Yuuzhan Vong across the face, it may do some harm to their morale. It may do some good for ours."
  52. "Captain, the Galactic Alliance is teeming with officers who were compelled to retire after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, for the simple reason that a peacetime military doesn't need as many of them. Some of these folks are quite brilliant, and, unlike me, they're anxious to get back into uniform. Me, I'm anxious to sit around in comfortable clothes all day, give my wife all the time my military career wouldn't allow me to give her, and complete my memoirs. You're looking for the wrong man."
  53. "Just like the Rebellion days. No, I was going to say, you've brought me in for military advice, you're acquiring personnel and materiel, you have a base of operations and an agenda that involves interacting with two major galactic powers—has it occurred to you that you're setting up a third government here?... Well, you are. The Jedi are now a cross-planetary, self-governing body, and you're their Chief of State. You might need to start thinking along those lines."
  54. "Here's the truth: I kill the enemy so someone, somewhere—probably someone I've never met and never will meet—will be happy... Yes, it does. I told you how I lost my parents. Nothing I ever do can make up for that loss. But if I put myself in the way of people just as bad as the ones who killed my family, if I burn them down, then someone else they would have hurt gets to stay happy. That's the only honorable thing about my profession. It's not the killing. It's making the galaxy a little better."
  55. "Me, I'm the quintessential soldier who does his job very well. But what is that job? Two things: neutralizing Imperials and, the part I take most seriously, keeping my people alive."
  56. "It's the wanted poster, right? All the women like that wanted poster…"
  57. "It took me a while to figure that out, and to understand just how much I need you to be in my life. As my friend, and more than my friend, for good. Now you tell me it can't happen. Because of mistakes. I made some, you made some, and now our chances are all behind us? No, Iella. That would be another mistake, and the older we get, the less time we have to bounce back from them. I'm tired of making mistakes. You're a grown woman and in training. If you want me out of your room, it'll take you just one knee and a little leverage to put me out. But you can't just tell me to go, not this time. I love you. I'm not going to meekly walk away."
  58. "No matter how long it takes, I'll help you to remember. And if we can't find all of your past again…then I'll help you make new memories to fill those spaces."
  59. "What I know, General, is this: Tycho Celchu is a hero—much more of a hero than I am. On Hoth he fought as fiercely as anyone and at Endor he piloted an A-wing that led a bunch of TIE fighters on a merry chase through the Death Star. He took them off our backs while Lando and I went in and blew the installation's reactor."
  60. "I think you've got her interested, Tycho. She just doesn't know it yet."
  61. "And I've had better in the past, Tycho. For now, given what we're facing, this is the best of a bad lot."
  62. "He's no different from you, Admiral—he's a warrior. What he knows, what he can teach, will keep pilots alive. Of course, there's no way General Salm will ever let him fly in combat again."
  63. "Lieutenant, I want you to understand two things: First, I have the utmost trust and confidence in Captain Celchu. I have no reservations—none—about him, his service, his skills, or his commitment to the Alliance."
  64. "Tycho has been here as long as the rest of us have and has been working for me. I wanted one sabacc card that wouldn't change value on me and he was it. He'd been to Coruscant inside two years ago, knew how to get around, and, as we saw just now, has turned out to be very useful."
  65. "I'd be happy to remain in charge officially, but for all squadron activities, Captain Celchu is more than qualified to lead…and now that he's been cleared of the formal charge of Corran Horn's murder and the informal charge of being a brainwashed double agent, there shouldn't be any responsible objection to his full return to duties."
  66. "I was years older than you when I became an ambassador for the first time. Remember that, Tycho? How did we get through that assignment, anyway?"
  67. "We're going to face them with an enemy they've never had the displeasure of fighting. We're going to hit them with the Empire."
  68. "Corran Horn was not a man who gave up, no matter what the odds. More than once he took upon himself the responsibility of dealing with a threat to the squadron and to the Rebellion. Heedless of his own safety, he engaged overwhelming forces and by sheer dint of will and spirit and courage he won through. Even here, on Coruscant, he flew alone into the heart of a storm that was ravaging a planet and risked his life so this world would be free. He did not fail, because he would not let himself fail. Each of us who knew him has, in our hearts, dozens and dozens of examples of his bravery or his concern for others, or his ability to see where he was wrong and correct himself. He was not a perfect man, but he was a man who sought to be the best he could be. And while he took pride in being very good, he didn't waste energy in displays of rampant egotism. He just picked out new goals and drove himself forward toward them."
  69. "You've got the makings of a superior pilot, but you aren't there yet. You have the skills you need, but there is more to being part of this squadron than flying well. The training you get will be a bit different from the others, but your need to learn is just as great."
  70. "There's no pilot I know of for certain who can outfly lightning, but I'd sooner bet on Corran than against him."
  71. "For now, let's just be glad that, for whatever reason, Thrawn discovered he had better things to do, and let's be ready for when he decides to come back at us again."
  72. "When you arrived on this station, you said you thought I would have protected Mirax from the likes of Corran. The real story is that I was overjoyed when they became friends. Mirax needed someone as stable as Corran because she's never really sure where you are or what's happened to you. And Corran, he needed someone with Mirax's curiosity and fervor for life because he'd been cut off from everyone he knew and trusted. Both of them were gyros that needed to be spin balanced, and they did that for each other."
  73. "I don't think any pilot from Tatooine ever found a mission tough, especially when it involves racing through a canyon."
  74. "Biggs was with us at the start, and you were with us when we restarted Rogue Squadron. In many ways the Darklighters and their victories and sacrifices are more emblematic of Rogue Squadron than anything Tycho and I have done. It's certainly the right thing to have you in charge."
  75. "This is Major Wes Janson, and if you're not aware of his exploits, I'm sure he'll be delighted to give you the whole story."
  76. "I don't plan to die here, Luke. And while I don't think I can hold Borleias, I might be able to make it a name that causes little Vong children to whimper."
  77. "We left Coruscant with just the ships on our backs. We need to take stock, take inventory…and calculate the enormity of the disaster that we've just experienced."
  78. "The Yuuzhan Vong are going to hit us here at Borleias. We need to draw them in, give them some success they don't deserve, so they'll grow to depend on and anticipate tactics that we can abandon when we need to."
  79. "It's the sort of victory that can cost us the war. We were hoping to get a Yuuzhan Vong commander of average skills, with an average fleet, and I suspect that we did. We were going to string him along for as much time as we could, but circumstances today dictated that we wipe him out right away. The next one they send is going to be much tougher, and that's going to make things more difficult for all of us."
  80. "By the way, you're now Ganner Three and Mara's Ganner Four... Can you think of a better name for someone fighting a delaying action?"
  81. "They're just… different. Hand them an ordinary set of instructions and they'll carry them out in an ordinary fashion. Hand them an objective without instructions and they accomplish it some strange way. Like that whole fake Millennium Falcon ploy, and what Piggy was doing, and the data they got off Commenor's planetary computer net. I'm having a hard time anticipating them."
  82. "Ladies, gentlemen, I'm acting on my own initiative and sending off a request that High Command approve my new plan. Which is this: We've just become crewmen in Warlord Zsinj's fleet… and we're going to do his bidding until we can find a way to strike at him."
  83. "We'll be founding our own pirate band, Wraiths, and then assaulting a planetary system that Zsinj is courting—or should be, if he isn't. Officially, we'll be assigned to the Mon Remonda with Rogue Squadron; funny, though, the other pilots will never see us in the ship's corridors."
  84. "Mission One is the meeting with Zsinj. Face commands and has chosen Dia and Kell to accompany him. This is all intelligence gathering, very delicate, which is why the crew is full of deadly killers."
  85. "We'll vape Zsinj together and you can go back to a life of irresponsible good cheer."
  86. "I'm not going to point a blaster at my best friend. Plus, his pilot will be obliged to jump in the way or do something equally noble and foolish. I'm not going to point a blaster at my little girl."
  87. "Tainer was a fighter-craft mechanic on Sluis Van. When he came to the Alliance, he trained as a demolitions expert. Served with Lieutenant Page's commandos, then demonstrated a native talent for fighting in re-creational simulators and got permission to train in the real thing."
  88. "I'll bet you've had this dream, a dream of being a pilot and restoring the honor to your family's name, since you were back on Alderaan. Well, you've yet to fly a combat mission and you're already about to wash out of the pilot ranks. Here's your last chance. So, do you stay or do you go?"
  89. "Also, we now have a unit designation. Courtesy of Tyria Sarkin, we are Wraith Squadron."
  90. "Well, I thought I'd tell High Command so they'll know what they need to give me."
  91. "Now to what we're here for. You ten, plus Lieutenant Janson and myself, are forming a new squadron; that much you know. What you probably don't know is that we're doing something a little new."
  92. "We have broadcast codes that will get us past the Ession system's security forces. Implacable will join us on Ession's primary moon for the ambush. Then we drop the heavy end of the hammer on them."
  93. "As of now, Wraith Squadron has been recommissioned as an Intelligence unit. Commandos, insurgents, pilots—it will do whatever the situation warrants. With, unfortunately, less celebrity than even the little an X-wing unit typically receives."
  94. "In the time Jesmin served with Wraith Squadron, I found her to be an excellent flyer and a superior officer. Her skills with communications equipment saved Folor Base from a disastrous assault; every person stationed at that base at the time of its evacuation owes her his life."
  95. "Lieutenant Loran. You returned your X-wing to the training frigate Tedevium in the worst shape her mechanics had ever seen a flying snubfighter. You arrived in similar shape for an organism. As I understand it, parts of you and your X-wing were intermingled... For this, we present to you the Award of the Mechanic's Nightmare."
  96. "Genocide is what the Emperor did. It's what the Yuuzhan Vong do. It shouldn't be what we do. If it is, I'm fighting for the wrong cause."
  97. “And it cost him his eye. I remember the story. Now I remember it. That explains a lot.”
  98. “Biggs, Porkins, Corran, my parents—I never saw their dead bodies. Partly because of your father’s story, I suspect, and just human stubbornness, I find myself sometimes expecting to see them walk into my office.”
  99. “That’s the trick of it, Mirax, you were a lot closer than you imagine. The two of you shared a lot of the same qualities. Your father and Corran’s father were mortal enemies. Why? Because they were a lot alike, too. Both of you had strong relationships with your fathers, which is reflected in how you turned out. Under different circumstances old Booster and Hal Horn probably could have been friends. You and Corran became friends because you met under those different circumstances.”
  100. “First, if you can’t control your daughter, how can I be expected to control her? Second, just as I told her, Corran isn’t his father. He’s one of the best men I know.”

Tycho Celchu:

  1. "No power in the universe could do that. Not Darth Vader and the dark side of the Force, not the nuclear devastation of an exploding sun."
  2. "Pity the Alliance."
  3. "We're really men of peace at heart."
  4. "We'll put that in your biography. General Antilles was so good he couldn't fail when he tried to."
  5. "War never is, Gavin. Let's just hope, together, we can make it very short."
  6. "I can't believe that we're sitting here wearing different uniforms."
  7. "If you're too old for this, the New Republic might as well give up now. Barring a squadron of Jedi Knights winging their way in here, you're the best we've got. That may not impress you, but there are plenty of Imp pilots out there who don't sleep the whole night through because of dreams about you being on their tail."
  8. "Wait, slow down. A week ago, Wedge vaporized the Emperor and half the Imperial High Command—I know that Imperials tried to stab us in the back after the truce at Bakura, but isn't the war basically over? Why won't the Imperials just surrender?"
  9. "It's not the difficulty of the task, m'lady, but the degree of motivation. You once rewarded me with a kiss, and for the chance at another, I'll tear this ship apart. Believe it."
  10. "I know I'm not. Being able to prove it is something else again."
  11. "I put up with it because I must. Enduring it is the only way I can be allowed to fight back against the Empire. If I were to walk away from the Rebellion, if I were to sit the war out, I would have surrendered to the fear of what Ysanne Isard might, might, have done to me. Without firing a shot she would have made me as dead as Alderaan, and I won't allow that. There's nothing in what I have to live with on a daily basis that isn't a thousand times easier than what I survived at the hands of the Empire. Until the Empire is dead, I can never truly be free because I'll always be under suspicion. Living with minor restrictions now means someday no one has to fear me."
  12. "Since my capture by the Empire right here on Coruscant I've been their prisoner. I've never really escaped the Empire because they managed to make others suspicious of me. I was outraged then and have been since, but protesting wouldn't do me any good. The only way I can be free, truly free, is for the Empire to be destroyed. I know, as it falls apart, someone somewhere will have the information that will set me free."
  13. "Corran, we got her. That's all that counts."
  14. "You know, Rogue Leader, it occurs to me that those Imperials wouldn't have so many ships available to pound us with if they had to protect their shipyard at the same time."
  15. "It's called the gray fallacy. One person says white, another says black, and outside observers assume gray is the truth. The assumption of gray is sloppy, lazy thinking. The fact that one person takes a position that is diametrically opposed to the truth does not then skew reality so the truth is no longer the truth. The truth is still the truth. The truth in this case is simple: Krennel is an unreconstructed Imperial who has been shown in the past to have a penchant for cruelty and murder."
  16. "Pretty much, we opened fire on everyone who disagreed with us."
  17. "They're not going to like the Empire."
  18. "I am Tycho Celchu, son of Alderaan, now orphan of the galaxy. I have come to this place of my birth to pay homage to who I was and those I knew. And those I loved and love still. It is my wish that when life abandons me, I am returned here to be among you, so that for eternity we may be together as we should have been in life. These gifts are but insufficient tokens of the love for you all that still burns within me. This fighter is another. It bears the colors of the Alderaanian Guard and transmits their code. It is my pledge to you—not of vengeance but of vigilance. I hope you rest well knowing you will rest alone, because it is my life's work to see to it that no one else suffers as you have. I won't rest until this quest is complete. Rest easy. I miss you all."
  19. "You could say that. It's more than a 'we're survivors of Alderaan thing,' for me, anyway."
  20. "He's Tsavong Lah's father. An old, fierce, terrifying warrior and teacher of warriors. He's like the Garm Bel Iblis of the Yuuzhan Vong."
  21. "This assignment is no milk run, Antilles. This is a tricky diplomatic mission with a lot at stake, and just trying to keep up with the Jedi can get you killed. But if you help keep the Alliance and the Jedi in touch, if you keep them talking, you'll be making a big difference in this war."

Talon Karrde:

  1. "Oh, I don't know. What did it take to lure you away from the carefree life of an independent trader?... Exactly. Now, if she had a sister – I don't suppose she does?"
  2. "Jealous, Solo?... Well, your son is pulling down easily three times what you were ever worth."
  3. "Honorable beings are so difficult to find."
  4. "So I'm worth twenty thousand now. I'm flattered."
  5. "Perhaps after the Imperials leave, you can ask General Calrissian about the perils of making bargains while stormtroopers are strolling around your territory."
  6. "You know I'm always at your service... Certainly. Cash or account?"
  7. "Luck is certainly part of it. On the other hand, I've found that what most people call luck is often little more than raw talent combined with the ability to make the most of opportunities."
  8. "Yes. It will be some time, I think, before anyone has the resources to pay any attention to us."
  9. "I've decided it's a good time for building."
  10. "It's a matter of relative strength. Here on the ground, with an Imperial Star Destroyer orbiting overhead, we have no bargaining position at all. I wouldn't do business under such circumstances even if Thrawn was the most trustworthy client in the galaxy. Which he's not. Now do you understand?"
  11. "Thank you. Perhaps after the Imperials leave, you can ask General Calrissian about the perils of making bargains while stormtroopers are strolling around your territory."
  12. "I'm authorizing it, Councilor. The Katana fleet is still mine, and will remain so until the New Republic takes possession of it. Until then, I make the rules."
  13. "Actually, I wasn't planning to waste their valuable time telling them about it. Have you ever met my associate Ghent?"
  14. "Why not? On the contrary, we'd be doing them a service. Why clutter their lives with these troublesome accounting details while they're trying to survive a war?"
  15. "You're not associated with me, Shada. Everyone else aboard the ship is. I would have come alone, but I knew I couldn't survive the trip to Exocron in anything smaller or less well armed than the Wild Karrde. Car'das is a vengeful man; but like Bombaasa, he likes to consider himself cultured. I hope to talk him out of killing me, of course; I hope even more that he won't harm my crew. But if he's adamant on settling old scores…I hope at least I can persuade him to let you go back to the New Republic with a copy of the Caamas Document."
  16. "The same way I talked Pellaeon into it, actually. I simply pointed out that the key to a stable and calm peace is both sides knowing the other isn't plotting some kind of move against them."
  17. "Never thought I'd see you this nervous, Mara. It's actually refreshing."
  18. "I can be a very serious man at times, Captain Imsatad. This is one of them. I gave my word to deliver the Jedi students and their teachers safely from the hands of scum like you, and I intend to do that. Not in part, but in full."
  19. "The Yuuzhan Vong have conquered half of our galaxy in an unprovoked crusade. What about this obligates us to show them good faith?"
  20. "I think Lando and I can help your candidate along... It's best you don't know."
  21. "I think it's occasionally good for us to remember that being a smuggler doesn't necessarily require one to be a barbarian, too."
  22. "Is that why you don't care if the men of Rogue Squadron die? Because they prefer to stay out of politics?"
  23. "In his own way, he was even more ruthless than Jabba the Hutt."
  24. "Ah, but it can be. According to the Admiralty regulations governing salvage disputes, Booster has named a fair price for his share of the salvage rights to the Virulence. Since you can't meet his price, he can assume control of the vessel by depositing ten percent of that price, in this case ten million credits, with a duly recognized judicial authority, such as the government of Thyferra."
  25. "No, General, I don't think so. 1 did this for the obscene profit you'll pay me, which, since you don't have liquid capital available, will be rendered in trading concessions for bacta and other things. I don't mind dealing with you, but I'm not of a mind to take sides in this civil war. Isard and Zsinj are two examples of countless Imperial holdouts. I'd like to avoid becoming a victim of future wars."
  26. "I'd rather not be caught at all."
  27. "I could hardly forget you, Mirax Terrik. Because of your efforts, those cases of Alderaanian wine cost me well more than I had expected to pay."
  28. "Like the son you never had killed."


  1. "I will gladly submit to an internal inspection."
  2. "I get to be part of the wedding? Not shoved into a closet like at yours?... Only because I had the rings."
  3. "Why, the memory demands alone would force me to remove millions of language translators and inflection interpreters. That would be disastrous. I might even become more aggressive... Oh, no, Mistress. But I might become... more sarcastic. Even verbally abusive."
  4. "Oh what a perilous chain of events! We're lost in a game of chance to a new master who turns out to be a smuggler, then we're tossed overboard with the stolen goods whilst he gets himself arrested."
  5. "What?! Go on adventures? Explore the galaxy? You must be short-circuiting again! We are droids, after all… Nothing exciting ever happens to us!"
  6. "We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life."
  7. "I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me."
  8. "If I told you half the things I'd heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit!"
  9. "If I may be permitted to speak, I found that spectacle utterly appalling. Mechanicals of all kinds will be shocked by this perverse display of—"
  10. "I am primarily a protocol droid. And I say again that this is not the sort of thing covered by any possible stretch of protocol."
  11. "This certainly is a gloomy place, isn't it? If we don't find shelter from this dreadful rain, I shouldn't be at all surprised if my new gold plating gets corroded. I do wish you had left me on Coruscant, Mistress Leia. I'm sure I would have done a much better job taking care of the children."
  12. "I do not overrate my importance! I daresay I am the most humble droid I know."
  13. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to give anything away. He asked if we were searching for Exocron, and I confirmed it without thinking."
  14. "There are few occasions when I envy humans, but this is certainly one of them."
  15. "You stupid furball! Only an overgrown mophead like you could make such a ridiculous mistake!"
  16. "I don't believe these are bugs, Captain Solo. They appear to be a sentient hybrid of coleoptera and hymenoptera, which often use complex dances as a means of communication."
  17. "To all appearances, Corellia is about to experience a—a pasting, I believe the term is."

Ben Skywalker:

  1. "Have a peaceful . . . whatever."
  2. "Is politics always like that? Why don't you both say what you mean?... And why does everyone keep saying, 'Oh, I remember the Empire...'? Uncle Han says it was bad, and so does Chief Omas. If they're both afraid of the same thing, why are they on opposite sides?... I was only asking, Jacen."
  3. "Tahiri, you don’t wanna do that. I know you don’t, because you’re no better suited to be Sith apprentice than I was."
  4. "Eventually, we all betray something, Tahiri. It's what you stay true to that counts."
  5. "Betray me? Do they stab me in the back, or do they just give me a swift kick in the butt?"
  6. "Don't cut your own head off with your lightsaber... "Your eyes can deceive you. Be mindful of your feelings. Girls are fun but dangerous. Lando has extra cards up his sleeve."
  7. "Sorry about my last message. Dad assures me that whining is a family trait and that I should be over it by the time I'm thirty, but that's not much comfort, because if you're any example, it just turns into complaining."
  8. "Well… to keep the Force in balance and to help people stay in balance with the Force. To detect wrongs and make them right. To serve as models for very attractive lines of boots."
  9. "Oh. That's sad. I was looking forward to being Sparky... And you could be Grand Master Whango Mittphool."
  10. "Bang your head against the desktop, fast! Just checking whether the Force can have an affect on the weak-minded in text mode. I'm guessing not."
  11. "I don't think I've ever seen so many brown robes together in one place. It's like a showroom for the world's dullest textile factory."
  12. "You have the manners of a bantha with digestion problems. If you had children, I hope they were raised by piranha-beetles so they'd be nicer than you."
  13. "Jedi Skywalkers. Practicing a fine family tradition of rescuing people from the dark side."
  14. "I won't. I like my body intact, thank you very much."
  15. "I'm sixteen. Of course I'm hungry."
  16. "I got my brains from Mom."
  17. "You know, it gives me hope that you screwed up so badly and so consistently as a kid, Dad."
  18. "This, from the man who's worn a bowl-cut hairstyle almost all his adult life."
  19. "If you start to feel evil, tell me as soon as possible. Don't wait and cut my hand off first."
  20. "You're not married, and you had a baby! You guys are going to be in so much trouble."
  21. "I have our tactic... When the rocks fall, we get out of the way."
  22. "Your emotions wander around short-sheeting beds and putting everyone's hands in bowls of warm water."
  23. "Sorry. I just got tired of hearing the same old phrases, the same old way, year after year. I think that's why Master Yoda mangled his Basic for the archival recordings. After nine hundred years, he was sick of hearing the same old things the same old way. Use the same cliché phrases too long and people stop hearing their message, you know?"
  24. "Don't feel bad. Civilized politics are even worse... Incompetents don't automatically get killed right away. Sometimes they even get reelected."
  25. "Is a lot less dashing to the girls."
  26. "Don't worry. What are my prospects here? A bunch of women who are used to ruling their men, and one Sith girl."
  27. "Not everything is the Force, Dad. First you looked off in the direction where we had our traps and bodies and so forth the other night. Then you scanned the tree line all around, but not the lake. So you were thinking about avenues of approach toward the camp, which meant enemies, which meant Nightsisters. You checked the sun, which, since it's usually there, means you were really estimating time until sundown, so you were asking how much time minimum we had before the Nightsisters attack."
  28. "Coincidence, or misinterpretation. People hear what they want to hear. Keep it vague enough, and a prophecy or prediction'll fit pretty much anything."
  29. "I've… got a strange feeling... As if… as if I've been here before."
  30. "You would."
  31. "Well, yeah. There are two of you, so I thought it would take Dad a while to finish you off."
  32. "Don't get killed, Dad. You know what it did to Fett. I don't want to end up like him."
  33. "Yeah, I see that. But when are you taught to think?"
  34. "That's... hardly ever a good thing."
  35. "Oh, but this is nothing like Dagobah, where mold rotted everything, duraplast included, and did it stink. Even my lightsaber blade stank. Food stank. Yoda stank. Distilled water stank, I'm not sure how."
  36. "In the future, I suggest that we only ever fight guys who set up their lairs in posh hotel suites. With sunlight and buffets and sanisteams and dancers."
  37. "Back in the old days. Back during the Empire. Back when starships were made of wood. Back when there were no holodramas, just puppet shows. Back when a hypercomm system was a long string stretched between two planets with a durasteel caf cup at either end…"
  38. "Let us not devolve into insults."
  39. "Yeah, you are. I would be, too. You're about to meet a whole bunch of people who not long ago were your sworn enemies and say, Hi there, I used to be Sith but not anymore. It's okay because I'm dating the most amazing, best-looking, smartest Jedi in the—ow!"
  40. "Uh, Dad, you maybe forgot one little thing... Sith have infiltrated Coruscant!"
  41. "I take it back... My apology. I apologized, but you didn't accept it. You just used it as an excuse to keep being rude."
  42. "Doing the right thing isn't something special. It's the minimum. It's where we start each morning, not where we try to end up one day in the future. You taught me that."
  43. "We should all go there together, to Corellia. Us and Jacen and Jaina. And we should hammer on Thrackan Sal-Solo until he admits what he did, and lock him away so he doesn't do it anymore."
  44. "I can feel a threat, but it's a long way away. Like a really bad storm coming."
  45. "This is Jedi Ben Skywalker with an urgent warning for the Hapan Royal Navy. Ducha Galney is a verified traitor coming to launch a sneak attack on the Queen Mother. Repeat urgent warning: Ducha Galney is a traitor. Take all precautions."
  46. "Hi Mom, hi Dad. For my fourteenth birthday, I killed a little girl."
  47. "With all due respect sir, you can shove that order down the nearest black hole. You're the one who turned me into a killer."
  48. "The same thing you did to us. I've taken your choice away."
  49. "We're going to be doing this for a while, aren't we?"
  50. "When my life's on the line, I can take care of myself."
  51. "Vestara Khai, I know you can do anything you want. Yes. Oh, yes. You can become a Jedi. And it would be the greatest honor of my life to help you. I'll be there every step of the way. I promise."
  52. “And you never want to fight the enemy on ground he’s chosen if you can avoid it.”

Anakin Solo:

  1. "The Force is one, Jacen. It encompasses all opposites. Truth and lies, life and death, New Republic and Yuuzhan Vong. Light and dark and good and evil. They're all each other, because each thing and everything is the same thing. The force is one."
  2. "Okay. I'm a hallucination. That means you're talking to yourself. That means what I'm saying is what you believe."
  3. "Remember to jump up just before we hit bottom."
  4. "Well, I don't think it's so strange that you had a dream with me in it. After all, we met last night right before you went to sleep."
  5. "I don't know. When did you start coughing up one word at a time as if three or four were going to break your mouth?"
  6. "You are not going to leave me alone no matter what I say, are you?"
  7. "Let me explain something to you. My name is Anakin Solo, and this is my friend Tahiri Veila. We are Jedi Knights, some of the people you came here to betray to the Yuuzhan Vong. If you lie to us, we'll know it. If you try to keep something from us, we'll find it out. The only uncertain factor is how much we'll have to damage you to do so... Next time I'm trying to capture children for Yuuzhan Vong sacrifices, I'll be sure to have a talk about 'high-minded ideals' with you."
  8. "Since when did a Corellian ever care about odds?"
  9. "The Order can't wait for a great Jedi Knight to lead it. That's what everyone thought I was, and when I died, too much died with me. Don't make the mistake I did, don't let anyone push you into that. Every Jedi Knight has to be his own light, because the light shouldn't go out when one Jedi dies."
  10. "No, don't gush on so. It was nothing, really."
  11. "No one is of no consequence."
  12. "Sounds like you're trying to plot a course without knowing what your final destination is."
  13. "We're here to destroy the queen, not take revenge."
  14. "And sometimes, when I don't plan it, something I do hurts somebody."
  15. "You must be the new guy. Don't worry—Master Skywalker does that to everyone."
  16. "What was it you needed me for? I'm forgetting."
  17. "No one is turning to the dark side on this mission. Is that clear?"
  18. "No, they're worse. They think by turning us in they'll get the Yuuzhan Vong to stop their conquest at the planets they have."

Vua Rapuung:

  1. "When I say they are not worth speaking of, how do my words confuse you?"
  2. "The tizowyrm that translates for me makes no sense from those words. I suspect they are obscene."
  3. "A broken neck killed him."
  4. "Then you saved my life. How disgusting. How unfortunate."
  5. "Our love was forbidden. We both knew it. For a time neither of us cared. We believed that Yun-Txiin and Yun-Q'aah had taken pity on us, dared the wrath of Yun-Yuuzhan, and given us a special dispensation. Such things have happened before, no matter what ignorant things you may have heard. It did not happen with us. We were wrong."
  6. "You need know only this, I will stand at your side or your back, your foes are my foes. We will kill together, embrace pain together, embrace death together if such is Yun-Yuuzhan's wish."
  7. "Here, I know what is best. You must learn to listen to me."
  8. "When we have Mezhan Kwaad, you must keep death from my back until I have forced her to speak. That is why I need you."
  9. "A salute to the Jeedai! A salute of blood!"
  10. "Killing and dying are nothing; they are the way of the world, part of the embrace of pain. What you did was wrong because it was an abomination, not because you killed."
  11. "I seek my vengeance."
  12. "They will not break your Jedi; they will remake her."


  1. "Well, I suppose that is an alternate translation. Though it's rather unimaginative."
  2. "So what if I did embellish a bit? I was only attempting to make you sound more civilized."
  3. "Why, you silly Tour Droid, switch on your optical sensors! Can't you see this is a crisis situation? Hmmmf!"


  1. "I don't see Jedi as the enemy now. That's far too simplistic... They're people with only half the picture who believe they have all the facts. It makes their decisions flawed."
  2. "Vader wasn't a galaxy-conquering psychopath. He was a sad man whose one love in life had died, and whose one anchor to the world of the living was, yes, a galaxy-conquering madman."
  3. "She's done nothing to me. I have no feelings either way."
  4. "Don't judge me too soon, Jacen. My history is very much like your aunt Mara's … except she received some lucky breaks I didn't."
  5. "There is this about being Sith. We strengthen ourselves through sacrifice."
  6. "The Force is the energy of the living. You interact with it, its eddies and flows, with your own living body. It's all right to have a mechanical part or two—an implant, a replacement foot. But for true Mastery in the Force, light side or dark side, you have to be mostly organic. I'm not, and so the greatest, the most significant powers, I can never learn."
  7. "I'm actually more machine than organic…there's a point, I think, at which a woman ceases to be a human with cybernetic implants and becomes a machine with organic parts. I believe I've crossed that threshold. And you know what? I'm not unhappy with that."
  8. "Oaths matter, Luke. They're all you're left with in the end."
  9. "This is the ultimate test of selflessness—whether you're ready to face unending emotional pain, true agony, to gain the power to create peace and order for billions of total strangers. That is the sacrifice. To be vilified by others, by people you know and care for, and for your personal sacrifice to be totally unknown to those billions you save, to do your duty as a Sith. To do your duty for the good of the galaxy."
  10. "Your new existence has started, Dark Lord."
  11. "We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. But it won't change a thing. Because, sooner or later, you are going to tell me what I want to know."
  12. "I was Shira Elan Colla Brie. Now I am Lumiya. And someday, little fish man, I will spit on your grave… as I will spit on your friend, Skywalker's, after I have seen him bereft of hope, of even the will to live…"
  13. "Ah, revenge is sweet! I wonder how many of those fools will die before they realize the truth—that they were betrayed before we ever arrived here."
  14. "No thanks are necessary, Prince Sereno. I vowed to Darth Vader, my old Master, that I would lay down my life for the destruction of Luke Skywalker and the Alliance of Free Planets. The Nagai were only useful to me so long as they seemed likely to fulfill that end. Now that they've allied themselves with Skywalker, well…"
  15. "I am Lumiya. You were charged with developing new spy satellites for Imperial Intelligence. I am here to remind you of your loyalties to the Empire, and will overlook consorting with the enemy just this once."
  16. "I'm not sure I even count the Emperor's clones as Sith. After all, they didn't earn their Sith knowledge, didn't acquire it through sweat and sacrifice; they inherited it like a package of downloaded computer programming. I think that the last Sith were gone when the Emperor and your grandfather died on the same day. But plenty of Sith legacy survived. Individuals who were candidates to become Sith and failed for some reason to achieve full apprenticeship. They knew enough to survive, enough to continue learning. One may have learned enough to become a Master."
  17. "There is a plan—a plan that will be carried out whether or not I survive."
  18. "To Thrackan Sal-Solo, Chief of State, Corellia, all greetings and respects. Let me begin this communication by offering you a gift, the gift of knowledge: The impending meeting between representatives of the Corellian and Galactic Alliance governments will take place on Toryaz Station, Kuat System. But, sadly, this gift is incomplete by itself, as security at the station will be formidable. Fortunately, I have information on that matter, too—I can provide exact details on the locations of all delegates at all times, as well as the security measures guarding them, for the duration of their stay here. Should this information be of interest to you, please contact me on the HoloNet frequency indicated below, at the times shown. Standard encryption, using the contents of my next message as the encryption key."
  19. "Of course. I've been meddling in your business for some time... I admit to that, yes."
  20. "The galaxy is dissolving into chaos. Its leadership can't save it; they're the leftovers of what failed fifteen years ago during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The Jedi can't step in and fix things—you know their methods, the way they think. What has Luke Skywalker told you? Have his tactics, his recommendations fixed anything? No. As good a man as he is, he and his order are just tools of the Galactic Alliance. Vergere sacrificed herself so you could assume the Sith mantle she wanted for you. That's the kind of self-sacrifice no Jedi would admit is possible for the Sith, but it's the truth. Take what I have to teach you, Jacen. Take this place and the dark side power it contains. Take the knowledge that rests in its tombs on the world of Ziost. And use them against the forces that are trying to tear this galaxy apart. Restore order. Give your cousin, give the children in your family and your life the chance to grow up in a galaxy without war."
  21. "Not techniques so much as awareness. Technique is for apprentices. You know all you need to know. It's within you. You only have to become aware of it and embrace it."
  22. "You've caused me a lot of pain over the years, Skywalker. What better way to repay it than bringing your family legacy full circle?"
  23. "My work and my life are done, Jacen. I'd really welcome a rest."
  24. "You always were nothingness. You're a projection—dark side energy from the caverns, shaped by my imagination and Jacen Solo's form. But you'll be back. Bit by bit, Jacen Solo will become you."
  25. "Then I know balance. The balance of the Sith."
  26. "No, I don't miss my beauty, you fool, because it would have vanished by now anyway. Once I understood that my injuries freed me from worrying about such nonsense, I realized that I had a task that only I could fulfill."
  27. "It is the Sith way."
  28. "She already had ambitions. She merely needed not to be ashamed of being bold."
  29. "It would be helpful for all of us if you avoided crossing Jacen Solo's path at the moment. There's a war on, you know…"
  30. "Let me put it another way. Get in my way, and I'll kill you."
  31. "The Sith way is the way of peace. To bring peace, first we must bring justice and order. To bring justice and order to the galaxy—"
  32. "In terms of the classic Master–and–apprentice Sith structure, there can be only two…"
  33. "The Sith who were famous for being bad, Jacen, were the way they were because they were badly damaged men or women to start with. Not because they were Sith. Usually, they were weak, or deluded, or greedy to begin with. Like your grandfather."
  34. "You're afraid that my words might be true. That the dark side doesn't corrupt in and of itself. That you're destined to become the next Sith Lord—the first Sith Lord to be active in decades, the first one in centuries with the strength to use the Sith techniques to help others. Because if it is true, you have to make a decision, choosing between your life as it is—comfortable, but almost purposeless—and life as you know it should be."
  35. "I used them as a test for you. Sith, like Jedi, have to determine the fates of others. Unlike Jedi, they know that sometimes this means sacrificing one so that twenty might live. I had to find out whether you understood that. And you do."
  36. "This is your final trial, Jacen. You’ve sacrificed a great deal—the approval of all those who meant most to you. You’ve taken extreme measures to deal with those who deny justice. Now you must consider the third prophecy.”
  37. "I can’t teach you any more skills. You now have to pass through the final barrier and do what no ordinary man can—kill someone whose death will cause terrible suffering to those who love them, someone close to you.”
  38. "Because taking the life of an innocent is always harder even than taking your own, if you’re sincere. This is the ultimate test of selflessness—whether you’re ready to face unending emotional pain, true agony, to gain the power to create peace and order for billions of total strangers. That is the sacrifice. To be vilified by others, by people you know and care for, and for your personal sacrifice to be totally unknown to those billions you save, to do your duty as a Sith. To do your duty for the good of the galaxy.”
  39. “It’s easy to be a clean-cut hero slaying monsters. There’s always a little bit of vanity in it. There can be no room for vanity or pride in being despised.”
  40. “Niathal is afraid of you, Jacen. Or at least wary.”
  41. “You waste too much energy playing mundane games instead of using the Force.”
  42. “I know. But I’d like to approach this like Force-users, not like some tedious little committee in the Senate. Calm yourself and put the world to one side.”
  43. “You don’t need to play their games, Jacen. Even now your powers put you far beyond their reach. Omas can’t touch you. Neither can Gejjen. When you achieve your destiny, they’ll be less than irrelevant.”
  44. "Ah, you enjoy the power you can wield with simple mind games. Don’t make Palpatine’s mistakes. That’s an indulgence. It’s not worthy of you."
  45. “Jacen, I want you to take stock and feel. Stop overanalyzing. It won’t reveal any truths to you. Just facts. Facts show you only what you want to see.”
  46. “Because you think about it too much.”
  47. “You’re fond of the boy. Perhaps he’s the child you don’t have. This will be hard, and that’s probably why it has to be him.”
  48. “Let it play out. Stop rationalizing and let it happen.”
  49. “I thought that story might tie her up and explain my presence. In an ideal world, I would have avoided all contact with the Skywalkers.”
  50. “It certainly had its shock value in the fight. And killing him would have changed the course of events for all of us.”
  51. “The Skywalkers are too mired in their domesticity to be effective Jedi, Jacen. It’s a warning to us all. Luke can’t see what’s in front of him because he thinks my motive is lost love and revenge, because that’s the level he thinks at—family and friends. It would never occur to him that I want to see a Sith-controlled galaxy and that the personal issues we had are trivial by comparison.”
  52. “There’s anger, and then there’s being controlled by it—not seeing the forest for the trees.”
  53. “I’ll let her find me. That should do the trick. Can you give me a possession of Ben’s, something that would prove to Mara that I could get at him easily, without being traceable to you?”
  54. “I’m expendable, as you’ve proven. My life’s purpose is to enable you to become a Sith Lord, because that secures the stability of the galaxy. The ambition of most beings is just to stay alive, overeat, spend too much, and avoid hard work. I’m happy that I can achieve much more than that … and we all die sooner or later. A death in service of a great ideal is a fine thing.”
  55. “When you think of Ben’s fate, think of the legacy you’ll leave in years to come, and ask who’ll be able to name the Skywalkers, or even the Solos. This is about the fate of trillions upon trillions for millennia to come—not one small family over a few decades.”
  56. “I think I’ll play up the maternal grief and do something emotional, too. What are you going to do when Mara and Luke come after you—when they find out about Ben in due course?”
  57. “It might be sooner than you think. I suggest you make sure you’re properly armed.”
  58. “Think laterally. Luke can still take you in a lightsaber fight.”
  59. “Hello, little housewife …”

Salla Zend: "My condolences, dear... Han's great fun, but he's a scoundrel... He'll break your heart."

Tahiri Veila:

  1. "Shoes were invented by the Sith to keep our delicate toes in anguish and misery, I'm sure of it."
  2. "Maybe you don't know very much about girls. You just kissed me, and now you want me to clear my mind? It's like there's a tribe of Ewoks dancing in there."
  3. "Somebody wasn't paying attention in physics lectures."
  4. "Oh. I don't guess I know any wise Jedi, then. Very disillusioning."
  5. "I was hoping more for a crash course in 'how to kick butt when you're outnumbered thirty to two.'"
  6. "You think so? Why would I do that? Merely because you tortured me, turned my brain inside out, tried to turn me against everything I had ever known?"
  7. "Oh, we all know where the Emperor buried his treasure, if that's what you're asking. I'll be glad to draw you a map…"
  8. "You first. Comm me and let me know what it's like."
  9. "You really don't need to say Jacen Solo. When his sister comes to talk to his former apprentice and Jacen is mentioned, I'm not going to suppose you mean some Jacen who waits tables."
  10. "There is no them or us, Corran. Do you really think the Shamed Ones want this war? Do you really think that malice is built into the Yuuzhan Vong at the hereditary level?"
  11. "Right. You didn't think, and you're still not thinking, and you'd better fix that before you say anything else."
  12. "He's starting to get on my nerves. Doesn't he know that's a bad idea?"
  13. "Don't flatter yourself. You're not so terrific that I'd have a dream about you for no reason."
  14. "When did you start talking so much?... Just shut up, will you? I liked you better the other way."
  15. "Really, Anakin! Sometimes I wonder how you manage to get so confused even during a simple conversation."
  16. "I know something about pain you don't. Pain drowns other people. I just swim in it."
  17. "I'm half Yuuzhan Vong inside. The only thing pain would cause me is a religious experience."
  18. "I think it's time to leave the lies behind. It's time to leave a lot of things behind."
  19. "I've been broken. I was broken by the Yuuzhan Vong. I broke when Anakin died. And again when I learned that I could see him again, in little moments. Every time you break, outside forces can shape you, and you can't do anything to stop them. No, I don't think it matters when Jacen became a Sith. I think it matters when he broke."
  20. "Oh, hey. I can kill with a lightsaber when I'm halfway across the galaxy. I think you should double my pay, Jag."
  21. "Don't get touchy, Captain Horn."
  22. "My Lord Caedus, I disobeyed your instructions about where to search for the Jedi Council, and went back to the locations where Luke Skywalker had hideouts in his Rebel days. I'm now on Endor. There's an old Imperial base here, just full of Force energy, even though the camp's been abandoned. The Jedi have been here very recently, but I don't know where they've gone—yet."
  23. "So explain it. They arrest me on charges of complicity and murder, crimes of which I'm clearly guilty—"
  24. "Isolder. Too bad. I kind of liked him."
  25. "All wounds heal with time. All guilt fades, and opposites become one."
  26. "I don't think you have to worry about that. You'll see Droma again. Maybe sooner than you think."
  27. "Partly -- but is was also me, for I was still plagued by guilt. The old me felt as though she had abandoned Anakin by moving on emotionally with her life. She believed she should have done more for him -- or perhaps even died with them. We were on the brink of mental collapse, sharing one body, some memories, and little personality. Neither wanted the other to survive, but I think Riina knew first what had to be done. Without merging, both would have died, or lost what sanity we had left. As our fragile equilibrium crumbled around us, we threw ourselves at the only person who could help us, trusting her to do what was right, even if she didn't know at the time what that was."
  28. "You reminded us of Anakin, Jaina. You were his sister, and are like him in many ways. We felt we could trust you. We felt sure that you would be there for us should we have needed you."
  29. "Or to rescue us. Either way. I, the new Tahiri, the person who has inherited everything those two were, am grateful they -- we -- did choose you. I shall always be in your debt, Jaina, for what you did for us."
  30. "There are many reasons. I wish it known that I regret the hardship you went through on my behalf. And I'm sorry, mainly, that they chose you... They came to you on Mon Calamari. The old me and Riina had different reasons, but they both chose you. If anyone could help them, it was going to be you."

Corran Horn:

  1. "The wise Jedi avoids situations like this."
  2. "Right. And that's your lesson for the day—don't hang on to your illusions."
  3. "Well, if you're going to be picky about what I teach…"
  4. "You two know each other, then."
  5. "Absolutely not. You're not going to the dark side on my watch. Do it on Luke's."
  6. "You know impossible is what Rogue Squadron does best of all."
  7. "We infidels don't normally sample the waste excretions of ill animals, so I don't fully understand the reference. I suppose that such delicacies are reserved for the Chosen."
  8. "Fine. No odds. They are listening to us. Count on it."
  9. "Sure, now don't ever disobey another order... Details, details."
  10. "'Sokay, I know enough for both of us. Just stay over there, by the door, and look as malevolent as you can. Keep your face straight and you really don't need to say anything."
  11. "Okay, fire me. Um, there are parts of the Jedi Code I don't buy into, and these robes chafe. There's insubordination for you."
  12. "Are there more like her at home?... Keep them there."
  13. "Booster versus Thrawn. Now there's a match I'd pay money to see."
  14. "Rogue Squadron doesn't run, unless we really, really have to."
  15. "I'll remember that next time I dance on his grave."
  16. "You're not scoring big with me right now, Harrar."
  17. "Your father and my father may have been mortal enemies, but I can't imagine having a better friend than you... Especially lover."
  18. "I'd have loved to see those Immigrations forms. 'Purpose of the visit to our world?' 'Murder, mayhem, glitterstim smuggling, and purchase of a gift suitable for a small Corellian girl.'"
  19. "Frankly, I think she'd like to buy Lando for what she thinks he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth."
  20. "How many Corellians does it take to change a glowpanel? None! If the room's dark, you can't see Corellians cheating at sabacc!"
  21. "Here goes Rogue Nine, following the unit's tradition of accepting suicide missions with a smile."
  22. "You may not know it, but all of the younger Jedi and a lot of the older ones look up to you. The buzz is you're the next Luke Skywalker, at the very least."
  23. "That makes me feel so much better."
  24. "It is as if the Yuuzhan Vong want to inflict pain and suffering just to see how long it takes for their slaves to break and run. If that is true, this invasion is going to be worse than any war of political or economic gain. Victory for the Yuuzhan Vong demands that every sentient creature live in pain."
  25. "We'd rather not jump to that conclusion, if you don't mind."
  26. "There are those among the Jedi that view strength as how far you can move something, or how easily you can break something. The real strength of a Jedi comes from within, from his heart and mind. Some Jedi move rocks just to prove that they can move them, but the strongest Jedi don't see any reason to move rocks when that isn't going to solve the immediate problem."
  27. "I just aimed, Wedge, you sliced the victory together."
  28. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to get back to the exciting life of an X-wing pilot, remember. You could have been safely flying a computer somewhere on Coruscant if you'd wanted."
  29. "It was a great shot, Tycho. If I couldn't get her, well, your claim predated mine."
  30. "Even without using the Force, there are some people who have minds so slow that you can almost hear synapses firing at a torpid pace. Others are so quick-witted you end up marveling at connections they make, but only after the five or ten minutes it takes you to unravel their thought processes. And then there are people whose minds move in multiple dimensions, all at lightspeed, leaving you unable to even begin to guess how their minds work. Tycho Celchu had such a mind, but what impressed me about him was not the speed with which he thought, but the cool deliberation that defined the way he thought."
  31. "No one makes a victim of folks I'm sworn to protect."
  32. "I saw my father get shot up. Murdered. And I couldn't do anything about it. I was a hundred meters away, watching him by remote, backing him up, when a bounty hunter walked into the cantina and lit up the booth where he was sitting with two other people. Killed them all and I couldn't do anything about it. I got there and held my father in my arms, but it was too late."
  33. "I'm not a joiner, Captain. All I want is to be left alone. Your fight isn't my fight."
  34. "Overwhelming odds, tough target, scant chance of survival—business as usual for Rogue Squadron."
  35. "I'm not saying I like it, sir, but in CorSec we made deals with criminals on a daily basis. The goal then, just as it is now, is to trade a lesser evil for a greater one. I'd just as soon use Zekka Thyne and some of this other scum as rancor bait, but if they'll help bring Iceheart down, I guess my reservations don't really mean that much. I'm good to go with this, Wedge. I think I'll be fine."
  36. "This isn't about revenge. It's about obligations I have to people. People who helped me, other prisoners were on the Lusankya when it blasted out of here. I promised them I'd come back for them. Well, we know where they are: Thyferra. It's time we go get them."
  37. "Tal'dira, this isn't honorable. You shot him in the back."
  38. "It's been a long time, General. Are you ready to go home?"
  39. "Mirax is gone, I mean really gone, and I have to find her."
  40. "He wants me to train. He knows it is the right thing for me to do. And I guess I know it, too. I always saw my service in CorSec as the utmost I could do to prevent the innocent from coming to harm from evil. That's what it was then, just as flying with Rogue Squadron became later. Now, the utmost I can do is to become a Jedi, like Luke Skywalker and my father's father. To do anything less is to be unworthy of the trust they all place in me. To do anything less means I fail in my responsibilities to Mirax. I'm not going to let that happen."
  41. "You don't get it, do you? You've already lost and you're continuing down that losing path. Haven't the last four thousand years taught you anything?... That may be, but I know the one thing you don't. You're never going to win."
  42. "Kun's picked the wrong people to fight at the wrong time, and that's the last mistake we'll let him make."
  43. "I have to. You told me, Tionne has told me and even the Holocron told me about how the Corellian Jedi tradition was different from other traditions. We have the Jedi credits and tended to keep more to our home system. You invited me here to bring part of that tradition with me, but I'm not truly following it unless I head out and discover more about it myself."
  44. "I know. I can only face them as I find them."
  45. "You're right. I no longer know who I am."
  46. "It is enough that I am known to be here. Just tell them that doom has come to Courkrus. Their victims will be avenged, and those who fear justice will never sleep securely here again."
  47. "The Emperor didn't mint enough of those guys to keep me from rescuing Mirax. They can run or they can die, their choice."
  48. "The place where I can do the greatest good right now, I think, is with Rogue Squadron. Look at you, you're always being called away to solve some galaxy-threatening problem, having to leave the academy in someone else's hands when training more Jedi is what you'd most like to be doing. By remaining Corran Horn and staying with Rogue Squadron, I can use my abilities where they will be critical for missions, and yet I won't be pulled in all sorts of different directions."
  49. "And you're also thinking that between killing riots, overt interplanetary attacks, and now long-range comm-kicking, this has gone way beyond a few zealots protesting Bothan involvement in Caamas."
  50. "My pleasure. I get to see Valin and Jysella. She's spent more of her life here, at the academy, than with her mother and me. I do want to maintain ties."
  51. "As they say on Tatooine, when being hunted by a krayt dragon, you don't have to be faster than it is, you just have to be faster than the slowest guy in the group you're with. I'm the slow guy here, and you're getting them out... You're the only one who can save them, and I'm the only one who can buy you the time you need to do it."
  52. "I can, Jacen, but we have to look beyond it. The Vong will figure out what happened here, eventually. I just hope what we're doing earns us enough time that we can mount a defense of Ithor. If we can't, that world will die, and with it will go our best chances for driving the Yuuzhan Vong from our galaxy."
  53. "You and me, Shedao Shai; the bones against Ithor."
  54. "I get hammered, but at least the Jedi won't. That means you are still free to do the jobs that need to be done. If I didn't do this, I'd deserve the reputation for being evil. I'm not totally innocent here. Far from it. Some of the things Master Skywalker feared, some of the things you feared, Jacen, about vengeance and the dark side, they were true. I'm going to need time to sort them out. My being disowned, well, we get some good out of it. For the Jedi. For me."
  55. "Anakin! Supplies! We were just supposed to get supplies, not mount a search-and-rescue-recon mission! Now I understand those pitying looks Solusar was giving me before we left."
  56. "Master, I was a little, uh, disappointed then. I didn't mean to sound bitter."
  57. "Saba has the true elite force here. What I wouldn't give for a roster made up of Jedi…"
  58. "I do worry about Harrar. That's why I'm keeping an eye on him. But the other two—they're still the enemy, Tahiri. No matter how well we seem to be getting along with them as individuals, we can't lose sight of the fact that our goals might be quite different."
  59. "Our first concern must be the stability of the Galactic Alliance."
  60. "When my front doors come crashing in with a GAG boot, that's going to make me feel so much better."
  61. "Not as individuals, no. But as a family—tell me that you can send out a call, as you could have done six months ago, and focus the attention and skills of your entire family on a single problem or enemy. Tell me that... You've been taken out of the picture. As a united force."
  62. "I don't like it. Jacen is playing us."
  63. "Even back when I entered CorSec, I knew there were things that I'd be called upon to do, dangerous things, that I would do because others could not. My role in society was to take action and responsibility for those who could not. I think, deep down, that's the essence of being a Jedi. A Jedi places himself where he can defend the greatest number of people from the greatest evil."
  64. "We both knew we were living out a fantasy, but it wouldn't have worked in the long run. I had no desire to move to Selonia and become part of a broodhome. Chertyl knew she couldn't bear the children I'd want. We remained friends and both have wonderful memories. In fact, that was the best ending I had for any of my relationships."
  65. "In the immediate aftermath of that I thought I was in love with her—or in lust, at least. Before then we'd just been friends, like you and I are. Maybe there were some core sparks of something but nothing we'd noticed or acted on. And that night, well, we both felt it."
  66. "Anyway, Siolle Tinta and I got along fabulously once we discovered we shared similar opinions about art. In close quarters, we reinforced each other's ideas and it quickly became us against the world. On the outside, Iella nailed the kidnapper, so we only spent three days together, but if you'd asked me at the end of that time if it was love and lasers for life, I would have told you all systems were go. […] The gulf between us proved insurmountable. We parted friends, but we both knew that what we'd had while together was a supernova that was collapsing in on itself. We might have generated a lot of heat and light, but eventually the black hole would have torn us apart."
  67. "She's possessive and you're, what, being protective?"
  68. "Booster versus Thrawn. Now there's a match I'd pay money to see."
  69. "Most folks, when they retire, settle in one spot and relax."
  70. "You don't fall in love with someone like the Emperor because you like the way he laughs or the cute dimples he has. You fall in love with him because you feel a kinship to him. You wanted what he wanted, which was power; and that lust for power won't go away. Just the way you brought us here and keep us here reflects your need for control. You have a goal and everything else will be subordinate to it."
  71. "Loor couldn't find his hands if you started him looking at his wrists."
  72. "Gavin, this is where you're supposed to tell us that unseating her isn't tough and relate the whole thing to varminting on Tatooine."
  73. "Maybe your chance to adopt kids with her is gone, but remember what was behind that whole plan: the fact that you'd make great parents. I'm not going to tell you that you owe it to her to continue on and prove her right, but you can bet the Emperor's Black Bones that I'd rather see you teaching a child right from wrong than any of a billion ex-Imp bureaucrats."
  74. "And you don't find that prospect depressing? If it isn't depressing, what is it?"
  75. "I guess, old man, you really aren't gone. I've got your sense of duty and your good luck charm. Definitely puts me ahead of the game."
  76. "When I hear that stupid Lomin-ale ditty or eat part of a ryshcate, I remember my father. I remember his booming laugh and that secret smile of contentment he could flash you when things were good."
  77. "No, not that. You had your finger clear of the trigger and the gun fired anyway. How did you do that? The spice vapor back there give you some sort of telekinetic power or something?"
  78. "He listened, and the two of us were prepared to get back into it, but I let things bounce around inside my head and I realized I was disliking your father for the wrong reasons. Somewhere inside I figured it was my duty to my father to continue his rivalry with your father, then I realized my father hadn't let it get personal. He might have hunted your father with a bit more gusto because your father didn't make it easy, but he didn't hate Booster. By allowing myself to do so, though, I was really going against everything my father had tried to teach me."
  79. "Sure, but if we make it too strong, we lose the trust of the folks Black Sun hurts and we might find ourselves having to compete with them for the ownership of Coruscant."
  80. "I'll contribute. You've plotted the right course: uniting is the only way to get him. That's good."
  81. "What you've missed is the key. Streen, what do you call him?"
  82. "Right. Master Skywalker described him to me as a shadow, and that was close to what Gantoris reported as well. And that's what I saw the one time he came to recruit me."
  83. "My point is that he's a creature of shadow, a creature of the dark side. What has Master Skywalker drilled into us since day one?"
  84. "The Sullustan said the stone feels oily, and you can feel the tingle of energy pulsing off it."
  85. "He goes from gracious to vicious in less time than it takes for darkness to come in when a light goes out."
  86. "A blockade is simply going to rally other worlds to Corellia’s cause. And don’t think I’m saying that as wish fulfillment because I’m Corellian. I’m just reading the mood like everyone else.”
  87. "There is another thing I’m not sure I understand. The racks that they had the students in—and the one you’ve described as holding Jacen—they were designed to inflict pain. Not too much, not too little, just pain. We both saw Yuuzhan Vong slay slaves rather ruthlessly and, in my case, for sport and, yet, something more. The scarring, tattoos, and broken bones—just having come out of my last bit of bacta tank therapy may give me a bad perspective on things, but pain and recreation don’t go hand in hand for me.”
  88. “Well, Niathal is well within her rights to assume power under the circumstances. So it’s not exactly a coup, and much as we might not like it as citizens with a vote, as Jedi we have no business interfering in that.”
  89. “How would we know? He never talks to us, and he’s holed up in his cozy GAG bunker when he’s not out harassing Corellians.”
  90. “When my front doors come crashing in with a GAG boot, that’s going to make me feel so much better.”
  91. “Boy, put the blade down.”
  92. “You don’t want to do what you’re thinking about, son.”
  93. “And now the Colony has Han and Luke for hostages. Chief of State Omas needs to hear about this as soon as possible.”
  94. “I have no doubt we will. But our first duty is to report the situation to Chief Omas.”
  95. “Uh, that’s all right, Master Sebatyne. Princess Leia is a special case—”
  96. “Tough Master. Did you really pick her yourself?”
  97. “I always did. Now that Saba’s pulled rank for me, I guess there’s no harm in admitting that I just didn’t see any point in arguing with you about it.”
  98. “If you were the Chief of State, you’d be free to handle it differently. But you’re not. Cal Omas deserves to know what’s happening.”
  99. “Of course. The will of the government is not always the will of the Force. You’re worrying about nothing, Princess. Omas will never take direct control of the Jedi Order.”
  100. “The Masters may disagree on a lot, but never that. It could lead to the Jedi becoming a political tool.”

Iella Wessiri Antilles:

  1. "And the way that smile would carry on up into his eyes and how, with a slight shift, it would harden into something that would make the most fearless of Black Sunners begin to tremble in interrogation."
  2. "On Corellia he found a defendant in a case fascinating. He got to know her and decided she was innocent."
  3. "This man's hobby is going to be my nightmare."
  4. "With what I have in mind, he will, but a thousand times over."
  5. "But leaving his minor children alive would show us to be capable of mercy for those who realize the error of their ways, correct?"
  6. "I can't deny the validity of what you're saying about Dlarit. Add to it the fact that his daughter spied on the Alliance for the Imps and gotCorran captured. The problem still is that I'm uncomfortable with assassinating him, especially in his home."
  7. "You can't be serious. That would be murder. This is murder, for all intents and purposes. You can't kill innocent people."
  8. "Dlarit is hardly a military target in any real sense. He's a fop. We can undercut him by hitting other targets and making his assurances lies."
  9. "I'll probably get the cleanest shot of any of us at Isard. Diric's death still hurts, but if I'm to honor his memory, Ican't do it by sitting around and mourning. You made that point very succinctly."
  10. "Congenital defect, I'm afraid. Corran's always been competitive and contrary."
  11. "Because you knew you'd lose if we ever went head to head where our skills overlap."
  12. "Odds are for those who want to minimize their own risks. Iwant to maximize Isard's risks. Count me in."
  13. "I have decided I can't remain here on Coruscant. The memories are mostly bad and overpowering. I have to get away, even if it means leaving all my friends."
  14. "I keep thinking that if I'd seen something there, I could have prevented what happened. He wouldn't have been a traitor."
  15. "As much as he admired your drive, Corran, Diric really appreciated your sense of humor. He said it marked your resiliency. He thought that as long as you could laugh, especially at yourself, you'd always heal from any trauma."
  16. "Vorru always likes being in control. He was expecting you to burn him down. It would have been his victory because you would have killed a man who had surrendered, and that would make you as much of a murderer as he is. Once he realized I was out here, he decided to play another game. He was in control until the last second, when I let you shoot him."
  17. "You're assuming, of course, that I don't have my own brand of justice in mind. I wanted Isard because she killed my husband. If I can't have her, you'll do."
  18. "If it shoots back, I'm shooting to kill. With Vorru, Isard, or Dlarit, I'll go for a stun shot, but only if that's not going to get me or anyone else killed."
  19. "Look, I know how evil Isard is she turned my husband into a mockery of himself. I'd like nothing better than to shove a blaster upher nose and melt her brain. I wouldn't consider it murder."
  20. "But her death isn't the point. Stopping her is. Even more important than that is to let her be tried in a court of law for her crimes. It's vital to let people know that the laws have purpose and that evil people will be held accountable for what they do."
  21. "A bomb is just more anarchy. Killing her that way will allow people to say she had to be kept quiet or important people would have been revealed to be collaborators. Blowing her up allows people to say she really escaped the blast. The lack of a trial, because she won't be held accountable for all of her crimes, means people can begin to think she wasn't so bad. Twenty years from now, thirty or fifty, there could be a neo-Imperial movement that holds her up as an example to be emulated. Blowing her up will make her a martyr, but a trial will show her up as a monster, warts and all."
  22. "One thing I know, Sixtus, is that a high body count doesn't mean victory, it just means a lot of folks died."
  23. "Look, don't leave the bodies here. Take them away, far away. Just have the troopers disappear. Not knowing will be worse than knowing. Take our bodies, too, hide them. Don't let Isard know how badly we were hurt."
  24. "You're right, but sometimes the pain . . . Sometimes it hurts too much to live."
  25. "Well, their reluctance to be violent explains why they haven't just risen up and slaughtered all the humans on the planet. It's too bad they have to resort to war to win the freedom they never should have lost in the first place."
  26. "It's not the same as watching your home dying. Not the same as if they'd descended on Corellia. But seeing orbital platforms drop onto the city, knowing that millions were dying with every impact, and that the few who were streaming into space on private vessels and leaving their homes behind were the lucky ones…Coruscant is dying, Wedge. I don't know if I can describe the misery of it."
  27. "The start of any good investigation involves hunting up a reliable source of caf -- the kind that can keep you awake through an Ithorian production of a Gamorrean opera."
  28. "Calling Rogue Squadron down upon yourself would be ruled 'suicide' by most coroners."
  29. "Whistler keeping secrets from Corran? How did that happen?"
  30. "I very much want to believe that Tycho's proton torpedo converted her into free-floating hydrogen, but this little kink in the facts that we overlooked before is a problem."
  31. "Isard help an alien Grand Admiral? I don't think so."

Booster Terrik:

  1. "Your husband still can't do simple math. You can't scatter two children to four corners."
  2. "Thin line between them. Pirate steals from his suppliers, smuggler just cheats them."
  3. "You need to get out more, Wedge."
  4. "You want to dodge a couple squads of Imperial troopers…be my guest. Me, I'm going to stay right here."
  5. "Pain I could handle and fight against, but boredom? It was the enemy, and it had me mashed flat."
  6. "I'm Booster Terrik, and this is my station. Your rate of closure puts you five minutes out from your preferred range for this sort of operation. I'll give you those five minutes before I destroy your ship."
  7. "See you on the other side, Karrde... The nebula I'm about to make."
  8. "I won't say I can't be bought, but I can't be bought by the likes of you."
  9. "No, that's deal-making. I have something you want -- my silence -- and you have something I want -- the weapons to go to Wedge. We exchange wants and everyone is satisfied."
  10. "Normally I'd be angry that I had misjudged you so badly, but you've reinforced just how good a judge of character my daughter really is. And you're right, we'll disagree and I can guarantee it'll be violent, but that's okay. We're Corellians. We can do that."
  11. "Certain? Certain? Of course he's not certain. The man who would only bet on certainty has no guts."
  12. "And you call yourself a Corellian? No wonder you joined CorSec."
  13. "I thought it was obvious, CorSec. If you had the guts for life -- if you were even to imagine yourself worthy of my daughter -- you wouldn't have spent your life in service to the Empire's puppet. You played it safe when men with real courage were out there defying the government."
  14. "And if you were the man you you think you are, Corran Horn, you'd not have abandoned her on Thyferra."
  15. "A 'vacation' your father got for me, Horn."
  16. "Can't do that, CorSec. You're going to go out and get the convoy and bring it here. If Isard decides to act early and take our pilots hostage, she can't torture out of you information you don't know."
  17. "CorSec always did miss the obvious."
  18. "I'm not upset about that, Wedge. I was upset when I thought she was marrying someone from CorSec. Now he's part of Rogue Squadron again, so I have no complaints."
  19. "You CorSec people always think it's about you."
  20. "I don't want the Freedom. Refitting it will take a lifetime. I'd have to get it to Sluis Van, and General Cracken here would guarantee my work was never scheduled. Stick to flying, Horn, because that idea was really dumb."
  21. "He wants to take away my ship, and he wants to take away my daughter. I suppose you want something of mine, too."
  22. "You're talking sense, Karrde. This scares me."
  23. "That's not the same thing at all, not at all. But, for the sake of argument here, let's say Captain Varrscha was mistaken about my connection with the New Republic. I still possess the ship, and if they have a share, so do I."
  24. "You can stop there, General. Unless you want to give me back the five years I spent on Kessel, I'm not interested in any judicial rewards, thanks."
  25. "This is an Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II we're talking about. It doesn't have a scratch on it. It is worth billions and billions of credits. I'll settle for a billion credits, payable in two hours, or I'm flying it out of here."
  26. "You're being very generous with my money, Karrde."
  27. "Very. I spent my life hauling cargo from one point to another. It would be nice to own a place where the cargo came to me and I just brokered deals for it. The Virulence would do nicely in that regard."
  28. "Right, a danger to anyone who tries to take it away from me."
  29. "Fine, General, fine. I'll just take the Virulence, conquer some planet with it, have the planet become one of the New Republic's allies."
  30. "Okay, then try this I'll make the Virulence herself a nation. We'll just move from system to system, trading here and there, and we'll be sovereign and even join the New Republic. Think of a!! the guns as ground-based defenses."
  31. "I think there are several different degrees of threat, General, and I'd have to say, right now, you're acting more threatening than I've ever contemplated being. The Virulence is mine. She was surrendered to me."
  32. "She was looking for any excuse to get out of trouble, so I just used the one she gave me."
  33. "I already know what I'll call her: the Errant Venture."
  34. "This discussion is just delayed, not abandoned."
  35. "Yes, my dear. We're going to discuss this engagement of yours. My daughter isn't going to marry anyone from CorSec. They're all of low morals and intellect. Not going to happen. Period."
  36. "Now it's Iceheart's wish we won't break the cartel and destroy her power. I think... no, I know she's not going to get her wish. Her fall will not be fast, and it won't be bloodless, but it's coming. Count it as fact."
  37. "Oh, I think you do, and the history of your making a profit off me is what you value."
  38. "They're things that are needed, Karrde. Let's trim some parsecs off the course of this conversation, shall we? You know I think of you like the son I never had."
  39. "I want to know what happened, who was responsible, then we can make them pay."
  40. "Sure, but the sort of trap that would catch a squadron isn't the kind that will get the Errant Venture."
  41. "I can think a little bit faster than you probably imagine possible, Mirax, and I do know how to listen. I could tell you what billions of parents have told their kids: You'll always be my child, and I'll always worry about you. Thing is, you know that. How I deal with it may not always be right, from your point of view. But, in this case, you are right, I could have gotten you and Baz and Iella in trouble by asking him to do what he did. That won't happen again."
  42. "You have grown up, and I know that. I'm proud of you. You can't know how it pleases me when people come here and identify me as 'Mirax Terrik's father. It hurts a little, sure, and too much of it can be irritating, but I'll get used to it. And it will make me work harder to earn back my infamy."
  43. "Thing of it is, Mirax, the five years I spent on Kessel were years I can't get back. You went from being my little girl to the woman you are now, and I never got a chance to get used to that idea. Don't know if I ever will. Don't know if I would ever want to. I figured I'd delay trying until I had no choice. Delay's over."
  44. "I was just thinking that I knew a heck of a lot less about parenting than I did smuggling, but did better at parenting than I would have imagined."
  45. "True enough. I'd have tipped the enemy he was coming."
  46. “The Emperor dies, and the natural order gets its double helix all twisted the other way. Next thing you know it will start raining here on Tatooine, and you’ll have tourist trade for seaside resorts.”
  47. “No, no, not a daughter of mine. If your mother weren’t dead, this would kill her, you know that. And you! Your father would be mortified. Your grandfather would tear his hair out. A Horn keeping company with my daughter! It’s unthinkable.”
  48. “I was sorry to hear about your father’s death. No love lost between us, but I respected his tenacity.”
  49. “You Rebels made going to war against the government so popular that everyone is taking it up these days.”
  50. “You need? You need? You’re not on Corellia, Horn. You have no authority here. Your needs are immaterial.”
  51. “If not, I think you’ll find that records of certain transactions that could be considered Palpatinistic could come to light.”
  52. “He’s using those Jedi sorceries to addle her mind.”
  53. “She’s helping prep this Horn for his part in the mission. There’s only so much of him I can take. I think she took up with him to annoy me.”
  54. “If you want to scold me about disapproving of the man my daughter is seeing, the message is received."
  55. “Broke me? It would take more than no air and lots of work to break Booster Terrik. The mines could be a brain cracker for a lot of folks, especially the pols the Empire tossed in there. Others of us were content to wait our time out. Fliry Vorru, for example, is very patient, which makes him very dangerous. We knew the Empire would never let him out, but he was confident he’d be out someday. I knew I would get out, but the time there still ground on me.”
  56. “The time I spent in Kessel was unbelievably boring, Wedge. Monotony. Day after day the same things would happen with the same people. There was no night, no day, just shift after shift after shift. Prisoners might come and go, but that was it. Pain I could handle and fight against, but boredom? It was the enemy, and it had me mashed flat.”
  57. “When I got out, I made one trip on the Pulsar Skate, but the solitude of hyperspace reminded me too much of Kessel. That’s why I retired and gave Mirax the ship. Now I travel and do deals for friends because it means I’m constantly meeting folks and getting to know them and learn about them. I’m trying to fill the void that Kessel left in me, and piloting Cloudrider isn’t going to do that for me.”
  58. “Look, you have this station that’s been a trade staple in this region for a very long time. You’ve got the Republic thinking it’s been destroyed, which means your enemies think that, too, but ships that come in-system to make navigational adjustments can still see it here. You’re fooling no one, and the fact that you’ve shut the station down to folks who have been here a lot means you’re making them angry. That, in turn, means that someone is going to sell you out to Iceheart.”
  59. “Well, you should also figure this: Pretty soon no one is going to want to be trading with Thyferra. You’re giving away what Vorru wants to charge for. His only recourse is to cut off the bacta supply going to folks who deal with you. Once he does that, you’re dead."
  60. "On the other hand, if we open this station to trade, we start generating capital for this operation and we have people bringing us information and equipment. We develop suppliers who are in our debt because of this station—which means they won’t want to betray you—and who bring the material here to us instead of having us go out and get it.”
  61. “Does it matter? We can start all manner of rumors, from your desire to emulate Warlord Zsinj and carve out your own empire to your desire to build a force to wrest Corellia away from the Diktat or even that you and Isard are working a racket to spike the price of bacta. The greater the number of rumors the better, quite frankly, since they will armor the truth and result in folks bringing us information to further our plans—whatever they might be. As long as there is some mystery here, and folks smell profits in trying to figure it out, we’ll be covered.”
  62. “And that won’t be boring at all. This will be grand.”
  63. “So I gather from what I heard during the trip. I would have hoped, though, you would have found a way to protect her from the likes of Horn there.”

Mirax Terrik Horn:

  1. "Jedi think that everybody can be divided into fractions."
  2. "Hi, yourself. You're pretty cute. Of course, if my husband finds out you kissed me like that, you'll be in big trouble."
  3. "Wedge, I love you like a brother, so it hurts me to say this, but you're so egotistical you think you can keep your ego under control. Most of the time you do, which is your only saving grace. And the times you don't, well, I've not been on the receiving end of a display, but I imagine there are some Imps who would regret that experience, if they were alive to think about it."
  4. "Everyone makes mistakes, and you'd have been making one if you'd stayed with her... There are only so many of us out here, Corran. She wouldn't be good for you."
  5. "Most folks aren't my father."
  6. “You are probably right. I could also help myself get over this, I think, if I could just finally accept the fact that Corran’s dead. Listening to the comlink call when he went in, that was pretty nasty, but we never found a body. I know it’s stupid to make anything of that, what with the building coming down on him and all, but my father always said that if you don’t see a body, don’t count on someone being dead."
  7. "It is not a matter of equipment, but of having the heart to use that equipment. The Empire was broken because, for the good of the galaxy, it had to be broken. The Rebels were given no choice, and because of that, they pushed themselves further than the Imperials did. We know we can win and that we must win, and Isard's people know nothing of the kind."
  8. "I hadn't realized how much you had become a part of my life until you were gone. The hole the Lusankya created blasting her way out of Coruscant was nothing compared to the void I had inside. It wasn't a question of wanting to die, but of knowing my insides were dead and wondering when the rest of me would catch up.
  9. "Extortion or deal-making, it doesn't make a difference. We're not doing it that way, period. If we take things away without compensation, we're as bad as the Imps. If we let ourselves pay inflated prices, we'll be as stupid as the Imps. That isn't what's going to happen. We're going to be fair about this."
  10. "It worked on the people at the bar because they're afraid of my father... Well, Corran, he is my father."
  11. "My father may growl like a rancor, but his claws aren't that sharp."
  12. "That's true, because if you did, I'd see to it that you stopped feeling altogether."
  13. "Always did think she was smart."
  14. "You realize that I'm not walking away from my lifestyle or my father. The Mirax Terrik you get is the Mirax Terrik you know."
  15. "Corran, I know how much this medallion means to you. It's your good luck piece. I won't take it, especially just before the coming assault."
  16. "The when comes after the how, I think. Give me some time to figure that out."
  17. "When we headed out, my father shot me a private message. Normally he says I should make sure you take good care of me. This time he said I should keep my eye on you and follow your lead. Bit of a difference there."
  18. "You, Corran Horn, have asked me to marry you, I have accepted and I intend us to do everything right in our marriage. Toward that end, there are certain things I think we should practice until we perform them perfectly."
  19. "Me? Perish the thought. I'd never think of taking advantage of you like that, despite having bought you a lavish meal."
  20. "True, but the flirtation is fun."
  21. "What I hear in your voice, Corran, is that you might not ever play it."
  22. "And it kind of bothers you that your father never told you who your grandfather really was, doesn't it?"
  23. "Ah, that explains why you're both still alive."
  24. "I bet that went over well with my father."
  25. "That trust, Corran, is the last thing your father left you. It's a most precious gift indeed, and one well suited to you."
  26. "What? You really told him that? And you still have your arms and legs intact?"
  27. "Easier just to let the word get out that Melina was a binary-agent She sold the Imp ambush to us just the same way she sold us to Isard. Let the bacta witch deal with her."
  28. "Winter has a holographic memory. She remembers everything she sees, hears, or experiences, including that dumb look you're giving her."
  29. "Perhaps you can't remember back when you were hauling cargo, but I'd never go to a rendezvous without knowing where it was."
  30. "My father just wanted to make sure that you knew betting against Wedge was a mistake."
  31. "The fact that either one of you would sell the other for a bucket of warm dewback drool isn't really germane here. Betting against Wedge Antilles's abilities lost Iceheart the Imperial homeworld and sent her packing for Thyferra. Talon, you're too smart not to back him, especially since his victory will break the cartel and open up the bacta trade. A little gratitude toward you from the Ashern rebels won't hurt when distribution is set up."
  32. "Except you know we already know that, and you want to rub in the fact that you'll be gouging us on the prices."
  33. "Actually, to be mercenaries, they'd have to be paid. They're doing what they're doing because of obligations they feel to the Vratix and others."
  34. "Too bad the bacta can't cure annoying personality traits."
  35. "You're going to want to think a lot about what I'm going to say, Father, and that means you're going to want to listen, and then walk away to think. If you don't, you're going to get into a discussion you won't like and one you will lose. And you'll lose more than just the argument."
  36. "I've never had any complaints about having you as my father. Your getting tossed into the spice mines didn't bother me. Your gruff bluster about Corran did grate a bit, but I understood. I have been overjoyed that you've come back into my life, and I'm very proud that you have the Errant Venture and are making it work. I'm proud to be your daughter, but I'm also more than your daughter."
  37. "Yes, having your friend keep an eye out for us did get us out of trouble. By the same token, for all we know, the presence of his Verpines in the building alerted the bad guys to something unusual going on. They might have been thinking Baz here was planning some sort of raid of his own, so they set a trap and we fell into it. While he did pull us out of trouble, it could very well be your meddling that got us into trouble."
  38. "And, look, I know this isn't a male-female thing-though I do know you wouldn't have alerted Baz if Corran were going to Commenor on the same mission we were."
  39. "And break my heart? Thank you, Father."
  40. "No, Father, you don't see that by making such cracks you show you don't trust my judgment. You don't trust my choice of husband, and you didn't think Iella and I could handle ourselves on Commenor."
  41. "Father, I've grown up. I'll always be your daughter, but I'm not your little girl. I'll accept your help when I need it, seek your counsel when I need it, and even listen to you when I don't, but I don't want you sneaking around behind my back to do things that you think need to be done. What would have happened if Iella and I spotted Baz's Verpines, decided they were part of the enemy, and killed them? If you have concerns about what I'm doing, let me know, and I'll decide what to do about them. And if I need you to help me, I'll ask, no problem. Do you understand?"
  42. "Whistler seems to recall the settings you CorSec folks used on your caf distiller back on Corellia. I don't allow him to make it that strong at home, but I gather he still brews it that way at the squadron. I found a caf shop that let him play with the controls in return for some exotic blends I managed to get my hands on. The result is in your mug."
  43. "I tried to convince him that something a bit more substantial would be better for you, but he seems to think all CorSec officers function on strong caf and foods full of fat and sugar and gluten."
  44. "General Cracken and I have an understanding. He uses me to keep tabs on my father's Errant Venture. I pass on rumors that I hear while trading, offer opinions."
  45. "When he retires, Whistler wants to be the navigator on the Pulsar Skate. We have an understanding, which is good, because he's been on the Skate enough that he could run it all by himself. He probably knows more about it and my business than I do."
  46. “A joke, so early? No morning is good. I come light-years from Corellia to be with my family, and what happens? I have to keep Jedi hours to see them. Don’t you know that I’m an executive? And a lazy one?”
  47. “Your father is out getting some back-door information from other Jedi Masters for his deposition. Your sister left early and wouldn’t say what she was doing, which I assume either means it’s Jedi business I can’t know about or that she’s seeing some man she doesn’t want me to know about.”
  48. "I know you believe Tycho had nothing to do with Corran’s death, but I can’t be so sure. I wish I could, really, because Tycho helped me save Corran at Borleias.”
  49. “I’ve not forgotten that, but while he was saving you, Corran and I were saving each other from the Empire and the traitor in Fliry Vorru’s organization. We’ve been over this a dozen times and I’m getting better about it, I really am. I don’t cry nearly as much right now as I did.”
  50. “It’s just that it seems so ridiculous sometimes. We’d not even dated. We didn’t know each other that well. For his death to hurt this much we should have been a lot closer.”
  51. “Or you think you see them walking along in a crowd. You catch a glimpse of them. Part of me thinks that we see them because we don’t truly believe they’re dead. Maybe the barrier that separates the living from the dead is permeable as long as there is someone who doesn’t accept death. Sithspawn, listen to me. I’m talking like a glitbiter.”
  52. “By the way, I think you look slicker than a Hutt’s slime trail in that native garb.”
  53. “It’s not unthinkable at all, at least not for someone who is willing to use more than one synapse on it. Wake up, Father. The Emperor is dead. It’s a new galaxy.”
  54. “You heard me. Corran’s saved my life, I’ve saved his, and we like each other. A lot. You can jump in any time, Corran.”
  55. “What you want for me, and what I want for me have long been different, Father. That doesn’t diminish my pleasure at seeing you again.”
  56. “You will get me a complete inventory of the material we’re looking at and will let us inspect the merchandise, choosing random bits to examine ourselves. My father will prepare a list of the prices for all these things in the prevailing market. We’ll pay something below the going price because everyone knows the father of Biggs Darklighter wouldn’t try to make a profit off his son’s comrades, but you will be capitalizing assets for which you have little use here on Tatooine. We’ll pay half now and half when we take possession of the items.”
  57. “Stop. I said we’d be fair, I never said we were negotiating. If you want to negotiate, we’ll start from my father’s position and work down to the details of your paying the freight to move the goods we’re taking off your hands.”

Khalee Lah:

  1. "Is every third human in this galaxy named Solo?"
  2. "And so the glory goes to the executor, while his failure is thrust upon the priest."
  3. "Truth is never treason."
  4. "The battle was a failure. The Jeedai escaped. It would seem that I was infected with the heresy, or the gods would have allowed me to die in glorious battle. My failure can only serve to tarnish my domain. The name of the warmaster, whom you name friend."

Borsk Fey'lya:

  1. "You refer to us as 'alien' and the Princess called you 'non-human.' Why are we defined by you and in comparison to you?"
  2. "What are you talking about? No one's authorized either of you to come along."
  3. "Don't be foolish, Councilor. What other use are soldiers to a politician?"
  4. "No one cares if their enemies die. And all those who are not on my side are my enemies."
  5. "You're very young. When you've accomplished a fraction of what I have for the people of this galaxy, come back and we'll talk again."
  6. "History will blame me for what happened today. Don't try to tell me otherwise."
  7. "Perhaps for you, Princess. But not for me. Not for Borsk Fey'lya."
  8. "You're intelligent enough, Commander Antilles, to convince yourself I'm right. You already know everything is political."
  9. "I merely seek to clarify the situation in my own mind, Admiral. It's hardly worthwhile for us to continue sending a valuable man like Captain Solo out on these contact missions if each is predoomed to failure."
  10. "In that case, perhaps a fear of rediscovery was all that motivated this attack, as well. Regardless, I see no reason to make a full-fledged military operation out of this. To reduce our glorious forces to the level of a mere diplomatic entourage is an insult to their courage and their fighting spirit."
  11. "You're too modest, Captain Solo. According to the reports we've received here, it was you and Calrissian who managed singlehandedly to thwart the Empire's scheme."
  12. "Really, Captain Solo, I have no particular quarrel with your method of stopping the Empire's attempt at grand larceny, costly though it might have been. You had only what you could work with. Within your constraints, you and the others succeeded brilliantly."
  13. "You are involved in a liaison with a human -- you want to marry him... the vast majority of Bothans consider it something of a perversion. He's all but furless and his face is so squashed it's, well, hideous."
  14. "So, this is it, then, Leia? You so hate being out of power that you have seduced Admiral Kre’fey into backing you in a revolt? Do you wish to establish a Jedi hegemony to rule the New Republic? Will your children inherit your position after you?”
  15. "Again, Colonel Darklighter, are you quoting from a resignation letter? You Rogues quit the New Republic once before and we survived.”
  16. "Even if these worlds are involved with the Yuuzhan Vong invasion—and you have no proof they are—the prosecution of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong is a matter for us to determine.”

Raynar Thul:

  1. "Perhaps, but even we are not strong enough to control Jacen. He has moved beyond our control—or anyone else's."
  2. "How would you feel if somebody in your family was missing and maybe even dead?"
  3. "I am Jedi Thul. I have not fought for real in many years. I should be a push-over. Come get me."
  4. "Raynar Thul vanished with the Crash."
  5. "We learned to care for the infirm. Before, only the nest mattered. But Yoggoy is smart. Yoggoy learned the value of the individual, and Yoggoy grew stronger. The Unu was created."
  6. "We do not know why. The system we have entered is over a light-year from the nearest Chiss base, and we have established nests only on food sources."
  7. "Come fast. Come now."
  8. "We have heard about this new Force of yours, and we despair. The Jedi have grown blind to the dark side itself."
  9. "Impossible. There are no Gorog in the Kind. How could the nest influence us?"
  10. "The Kind seek only to live in harmony with the Song of the Universe."
  11. "The Colony is our home."
  12. "Come fast…come now."
  13. "Very well, you give me no choice. I am Raynar Thul, Jedi Knight…uh, in training. You will either surrender now—or force me to attack you."


  1. "Yun-Harla is said to reserve her most cunning tricks for those most devoted to her."
  2. "It is my task to oversee the sacrifice of the twin Jeedai."
  3. "I side with Zonama Sekot."
  4. "From here, then, we must at least attempt to mark a new beginning."
  5. "What I did, Warmaster, I did for all of us."
  6. "The ancient texts are unclear. It appears we were invaded by a race that was more technological than animate. We called on the gods for protection, and they came to our aid, providing us with the knowledge we needed to convert our living resources to weapons. We defeated the threat, and, empowered by our victory, we gradually became conquerors of other species and civilizations."
  7. "Tsavong Lah is in an extremely precarious position. His implants have not yet healed. There are powerful shapers and more than a few priests on the verge of declaring this to be a sign of the god's disfavor."
  8. "It is an honor to come before you again. And to find you engaged in work benefiting the gods and befitting your status."
  9. "I bring you ships and ground reinforcements to help you in your aims."
  10. "Take us back to Coruscant. Take us back where we can look on victory instead of disaster."


  1. "Your conscience, Prefect. The still-small voice that reminds you how tenuous your position is."
  2. "Shimrra was Shimrra. I am I."
  3. "Fools. What choice is there but to use them?"
  4. "I compelled Shimrra to announce that a galaxy had been found for the taking. I bade him to install me as his familiar."
  5. "We began this war, and now we must fight on and hope for the best. You've betrayed and used the gods—perhaps now they betray you in return."
  6. "How is this so? you ask yourself. How did it come to this? Because your military created a poison that was to kill my people, and instead I have sent it back to kill the very world you persuaded to join you to fight against us. Is there not in that the hand of a new god, Jeedai Yun-Shuno? Where is your precious Force now -- the lingering exhalations of Yun-Yuuzhan -- that this has been allowed to happen?"
  7. "Behold the great soldier, commander of corps / Great Tsavong Lah, the master of war."

Shimrra Jamaane:

  1. "Lead me to Zonama Sekot, Nom Anor, and you will find the gods smile on you again. I will smile on you again."
  2. "Answer me honestly, Prefect, do you believe in the gods? Bear in mind: honestly... If there was some benefit to believing, you mean."
  3. "Are you suggesting, Prefect, that our priests are not acting out of the goodness of their hearts?"
  4. "Clever. That's the word everyone who knows you or who has had dealings with you uses–clever."
  5. "Oh, you are a dangerous person, Prefect. But as my familiar knows well, I have a liking for danger."
  6. "I am weary of this pointless aggravation."
  7. "It seems that the two of you are bound together once again. The fate of one will depend entirely on the fate of the other. If success comes to one, it will come to both. But if one fails . . ."
  8. "We shall teach the New Republic the glory of the gods."
  9. "I am observant. I hear the whispers; I sense the hidden eyes upon me. I know when I am being betrayed!'"
  10. "Some of you are whispering that the bright light that rises at sunset is an omen of doom—a living world rumored to have been encountered during the rule of my predecessor, whose name I will not deign to mention. I am not unacquainted with this rumor. Following my ascension to the throne I dispatched forces to search out this world—this Zonama Sekot—only to be informed that it was not to be found. So I asked myself: had it disappeared? Had Zonama Sekot been destroyed? Or was it nothing more than a lie perpetrated by my predecessor in an attempt to keep us from conquering and occupying what was by gods-given right our entitled domain?"
  11. "Again, I will supply the answer: this ill-omened world has been placed in the hands of our enemy as a final test of our worthiness to reign over them—a final test to gauge the strength of the Yuuzhan Vong heart!"
  12. "I will educate you about the gods. The question is not whether they exist, but if we have any further need of them. Their fall began during our long journey, when they failed to come to our aid. As you have undoubtedly learned, Prefect, one cannot keep loyal servants if one neglects them. So the fault lies with them. Absent our bloody support, absent our solicitations and praises, what would they be left with? The gods may have created us, but it is we who sustain them through worship. Now they are bereft because the roles are reversed. They are angry because they have been forced to recognize that their hour has arrived; that the time has come to surrender power to Shimrra and the new order."
  13. "Would you look upon me, Adept? Would you look upon me and die?"
  14. "One thrust and the deed is done!"
  15. "The gods value the pure. But also the triumphant. What of this fleet you lost?"
  16. "You ask to follow the enemy. I have read our strength reports. We do not have sufficient forces both to maintain the offensive and to hold what we have already taken."
  17. "The enemy that wiped out Komm Karsh was hardly broken. And may I remind you that Komm Karsh's fleet was our sole strategic reserve? From this point, moving any warrior to strengthen one force will weaken another. Our forces will break off offensive operations for the present. We may resume the offensive once we conclude a reorganization that brings more warrior into the field."
  18. "Do not assume I am a fool! You have won your victories by sending your troops over a rampart of our own dead!"
  19. "And the casualties we took for the capture of Yuuzhan'tar were enormous. The first two waves were wiped out and the third, though victorious, was decimated. After that, Borleias was a very expensive victory—more, in my judgment, than the planet was worth. Your own father died."

Kyp Durron:

  1. "No change comes without conflict. Perhaps my destiny is to be the irritant that forces the discussion, the blister that lets you know your boots don't fit."
  2. "An old woman who spent part of her sentence in the spice tunnels told me I had some sort of tremendous potential. She showed me how to use something called "the power" or "the strength" or something... Her name was Vima-Da-Boda. Down in the spice mines she taught me only a few things before the guards hauled her away. I never saw her again, but I've been practicing what she taught me. It's helped a few times, but I don't really understand how."
  3. "I'm glad we've had so much fun, Han. I've done a lifetime's worth of healing since you rescued me."
  4. "I'm ready, Master Skywalker. Teach me the Jedi ways."
  5. "I'm not afraid to learn. But you have to tell me your name. I won't learn from a man who is afraid to identify himself."
  6. "Now I am the Lord of the Sith."
  7. "I will do what must be done to eradicate the Empire."
  8. "I don't know. I should be. I should be dead. No one would ever blame you, Fen, for killing the murderer of billions of sentients."
  9. "You and I together must discover what's become of the Empire."
  10. "Master Skywalker will not always be here to help whenever we are in trouble. Dorsk 81 and I have already sounded the alarm, and New Republic forces should be on their way. For now, though, we must defend the academy ourselves."
  11. "Yes, but we have the Force on our side…and it is a powerful ally. But nobody said it's going to be easy."
  12. "Even though Master Skywalker trains more Jedi every year, the New Republic is a big place. There are lots of missions to send Jedi Knights on and not enough of us to handle all the situations that need our attention."
  13. "I've been off saving colonies, slaying monsters, rescuing the universe…you know, the usual."
  14. "Do you think it beneath us? When innocent people are robbed of all their wealth, or taken captive, perhaps, and tortured, is it not the province of the Jedi to come to their aid?"
  15. "They wiped out my Avengers, capturing and later killing Miko. I barely escaped with my life."
  16. "With the Force as our ally and lightsabers as our tools, we'll destroy the Yuuzhan Vong."
  17. "The Vong obliterate whole worlds, and yes, I know I did that once, but I'm not crazy enough to think it was right. The Vong think it's a holy obligation."
  18. "Things are bad all over."
  19. "I won't leave you, Wurth. We'll find a way to help you."
  20. "I'm not sure that's what we need at all. Look where your rational policies have gotten us. We're alone, now, don't you all see that? Everyone has turned against us."
  21. "If by allies you mean people without the guts to actually turn us in, yes. But wait a bit. More Jedi will be killed or captured. Stay here, meditate, and wait for them. I won't. I know what the fight is and where it is."
  22. "We, Jaina, are the new Jedi order. And this is our war."
  23. "Am I the only one who simply wants to punch Master Skywalker in the nose?"
  24. "Facts, exact numbers, reassurance… a Jedi seeks not these things."
  25. "I have an urgent message from Master Skywalker. He said that Vergere has run away from Mon Calamari, and if we see her we're to detain her and take her to Mon Calamari or to New Republic Intelligence... Master Skywalker didn't say. But it has to be important, because Vergere is now our number one priority. If we have any notion where she might be, we're to drop everything and go in search of her. But we're not to search alone -- Vergere is to be considered dangerous and should be apprehended by Jedi working in teams."
  26. "You're closer to her than anyone here. Master Skywalker thought she might try to contact you."
  27. "How does Bwua'tu do that? He must be Force-sensitive."
  28. "The old Jedi Order died with the Old Republic. Then there was Luke, and only Luke, and a lot of fumbling to recreate Jedi from what little he knew of them. He did the best he could, and he made mistakes. I was one of them. His generation of Jedi was put together like a rickety space scow, but from it something new has emerged. It's not the old Jedi Order, nor should it be. We, Jaina, are the New Jedi Order. And this is our war."
  29. "As Jedi, either we're players in GA politics, or we're another instrument of the elected leadership, like the fleet. If we're the latter, then we might have our opinions, but we do as the legitimate leadership directs. If we're not, then we've got no more right to start interfering with the status quo than the Monster Raving Anarchist Party."
  30. "That's pure madness. We're their best hope, and they won't have us working with them?"
  31. "The rest of this group has no excuse for its ambivalence. If saving our galaxy from the Yuuzhan Vong is not a good enough cause to flex our true might, let self-preservation be!"
  32. "There's more to this universe than Jaina Solo, believe it or not. I'm sorry you feel used, and I wish I hadn't had to lie to you. But I did have to. You wouldn't have helped me otherwise."
  33. "When the Vong struck at us, their way had been prepared for them. They had agents already in place, both disguised Yuuzhan Vong and traitors like Viqi Shesh. And after our first encounters with the Yuuzhan Vong, the enemy found there were tens of thousands of people who were willing to collaborate with them in attacking and enslaving their fellow galactic citizens."
  34. "I'm not willing to speculate why the Peace Brigade and their ilk chose to work with the invaders. Maybe some are simply cowards, maybe some were bought, maybe some were given no choice. I suppose most of them are opportunists who think they're on the winning side. But I know this -- up until now there's been no real penalty for being willing to betray the New Republic and work with the invaders. I propose we inflict a penalty. I propose that we strike the Peace Brigade right in the center of their power. I say we raid Ylesia, their capital, destroy the collaborationist government, and show everyone in the galaxy that there is a penalty for collaboration with the Yuuzhan Vong, and that the penalty is a dire one."
  35. "Jacen’s clearly popular with the public. And more than one of us in this chamber has gone to some extremes and come back okay, so maybe we should be making an effort to help him identify more with the Order. It's time he became a Master. We all know what he can do."
  36. “Time was when the government of the day used to keep the Jedi Council informed, and we didn’t have to rely on the media.”
  37. “Just to spice up the mix, the Mandalorians are joining forces with the Verpine. What does that sound like to you?”
  38. “Ran into an armored division, more like. What happened to you, and where shall we send the flowers for the other guy?”
  39. “Mara hath spoken. But that doesn’t stop me asking where Lumiya is, and what she’s driving.”
  40. “You know what happens if heads of state are away when a crisis breaks. They take a pounding in the polls, and it’s the beginning of the end. Let’s make the most of Omas while we can.”
  41. “Makes you wonder what tomorrow might bring. A bombshell with every bulletin.”
  42. “Jacen. There, I said it. Jacen, Jacen, Jacen. What in the name of the Force is going on here? Okay, maybe we should have taken him to task when he started kicking down doors with the GAG. Now, overnight, he’s busted the Chief of State and taken over. Extreme? Out of control, my friends.”
  43. “He’s gone to ground. We’ve been through a whole twenty-four hours of news bulletins without seeing him. He must be chained up somewhere to keep him away from reporters.”
  44. “I’m not saying we shouldn’t act. Just that we need to be clear where we stand. And Niathal and Jacen are within their rights.”
  45. “And the semantics thought for the day was brought to you by our sponsors …”
  46. “Maybe the Dark Nest isn’t even on Woteba. What do we know about the other planets?”
  47. “I don’t think there is a way. We’ve tried to trace the black membrosia back to the source and never made it past the blind drops in the Rago Run. And with a collective mind, the Dark Nest will know if we start sniffing around the Utegetu Nebula too hard.”
  48. “You’re worried about your husbands! That’s only natural, ladies. But Han and Master Skywalker can take care of themselves. I’ve been in worse places than this with both of them, lots of times.”
  49. “That’s it? You’re worried that things might get a little messy?”
  50. “Okay. But we need a backup plan, because we’re never going to get to Han and Luke without the Dark Nest knowing. Those bugs are good.”
  51. “That would work, too, and it would be a lot easier than bringing Raynar back here alive—at least if he’s as powerful as everyone says.”
  52. “And say what? That he should make the Killiks stop harboring pirates and running black membrosia?”
  53. “You can’t go back. It would be bad for you and worse for us.”
  54. “Don’t start your victory rolls yet. Maybe the Killiks didn’t make this stuff, but the Dark Nest is still using it to turn the Colony against us.”
  55. “It doesn’t matter. You guys are really overthinking this. It’s simple: Raynar is a Jedi, and now he’s becoming a threat to the galaxy. He’s our responsibility, and we have to stop we do that matters a lot less than whether we still can.”
  56. “I see what you’re doing—and it won’t work. Master Skywalker leads the Jedi.”
  57. “A peaceful galaxy is in everyone’s best interest."
  58. “There won’t be one. Not while you’re still Chief of State.”
  59. “The Advisory Council doesn’t pick our leaders. And even if it did, there were only two real Jedi representatives there!”
  60. “Because it was a bogus meeting! Omas has just been waiting until Luke was out of the way to put somebody he could control in charge.”
  61. “At least we agree on something."
  62. “And keep the Chiss happy—we know. So we ought to surprise him by sticking together.”
  63. “Our duty is to the Force. Nothing else.”

Vestara Khai:

  1. "If Ship can take all of us in one trip, the Skywalkers must be very near. And they had to come in something. Once Ship takes us to them…we steal their vessel. How hard can it be?"
  2. "I will only lie. That or tell the truth."
  3. "That's a relative term here."
  4. "It's too late for that, Ben."
  5. "Don't you dare criticize me for that, Master Skywalker. I can't destroy Abeloth. Maybe you can. You have to live. We were about to die, and Abeloth would win. You have to do what it takes to win."
  6. "If you want to continue, let's continue. It's better than sitting outside twiddling our thumbs while Luke and the others take down Ship. At least we're doing something useful."
  7. "Hate him? I didn't hate him. He was always very kind to me... Because I didn't have mine, and we have a war to win. I did it for the Jedi cause, Master Skywalker."
  8. "I'll take the ride. But I'm not sure my own kind will have me. I've killed too many of them."
  9. "And you’re in agreement? I am in command of Base Prime’s defense?"
  10. "We're on opposite sides of this thing, and maybe that makes us enemies. But we don't have to hate each other—that's a choice we make ourselves."
  11. "Ben and Jaina are coming for me now."
  12. "A Sith Lord? I'm hardly a Lord. I'm not sure I'm ready."
  13. "You know better, Gev. The Qrephs were leading you on."
  14. "Look I understand, desperation plays tricks on your mind. But I've personally explored just about every corner and turn of this base—and I'll bet you have too. If the Qrephs were working on a cure for your nanokiller, that lab would have to be here, in their private wing. Have you seen anything like that? Anywhere?"
  15. "Your people won't be doing this, I will."


  1. "Once you were with me, here in the Maw. Once you were all with me. Now you are apart, but one by one, you are all awakening. And once awake, you can hear my call, and come to me."
  2. "We are done with patience. Drink together - or die together."
  3. "To imagine, even for a moment, that anything human could even conceive of the vastness that is Abeloth, let alone trap me for your own tiny-minded purposes. Now you shall die, and your world shall become mine."

Zonama Sekot:

  1. "From what I have seen, peace does not seem to be the natural state of the universe."
  2. "The same as any intelligent entity: to live in peace, to grow in knowledge and wisdom, to love and be loved in return. And if any tries to rob me of my right to follow those imperatives, I have the same choices as anyone: I can run or I can fight. I have experienced both."
  3. "I will not say I am happy to find myself sabotaged and in danger of destruction, and yet what you brought with you—the shaper and her knowledge—are of great importance. I do not entirely understand, and will not speak of it now, but I suspect the questions raised are the most important questions I shall ever have to ask myself."
  4. "And yet, in a very real sense, it's only just beginning."
  5. "You're so not ready, it's almost funny."
  6. "You are wise, Luke Skywalker. Your father would have been proud of the man you have become."
  7. "Everyone with power faces a choice. It's a difficult choice, and the choice is different for everyone. Only time reveals which choice is correct."
  8. "This is how your father appeared to me many years ago. He and I faced the same choice. We are both still waiting to find out whether we chose correctly."
  9. "If I were to say that you hadn't, what would you do, then?"
  10. "You don't have any. That's what's so wizard about it."
  11. "Perhaps. But the exercise wasn't. Since your arrival I have learned more about why you are here than you probably ever intended to tell me. Maybe even more than you know yourself."
  12. "I do. But I have no easy answer to offer you."
  13. "I come to you in this guise as someone we have both known. Someone who was close to you, someone you found trustworthy."
  14. "I'm testing you, Jacen Solo."
  15. "You will not be harmed."
  16. "Or do you attempt to take the middle ground and allow both sides to win?"
  17. "Actually, the boras were acting of their own will. That could not be controlled -- only provoked or soothed. You have to solve that problem on your own. But the rest is true, yes. Does that fact make you angry?"
  18. "I had to know what manner of warrior I was dealing with before responding to your request."
  19. "You do not believe in fighting for peace, for freedom?"
  20. "Have you found it, Jacen Solo?"
  21. "But that doesn't stop you looking."
  22. "As must we all. As have those who came before us. We inhabit the galaxy that arose as a result of their decisions, just as our descendants will inherit the galaxy that will arise from our own. It is the responsibility of every generation to choose well."
  23. "Let me tell you a little about myself, Jacen Solo."
  24. "When I became aware, the only person I had to talk to was the first Magister. Jabitha's father, the second Magister, was the one who realized what I was, and who helped me come to terms with my potential. It was he who helped me survive the attack of the Far Outsiders that laid waste to my southern hemisphere; it was he who encouraged me to retool my shipbuilding facilities to the manufacture of weapons and other means by which I could defend myself and the people in my care. When we were next under threat, I wasn't entirely ready, but I was able to survive. After a long and arduous journey, I took my charges and myself to safety, revealing myself to them along the way. It was there, after the death of the Magister, the confusion of my birth, and the frantic desperation of my escape, that I finally found time to think."
  25. "The first thing I asked myself was: where did I come from? Jabitha's father believed that arose directly out of the Potentium -- that I was a physical incarnation of the life energy he believed filled the universe. To him, that was the only explanation that made any sense, but even then I knew it lacked something. It was a very human response in the face of two incomprehensible phenomena, and it ignored the question of why such living planets had not come into being elsewhere. If intelligence on this scale could spontaneously emerge from a biosphere, why then, in a galaxy of hundreds of millions of star systems, was I the only one? What made me different?"
  26. "I have spent decades examining my being in an attempt to unravel the truth of myself. Anakin Skywalker once described me as an 'immensity,' yet at the same time a 'unity.' All conscious beings could be described as such by the creatures that inhabit them. You all have a multitude of bacteria inhabiting your digestive tracts; from their point of view, you are undeniably immense. And yet at the same time you are also one. The truth of your existence lies on the cellular level, in your genes; I came to suspect that my truth lay on a similarly minute level -- comparatively speaking, of course. The people who inhabit my surface are as important to my well-being as the boras, the atmosphere, or the sun. Without them, I would be barren; fallow."
  27. "Would you say that the microbes in your stomach are part of your mind? My intelligence is as far above the Ferroans as yours is above those microbes. They fulfill other needs -- needs you would have difficulty comprehending. All you need is to understand, for the purposes of this conversation, is that I need them as much as they need me. Without them, it is possible that I might never have existed. Or worse: I might have grown stunted and feeble like the rogue boras that Jacen recently encountered."
  28. "I'm speaking to them now."
  29. "Your uncle asks after you. I have told him that you are all well, and that no harm will come to you now that the testing is complete."
  30. "When I awoke, they were already here. In fact, I suspect it was their arrival that precipitated my awakening -- or at least hastened it along. Whatever process I was undergoing to reach full awareness, it needed only their presence to be complete."
  31. "I have asked myself that many times and never been able to satisfactorily answer it. Jabitha's father's understanding of the Force was flawed. I know that now. He thought that everything was one in the Potentium, a teaching that has survived among the Ferroans to this day. But the Jedi have showed me that evil does exist, and I know that the Far Outsiders stand outside the Force. Where does that leave me now? Did I spring from the Force or somewhere else?"
  32. "And I would be interested to discuss them with you another time. It remains, though, that a sample size of one is not enough for either of us to reach a conclusion. The simple fact is that I do not know where I came from. I have not come across any others of my kind anywhere else in the galaxy, and that makes me wonder. Perhaps I did wake once, or many times before, but without the Ferroans I retreated into unconsciousness and forgot those dark periods of my development. I only came into the light when there was someone here to welcome my birth, someone to know me. For without that, could I ever be considered alive?"
  33. "Exactly, young Jedi. I stand by everything I've done since I became alive. I trust and obey my own imperatives."
  34. "That is not what I said. I said that I had a choice, and that I have tried both of the options already. I fought off the Far Outsiders. Then, I fled the fire of the inner galaxy, seeking the outer darkness so that I might be alone -- so that I might be safe. And for many years I was just that. Then you came to disturb my peace."
  35. "You both invade my Sanctuary."
  36. "You presume a lot, young Jedi. Without knowing what the Far Outsiders said to me, what they demanded of me, or what they tried to take from me, you seem confident to speak of their intentions."
  37. "The Jedi have never openly meant me harm, and I have learned much from you in the past. There is much I have left to learn, and you can help with that, under the right circumstances. Many people here remember your kind, and would have been keen to have you here, but for your war."
  38. "How can I give you peace?"
  39. "I could give you weapons to help you fight your war. The Far Outsiders are invisible to the life flows that the first Magister called the Potentium and that you Jedi call the Force, but that does not make them utter abominations. Ever since their first attack, I have been examining fragments of destroyed vessels, seeking to understand the principles by which they operate."
  40. "Precisely. Much that I found was confusing and disturbing, but I took what I could and made it my own. My living ships and weapons bear similarities to those of the Far Outsiders, and few of their weaknesses."
  41. "What's wrong, Jacen? You don't look pleased."
  42. "I am a force unlike anything you have come across before. Are you trying to tell me that were I offer myself as a weapon in your fight against the Far Outsiders, you would turn me down?"
  43. "You would accept such an offer?... Then consider the offer made."
  44. "I still desire those things. I just know that I cannot have them here, or while the Far Outsiders trouble this galaxy. So my offer is for my benefit as much as it is your own."
  45. "Sanctuary has already been irreparably shattered. You see, the escape of the coralskipper from the moon M-Three was not entirely fiction. One vessel did manage to escape my net during the attack, and we must presume that that ship is returning to its masters to report on my whereabouts... I guess I am not as all-powerful as you think me. Nor you. Is that a sobering thought?"
  46. "After traveling as far as you have to beseech my help, you reject my offer. Are you sure?"
  47. "Nevertheless, I have decided to join your cause."
  48. "I'm saying that you have achieved what you set out to do. I shall return with you to your war. Whether or not I can make a difference, of course, remains to be seen."
  49. "We are done with running. We must find a way to end this war. Perhaps together we can work out which way we must go. Not just for ourselves, but for the sake of all life within the galaxy."
  50. "I have visited many systems in my travels. And of the cultures that inhabited them, none have I seen that did not embrace hostilities to some degree or another. I have seen battles engulf cities, and sometimes entire countries. There have even been conflicts that have extended between worlds. It is almost as though the desire for war has spread like a plague through the life-forms of this galaxy."
  51. "As it surprises me that one as small as yourself would presume to have such insight into the living Force's moral bent."
  52. "You are wise, Master Skywalker. I think in the days to come, you will supply many answers to the questions I still have regarding the Force."
  53. "Things come and go, Jacen Solo. We both know that."
  54. "Perhaps. You still wonder, sometimes, why I woke you first when you arrived here. This, and many other things, you will understand in time."
  55. "Like this, then?"
  56. "Because you couldn't begin to comprehend who I am. There are limits to your understanding -- just as there are limits to mine. Mine, however, are an order of magnitude removed from yours. Take no offense, Jacen Solo, but my talking to you is like you talking to a dust mite that crawled across your skin. Do you believe that such a mite could understand you if you were to speak to it normally? Do you think you would even hear a reply if you listened with your normal ears? Of course not. In order to communicate between such diverse scales of existence, one or both sides must change. For the moment, I am prepared to make that change."
  57. "We'll see what the future holds."
  58. "Do you know what it is I crave?... All those things are required for a good life. And all of them have a price... I think that is what we all want, Jacen Solo."

Boba Fett:

  1. "Maybe I'd have grown up a nice guy if a Jedi hadn't cut my dad's head off in front of me."
  2. "The Hutts and all my other clients-they pay me the kind of bounties they do because of one thing. I deliver. Once I've caught my prey, nothing stops me from bringing it in. Nothing. If I take on a job, I complete it. And everyone in the galaxy knows that."
  3. "Everyone dies. It is the final and only ever lasting justice. Evil exists; it is intelligence in the service of entropy. When the side of a mountain slides to kill a village, this is not evil, for evil requires intent. Should a sentient being cause that landslide, there is evil; and requires justice as a consequence, so that civilization can exist. There is no greater good than justice; and only if law serves justice is it a good law. It is said correctly that law exists not for the just but for the unjust, for the just carry the law in their hearts, and do not need to call it from afar. I bow to no one and give service only for cause."
  4. "I was sixteen, Sintas was eighteen. The only females I knew as a kid were a Kaminoan and a changeling bounty hunter. Doesn't equip you to be a family man. I tried."
  5. "I don't have to kill you, Cross. You're not the mission. But get in my way again and you're dead."
  6. "I'm sorry for the deaths of the innocent. But the innocent die in wars, Leia Organa, and your side should not have started this one."
  7. "He has a healthy head start."
  8. "It's about repeat business, and your Alliance most likely won't exist long enough to pay my first fee."
  9. "I have reason to be. His credit's good."
  10. "I want to be as far away from here as possible when Starkiller shows up. I've seen what he can do."
  11. "I'm not restricted by the authority of your so-called Bounty Hunter's Guild. I answer to a higher law."
  12. "We will meet again, friend."
  13. "As you wish."
  14. "This finely rendered carbonite sculpture, the person of Han Solo? No. What I brought you today is art. Art created by the Dark Lord that happened to use Han Solo as material, like another artist might shape clay."
  15. "You don't eat a barve like that all at once."
  16. "The Sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible, Solo."
  17. "Rest easy, Kenix Kil… or should I say Kir Kanos? Think of yourself as a guest, rather than our prisoner. I believe you will appreciate the reception that your host has in mind for you."
  18. "Everyone dies."
  19. "I do not know. Trust is hard, among enemies. Perhaps we should return to the battle; perhaps, Han Solo, we should let fly, and once more let fate decide who will survive, as we did when we were young."
  20. "Just wanted to remind you, Solo, that my personal fight was always with the Jedi. You were nothing more than cargo."
  21. "Then wouldn't I be good?"
  22. "I've one of those faces that used to appear familiar to everyone."
  23. "This is my face."
  24. "My armor insures my victory in hand-to-hand combat."
  25. "Fools! You'll never even guess at all the weapons I carry!"
  26. "It's my favorite Ultra-Fine."
  27. "He's no good to me dead."
  28. "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me."
  29. "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."
  30. "They say Jaing tracked Grievous in the war. Master assassin, sniper, general pain in the backside. Don't underestimate him."
  31. "You passed your eyesight test... Whatever it is, you can't afford me."
  32. "What's the best way to find another bounty hunter?... No. You hire him."
  33. "She's a useful pair of fists in a fight."
  34. "Back on Tatooine—for such a desolate, backwater world, it has assumed a great deal of importance for the rest of the galaxy."
  35. “Here’s what I see. A sane man. Because they all slide down that path when they get power, and then they have to tell themselves lies to explain how they got there, and how it wasn’t their fault. That’s when reality becomes a stranger to them. And there’s you, ashamed of yourself because you’re thinking that maybe Mara Skywalker started the ruck, but you want to see her as some uncomplicated completely innocent victim.”
  36. “That’s a barve who nearly got his backside handed to him by Skywalker’s wife. He still looks scared when he remembers it. Because she went at him like a maniac. Just like Beviin showed you.”
  37. “Because if I put him down like the vermin deserves, your family can blame that rotten Boba Fett again when the truth wears off, when you need an excuse to stop feeling bad about what you had to do. No, you clear up your own mess. I wondered—am I standing back to let the Solos and Skywalkers fight each other because I want them to suffer? No. It’s only Jacen who deserves it, and on balance I’d prefer to see him live a long time in a lot of pain. Like I’ve said before … he’s no use to me dead.”
  38. “Mace Windu killed Dad. The barve ends up taking a walk out Palpatine’s window, so I don’t get to blow his brains out. Add a few years of lashing out at any Jedi, and then I stop and ask why I carry on. Because Force-users are all trouble. Sith, Jedi, no difference, although the Sith always paid well. Every big war since the Old Republic apart from the Vong has been about you two having your sectarian conflicts and dragging everyone else in. I say it, guys like Venku say it, and then folks start thinking that maybe galactic peace doesn’t include you.”
  39. “Making virtue out of necessity.”
  40. “A weapon for a civilized age, you reckon? You cut someone’s head off, you trap enough oxygenated blood in the brain for two minutes’ consciousness, maybe. Then go and retrieve your dad’s body parts and see how well you sleep some nights.”

Goran Beviin:

  1. "If his granddaughter tried to kill him, and his daughter even killed a man who looked like him, what do you think his ex-wife's going to do if she remembers who he is?"
  2. "Mirta behaving herself? Well at least she hasn't tried to kill you again. Kids can be such a handful."
  3. "She'll produce wonderfully ferocious great-grandchildren for you, Bob'ika."
  4. “Because nobody can live the way you do and not notice how much it hurts. I suppose it’s me being grateful for not being that way.”
  5. “I hear Spar did it for Shysa, actually, because he told him Mandalore needed to look strong and stable to the outside world, like the Fetts were back.”
  6. “It roughly translates as, ‘Nobody likes us but we don’t care, because we’re Mandos, and we’re the best.’ Sorry to spoil the illusion. But we do have our mournful ballads.”
  7. “I think she’s having nightmares. Whatever Gotab’s done, the old neural pathways are connecting again …”

Mirta Gev:

  1. "I'm just trying to get by in a tough galaxy."
  2. "Mama was all I had and I don't like it that way."
  3. "You're Boba Fett... I need to talk to you... But can you afford me?"
  4. "Just look for the carbonite slab."
  5. "I can cook, I can dig trenches, I can stab a chakaar…"
  6. "This isn't what my people signed on for, chasing a bunch of asteroid miners out of the Rift is one thing, but this—"
  7. "What, the money isn't good enough?"
  8. "I'd blast him for you, but I still have that nanokiller problem to fix."
  9. “You seem to know everything about me, but I don’t know much about you.”
  10. “I seem to be bucking the trend of devoted kids. I tried to kill my grandfather.”

Winter Celchu:

  1. "I never forget anything."
  2. "Really? I think you're just afraid of losing to a woman."
  3. "Why a two-seater? I thought you liked the idea of snuggling."
  4. "All of us recall where we were when we heard the news and the tragedy's impact hit us full at that moment. Sel had thought nothing was amiss, then he learned the significance of what he had experienced. The hours in which he considered it nothing mock him and haunt him."
  5. "No need. I can take care of myself."
  6. "You Rogues have a rep for doing the impossible, but getting us out of here has to tax even your skills."
  7. "I could almost swear you're smitten by her."
  8. "I haven't been listening. I saw the light coming from under your door and thought you might need something."
  9. "I suppose you'll just have to wait until he's ready to talk to you. Perhaps Captain Solo will be able to draw him out when he returns."
  10. "No more than any other Alderaanian. The question was whether the line of ascent to Viceroy should go to Senator Organa's father or one of the other family lines. After the third voting deadlock they appealed to the Senate to mediate the issue. C'baoth was one of the delegation they sent, which took less than a month to decide that the Organas had the proper claim."
  11. "There was a group picture in the archives that showed the entire mediation team. C'baoth was . . . oh, about average height and build, I suppose. Fairly muscular, too, which I remember thinking seemed rather odd for a Jedi... I'm sorry. I didn't mean that to sound derogatory."
  12. "He had graying hair and a short, neatly trimmed beard. He was wearing the same brown robe and white undertunic that a lot of Jedi seemed to favor. Other than that, there wasn't anything particularly notable about him."
  13. "Oh, I'd say somewhere around forty, plus or minus five years, perhaps. Age is always hard to ascertain from a picture."
  14. "There are always exceptions to a race's normal life span . . . and a Jedi, in particular, might have techniques that would help extend that span."
  15. "Anything having to do with Jedi and the Force are out of my personal experience, Commander. I really can't comment one way or another on that. But I'd have to say that the impression I got of C'baoth from Alderaanian history makes me skeptical... It's just an impression, you understand. Nothing I would even have mentioned if you hadn't asked. C'baoth struck me as the sort of person who loved being in the middle of things. The sort who, if he couldn't lead, control, or help in a particular situation, would still be there just so he'd be visible."
  16. "Yes, it does. Though at least by the time he came to Alderaan there didn't seem to be any dispute about it. My point is that someone who likes the spotlight that much wouldn't have stayed so completely out of the war against the Empire."
  17. "Not much. It was supposedly an attempt to search for life outside the galaxy proper, but the whole thing was so buried in secrecy they never released any details. I'm not even sure whether or not it was ever launched... There were rumors that several Jedi Masters would be going along, but again there was no official confirmation of that. Are you thinking that might be why he wasn't around during the war?"

Jorj Car'das:

  1. "We're Corellian traders, from one of the systems in the Galactic Republic."
  2. "You can just call me Car'das. In our culture, the first name is reserved for use by friends."
  3. "Do you consider me one?"
  4. "As I sat there panting on a rock, swamp water seeping into my boots, he told me in exquisitely painful detail just how badly I'd squandered the gift of life he'd given back to me a quarter century earlier. How my utterly selfish pursuit of personal power and aggrandizement had left me empty of spirit and vacant of purpose. By the time he finished, I knew I could never go back. That I could never, ever face any of you again."
  5. "But why me? You have the Emperor's ear. Why not a Royal Guard, or some brilliant junior fleet officer? Why not Vader himself? If you could stand his company."

Ganner Rhysode:

  1. "Before I got this scratch, it was easy to believe in my own invincibility. I was arrogant enough to think of myself as perfect. That's a trap Kyp, Wurth, Octa, and others in his cabal are falling into. They think that because they've not been hurt, they can't be hurt. That's not an illusion I harbor anymore."
  2. "The leader has to be someone they won't be too worried about—and someone they'll believe could be duped by a traitor. Someone like me."
  3. "Line them up, Jaina, and I'll take them out."
  4. "I am only one Jedi."
  5. "No. I am Ganner. This threshold is mine. I claim it for my own. Bring on your thousands, one at a time or all in a rush. I don't give a damn. None shall pass."
  6. "You don't understand, Jacen, the Yuuzhan Vong didn't fool me. I fooled myself. Throughout this mission, since I first heard of the Yuuzhan Vong even, I wanted to prove that I was better than they were. I was furious that I did not get to engage a Vong on Bimmiel. The first one I killed this afternoon, I tricked into stepping into that hole. I knew he was a fool, and he died because of his stupidity. And somehow, I started thinking that I was a genius compared to the rest of them. It wasn't a stretch for me to think I was brilliant compared to the Yuuzhan Vong. I've been thinking that for a long time compared to other Jedi... So, yes, I'll have a scar, and it will be good. The old Ganner, he had a perfect face over a perfectly arrogant attitude. Not so anymore. Every time I look in a mirror I'll be reminded that he died on Garqi, and I'm here in his place."

Garm Bel Iblis

  1. "The Corellian sector, one of the founding fathers of the Republic, is not seceding. However, Corellia will not participate in what it deems a profound error that threatens its sovereignty."
  2. "He can do anything he wants to me—can take anything away from me that he will. I'll still fight him because it's the right thing to do. Period."
  3. "Do you understand me? I will not send my troops on a suicide attack. And I do not recognize your authority to order them to. I did not vote to place you in charge of the Alliance, and if Bail did, then he was gravely mistaken."
  4. "Yes, I guess it is. This attack plan is fundamentally flawed, and you just don't have the expertise to know it."
  5. "You're wondering why I didn't join the Alliance. Why I chose instead to run my own private war against the Empire."
  6. "Oh, we have. More or less. She's invited me back into the New Republic, I've accepted her leadership, officially all is well. But old memories fade slowly."
  7. "You don't understand, Leia. This has nothing to do with me. It has to do with Mon Mothma. After all these years, I finally understand why she does things the way she does. I've always assumed she was gathering more and more power to herself simply because she was in love with power. But I was wrong… Because with everything she does there are lives hanging in the balance. And she's terrified of trusting anyone else with those lives. That's why I can't simply go down and take command. Until she's able to accept me—really accept me—as someone she can trust, she won't ever be able to give me any genuine authority in the New Republic. She'll always need to be hovering around in the background somewhere, watching over my shoulder to make sure I don't make any mistakes. She hasn't got the time for that, I haven't got the patience, and the friction would be devastating for everyone caught in the middle. When she's ready to trust me, I'll be ready to serve. Until then, it's better for everyone involved if I stay out of it... If you have to persuade her, Leia, it doesn't count. She has to decide this for herself."
  8. "Coruscant is surrounded. Our defenses have been forced to retreat. We estimate the planetary shield will fall by morning…We'll be pulling out tonight…We have no choice. There's no way to get word to our fleets in other sectors, and even if we did, they couldn't get here before the shield fails…The New Republic will survive. Only its headquarters will move. We don't want Coruscant destroyed too, when all the Empire wants is to destroy us. Once we're off planet, the populace ought to be safe enough…We need all the lifting capacity we can beg, borrow, or steal for the evacuation."
  9. "Actually, we can. And we will."
  10. "On the contrary, Speaker Plarx. I have every right. You have just opened fire on New Republic spacecraft. Surrender immediately, or prepare to be destroyed... Last chance, Speaker. Surrender or face the consequences."
  11. "It would be nothing of the sort. It would be a voice of calm and reason in the middle of a very dangerous flash point. There are sixty-eight warships here already, all of them engaged in a twelve-way glaring contest with each other, all of them ready to jump if any of the others so much as sneeze. There has got to be someone here who can mediate any problems before they collapse into all-out war."
  12. "With all due respect, Admiral, President Gavrisom must be joking. Yaga Minor is possibly the most heavily defended system in Imperial or New Republic space."
  13. "Yes, sir. Unfortunately, I'm forced to agree with your assessment."

Gial Ackbar:

  1. "May the Force be with us."
  2. "It's a well known fact that after the destruction of the Death Star, our base on Yavin IV has been under siege. We have re-established this emergency base after the Empire located our decoy base on the other side of Dantooine. Unfortunately, this planet is still under Imperial rule, therefore we have no permanent base for our small fleet of starships."
  3. "It's a trap!"
  4. "The final line of the situation is that any serious New Republic presence over Bothawui at this point would be construed as support of the Bothans against their critics."
  5. "You will not be the one chosen for the dubious honor of mediator. President Gavrisom has already selected another task for you…If Bothawui is the flash point, then it is the Caamas Document which is the spark. President Gavrisom has therefore concluded that the New Republic's best chance of defusing the controversy is to obtain an intact copy of the document. To that end, you are to proceed immediately to Ord Trasi, where you will begin assembling a force for an information raid on the Imperial Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor."
  6. "The President is fully aware of the challenges involved. I'll be honest: I don't like this any more than you do. But it has to be tried. If war breaks out over this issue, we don't have enough ships or troops to either force or maintain a peace. The entire New Republic could conceivably collapse into total civil war."
  7. "I may also say, that if there's any way this can be done, you are the one who can do it."
  8. "You grossly underestimate Iceheart if you think she is ever unprepared."
  9. "None of you needs to be reminded that in the past few weeks our war against the remnants of the Empire has changed from what was once called a mopping-up exercise to a battle for our very survival."
  10. "The New Republic sustained considerable losses in the Thrawn campaign: ten percent of our forces killed, thirty percent wounded—but those are just averages. On the worlds Thrawn actually hit, the devastation was significant."
  11. "You can dispense with the speeches, Councilor. None of our 'glorious forces' are here to be impressed by them."
  12. "You may not understand this, Plat Mallar, but it is not easy to rouse a democracy to war. Not unless it has been attacked directly. Everything must be discussed. The provocation must be more compelling than the politics. And it always takes time."
  13. "He's as elusive as the Katana fleet."
  14. "When I read what you tried to do for her... well, it is cruel to learn one you love has died so far away from the heart of her clan, but at least I knew she was in the midst of good friends. Friends close enough to try such a thing."
  15. "Am I mistaken, or are your methods becoming even more unorthodox?"
  16. "You have the basics: one standard day ago Warlord Zsinj showed up in the system with the Iron Fist, launched a wing of TIEs, and proceeded with a planetary bombardment. Our base there was hit hard, though since most of it was underground, the damage was not as extensive as Zsinj undoubtedly would like to think."
  17. "We forced the Empire off our world once. They fought with blasters and fighters, destroying cities at will. We fought with whatever we had – kitchen utensils, industrial tools, our bare hands. We won that time."
  18. "They have a charter which recognizes the ambiguities of war and politics, and inherit the jobs which require working outside the rules of polite society."

Mon Mothma:

  1. "We are not Separatists trying to leave the Republic, we are Loyalists trying to preserve democracy in the Republic."
  2. "This great struggle is a people's struggle: a struggle between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, the cruel and the gentle."
  3. "That is our goal: To become the New Republic in fact as well as name."
  4. "Settling scores is no way to govern a galaxy."
  5. "Senator Bel Iblis, I sincerely hope that was not an ultimatum."
  6. "I will not have ultimatums put to me, Senator. The Rebel Alliance will no longer require your services."
  7. "Maybe she has… We've had more than our share of differences over the years, General. But that was a long time ago. We were a good team once. There's no reason why we can't be one again."
  8. "Without Admiral Ackbar and his people, we would all be the Emperor's slaves."
  9. "Ackbar, my hopes and prayers are with you. I know you cannot fail us."
  10. "With the New Republic in possession of Coruscant, it might seem that the time for such secrecy is past, but it is not. The Empire is not yet dead, and the dozens of petty warlords tearing at it have already and will continue to study us for signs of weakness. Their drive to restore the Empire, with themselves in Palpatine's place, means we cannot reveal all of our secrets."
  11. "Citizens of the New Republic, the last vestige of the Empire's evil has been rooted out of Coruscant. What was once an Empire is now just a collection of bitter people clutching at whatever power they can find to keep themselves apart from those they have hurt. What they do not realize, and the reason they are doomed to failure, is that all power in the galaxy comes from the free and willful investing of power by one person to another. Human and nonhuman, gendered or not, young, old, hale or infirm, we can only give power, we cannot take it. Stolen power evaporates and when it does, the empires that were built on it and of it collapse, never to rise again."
  12. "What the smugglers are waiting for is the same thing the rest of the galaxy is waiting for: the formal reestablishment of the principals and law of the Old Republic. That is our first and primary task, Councilors."
  13. "It can't be helped. If we don't protect our negotiators, the New Republic will stagnate and wither."
  14. "I'm sorry. I, of all people, recognize the need to add new Jedi to our ranks. But for now there are simply too many urgent demands on our time. In another year, possibly sooner, we'll have enough experienced diplomats for you to devote the bulk of your time to your studies. But right now I'm afraid we need you here."
  15. "Someone…or something…has been biding its time, while the feuding Imperial factions distracted our attention…"
  16. "The matter is complicated by the fact that Minister of State Rieekan has fallen gravely ill."
  17. "Your clarity came from your certainty that our cause was just and our purpose worthy. But there is little certainty of that kind to be had in a place like the Senate, in a city like Imperial City. Certainty is eaten away by the thousand and one compromises that are the currency of democracy. Causes fall victim to the building of consensus. Accountability becomes so diffused that it vanishes, and agreement becomes so rare that it startles."
  18. "This is Captain Tycho Celchu, as loyal a son of Alderaan and the New Republic as ever lived. He willingly chose to subject himself to a surrendering of his basic freedoms in order to bring the Empire down. Because of suspicions about what the Empire might have done to him, it was felt he could not be trusted, yet this man refused to let those suspicions prevent him from doing all he could to destroy the Empire... Let there be no citizen of the New Republic who harbors suspicions about Tycho Celchu. His devotion to the New Republic is unquestioned."
  19. "Make no mistake, the Mon Calamari saved the galaxy."

Jorus C'baoth:

  1. "We are the Jedi, the ultimate power in the universe. We will do as we choose. And we will destroy any who dare stand in our way."
  2. "It's more than just impressive. Therein lies the future of the galaxy."
  3. "Let's dispense with the pleasantries, Chancellor. This isn't a social visit."

Joruus C'baoth:

  1. "I killed them, of course. Just as I killed the Guardian. Just as I now kill you."
  2. "So at last you have come to me. I knew you would. Together we will teach the galaxy what it means to serve the Jedi."
  3. "You don't understand power, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Conquering worlds you'll never even visit isn't power. Neither is destroying ships and people and rebellions you haven't looked at face-to-face."
  4. "I serve no Emperor. My power is for myself alone."
  5. "I knew you would be coming to me tonight. From the moment you left Coruscant, I knew you would come. That was why I set this night for the people of my city to attack my oppressors."
  6. "Of course it was necessary. You needed a distraction to gain entrance to my prison. And they, like all lesser beings, needed purpose. What better purpose could they have than the honor of dying in the service of the Jedi?"
  7. "Which is why they and the Old Republic failed, Jedi Skywalker. Why they failed, and why they died."
  8. "Perhaps not. You are young, and do not yet see clearly."
  9. "The Force does not rely on what you think are your goals. Nor do the true masters of the Force. Whether you knew it or not, you came here at my summons."
  10. "Of course, my young apprentice. She has great strength of will, Jedi Skywalker. She will be a great power in the galaxy which we shall build."
  11. "How dare you say such things? How dare you even think such blasphemy about the great Jedi Master C'baoth?"
  12. "Yet I am here."
  13. "Ah, Skywalker, Skywalker. You, too? Grand Admiral Thrawn, the New Republic, and now you. What is this sudden fascination with clones and cloning?"
  14. "He does not understand, Jedi Skywalker. Not Grand Admiral Thrawn—not any of them. The true power of the Jedi is not in these simple tricks of matter and energy. The true might of the Jedi is that we alone of all those in the galaxy have the power to grow beyond ourselves. To extend ourselves into all the reaches of the universe."
  15. "I have done it, Jedi Skywalker. With General Covell. What even the Emperor never did. I took his mind in my hands and altered it. Re-formed it and rebuilt it into my own image."
  16. "Yes—rebuilt it. And that was only the start. Beneath us, down in the depths of the mountain, the future army of the Jedi even now stands in readiness to serve us. What I did with General Covell I will do again, and again, and again. Because what Grand Admiral Thrawn has never realized is that the army he thinks he is creating for himself he is instead creating for me."
  17. "I need no one to save me, Mara Jade. Tell me, do you really believe I would simply stand by and allow Grand Admiral Thrawn to imprison me this way?"
  18. "I did not grant you permission to leave. And you shall not."
  19. "And so it does. I had my soldiers prepare it for me. Before I sent them outside the mountain with the weapons and orders for my people."
  20. "You will not presume to give me commands, Jedi Skywalker. I am the master. You are the servant."
  21. "You are indeed my servant. As is she. Leave her alone, Jedi Skywalker. She required a lesson, and she has now learned it."
  22. "I said leave her alone. Her life is not in danger. Save your strength rather for the trial that awaits you."
  23. "There is no choice, my young Jedi. Don't you understand? You must serve me, or we will not be able to save the galaxy from itself. You must therefore face death and emerge at my side . . . or you must die that another may take your place. Come. And face your destiny."
  24. "Yes, Jedi Skywalker. He is you. Luuke Skywalker, created from the hand you left behind in the Cloud City on Bespin. Wielding the lightsaber you lost there."
  25. "To bring you to true understanding. And because your destiny must be fulfilled. One way or another, you must serve me."
  26. "I did not wish to do this to you, Jedi Skywalker. I do not wish it still. Join me—let me teach you. Together we can save the galaxy from the lesser peoples who would destroy it."
  27. "Watch them closely, Mara Jade. Unless you bow willingly to my authority, you will someday face this same battle."
  28. "It is not insanity to offer the richness of my glory to others. It is a gift which many would die for."
  29. "Do not attempt to hide your thoughts from me, Mara Jade. You are mine now. It is not right for an apprentice to hide her thoughts from her master."
  30. "You mock my vision. But you shall kneel before me."
  31. "He will be mine. As will his sister and her children."
  32. "You disappoint me, Mara Jade. Do you truly believe I need to hear your thoughts in order to read your heart? Like the lesser peoples of the galaxy, you seek my destruction. A foolish notion. Did the Emperor teach you nothing about our destiny?"
  33. "Do you feel the need to measure your strength against mine, Mara Jade? Come, then, and do so."
  34. "Very good. You have wisdom of a sort, after all. Watch, then, and learn."
  35. "This duel must be to the death. It must be weapon against weapon, mind against mind, soul against soul. Anything less will not bring you to the knowledge you must have if you are to properly serve me."
  36. "Welcome, my new apprentice! Come to me, Leia Organa Solo. I will teach you the true ways of the Force."
  37. "Do you also seek to destroy me, Jedi Skywalker? For such thoughts are foolish. I could crush you like a small insect beneath my heel."
  38. "You ask too much, Skywalker. Mara Jade will be mine. Must be mine. It is the destiny demanded of her by the Force. Not even you may trifle with that."
  39. "You insult me, Mara Jade. Do you really believe me so easy to mislead?"
  40. "You see, Mara Jade? It is inevitable. I will rule . . . and along with Skywalker and his sister, you will serve at my side. And we shall be great together."
  41. "As I said, Mara Jade. Inevitable. And with you and Skywalker beside me, the lesser peoples of the galaxy will flock to us like leaves in the wind. Their hearts and their souls will be ours. As will their insignificant weapons."
  42. "You will die for this, Mara Jade. Slowly, and in great pain."
  43. "I am the Jedi Master C'baoth! The Empire—the universe—is mine."
  44. "Patience, my future apprentice. You cannot die yet. Not until I have taken you down to the Grand Admiral's cloning chamber."
  45. "For I have foreseen that Mara Jade will kneel before me. One Mara Jade . . . or another."
  46. "The Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth does not serve lesser peoples, Jedi Skywalker."
  47. "And that was their failing. That was why the lesser peoples rose up and killed them."
  48. "Enough! It doesn't matter what you think the lesser peoples need from me. I am the one who will decide that. They will accept my rule, or they will die. You had that choice, Jedi Skywalker. And more—you could have ruled beside me. Instead, you chose death."
  49. "Mara Jade is no longer any concern of yours. I will deal with her later."
  50. "No! No! She is mine!"

Elegos A'Kla:

  1. "Perhaps our ignorance of each other's nature and ways is what makes it appear that we are falling into a black hole of conflict. I would enlighten you and learn from you."
  2. "I pity them, Councilor. I really do. For all the strength and mental agility they claim their political techniques provide to their species, I see them as an essentially unhappy people. Their whole outlook on life breeds mistrust, and without trust, there can be no genuine peace."
  3. "Perhaps, Commander Shai, it is you I am shielding."
  4. "Perhaps it has."
  5. "That is a kind suggestion, friend Leia, but the Noghri will best serve elsewhere. This mission must be undertaken. If I am successful, we will all be saved.”
  6. “It is believed you see machines as abominations. I wished to offer no offense.”
  7. "Already I learn. And, yes, I knew my life could be forfeit in coming here. This did not deter me.”
  8. "I am not a tactician, nor am I privy to their counsels. What I would learn from you would likewise be useless.”
  9. "We are Caamasi. We understand well the pain of losing kin, and how to ease that pain. She will not be alone.”
  10. "For Caamasi, momentous events produce memories that are very striking in detail—you might consider them holographic, but they are more to us. Almost tangible. To have that sort of memory of killing someone, no matter the reason, is a terrible burden to bear. Such a memory would not fade with time, and would become a heavy burden indeed. Because of such things, we have always sought to promote peace and understanding, harmony and unity.”
  11. "I thought I had killed them. I stunned them because you had left the blaster set on stun. I could not have let them kill you, and would have accepted the burden of such memories in your defense.”
  12. "Your intentions will be good. Without consideration and forethought, however, your actions could still be evil. That is the problem, of course, evil is always easy and resisting it is never so. Evil is relentless; and anyone, if they tire, if they are not vigilant, can fall prey to it.”
  13. "Life is not without pain, but life concerns itself with how we handle that pain, or joy, or confusion or triumph. Life is more than time passing before death, it is the sum and total of all we make of it. Decisions may not be easy, but many is the time when not making a decision, not taking an action is worse than a poor decision. Evil flourishes where it is not opposed, and those who are able to oppose it must to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”
  14. "There is much more elsewhere, including things suggesting a fair amount of intimacy in the refresher station and bedroom.”
  15. "We did that, yes. It seems, however, you are ignoring the evidence of Belkadan, that they have come and set up factories to produce war matériel. You ignore their operation on Bimmiel, which we know about only because the students there were evacuated to Agamar and arrived when we did.”
  16. "You also greatly discount the sacrifices we paid to save as many people as we did. Rogue Squadron has lost two-thirds of the pilots it had two months ago. Over fifty other pilots and troopers lost their lives. The Yuuzhan Vong killed countless people on Dubrillion, and the refugees on Dantooine suffered 50 percent casualties.”

Ysanne Isard:

  1. "The Isards make their own luck."
  2. "Of course; I am your daughter. It's over for you now, father, but fear not. The Isard legacy is in very good hands."
  3. "There, now Pestage will be mine, and after him, the Empire of my master. Nothing will stop me…"
  4. "My wish is the death of this Rebellion. Now with the Empire in my hands, there will be no one to stop me from making that wish come true."
  5. "Rebel forces are indeed now in control of Imperial Center. What they have discovered, though they know not the depth of the problem, is that Imperial Center is a poisoned world, a sick world. It is a black hole from which they cannot escape. They have truly bitten off more than they can chew and they will be choked to death because of it."
  6. "A month. Antilles has a month yet to live. Then, once he is eliminated, the Empire will rise again and the natural order of things will again be established."
  7. "It is interesting we have not met before, you and I, having been foes for so long. I expected you to be taller."
  8. "He knows I would pluck out his heart and fling it into the streets from the highest tower in the Palace."

Mace Windu:

  1. "For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life."
  2. "I knew I would succeed. After all, I had my wits, and the Force, and my feet."
  3. "I created Vaapad to answer my weakness: it channels my own darkness into a weapon of the light."
  4. "The thefts seem small for now. But a small threat can be a hint of a greater threat to come. Either from within or without, this threat is real. Take care, Qui-Gon."
  5. "Jedi Knights are not required to conform to a schedule. And missions reveal their own time frame. The Council members are not concerned."
  6. "As you know, I loathe to enter into situations where a show of force is our only likely option. On the other hand, we who are sworn to protect the Republic cannot ignore the threat posed to it by the actions of the Yinchorri anymore than we can ignore what they did to Naeshahn and Ebor Taulk."
  7. "And what unknown hand is doing the tipping?"
  8. "However noble Anoon Bondara's intentions, we cannot have him and Assant acting without the knowledge or consent of the Council."
  9. "Yes, but who? With the current state of affairs in the Republic Senate, all our senior members are on standby alert and may continue to be for some time."
  10. "We are decided then. Qui-Gon, you will explain the situation to Kenobi and send him on his way as soon as possible. There is something about all this….."
  11. "We don't have to win, we only have to fight."
  12. "Politicians have no voice in Jedi matters."
  13. "I don't like it dealing with that criminal scum. This is a dark day for the Republic."
  14. "I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi. The dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor."
  15. "Hope must be tempered by reality."
  16. "Vaapad is as aggressive and powerful as its namesake, but its power comes at great risk: immersion in Vaapad opens the gates that restrain one's inner darkness. To use Vaapad, a Jedi must allow himself to enjoy the fight; he must give himself over to the thrill of battle. The rush of winning. Vaapad is a path that leads through the penumbra of the dark side…This was Vaapad's ultimate test."
  17. "A shame he can't touch the Force. He might have made a fine Jedi."
  18. "I may be the only veteran of Geonosis who doesn't have nightmares of that place. Because in my dreams, I always do it right. My nightmare is what I find when I wake up."
  19. "In my dreams here, I have seen the destruction of the Jedi. The death of the Republic. I have seen the Temple in ruins, the Senate smashed, and Coruscant itself shattered by orbital bombardment from immense ships of impossible design. I have seen Coruscant, the seat of galactic culture, become a jungle far more hostile and alien than any on Haruun Kal. I have seen the end of civilization."
  20. "In dejarik, there is a classic maneuver called the fork, where a player moves a single holomonster into position to attack two or more of his opponent's, so that no matter which 'monster the opponent moves to safety, the other will be eaten. Caught in the fork, one's only choice is which piece to lose. The word has come to symbolize situations where the only choice to be made is a choice of disasters."
  21. "Jedi do not fight for peace. That's only a slogan, and is as misleading as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace. We fight for justice because justice is the fundamental bedrock of civilization: an unjust civilization is built upon sand. It does not long survive a storm."
  22. "It has occurred to me, on reflection, that Nick Rostu can be regarded as a test of my moral conviction. A Jedi might conceivably fall to the dark from the simple desire to smack the snot out of him."
  23. "I am neither a scientist nor a philosopher. I'm a Jedi. I don't have to explain reality. I just have to deal with it."
  24. "Surrender is always made under duress. That's why they call it surrender."
  25. "I did not come to fight this war. I don't care who wins. Because no one wins. Not in real war. It is only a question of how much each side is willing to lose."
  26. "Kar Vastor is not the most dangerous man on the Korunnal Highland... I say that because he doesn't know me."
  27. "Then I will beat you into unconsciousness and ask someone else."
  28. "I wish I could tell you how many times teams like yours have come after me. Not just in alleys. On the street. Caves. Cliffs. Freighter holds. Dry washes. You name it."
  29. "You are better prepared than most. But like all those others, you've forgotten the only piece of equipment that would actually do you any good... An ambulance."
  30. "Shooting at Jedi is a losing proposition."
  31. "You still haven't."
  32. "Yes. I don't know if that speaks well of the species—or ill!"
  33. "But he is only a military commander. Without Dooku to hold the coalition together, these so-called independent systems will splinter, and they know it. This is our best chance to sue for peace. We can end this war right now."
  34. "The Sith Lord, if one still exists, will reveal himself in time. They always do."
  35. "A more interesting puzzle is Grievous. He had you at his mercy, Chancellor, and mercy is not numbered among his virtues. Though we all rejoice that he spared you, I cannot help but wonder why."
  36. "Nothing is certain. But this raid... the capture of Palpatine had to be an inside job. And the timing... we were closing in on him, Master Kenobi! The information you and Anakin discovered... We had traced the Sith Lord to an abandoned factory in the Works, not far from where Anakin landed the cruiser. When the attack began, we were tracking him through the downlevel tunnels. The trail led to the sub-basement of 500 Republica... We have to face the possibility, the probability, that what Dooku told you on Geonosis was actually true: that the Senate is under the influence, under the control, of Darth Sidious . . . that it has been for years."
  37. "Too many. All we know of Sidious is that he is bipedal, of roughly human conformation. Sate Pestage comes to mind. I wouldn't rule out Mas Amedda, either. The Sith Lord might even be hiding among the Red Guards. There's no way to know."
  38. "Relations with the Chancellor's office are . . . difficult. I feel he has lost his trust in the Jedi. I have certainly lost my trust in him... The Senate has surrendered so much power, it's hard to say where his authority stops."
  39. "The only reason Palpatine's not a suspect is because he already rules the galaxy."
  40. "Of the whole Council, only Yoda and myself know how deep this actually goes. And now you. I have decided to share this with you because you are in the best situation to watch Anakin. Watch him. Nothing more."
  41. "You must keep this one. Skywalker is arguably the most powerful Jedi alive, and he is still getting stronger. But he is not stable. You know it. We all do. It is why he cannot be given Mastership. We must keep him off the Council, despite his extraordinary gifts. And Jedi prophecy... is not absolute. The less he has to do with Palpatine, the better."
  42. "You haven't been here, Obi-Wan. You've been off fighting the war in the Outer Rim. You don't know what it's been like, dealing with all the petty squabbles and special interests and greedy, grasping fools in the Senate, and Palpatine's constant, cynical, ruthless maneuvering for power. He carves away chunks of our freedom and bandages the wounds with tiny scraps of security. And for what? Look at this planet, Obi-Wan. We have given up so much freedom. How secure do we look?"
  43. "He cannot be allowed to move against the Order. He cannot be allowed to prolong the war needlessly. Too many Jedi have died already. He is dismantling the Republic itself! I have seen life outside the Republic; so have you, Obi-Wan. Slavery. Torture. Endless war."
  44. "I have seen it on Nar Shaddaa, and I saw it on Haruun Kal. I saw what it did to Depa, and to Sora Bulq. Whatever its flaws, the Republic is our sole hope for justice, and for peace. It is our only defense against the dark. Palpatine may be about to do what the Separatists cannot: bring down the Republic."
  45. "The Republic is civilization. It's the only one we have. We must be prepared for radical action. It is our duty."
  46. "No disrespect, Master Yoda, but that's a politician's argument. We can't let public opinion stop us from doing what's right."
  47. "The war has been a Sith operation from the beginning, with Dooku on one side and Sidious on the other - it has always been a plot aimed at us - at the Jedi. To bleed us dry of our youngest and best, to make us into something we were never intended to be. I had the truth in my hands years ago - back on Haruun Kal, in the first months of the war. I had it, but I did not understand how right I was."
  48. "I'm not afraid of words, Obi-Wan. If it's treason, then so be it. I would do this right now, if I had the Council's support. The real treason would be failure to act."

Kinman Doriana:

  1. "There's an invasion coming. A massive assault force of dark ships, shadowy figures, and weapons of great power, based on organic technology of a sort we've never seen before. We believe these Far Outsiders, as we call them, already have a foothold at the far edge of the galaxy, and even now have scouting parties seeking information on worlds and peoples to conquer."
  2. "Lord Sidious has many servants."
  3. "We intend no harm to you or your people. But I'm afraid the details of our mission must remain confidential."
  4. "Vicelord, I strongly suggest you remember our ultimate objective here. We've been sent to destroy Outbound Flight. Without Mitth'raw'nuruodo's aid, we have no chance of doing that."
  5. "A moment ago you spoke of trust between us. What exactly did you have in mind?... I hope so. I, for my part, intend to work with our leaders to prepare as best I can for that day."
  6. "The committee is just as the Supreme Chancellor said it is, a steering committee to help in upcoming negotiations with the Separatists. It's not much of a shadow government if someone as myopic as Mr. Boon can find it."
  7. "When he's turned the Republic's chaos into order. When we've built an army and a fleet capable of dealing with the threat. To announce it before then would do nothing but create panic and leave us open to disaster."

Voss Parck:

  1. "Fortunately for that remnant, and perhaps one day for the galaxy as a whole, among the survivors was the leader of the task force, one of Palpatine's advisers. A man named Kinman Doriana... I thought you would have. Very much a shadow adviser—few people ever even heard his name, let alone knew his true position and power."
  2. "You've met Thrawn. Any true warrior would have given up whatever was necessary for the chance to serve under him."
  3. "You're still studying us, aren't you? Even now, as our prisoner, with little hope of escape, you're studying us."
  4. "True. On the other hand, how better to neutralize a potential danger than from within it?"
  5. "There are tremendous things out there waiting to be discovered, Captain. New species, rich worlds ripe for the taking, and any number of potential threats to the Empire. Our job is to find those threats, identify them… and eliminate them... The Empire is on the move, Captain. And we're the ones who are taking it there."
  6. "I sympathize with the Poln system, but I'm afraid I must refuse your request. We have orders of our own, and vital work to do."
  7. "Technically, we're detached from the fleet command structure. And as I said, Senior Captain Thrawn has his own set of orders that he needs to comply with."
  8. "The Chiss are his people, Mara—he has no interest in hurting them. Quite the opposite, in fact. He came back here to protect them."
  9. "Many years ago Thrawn told us that if he was ever reported dead we should keep at our labors here and in the Unknown Regions, and to look for his return ten years afterward."
  10. "The task ahead of us is far too serious for anyone to waste time on anything as petty as politics or personal gain."

Yomin Carr: "I am Yomin Carr, the harbinger of doom. I am the beginning of the end of your people!"

Natasi Daala:

  1. "My skills came to the attention of Moff Tarkin, who journeyed to Carida so that he could meet the mysterious individual who had developed such innovative tactics... Tarkin was astonished to learn I was a woman and even more astonished to see that I was a lowly corporal working in the kitchen."
  2. "I am Admiral Daala, in charge of the fleet guarding Maw Installation. You three are in a lot of trouble."
  3. "Redouble our efforts against the Installation. Let us show Tol Sivron how it must be done. It's time to destroy Maw Installation once and for all. Open fire!"
  4. "I didn't want to rule. I had no intention of becoming a political leader—but you have given me no choice. I cannot leave the Empire in the hands of fools like you."
  5. "In light of this disaster, I-I hereby resign my rank…and hand over command of all Imperial forces to you. I will be happy to follow your orders and assist with rebuilding the Empire in any way possible, but I feel that I am no longer capable of commanding so many worthy soldiers. They cannot be asked to lay their lives on the line, to swear allegiance to someone who has been beaten so many times."
  6. "You called. I promised you I'd always come if you used that code, just like Darakaer."
  7. "My friends, it is my promise to you here today that sometime in the not-too-distant future, we will live in a galaxy where our space navies exist to better our societies, not defend them—where we won't need Jedi to sort out our differences and mete out justice, because we will be living under a government that is just."
  8. "So. Death."
  9. "I will not, but I could authorize extradition for him to the Imperial Remnant to face their charge of planetary genocide. Head of State Jagged Fel has rather reluctantly presented me with a proposal from the Moff Council on that very subject. But such a thing could be avoided, of course, if we had already set another decisive example."
  10. "Let's talk about Kyp Durron... I'm not talking about the Jedi he is now. I'm talking about the teenager who destroyed most of the life in the Carida system all those years ago."
  11. "Yes, Jacen Solo. Going for the galactic record for the fastest plunge into bloody anarchy and the most stylish black outfit."
  12. "Judge, jury, executioner – Jedi. The rest of us just have to trust that you have our best interests at heart."
  13. "So recorded, so noted."
  14. "The Rebel Alliance won't know what hit them."
  15. "So who succeeds Jacen Solo when someone finally drops him down a reactor shaft, come the glorious day? Because it won't be that poisonous little Vong-bait Tahiri—over my dead body. And hers, of course."
  16. "Sometimes I think this planet is nothing but a hellhole."
  17. "You are your own evil twin."
  18. "Perfect. I wonder if I should promote you, Wynn."
  19. "An Empire at war with itself is as weak as an Empire in anarchy, and I have no interest in ruling an empty shell."
  20. "The question is—are you with me, Lecersen, or are you dead?"
  21. "No. This is the part where I tell you that not only was I recording everything, but I also know about the Freedom Flight, and the involvement of not just Senator Treen, but Senator Bramsin as well."
  22. "This is Admiral Daala, flag officer of the Maw Irregular Fleet, and I ask that you stand down, and leave Fondorian space now."

Cha Niathal:

  1. "They always said that Daala tore up the strategy books."
  2. "We live in a world of blurred lines."
  3. “Gentlebeings, I never expected to be addressing you in this way, and I find myself barely prepared for it. I greatly regret the need to stand on this platform. But the need has arisen, it will be a need for the shortest period possible, and apart from the temporary leadership of the GA, nothing else will change. I stress that. There is no curfew, no censorship, and none of the other trappings of martial law. Had Chief Omas been taken ill, I would be standing here anyway, and nobody would be panicking. What's happened overnight is no more constitutionally significant than that. I've merely exercised my responsibility as the Supreme Commander to deputize for the Chief of State, on the advice of the GA security services. As soon as the general security situation with the Confederation is resolved, and I expect that to be within the short term, I'll step down and we'll hold elections for the Chief's office."
  4. "This has been done with honor, without error, and by my choosing. Niathal out."
  5. "Military coup, that's what it's called. Let's not prevaricate."
  6. "How long are we going to have to bounce from one crisis to the next? We’re facing our third galactic war in under forty years-a real civil war. It’s just skirmishing now, but if Omas doesn’t crack down much harder on dissent this will spiral out of control. We need a period of stability and I fear we’re going to have to knock heads together much harder to get it."
  7. "All ships... we are now at battle stations. I expect this will now be known as the Second Battle of Fondor."
  8. "I spied for the enemy. The families of those crews won't be any less bereaved for knowing that I gave intelligence to a decent, honest Jedi to thwart the plans of a little tyrant ready to do anything, expend anyone, to win some ill-defined war on chaos."
  9. "Colonel Solo, If you don't honor the ceasefire, I'm relieving you of duty. An admiral outranks a colonel, remember, and I will order your ship to be disabled."
  10. “Smacks of ingratitude, I’d say.”
  11. “Omas isn’t a fool. He must have a good idea of what he’s dealing with.”
  12. “All he wants to do is hold the Alliance together. He always thinks a few raps over the knuckles can bring naughty governments into line. Well, it didn’t work with Corellia, and now he’s watching the Alliance shrink a planet at a time.”
  13. "My rules say we should notify the chair of the Security Council about the meeting. He’s beginning to feel sidelined as it is. I’m not sure what outcome that will have, though.”
  14. “Bypassing the Senate about our head of state bypassing the Senate. Nice job with the procurement amendment, by the way. Slipped through like an oiled eel. Now that we both have the ability to vary statutes—any statutes—within budgetary limits, I imagine you’ve given its potential plenty of thought.”
  15. “That nobody will think of asking if the Chief of State of the GA is covered by that amendment? Yes, Jacen, you’re right. That eel of yours will slip through again.”
  16. “You might have the GAG behind you, Jacen, but you need the fleet, too, don’t you? And the rest of the army.”
  17. “In case you forget, the office of Supreme Commander effectively combines the role of defense secretary and the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I am a politician. I also happen to be the most senior military officer.”
  18. “I’ll keep it brief. We can’t get involved in every little skirmish to keep obscure Senators and tin-pot heads of state in the Alliance. We’re at overstretch. We couldn’t maintain the Corellian blockade, and now we have the Bothans ramping up. Pick your battles, Chief of State. I can’t fight them all.”
  19. “So where are we going with this? Same strategy? Keep dividing up the fleet until we have one ship per theater?”
  20. “Deposed heads of state tend to become martyrs and hostages.”
  21. “I’ll be ready to move on your signal. Make sure you keep me up to speed with all this, won’t you?”
  22. “I don’t think so. Duumvirate sounds best to me.”
  23. “I get the removal. It’s the gap in the middle between remove and elections that fascinates me.”
  24. “You’re a source of constant revelation, Jacen Solo …”
  25. “It’s done. Corellia is wobbling a little, because their assorted lunatic fringes have given us a massive bonus by claiming they did it. Bothawui has been brought up short, because they probably think we did it but can’t believe we had the nerve, and—well, I never thought I’d live to say this, but those ghastly little Mandalorian savages have been wonderfully helpful.”
  26. “I certainly have. Best news of the week.”
  27. "As long as I can keep Jacen on a choke chain, of course, and he doesn’t ruin it for me. If he gets out of hand … well, there’s always Fett."
  28. “I’m told they tend to form rival groups within the flock, and they can get very territorial. Squabbles break out. Now, let wild bursas into the coop, and it’s bedlam—they go into a killing frenzy, grab as many nuna to eat later as they can, and escape. They don’t care which group they eat. That’s your Mandalorians.”
  29. “Forget strategy. Mandalorians don’t care who wins. They just want to eat, drink, fight, and maintain their self-image.”
  30. “You want my assessment? Fett has no intention of expanding his small sphere of influence. Mandalorians might have been a mighty empire a few millennia ago, but they can’t handle the difficult business of running a modern, complex democracy. They know it, so they just want to live their primitive warrior fantasy and revel in their reputation.”
  31. “I accept that they’re phenomenal soldiers... That still doesn’t mean they want to dominate the galaxy. There are fewer than three million of them on Mandalore now, and they don’t have anything like a government structure that could organize them well enough to take over the GA or the Confederation. They’ll always be the bursa let loose among nuna. They’re opportunistic feeders.”
  32. “He wants to see Jacen Solo fall a long way."
  33. “No, we’ve created our own chaos. Fett’s just the distraction act... As long as he plays bogeyman, the GA holds together, because the smaller planets are scared the Mandalorians will be back and they’ll cling to us for protection.”
  34. “Not if the Confederation buys Fett’s arms, and we don’t. We can rob him of his neutrality, or at least the appearance of it.”
  35. “So, you’ll understand why I felt I had to take advice from the GAG, because Alliance Intel’s objectivity may have been compromised by attendance at that meeting. And while it’s not illegal for two heads of state at war to have discussions, it’s unacceptable for them to plan the removal of a Supreme Commander without consulting the Security and Intelligence Council.”
  36. “With that in mind, I intend to ask Colonel Jacen Solo to act as joint Chief of State with me. A matter of checks and balances, so that the temporary power doesn’t rest with one person, and one can subject the other to scrutiny.”
  37. “Reopen the stock exchange. I need to see the finance secretary at some point today to arrange for Treasury intervention if the market panics again. I’m bringing Alliance Intel under GAG command, and assigning Captain Girdun to that... and I want Omas’s office sealed until further notice.”
  38. “I’m not, and neither is Jacen. It smacks of enthusiasm for power rather than necessary duty. We seal it as it stands, which is best practice in terms of allowing CSF to preserve a potential crime scene. And nobody fights over whose chair it is.”
  39. “I don’t like having opposing forces approaching from the rear, G’vli. I like them where I can see them.”
  40. "You don’t need to know we did a deal."
  41. “We want the same outcomes. Order, stability, and peace. I don’t care for his methods, that’s all. Once I manage to teach him that putting citizens in camps and killing prisoners is not the done thing, we’ll get on just fine.”
  42. “I’ll see Skywalker later, but not the rest of the armed mystics …”
  43. “And we have a war going on. Even if the Corellians are spinning their wheels at the moment, Bothuwai isn’t. I have crews out there on the front line.”
  44. “I look forward to it."

Wynn Dorvan:

  1. "We realize that you don't care for the public at large to know that you have ethics and would in fact try to fulfill your duty to the Galactic Alliance here. So the exact terms of this deal won't be revealed. Just an announcement that former Chief of State, Jedi Leia Solo, and Alliance hero and scoundrel Han Solo are making an effort to resolve the disputes between the government and the Jedi."
  2. "Different players... Oh, you are, sir. New implies 'replaced.' Different in this case means 'additional.' And I wonder if they're on the same team."
  3. "It's bad, but it's under control. The volcanic activity has stopped everywhere on the planet—though it will probably be years before we have even a basic survey of the damage to the undercity. The seismic activity team has identified over a hundred thousand sites that need investigation down there, and it's not always easy to tell whether we're looking for a magma well, a terrorist attack, or a building collapse."
  4. "That's right. Clouds of ash, poisonous gas, and toxic smoke are still spreading through the undercity. We think underweller casualties are huge. Luke, they could be in the billions already."
  5. "Representing the interests of the Jedi, the Senate, and the armed forces, respectively."

Gavin Darklighter:

  1. "There's something out there for me, Father. Maybe I'm dreaming, but it feels like my destiny is out there."
  2. "This is the first time anyone I've known has died."
  3. "That's nothing. Back home in Beggar's Canyon …"
  4. "Fourteen against a world. Those are long odds."
  5. "I will be, and I think that scares me... I've seen more death in my time with Rogue Squadron than I have ever seen before, but nothing was so hideous as this. A year ago I would have run screaming. Now I just clean my boots and wait for guys with sterilizer units to show up. I'm changing and I'm not sure I like it."
  6. "I didn't hear anyone mention a trench or canyon or womp rats."
  7. "As for the other stuff, like starting a family, I think I'd like that. I'd like to start a family with you. We could get married, make this permanent, and bring children into our lives."
  8. "I guess I was hoping, with Thrawn gone, that things would begin to settle down. I mean, I know I'm not even twenty years old, but there are times I feel positively ancient."
  9. "It killed me in twenty-five seconds. What was it?"
  10. "Look, all of you, this is not going to be an easy fight. Normally we pilots get to cloak ourselves in tradition and the romance of single combat amid the stars. The kind of snubfighters we pilot killed the Death Stars and have downed lots of Imps and pirates. We often take pride and even solace in the fact that those we face in combat are our equals in skill. It's a fair fight. This won't even be close to a fair fight. It will not be pretty. What it is, though, is necessary. It's necessary because those people out there aren't warriors. Many of them might have blasters, but if they ever have to fire them, it's because we've failed. Safeguarding those people, adults and children alike, is more important than our survival. When they come, we have to stop them. Nothing more, nothing less will do."
  11. "Enough is enough. Fey'lya is selling us off to the Yuuzhan Vong a piece at a time."
  12. "Not if we make it quick and painless. Not if we have real leadership when it's over, rather than the fractured, squabbling crowd that's got us sitting on our thumbs."
  13. "Rogue Squadron to Borleias. We're back. We kicked your butt twenty years ago. Now we're here to do it again."
  14. "Blast it, Princess! I'm not bluffing."
  15. "Don't worry about it, Colonel. You're still young. You'll learn."
  16. "You may want to reconsider that offer. This isn't going to be pretty at all."
  17. “Admit it, Uncle Huff, you’ll accept her terms, because you’re not going to get anything better.”

Wes Janson:

  1. "C'mon, Wedge, you know me! Fighting is a way of life for me! Two days without blowing up some TIE fighters and I can't sleep properly!"
  2. "Plourr, try to remember that we're supposed to keep a low profile."
  3. "They're all over us, Wedge! We can't hold off the troopers and the TIES!"
  4. "Something's exerting an influence on us. Intellectually, I know I shouldn't be enjoying myself . . . but I am."
  5. "Always the glutton for punishment, eh, Tycho?"
  6. "Hobbie, if you can't shake a T-wing, you deserve to be vaped."
  7. "Got her on my scopes pal. Why don't you go sit out of the way and watch a master work."
  8. "Just had to get a few shots. You look like some weird cross between a starfighter pilot and a Batravian gumplucker."
  9. "Sure you do, Hobbie. A starfighter pilot is a guy who flies an X-wing without getting blown up. Check the Basic Dictionary. Though I can understand how you get confused."
  10. "Oh, wonderful. I killed his father. He hates me. He knows how to make bombs. Come on, Wedge, how does this story end?"
  11. "Why isn't Hobbie here to take this abuse?"
  12. "Bad news: I'm back. Bad for me, because I was enjoying my rest, and bad for you, because if some of you had been a little quicker, I wouldn't have been shot."
  13. "Yub, yub, Commander."
  14. "I'm coming back to Rogue Squadron. That was the deal."
  15. "I am so glad the people of this planet like to wave and shake hands... Well, what if their usual greeting for visiting dignitaries was to throw paint?"
  16. "I wouldn't get too overconfident if I was you."
  17. "Sithspawn, I was flirting with a nine-year-old."
  18. "Is it over?"
  19. "Just stick close to me and I'll nursemaid you through it, hotshot."
  20. "It's too soon to be using this leg, Hobbie! You just crawled out of a bacta tank! You shouldn't be going into battle!"
  21. "Oh, sure, your lips say 'I hate you' but your eyes say—"
  22. "Let's just hope he's planning to sell that information to the Empire. It'd be a shame to have wasted the whole evening."
  23. "Hobbie is 'the dour one.' Not too much romance in that, Hobbie."
  24. "Nelprin is going to be our new trainer in unarmed combat. You make her the best pilot she can be, and she gets to reward you by beating the life out of you. But she's also well versed in Imperial Intelligence doctrine and tactics, which is helpful to us, since Zsinj seems to be fond of employing Intelligence personnel."
  25. "If you want to go by numbers and survivability, of course, there's only one pilot who has survived two Death Star runs. From that perspective, Wedge Antilles is the best pilot ever."
  26. "You're going to form a new squadron? Just like that? Wave your hand and it appears?"
  27. "She has experience with a broad variety of New Republic and Imperial vehicles, especially larger space vessels, and knows quite a bit about criminal organization - she's a new resource for us where things like smuggling, the slave trade, and mercenary operations are concerned."

Derek Klivian:

  1. "Your ability to talk people into wanting to kill you borders on some kind of Jedi thing, you know that?"
  2. "It's worse than that."
  3. "Get somebody to carry me to my bird, and just watch me fly. You can count on me, Biggs."
  4. "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?"
  5. "It looks pretty tight to me, boss."
  6. "May not be as a good as a thuvasaur pelt, but an Imp hide'll do."
  7. "The odds will be long enough, Wes, without an able-bodied pilot snoozing on a cot in sickbay!"
  8. "Squints are good, Wedge. Real good."
  9. "Nothing good ever came of a meeting in an alley."
  10. "Wedge, it's bad out here. Lots of TIEs swarming—looks like a full wing. Even with the pirates' help, we couldn't fight our way out of here."
  11. "Need more of it, Five, if we're getting out of here."
  12. "Have I told you today how much I really, really hate you?"
  13. "That someday I'll murder you in your sleep?"
  14. "Now that you're back, they all return to their original units. Except me and Wes. We're back for good. Subject to your approval. That's the reward we were unofficially promised by High Command."
  15. "Don't do that. If Zsinj kills Solo, Wedge might be appointed to fill the vacancy."
  16. "Oh, he'll sell it, all right. He's a smuggler. What else would he want it for?"
  17. "How come we never have these superweapons that could eliminate a problem like that?"
  18. "I guess, then, that the rumors of a raise are not true?"
  19. "Endorsements. I could do that instead of flying. I've had offers from bacta makers. Bacta's a sort of medicine."
  20. "I'm well enough. But the ground and I get along so well we sometimes get together a little too vigorously."
  21. "I'm sick to death of 'Hello, I'm so-and-so and I've killed this many enemies, and I challenge you, and we bow and go by the rules and say cute things to one another, and isn't it nice that we're all dead now?' Tycho, I want to shoot something. I want to blow something up. No apologies. No advance warning. Just lethal efficiency. Before frustration kills me."

Danni Quee:

  1. "Master Skywalker, I hope you won't think I don't value what I have learned with the Jedi because I came to this decision quickly, but I was never a true member of the order, and my future lies with Zonama Sekot."
  2. "They had me once, and I don't want to be their prisoner again. I couldn't stand it, I just couldn't."
  3. "Why do I keep allowing myself to get talked into these things, Jacen?"
  4. "This one is a scientist. This one didn't use to know how to kill."
  5. "Liquids under pressure don't boil when they should, and emotions tend to act the opposite way. I think you are wonderful, and I treasure you as a friend. Anything else, well, as you said, the future is constantly in motion."
  6. “I was taken prisoner by the Yuuzhan Vong. I watched them torture another captive, a Jedi Knight. They sought to break his spirit and mind. I know that if they had subjected me to the same tortures, I would have just . . . fallen apart. Miko Reglia resisted and sacrificed his life so I could escape.”
  7. “The Yuuzhan Vong are a cruel people who employ biological devices the way we use machines. The reports you have will fill you in on the details. Some of it may seem silly, like having starfighters grown out of coral, but the fact remains that these ships had capabilities we’ve not faced before and have no easy way to counter."
  8. “Perhaps worst of all, we are unclear as to the Yuuzhan Vong motive for invading our galaxy. We don’t know if they will listen to reason, if they will negotiate some sort of peace. They showed no evidence of that when I was in their power. They told me I wouldn’t be sacrificed, which tells me others were and will be, if they are not stopped.”
  9. “And it doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t find a way through it or past it or around it. And they have. They are the Yuuzhan Vong. They are humanoid and capable of mimicking humans well enough that I never penetrated the disguise of Yomin Carr, the Yuuzhan Vong agent who infiltrated our team on Belkadan. I see some of you looking around at your fellows, wondering, perhaps, if they are Yuuzhan Vong. I don’t think so. I hope not, but I do know the Yuuzhan Vong will be coming, and when they arrive, you will not like it at all.”
  10. “Please forgive me, I don’t often address important people. I think that if I took to this sort of thing, I would not have become a scientist. In my work at ExGal, I was involved in looking outside the galaxy, where it was supposed nothing existed. Maybe I looked outside because looking back in meant I would face crowds, and that scares me more than a little.”
  11. “What scares me more, now, is a combination of two things. One is the fact that there is something from beyond the galaxy. I know the stories you’ve all heard, the theories that have been taught, that a disturbance in hyperspace makes travel outside the galaxy impossible. That’s a wonderful theory, but those who advanced it didn’t think scientifically about it. A storm that lasts an hour for us would have been a lifetime of storm for an insect. Just because that disturbance has existed for as long as we’ve been able to measure it doesn’t mean that it always did, or always will."
  12. “My mother cast a very small shadow, I guess. She is an astrophysicist who got me to be looking out toward the stars. She kept a low profile, trying to pass beneath the sensors of the local government or the Empire or whichever warlord claimed our world in any given week. From her I learned to marvel at distant worlds and systems. That’s a big chunk of the reason I joined the ExGal Society.”
  13. “They split up when I was young. He was a bureaucrat, very much into rules and regulations that seemed pointless. At least, with science, the rules you have to follow have reason behind them and produce results. I don’t much care for bureaucracy, which was part of the fun of being with ExGal: the edge of the galaxy was about twenty times closer than the nearest bureaucrat.”
  14. “I remember when I was sixteen. I was all elbows and knees and pretty sure I knew all there was to know about anything worth knowing.”
  15. “Twenty-one, yes. And, yes, I do think I was not as wise then as I am now. Jaina, I remember not wanting advice.”
  16. “My point is, Jaina, that people have a choice when they start to look at who they are. Some people decide they want to be like others. They use them as examples, try to do the things they do, and do their best to follow in their footsteps. I was like that with my mother.”
  17. “Right, and the problem with that strategy is simple: There are a million ways to be unlike someone, and the potential for disaster is unlimited because instead of choosing a path and adjusting it to make it right for you and the circumstances, you push all that away.”
  18. "You may not want to be your mother, you may ache for the day when you won’t be seen as her daughter, but that doesn’t mean your mother doesn’t have a lot of admirable qualities that you might want to embrace.”
  19. “It’s the least I can do for half the team that saved me from the Yuuzhan Vong.”
  20. “You can do that? You can shut things out? I mean, I thought the Force was vital for the Jedi.”

Nas Choka:

  1. "We are the Yuuzhan Vong. We have been entrusted with the true way, the true knowledge of the gods. Our duty is to bring every infidel in this galaxy to heel and either send them screaming to the gods or bring them to the true path. There is no middle ground, there is no faltering. And there can be no failure."
  2. "I will be arriving soon from our shipyard at Sernpidal with a young yammosk and additional forces. In the meantime, the fleet will divert to Hutt space, under the leadership of Commander Malik Carr."
  3. "They killed most of their reinforcements to eliminate half of our force. Is such savagery commonplace?"
  4. "Now we have a score to settle with the Hutts."
  5. "Things must change. The infidels have adapted. They have undermined many of our strengths, but we have undermined ourselves even more. The pride of our warriors weakens us."
  6. "Even now this war takes unexpected twists and turns."
  7. "No, Great Lord, of that I have no doubts. It is instinct that compels me to ask: at what cost to us?"
  8. "Great Lord, I do not counsel against striking Mon Calamari. I question only the timing of the assault."
  9. "This battle is not the last stand. It has nothing to do with honor or a willingness to meet death. This is a feint."
  10. "It is a rare occasion when well-matched warriors have an opportunity to face each other a second time, in a different arena."
  11. "An acceptable risk. For today we serve our species as no Yuuzhan Vong have. We prove our worth to the gods who fashioned us. If we are to die, we do so discharging a transcendent obligation."
  12. "Divert to Zonama Sekot the vessels of Domains Tivvik, Tsun, Karsh, and Vorrik. Caution the commanders not to make their intentions too obvious—even if this requires their taking additional time to reach the living world. We will make the Hapans suffer as they did at Fondor. Then our barb will find its mark, and, with the gods at our back, we will rid this galaxy of vendetta and warfare."
  13. "All Supreme Commanders. The war is ended. We are defeated by the gods and by their allies. Though they have abandoned us, we will suffer our defeat with honor, because it is what the gods would expect. But any of you who wish to follow the Supreme Overlord's example and die as warriors may do so; just as any of you who wish to commit ritual death may do so. Those who choose neither will join me in accepting the shame of surrender, and finding what nobility we can in capture and graceless execution."
  14. "Our mission is more important than you or me, Commander, and it is more important than your honor or mine. Lord Shimrra himself has said it. And so, feel no stain. To win this war, we must set aside what we cherish. The gods ordain the sacrifice. We are blameless. We are those who do what must be done."

Lowbacca: "You don't suppose that New Republic Intelligence has once again drop-kicked their brains and sent us out here for nothing?"

Soontir Fel:

  1. "They said a billion men had their hearts broken when Wynssa Starflare wed."
  2. "Don't resist—we can't know the future; just that we love one another... And I will love you always and in all ways, Syal Antilles."
  3. "Very much so, and very much in love."
  4. "No power in the galaxy will keep us apart. Believe it. Know it."
  5. "We're a family. Family does for family."
  6. "My talent is for killing the Empire's enemy, and that is the mission you'll give my men."
  7. "At the Academy I never thought I'd be fighting smugglers off Nal Hutta. Get me back to the Lortan Fanatics."
  8. "I am Captain Soontir Fel. I will teach you how to fly and how to survive. If you think you know better than me, all I can teach you to do is die."
  9. "Relying on the alien to save the Empire, the Emperor undercut the foundation for belief in the Empire. This continued what he had begun when he sent Isard to test my loyalty. The Emperor himself finished that job, though it was a time before I let myself see it."
  10. "Save your games for Pestage, Isard. I know my duty. I will do it. Rogue Squadron will die."
  11. "I now stand ready to offer you my life, my skills and my knowledge. I ask you only one thing in return. My wife will have fled by now. Help me find her, save her, and the finest weapon the Empire ever created will be yours to command."
  12. "I fought to maintain order. I thought … I hoped things would change. They did, but not for the better. There came a point when the truth couldn't be denied, so I'm here. My life is gone, my wife in jeopardy, but I am here."
  13. "I hear you. When I find my wife, I might even believe you."
  14. "He brought me out here. Showed me what it was we faced, and what we'd have to do to stop it. Showed me that even with all the resources of the Empire and New Republic combined, and with himself at the head, there were no guarantees of victory... Once I understood—once I really understood—I had no choice but to join him."
  15. "There's no time for pride out here, Jade."
  16. "I have given the Chiss my all since I joined you; surely I have the..."
  17. "I agree, so I atone for mine."
  18. "Just remember this, Celchu: you no longer belong to Alderaan. You're the Emperor's man now."

Syal Antilles Fel:

  1. "I tried to find out if anyone lived, but there was no word. I thought they were dead. Turns out my brother Wedge is alive."
  2. "Surely he is too important to notice a holodrama…"
  3. "The future I want to know is the future with you. I will marry you, Soontir Fel."
  4. "But how will you find me?"
  5. "Before Coruscant, I was actually trying to talk Soontir into joining the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong. I wanted him to join the New Republic like Jag did, either with the rest of the Chiss or without them. But he didn't want to fight; he said that the New Republic could handle the Yuuzhan Vong, just as we were handling it on our side of the galaxy. Then you lost the capital and—I knew two things, then: that he would change his mind; and that you were going to lose."
  6. "I don't want to lose him. I can't take it anymore. I can't…"

Hal Horn:

  1. "By taking this appointment, you're avoiding a mistake that would ruin your life and your family. Don't regret it, just make the most of it."
  2. "As long as there are Horns to catch criminals, Prince Xizor is welcome to send all he cares to in our direction."
  3. "I think it's obvious, son. It's job security. It may not be easy work, and it's dangerous quite a bit of the time, but it's work that holds evil at bay and there's nothing better you can devote your life to doing."
  4. "The Halcyon family is well known among the Corellian Jedi. We were well respected and many were the tributes to Nejaa Halcyon upon his death. You can find no record of them now, of course. What the Empire did not destroy, Rostek did destroy or hid away—he won't even tell me where the records are, but I cannot believe he would have allowed all traces of his friend to perish. The Halcyons were strong in the Force but not flashy or given to public displays of power. A word here, an act there, allowing people to choose between good or evil at their own speed and peril was more our way."
  5. "While Rostek and my father worked together, CorSec and Jedi, I have used what I learned from my father to work within CorSec. In this way I serve both the Halcyon and Horn traditions."
  6. "One of the reasons she was a good woman, wife, and mother was because she didn't think about herself first. Not a selfish bone in your mother's body. Everyone else came first and what she wanted was saved for later because we needed her now. And now she has no more later, and there seems little reason in having a later without her."
  7. "It is my duty to inform you, Zekka Thyne, that I am Inspector Hal Horn of the Corellian Security Force and you are under arrest. I have a valid warrant for your apprehension for violations of smuggling laws. Let your hostage go and stop making things more difficult for yourself."
  8. "The little gold diamond in his eye gave me a great target. I just focused on it—setting aside my concerns for you so I could—and hit him."
  9. "Me, move something with the power of my mind?"

Sate Pestage:

  1. "The Empire gave you everything you are. The Empire elevated you from being a farm boy and made you a galactic hero."
  2. "Only a fool thinks he can escape his past."
  3. "Without power, one dies."
  4. "Some of us are simply born into it."
  5. "Such times require sacrifices, Senator."
  6. "I trust that Your Majesty is pleased by the professionalism of the Empire's soldiers as evidenced by the thorough eradication of the Jedi rebellion. May your reign last for a thousand years!"
  7. "The Empire is Victorious on All Fronts."
  8. "I have never heard loyal used as a synonym for covet before."
  9. "I just came to see how far the mighty had fallen. I had to remind myself that you're a man like any other."
  10. "Asking permission is easier than asking forgiveness."


  1. "I made oaths to myself, both when I became an ambassador and when I arrived here to train as a Jedi, that I would do everything in my power to serve and to strengthen the New Republic."
  2. "Two things. First, my name is not Fish-Head. It is Master Cilghal. Second, I am not in your way. That is a logistical impossibility. I am less than a meter wide. The entryway where we stand and the doorway behind me are several meters wide. I now leave it as an exercise of your alleged intelligence to find a way into the Temple. If you do a very good job, perhaps we will name the test after you."
  3. "We're often called a militant Order, but do you know one of the principal differences between the military and the Jedi Order? The military are expected to follow orders, even when they feel those orders are not what's right. The Jedi are expected to do what's right, even when the course of action runs contrary to orders."
  4. "Why did Alema join the Gorog, while everyone else joined the Taat?"
  5. "It is the nature of the unconscious mind to remain hidden. That is why the Gorog are so hard to sense in the Force. They use it to hide—not only from us, but from the rest of the Colony as well."
  6. "To see a Jedi take up his lightsaber against civilians is shocking. But to see the son and nephew of the leader of the Jedi Council doing it is heartbreaking."
  7. "Since you’re frank enough to say so, then may I ask if you have misgivings about a Jedi being seen to act against civilians like this? With your own son accompanying him?”
  8. “Just because we’re Mon Cals, Luke, it doesn’t mean we have guaranteed harmony. We come from different schools of thought.”

Traest Kre'fey:

  1. "You can see things have changed."
  2. "We're going to smash the Vong! We're going to smash them every day! We're going to smash them until there are no more Yuuzhan Vong!"
  3. "Believe it or not, Master Durron, I can sympathize with you to a certain extent. Like yourself, I've found it more productive to fight the Yuuzhan Vong in my own way, without bureaucratic shackles. It has made me quite as unpopular as you are."
  4. "The enemy shall become dust or we shall."
  5. "Now, Jacen! Our minefield is complete! Now you'll see the destruction of the enemy!"
  6. "Oh, I dare, cousin, speak to you in that manner because you have grossly overstepped your bounds in this. Did you expect we would not know of Bimmiel? Did you expect we did not know of the sightings of Yuuzhan Vong on Garqi? How many other worlds that the Yuuzhan Vong have attacked did you expect us to remain ignorant of?”
  7. "There are a million ways to know. Commodities found on these worlds are being bid up in the futures markets. Communications companies that service these worlds are reporting outages and reduced earnings from these sectors. Recruiting numbers for our military from these worlds are down sharply. While you might have been able to shut off the flow of real news to various outlets, doubtless to prevent a panic, you have forgotten that information that doesn’t get through is just as valuable as that which does.”
  8. "Beware accepting his resignation, cousin, because if he goes, so do I. So will the New Republic’s military.”
  9. "I’m talking the only thing that makes sense. You, you’re all politicians. Your focus is on acquiring power. Why? So you can make lives better for some people. This is a laudable goal, but your efforts collapse when a true crisis arises. An earthquake shakes a continent and kills thousands. You take the blame even though it was not your fault. Why? Because you had too few regulations about how the buildings were to be maintained, or your rescue operations were too slow, your food supplies were too low, your payments to the uninsured are lower than they imagined they would get. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons you take the blame, and with each bit of blame you lose some power.”
  10. "My mandate is to keep people safe, and the Yuuzhan Vong are a direct threat to their safety. Let us assume, to be charitable, that you did not believe Princess Leia when she explained the problem of the Yuuzhan Vong to you. Let us assume you thought they truly were finished. Your lack of response to that threat could be explained as naive, perhaps, but a lack of response now would be criminal."
  11. "So, would I take the New Republic’s military and draw it off into, say, the Unknown Regions and carve out my own little empire? Yes. I would prepare it as a haven for those who flee the New Republic as it falls to the Yuuzhan Vong.”
  12. "No, because I am not a politician. I can’t fight a war and administer worlds. I cannot say I would not back someone else in toppling an ineffective government, however.”

Nek Bwua'tu:

  1. "Grendyl, tell Commodore Darklighter to withdraw. Have all surviving Fifth Fleet starfighters disengage and meet him at Rendezvous Alpha."
  2. "That's what I said, blast it! Is something wrong with those little pink flaps you call ears?... I apologize, Grendyl. That was uncalled for. Our unfortunate situation has put me rather on edge, I'm afraid."
  3. "Thank you. And make it a direct order, to both Commodore Darklighter and the starfighter squadrons. I won't have them wasting valuable Alliance resources on pointless displays of bravery. The Ackbar is lost."
  4. "If I am right, this is going to be a very interesting war."
  5. "Whatever your parents are doing in Hapan space, their trip has something to do with a coup attempt. Perhaps they are only going to warn Tenel Ka about the consequences of supporting the Alliance."
  6. "A threat is a warning. At the moment, that is what we must assume. It's really Corellia's only hope."
  7. ""Exactly. My fleet is badly out of position."
  8. "The time has come to end this war. Send in the StealthXs, please."
  9. "That's nothing to thank me for, sir. A krevi can't be broken, no matter who takes command."
  10. "We are military, you and I. We are beings of honor, beings of duty."
  11. "So, new players... Clearly there is a distinction I am missing. Perhaps I am not as 'back' as we thought."
  12. "Do you think we have two separate conspiracies going on? Perhaps you, too, ought to be talking to the doctors. That's a trifle paranoid."
  13. "…are going to turn Roki Kem's trap against her. We're going to launch simultaneous assaults against the Temple at thirty different points, with the objective of forcing Kem to redeploy the bulk of her forces to the Temple perimeter."
  14. "Waste no time fretting over my loyalty. I swore a vow of krevi the day I became a fleet admiral. Even when Bothawui finally enters the war, I'll continue to serve the Galactic Alliance."
  15. "The Consortium is a real flooger-bed of intrigue."

Merratt Jaxton:

  1. "I'm afraid that Admiral Bwua'tu is not proving as amenable as we had hoped."
  2. "Well, it's more than that. My psychological warfare officer, who is doing analysis on Bwua'tu's mental profile based on the assumption that he's evaluating a captain of industry in the Corporate Sector, sees a pattern of loyalty to Daala that goes beyond the professional."

Haydnat Treen:

  1. "We always knew that his quirky personal ethics might make it difficult."
  2. "I miss the Empire—in its original, benevolent form. And I think you can bring it back to us."
  3. "No, but it would be the first step. And the other steps are mapped out. Masterfully, irresistibly mapped out."

Drikl Lecersen:

  1. "You should all know by now that I make it my business to know what is going on in as many places as possible. One never knows when the perfect opportunity will arise."
  2. "Then the question is whether we want to expand the Empire. Do we?"
  3. "The last I checked, the Empire was an ally of the Galactic Alliance, not its territory. We don't need your permission to conduct our operations… and we surely don't need your fleets to hold what we take."
  4. "I was only trying to save lives—Imperial lives."
  5. "You have my complete faith. I look forward to your victory."
  6. "How kind of you to say so, my lord. I was beginning to think you were more interested in our fleet than our advice."
  7. "The pup is distracted. You saw him at the last meeting. Kept checking his chrono. He thinks he has brought us in line because he wants to think that, so he can pursue his…extracurricular activities without feeling he is neglecting his duty."
  8. "I'm touched by your faith. But kidnapping Jagged Fel would not make me Emperor."
  9. "I presume this is the part where you tell me you were recording everything, and that you'll blackmail me and my cohorts if I don't throw my lot in with you."

Sarasu Taalon:

  1. "I understand your suspicions, Master Skywalker. But this time, I do intend to kill Abeloth. I have seen what she can do, and I'm no more eager to see her loose in the galaxy than you are."
  2. "This thing we both fight might be older than that."
  3. "It seems too obvious. Even if Abeloth was unaware that we placed a tracking device on Dyon, which I doubt, she knows that this is the place Vestara first encountered her. Why would she wait here to be attacked?"
  4. "When our work together is done, I'm very much looking forward to killing you."
  5. "There is no reason we can't be civilized about this."
  6. "We have a common cause... Precisely."

Olaris Rhea:

  1. "Luke Skywalker has done much to fight the Sith, the dark side. He was at one point the last Jedi, and now he has re-created the Order with hundreds of them. And now, somehow, he has broadcast his presence into the Force. And we can take him down."
  2. "When Ship came to us with the news of the near extinction of the Sith, we did not fall victim to despair. We acted. Vessel by vessel, we are assembling a fleet with which we will eventually take back the galaxy from the Jedi, who spread like vermin throughout system after system."
  3. "Don't ever be afraid of what you feel, Vestara. Just know that you can use it. You must use it, or else it will use you."
  4. "Everything we have known for over five thousand years changed yesterday beyond imagining. For the first time since the Omen crashed in the Takara Mountains, we have found a way off Kesh. A way to fulfill our destiny. This…Ship…has sought us out for that selfsame purpose."
  5. "I think Ship is allowing only Vestara to find it because she is young. Someone older might have a stronger will—a will powerful enough to compel its return."
  6. "You may as well stand, Vestara. We both know I'm not going to kill a talented apprentice over a few inviolable rules."

Darth Krayt:

  1. "I have been through death and conquered it. I have returned with my power multiplied. The dark side of the Force lives and manifests itself through me! I reach into the dark side now and send ripples through it to all who serve it—know that I live!"
  2. "I am a Tusken, but no longer one with the desert. I am also a Padawan, seeking to complete his Jedi training."
  3. "All units will converge on this location and defend it as long as possible."
  4. "I reached out through the Force, but could not sense any other Jedi. A light had gone out in the galaxy and I was alone. The 'Jedi Purge', as it was became known, was extraordinarily effective."
  5. "Don't look so amazed. The Sith were always born and re-born within the ranks of the Jedi."
  6. "There is only one way to stop Abeloth…Jedi and Sith together."
  7. "Lingering hatred festered on worlds that had suffered heavily at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. That hatred gave us our opening. We manufactured a cause for war, making the Vong seem responsible. Split, the Galactic Alliance began to fight itself. And so died."
  8. "Roan Fel never really embraced the war or the idea of a unified galaxy. He went along with it as a political necessity. That's not what the Empire—what the galaxy—needs. The galaxy writhes in chaos and disorder. It requires a man of vision. I am that man of vision. I am the new Emperor."
  9. "No! I take what I desire! I am the living Lord of the Sith! This is not the truth and it is not my destiny! I forge my own way, I walk a new path, and if you will not serve me, be gone!"
  10. "I often wonder if I shouldn't have ended the Skywalker lineage when I had the chance. Perhaps it was fated that I did not."
  11. "Ten percent of the Mon Calamari population are to be executed. Effective immediately. We will start with the Mon Calamari at hand."
  12. "I created the One Sith to impose order on chaos and unite the galaxy under my rule. But I feel my order—my vision— will not survive my death."
  13. "My vision…my dream…for One Sith…will live!"
  14. "The Galaxy must experience the pain of death and rapture of rebirth as I have. I will bring chaos. It is time for war."
  15. "Death is not an ending, boy--But it is a passageway to something greater. It is something you, too, must experience, Cade Skywalker. For I have had a vision. You will bend, will break, and you will serve at my side. But first--You must die."
  16. "We are alike, you and I—abandoned by the galaxy, harshly shaped for our destiny by the Force—and hammered in that forge until our anger can no longer be contained."
  17. "I completed my training as both Jedi and Sith. I honed my skills during the Clone Wars and have killed thousands of opponents since then."
  18. "I grew in understanding and power and made myself into Darth Krayt."
  19. "I made an alliance with the reborn Empire at Bastion. We manufactured a cause for war, making the Vong seem responsible. Split, the Galactic Alliance began to fight itself. And so died."

Tionne Solusar:

  1. "A Jedi's greatest power comes not from size or from physical strength. It comes from understanding the Force. As part of your training you will learn to build your confidence and belief through practice."
  2. "You are learning to focus on precision rather than brute strength, to anticipate my moves and your own reactions using the Force."
  3. "Return these children to their beds immediately, and your unfortunate timing will be forgiven."
  4. "A world of our own. A Jedi world, safe for the children. It's a worthy goal."


  1. "Today, I will be reborn—like the Empire, whose incarnation I have conceived and incubated. Today I will bring forth… the Empire Reborn."
  2. "You are worthy to join my spearhead, worthy to join the Empire Youth."
  3. "You merit purification, I shall take you to be reborn in the service of the Empire."
  4. "Waru, the time has come. You have Skywalker! Keep your promise to me, Waru. Make me omnipotent!"

Cal Omas:

  1. "With sorrow for our countless dead, but with hope for our future. With sadness for the many who have fallen, but with confidence in the many who have taken their place… I accept the Senate's nomination to be Chief of State of the New Republic."
  2. "Confine the Senate to its proper sphere, for one thing. It should legislate and supervise, not try to run the administration from day to day. A truly independent judiciary would curb their more ambitious maneuvers. A new federalism, that properly defines the boundaries between the Senate and the regimes on the various planets."
  3. "In these times, a smile from a Jedi is a hopeful sign."
  4. "You obnoxious, power-crazed, ludicrous little jerk."
  5. "Would you water the plants while I'm away, please? I'm afraid I'm under arrest."
  6. "It pointless to win a war only to watch the Galactic Alliance fall apart around us afterward."
  7. "We failed to rap their heads—the arrival of the Corellian fleet prevented that—but we did take their giant blaster away."
  8. "Whoever this is, you'd better have a good reason for calling me on my private number at... Leia? Is that you?"
  9. "It's not that. Just the holo is kind of fuzzy. Besides which, I'm half asleep!"
  10. "I'll bet the Grand Admiral sleeps in his uniform. Why do you mention Pellaeon, anyway? Is he there, too?"
  11. "The Ryn? What have they got to do with anything? Maybe you should just explain from the beginning what been going on, Leia."
  12. "Unless Corellia reconsiders its intention to make Centerpoint Station operational again, in contravention of the Senate instruction to all member states to disarm, I have no option but to authorize sanctions against Corellia in the form of traffic interdiction. A naval blockade of Corellia will begin at 0500 tomorrow unless undertakings are given that Corellia will not rearm. This means that no vessel will be permitted to enter or leave Corellia or any of its industrial arbiters."
  13. "I regret to announce that the Corellian government has declined our offer of talks unless the Galactic Alliance undertakes to recognize the right of Corellia to maintain its own independent defense force and deterrents. As the Alliance is unable to accept a refusal to disarm, we are now in a state of war with Corellia and her allies."
  14. "I heard stories about his grandfather when I was a boy, and Jacen Solo struck me as walking the same path. Vader liked a loyal military elite at his back, too. And sometimes ends do justify the means. The protest from the media and civil rights groups that greeted our announcement that a Galactic Alliance Guard had been formed to deal with the new threat to public safety was to be expected. It did not, however, make it any easier to hear myself decried as the new Palpatine."
  15. "The Galactic Alliance has offered settlement terms to the new government of Corellia. We hope that those terms will be accepted and that we can put an end to the blockade. We do not want war. This is our last chance for unity."
  16. "If you can’t beat them, divide them."
  17. “Whether it was lucky timing on the Bothans’ part or a smart trap, the real issue now is how we deal with a Bothawui that’s becoming even better armed and aggressive.”
  18. “Okay, you’ve both got a complaint. Who’s first?”
  19. “If we fail to show support to Alliance member worlds, then we lose them. This is basic numbers. We’ve been through all this. If more secede, then we’ve lost. The issue of how we maintain a joint defense force for the Alliance—which is what started this, in case we forget—then becomes academic.”
  20. “I think a full assault on Corellia is madness. We might well have to consider it—but much later. In the meantime, my priority is to stop secessions from the Alliance from reaching the tipping point.”
  21. “I note your views, Colonel Solo, and I’m grateful for your strategic input so far. The GAG’s remit is domestic, though. I appreciate your concern for the quality of our intelligence.”

Octa Ramis:

  1. "What if they do? Who cares what happens to those Sith-spawned cowards? Jedi for Jedi—I've no quarrel with that!"
  2. "It makes zero sense for them to do that. Then again, if that's how the government's thinking, being free of them might not be a bad thing."
  3. "Jedi for Jedi!"
  4. "Very good. It's as good a reason for choosing a stakeout as any. You used your mind and your logic to lead us here."
  5. "…holding them hostage! This, we can no longer permit. We have shown the entire galaxy that Valin and Jysella no longer pose a danger to anyone, and the time has come to demand their return—or to recover them ourselves."
  6. "If we can get some new data on the main building security center, then Master Horn's Plan Delta is, we think, viable. I expect that our opportunities to implement it will become poorer and more infrequent within the next week, though, in addition to the increasing likelihood that Kyp or I might be detected. So there’s our report for today. May the Force be with you—and especially with us."
  7. "That's good enough for me."
  8. "Once upon a time, I had more than a crush on a Jedi. He was tortured by the Yuuzhan Vong, then drowned in freezing water fighting them. Should I have stopped loving? Caring? Being attracted?"
  9. "I hate good guards. They're the most inconvenient thing in the universe."
  10. "We won. He's in street clothes and his canopy isn't airtight. So he can't make space. And he's airborne, so his tracking device will give away his location continuously. We flushed him. Others will run him to ground."
  11. "It's already in progress. Now come on. Let's get the vials off these little fellows and in the hands of Cilghal. And, let's get you a sanisteam."
  12. "You're not calm, Seha."
  13. "You caught me? With telekinesis?"
  14. "Not that hard. You did very, very well."

Seha Dorvald:

  1. "Because if he's thinking strangely, maybe he's thinking like an animal. Find a nest, lick his wounds, recover. I led him to the undercity here a couple of years ago. There's more security now, but he can find plenty of places to hide. And if he pops up here, he can use his Jedi powers to steal very good vehicles or maybe kidnap prominent politicians."
  2. "Trust isn't worth anything when it's built on lies."
  3. "I was little when the Yuuzhan Vong came to Coruscant. When the Vongforming happened. Most of my family died. I don't remember them, except my father. We lived in the undercity, so deep and out of touch that the Yuuzhan Vong had been driven offworld for months before I even learned about it."
  4. "I did things for Jacen. Kept him updated on goings-on in the Temple. After he became the head of the Guard, he asked me to take things into and out of the Temple for him, like spare datapads, and replacement electronic components. When your son disappeared…I was the one who helped him get out of the Temple without being seen."
  5. "We'll all get out... I'm going to get you out alive."
  6. "But we lost. He got away."
  7. "And if we can get medicines in, we might be able to get messages out."
  8. "This is pilot Dorn. Welcome to Coruscant, and the Senate Building. I hope you enjoyed your flight."
  9. "Partly. You still hit hard."

Kyle Katarn:

  1. "I'm no Jedi; I'm just a guy with a lightsaber and a few questions."
  2. "A new stormtrooper that can take out a Rebel base that quickly? I should have kept working for the Empire."
  3. "This has got to be bad for my health."
  4. "First off, just call me Kyle – titles make my skin crawl. Secondly, you're not 'serving under me'. I'm gonna teach you, and you're gonna learn. That's it."
  5. "Watch out for durasteel rails."
  6. "I'm driving here, and that's Get this thing off me, please, Master Katarn.'"
  7. "They always lock the door. You'd think they'd have learned by now. Doesn't look like there’s a key – that would be too easy. The console to unlock the door is probably hidden in some room twelve floors up or something… how does that make sense?"
  8. "Remember: abilities are not inherently good or evil, it's how you use them."
  9. "No disrespect intended, Master Luke, but are you certain her…conversion is genuine?"
  10. "Your lightsaber is an invaluable tool. Even when inactive, it can defuse a potentially volatile situation. Trust me on that."
  11. "It's an embarrassment for the Jedi Order to see the son and nephew of the Grand Master kicking down doors with the boys in black!"
  12. "So we're going to Korriban, huh? Not exactly a vacation spot... It's the burial place of a whole bunch of Sith Lords."
  13. “Same as it’s always been. Looking for a peaceful solution, but ready to fight for the Alliance if called upon.”
  14. "Unpalatably but legally, yes. It’s the involvement of Jedi in it that we’re most uncomfortable with.”
  15. “Well, we know a few facts. One, Mandalorians aren’t exactly heavily represented in social services and the caring professions. Two, they have a brand-new supply of that iron of theirs for their war machine. Three, allying with the Verpine makes them the single most powerful producer of advanced weapons technology. Four, I hear they’re still sore about getting no help to rebuild postwar when they went out on a limb for the New Republic.”
  16. “Oh, yeah, if my long-lost daughter was tortured to death by the GA’s secret police, I’d be neutral. First thing I’d do. Walk away and be very, very neutral.”
  17. “Fine time for Omas to be away. If I were the paranoid type, I’d say it was spooky that he was out of town, location undisclosed, at the same time that Gejjen was shot. Better test him for ballistic residues when he gets back to the office.”

Vitor Reige:

  1. "This is Admiral Vitor Reige, Admiral Daala. I am commander of the Bloodfin and of this Imperial strike force, led by true Head of State, Jagged Fel."
  2. “I think he might have been anticipating that. He handed me this note.”
  3. "I really think you should read the message, sir. If only for amazement value. You’ll be annoyed, I think.”
  4. “I love it when you drop a full payload on them, sir."
  5. "A military attaché from the Galactic Alliance is here to see you. Shall I send him away?”
  6. "We’ve rigged the drives and weapons to blow if anyone tries to board her. Once the troops breach our bulkheads, we’re finished—we’re not equipped for close combat down here.”
  7. "Well, this crew will serve her out of respect for the admiral. We’ll settle the score for him.”
  8. "Well, most of them are on Bastion at the moment, so you’ll have nearly a full house to debate this. Are you accepting the offer, sir?”
  9. “You’re not entirely happy about this, are you, Admiral? You’ve never appeased the Moffs before, and Jacen Solo is ...”

Kam Solusar:

  1. "I was apprenticed to the great Jedi Master, Ranik Solusar—my father. Now I have begun my service under Luke Skywalker."
  2. "The Emperor has a new elite corps of dark-side warriors…they're very powerful."
  3. "I'll take a pass. You probably ought not to touch it either."
  4. "What Keiran’s telling you is right, kid. People start telling themselves they’re amassing power for this goal or that, and they convince themselves that it’s a good thing. Then when they get enough they find circumstances have changed. They find they need more power or they need to wield this power in ways they didn’t expect before. An opponent who won’t listen to reason becomes a bug to be squashed instead of a friend who just needs to be convinced. Power comes to poison those who hoard it. They assume others want their power, will resort to any means to get it, and that frees folks up to retaliate in any way they can.”
  5. “I don’t know what this thing is or why it is, but I do know I’m not comfortable here. And the way the sunlight moved between when we started looking and now, we were staring into that thing for a good fifteen minutes.”
  6. "Moreover, they could have used the Force. As massive as those blocks are, do you think it would be impossible for Master Skywalker to move them?”
  7. "Unless you resort to the dark side. I know what it is like, and as exhilarating as it can be, it leaves you hollow. Better to work for the true Force than settle for its shadow.”
  8. “Bad example. Everyone knows the Caamasi were committed pacifists.”
  9. "That’s readily apparent. Think back for a second. You didn’t know where the pillar was. Had you extended your senses enough to know where I was?”
  10. "Not easy, but you can do it. And don’t let Kyp’s progress bother you.”
  11. "Really. You’re not a bit envious of the attention he is getting from Master Skywalker?”
  12. “That shows a fair amount of maturity.”

Darth Plagueis:

  1. "Into some aged, pale-skinned, raspy-voiced, yellow-eyed monster, you mean. Such as the one you see before you. Surely you are acquainted with the lore: King Ommin of Onderon, Darths Sion and Nihilus. But whether it will happen to you, I can't say. Know this, though, Sidious, that the power of the dark side does not debilitate the practitioner so much as it debilitates those who lack it. The power of the dark side is an illness no true Sith would ever wish to be cured of."
  2. "Darth? We'll see about that."
  3. "I know more about you than just your name."
  4. "Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you."
  5. "You have the Force, apprentice, and the talent to lead. More, you have the bloodlust of a serial killer, though we need to hold that in reserve unless violence serves some extraordinary purpose. We are not butchers, Sidious, like some past Sith Lords. We are architects of the future."
  6. "His sentiments have made him a liability. More important, his death will allow us to position where you've long to be."
  7. "I didn't mean to suggest that the Republic is purposely depriving the outlying systems of the right to self-determination. I'm merely speculating, because I see a growing threat."
  8. "Everything done here has been for a single purpose: to extend our reign indefinitely."
  9. "To say that the Force works in mysterious ways is to admit one's ignorance, for any mystery can be solved through the application of knowledge and unrelenting effort. As we had our way with the Senate, and as we will soon have our way with the Republic and the Jedi, we will have our way with the Force."
  10. "It's well and good that Jedi died, but we must guard against revealing our hand too soon. Was it wise to have the corpses shipped to Coruscant?"
  11. "Is it not a measure of our success that we can award worlds as if they were mere business contracts?"
  12. "You must begin by gaining power over yourself; then another; then a group, an order, a world, a species, a group of species… finally, the galaxy itself."
  13. "I know little about Tatooine, other than that the planet was heir to an ecological catastrophe in the dim past, and that its vast deserts now support a population of ne’er-do-wells, scoundrels, and hapless spacers of all species. I've heard it said that nothing pans out on Tatooine, and that beings who reside there age prematurely."

Exar Kun:

  1. "Don't threaten me. Children are frightened by spirits—Jedi are not."
  2. "I was the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith. I am Exar Kun."
  3. "You are the master. But only I know what I can do."
  4. "Nonsense. I am a Jedi Knight and am free to come and go as I please. I will begin my research without your help."
  5. "I am going to Yavin Four. But unlike you, I will never be seduced by the dark side."
  6. "Freedon Nadd, I've had enough of you guiding me, testing me…"
  7. "Sadow's curse is gone… but his magician's power lives on. A power that could easily destroy me, unless I learn to master it. So master it I shall!"
  8. "I am a Jedi Master. Odan-Urr has passed his flame to me. I am the keeper of the future… we have great deeds ahead of us. I promise you one thing—I will never underestimate the power of the dark side."
  9. "Words. Go on to your higher plane, teacher. The galaxy is mine now."
  10. "Yes, Ulic—Ossus is ours for the taking."
  11. "My spirit will live forever! Forever!"
  12. "How you must hate me. I can feel your anger."
  13. "Nadd only taught you the beginnings of Sith power, woman–but I have learned everything!"
  14. "Time to make this more interesting… do you like the modifications I made to my lightsaber, Master?"
  15. "I know more than you could ever hope to learn in four thousand years or forty thousand years."


  1. "The Dark Lord Revan is dead. I am a servant of the light now."
  2. "I don't know your name—but I take up your cause. I will not remove your mask until there is justice—until the Mandalorians have been defeated once and for all. So swears… Revan!"
  3. "Did you really think his last words would be a lie?"
  4. "We have our proof. The Sith are not extinct. They have to be stopped."
  5. "Without the Mask, they are nothing."
  6. "Only bits and pieces. I keep having visions of a world I don't recognize. The whole planet is covered in electrical storms, day and night."
  7. "I wish I knew. But I've got a bad feeling about it."
  8. "I can help you achieve your destiny. I know where Revan hid the Mask. Listen to me, and I will help you find it."
  9. "Maybe so. But I'm going to make you work for it."
  10. "I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing."
  11. "'And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing.' Now I know how you felt, my friend."
  12. "You've carried on, dragging the remains of a body that should have long since faded to dust. Hatred fueled cunning, but burned out all wisdom. Without me, you could not see."
  13. "Who I am is not important, my message is."
  14. "The Sith must be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak, another must rise to seize the mantle. The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve. This is the way it must be."
  15. "I'm not doing this for the Republic. I'm not doing it for you. I'm not even doing it for me. I'm doing it for our child. And our child's children. We might never live to see the horrors that are coming, but they will. We have to protect the Republic for them. We have to risk our chance at happiness so they can have a life we might never know."
  16. "So many centuries. The Emperor and his Dread Masters, trying to wrench me apart, to unleash my anger and hatred… I detached myself from the pain. Focused on the Force."
  17. "You hid behind Jedi platitudes! You weren't strong enough to survive the torture, or the battle in the Foundry. I faced them! I survived them!"
  18. "You carried on, dragging the remains of a body that should have long since faded to dust."
  19. "You aren't afraid to love anymore?"
  20. "I am sorry I started you on this path. But you chose to continue down it."
  21. "She was a great Jedi. My most trusted ally. History remembers her as the Exile. To me, she was… more."
  22. "I knew I could count on you, Canderous."
  23. "You don't talk much, do you?"
  24. "Revan. It isn't my real name—never was—but it will do."
  25. "Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith."

Darth Bane:

  1. "A rare few have a natural affinity for the dark side itself. They can delve into the depths of the Force and summon arcane energies to twist and warp the world around them. They can invoke ancient rituals of the Sith; they can invoke power and unleash terrible spells and dark magics."
  2. "I am the Dark Lord who will restore the Sith to glory. They call me Bane."
  3. "The dark side is strong here. Far stronger than it ever was on Korriban. This is where we will find the power to destroy the Jedi—not in Kaan's Brotherhood!"
  4. "I am Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith. I will survive. At any cost."
  5. "The Brotherhood must be purged. The Sith must be destroyed and rebuilt."
  6. "There are no other Sith. There never will be, except for us. One Master and one apprentice; one to embody the power, the other to crave it."
  7. "Information is a commodity. It can be traded, sold, and purchased. And in the end, credits are only as useful as the secrets they can buy."
  8. "Show me the ritual of essence transfer."
  9. "Then prove it."
  10. "Power is its own purpose. To share it is to dilute it. You delude yourself, pretender—your order will yet turn on itself and you."
  11. "Equality is a lie… A myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow—those incapable of anything but servitude and a meager, worthless existence."
  12. "Equality is a perversion of the natural order!… It binds the strong to the weak. They become anchors that drag the exceptional down to mediocrity. Individuals destined and deserving of greatness have it denied them. They suffer for the sake of keeping them even with their inferiors."
  13. "Equality is a chain, like obedience. Like fear or uncertainty or self doubt."
  14. "I know many rituals. Many secrets. And I have the strength to use them."

Cade Skywalker:

  1. "Sure thing, Red. I've seen the family holos and the histories they drummed into me. You and the battles you fought were pretty unforgettable. You're Mara Jade Skywalker.
  2. "What do you know about the Jedi—besides wanting them all exterminated?"
  3. "If I die here, then I die as who I am: controlled by nobody. You? Without me, you will die, and it won't even be as Darth Krayt or even as A'Sharad Hett! You'll die as some mindless Vong growth!"
  4. "Figure it's time to get ourselves lost in the galaxy for a while."
  5. "Nice temple you got here, Master Saa. Hope you're planning to take out the trash soon, though. The stink of crimson armor always makes me gag."
  6. "I don't care, Morne. I'm just looking to get clear of Krayt—and that means I have to kill him. If you or your Sithy bauble can help do that, fine. Meanwhile—leave my crew alone. Remember what I said about the black hole."
  7. "Bantha! You have to promise to save her. No matter how. Promise!"
  8. "Only difference between us then, Pateesa… is skill."
  9. "I get it now, everything that's happened all my life… You shaped me to do this. Doesn't matter if I'm a Jedi or not.. Or if I'm a Skywalker or not. Everyone has a destiny. This one is mine. I can feel it in my gut. So, me and Krayt… One final round. Never expected to get old. Never figured to die in bed. I got a job to do -- Even if it's my last."
  10. "Krayt. I'm coming for you. I'm going to kill you, Krayt. Whatever you do to the Galaxy doesn't matter. You're going to die. Once and for all. Guaranteed."
  11. "So it ends here. Doesn't matter. Gotta die sometime."
  12. "My eyes are open. I have seen the vision. I understand now. No more doubts or questions. I know my place in the galaxy. I know who I am... I am a Jedi. And you are not my Master."
  13. "Sell it to someone else! I'm Cade Skywalker! Yeah, those Skywalkers, and I was at Ossus! It was a sneak attack during what was supposed to be a diplomatic meeting!"
  14. "You imp moron! That was Sith sabotage! A trick to start a war before the Sith revealed themselves!"


  1. "If you teach me how to use this…sense I have—can you also teach me how to switch it off? I want to learn how not to feel the people around me, not to be bombarded by their moods and prying thoughts and sour ideas. I'm tired of having only rawwks for company. I'd very much like to be part of the human race again."
  2. "It feels like ten kilos of life in a five-kilo box. I can only feel a trickle now, like dust motes floating in a sunbeam, one by one, just moving through me, but it's just so right there's no describing it. It tickles a bit, feels like a first kiss, or the jolt you feel when the flux in sabacc just makes your hand better than what you were already betting."
  3. "The dark man. A dark man, a shadow. He talked to Gantoris. He talked to Kyp. You shine the light, but the shadow always stays, whispering, talking."
  4. "Before you use your lightsabers, let me move the wind. The storm is my ally."
  5. "Then it's time for you to leave, past time, I think, now that I understand why you've been pulling away from us. And I will not ask where you are going."
  6. "Yes, I accept it. I free you in good conscience from your duties. I will carry this weight now. Though I don't feel ready."
  7. "If they are not connected with the Force, how can they be alive?"
  8. "I'm not much of a storyteller, but after Tionne heard me talking with some youngster who'd asked me about that business with Exar Kun, she wanted me to tell it again for the record, so here I am."
  9. "I am so used to being alone that I can only stand so much in the way of company."

Carlist Rieekan:

  1. "My tolerance is fairly inelastic. Don't try to stretch it."
  2. "Minister Manaa may be the official head of the government, but his deputy, Var Lyonn, holds the true power. And the man is not to be trusted."
  3. "And like your father. I grieve your loss."
  4. "We've had trouble getting a real foothold in the sector, partly because of cultural problems, partly because of infighting like this."
  5. "Excellent work, Rogue Squadron."
  6. "Princess, we have a visitor."
  7. "Prepare for ground assault."
  8. "Whatever Thrawn has in mind, we seem to be it."
  9. "You asked if anyone had any notion why the viceroy was canceling his sessions with you. Now you learn that he's met privately with some of the candidate legations, and publicly with some of the Senate's most iconoclastic members. He's not only broken all precedent, but pointedly extended courtesies to others that he's never extended to you—and you refuse to draw the obvious conclusion."
  10. "That something fundamental has changed. That your negotiations with Nil Spaar are over."
  11. "We have the tools for a small campaign of disinformation."
  12. "Open fire."
  13. "That's it. The problem is simple - the solution isn't! Since the Tarkin was built without the single flaw that allowed us to stop the Death Star, a direct attack would be suicide!"
  14. "That was the agreement. But Adarians are a stubborn people. Once they've made up their minds, it's almost impossible to change them. Unless whoever has the alternative idea is from a higher tier, which is why we're sending Princess Leia to try and mediate."

Nil Spaar:

  1. "You are vermin."
  2. "Because you would become our obsession, for as many years as it took to destroy you."
  3. "Tell them that beginning today, their lives depend on their being useful to us."
  4. "You have never faced an adversary like us. Your wars are decided by the death of a tenth of a population, a third of an army. Then the defeated surrender their honor and the victors surrender their advantage. This is called being civilized. The Yevetha are not civilized, General. It would be a mistake to deal with us as though we were."

Shedao Shai:

  1. "I regret that your actions forced me to slay Elegos. I want you to know I did it myself, with my bare hands. As I strangled him, I read in his eyes betrayal, but only at first. Before he died, he understood the necessity of his death. You must understand it, as well."
  2. "I fight for the honor of the Yuuzhan Vong and Domain Shai."
  3. "We are the Yuuzhan Vong. Our cause is right and just."
  4. "At the world they call Dantooine they did not recover their dead. These people have no sense of what is proper or honorable."
  5. "I will place you under my protection. I will teach you. I will learn from you. We will understand each other."
  6. "There are those, Deign among them, who think I could be scared by your words, or influenced into acting against our best interests. They believe my time with you has tainted me."
  7. "Find out why they destroyed this place."
  8. "I am Shedao Shai. You were at Bimmiel. You slew two of my kinsmen and left them to be gnawed by vermin. You stole the bones of my ancestor. These bones here I present to you so you may know the proper way to venerate fallen Yuuzhan Vong warriors."
  9. "We will meet, our respective forces, at the world you call Ithor. If you have any honor at all—and Elegos assured me that you do—you will return to me the bones of my ancestor. If you do not, then it is you who renders our friend's death meaningless."
  10. "We need to show them that we will crush them no matter their preparations. So far we have not launched a solid military operation against any of their worlds. Yes, we took Garqi, but the opposition was minimal. The subsequent infiltration and exfiltration of agents taints that victory. As you point out, they must fortify Ithor. When we take it we will send a message out to the rest of the New Republic with the survivors. That message is that we are implacable and invincible. That is the message our enemies need to hear."
  11. "You think to shield your friend from my wrath?"
  12. "A commitment to the mission above the preservation of self—this I understand. This I respect."


  1. "Force lightning. We had thought Skywalker's Jedi considered themselves above that."
  2. "You know you're going to get us killed? Even Yuuzhan Vong don't go down there."
  3. "We are not your son!"


  1. "Welk… was Tamith Kai's best student–after Vilas died, of course."
  2. "I don't let a paycheck decide between right and wrong for me."
  3. "No. Vengeance leads to the dark side, I won't be a part of something like that."
  4. "Our boyfriend means business."
  5. "Nice turnabout, Jaina. About time you came to rescue me for a change!"
  6. "Now you tell me."
  7. "No, just working out the proper wording for the message. They must be intrigued and concerned...and convinced."
  8. "For the friendship we once had, I'll spare you this time, Jaina. But don't ever test my loyalties again."
  9. "I'm sorry, Master Brakiss, but you were wrong. The dark side couldn't save you, or the Second Imperium—or me."
  10. "So Tenel Ka will think she's rushing to the defense—and then the Ducha can attack from the inside."
  11. “The Killiks are sort of holding your father and Uncle Han. And we’re, um, discussing whether we should allow that.”
  12. “There are a lot of things happening right now he wouldn’t like. “That’s why we’re trying to get him back.”
  13. “And the other half thinks we need to support the blockade and intimidate the Colony into pulling out of the buffer zone. Meanwhile, the Killiks are establishing nests all along the Chiss frontier.”
  14. “You don’t understand how the Colony’s mind work."
  15. “Remember last time? UnuThul summoned us to prevent a war.”
  16. “Gorog finds you. But we know the nest will be watching Han and Master Skywalker.”
  17. “You can’t! It would destroy the Colony!”
  18. “You can’t destroy an interstellar civilization just because it didn’t exist ten years ago."
  19. “Why? Because you’re afraid you’ll lose us the way you lost Anakin?”
  20. “But we’re still Jedi. You can’t stop us from doing what Jedi do.”
  21. “You said Gorog was controlling him. We could make him see that.”
  22. “Raynar is our responsibility. The Jedi must do whatever it takes to stop him.”
  23. “We felt him in the Force. Urging us to wait.”

Alema Rar:

  1. "Remember. Remember me as I used to be, before the universe turned against me. Young, beautiful, strong, brave, admirable, loved, loving."
  2. "Perhaps I want to be cruel."
  3. "We were a dancer. We loved to dance."
  4. "He means we only have two concerns. The first is to complete our mission. The second is to return alive."
  5. "Perhaps so. But if the path before us is dark, we dare not shy away—not for our own sakes, but for the sake of those who will fall if we fail."
  6. "I didn't mean to suggest we should. Only that we can't shy— Of course, Anakin."
  7. "We're trying to prevent a war. Isn't that what Jedi are supposed to do?"
  8. "It doesn't matter what Jacen thinks he saw. They're both dead."
  9. "Nothing! You have nothing to fear, if you will just do what we tell you!"
  10. "Come, Master Skywalker. We are only asking that you leave Gorog alone. Do that, and each week we will feed you one of the access codes you need to truly know your mother."
  11. "We don't know what Mara is trying to hide from you, but we hope it has nothing to do with your mother's death. It would be very sad if Daxar Ies was not her only victim."
  12. "She took our lekku, and so we can't communicate fully with others. She caused the destruction of our nest, too. And she took what attracted others to us, our beauty. We're lonely, and we can never touch the world properly again."
  13. "The Balance must be served."
  14. "Not yet. But we hope you will let us serve you. What you are doing with Jacen is so delicious—and so right for the Balance."
  15. "We are here to kill Mara Jade Skywalker, who is here, and Han Solo, who is coming."
  16. "We have our task, and you have yours. Ours is to have Balance for what the Solos did to us. Leia will still be trying to bring her precious son back to the light, and that means he remains good bait for our purposes."
  17. "Shelter? Do you take us for a coward? Do you think we seek refuge while Jacen Solo is out there fighting for the Balance?"
  18. "We are simply ageless and eternal now, as we have always deserved to be."
  19. "She took everything from us. We're alone. She's made us solitary."
  20. "Our expertise is surveillance and assassination. We aren't an amateur."
  21. "That means nothing! We'll just build another."

Jabitha Hal:

  1. "Sekot has agreed to fashion living ships for some of the Jedi. The process will require several days, but I promise you it will be unlike anything any of you have ever experienced."
  2. "Had you wished to know what we were up to, then you had but to ask."
  3. "Preparations are well under way for our departure. The last three days have seen many changes around Zonama."
  4. "You're not here to get our help in the war?"
  5. "Sekot does this. It appears as my father sometimes, or as your grandfather. Sometimes it appears as me, and that is the most disconcerting of all."
  6. "I'm sorry. I knew Sekot was going to test you, but I didn't know how. I convinced it that it should, rather than trust you implicitly. I had no idea that your lives were going to be put in any danger."
  7. "Once again the Jedi come to us. As always, you bring more questions than answers."
  8. "There were some among the council who would have me ask Sekot to send you away immediately. You come to us, by your own admission, as harbingers of doom. I have heard it said that you are more than that; that you bring a direct and deliberate threat to us and to our way of life."
  9. "Three times, now, we have had to defend ourselves, and each time Jedi were present. You cannot blame us for wondering: is it the circumstances that attract you, or are the circumstances a result of your visits?"
  10. "My name is Jabitha. We shall hear your story. Sekot invites you to talk freely."
  11. "What does this have to do with Zonama Sekot? What is it that brings you here, so far from your home, from your war?"
  12. "But this still does not explain why you are here. In what way did Vergere expect us to be able to help you?"
  13. "We are but one world with a small population. What can we do against the invading horde you have described? Our strength lies in defense, not offense."
  14. "Your words make it sound as though Zonama Sekot is all-powerful. But this is not so. Although it did once manage to repel the Far Outsiders, it was not without suffering major damage to itself. The attack traumatized it greatly. Our defenses are not impenetrable."
  15. "You should know that the conflict you witnessed has also scarred Sekot deeply, mentally if not physically. The appearance of the Far Outsiders came as a terrible shock. Sekot was not anticipating them; there was no reason to suspect that they were nearby. They tries to study us without being noticed, but our sensors are acute. Sekot's defenses were activated, and the Far Outsiders took that as an aggressive reaction. They, too, reacted defensively. It is not clear who struck the first blow. The conflict was sparked by fear and uncertainty as many conflicts are. We do not wish to be party to another such conflict."
  16. "You speak of consciences, of right and wrong, and of the horrors perpetrated upon you and the galaxy by the Far Outsiders. You speak of their wish for genocide. And yet, do you not wish the same for them? Do you not wish them removed from the galaxy as they wish you?"
  17. "It is true that all have a right to life. It is also true that everyone must decide what to do with it. Sekot chose to distance itself from the rest of the galaxy when our attempts to trade peacefully were met by aggression and suspicion. We have suffered greatly to find peace. Why must we suffer again on behalf of those who do not have the fortitude to free themselves."
  18. "What is that? You dare to presume to speak for the Force?"
  19. "No. That force consisted of forces of the Republic, led by a Commander Tarkin."
  20. "They came looking for Vergere. And they came out of curiosity, wondering at the living ships we once sold to select few. Under the guise of clienthood, they passed a testing ritual designed to see if they were suitable for partnership with one of our ships. The youngest, Anakin, was a mystery to us all. Normally, during the ritual, three or so seed-partners would bond with the client to form the basis of a new ship. Anakin drew twelve to him. His ship was a thing of beauty. The Force shown brightly in Anakin. He was, briefly, my friend."
  21. "He saved my life. And he revealed to me the truth about my father."
  22. "An assassin sent to kill Anakin. He used me to gain leverage over Anakin, and Anakin became very angry. He killed with the strength of his mind. Until that moment, we had not known that such things were possible."
  23. "You are his son, aren't you? And I don't just mean that because you share the same name. He is in you. And you, too."
  24. "Sekot recognized the echoes of my friend in you both when you came here. That is in part why you were allowed to land. But you dismiss Anakin's actions as though they were an aberration, a mistake. We do not remember them that way. He loved our world, and we will not allow anything you say to damn his memory."
  25. "That Anakin did what he did out of good is more important to us than the means he chose. He was a child, and you will not damn him for that here. He saved me."
  26. "It is late. You have had a long journey and must be tired. If you will allow us, we will provide you with shelter for the night."
  27. "I need time to talk with the council. We will take into consideration all that has been said here this night and decide whether or not there is anything more to discuss."
  28. "That won't be necessary. We feel that we understand that nature of your foe well enough."

Lomi Plo:

  1. "There is nothing wrong with vengeance. It is a noble emotion—a powerful one."
  2. "I could call off the attack on the hospital ship. All you have to do is let me go."

Airen Cracken:

  1. "Now that the Corellian Incident has been resolved, perhaps this planet and its system can be opened to the galaxy for trade. It would be splendid to see the bright, cheerful colors of the marketplace like I once saw it on a visit so long ago. It would also be a shining achievement on the part of the New Republic."
  2. "I've been told that a lot of you are familiar with my exploits and consider me something of a legend. I don't see why you should. Every one of you are heroes, and someday your stories will be legendary as well."
  3. "Great. Dena just started school, and Pash… Well, I may just make a starfighter pilot out of him, yet."

Pash Cracken:

  1. "I'm beginning to question myself and my performance, and that means I'm a hairsbreadth from doubting myself. If I've lost something, I need to know I'm not flying as well as I can, but if I lose my confidence, I lose everything. Here, in Rogue Squadron, I'll be measuring myself against the best our side has to offer."
  2. "If we make Black Sun too weak, the Empire squashes it."
  3. "I copy, Corran. Looks like small civilian vessels. The exodus is beginning."
  4. "I'm in his squadron. I know him. I know what he's done. He's saved my life."
  5. "That's why to know Warlord Zsinj is to wonder about his sanity. He's definitely someone who needs a lot of killing."
  6. "Thanks, Wedge, Tycho. I look forward to seeing you there."
  7. "I don't think Thrawn was there personally, but he sure planned out the assault. I've got to tell you, Wedge, that those clones of his are the creepiest things I've ever tangled with. It's like going up against stormtroopers: same rabid dedication, same cold-blooded machine-precision fighting. The only difference is that they're everywhere now instead of just handling shock-troop duty."
  8. "We're evacuating now. We'll have to take our chances in escape pods—we've got none here. I tried to aim her at one of the interdictors, but she's not going to make it, I'm afraid."
  9. "Thanks to them, I did. Their heretic group rescued me and a bunch of others from what would have been some serious bloodletting at one of the temples."
  10. "With all due respect, Han, we've decided to remain here and do what we can."
  11. "We'll take our chances, Princess."

Nawara Ven:

  1. "It makes no sense for anyone to have killed the convoy."
  2. "You would have hated me if you were trying to make a case against one of my clients – whether he was lying about his innocence or not."
  3. "I don't think I was ever even in the courtroom."
  4. "I'll give you one more chance on the money. Tell me you don't want it, that you're donating it back to the New Republic cause to save lives. That could be your very first step to returning from what you've become."
  5. "As you wish. I won't ever again try to protect you from yourself."
  6. "You're absolutely right. I'll be your bodyguard until we get to Coruscant. Once we're there, you can lure one to your liking and hook your own passage to whatever world you like."
  7. "No, I let you do exactly as you wanted. I also saved your life. I'd say I've treated you rather well."
  8. "Actually, by Coruscant law, bringing in that many Imperial credits can only be for the purposes of sedition. That's a far more serious charge than merely smuggling. You'll be spending at least a lifetime in prison on Coruscant."
  9. “Well enough to decide Horn was wrong about you, Captain Celchu. If Horn was wrong about your being a traitor, that means someone else killed him. Since you’ve been framed for the murder, if Whistler does nothing to help you, he’s ensuring that his friend’s murderer is getting away. Having Whistler on the team is unbelievably useful because of the specialized circuitry and programming he has. It allows him to wade through a lot of law enforcement data, including Imperial files.”
  10. “Well, no one can seem to find him or his ship. The prosecution can introduce ample evidence that Kirtan Loor was here on Coruscant, that Corran would have recognized him, and that knowing you were exposed, you had to take steps to cover yourself.”
  11. “I’ve defended a lot of people in criminal cases, but the stakes have not been this high before, nor the opposition so tough. Emtrey knows all the regulations, so having him in court with me means I’ll have a good grasp on the differences between military law and civil law, but it would be better for you to have someone who doesn’t have to rely on a droid for that stuff. The fact that I was down with the first stages of Krytos during the alleged murder means I can’t be called as a witness of fact in the case—at least, I’d not call me, but the prosecution might have other ideas.”
  12. “The prosecutor is Commander Halla Ettyk. She’s 34 years old and from Alderaan. She had gained quite a reputation as a prosecutor there and happened to be off Alderaan to depose a witness in a case when Alderaan was destroyed. She joined the Rebellion and was part of General Cracken’s counterintelligence staff. She may not have prosecuted any cases over the last seven years, but that’s not going to dull her skills. Captain, you don’t happen to know her or have a family vendetta with her family or anything that could let me suggest she has a conflict of interest, do you?”
  13. “Trying to get him replaced is tricky. If he does not recuse himself, he clearly thinks he has no conflict of interest. If we suggest he does and we fail to remove him, we’ve poisoned him. The other thing to keep in mind is that Salm was present at the first battle of Borleias and saw Tycho flying an unarmed shuttle and rescuing pilots, including me. He’s got to weigh what he remembers against the evidence he hears, and we’ll be sure to remind him of Borleias.”
  14. “Ackbar agreed to have you serve as Rogue Squadron’s executive officer and has remained neutral regarding this prosecution. Crix Madine came over from the Imperial side around the same time you did, Captain. Given his work planning covert missions for the Empire, I would have to guess he has met Iceheart and is aware of the work she has done. He knows of your reputation and, being a Corellian like Commander Antilles, has an appreciation of bravery and audacity.”
  15. “No, Commander, I’ve not forgotten that fact. I’m counting on it to motivate General Madine to seek the people truly responsible for Corran’s death.”
  16. “The truth always is the best defense. Their evidence is all circumstantial, so we can slip someone or several someones in to raise doubt about who actually committed the crime.”
  17. “This trial will be played as much to public opinion as to the judges. It’s going to do no good if the people think Captain Celchu is guilty while the court lets him off. Everyone knows how twisted and full of plots the Empire was. The mention of Kirtan Loor and Lusankya allows us to bring up Ysanne Isard. I can show that Captain Celchu’s pattern of activity is all wrong by showing what Isard does do with her people. I can even point to the bombing as likely residue of her evil. If we have public opinion looking at Captain Celchu as the last victim of Imperial intrigue, a Rebellion hero being destroyed by a bitter and vengeful Empire, we have a lot of maneuvering room in the aftermath of the trial.”
  18. “Hard to say. There’s no clear appeals system set up. Unless the judges reverse their decision, he’ll be stuck.”
  19. “This is treason, Captain, and murder. Given the mood of the people and the nature of your crime, if we lose, the New Republic will put you to death.”
  20. “There is ample circumstantial evidence to show you killed Corran. Emtrey could convince a jury of droid-haters that you certainly could have killed Corran. I could baffle a jury by pointing out how many others could have done the job, but the Tribunal is going to be tough. I had hoped we’d have to fight over treason first, since it’s a weaker charge, but we’ll have to deal with this first.”
  21. “I appreciate the court’s admonition and I shall remember it.”
  22. “If you want to bring that story in, by all means, lay the proper foundation and call your witnesses in order.”
  23. “In direct testimony the questions are supposed to be open and nonleading. On cross-examination you get to lead the witness toward the answers you want. A witness who is forced to answer questions always leaves the impression he’s covering something up, so it makes even innocent things seem condemning. Pash is trying to do my job for me, but he’s just making it tougher.”
  24. “Possibly. I don’t know him. The Olan clan and mine do not mix much—no animosity, just little association with each other. His presence here could be good or could be very bad.”

G'vli G'Sil:

  1. "You have to keep the secret police separate from the nice, polite officers who police the street. Sends a message that ordinary law-abiding Coruscanti have nothing to fear, while demonstrating maximum force to the enemy."
  2. "I'm old enough to remember that when terrorist activity starts, you need to move fast before it spreads and networks get established."
  3. "Do we take that as a yes?"
  4. "Will there be a Chief of State?"
  5. "Then no, I won't. I'm fine not being where Omas was. If a thing can happen once, it can happen twice."
  6. “I like Jacen. But is he reliable these days?”
  7. “I would never have authorized the Gejjen business. It was … extreme.”
  8. “Cha, I don’t want to worry you, but have you noticed they’re rearming? With Verpine tech, too?”
  9. “They must teach you something at staff college that’s beyond us lesser mortals.”
  10. “You’re the Supreme Commander. I assume you can assess a military risk.”
  11. “They kicked out the Empire and the Yuuzhan Vong, without any help from us.”
  12. “But Fett’s a smart, smart man. Forget the Wookiee braids.”
  13. “I don’t buy fostering galactic chaos just to get back at one man, even if it’s Jacen.”
  14. “You need to watch your back with Jacen.”
  15. “He probably had some fingers he needed to break. Let me worry about finding him later.”
  16. “I’ve got very little to add. Except to say that I’m saddened to come to this. A word about the presence of GA troops on the streets alongside CSF officers. This is simply a precaution in case the anarchic elements on Coruscant try to take advantage of the situation. As in any democracy, they have the right to exist and to speak, but if any of them attempt to capitalize on the situation, then the rule of law will be upheld.”
  17. “We have a breathing space while the Senators panic about their share prices and the Corellian administration flounders like beached daggerts.”
  18. “And what an elegant way to neutralize Jacen, should he hanker after power. Give it to him to start with.”
  19. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you refer to Jacen as … opposing.”
  20. “This has been surprisingly civilized. The business of the chamber is going on as usual. No riots, no protests, no counter-revolution.”
  21. “You’re very good. Stang, I might even vote for you on the strength of today’s showing.”

Voren Na'al:

  1. "The common perception is that the Alliance's current momentum will carry it to Coruscant, the seat of Imperial power. While all of us would like to believe that such a sweeping victory is imminent, we also know that reality is seldom so convenient."
  2. "My critics have often scoffed that I cannot see the galaxy for the systems, for I tend to get bogged down on individual personalities. I believe the smallest pieces are as important as the whole they make, which is why I approach history—even current history—from the individuals who help create it."
  3. "That's very interesting, but what does it really mean?"
  4. "It has long been a maxim of my profession that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."
  5. "I'm a little too old to be hopping around the Outer Rim like an overzealous kid."
  6. "I found myself surrounded by a bewildering array of animals—hissing, purring, growling, thrashing, flying—that seemed to cover every evolutionary possibility. According to the report filed by the Laramus Regulars, they could 'hear Na'al's screams in vacuum.' According to General Cracken, this made me 'uniquely qualified to discuss nonsentient lifeforms.' I will never understand military humor."
  7. "They worked together, in coordinated attacks, probably to defend themselves from what they perceived as an invasion of their territory."
  8. "Had we remained longer on that frozen world, I have no doubt we would have had more nights filled with their horror."

Roan Fel:

  1. "My Jedi brothers, Admiral Stazi, and members of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances—we have all suffered great losses, but we cannot wait for the inevitable attack on Bastion! The time to attack Coruscant is now!"
  2. "I am the Empire."
  3. "I am, by right of birth and choice, your true Emperor! Not this Sith usurper Krayt! It is to me that you owe your allegiance! I call upon you, my loyal stormtroopers, to join with me and take back our Empire which you have so long and faithfully served."
  4. "I need you here to train new Imperial Knights. Progress has been made in alliances—both with the Jedi and admiral Stazi's fleet."
  5. "Whether Krayt falls or not, bring me this Celeste Morne -- or at least this Muur Talisman, Master Draco."
  6. "I am the Emperor, sir—and you will be mindful of how you speak! We are not equals."
  7. "Too late, Moff Calixte. The attack is here."
  8. "If Sia cannot be saved, she must be stilled."
  9. "My will shall shape the Force. I will determine the fate of the galaxy!"


  1. "No man can rule Hapes."
  2. "True to our pirate roots, the Hapans prefer swift, ruthless strikes. Hurt an enemy at the start of an engagement and he is yours, for as the fight progresses, his fear of you will intensify and will become your ally."
  3. "I will hunt down General Solo, and I will bring home my bride."
  4. "You don't understand. If I tried to marry you, there would be public disapproval, repercussions. My cousins—"
  5. "A lovely compliment. Thank you."
  6. "You're not as clever as you think, Jacen. I'd rather die than fall for your ploy."
  7. "You would rather murder someone than risk losing my allegiance?"
  8. "Let me get this straight. You said 'Kiss my Wookiee!' to the most powerful warlord in the galaxy?"
  9. "You know he's going to put your head on a platter, don't you? And considering Zsinj's reputation, he might even eat it."
  10. "I know your customs differ from ours. Among the ancients, this is how we arranged our royal marriages. But I want you to feel comfortable with any decision. Please, take time to get to know Hapes, our worlds, our customs -- take time to know me."
  11. "Of course. A queen must forever be at the call of her people."
  12. "The pirates were not so dangerous as one might think. The greatest threat came from my mother's naval forces. We had frequent . . . encounters."
  13. "The fact that you can keep this ship together at all speaks very highly of your skills. This is a smuggler's ship, no? Fast speeds, secret compartments, hidden weaponry?"
  14. "I'm familiar with smugglers. I left home when I was young and worked for a few seasons as a profiteer. Have you seen one of our Hapes Novaclass battle cruisers?"
  15. "So, you are not only Leia's friend but her savior? Our people owe you a great debt."
  16. ""When I was a boy, still in my teens, privateers attacked the royal flagship and murdered my older brother. That is when I became the Chume'da, the heir. I was young, idealistic, so I secretly left home, assumed a new identity. For two years I plied the trade lines as a privateer, working on ship after ship, hunting for the pirate who killed my brother."
  17. "Yes. I did. His name was Harravan. I arrested him, and we held him in a prison on Hapes."
  18. "No. The media believed I was hiding in fear, and since my own mother did not know where I had gone, she downplayed my disappearance, hoping I would resurface."
  19. "He was murdered in prison while awaiting trial before he could ever name his accomplices."
  20. "The interior of the cluster is remarkably secure, but we consistently have problems on the rim, no matter how well we patrol. Our encounters on the rim are frequent, and frequently bloody."
  21. "The Hapes Cluster is very rich, and that always attracts interest from outsiders. But I'm sure you know our history. Certain young men tend to glorify the old lifestyle."
  22. "When the Jedi finally wiped out the Lorell Raiders, the pirate fleets never returned. The worlds of Hapes were forgotten for a time, and the women of Hapes took control of their own destiny and vowed that no man would ever rule them again. For thousands of years now, the Queen Mothers have kept that vow."
  23. "Still, sadly, a few of our young men feel powerless in our society. And so they glorify the old society. And so they glorify the old ways. When they rebel, often they become pirates. Thus we have a perennial problem."
  24. "Ah, yes. Han asked a question that I believe deserves an answer. He wondered, with all the other princesses in the galaxy, including many that are far more wealthy than Leia, why my mother would choose her. The truth is, the Queen Mother did not choose Leia. I chose her."
  25. "When Leia's shuttle landed on Hapes, she met my mother for a soiree in the gardens. They were so surrounded by dignitaries from the worlds of Hapes that Leia did not speak to me, perhaps never even saw me. I do not think she even knew I was alive. But I became enamored of her. I have never done anything like this. I've never been so impulsive. No other woman has captivated me this way."
  26. "It was not my mother's idea to arrange a marriage with Leia. She only consented to my request."
  27. "I know. But I promise you, General Solo, I intend to win her. Much is at stake here, more than you know."
  28. "I understand that Leia has invited you to dine with us this evening. I think, perhaps, both of you should hear what I have to say."
  29. "If you love her, then leave her to me. She wants the security that Hapes offers her people. But loving you would only cramp her, give her a smaller life than she deserves."
  30. "That is all right. She is a lovely woman. I can understand why you would be attracted to her. I hope my appearance here hasn't been too . . . unsettling."
  31. "They are over four hundred meters long, go without refueling for over a year, are very fast, and could blow this ship out of the sky before you had time to cry out... I will give one to you, if you promise to use it to fly far, far away from here."
  32. "Good, you are a man of principles. Then let me appeal to those principles. General Solo, what can you really offer Leia?"
  33. "As always, I will watch my own back."
  34. "Your mother hated the Jedi as much as the Emperor ever did, and she would have relished hunting them down."
  35. "Now I see why my mother wanted to kill you, Jedi. You have dangerous ideas."
  36. "You shouldn't do this! The universe doesn't work this way!... You -- you're treating those beasts as equals. You show my mother, the Ta'a Chume of the Hapan empire, the same degree of cordiality as you give a droid!"
  37. "You are wrong about that, Jedi. I didn't come to save Leia. I came to steal her away from Han Solo."
  38. "Why does it matter? I'm not like you. I don't have any power. I will never learn how to float through the air or raise myself from the droid."
  39. "I watched you on the ship. You don't talk like this to everyone."

Teneniel Djo:

  1. "Let me assure you that I am not a pacifist. In the past two days alone, I have killed several people, and if you ever try to harm me or mine, I will force you to confess publicly all your crimes, and then I will execute you. I assure you, I find you to be that contemptible!"
  2. "I hunted near the old wreck at the throat of the desert, guided by a vision, until I almost despaired. But I captured this man from the stars, and I claim him as my husband. His name is Isolder, from the planet Hapes!"
  3. "I chose a man, not a crown."
  4. "Tenel Ka has the ring."
  5. "I have heard of the Jai. Grandmother Rell says that they are unbeatable warriors, for they battle death. And since they battle for life, nature cherishes them, and they cannot die. Are you an unbeatable warrior?"

Ta'a Chume:

  1. "Hapes can only be as strong as those who lead her."
  2. "If I die, Tenel Ka is a target. If I am imprisoned, if I am disgraced . . . Tenel Ka is a target. If you want your daughter to grow up with a mother, Jacen, you must spare me. That is the only way."
  3. "I have not seen a Jedi since I was a small child. Even then, the one that I met was an old man, balding. Nothing like you but interesting. I would like you to join me on my ship for an hour or two, for dinner. You will come tonight."
  4. "A probable choice for a crazed lover who has just kidnapped a mate."
  5. "Our fleet will leave tonight for Dathomir. Omogg made the mistake of running a course check on her nav computer. Once we learned that she planned to make the trip, we had no trouble finding where she might go. Yet I see no reason that Han would choose to go to such a world."
  6. "The Jedi's weapon is his mind. When a Jedi is distracted, when he loses his focus, he becomes vulnerable."
  7. "He represents the last of the Jedi. Listen to him talk of his precious records. We don't really want to see the Jedi rise from their graves, do we? The first band was troublesome enough. I won't have our descendants bowing to his, ruled by an oligarchy of spoon benders and readers of auras. I have nothing against the boy personally. But we must make certain that those of us who are best trained to rule continue to rule."
  8. "It must be fascinating to do your kind of work. I've always been very provincial, staying close to home, but you -- traveling across the galaxy, searching for records of the Jedi."
  9. "Oh, I'm sure there are records on dozens of worlds. Why, I remember when I was younger, my mother once granted refuge to some Jedi, a group of fifty or so. They hid out in the ancient ruins of one of our worlds for a year, running a small academy. Then Lord Vader and his Dark Knights came to the Hapes Cluster and hunted the Jedi down. After Vader killed the Jedi, he merely sealed them in the ruins at Reboam, I hear. Perhaps they kept some records of their doings, I don't know."
  10. "When this is all over and you've rescued Leia, come to Hapes. One of my counselors, who is getting quite old now, could show you the caves. You would be welcome to keep anything you find in them."
  11. "You flatter me."
  12. “Jacen Solo. I’d ask how you sneaked into my private chambers—but that’s what Jedi do, isn’t it?”
  13. “What a pity—when I saw you standing there with a lightsaber, I thought my granddaughter had finally grown a spine.”
  14. “How very considerate of you. Would you mind telling me why?”
  15. “The Queen Mother has a child? And she did not even trouble to tell her own grandmother?”
  16. “Then you must sense how shocked I am—and worried. Certainly, I resent being imprisoned on the orders of my own granddaughter, but I’d never wish her harm—much less have anything to do with it!”
  17. “That never crossed my mind, Jedi Solo, but I do hope that when you see my granddaughter again, you’ll be good enough to pass along my concern for her and her daughter. By the by, you wouldn’t happen to know who the father is, would you?”
  18. “You’re a Jedi! You can’t do this.”
  19. “You couldn’t believe I would allow the child of two Jedi to claim the throne. Hapes will never be a Jedi kingdom!”
  20. “It is your intention that concerns me. You’ve already persuaded Tenel Ka to involve a Hapan fleet in a matter of no concern to us. I won’t allow you to make a Jedi tool of the Hapes Consortium.”
  21. “They came to me! They were unhappy about Tenel Ka’s interference at Qoribu, and they knew I had reason to want her dead.”
  22. “The Gorog … were wrong. I don’t want Tenel Ka dead … at least not … until I’m in a better position … to reclaim the throne.”
  23. “So I told Gorog … that killing Tenel Ka’s daughter would be even better. But they weren’t doing it out of revenge. I had to strike a deal to save … to take the baby instead of Tenel Ka.”
  24. “They didn’t say, and I didn’t ask. This was a political arrangement, not a marriage.”
  25. “I didn’t rule Hapes for all those years by being a fool. I knew you and Tenel Ka would figure out who attacked your daughter—and I knew you would come after me.”

Ton Phanan:

  1. "Starting over means more time. More time for Zsinj to bombard more colonies, to destroy more ships. Another day may mean some bright young doctor gets it the way I did and ends up what I am... Not as good as some kid with a superior intellect whose only aim is to make people better. I'd rather he be out there than me."
  2. "I used to be Dr. Phanan. Fully licensed to cut you open and weld you shut again."
  3. "Because I didn't care for patching up people I don't care about and do enjoy killing people I hate."
  4. "But in five live-fire missions, I've been shot down twice and landed successfully three times. Not a good ratio. Between that and all the new prosthetics, I'm sort of an expensive proposition for any commander."
  5. "Yes, I got so angry that I had to vent my spleen."
  6. "When you put this idea in front of him, flames are going to come out of his mouth and burn you from head to foot."
  7. "I was just imagining what a sad galaxy this would be without my superior intellect and general state of wonderfulness."
  8. "But something died when I was hit in that medical ward, and I think it was my future. I think people, maybe only women, can just look at me and say, 'There's no future in him.'"
  9. "There's no mechanical replacement for a future, Face. And every time I take a hit, and they have to cut away another part of me and replace it with machinery because I'm allergic to bacta, every time that happens I seem to be a little further away from the young doctor who had a future. He can't come back, Face. Not all of him is here anymore."
  10. "I'm twenty percent mechanical, and gaining."
  11. "You do what you do so you can punish a little boy who once made some holodramas for the Empire."
  12. "I take it you bought this used."
  13. "I'm not going to go into the pathology of this. Suffice to say we're talking about internal injuries, internal bleeding. Maybe a ruptured kidney; I'm having trouble sorting that one out. Either way, I don't think I'm going to last too long."
  14. "I flatter myself in thinking that you're going to take it kind of hard. (If I'm wrong, don't let me know.) While part of me wishes you wouldn't, another part appreciates it."
  15. "I also know that you're going to punish yourself for this. I wish you wouldn't. There are two people responsible for me getting injured. I'm one of them, for being not quite the superior flier I needed to be. Some unnamed Zsinj pilot is the other one, and you killed him. (Which I also appreciate, by the way, in case I didn't tell you.) There's no room for a third party to blame, so butt out."
  16. "I've left you some money. A fair amount, actually; I was the only son of wealthy parents, and I didn't manage to spend it all on good times and prosthetics. By the terms of my will, some of what you receive has to be used for a specific project. If you don't use it for that, the whole amount goes to an already wealthy actor you've mentioned with a certain amount of contempt, and you'll get to watch him become even richer despite his lack of talent or personal worth. So there."
  17. "I really don't have much time here, and I'm struggling to find some way to sum up what I need to say. I guess it boils down to this: Thanks for being my friend. I needed one, and you were it."
  18. "Oh, yes―don't let my glass prowlers starve. They're cute little insects. Cuteness should be preserved."
  19. "It's not right. You're putting a tremendous burden on the little boy you used to be."
  20. "The account doesn't need balancing. You can't reduce sapient lives to numbers and exchange them like credits. You can't measure what a boy did in innocence against what a man has to do for the rest of his life."
  21. "A very observant, intelligent young woman. Not to mention a beauty... Yes, but I'm still not over her."
  22. "Donos is about as warm, tender, and helpful as a methane ice comet."
  23. "Easy, Runt. We're about to go somewhere you can relax for a few hours. In the company of some charming people, too, I'll bet."
  24. "Everybody asks that. Nobody ever says, 'What a mess! I hope the doctor is not emotionally harmed by having to deal with it.'"
  25. "Well, if he's as good a code-slicer and intrusion expert as he is a pilot, he's, well, mediocre. Sort of warms your heart, doesn't it? To know our lives are in the hands of a mediocre slicer?"
  26. "You always knew he was hard headed."
  27. "I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. Yes, I do want to jump into bed with you. It's nothing personal. You're talented and beautiful, and for some reason I find that appealing. But I'll break off my most ardent pursuit, forever, if you wish, if you'd only talk to us."
  28. "Your wingman ought to be in here. But Donos is about as warm, tender, and helpful as a methane ice comet. So we're here. Tyria, we're your friends."

Garik Loran:

  1. "I only met him a few weeks ago. But by the end of the second day, we were finishing one another's sentences and being obnoxious enough to drive everyone around us crazy."
  2. "I was hand-picked to be the boy most likely to be the subject of crushes."
  3. "Don't forget, master actor."
  4. "If the miracle Bothan fails, Captain Darillian the Magnificent will save the day."
  5. "Thank you, thank you. Performances every hour, on the hour. Imperial madmen a specialty."
  6. "I think the Iron Fist is of tremendous importance to Warlord Zsinj, not just as a powerful weapons platform but also as a symbol, both of his career and his power."
  7. "Fire at will. And may we drink from the skulls of our enemies tonight!"
  8. "Ooh, you win mutineer. Prepare for space."
  9. "Wraiths, no rules. No mercy. Take out anything that gets between us and home."
  10. "I hate this job."
  11. "I'm putting the Wraiths back together again…and the government doesn't know a thing about it."
  12. "So glad you decided to brain me with a rock."
  13. "Do forgive him. Combat is his only love."
  14. "I knew Ton better than anyone in the unit. I think I should at least help write the letter of notification to his family."
  15. "Castin, you idiot. You've killed us all."
  16. "Respectfully, sir, it is when I'm correct."
  17. "Hard to say. If you had any distinctive walking mannerisms from your homeworld, you erased it with military training. At Vogel Seven, if I'm not mistaken. I'd say that you were injured at some point in the past and had to learn to walk again―or maybe it was a disfigurement at birth, corrected by surgery? I can't really tell."
  18. "Well, I was an actor. On top of that, I'm trained to recognize, analyze, and assume physical mannerisms―just as I am with vocal mannerisms and a dozen other things. More importantly, I lived several years on Lorrd, where my family is originally from. The Lorrdians practically invented the art of conscious communication through body language."
  19. "What you are is pretty good."
  20. "Castin, he hasn't hesitated to risk our lives, or his own, not in the time I've been with the Wraiths. But in spite of all the jokes about Corellians not caring about odds, he does. And he knows more about resources and strategy than we do. So if he says your mission isn't worth the risk..."
  21. "Well, a debt. It's as though I incurred this tremendous debt account. Now I'm paying it off bit by bit."
  22. "Bhindi is one of our two tactics experts, along with Piggy, and she's been learning whatever she can about Yuuzhan Vong tactics."
  23. "We don't mind running. Even when we don't have to."
  24. "You see what happens when we don't get involved in the mission's planning stage?"
  25. "Once more into the gauntlet, Wraiths."
  26. "Wraiths, no rules. No mercy. Take out anything that gets between us and home."
  27. "You lead a task force whose goal is to get rid of Zsinj."
  28. "Lara, I'm sorry. I have to place you under arrest pending investigation of this whole mess. Power your weapons systems down. Set your S-foils to cruise position. Don't attempt any sudden maneuvers."
  29. "Group Leader, this is Wraith One. Wraith Squadron in position to begin assault run."
  30. "Kiss for luck?"
  31. "Thank you, thank you. Performances every hour, on the hour. Imperial madmen a specialty."
  32. "Now there's an idea."
  33. "I noticed one of the quartermasters delivering Lieutenant Donos a hard-shell case that suggested 'laser rifle' to me."
  34. "Baljos, can't you fine-tune that sensor of yours to detect intelligent, unattached ladies between the ages of twenty and forty?"
  35. "Piggy, tell me that Runt or Estoric would stand in front of me and say, 'I won't die for just a hundred men, I don't want to go.'"
  36. "Wraiths, this is Leader. Wishing you good luck. Be strong in the Force. Even you, Wraith Ten. Thirty seconds to Loran Spitball…"
  37. "Get involved with a woman and she thinks she can tear your face off."
  38. "Ton Phanan's fault. We left me some money. Enough for some elective surgery. Or it would go to someone I hated. I pretty much had to do what he wanted."
  39. "Dia, this is Wraith Squadron. You're never going to have that."

Dia Passik:

  1. "Ryloth was where I was born, but then it spat me out, made me property of an Imperial crime-syndicate leader. Ryloth is not my home. I don't have a home. And I doubt our experiences have been similar... unless you've been a slave."
  2. "Then we've probably exhausted available topics of conversation."
  3. "Just before I fell asleep, I knew that you would not let anyone hurt me. You would not even let me hurt myself. And in that moment I knew myself safe, for the first time since I was a child."
  4. "She's dead... Dia. Diap'assik. She is dead... Yes! She would not have done that. She would not have shot him. She would have died first. She is dead, Face."
  5. "The general is just looking out for the well-being of his officers and troops, Warlord. He can't abandon his policies; they're written up in the Articles of the Hawk-bats. But I can do this for you as a private commission."
  6. "Body language is something I know a lot about, Face. He was dead."
  7. "And to friends who don't try to fool you all the time."

Gara Petothel:

  1. "I tried so hard just to be Lara. But they wouldn't let me. The whole universe wouldn't let me."
  2. "Let Trigit remember me as a willing sacrifice. Let him regret an affair he wanted but never had time for. Let him think whatever he wants. He'll be dead in ten minutes. How dare he? Thirty seven thousand men and women."
  3. "I'll address you as Colonel Bantha Sweat and show you whatever I want."
  4. "I can live without flying. I can't live without honor."
  5. "They wanted me to go back to Iron Fist with them. They weren't going to leave me an option where I could feed them false information. I was just going to disappear. I couldn't do that."
  6. "I want you to understand something. I don't care if you understand it now. I want you to understand it later. I have never betrayed the Wraiths. I will never, ever betray the Wraiths. Do you read me?"
  7. "I have to do this for myself. I have to do this because it's right. I have to do this because I have nothing else to do."
  8. "Whoever I am, I'm staying here, like a vibroblade right next to Zsinj's vitals, and when the right time comes I'm going to stab him deep. That'll probably be the last thing I do."
  9. "I'm going to do what I can for the test subjects on Iron Fist. I'll end their suffering, one way or another."
  10. "If everything has gone correctly, Iron Fist is now in the Selaggis system with her hyperdrive inoperable. Other portions of Zsinj's fleet are continuing on to their rendezvous points and won't be able to get to him for a little while; minutes in some cases, hours in others. I recommend you come by and take a look. Oh, bring your fleet, too. Lara Notsil out."
  11. "I know, after the way we parted company, you may not want to see me again. But I had to find out if there was any sort of chance for us. I think I'm finally ready and able to give it a try again."
  12. "Grinning from ear to ear. You know why? Because we have a very profitable business and all our children are alive."
  13. "I have to do this to be who I decided I want to be. Do you understand?"
  14. "Least of all me."
  15. "I could say twelve words, and when I was done, the very least you'd do is turn away and leave me alone forever."
  16. "Since Elassar hasn't run up against Zsinj—or anyone but his instructors—before now, we're going to take him to the Galactic Museum's new display on Imperial Intelligence. Give him an idea what he's up against. Then we get a drink. Then you and Myn and Elassar give in to male biology and insult a bar full of soldiers, and Dia and I haul your battered bodies back to base."
  17. "Um, I don't know whether this has entered your mission planning, sir, but if you go to an Imperial world, they'll probably want to kill you. And if you do land and let yourself be noticed later, they'll probably want to kill you then."
  18. "Whoever I am, I'm staying here, like a vibroblade right next to Zsinj's vitals, and when the right time comes I'm going to stab him deep. That'll probably be the last thing I do."
  19. "I vote we start with Elassar. He has the farthest to go."
  20. "I've often suspected that you sometimes put on disguises just to go to the refresher."
  21. "I wanted to explain. About what I did. I was fighting a war, the way I'd been trained, and that involved infiltrating the enemy and getting their secrets back to my superiors, or sabotaging the data the enemy possessed. There was never a time I saw a file labeled 'How to Destroy Talon Squadron' and thought to myself, 'Oh, that's what I want to do.' To me, it was just data about occupied territories and interplanetary borders. Then I infiltrated Wraith Squadron, just a ploy to make myself more valuable to prospective employers, and things started happening. All the furniture that made up the way I'd thought and felt about things all my life started coming loose in my head. Nowadays it slides around and breaks into pieces and I have no idea what parts of it are real and what aren't. It hurts, and a lot of the time I don't know who I am anymore."

Myn Donos:

  1. "I just want you to give me a chance. But even more, even if it's not with me, I'd really like to see you give yourself a chance."
  2. "Lara, does anyone know who you really are?"
  3. "Then don't say them."
  4. "Pretty. What do we blow up first?"
  5. "Did I ever shoot someone in cold blood? Without giving him a chance? Yes. Three times I did that. I didn't much care for it; if I did, I'd probably still be doing it. But better to have dead enemies than dead innocents."
  6. "If Castin here is any good, yes. Otherwise, we're doomed."


  1. "A soldier's primary concern is not the establishment of government. Rather, it is a warrior's duty to build up the strongest force possible. It is his duty to crush his foes."
  2. "Don't ever say that name again. It annoys me."
  3. "It's the sign of pure concentration. The ability to shut out all other concerns."
  4. "Surely you're joking about that name."
  5. "You're sure he didn't destroy it because of that name."
  6. "I want Mon Remonda off my trail as soon as possible. Its crew and pilots are too lucky and too efficient by far. Their continued existence threatens to be very expensive for me."
  7. "You're going to help that fool Trigit finish off the survivors of Folor Base."
  8. "One of the pirates. He must have planted a transmitter on Iron Fist while collecting his pay, in spite of our sweeps, in spite of our sensors. I don't know how. We'll find it."
  9. "Get all available cargo ships and tugs back to the last engagement zone. I want them to collect every piece they can find, no matter how large or small, of Razor's Kiss for transportation back to Rancor Base."
  10. "Ask tomorrow. No more talk today."
  11. "Recall the fighters. Bring Iron Fist up to flank speed. Communicate with Razor's Kiss, issue the command 'abandon ship.'"
  12. "He actually has more firepower to unload than we do at the moment. He can bring almost half his guns to bear at any time. We're limited to the forward guns that can depress far enough to target him. All right. Bring all our guns to bear on her engines. Stop her dead in space. The sooner you do it, the greater margin we'll have to squeak past him."
  13. "One Mon Calamari cruiser in the path of two Super Star Destroyers? Bring all guns of both ships to bear. Before we make the transition to lightspeed, we're going to rid the galaxy of the Rebels' most annoying cruiser... and of the legacy of Han Solo."
  14. "Very appropriate. Innocuously appropriate. Keep a close eye on her. Extract every bit of information out of her. If she remains loyal, reward her. If she proves to be disloyal..."
  15. "They're killing me, Melvar. They want me dead."
  16. "Look at this. My businesses are being seized up and down Imperial space -- and Rebel space. The Counterpunch puts in at Vispil and is blown out of space by planetary authorities who refused to stay bribed. A half dozen of my best earners bombed out of existence on worlds within my own borders. Eight percent of my income eliminated in a week. And everywhere, the Millennium Falcon flitting around, fomenting more rebellion. And my Funeral Project crews around Coruscant? Suddenly, completely ineffectual. A half dozen acts of terrorism or sedition closed down almost before they're enacted. The rifts between humans and nonhumans in the Rebel government are healing. All my work, years of my work, coming undone."
  17. "No. Can't you feel it? The hordes of my enemies are drawing closer, their claws outstretched, reaching for me. I think, I really think, they are poised to undo me. I think Doctor Gast talked before she died. I think the Rebels and Imperials are cooperating."
  18. "Not impossible. You yourself said I was their greatest enemy. What else could give them the incentive to cooperate?"
  19. "I think, in a sense, they already have. They've stopped my processes. They've set their own in motion. Theirs are replacing mine, and I can't seem to do anything about it."
  20. "One. We retain Iron Fist. Two. We retain enough businesses to start again. Three. We have time to rebuild, repair, recover. Four. We come up with our next plan for elimination of the New Republic. And Five. Which actually takes place before Three. We kill General Han Solo and as many of his friends and aides as is humanly possible."


  1. "You see, to contend with Xizor is to lose."
  2. "Every atom of my being is at your command."
  3. "I bowed and scraped to every one of Lord Vader's demands. They couldn't have found a more amenable business partner."
  4. "If you cannot afford to lose, you should not play the game."

Bhindi Drayson:

  1. "And that's just what you know about me."
  2. "Don't taunt the Jedi. And don't take credit you don't deserve. I'm the one who dug most of the information out of the wrecked guts of those maintenance machines."
  3. "You got my last butter pastry, and had a one-minute window in which you could have married me. So far, you're doing great, rewards-wise."
  4. "I know it's not the way we used to do it. Things change, Voort."
  5. "And a Clawdite and a Gamorrean and several humans, and, worst of all, a Corellian."

Voort saBinring:

  1. "Sometime in the last few years she must have lost something, some objectivity about putting people at risk, especially the young. I bet she jumped at the chance to put Wraith Squadron together again. It was a chance to get back in the game. To, I don't know, prove that the unit should never have been disbanded. But the new team she assembled, most of its members so young, tripped that overprotective instinct. Kids. She was unwilling to put kids in harm's way, and when there was no other choice, she put herself in harm's way instead. And died."
  2. "My name is Voort saBinring. You can call me Piggy."
  3. "You're working with a Yuuzhan Vong."
  4. "This place actually feels weirdly like home."
  5. "What do we blow up first?"
  6. "Lab Boy. I need a neoglith masquer simulating Thaal's face. And something I suspect will be much harder. A full-body neoglith suit for Turman."
  7. "In just a few hours you impressed your boss and teammates, had a very brief affair of the heart, and emerged with your heart unbroken. I'd say you did quite well."

Myri Antilles:

  1. "It's not that hard. I just did it."
  2. "But maybe it's time for someone to be proud of what I do. Maybe even me."
  3. "I've known her since we were kids. Old nicknames are hard to forget."

Syal Antilles:

  1. "No. I want to be doing something I think will help bring the war to an end. My captain's insignia…it's not worth the metal it's stamped from without that. I'm not going to dishonor my uniform…but the way things are going, I can't seem to bring honor to it."
  2. "What's more important, Ten? A frigate silhouette on your fighter, or knowing that you're responsible for keeping units on your own side alive?"
  3. "A field promotion. I shot at Luke Skywalker and they decided I warranted a raise in grade. A consolation prize for losing my entire command. My fiancé."

Jesmin Tainer:

  1. "Alert the others. Tell them I'm bringing them blaster pistols. Patch any of those holocam feeds Seven wants to him. He can act as controller for the others. You'll be my controller."
  2. "We haven't yet put explosives under all the floors to blow the place up when we leave. Then it becomes like home."
  3. "One shot, one kill. That's the Ranger way."
  4. "Zilaash Kuh. Not, I am afraid, at your service."
  5. "The Chief of State has ordered us to take the rogue Jedi into custody. Surely you've heard of her. Natasi Daala."
  6. "Care to surrender the prisoner? It will save everybody trouble."

Tyria Sarkin Tainer

  1. "Don't ever marry a mechanic. Over the years, you pick up a lot of training, whether you want to or not, and then you're stuck on motor-pool duty whenever you can't avoid it."
  2. "The Force is weak in this one."
  3. "That's right. But in my early simulator work I flew more like a drunken dinko."
  4. "Something I heard about in my childhood. Dark things that come in the night for you. That's what I think we are. For the Empire, for the warlords, we're the phantoms under the bed, the monsters in the storage cubicles."
  5. "No, you're not. You just want to jump into bed with me."
  6. "I've been working so hard, to learn to relax into it, not to push at it… not to force the Force, as it were."
  7. "Abandon your post and you'll be tasting my boot from a direction you never expected."
  8. "Polearm Two, power down and announce your surrender or I'll blow you out of space."
  9. "Why did you give it up?"

Kell Tainer:

  1. "They were hoping you'd train up to be a new Luke Skywalker."
  2. "She's doing well. Mostly she travels with our boy, Doran. Teaching him the ways of the Jedi. She travels so far afield…she probably doesn't even know how bad the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has gotten. We have pretty much a long-distance marriage. Months of separation alternating with extravagant welcome-home celebrations. Back when you confirmed her in her rank as a Jedi Knight, that thrilled her for months. Years."
  3. "Attention, Implacable. Be advised, you've just become the victims of Dinner Squadron. Consider yourselves humiliated. And welcome to Folor. Out."
  4. "I don't have to blow up everything I see. I just like to."
  5. "And we have explosives. Lots and lots of explosives."
  6. "As long as Aunt Tahiri is going to be back in time for my bedtime story, I'll be all right."
  7. "In all the time you've been here, have you sliced into Commenor's official computer system?"
  8. "I'm a Wraith, aren't I? We strike from nowhere."
  9. "Jesmin, how long have you been recording?"

Baljos Arnjak:

  1. "He knows. But he's a demolitions expert. He likes playing with things that blow up in his face."
  2. "If I could, do you think I'd still be working as a scientist?"
  3. "That's 'Science Boy' to you."
  4. "I have some information. There, that was painless, wasn't it? You can all go now."


  1. "And now that there is anarchy among the remnants of the Imperial forces, we need such a unifying force. We have already found a powerful new leader, a great one, but we also need our own group of Dark Jedi Knights, Imperial Jedi, who will cement our factions together and give us the will to defeat the wicked and unlawful government of the New Republic and bring about the Second Imperium."
  2. "Nonsense. Master Skywalker is holding you back unnecessarily. You already know how to use one of these. Go ahead. Here at the Shadow Academy we feel that lightsaber skills are among the first talents a Jedi should develop, because strong, able warriors are always needed. If a Jedi Knight is not ready to fight for a cause, then what good is he?"
  3. "You'll be scavenging for the rest of your years, selling trinkets to earn enough credits for your next meal. Do you really have any chance for power or glory or importance of your own? I'm offering you that chance, boy. Are you brave enough to take it?"
  4. "Where is the Emperor? There is no Emperor, is there? This has all been a hoax, a pitiful bid for power."
  5. "The time has come for you to embark on your first important mission for us, Zekk. You will be given command of troops to prove your skills."
  6. "I hate Skywalker."
  7. "Care to confirm the veracity of that report?"
  8. "You're no fun."
  9. "We're pleased you approve."
  10. "You implied great wealth."
  11. "He's here... I was thinking…I thought…maybe I should kill him. I owe him. He... But I thought you said you would have to kill him... I thought we were working together."
  12. "Your friends have told you to hate the Empire, but you never witnessed any of it firsthand. You've only seen their version of history. You realize, of course, that whichever government is in charge always makes the defeated enemy look like a monster. I will tell you the truth. The Empire had very little political chaos. Every person had opportunities. There were no gangs running wild through the streets of Coruscant. Everyone had a task to do, and they did it willingly."
  13. "At this academy we do not learn only one side of the Force, this is not a school of darkness. I call this a Shadow Academy, for what does life create by its very nature, if not shadows? And it is only through using the full range of your emotions and desires—the light and the dark—that you will become truly strong in the Force and fulfill your destiny. The light side by itself offers only limited power. But when the light is blended with the dark, and you work within the shadows, then you achieve your full potential. Use the strength of the dark side."
  14. "I did not wish to make an example of you. But you leave me no choice. You have chosen to pit your puny light-side powers against my own. I gave you one warning. You will not receive another."
  15. "We wanted young Jedi Knights to train, but the candidates we invited were too high-profile. The risk was greater than we had anticipated, and it called too much attention to our academy. So I decided to change my plan. As I told you, the Force moves as strongly within the less-fortunate as in those who are rich and powerful. Your social status doesn't concern me in the least, Zekk—only your talent and your willingness to develop it. Tamith Kai and I have decided to search among the lower levels of society for people whose potential is just as great as in those among the higher levels, and yet whose disappearance won't cause such a stir. People with the incentive to work with us. If you join us, I guarantee you the name of Zekk will never be ignored or forgotten."
  16. "As a final stage in preparing for our attack on Rebel fortifications, we must launch another raid to obtain vital supplies. You will lead an assault team to the Wookiee world of Kashyyyk. There, in one of their technological tree cities, is the fabrication facility for the most sophisticated computer equipment used by our enemy's ships. If your raid is successful in obtaining guidance and tactical systems, we will have an enormous advantage in our overall conflict. We will then be able to throw the Rebel fleet into confusion and use their own computers against them to transmit conflicting signals. We can also use these systems to mimic their secret ship ID patterns, so that Second Imperium fighters can travel freely in enemy territory by identifying themselves as Rebel ships. Because of the importance of this mission, you will be assigned a powerful team. I am giving you use of the new holographic disguises we have developed for just such an infiltration effort. Everything depends on you, Zekk."
  17. "With this important strike on the Jedi academy, the Second Imperium becomes more than just an undisciplined band of pirates raiding equipment. We mean to retake the galaxy, my lord. This battle must be a battle of philosophies, of willpower. This is the Imperial way against the Rebel way—and so it should be my trainees against Skywalker's, Jedi versus Jedi. A shadow play, if you will, of darkness against light. We still intend to harass them with TIE fighter strikes from the air, but the main conflict will be direct and personal—as it must be! We can crush their very hearts, not merely breach their defenses. And when we defeat them utterly with the powers of the dark side, the remainder of the Rebels will scatter and hide, trembling at their own nightmares, as we recapture what is rightfully ours."
  18. "Now the Empire has truly fallen."
  19. "If you truly think I am wrong, Zekk, then strike me down, isn't that what the light side would want you to do…to prove your loyalty, your commitment?"
  20. "You each have tools inside to master yourself, and to master the Force. And to draw on the strength of the Force, you must learn to draw on what is strongest in you: strong emotions, deep desires, fear, aggression, hate, anger."
  21. "You taught that becoming a Jedi is a voyage of self-discovery, I have continued that self-discovery since I left here. I abandoned your teachings, but I found more, much more. My self-discovery has been vastly greater than your own, Luke Skywalker, because you have locked many important doors to yourself. I have looked behind those doors."
  22. "This battle must be a battle of philosophies, of willpower. This is the Imperial way against the Rebel way—and so it should be my trainees against Skywalker's, Jedi versus Jedi. A shadow play, if you will, of darkness against light...but the main conflict will be direct and personal—as it must be! We can crush their very hearts, not merely breach their defenses."


  1. "You don't hate Skywalker. You hate the way he makes you feel. You hate yourself, Brakiss. You hate what you've become."
  2. "I suppose you expect to be rewarded."
  3. "I never promise; I imply."
  4. "So I did, do you deserve great wealth, Brakiss?"
  5. "Good. Send him to me."
  6. "By all means. Kill him... I doubt you can kill him, but if you do, my response is simple. I will have to kill you."
  7. "We are, but the person who kills the great Jedi Luke Skywalker becomes the strongest in the galaxy. If you kill Skywalker, you take that honor, and leave me no choice but to take that honor from you."
  8. "Your problem is that you don't understand the power of hate."
  9. "Impatience is the downfall of most megalomaniacs, Femon."
  10. "I will not argue methods with you, President. You have heard my demands. Either you acquiesce, or in three days' time, I will kill your brother."
  11. "I kill Skywalker, first, because it is my destiny. And secondly because I cannot rule this galaxy as long as he is alive. That is the lesson of history. I must be the strength in the Force. I must be the sole king of the Force. To do that, I must defeat the Jedi. I must defeat Skywalker."
  12. "I am stronger than you will ever be, President. I am more powerful than you can dream."

Thrackan Sal-Solo:

  1. "Up until now I'd thought the Jedi were the most pompous, annoying gasbags in creation, but that was before I met you. You take the prize for the most preposterous, self-important, prolix fiasco I have ever seen. And on top of thatㅡ On top of that, sir, you are a fish! So sit down and shut up, before I take a harpoon to you!"
  2. "My allegiance is to the Corellian system alone. And you'd be smart to curb that lightsaber tongue of yours, Princess Leia. An insult to the man is an insult to the office."
  3. "I tipped them off about her. Too busy following her to worry about the others. They're coming, Han, and you don't know how many. You'll never be able to sleep soundly again."
  4. "Of this I build a nation."
  5. "We’re under siege. The Galactic Alliance has violated our airspace, marooned civilian workers on orbiters without food and water, and opened fire on our defense forces. The Alliance has committed more acts of war against us. We’ll stand alone if we have to, but I invite other planets to ask themselves this: which of you will be the Alliance’s next target? Support us while you still can.”


  1. "You will say I am no warrior. That may be true—it has been long since I wielded a lightsaber, and it was not what I preferred even then. But it is not lightsabers that will prevail here today, not weapons."
  2. "As I said a warrior I may not be, but the Force is not weak with me."
  3. "The task that drew me here was beyond my power to complete. It was beyond the power of any adult Jedi. You and Tahiri were the only ones who could do it."
  4. "Death comes to call, you cannot hold water in your hands for long, it leaks away, goes where it's meant to go. To the soil, to the sky. To ions then space, where stars are born."
  5. "I am proud of you, Anakin. Remember -- together, you are stronger than the sum of your parts. I love you. Goodbye."


  1. "No one would expect you to know one Chiss from another."
  2. "On my hands, and mine alone, must this rest."
  3. "It remains unlawful for the Chiss to be the aggressor people."
  4. "In truth, I find it rather quaint. But, having no desire to find myself exiled, I'll follow the law—even if it means the destruction of the Ascendancy itself."
  5. "From the Visitors, and others, at Nirauan, it has by necessity become a small but growing field of study. All personnel aboard this mission are familiar with it, in fact, and I have instructed them to use it whenever possible as a courtesy to you."
  6. "Following that same pattern of courtesy, I would also request that you address me by my core name, Formbi. I believe that will make our conversations easier."
  7. "It's only a reasonable courtesy. After all, full names are mainly reserved for formal occasions, for strangers, and for those who are our social inferiors. As representatives of the New Republic, all of you must surely be considered to be on a level with the very highest of the orders."
  8. "Loss of life was neither necessary nor expected. My ship had been specially prepared for this mission. All crewers had been provided with hidden areas near their duty stations where they could protect themselves from attack as they watched for the Vagaari to betray themselves. With a squad of warriors in the Dreadnaught docking bay, I also expected there to be ample warning if Bearsh and the others attempted to return to the vessel. We expected to merely catch them in the act of attempted theft or sabotage, which would have satisfied the rules of engagement."
  9. "I did not expect such a massive attack to come from the other direction. The warriors whom I stationed in the Dreadnaught are certainly dead. So perhaps are all who we left aboard. Their blood now lies on my hands."
  10. "We Chiss are accustomed to formulating our own policies."
  11. "Chak, Davin, and Cherith are all dead."

Chak Fel:

  1. "He has his orders, and when a Chiss accepts orders he carries them out, period."
  2. "I'm Commander Chak Fel, warrior of the Hand."
  3. "Actually, I'm in the fleet end of the Imperial military. My usual command is a fleet-arm of clawcraft. And my father is very proud of me."
  4. "You have to look at it from his point of view. First of all, we're supposed to be honored diplomatic guests, not volunteer firefighters."
  5. "Would it help to tell you we come in peace, and in the hope of helping you and your people?"
  6. "Sorry. I'm just… I messed up. I hate when I mess up."
  7. "They don't like Jedi here, Mara. I don't know exactly why, but they don't."
  8. "Apparently the Vagaari wanted to know everything they could about Outbound Flight before we arrived."
  9. "Admiral Parck told us the mission would be going into great danger. We were sent to give added protection to Aristocra Formbi. And that was all we were told. We didn't even know what direction the danger was going to be coming from."
  10. "Must be a nice thing to be able to do."
  11. "That's a little unfair, Estosh. Even Jedi can't be expected to know everything. That's why they have allies like us. You see, we know all about the recorder you tapped into the navigational repeater lines."

Lon Shevu:

  1. "There's law, and there's justice, and sometimes they're not the same thing."
  2. “It’s not a matter of trust. The fewer who know, the shorter the chain—the less we risk being discovered.”
  3. “Even if Jacen’s away on one of his jaunts minus the Stealth, then someone will have to have a pretty good reason for scrambling all over it or he’ll be on full paranoid alert. I’ll find a reason and get Niathal to make it happen. And I’ll make sure I’m always wired with a holorecorder when I have contact with dear Jacen, even if it’s only audio. You can never be too careful.”
  4. “A few months ago, I’d have expected him to know all about it right away. He was hands-on with his troops. But he’s taken his eye off the little people now, and just focuses on the big players. We’ll use that.”
  5. “If you ever take up a life of crime, Ben, you’ll do staggeringly well at it. Just as well Jedi are pretty honest.”
  6. “I’ll hang around, if you don’t mind. You know what a pain in the neck he is about efficiency.”
  7. “If I were still in CSF, I’d say it was enough for me to arrest him for questioning. At least.”
  8. “Never underestimate the calming power of a list.”
  9. “So you’d prefer to forget it. The allegations are pretty strong … but then it’s a satirical holozine known for that kind of lurid story.”
  10. “Command is all about harnessing the troops’ willingness to suspend sensible self-interest and put their lives on the line when everyone else is running the other way. That’s morale. You’re better placed than anyone to feel what your troops really think of you.”
  11. “Do you think I need to know? After all, I was involved with Gejjen. It’s not like I’m going to be shocked by this.”
  12. “Well, at least I know why Ben changed his mind about serving in the Guard now.”
  13. “That must be very distressing, sir. Being one of your family.”
  14. “Try a police tip, sir. When we’re faced with something horrible, something disgusting, a terrible crime, we try to forget what we feel about the perpetrator in case the anger distracts us and makes us careless. You know—cutting corners to get the guy, maybe losing the case in court because of that. So we focus on the victim. We find the pity. Pity keeps us going. We want to give the victims and their family justice—closure. Think about that sometime, sir.”
  15. "Ben, I’m so very sorry. You’ll hate me if I don’t send you this, and you’ll hate me when you hear it anyway, so better that you have the evidence than not. It’s going to be hard to listen to, my friend, like recorded interviews with suspects often are. Their reasons for what they do—well, they make sense to them, that’s all I can say. I can tell you that it took everything I had to keep my reactions under some sort of control. Here’s the bad news before you play the recording—his factual account of what went on at Kavan matches the physical evidence. Comm me if you need anything else. I’m always here for you."
  16. “I realize your father might find it hard to accept what you do, Ben, but I’m proud of you. Still, if I had a son, I wouldn’t be letting him do this kind of thing until he was an adult. It’s not as if we haven’t got enough trained men to do it. But … well, Colonel Solo has his reasons, I’m sure.”

Dur Gejjen:

  1. "It might not be an exaggeration to say that persuading the Queen Mother to assume a favorable stance toward Corellia would be as much a service to her as to us."
  2. "Admiral Antilles, your tactical and strategic planning abilities continue to make you invaluable to our armed forces. If Admiral Delpin agrees, I want you to join her operations staff."
  3. "The main barrier to getting the Galactic Alliance to talk sense is Jacen Solo. He leads Chief Omas by the nose and he makes Admiral Niathal worse by encouraging her short-sharp-shock tendencies. Get him out of the way, and things would calm down enough for us to maneuver around Omas. I think I’ll have a statesman-to-statesman chat with him … privately."
  4. "If we do, I'd like your security services to look the other way. Solo has ambitious minions who'd be temporarily blind and deaf in exchange for promotion, I think."
  5. “Take Niathal and Solo out of the equation first and they’ll calm down. What’s left of the Senate, anyway …”
  6. “You know we have a job to do before this draws in the whole galaxy.”
  7. "Once Omas pulls his troops back, we’ll talk the Bothans into behaving. Give it a month or two, let everyone calm down and get used to a cease-fire, and we’ll use that lull to regroup with Commenor, Fondor, and Bothawui to give Coruscant a pounding it’ll never forget."


  1. "No, you don't. They do. Snow White and Prince Charming. You insult me. Come into the light, and take off those ridiculous robes."
  2. "Emma. What a lovely name."
  3. "You enjoy your stay, Emma."
  4. "A horse? This is the curse to end all curses. You think a horse is going to do? Great power requires great sacrifice. The heart you need must come from something far more precious."
  5. "The heart of the thing you love most."
  6. "All magic comes with a price."
  7. "Regina. Shall I move some things? Make some space for your rage."
  8. "I like small weapons, you see. The needle, the pen, the fine point of the deal. Subtlety - not your style, I know."
  9. "For now. But I've got all the time in the world. I will do nothing else. I will love nothing else. I will find a way. You took my son, but I will get him back."
  10. "It's going to take a lot more than that to kill me, dearie."
  11. "The prophecy. The boy is my undoing, but he's also my grandson. I must save him. I must do this to honor Baelfire."
  12. "They're merely pawns, manipulated by forces far greater than they can conceive. They have no idea who they're truly working for."
  13. "Ah, but I'm a villain, and villains don't get happy endings."
  14. "My magic comes at a cost, as you know. And I have racked up so much debt I can never be clear of it . . . unless I find a way to change the rules. But now, here's the hard truth. Something else is changing. So, if I'm gonna change the rules, I'm going to have to do so quickly."
  15. "It's time that villains get their happy endings."
  16. "Power is only as good as the one who wields it, and you have done nothing but parlor tricks."
  17. "It's what I do. It's the man I am."

Queen Regina:

  1. "Everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken, and out of your suffering shall rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness if it's the last thing I do.'
  2. "You don't get to speak. You don't get to do anything. You gave up that right when you tossed him away. Do you know what a closed adoption is? It's what you asked for. You have no legal right to Henry, and you're going to be held to that. So, I suggest you get in your car, and you leave this town. Because if you don't, I will destroy you if it is the last thing I do. Goodbye, Miss Swan."
  3. "I care because you think I'm some evil queen, and that hurts me, Henry. I'm your mother."
  4. "I don't like what she and this book are doing to you. Thankfully, both are no longer an issue."
  5. "Did you know the Honeycrisp tree is the most vigorous and hearty of all apple trees? I can survive temperatures as low as forty below and keep growing. It can weather any storm. I have one that I've tended to since I was a little girl. And to this day, I have yet to taste anything more delicious than the fruit it offers."
  6. "Don't underestimate me. You have no idea what I'm capable of."
  7. "Love is weakness, Maleficent. I thought you knew that."
  8. "Why would I do that? You're my only friend."
  9. "So if I'm understanding you correctly, you found nothing of value, which means you have nothing of value, Sidney. Do you know what I do with things that hold no value to me? I throw them away."
  10. "Tell me what will suffice."
  11. "I always felt there were two kinds of people - wolves and sheep. Those who kill, and those who get killed. And you, Huntsman, are most certainly a wolf."
  12. "Don't tell me you're becoming a sheep."
  13. "Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't want people to know you cut his cord with a shiv?"
  14. "Why not, for once, make it easier on everyone? Because confession or not, you are leaving Storybrooke."
  15. "Oh, I know. But you do deserve this."
  16. "That woman has destroyed the last life she is ever going to destroy."
  17. "The intent was perfectly clear. . . . Intent is everything."
  18. "I will not listen to child care lectures from a man who put his daughter in a box and shipped her to Maine."
  19. "I can see I just launched you on a heroic quest. Just make sure that you also take care of my son."
  20. "Is that any way to address a queen? Even a pirate should have better manners than that. Yes, I know who you are, Captain. I know why you came here from Neverland. And I know all about the crocodile you wish to skin."
  21. "Doctor? Doctor? Need I remind you got your PhD from a curse?"
  22. "I know I'm being judged for my past, a past where I've caused pain, a past where I've inflicted misery, a past where I've even brought death. When I look back at everything I've done, I want you all to know what I feel, and that is regret... regret that I was not able to cause more pain, inflict more misery, and bring about more death. And above all else, with every ounce of my being, I regret that I was not able to kill Snow White!"
  23. "That woman lost much, and now she's gone."
  24. "I was always the Queen. It was you who added 'evil' to my name."
  25. "And what did it get me? Dinner with a bunch of hypocrites who pretend to forgive me, when in their hearts, they know they never will. You're giving me a chance? How about I give you one? Stay out of my way."
  26. "Because listening to you will work out so much better."
  27. "Power is how you get things."
  28. "There's no way to get rid of it. You can't just blow it up."
  29. "The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen."
  30. "Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen, including my son. Let me die as Regina."
  31. "Then I'll see you on the battlefield."
  32. "It doesn't belong here, and neither do any of us. . . . It will wend out of existence as though it were never here. And everyone will go back to where they are from, prevented from ever returning."
  33. "I cast a curse out of vengeance, and I'm a villain. You heard Mr. Gold. Villains don't get happy endings."
  34. "You will take him, because you are the Savior. You were created to break the curse, and once again you can escape it."
  35. "That's not possible. You're green."
  36. "Bring it, Greenie."
  37. "As you said, I just needed to find something to live for. . . . The one thing I haven't had in a very long time - someone to destroy."
  38. "I think I would remember if my mother said she had a love child with a scarecrow."
  39. "To be fair, the first time I was threatening you. Everyone else became collateral damage."
  40. "No, you stop it. No more hand-holding. You have to do this. Reach into your gut. You know you can do this. It's inside you, Emma. Save the bridge. Save yourself."
  41. "I won't lie. This is going to hurt, but it will work."
  42. "No, but I didn't really care."
  43. "Good magic stopped her, and good magic doesn't exact vengeance."
  44. "Well, that would be a mistake, dear. Take it. Use it. Evil isn't born. It's made. And so is good. If I were you, I'd consider creating a new destiny. Because if you don't, I'll be right there to take your heart and crush it."
  45. "Don't tell me what I do or don't understand. I know who I am and what I want. And right now, it's your head on a spike."
  46. "Intentionally or not, Miss Swan, you brought Marian back. You ruined my life. And there is no coming back from that. Because I know you think you didn't mean to, but you hurt someone. So do as I do. Learn to live with it."
  47. "I said we should meet covertly. Not only are you here, you brought the entire Charming softball team and their pirate mascot."
  48. "You made me a monster, but I won't let you do the same to Emma."
  49. "There's always a choice, Emma."
  50. "If I'm on the moral high ground, you have fallen quite a ways, Miss Swan."
  51. "It's time to drop the act. You can't just sit back and watch another family be destroyed to get your revenge."
  52. "But this time you're going to listen. Because, if you don't, you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life. Which, in your case, means forever. So you have to ask yourself the same question you did that night. What kind of man do you want to be?"
  53. "Somewhere over the rainbow. Enjoy Oz, witch!"
  54. "When I was the Evil Queen, I spent every day not giving a damn about anyone. And in return, no one cared about me. I thought all I needed was my vengeance to keep me warm at night. But then something happened. My enemies became my family... and that's when I finally felt happy."
  55. "No matter what she does, we're sisters! And nothing can change that! I will find you! I promise!"
  56. "My life was never just one story. It was many stories. To some, a villain. I hurt people... in ways I can never make up for. To others, I'm... a hero. They've seen my strength, my ability to do the hard things, even when I thought I couldn't. I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn't get a part. And I choose to believe that this story will have a better ending than my last."
  57. "That's the tragic thing about being a Savior. You have to keep saving people."
  58. "Once I loved and once I learned that love is weakness. Love will leave you burned."
  59. "Down with love, down with hope. Don't need blind faith to cope or inspiring songs in my heart."
  60. "Love at times can entrance, but love doesn't stand a chance."
  61. "Those happy feelings that send them reeling will soon become the reverse."
  62. "Stole my shot at one true love - that's what she did to me. Now that little bitch will wish she never, ever knew me."

Prince Charming:

  1. "Did you ever doubt I would?"
  2. "Well, you never have to worry. I will always find you."
  3. "I will find you. I will always find you."
  4. "You can't hide from me. Wherever you go, I will find you."
  5. "It's only way to catch thieving scum."
  6. "I have a name, you know."
  7. "You've got a lot of anger there, don't you, Snow?"
  8. "So what did you do to incur that much wrath?"
  9. "No, this is not real love. I've felt it, and this isn't it. I know the difference."
  10. "I would rather die than you let you fill your heart with darkness."
  11. "Losing my life for love? That is a sacrifice I am happy to make."
  12. "We'll be together. I know it. Have faith."
  13. "Don't worry. Emma and Mary Margaret, they're alive. . . . I have faith. . . . Henry, come here. I will find them. I will always find them."
  14. "David, Storybrooke David, was – is – weak, confused, and he hurt the woman I love. I wouldn't give up being Charming just to be him... but you know what? I wouldn't make the other trade either. Because that David reminds me not only of whom I lost, but of who I want to be. My weaknesses and my strengths, David and the Prince. I am both. Just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both."
  15. "No, though the burning red room did give me pause."
  16. "Well, you would have liked him. He was a thief and a liar."
  17. "There's more to life than living for the next fight. Life is made up of moments - good ones, bad ones, but they're all worth living."
  18. "You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man."
  19. "And I'll love you until my last."
  20. "Which is why you have to crush it."
  21. "Yes. I have to believe we can earn forgiveness. A chance at grace. But to get there, we have to be the best people we can. Work, spread hope and faith every day. Because, otherwise, what we did will stain us forever."
  22. "There's a powerful magic when two hearts are one, a powerful magic bright as the sun. Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone when you dare to heed love's call."
  23. "Love is the most powerful magic of all."
  24. "It's a powerful magic when two voices soar. I'm ever more hopeful for what lies in store."
  25. "Love can defeat curses, potions, or beans."
  26. "And the unhappy ending - let that be the Queen's. With our daughter's fate at stake, seems we found a lucky break. Now let our song show the powerful magic we can make."

Snow White:

  1. "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing."
  2. "And what exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that life will get better if you just hold onto hope."
  3. "She's not a queen anymore. She's nothing more than an evil witch."
  4. "You found me. . . . Truthfully, the glass coffin gave me pause."
  5. "She poisoned an apple because she thought I was prettier than her. You have no idea of what she's capable."
  6. "As we build our birdhouses, remember what you're making is a home, not a cage. The bird is free and will do what it will. This is for them, not us. They're loyal creatures. If you love them and they love you, they will always find you."
  7. "I will find you. I will always find you."
  8. "Is this the only way you can catch a woman? By entrapping her."
  9. "Aren't you a real Prince Charming? . . . Don't care. Charming suits you. Now cut me down, Charming."
  10. "The charges on her posters are lies. That didn't stop her from sending her huntsman to rip out my heart."
  11. "She blames me for ruining her life. . . . Yes."
  12. "You would do that to your own son?"
  13. "What are you doing? Why would you do this?"
  14. "But I don't love you. I don't even remember you."
  15. "And you like that. Why? Why do you take such pleasure in this? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?"
  16. "Even if you can't admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness that your only joy comes from destroying everyone else's happiness. It's so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won't make you happy. It's only going to leave a giant hole in your heart."
  17. "Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other."
  18. "And running is what's best for him? Or is that what's best for you? You're reverting, Emma, into the person you were before you got here. And I thought you'd changed."
  19. "You're his mother, so you figure it out."
  20. "Did you ever doubt I would?"
  21. "You told me to stop denying who I really am. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. This is my kingdom, and I will fight for it!"
  22. "We'll be ready."
  23. "That's easy to say when you have magic wings and a wand."
  24. "And we always will be. You gave us that."
  25. "I've loved you since the first moment I saw you."
  26. "I love you. I love you more than anything."
  27. "I've had eight hours of sleep in the last week, I am breastfeeding, and I am exhausted! I don't need this. I may have cast a little curse, but I did not ask to maintain a metropolitan electrical grid. And, get this, I am starting to get why Regina was evil. It wasn't her! It was you! You have survived your entire lives without lightbulbs! Buy a flashlight!"
  28. "You do know me. I pick flowers. I talk to birds. I do all kind of warm fuzzy things. You know what else? I kill. That's right. Snow White's a murderer. I killed the Evil Queen's mommy, and then I said I was sorry. And I didn't mean it. . . . Still want to hold hands and sing 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah?'"
  29. "No one must ever know what happened between us in the Enchanted Forest. And if you say one single word to anyone, especially Emma . . . well, you won't have to worry about the Evil Queen. I'll rip out your hearts myself."
  30. "There's a powerful magic when two hearts are one, a powerful magic bright as the sun. Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone when you dare to heed love's call."
  31. "Love is the most powerful magic of all."
  32. "It's a powerful magic when two voices soar. I'm ever more hopeful for what lies in store."
  33. "Love can defeat curses, potions, or beans."
  34. "And the unhappy ending - let that be the Queen's. With our daughter's fate at stake, seems we found a lucky break. Now let our song show the powerful magic we can make."

Emma Swan:

  1. "You're pretty good. But here's the thing - there's not a lot I'm great at in life. I have one skill. Let's call it a superpower. I can tell when anyone is lying, and you, kid, are."
  2. "Okay, the Evil Queen sent a bunch of fairy tale characters here."
  3. "The fact that you have now threatened me twice in the last twelve hours makes me want to stay more."
  4. "Yeah, I'm starting to think you're right about that."
  5. "You come after me one more time, I'm coming back for the rest of this tree, because, sister, you have no idea what I'm capable of."
  6. "You have no soul. How in the hell did you get like this?"
  7. "People are going to tell you who you are your whole life, but you've just got to punch back and say, 'No, this is who I am.' If you want people to look at you differently, make them. If you want to change things, you are going to have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world."
  8. "Did you ever stop to think that maybe the problem isn't with me, but with you? . . . Henry came and found me. Graham kissed me. Both were miserable. Maybe, Madam Mayor, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why that is. Why is everyone running away from you?"
  9. "I know you are behind this. I understand you own the game and that you set the board so that no one else can win, but I'm about to start playing an entirely different game. I don't care about what happens to you. I don't care what happens to me. All I care about is what happens to my kid, and you are going to leave him alone. . . . Uh-uh, I'm talking. You're a sociopath, lady. You tried to take away someone that I love. And now I'm going to take someone you love. I am taking back my son."
  10. "But we would have been together. Which curse is worse?"
  11. "Maybe I don't need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face."
  12. "I'm pretty sure I've dated a few."
  13. "Ogres? Like 'fee-fi-fo-fum?'"
  14. "He's not a beast, and you are not going to die."
  15. "No, it's strength."
  16. "Don't push me."
  17. "I thought you were suddenly a pirate and we were going to take a ship."
  18. "I can't cast a spell. I can spell 'spell.'"
  19. "We understand each other. Look out for yourself and you'll never get hurt, right?... Yeah, until the day that it doesn't. We're going to do this. It might be stupid. It might be crazy, but we're doing it. So you can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you do best and be alone."
  20. "The kid just lost his father today. I'm not letting him lose a mother, too."
  21. "You may not be strong enough, but maybe we are."
  22. "I almost married a monster from Oz. It's hilarious."
  23. "I'm not an amateur. I'm the Savior."
  24. "No one saves me but me."
  25. "Neal was right. You don’t have a home until you just miss it. And being with my parents the last few days, but not really being with them? I’ve never missed them more. Storybrooke. That’s my home."
  26. "Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring back the happy endings. My job is not done until I do that for everyone, including you."
  27. "Should have known you'd be old-fashioned, given your age. What are you, like three hundred?"
  28. "Forgive me if I don't take advice from the woman who held a grudge for half her life because a ten-year-old spilled a secret."
  29. "There's no Savior in this town anymore."
  30. "Looking for this?"
  31. "Nobody is going to touch this dagger, but me."
  32. "Because I am the Dark One."
  33. "You know, it's customary to bring a gift for a housewarming."
  34. "I suppose we could bottle that rage and drink that instead."
  35. "You are the one who did not pay the price of magic in Camelot. You want to save Robin Hood? You want everyone to believe you're the Savior? Then step up and do what needs to be done."
  36. "That's right. You are not dark. You are also not light. You are nothing. Your heart is a blank slate. And that, little man, makes you useful."
  37. "I should have trusted my gut and kept that heart of yours."
  38. "I need you to make him just like you. I need you to make him brave."
  39. "Put it down, Merida. We both know you're not going to shoot me."
  40. "The Darkness is using you. It doesn't care what you want. It only cares what it wants."
  41. "Mom, you're Snow White. You don't know how to give up. Hope is in your blood."
  42. "That's it? You don't want to make a deal or something?"
  43. "Why? So you can get your precious revenge? If I do not do this, everyone I love will die."
  44. "Now you care what happens to me?"
  45. "This is not who Killian wanted to be. Revenge did not matter to him."
  46. "You found a loophole, betrayed us all again."
  47. "Don't test me."
  48. "You really want to take that chance? That she will once again know the kind of man you really are?"
  49. "I'm giving into love. I'm doing this right. I learned my lesson. I"m taking a page out of your book. You two share a heart. So will we."
  50. "Hook, I will find you. I will always find you."
  51. "Killian, I spent so much of my life on my own. And then, Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke, and helped me find the rest of my family. But just because you learn that you come from true love doesn't mean that you believe that you'll ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have."
  52. "Once I lived in darkness, out there on my own, left to brave the world alone. Everything seemed hopeless. No chance to break free. I couldn't hear the song inside of me."
  53. "Once upon a time, a song inspired them be brave. They gave me up because my fate was as the one who'd save the world from your dark magic and the wicked things you do. They placed a song inside my heart, more powerful than you."
  54. "I know what I'm living for. I'm no longer searching. Turns out all along the answer was inside me with a song. Looks like I'm not alone anymore."
  55. "There's no storm we can't outrun. We will always find the sun. Leave the past and all its scars. A happy beginning now is ours."
  56. "It doesn't matter. Wherever we end up, we're going to win."


  1. "Is that her blood? The Queen's? Lovely. Now I can have my revenge."
  2. "The Queen may be evil, but I'm wicked, and wicked always wins."
  3. "You weren't even going to say hello first? It's not exactly the welcome I was expecting."
  4. "And you're rude."
  5. "Did you think you were his only student?"
  6. "No, it's too easy. For me to get what I want, I need you to suffer. You see, what's in store for me is all my dreams being realized. But for you . . . well, it's a fate worse than death."
  7. "Indeed I will. See you soon, sis."
  8. "That Belle isn't as smart as she thinks. And that son of his . . . dumber than a box of hair."
  9. "Poor Baelfire. Just couldn't learn from his father's mistakes."
  10. "Oops. It's the sin of omission, love."
  11. "Enough of this. Your madness is your burden, not mine."
  12. "You're going to regret this, candle."
  13. "Listen to your mother. Anyone who tries to interfere with my plan is going to have to deal with the Dark One."
  14. "Now, that my cover's blown, I can finally pay a visit to my little sister."
  15. "But you shall have it. See, my gift to you is that sad, sad day. Use it to dig into our past, Regina. You need to learn the truth, and you must believe."
  16. "No, dear. It's the Wicked West."
  17. "Neither do I. One of us is about to make history."
  18. "That's even worse."
  19. "Sorry, dear. I don't dance with amateurs."
  20. "Looks like someone has an inflated sense of self-worth."
  21. "Isn't it obvious? You were born."
  22. "Rumplestiltskin can't save you this time."
  23. "That little hook of yours might scratch a mere mortal. But me? You're out of your depth, pirate. Kiss Emma and destroy her magic, or everyone she loves dies."
  24. "Pay attention, sis. This is how you take away a happy ending."
  25. "Not evil, dear. Wicked."
  26. "Imported magic, dear. Never travel between realms without it."
  27. "You tried. When you stabbed me in that jail cell, I didn't die. My life force simply left my body before it shattered. I had somewhere to go. Or should I say some time?"
  28. "That I did. And when I realized what Emma had planned for Marian . . . well, I knew I had to get in while the getting was good. So I bided my time watching Emma and her one-handed lover scurrying about trying to right their mistakes, and when I saw they planned on bringing Robin's wife back . . . I mean, inspiration struck! And then I struck. For a few careless moments, they left her unattended, and that was all I needed. I killed her, and then I became her. I took her form. Do you know, it wasn't easy not being me, but knowing it would ruin Regina's happiness . . . I mean, that made it worth every dull moment in her body."
  29. "No, dear. It was me all along. And, you know, no one's been the wiser. Not her husband, not even her child. I mean, she's as dead as . . . well, your son. Oh. Oh, that's right. I suppose that means you never avenged his death, that you failed. Oops."
  30. "I can't win his heart. Something is standing in the way like a stone wall. Could be fate. Could be true love or some other bias in the universe towards those who deserve happiness."
  31. "And if there's anyone that could find him and bend him to their will . . . well, my money's on the Dark One. Or should I say the deathly pale one?"
  32. "I haven't done anything except love and honor him in sickness and in health, to have and to hold and all that other wifely nonsense."
  33. "All you need to know is that while your precious Robin thinks it's his wide-eyed wife cooking dinner for him every night, it's actually me. Oh, I've got to run, sis. He'll be home soon, and I've got a meatloaf in the oven."
  34. "Oh, visitors. I'll put the kettle on."
  35. "Yeah, see. I'm not here to support you. I'm here to replace you. Out with the old, and in with the new."
  36. "Well, I never knew our mother, but I imagine I'm getting to know her right now. . . . She tossed me in a basket, shipped me to Oz. She gave up a baby without even blinking an eye. And look at you now. You are exactly like her!"
  37. "Your insane girlfriend sped up my pregnancy, kidnapped me right after giving birth, and separated me from my little girl. And they say I'm wicked."
  38. "It's all just coming together."
  39. "You will see me again!"
  40. "All I ever wanted was love. You told me that was enough for you, but now I realize, nothing ever will be!"
  41. "Oh, I will fly into tomorrow, my sister full of sorrow, finally paying for her sins. I'll smile all while she is crying. Inside she's slowly dying, learning wicked always wins."
  42. "Oh, evil may be powerful, but wicked always wins."
  43. "No evil's going to top me. Oh, wicked always wins."
  44. "A happy ending will be mine because wicked always wins."

Killian Jones:

  1. "It's always nice to make an impression. Well, where are my manners? We haven't been formally introduced. Killian Jones. Now, what are you doing aboard my ship?"
  2. "Well, I've had many a man's wife."
  3. "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets."
  4. "You may be more powerful, demon, but you're no less a coward."
  5. "Even demons can be killed. I will find a way."
  6. "Excellent. You'll be able to see your daughter, and I can skin myself a crocodile."
  7. "But an orphan's an orphan. Love has been all too rare in your life, hasn't it? Have you ever even been in love?"
  8. "You want to kill a human? You want to kill a human? Well, I'm the worst human around."
  9. "I don't mean to upset you, Emma, but I think we make quite the team."
  10. "Emma, look at me. Have I told you a lie?"
  11. "The compass is in your hand. Why do this to me now?"
  12. "You're sorry? You're sorry? I got you here! I got you the compass!"
  13. "Well, you're just going to leave me here to die? Have that beast to eat me, to crush my bones?"
  14. "The Swan girl. Emma. Rest assured it won't happen again."
  15. "A pirate always keeps a souvenir of his conquest, but this . . . well, this is much more than a mere trinket. This is a symbol. Something that was once magical, full of hope, possibility. Now look at it. Dried up, dead, useless. Much like you. The time for making deals is done, just as I'm done with you."
  16. "I've always wanted to dissect a cricket."
  17. "And what makes you think his son wants to be found? I'm doing that boy a favor."
  18. "He will do anything – anything – to hold on to his power. Why do you think anyone who’s ever gotten close to him has either run away, or been killed? Now, what makes you think you’re any different? Tell me something, darling. Why would you want to fight for a man like that?"
  19. "You look different in this world, crocodile. Like the coward I met so long ago, limp and all."
  20. "Now you finally know how it feels. Go on, crocodile. Do your worst."
  21. "You look good, I must say. All 'where's Cora,' in a serious voice. Chills."
  22. "I deserve my vengeance."
  23. "Tick tock. Time's up, crocodile. You took Milah, my love, my happiness. And for that, I now take your life."
  24. "The name's Hook. Captain Hook."
  25. "Well, aren't you quite the hero?"
  26. "Well, I can make you. But to prove to you that not all pirates are as you fear, I'll simply ask again. What's your name?"
  27. "Quite passionate, Swan. Why are you really doing this?"
  28. "I'm the Captain! I give the orders! And anyone who disobeys can walk the plank and pray the mermaids have mercy on his soul!"
  29. "I didn't kill your mother. We fell in love, and we ran off together. Your father lied to you. He was too much of a coward to tell you the truth. He tore out her heart and crushed it in front of me. And I've spent every moment since then wanting revenge."
  30. "I get you're angry. But it doesn't have to end like this. The ship can be your home, your family. Just say the word. It's not too late start over. I can change, Bae, for you."
  31. "Maybe I just needed reminding that I could."
  32. "Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time, when you're not yelling at me."
  33. "Tell me something, love. In these stories, what was I like, other than a villain? Handsome, I gather."
  34. "I take it by your tone, perms are bad?"
  35. "I'm winning you over. I can feel it."
  36. "For once, I agree with the Prince. Well, I told you we were getting along."
  37. "There are two of you? I can barely stomach one."
  38. "You would have liked my brother. He could be a stubborn ass."
  39. "I am devilishly handsome."
  40. "You should. She’s telling the truth, mate. Prince Charles. Lovely ball the other night. The mutton was a tad overcooked, but that happens. Snow White doesn’t have your ring. But I can tell you who does. My princess. And I need your help to get her back."
  41. "Curses and Neverland may have given me experience. But as you can see, I've retained my youthful glow."
  42. "Well, if you need my help procuring it, know the only help I give you is with your demise."
  43. "Dirty? I bathe quite frequently, thank you very much."
  44. "Don't you know, Emma? It's you."
  45. "After spending centuries quelling my bloodlust, you threw me right back into that darkness! Job well done, Emma!"
  46. "Don't worry, love. A broken knee is nothing on a broken heart. Isn't that right, Swan?"
  47. "Well, you're only a pawn if you don't know you're being used. As long as I get what I want, I don't give a damn about the rest."
  48. "Well, you see, that's your problem, Swan. You're so afraid of losing the people that you love that you push them away. And that's why you'll always be an orphan. You don't need some villain swooping in to destroy your happiness. You do that quite well all on your own."
  49. "You mean die for the ones you love."
  50. "Welcome to Storybrooke, love."
  51. "You won a battle, not the war. I took the dagger from you, and now you have nothing and never will."
  52. "There's the Rumplestiltskin we know and love! This is why Belle's left you, isn't it? She knows just what kind of man you really are. . . . The kind who loves his power more than anything, more than her, more than your dead son, which is why it's so bloody satisfying to take it away from you."
  53. "And now, because of that, you get to watch everyone you love die."
  54. "This from the woman who enacted the Dark Curse to punish Snow White for telling a secret. You of all people should know how far someone will go for revenge. And unfortunately for you, so do all the people you've killed who are waiting for you in hell."
  55. "Oh, it did. You just briefly distracted me. Well, now I can finally make the crocodile pay."
  56. "I'm afraid it is, lad. Look. The S.S. Purgatory."
  57. "Being the man I want to be."
  58. "We both know there's no other way, love. We have to hurry. The Darkness won't stay trapped in Excalibur much longer. Take it."
  59. "Your family needs you. If anyone deserves to go to the Underworld, it's me. You were right. I was weak. So let me make up for it now by being strong."
  60. "Let me die a hero. That's the man I want you to remember, please."
  61. "Now go kiss your damn wife."
  62. "My dear prince and princess, your offer is meaningless. I don't give a damn about your rank. The gold in your sack - well, it isn't worth jack. I should make you fools walk the plank. Your riches would fill other pirates with glee, but none of those pirates are me."
  63. "Even more precious than rum in a stein is revenge, revenge, revenge. And it's going to be mine."
  64. "I've savaged and pillaged and pilfered each village. My conquests I'm justly proud of. Each town that I plunder I leave torn asunder. A pirate's life is one to love. And yet my heart's hardened as hard as a rock. I won't rest until I've skinned me a croc."
  65. "Once I sailed toward a horizon, where I might find happiness waiting, until that croc destroyed my life and filled me with hate unabating."
  66. "Some say, 'Let it go.' I say, 'Hell no.' I'm finally on the right path."
  67. "Soon the Dark One will feel the fire of this pirate's wrath."
  68. "Have one last drink, mates. Then we've got a date with destiny."
  69. "A little bit of dreamshade I brought back from Neverland. I think it almost killed you once before. . . . Well, I don't need to kill you now - just, you know, knock you out long enough for Emma to defeat your mother. And then I'm finally going to skin myself a crocodile."
  70. "Emma, when we met, there was just one thing that mattered to me: getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could. You showed me that a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all, and one that I don't intend to lose. They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you."


  1. "You coward! You promised! Don't break our deal!"
  2. "I won't let magic destroy this family. This is the only way. You have to let me go."
  3. "It's a long story. Short version is this world wasn't my first stop when I left home... If it was, I'd be a couple hundred years old by now."
  4. "There's a difference between running away from your father and watching him die in front of you. He may be a monster, but he's my blood."
  5. "You say that, but I know you'll never change, because all you care about is yourself."
  6. "How could I tell her my own father abandoned me?"
  7. "That's how you know you've really got a home. When you leave it, there's that feeling that you can't shake. You just miss it."
  8. "Nothing like a green blob to get the appetite going."
  9. "My father is the king of loopholes. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to deal with her."
  10. "What if there is no other way? I can't waste any more time. I need to get back. To hell with the cost."
  11. "I almost married a minion of my evil grandfather Peter Pan, so I know what you're saying."
  12. "It's okay. He doesn't need to. He just needs to know that in the end I was a good father."
  13. "Go find Tallahassee, even if it's not with me."
  14. "Thank you, Papa, for showing me what it is to make a true sacrifice. It's about saving the ones that you love. It's my turn now."

Henry Mills:

  1. "This? It's more than just a book."
  2. "Every story in this book actually happened."
  3. "That's exactly what makes it true. You should know more than anyone. . . . Because you're in this book."
  4. "Yep. And you're going to fix them."
  5. "Yeah, and now they're trapped."
  6. "He's the one who needs help, because he doesn't know. . . . None of them do. They don't remember who they are."
  7. "I don't have parents. Just a mom and she's evil. . . . She is. She doesn't love me. She only pretends to."
  8. "It's your destiny. You're going to bring back the happy endings."
  9. "I know why you gave me away. You wanted to give me my best chance. . . . Because it's the same reason Snow White gave you away."
  10. "You're the one that woke him up. You're the last one he saw. He wants to find you."
  11. "You need to stop chasing him and let him find you."
  12. "No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win."
  13. "I'm sorry it had to come to this. You may not believe in the curse or in me, but I believe in you."
  14. "You really are the Evil Queen. I never want to see you again."
  15. "I was born to do this. I'm done reading about heroes. I want to be one."
  16. "You said you wanted to change, to be better. This is how. You want me to have faith in you? Have faith in me."
  17. "I know all magic comes with a price. Saving magic must come with a price too."
  18. "You're not a villain. You're my mom."
  19. "Once upon a time, you were a villain, Mom. But you've changed. You're a hero now. And defeating bad guys is what heroes do. I believe in you. Now, you need to believe, too."
  20. "You can give up on yourself, but I'm not going to give up on you. And I'm not going to go away just because you told me to! I belong here, and I'm going to come back every day because this is my house, too! And I miss my room!"
  21. "Thanks to the hero Regina's sacrifice, Isaac's villainous work was undone."
  22. "Their song has been inside you the whole time. It's not your weakness. It's your strength."
  23. "There's no storm we can't outrun. We will finally find the sun. Leave the past and all its scars. A happy beginning now is ours."


  1. "I'm going to build a snowman."
  2. "You'll have to excuse us. This is family business."
  3. "And I warn you. Don't underestimate it."
  4. "I am a monster. Not because of my powers, but because of what I let them turn me into."
  5. "Elsa, Anna, you found each other. And Emma, you found your family, even if it wasn't with me. You deserve your memories. You three are so special. Never forget that."
  6. "Long ago, a prophecy told me that you would lead me to just that, Emma. And this is it. All I wanted was to have my sisters' love, and now I have it. Now I get to join them."

Last Words

224: "But I just got promoted!" (destroyed by Yoda, Rugosa, commander, 22 BBY, Matthew Wood, Steve Melching)

A'Deen: "Ena'grosh?" (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tatooine, Tusken Raider, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, John Jackson Miller)

A'Kla, Elegos: “Every day here, my understanding of the Yuuzhan Vong grows, as does their understanding of us. It is my hope that I will be again with you, soon, in a time of peace. Please give my love to my daughter and friends. Fear not for me, Corran. Though difficult, this mission is vital if there is to be any chance at peace at all.” (killed by Shedao Shai, Legacy of Torment, Senator, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Abeloth: "We are done with patience. Drink together - or die together." (killed by Luke Skywalker and Darth Krayt, Abeloth's planet, Destructor, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Ackbar, Gial: "I should have foreseen it." (natural causes, Mon Calamari, admiral, 29 ABY, Tim Rose, Erik Boauersfield, Marc Thompson, Anthony Heald, Henry Thomas, Jonathan Davis, James Kahn, James Luceno)

Ackbar, Jesmin: "Can't . . . reach . . . stick . . ." (killed by Imperial forces, Blood Nest, pilot, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Aaron Allston)

Adair: "Pack! I've found the traitors!" (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, werewolf, 20th century, Daniel T. Thomsen, Corinnna Bechko)

Adarakh: “Lady Vader. We fail you.” (killed by Viqi Shesh, Coruscant, bodyguard, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes, Troy Denning)

Adda: "The gods could do worse. But if you don't want any . . ." (killed by the Holy Grail, Camelot, soldier, 1013, Jason Simpson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Adraas, Darth: "You are mad." (killed by Darth Malgus, Sith Lord, 3653 BBY, Marc Thompson, Dave Wilson, Paul S. Kemp)

Afit, Zeen: “You didn’t.” (drowned, Skip 6, smuggler, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Agrius: "Brother!" (killed by Blackjack, Princess Andromeda, giant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Akil: "May you rest easy." (killed by Amara, Agrabah, peasant, 20th century, Cedric De Souza, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Akrav, Mor: "Of course, I -" (killed by Tesar Sebatyne, Coruscant, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Alecto: "Die, honey!" (killed by Perseus Jackson, New York, Erinye, 2006, Maria Olsen, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Alima: "No!" (killed by the Imperial Prefect, Tatooine, lieutenant, 0 BBY, A.C. Crispin, Dave Wolverton)

Allie, Stass: Unknown. (killed by Neyo, Saleucami, Jedi Master, Lily Nyamwasa, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Alpha: "Mother is hungry!" (killed by Jaden Korr, unknown moon, Dark Jedi, 41 ABY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Amara: "Please let me go." (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, sorceress, 2013, Zuleikha Robinson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Amidala, Padmé: “Obi-Wan ... there ... is still good in him. I know there is ... still ...” (killed by Darth Vader, Polis Massa, Senator, 19 BBY, Natalie Portman, Jonathan Davis, Jeff Gurner, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Anastasia: "Will! Will! Look at me!" (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, queen, 2013, Emma Rigby, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Anjiliac Chiera, Mika: “I can be useful to you. A good craftsman keeps good tools.” (killed by Mander Zuma, Varl, crime lord, Dark Jedi, 19 ABY, Jeff Grubb)

Anjiliac Priare, Zonnos: “Kickeeyuna je killyo." (killed by Mander Zuma, Nar Shaddaa, crime lord, 19 ABY, Jeff Grubb)

Anor, Nom: "If I'm clear on one point, it's this: I want no part of whatever new order is in the making. I will die here with Onimi, for we have been two of a kind from the start." (detonated, The Citadel, Prefect, 29 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael Cumpsty, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley, James Luceno)

Antana, Soara: Unknown. (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Jude Watson)

Antilles, Raymus: "“Only... the Commander knows." (killed by Darth Vader, Tantive IV, captain, 0 BBY, Peter Geddis, David Ackroyd, Jonathan Davis, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Antinous: "You —" (killed by Jason Grace, Ithaca, ghost, 2010, Nick Chamian, Rick Riordan)

Apophis: "Shortsighted fools! You haven't just killed me! You've exiled the gods!" (destroyed by Carter and Sadie Kane, Egypt, god, 2009, Katherine Kellgren, Kevin R. Free, Rick Riordan)

Appo: "As it is we're losing too many troopers. Grant permission to the naval commanders to initiate surgical bombardment from orbit." (killed by Roan Shryne, Kashyyyk, clone, 19 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover, James Luceno)

Apprentice: "Not on its own. In order to cross realms, it must be wielded as it was forged, with both sides of the coin: light and the dark." (killed by Nimue, Storybrooke, sorcerer, 2013, Timothy Webber, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Arlo: "Then someday you will find . . . new land." (killed by Jacqueline, Enchanted Forest, giant, 1981, Abraham Benrubi, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Arthur: "Who are you?" (killed by Hades, Storybrooke, king, 2013, Liam Garrigan, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Asani, Wil: “I’ll do the pre-flight check and get everything ready." (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, resistance fighter, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Asari, Kani: "That is correct, sir." (killed by Belok Rhal, Coruscant, Jedi, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Ashgad, Seti: "Thank you." (killed by Tsils, Nam Chorios, Senator, 13 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly)

Assant, Darsha: “We made it!” (killed by Darth Maul, Coruscant, Jedi, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Reaves)

Axlon, Vestin: “Well, well. Nicely done, Governor. I’ll take that, if you please.” (killed by Joak Quiller, Poln Major, governor, 0 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

B'omarr Monk: "Phlegmin . . . black . . . mailer." (killed by J'Quille, Tatooine, monk, 4 ABY, Marina Fitch, Mark Budz)

Baas, Vodo-Siosk: "This is not the end, Exar Kun. You and I will fight again . . . perhaps not for a long time, but I will defeat you." (killed by Exar Kun, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 3996 BBY, unknown actor, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Badeleg, Cho: “Just run." (killed by Yuuzhan Vong, Helska IV, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Baelfire: "I love you, Papa." (killed by Zelena, Storybrooke, thief, 2013, Michael Raymond-James, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Ballow-Reese, Bendodi: “Go!” (suicide, Belkadan, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Baiuntu: “You miserable, worthless!...” (killed by a shanh, Ansion, tribe leader, Alexander Adams, Alan Dean Foster)

Barebone, Chastity: "Hand out your leaflets! I'll know if you dump 'em. Tell me if you see anything suspicious." (killed by Credence Barebone, New York, Muggle, 1926, Jenn Murray, J.K. Rowling)

Barebone, Mary Lou: "What is this?" (killed by Credence Barebone, New York, Muggle, 1926, Samantha Morton, J.K. Rowling)

Barnes, James Buchanon: "Steve?" (killed by Thanos, Wakanda, Avenger, 2018, Sebastian Stan, Marc Thompson, Christpher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Bartholomew: "Tell him to stop threatening me. Because you know what I do to pets who threaten me? I hang them on my wall." (killed by the Huntsman, Enchanted Forest, thug, 1976, Scott Heindi, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Basbakhan: Unknown. (killed by Yuuzhan Vong, Duro, bodyguard, 26 ABY, Michael A. Stackpole, Kathy Tyers)

Bast, Moradmin: “Sir, we’ve completed an analysis of their attack plan. There is a danger. Should we break off the engagement or make plans to evacuate? Your ship is standing by.” (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, general, 0 BBY, Leslie Schofield, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Bearsh: "Is this Jedi heroism? To let your female speak while you cower in silence?" (killed by Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, The Redoubt, Vagaari general, 22 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

Beauregard, Silena: "See Charlie . . . " (killed by the drakon, Manhattan, demigod, 2009, Zoe Aggeliki, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Belden, Orn: "My voice amplifier is a personal item. Give it back." (natural causes, Bakura, Senator, 4 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers)

Beldorion: “You were a sweet little girl. Don’t make me—” (killed by Leia Organa Solo, Nam Chorios, Dark Jedi, 13 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly)

Belle: "See? You let me go once before, and we found our way back to each other. You're a good man, Rumple. Your heart is pure. You will find the answer you need to get rid of the dagger, and you will find your way back to me again. I promise." (natural causes, Edge of Realms, librarian, pawnshop owner, 2023, Emilie de Ravin, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Bentado, Korsin: "Do they toy with me? Is this some kind of―" (killed by Squab, Kesh, Sith Lord, 2975 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Benu, Boar: “She did it. There was a device hidden in the cargo hold. Impossible to find, as she said. So now we must spare her life.” (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, resistance fighter, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Beowulf: "Step aside, boy." (killed by Baelfire, Enchanted Forest, soldier, 1861, Torstein Bjorklund, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Besa, Eryl: “You’re sure?” (killed in combat, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Besadii Aora, Aruk: "Very well, my child. I promise I will take better care of myself." (killed by Teroenza, Ylesia, Hutt, Besadii leader, 4 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Besadii Diori, Randa: “Leia. Betrayed you . . . it’s . . . my nature . . . I’m . . . sorry . . .” (killed by Vaecta, Duro, Hutt, 26 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael Cumpsty, James Luceno, Kathy Tyers)

Besadii Tai, Durga: "Get those asteroids out of our way. Fire the superlaser!" (detonated, Darksaber, Hutt, Besadii leader, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Besh: N/A (fungal infection, Haruun Kal, rebel, 22 BBY, Matthew Stover)

Biurk: "It wouldn't be much use as an emergency bridge if they didn't. Oh, sorry, Admiral. I didn't mean to sound sarcastic." (killed by Matric Klauskin, Shamunaar, captain, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Black, Bellatrix: "What will happen to your children once I've killed you? When Mummy's gone the same way as Freddie?" (killed by Molly Weasley, Hogwarts, Death Eater, 1998, Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Black Knight: "Hold her still." (killed by Prince Charming, Enchanted Forest, knight, 1981, Amos Stern, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Black Knight (II): "Shoot him!" (killed by the Huntsman, Dark Palace, knight, 1981, Charles Zuckerman, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Black Knight (III): "Stand down or die at the hands of -" (killed by Anita Lucas, Enchanted Forest, knight, 1980, Chad Riley, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Black Knight (IV): "She looked dead." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, knight, 1981, Josh Kalender, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Black, Sirius: "Come on, you can do better than that?" (killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, Department of Mysteries, Marauder, 1996, Gary Oldman, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Blacktooth: "I want something in return." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, minion, 1982, Steven Roberts, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Blay, Fiula: “You could at least tell us who you are." (killed by stormtroopers, Right to Rule, infiltrator, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams, Shane Dix)

Bleyd, Tarnese: “Are you a Jedi, to try infantile mind tricks? Trust me, I’m immune to such claptrap.” (killed by Kaird, MedStar Nineteen, admiral, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Blind Witch: "Let me out! You come back right now! Let me out. Don't leave me here. Let me out!" (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, witch, 1981, Emma Caulfield, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Blirr, Dakarai: “Wait! You don’t have to do this! You can just—” (killed by Coyle, Cog Hive Seven, operations officer, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Blirr, Sadiki: "No. No." (killed by the Syrox, Cog Hive Seven, warden, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Blood, Sebastian: "I loved this city." (killed by Isabel Rochev, Star City, mayor, 2014, Kevin Alejandro, Ben Sokolowski, Beth Schwartz, Jake Coburn, Oscar Balderrama, Lauren Certo)

Boga: N/A (sacrifice, Utapau, 19 BBY, mount, Matthew Stover)

Bolpuhr: Unknown. (killed by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Dantooine, bodyguard, 25 ABY, R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole)

Bondara, Anoon: “Get them back to the Temple!” (killed by Darth Maul, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Reaves)

Boq: "We don't know! We swear!" (killed by Zelena, Oz, munchkin, 1970s, Jeff Gulka, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Bothan: "I hope you're a better card player than you are a talker. We could be here for days or weeks." (killed by Darth Caedus, Hapes, pilot, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Brakiss: “Stop!” (killed by an Imperial Royal Guard, Shadow Academy, Dark Jedi, 23 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Bramsin, Fost: "Of course, of course! What would you like to drink? I'll have it ready." (killed by Haydnat Treen, Coruscant, Senator, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston, Christie Golden)

Brand, Empatojayos: "I think so. I am dying, Luke, and the Emperor will die with me. He will never, ever return. Farewell, Luke Skywalker." (sacrifice, Onderon, Jedi, 11 ABY, Joe Hacker, Tom Veitch)

Branon, John: "I’m hit, I’m hit!" (killed in combat, Yavin, Red Four, 0 BBY, Jack Klaff, Alan Dean Foster)

Brawler: "Get out, pirate." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, thug, 1983, Andre Tricoteux, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Bre'lya, Saiga: “One of them claimed to be working out of Gamorr. I guess whoever supplied the code didn’t know that we phased out that safe house a long while ago.” (killed by Darda and Capo, Queen of Empire, NRI agent, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Breise, Garth: “Why?” (killed by Yomin Carr, Belkadan, engineer, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Bridge Troll: "Royal blood is the sweetest of all." (killed by Prince Charming, Troll Bridge, troll, 1981, Mark Gibbon, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Brie, Shira: "Oaths matter, Luke. They're all you're left with in the end." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Terephon, Sith Lady, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, David Michelinie, Louise Jones, Walt Simonson, Karen Traviss)

Brock: “Oh, I think we can. If not, there’ll be others along to finish the job. Probably any minute now, actually.” (killed by the BloodScar pirates, Gepparin, ISB agent, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Brolo, Dooje: “And then we will turn our attention fully to the two planets of Dubrillion and Destrillion,” (killed in action, Helska IV, Prefect, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Bruit, Patch: "You recorded my conversations. Then you altered the recordings to trick the saboteurs you had identified in the cantina. You probably arranged for us to find this place. Can I at least know why before you kill me?” (killed by Darth Maul, Riome, chief of field operations, 33 BBY, James Luceno)

Bry: “I think it’s—” (killed by Iri Camas, Celen, stormtrooper, 19 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Karen Traviss)

Bryce, Frank: "I don't think much of your manners, my Lord. Turn around and face me like a man, why don't you?" (killed by Tom Riddle, Little Hangleton, Muggle, 1994, Eric Sykes, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Bulq, Sora: "Come, Vos! Admit the truth before you die! Embrace the dark side!" (killed by Quinlan Vos, Saleucami, Dark Acolyte, 19 BBY, unknown actor, R.A. Salvatore, John Ostrander)

Bur, Wac: "It's not like Gebbu's a victim. Why don't you go after real criminals?" (killed by Boba Fett, Coruscant, forger, 24 ABY, Karen Traviss)

Bur'lorr: “Trait—” (killed by Goran Beviin, New Holgha, subaltern, 25 ABY, Karen Traviss)

Burbage, Charity: "Severus . . . please . . . please . . . " (killed by Tom Riddle, Wiltshire, professor, 1997, Carolyn Pickles, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

C'baoth, Jorus: "You were told wrongly. The role of the Jedi is to lead and guide, and to destroy all threats." (killed by Thrawn, Outbound Flight, Jedi Master, 27 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

C'baoth, Joruus: "No! No! She's mine!" (killed by Mara Jade, Wayland, Dark Jedi, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Caaldra: "Fool." (killed by Mara Jade, Shelkonwa, pirate, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Cadmir, Jerem: “Favorable weather? How do you know?” (killed by Yomin Carr, Belkadan, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Cakhmaim: “Star Destroyer. One of the new pirate hunters.” (killed by Jacen Solo, Millennium Falcon, bodyguard, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn, Troy Denning)

Caladian, Tyro: "Obi-Wan!" (killed by Palpatine and Granta Omega, Coruscant, Senatorial aide, lawyer, 24 BBY, Jude Watson)

Caleb: "He's trying to speak." (killed by Darth Zannah, Ambria, healer, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Caligula: "Yes, it is. For you." (killed by Frank Zhang, Caldecott Tunnel, Roman emperor, god, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Camas, Iri: “We’re all going to die. But I’d hoped more of you would come and die with me . . .” (suicide, Celen, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Karen Traviss)

Capo: "Bilbringi." (killed by Elan, Queen of Empire, Peace Brigader, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Capstan, Anni: "Sithspawn! I'm hit!" (killed in combat, over Ithor, Rogue Twelve, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Captison, Gaeriel: “Here. Here. Let me.” (sacrifice, Intruder, Prime Minister, 18 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers, Roger MacBride Allen)

Carpenter: "It makes you want to stay." (killed by the Boro Grove, Wonderland, carpenter, 2013, John Prowse, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Carr, Malik: "You have won today, Captain. I salute you." (disease, Caluula, Supreme Commander, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Carr, Yomin: "You are worthy... Jedi." (killed by Mara Jade Skywalker, Belkadan, Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator, astrophysicist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Cass, Siward: “Governor, the advance scouts have reached and circumnavigated Dantooine. They have found the remains of a rebel base . . . which they estimate has been deserted for some time. Years, possibly. They are proceeding with an extensive survey of the remainder of the system.” (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, Imperial officer, 0 BBY, Patrick Jordan, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Castellan, Luke: "Me . . . Ethan . . . all of the unclaimed . . . Don't let it happen again . . . " (sacrifice, Mount Olympus, demigod, 2009, Jake Abel, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Cav'Saran: “Really. You and who else?” (killed by the Hand of Judgment, Ranklinge, pirate, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

CC-8/349: “General—! With the general’s pardon, sir, Commander Seven-One’s still in there! With more than twenty men. And there are prisoners to consider, sir. Including civilians. If we use proton grenades, the casualties—” (killed in combat, Haruun Kal, clone, 22 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Sullivan Jones, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover)

Celyn: "If your male traveling companions get annoying, you could always leave them inside." (killed by Orion, Puerto Rico, huntress, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Cerasi: "No! This cannot happen!" (killed by Mawat, Melida/Daan, Young leader, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Chase, Randolph: "I'm sorry. I want to see them." (killed by the Skofnung Sword, Loki's prison, professor, 2011, Kieran Culkin, Rick Riordan)

Charlotte: "That's . . . very kind of you." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Storybrooke, handmaiden, 2013, Andrea Brooks, Adam Horowitz, Edward Horowitz)

Chatak, Bol: "My only intent is to take you out of the hunt." (killed by Darth Vader, Murkhana, Jedi, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Chatoor, Lamos: “But I can help you. I can be your friend. Spare my life—leave me in my position here—and I can create a refuge where you’ll be safe when it all falls apart around you—” (killed by Mara Jade, unidentified planet, judge, 0 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Chewbacca: "Raaarrrrgghh!" (triumphant cry) (killed by dovin basal, Sernpidal, Wookiee, 25 ABY, Peter Mayhew, Alan Dean Foster, R.A. Salvatore)

Childsen, Shann: "I wasn't notified. I'll have to clear it." (killed by Han Solo's, Luke Skywalker's, and Chewbacca's stray blasterfire, Death Star I, Imperial, 0 BBY, Malcolm Tierney, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Chume, Ta'a: "If I die, Tenel Ka is a target. If I am imprisoned, if I am disgraced . . . Tenel Ka is a target. If you want your daughter to grow up with a mother, Jacen, you must spare me. That is the only way." (killed by Jacen Solo, Hapes, Queen Mother, 36 ABY, Anthony Heald, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Dave Wolverton, Troy Denning)

Chun, Bruck: "Never!" (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Coruscant, Dark Jedi, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Chun, Vox: "Forgive me, son." (killed by Tarrence Chenati, BioCruiser, criminal, 29 BBY, Jude Watson)

Claude: "It isn't mealtime. Who are you? Identify yourself, slave!" (killed by Killian Jones, Dark Palace, guard, 1983, Paul Lazenby, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Claymore, Howard: "Alabaster, you told me earlier that heroes don't die. You may be right, but I can tell you one thing. I'm not a hero." (sacrifice, Earth, thanatologist, 2010, Aaron Groben, Haley Riordan)

Clytius: "It does not end. My brethren have risen. Gaea waits only for the blood of Olympus. It took all of you together to defeat me. What will you do when the Earth Mother opens her eyes?" (killed by Hazel Levesque and Hecate, Epirus, giant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Cha, Wyrpuuk: “Good. They’re fighting with spirit, but don’t seem to have any surprises for us. We can break their spirit. We’ll continue until this outpost has fallen to us, and break off the assault on Borleias for now. We’ll use the outpost as a staging area. Break any prisoners found at the outpost, and arrange for all information, all memory, found there to be sent to the warmaster.” (killed by Lusankya, Pyria system, commander, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Chine-kal: "The yammosk has been killed, and the ship is dying. The Hutts betrayed our location to the Jedi. The Jedi captured on Gyndine will die with us, but two of his confederates and Randa Besadii Diori -- the murderers of the yammosk -- escaped. We --" (killed by Kyp Durron and Ganner Rhysode, Crèche, commander, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Chratis, Darth: “Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to power. See how well I have taught you?” (killed by Eldon Ax, Sebaddon, Sith Lord, 3643 BBY, Marc Thompson, Sean Williams)

Cohl, Arwen: "The remote." (killed by Havac, Eriadu, mercenary, 33 BBY, Alexander Adams, James Luceno)

Colette: "It's going to be all right." (killed by an ogre, Enchanted Forest, lady, 1981, Frances O'Connor, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Col, Yurf: "You cut me off earlier. I return the favor. Join us or not." (killed by the Yuuzhan Vong, Duro, commander, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

Colter, Daniel: "Because that's what you're doing right now." (killed by Cora, Enchanted Forest, stable boy, 1966, Noah Bean, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Colter, Daniel (II): "Then love again." (killed by Queen Regina, Storybrooke, reanimated corpse, 2012, Noah Bean, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Colter, William: "You can't . . . just like you couldn't save my brother." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, assassin, 1980, Kalinda Vasquez)

Commodus: "Signal the yachts!" (killed by Apollo, Camp Jupiter, Roman emperor, god, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Convarion, Ait: ""Good. Wouldn't want your people to get bloodied in their first engagement. My stormtroopers will neutralize the major pockets of resistance, then your people can come down and finish things up." (killed by Wedge Antilles, The Graveyard, Imperial commander, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Cora: "This would have been enough. You . . . you would have been enough." (killed by Snow White, Storybrooke, queen, 2012, Barbara Hershey, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Cordé: "I'm sorry, milady. I’m . . . not sure I . . . I’ve failed you." (killed by Zam Wessel, Coruscant, handmaiden, 22 BBY, Veronica Segura, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore)

Corobb, Roron: Unknown. (killed by General Grievous, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Genndy Tartakovsky, James Luceno)

Corrsk: “Time to die, Wookiee!” (killed by Lowbacca, Deep Core, terrorist, 24 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Covell, Freja: "The emptiness will be gone?" (killed by Joruus C'Baoth, Wayland, general, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Crabbe, Vincent: "Like it hot, scum?" (accidental suicide, Room of Requirement, Slytherin, 1998, Jamie Waylett, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

CRC-09/571: "Lethal force, sir?" (killed by Kar Vastor, Haruun Kal, clone, 22 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Sullivan Jones, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Crest: "Music. God." (killed by Medea, Los Angeles, pandos, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Cronus, Ivan: "Increase--” (killed in action, Yavin, colonel, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Crouch, Bartemius Jr.: "My master's plan worked. He is returned to power and I will be honored by him beyond the dreams of wizards." (Dementor Kissed, Hogwarts, Death Eater, 1995, David Tennant, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Crouch, Bartemius Sr.: "Don't leave me! I escaped . . . must warn . . . must tell . . . see Dumbledore . . . my fault . . . all my fault . . . Bertha . . . dead . . . all my fault . . . my son . . . my fault . . . tell Dumbledore . . . Harry Potter . . . the Dark Lord . . . stronger . . . Harry Potter . . . " (killed by Bartemius Crouch Jr., Forbidden Forest, Ministry leader, 1995, Roger Lloyd Pack, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Crynyd, Arvel: "Glad to help out, Home One." (sacrifice, Endor, A-wing pilot, 4 ABY, Hilton McRae, Tony Roberts, James Kahn)

Coulson, Phil: "It's okay, boss. This would never have worked, if they didn't have something to -" (killed by Loki Laufeyson, over Midgard, SHIELD agent, 2012, Clark Gregg, Mark Fergus)

Cronal: "I’ve been suckered." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Mindor, warlord, 5 ABY, Russ Manning, Michael Allen Horne, Bill Olmesdahl, Matthew Stover)

Cronal (II): "You can . . . unplug . . . But -- virus . . . is in you now . . ." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Andooweel, warlord, 15 ABY, Russ Manning, Michael Allen Horne, Bill Olmesdahl, Jim Pascoe)

CT-914: “Just doing my duty, Doctor. No thanks necessary.” (killed in combat, Drongar, clone, 20 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Cuis, Sa: “I said, Is that it. Answer me.” (killed by Darth Vader, Vohai, Emperor's Hand, 19 BBY, Karen Traviss)

Cundertol, Molierre: "I'm serious. Give me my money." (killed by E'thinaa, Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, Prime Minister, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Michael P. Kube-McDowell, Sean Williams)

D'harhan: "I can stop now . . . but you . . . you still must go on . . ." (killed in combat, Circumtore, bounty hunter, 1 ABY, Anthony Heald, K.W. Jeter)

Da'Gara: “All glory to you, warrior." (killed in action, Helska IV, Prefect, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Dacholder: "Thr--" (killed by Uldir Lochett, Meridian sector, Peace Brigadier, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Daedalus: "Then I am ready to see my son . . . and Perdix. I must tell them how sorry I am." (natural causes, Camp Half-Blood, inventor, swordsman, architect, 2008, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Daeshara'cor: "You already are, Anakin, and will be greater. As you heal, you will be stronger than anyone can imagine. We are proud of you, so proud . . ." (killed by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Ithor, Jedi, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Dail'Liss: “There is nothing left for me here. Nor you. We will go now, both of us, and join your sister, yes?” (killed by Rojo Trace, Odacer-Faustin, Sith librarian, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Daiv, Ke: "What will you do, slave boy?" (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Zonama Sekot, assassin, 29 BBY, Alexander Adams, Greg Bear)

Dakota: "Okay, guys! Time to rotate activities! Good team effort!" (killed in combat, Camp Jupiter, centurion, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Dal, Ghithra: "What if we kill it?" (killed by Tsavong Lah's rancors, Fu'ulanh, shaper, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Damask, Hego: "So it is, and so I shall, Darth Sidious." (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Sith Lord, Magister of Damask Holdings, 32 BBY, Daniel Davis, Matthew Stover, James Luceno)

Damasen: "Father, you wished for a more worthy opponent? I am one of the giants you are so proud of. You wished me to be more warlike? Perhaps I will start by destroying you." (killed by Tartarus, Tartarus, giant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Danglars: "Go ahead. Kill me. But this masquerade won't bring you justice." (killed by Edmond Dantes, France, baron, 1982, Andrew Kavadas, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Dantes, Edmond: "This is the only way." (killed by Queen Regina, Storybrooke, count, 2013, Craig Horner, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Darda: “Lately out of Gamorr, but they’re pulling me back to Coruscant after this op.” (killed by Showolter, Queen of Empire, Peace Brigader, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Dareb: “I feel like I could take on the whole Rebel Alliance by myself." (killed in combat, Yavin IV, pilot, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Darklighter, Biggs: "Hurry, Luke. They’re coming in faster this time. We can’t hold them much longer." (killed by Darth Vader, Death Star I, Red Three, 0 BBY, Garrick Hagon, Kale Browne, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Darovit: “No! You’ll never get me! No! No! No!” (killed by Tho'natu, Ambria, healer, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Daru, Eleena: “Veradun—” (killed by Darth Malgus, Coruscant, Sith aide, 3653 BBY, Marc Thompson, Dave Wilson, Paul S. Kemp)

Das, Runck: “No, Leader, there was nothing we could do.” (killed by Shedao Shai, Garqi, warrior, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Daughter: "Do not hate him, Father. It is his nature." (killed by Son, Mortis, Celestial, 21 BBY, Adrienne Wilkinson, Christian Taylor)

David: "Which is why you have to crush it." (killed by Snow White, Enchanted Forest, prince, 2013, Josh Dallas, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

David (II): "Whatever you're planning, it won't work. We'll defeat you, Regina. We always . . ." (killed by Queen Regina, Dark Palace, king, 2013, Josh Dallas, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Davis: “All right. I’ll get off. But if you change your mind—” (killed by Kueller, Skip 6, smuggler, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

De'Ono, Luther: “He’s gone crazy." (killed by Bendodi Ballow-Reese, Belkadan, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Debbikin: “Master Jedi. How can I repay you?” (killed by Jangotat, Ord Cestus, Separatist, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Dei, Querdan: "No." (killed by Leia Organa Solo, Klatooine, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Delvardus, Sander: "What is this?" (killed by Natasi Daala, Tsoss Beacon, warlord, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Derida, Terra: “No so, brother. No so.” (killed by Baftu, Phindar, criminal, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Derricote, Evir: “And too clever to let you recover. Good-bye...” (killed by Corran Horn, Lusankya, general, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Dessel: "Then prove it." (killed by Darth Zannah, Ambria, Sith Lord, 980 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Mark Hamill, Terry Brooks, Drew Karpyshyn)

Desh, Reck: "Oh, but I do, old friend. Be a good sport. Don't make me shoot you." (killed by Elan, Bilbringi, Peace Brigadier, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Desilijic Tiron, Jiliac: "You are the one who will die, upstart!" (killed by Durga Besadii Tai, Nal Hutta, Desilijic leader, 1 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Desilijic Tiure, Jabba: "I'm sure you're right, my young Jedi friend. Put him in." (killed by Leia Organa, Tatooine, Desilijic leader, 4 ABY, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ed Asner, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster, James Kahn)

Desjardins, Michel: "Don't like you much. But you were right. The old ways . . . our only chance. Tell Amos . . . tell Amos what happened. Show this to . . . the others. . . . Tell them what happened." (sacrifice, Duat, Chief Lector, 2009, Katherine Kellgren, Kevin R. Free, Rick Riordan)

De Vil, Cruella: "But you're a hero, and heroes don't kill." (killed by Emma Swan, Storybrooke, sorceress, 2013, Victoria Smurfit, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

De Vil, Madeline: "What did you do to them?" (killed by Cruella De Vil, England, dog trainer, 1969, Anna Galvin, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Devis, Mynar: "A little late for that, I'm afraid. But maybe I can still be of service. It was a great honor flying with you, Captain Solo. Tell . . . tell Admiral Pellaeon I did what I thought was best." (sacrifice, Bilbringi, captain, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

di Angelo, Bianca: "If anything happens, give that to Nico. Tell him . . . tell him I'm sorry." (killed by Talos, Junkyard of the Gods, Huntress, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Diggory, Cedric: "Wands out, d'you reckon?" (killed by Peter Pettigrew, Little Hangleton, champion, 1995, Robert Pattinson, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Dinn, Nelani: "Jacen--" (killed by Jacen Solo, The Home, Jedi, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Divinian, Lune: "Make this count, Luke." (sacrifice, Sixela system, mercenary, 0 ABY, Jude Watson, Alex Wheeler)

Djo, Teneniel: "Tenel Ka has the ring." (killed by Ta'a Chume, Hapes, Queen Mother, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Alexander Adams, Dave Wolverton, Elaine Cunningham)

Dlarit, Erisi: "Is that you on my tail, Corran? All alone? I thought you'd learned from your father that dying alone wasn't something to do." (killed by Corran Horn, over Thyferra, pilot, spy, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Dobby: "Harry . . . Potter . . . " (killed by Bellatrix Black, Shell Cottage, house-elf, 1998, Toby Jones, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Dodonna, Jan: "Kyp Durron, you stole the Sun Crusher. You attacked and temporarily incapacitated the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. You blew up the Cauldron Nebula and obliterated two other inhabited star systems. I will not debate the tactical significance of your actions — but we cannot tolerate juggernauts who make up their own orders and cause wholesale destruction on a whim!" (natural causes, New Alderaan, general, 24 ABY, Alex McCrindle, Anthony Heald, Alan Dean Foster, Jason Fry, Paul R. Urquhart)

Dofine, Daultay: "Impossible! Nothing can get through our shields!" (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Droid Control Ship, captain, 32 BBY, Chris Sanders, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks)

Dofine, Lushros: "Magnetize! Magnetize!" (killed by General Grievous, Invisible Hand, captain, 19 BBY, Colin Ware, Ben Burtt, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno, Matthew Stover)

Dolph: “Did you, now? You managed to tell all the developed planets about the droids, President? Because if you didn’t, then I will still get enough strength from one single order to defeat you all.” (killed by Leia Organa Solo, Almania, Dark Jedi, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Don: "Hey, Apollo, you -- you know the difference between a faun and a satyr . . . ?" (killed in combat, New Rome, faun, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Donabelle, Lysire: “It’ll work now. Just a connector." (killed by Yomin Carr, Belkadan, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Donkey Driver: "It's nothing." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, donkey driver, 1862, Michael Roberds, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Donna: "Thank you." (killed by Jiminy Cricket, Enchanted Forest, peasant, 1907, Laura Bertram, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Donn, Castin: "Right." (killed by Imperial stormtroopers, Iron Fist, code slicer, Wraith Two, 7.5 ABY, Anthony Heald, Aaron Allston)

Dooku: “Chancellor, please! Please, you promised me immunity! We had a deal! Help me!” (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Invisible Hand, Sith, CIS Head of State, Count of Serenno, 19 BBY, Christopher Lee, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Doole, Moruth: "Stop, stop!" (killed by energy spiders, Kessel, administrator, 11 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Doole, Tee-ubo: “You’re wasting time. And oxygen.” (suicide, Belkadan, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthiny Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Doriana, Kinman: "And I look forward to its completion. Farewell, Lord Sidious." (unknown causes, shadow advisor, before 4 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

Dorsk 81: "They're gone, my friend." (sacrifice, Yavin IV, Jedi, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Dorsk 82: "Don't." (killed by Peace Brigaders, Ando, Jedi, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Kevin J. Anderson, Greg Keyes)

Douro, Kell: "I am Kell Douro. You are my salvation, Jaden Korr." (killed by Khedryn Faal, unknown moon, assassin, 41 ABY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Dovlis, Reldo: "Engines off!" (crashed, Nar Shaddaa, smuggler, 4 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Dowmat, Worror: “Locking on to the ion trail … locked on.” (killed by Darth Bane, Tython, Jedi, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Drallig, Cin: "There is one lesson you've yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!" (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Nick Gillard, Matthew Stover)

Dranok: "Let me go." (killed by Darth Scabrous, Odacer-Faustin, bounty hunter, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Drark, Jovan: “It’s no shockapede hive. These are little flitnats, completely harmless.” (killed in combat, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Drathul: "Stay your hand when it comes to dispatching Prefect Nom Anor, his subalterns, and the three Jedi. We'll want to add them to our offering to the World Brain." (killed by Nom Anor, Yuuzhan'tar, High Prefect, 29 ABY, Anthony Heald, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Drax: "Quill?" (killed by Thanos, Titan, Guardian, 2018, Dave Bautista, Marc Thompson, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Dray, Halle: "The terms of our agreement were that you would get the prisoner only once the Empire begins relocating the refugees." (killed by stormtroopers, Delaya, refugee, 0 ABY, Alex Wheeler)

Drayson, Bhindi: "Get these kids home safe. I'm transferring command . . ." (killed by the Pop-Dogs, Vandor-3, commando, 44 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Dreis, Garven: “I think so... Stand by for a minute.” (killed by Darth Vader, Death Star I, Red Leader, 0 BBY, Drewe Henley, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Drelfin: “So you do understand. I was in command of that operation, which means I will decide what to do with you. Not your lieutenant; not your major; certainly not your stupid Captain Ozzel. And if I choose to summarily execute you for treason—” (killed by Daric LaRone, Shelsha sector, ISB commander, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Drophan: "A Jedi what?" (killed by Relin Druur, Harbinger, guard, 5,000 BBY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Druur, Relin: "Laugh even when you die." (sacrifice, Harbinger, Jedi, 41 ABY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Duare, Dejah: “But—I was so careful—” (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial Center, spy, 18 BBY, Michael Reaves)

Dumbledore, Albus: "Severus . . . please . . . " (killed by Severus Snape, Astronomy Tower, professor, 1997, Michael Gambon, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Dumbledore, Ariana: Unknown. (killed by Albus Dumbledore, Gellert Grindelwald, or Aberforth Dumbledore, Godric's Hollow, Obscurial, 1899, Hebe Beardsall, J.K. Rowling)

Dumbledore, Kendra: Unknown. (killed by Ariana Dumbledore, Godric's Hollow, witch, 1899, J.K. Rowling)

Dumbledore, Percival: Unknown. (unknown causes, Azkaban, convict, after 1890, J.K. Rowling)

DunBroch, Fergus: "So let's show them what happens when you face the combined might of clans DunBroch, Macintosh, Dingwall, and MacGuffin!" (killed by King Arthur, DunBroch, king, 2012, Glenn Keogh, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Durge: "You have no idea. Timers are running out, kid." (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Karthakk, bounty hunter, Confederate commander, Daran Norris, Haden Blackman)

Durron, Zeth: "Kyp? My brother? Kyp, is that you?" (killed by Kyp Durron, Carida, stormtrooper, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

DXo'ln, Kid: “Yeah, you shoulda warned us we’d be swimming." (drowned, Skip 6, smuggler, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Dyer: "Freeze!" (killed by Han Solo, Endor, stormtrooper, 4 ABY, Ben Burtt, Tony Roberts, James Kahn)

Dyne: “Find, fix, finish.” (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, captain, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Dzym: “As I suspect you are, my friend.” (killed by Tsils, Nam Chorios, droch, 13 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly)

Earsh: "Huh?" (killed by Jaden Korr, Fhost, gambler, 41 ABY, Alex Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Eckwesh, Hohass: "I . . . forgive . . ." (killed by Voort saBinring, Chashima, commando, 29 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Eelysa: Unknown. (killed by voxyn, Corellia, Jedi Master, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Troy Denning)

Elan: "One breath for you, one left for the Jedi. Breathe deeply, Han." (bo'tous poisoning, Millennium Falcon, priestess, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Eliya: "Tell him nothing, Lady. These sewer eels don't deserve your--" (killed by Gavar Khai, Pydyr, Fallanassi, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Elizabeth: "Will, I just wanted you to feel something for me." (suicide, Wonderland, bounty hunter, Lauren McKnight, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Elsrickle, Eldon: "Alohomora." (killed by the nundo, London, thief, 1700s, J.K. Rowling)

Emir: "Jafar. Please! No!" (killed by Jafar, Agrabah, 20th century, Tarun Keram, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Ennen: “Kriffing moron. He was asking for it. What kind of carbon-flush thinks it’s a good idea to wave a lightsaber around at a time like this?” (suicide, Imperial Center, stormtrooper, 19 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Karen Traviss)

Esh, Shoon-mi: "Forgive me, Master. I was a misguided fool! You truly are one of the gods!" (killed by Nom Anor, Yuuzhan'tar, Shamed One, 28 ABY, Bob Askey, Sean Williams)

Estosh: "Jedi!" (suicide, The Redoubt, Vagaari Supreme Commander, 22 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

Esva, Nuso: "Go." (killed by the Queen of the Red's soldiers, Quethold, warlord, 8 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Eurymachus: "No! Please! I — I only meant —" (killed by Antinous, Ithaca, ghost, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

EV-9D9: "But the subtleties, the details, the nuances and flavors . . . " (destroyed by 12-4C-41, Tatooine, droid, 4 ABY, Richard Marquand, Yeardley Smith, Tony Roberts, James Kahn, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

EV-A4-D: "Wait . . . where's the other Jedi? Oh, no . . . " (destroyed by Kit Fisto, Vassek's moon, droid, 22 BBY, David Acord, Henry Gilroy)

Eva: "As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you." (killed by Cora, Dark Palace, queen, 1969, Rena Sofer, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Evans, Lily: "Not Harry! Please, no, not Harry — I'll do anything!" (killed by Tom Riddle, Godric's Hollow, Order member, 1981, Geraldine Somerville, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Eyvind: "I want to get started, but Owen and Beru aren't here yet, and they were sure to come." (killed by Tusken Raiders, Tatooine, moisture farmer, 0 BBY, M. Shayne Bell)

Faal, Leeha: "High Lord!" (killed by the Depths of Eternity, Abeloth's planet, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Facilier: "That's what I thought. You're a shadow of your former self. It's sad. Trying to get back to your beloved has made you the worst version of you." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Hyperion Heights, witch doctor, real estate developer, 2017, Daniel Francis, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Fairy Godmother: "Your stepmother doesn't have this. This wand has the power to take you to your ball, to your prince, and to . . ." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, fairy, 1981, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Falmal: "Quickly." (killed by Mara Jade, Varonat, smuggler, 8 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Farfalla, Valenthyne: "Go for the face!" (killed by Darth Bane, Tython, Jedi Master, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Fasgo: "The Force?" (killed by the yammosk, Crèche, spacer, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, James Luceno)

Fate, Nicos: “No one here ever oppressed me. Many here ran from Cestus Cybernetics, from the cities, looking for a better way. How are they different from X’Ting?” (killed in combat, Ord Cestus, healer, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Father: "And now I die, my heart broken, knowing the role you will play." (suicide, Mortis, Celestial, 21 BBY, Lloyd Sherr, Christian Taylor)

Fei, Kayala: "Senior officers have suggested that their intention is to destabilize the Galactic Alliance by overthrowing legitimate governments along the entire galactic rim." (killed by Octa Ramis, Coruscant, Sith, BAMR newscaster, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Felix: "No, no, no!" (killed by Peter Pan, Storybrooke, Lost One, 2012, Parker Croft, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Femon: “You are a fool, Kueller." (killed by Kueller, Almania, officer, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Fendrake: "Unfortunately, Dark One, the contract is binding. Even if I wanted to change it, I couldn't. You owe me." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, sorcerer, 1936, Aaron Douglass, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Feral: "No, brother, please! Savage!" (killed by Savage Opress, Dathomir, Nightbrother, 22 BBY, Dee Bradley Baker, Katie Lucas)

Ferfer: "Yuuzhan Vong biot. We're being watched." (killed by a Slayer, Caluula, revolutionary, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Ferrier, Niles: "Another time, Karrde." (killed by Mazzic, Hijarna, ship thief, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Fett, Jango: "I'll be right back." (killed by Mace Windu, Geonosis, Manda'lor, 22 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Jonathan Davis, Jonathon Hales, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Bisson)

Fey'lya, Borsk: "Honor. If I am to surrender, I must do it to someone of equal station." (sacrifice, Coruscant, Chief of State, 27 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn, Troy Denning)

Fhernan, Bant'ena: “Thank you. Now go and save Anakin and Master Kenobi.” (sacrifice, Lanteeb, scientist, 21 BBY, Jeff Gurner, Karen Miller)

Filba: “Insults. All I ever get. I deserve more for my part in this. I deserve—” (killed by Klo Merit, Drongar, quartermaster, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Fiona: "Not even my death can stop that. In fact, I suspect it would ensure it." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Storybrooke, fairy, mayor, 2013, Jaime Murray, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Firwirrung: "Traitor! Ungrateful beast!" (killed by Pter Thanas, Shriwirr, Ssi-ruu, 4 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers)

Fives: "The mission . . . the nightmares . . . They're finally . . . over." (killed by Commander Fox, Coruscant, clone, 20 BBY, Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Melching, Katie Lucas)

Fisto, Kit: "Saesee -- " (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Ben Cooke, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Flume, Trever: "My brother. Tell me. You are. I need to know. Before I die. Need to know who I was. If I was someone. That I . . . I mattered to someone. Need to know." (killed by Ferus Olin, Belazura, assassin, 0 ABY, Jude Watson, Alex Wheeler)

Flynn, Owen: "Then you're not getting the boy." (killed by Pan's Shadow, Neverland, Home Office agent, 2012, Ethan Embry, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Forge, Lujayne: "As the second worst pilot today, I say thanks -- both for your skill and your wisdom here." (killed by stormtroopers, Talasea, pilot, 6.5 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Fox, Cleo: "You're holding on too tight, Emma. Let go. Let go." (accidental suicide, Land Without Magic, bail bondswoman, 2009, Rya Kihlstedt, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Francisco: "Time to die, drunk." (killed by Killian Jones, Enchanted Forest, knight, 1962, Matt Ellis, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Frankenstein, Alphonse: "I believed you. The terrible thing is, for a moment, I believed you did it. He’s a monster! What a fool I was! That’s not my son! You aren’t my son! You’re a ghoul and a grave robber, a fool and a witch doctor. You’re a disgrace to this family!" (killed by Gerhardt Frankenstein, Land Without Color, general, 1970, Gregory Itzin, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Frankenstein, Gerhardt: "Go! Go!" (killed by law enforcement, Land Without Color, soldier, 1970, Chad Michael Collins, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Fry, Grove: "Go. Now." (killed by Magus, human, 39 BBY, Jude Watson)

Fry, Nelia: "There's no time. Go. Please. Take him." (killed by Magus, human, 39 BBY, Jude Watson)

Furgan: "I know better than to trust you, little fish. Your whole life is a lie." (killed in action, Anoth, ambassador, 11 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Fury, Nicholas: "Mother—" (killed by Thanos, New York, spymaster, 2018, Samuel Jackson, Marc Thompson, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Fy-Tor-Ana: "I am happy to be standing here with you." (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, Jedi, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Gabriel: "Oh, come on. I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to take you to the Queen and get a reward. She'll kill you." (killed by David, Enchanted Forest, bounty hunter, 1981, Paul Johansson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gaea: "I — YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME — YOU CANNOT —" (killed by Leo Valdez, Camp Half-Blood, Earth Mother, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Gallandro: “It’s a pity, my little friend, but there’s too much at stake here: Solo’s the only one I can afford to take alive. I shall make this as easy as I can. Hold still.” (killed by an automated security system, Dellalt, gunslinger, 0 BBY, Brian Daley)

Gallia, Adi: "You'd better hope they gave you deflector shields." (killed by General Grievous, Boz Pity, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Gin Clarke, Alexander Adams, Bob Askey, Jonathan Davis, Erik Sandvold, Jeff Gurner, Terry Brooks, Haden Blackman)

Gamgalon: "Falmal, take the prisoner. You others: to the sides and rear. Shoot anything you see." (killed by Mara Jade, Varonat, criminal, 8 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Gamora: "No. This isn't love." (killed by Thanos, Vormir, assassin, Guardian, 2018, Zoe Saldana, Marc Thompson, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Gandan, Bey: “I am the best of you. Goodbye, Klin‐Fa.” (killed by Uldir Lochett, Thyferra, Dark Jedi, 26 ABY, Greg Keyes)

Gantoris: "No!" (killed by Exar Kun, Yavin IV, Jedi, 11 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Garowyn: “So you wish to die? You deserve it for what you’ve done to my ship.” (killed by Jaina Solo, Kashyyyk, Nightsister, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Garrulan, Cash: “He does have a way. Forget the rest of this junk. Have our ship readied for launch. We’re done with Murkhana.” (killed by Darth Vader, Murkhana, Black Sun Vigo, 18 BBY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Gaston: "I am Sir Gaston, and you, beast, have taken -" (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, nobleman, 1981, Sage Brocklebank, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gaston: "I will be." (destroyed by Belle, Underworld, nobleman, 2013, Wes Brown, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gault, Mullen: "What in the blazes is going on over -" (killed by A'Yark, Tatooine, moisture farmer, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, John Jackson Miller)

Gaunt, Merope: "I hope he looks like his papa." (died from hunger, orphanage, witch, 1926, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Gaunt, Morfin: "He'll kill me for losing it. He'll kill me for losing his ring." (natural causes, Azkaban Prison, wizard, 1943, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Ged: "What's the plan, then, sir?" (killed in combat, Teth, clone, 22 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Gurner, Karen Traviss)

Gejjen, Dur: "If we do, I'd like your security services to look the other way. Solo has ambitious minions who'd be temporarily blind and deaf in exchange for promotion, I think." (killed by Ben Skywalker, Vulpter, Prime Minister, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Karen Traviss)

Gerard: "Please don't kill me. I beg you." (killed by Amara, Agrabah, genie owner, Marco Soriano, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gerda: "Anna and Elsa need to know the truth! We might not make it home, but this could!" (killed by Poseidon, the sea, queen, 1975, Pascale Hutton, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Geryon: "You can't shoot. They told me you can't . . ." (killed by Percy Jackson, Triple G Ranch, monster, 2008, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Gethzerion: “Oh, yes, the teeth." (killed by Zsinj, over Dathomir, Nightsister, 8 ABY, Anthony Heald, Dave Wolverton)

Gheer, Trisdin: “Not like that. Let me show you how. You swirl it around, like so. You must awaken it gently and coax warmth into it. Only then—” (killed by Crimpler, Hapes, courtier, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Elaine Cunningham)

Gheeta: “No . . . Don’t . . ." (killed by Boba Fett, Circumtore, Shell Hutt, 1 ABY, Anthony Heald, K.W. Jeter)

Gherant: "Too late!" (killed by Arvel Crynyd, Executer, Imperial, 4 ABY, Pip Miller, Tony Roberts, James Kahn)

Gilling: “That idiot? Hardly.” (killed by the BloodScar pirates, Gepparin, ISB agent, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Githany: "It's more fun this way." (killed by Skere Kaan, Ruusan, Sith Lord, 1000 BBY, 5 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Glaive, Corvus: "I thought you were formidable, machine. But you're dying, like any man." (killed by Vision, Wakanda, Child of Thanos, 2018, Michael Shaw, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Gnome: "Yeah, you really unleashed something there." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, gnome, 1983, Layton Keely, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gonar: "No. No, I don't leave you much choice." (killed by Malakili, Tatooine, Desilijic servant, 4 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson)

Gothel: "Don't be a fool. Join your mother and defend your home." (killed by Alice Jones, Hyperion Heights, dryad, witch, 2017, Emma Booth, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Grace, Beryl: "I am all that remains. Embrace me, son. I am all you have left." (killed by Jason Grace, Ithaca, mania, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Grace, Jason (I): "For Rome!" (killed by Hera, Wolf House, praetor, 2009, Joshua Swanson, Rick Riordan)

Grace, Jason (II): "Go! Remember!" (killed by Caligula, Julia Drusilla XII, demigod, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Grace, Thalia: "Go, Luke. I'll be right behind you." (sacrifice, Half-Blood Hill, demigod, 2001, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Grammel: “My Lord, if I—” (killed by Darth Vader, Mimban, Captain-Supervisor, 2 ABY, Alan Dean Foster)

Graneet, Tenn: "Stand by. Stand by . . ." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, gunner, 0 BBY, Alan Dean Foster)

Gree: "It will be done, my lord." (killed by Yoda, Kashyyyk, clone, 19 BBY, Temuera Morrison, George Lucas)

Greedo the Younger: "They’d hardly notice. Get up, Solo. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. You’ve embarrassed me in front of Jabba with your pious excuses for the last time.” (killed by Han Solo, Tatooine, bounty hunter, 0 BBY, Paul Blake, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster, Tom and Martha Veitch)

Greelanx, Winstel: "Lord, please! You don't understand, I was ord -- " (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial cruiser, general, 4 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Green, Halcyon: "FOR APOLLO!" (killed by leucrotae, Virginia, demigod, 2001, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Gregorovitch, Mykew: "I do not know, I never knew, a young man — no — please — PLEASE!" (killed by Tom Riddle, Europe, wandmaker, 1998, Rade Serbedzija, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Grelb: "Shoot already!" (killed by a draigon, Outer Rim, errand boy, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Grendel: "Now, will you reunite me with my wife?" (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, ogre, 2013, Steve Bacic, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Gretel: "And I want a spot in that family. I need it." (killed by Drizella Tremaine, New Enchanted Forest, witch, 21st century, Sara Canning, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Grif: "For Camelot." (suicide, Storybrooke, squire, 2013, Giacomo Baessato, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Grindelwald, Gellert: "Kill me, then, Voldemort! You will not win, you cannot win! The wand will never, ever be yours –- " (killed by Tom Riddle, Nurmengard, Dark Lord, 1998, Michael Byrne, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Groom: "We didn't know. We had just . . ." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, peasant, 1982, Jeremy Patrick Schuetze, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Groot (I): "We are Groot." (sacrifice, Xandar, Guardian, 2014, Vin Diesel, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman)

Groot (II): "I am Groot." (killed by Thanos, Wakanda, Guardian, 2018, Vin Diesel, Marc Thompson, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Groth, Gunner: "What's to tell? I needed a decoy. He was wandering around the wrong place at the wrong time. End of story. Enough stalling. Turn around and start walking . . . unless you're looking to spite me by making me settle for the death fee instead." (killed by Mara Jade, Rishi, bounty hunter, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Grudo: "Don't cry over me." (killed by Odie Subu, Praesitlyn, Republic soldier, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, David Sherman, Dan Cragg)

Gunilla: "Make it count." (killed by Surt, Lyngvi, Valkyrie, 2011, Kieran Culkin, Rick Riordan)

Gunray, Nute: "The war ... The war is over—Lord Sidious promised—he promised we would be left in peace ..." (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Viceroy, 19 BBY, Silas Carson, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Gurdun: "Think of who I am. Don't you have anything to say?" (killed by IG-88, Imperial Space, Imperial official, 3 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson)

Gus: "Maybe next time." (killed by King George, Storybrooke, mechanic, 2012, Jarod Joseph, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

H'Raak: "You do not lead." (killed by A'Yark, Tatooine, Tusken Raider, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, John Jackson Miller)

Haako, Rune: “We’re unarmed! We surrender! Please—please, you’re a Jedi!” (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Separatist, 19 BBY, Jerome Blake, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Hades: "Zelena!" (killed by Zelena, Storybrooke, god, 2013, Greg Germann, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Halcyon, Nejaa: "We have our strengths." (killed by Nikkos Tyris, Susevfi, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Halcyon, Valin: Unknown. (killed by Bossk, Corellia, CorSec agent, 3 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Hamner, Kenth: "No! You will not lead the Jedi Order into treason! I forbid it!" (killed by Saba Sebatyne, Coruscant, Jedi Grand Master, 44 ABY, Alexander Adams, Marc Thompson, James Luceno, Troy Denning)

Hansel: "Listen, I-I can still help you. Just use your dark magic, whatever, get me out of here, and I'll kill any witch you like." (killed by Dr. Facilier, Hyperion Heights, lawyer, serial killer, 2017, Nathan Parsons, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hara, Bela: “And I could pluck the scales from over my heart. But I do not.” (killed in combat, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Hara, Krasov: “Too late. This iz better.” (killed in combat, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Harris, Blaine: "I can't help you, I'm afraid. You see, there is no exit. They're all blocked. Our only hope is to hide in one of the equipment lockers until the Ssi-Ruuk are gone, and then try to sneak out." (killed by Molierre Cundertol, Bakura, Deputy Prime Minister, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Kathy Tyers, Sean Williams)

Harrsk, Blitzer: "Fine words, Admiral Daala. And how do you propose that we do that?" (killed by Natasi Daala, Tsoss Beacon, warlord, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly, Kevin J. Anderson)

Hartwig: “Looks like we’re all clean. So I guess that means we—” (killed by Xat Hracken, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Hasdrubal: "Mhhmm!" (killed by Annabeth Chase, Ithaca, ghost, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Hedwig: N/A (killed by an unidentified Death Eater, Little Whinging, 1997, familiar, Gizmo, J.K. Rowling)

Helaw, Jaim: "You should be, son. You should be worried about everything." (killed in an act of sabotage, Undauntable, admiral, 0 BBY, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Helga: "Enough!" (killed by Ingrid, Arendelle, princess, 1955, Sally Pressman, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Henry: "I believe, given the chance, we can find happiness together. But the choice is yours." (killed by Queen Regina, Enchanted Forest, valet, prince, 1983, Tony Perez, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hercules: "I don't care! Now go!" (killed by Cerberus, Enchanted Forest, hero, 1972, Jonathan Whitesell, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hethrir: "No--!" (killed by Waru, Crseih Station, Procurator of Justice, 14 ABY, Anthony Heald, Vonda N. McIntyre)

Hett, A'Sharad: "Made Muur . . . began healing . . . in the Force . . . saw how to heal myself . . . I can survive! My vision . . . my dream . . . for One Sith . . . will live!" (killed by Darth Wyyrlok, Had Abbadon, Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor, 137 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Truman, John Ostrander)

Hett, A'Sharad (II): "Apprentice, did you see? Do you understand what you are meant to be?" (killed by Cade Skywalker, Coruscant, Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor, 138 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Truman, John Ostrander)

Hett, Sharad: "I didn't know my own parents, A'Sharad. But I am honored to have known my son. I'll leave now. May the Force be with you both." (killed by Auura Sing, Tatooine, Jedi, Tusken Raider, 32 BBY, Timothy Truman)

Hevy: "I don't." (sacrifice, Rishi Moon, clone, 22 BBY, Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Melching)

Hill, Maria: "Nick." (killed by Thanos, New York, spy, 2018, Colby Smulders, Marc Thompson, Joss Whedon, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Hill, San: "You're -- you're Anakin Skywalker!" (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Separatist, 19 BBY, Chris Truswell, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Hin: Unknown. (killed by Darth Vader, Mimban, Yuzzem, 2 ABY, Alan Dean Foster)

Hippias: "Thank you!" (killed by Piper McLean, Ithaca, tyrant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Hokan, Ghez: “I’m sorry, my brother. It’s not your fault. They made you like this.” (killed by Etain Tur-Mukan, Qiilura, Mandalorian, 22 BBY, Josh Adams, Karen Traviss)

Hood, Robin: "No!" (killed by Hades, Storybrooke, thief, 2013, Sean Maguire, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hool, Ch'Gang: "Supreme One, I — I confess the fault." (killed by Shimrra Jamaane, Yuuzhan'tar, Master Shaper, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover, Walter Jon Williams)

Hootkins: “Wait a second. Warden, what is this? What are you doing?” (killed by two unidentified Bone Kings, Cog Hive Seven, guard, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Hordor: "Rumplestiltskin." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, knight, 1861, Ty Olsson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Horm, Threkin: "What's that? Were those explosions?" (killed by Imperials, Tatooine, politician, 8 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Dave Wolverton, Troy Denning)

Hovrak: "Lusa! Another traitor!" (killed by Lusa, Ryloth, Diversity Alliance member, 24 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Hracken, Xat: “It’s the only way to be sure. You agree to that?” (killed by Kindra, Odacer-Faustin, Sith Lord, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Hul, Andoorni: "Not do. Lateral stabilizer gone." (killed by a TIE Interceptor pilot, Borleias, pilot, 6.5 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Huntsman: "Thank you." (killed by Queen Regina, Storybrooke, huntsman, sheriff, 2011, Jamie Dornan, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hyde, Edward: "This story isn't over yet. Dark One, I command you . . ." (killed by Killian Jones, Storybrooke, warden, 2013, Sam Witwer, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Hyperion: "Bah! I'll gut you first, Ram-head!" (killed by Tartarus, Tartarus, Titan, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

I'att, Augusta: "Sir, I apologize for making things difficult, but our application for the Geridard Convalescent Center has already been processed. We've advanced them ninety thousand credits for life care." (killed by Eisen Kerioth, Druckenwell, inventor, business executive, 1 BBY, Kathy Tyers)

I'att, Strephan: "Unfortunately, sir, it's impossible." (killed by Eisen Kerioth, Druckenwell, inventor, business executive, 1 BBY, Kathy Tyers)

I'pan, Vuurok: “Are you coming?” (killed by Yuuzhan Vong warriors, Yuuzhan'tar, Shamed One, 28 ABY, Sean Williams, Shane Dix)

Iapetus: "Hold the Doors closed on your side. They will resist your passage. Hold them —" (killed by Tartarus, Tartarus, Titan, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Ibegon, Dice: "Not because I wish you to, but because there is no other choice you can make." (killed in action, Hoth, Alliance operative, 3 ABY, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

Icarus: "Father!" (drowned, Icarian Sea, prisoner, c. 500 BC, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

IG-88A: "I think, therefore I am. I destroy, therefore I endure." (destroyed by Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles, Endor, assassin droid, 4 ABY, Mary Jo Duffy, James Kahn, Kevin J. Anderson)

IG-88A (II): Unknown. (detonated, Deep Core, bodyguard, 24 ABY, Mary Jo Duffy, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

IG-88B: “Good. If Boba Fett has gone to the lower levels, he must be establishing some sort of ambush for Solo. Continue your work here. Watch for Solo and his party. They are mine.” (destroyed by Boba Fett, Cloud City, bounty hunter, 3 ABY, Donald F. Glut, Kevin J. Anderson)

IG-88C: “Correct. But if Fett has Han Solo, we already know where he will go.” (destroyed by Boba Fett, Tatooine system, bounty hunter, 3 ABY, Archie Goodwin, Kevin J. Anderson)

IG-88D: “I am far more capable of withstanding the gravometric pressures than you. This tactic has a zero probability of success.” (destroyed by Boba Fett, Tatooine system, bounty hunter, 3 ABY, Nick Tate, Archie Goodwin, Kevin J. Anderson)

Iisner: “You won’t believe it, Solo.” (killed by Davis, Millennium Falcon, criminal, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Ikrit: "I am proud of you, Anakin. Remember -- together, you are stronger than the sum of your parts. I love you. Good-bye." (killed by Peace Brigade, Yavin IV, Jedi Master, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Nancy Richardson, Greg Keyes)

Imsatad: "I'll do no such thing until you—" (killed by Tsaak Vootuh, Yavin system, captain, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Ingrid: "All I wanted was my sisters' love, and now I have it. Now I get to join them." (sacrifice, Storybrooke, queen, 2013, Elizabeth Mitchell, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Iniro, Falan: "Clear shot . . . coming! Be . . . ready!" (killed by TIE fighter, Nar Shaddaa, smuggler, 4 ABY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Iolu: "Hello, Nick." (killed by Nick Rostu, Haruun Kal, Akk Guard, 22 BBY, Sullivan Jones, Matthew Stover)

Irana, Toro: “Regenerate that!” (killed by Mika Anjiliac Chiera, Makem Te, Jedi, 19 ABY, Jeff Grubb)

irm-Drocubac, Nemrileo: “Does she really? From what I’ve heard, she doesn’t have a heart.” (killed by Separatist agents, Coruscant, Senator, 22 BBY, Alexander Adams, Alan Dean Foster)

Isard, Armand: "I had expected this someday, you know, Ysanne." (killed by Ysanne Isard, Imperial Center, Director of Imperial Intelligence, 0 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael A. Stackpole)

Isard, Ysanne: "No? The New Republic won't dare put me on trial. Too many of the people you rely upon to administer the government could be exposed. I know all their secrets, and that includes many members of your precious Senate. I'll never come to trial in a Ministry of Justice court." (killed by Iella Wessiri, Lusankya, Director of Imperial Intelligence, 9 ABY, Henry Thomas, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Isard, Ysanne (II): "It's a lie." (killed by Wedge Antilles, Ciutric IV, Imperial warlord, 9 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Ismaren, Irek: Unknown. (killed by Luke Skywalker, Yuuzhan'tar, Dark Jedi, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly, Aaron Allston)

Ismaren, Roganda: Unknown. (killed by Lord Nyax, Coruscant, Emperor's Hand, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly, Aaron Allston

Isolder: "You're not as clever as you think, Jacen. I'd rather die than fall for your ploy." (killed by Darth Caedus, Anakin Solo, prince, 41 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Dave Wolverton, Troy Denning)

Jabberwocky Guard: "You're a fool. The only thing waiting in that prison is death." (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, guard, 2013, Niels Lennarson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jacqueline: "James! Please!" (killed by Arlo, Enchanted Forest, warrior, 1981, Cassidy Freeman, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jade Skywalker, Mara: "You think you've won, but Luke will crush you. And I refuse to let you destroy the future for my Ben." (killed by Jacen Solo, Kavan, Jedi Master, 40 ABY, Shannon McRandle, Marc Thompson, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn, Karen Traviss)

jai Sheelal, Qymaen: "What?" (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Utapau, general, CIS Head of State, 19 BBY, Matthew Wood, Jonathan Davis, Jeff Gurner, Darrick Bachman, Genndy Tartakovsky, Matthew Stover)

Jaklin, Teeba: “For how long?” (killed by Lok Durd, Lanteeb, teacher, 21 BBY, Jeff Gurner, Karen Miller)

Jamaane, Shimrra: "One thrust and the deed is done!" (killed by Luke Skywalker, Yuuzhan'tar, Supreme Overlord, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes, James Luceno)

James: "No. There's no celebrating today. This was but a simple test. The task before us it too big, too important to make light of. Just because I was easily able to kill this brute doesn't mean -" (killed by the Behemoth, Enchanted Forest, prince, 1981, Josh Dallas, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

James: "Because killing you is my unfinished business." (destroyed by Prince Charming, Underworld, prince, sheriff, 2013, Josh Dallas, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jangotat: "In water we're born, in fire we die. We seed the stars." (sacrifice, Ord Cestus, clone, 21 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Jarril: “What do you want with me?” (killed by a stormtrooper, Spicy Lady, smuggler, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Jashvi: "No, I think it's behind -" (killed by Tesar Sebatyne, Coruscant, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Jaub, Niev: "Bnef nlle, everyone!" (sacrifice, Nar Shaddaa, smuggler, 4 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Jaxton, Merratt: "No one's going to believe this. They'll know it's a murder, and they'll find you." (suicide, Coruscant, general, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning, Christie Golden)

Jeban, Briika: “You promised. Dinua. Gai bal manda.” (sacrifice, Slave I, Mandalorian, 25 ABY, Karen Traviss)

Jekyll, Henry: "I didn't come all this way to stop now. After all, when I heard you were trapped aboard this ship, I couldn't believe my good luck. Finally, the chance I needed to make the Dark One pay." (killed by Killian Jones, Jolly Roger, scientist, 2013, Hank Harris, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jemba: "Of course. I‘ll help you – to death!" (killed by Grelb, Outer Rim, business executive, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Jerec: "I'm sure you haven't forgotten. I'm the one who murdered your father." (killed by Kyle Katarn, Dark Jedi, 5 ABY, Christopher Neame, William C. Dietz)

Jerjerrod, Tiaan: "Accelerate rotation until moon is in range, and then fire on my mark." (killed by Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles, Death Star II, Moff, 4 ABY, Michael Pennington, Peter Dennis, Tony Roberts, James Kahn)

Jester: "What did you wish?" (killed by Queen Regina, Dark Palace, jester, 1982, Stefano Giulianetti, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jinn, Qui-Gon: “He is the Chosen One, Obi-Wan. He will bring balance to the Force. Train him well.” (killed by Darth Maul, Naboo, Jedi Master, 32 BBY, Liam Neeson, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks)

Jinzler, Lorana: "Yes. And may the Force be with us. And with them." (sacrifice, Outbound Flight, Jedi, 27 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

Ji, Phow: “Hey, mechanical! Over here!” (killed by Salissian mercenaries, Drongar, mercenary, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Joe Bob: "My lunch approaches." (killed by Annabeth Chase, Meriwether Prep, giant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Johanna: "Let me go, Snow. It's all right." (killed by Cora, Storybrooke, servant, 2012, Lesley Nicol, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jones, Brennan: "Killian, it's never too late. You can change, be a different man." (killed by Killian Jones, Enchanted Forest, bartender, 1983, Adam Croasdell, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jones, Killian: "What about you, Your Majesty? Shall I make it quick while . . ." (killed by Prince Charming, Enchanted Forest, deckhand, 2013, Colin O'Donoghue, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jones, Killian (II): "It's okay." (killed by Emma Swan, Storybrooke, pirate, sorcerer, 2013, Colin O'Donoghue, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jones, Liam: "Oh, they will. To fight battles using unholy weapons is, as you say, bad form." (suicide, Enchanted Forest, soldier, 1848, Bernard Curry, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Jones, Liam (II): "Please come back to me." (drowned to death, Enchanted Forest, spirit, 1848, Bernard Curry, Kalinda Vasquez)

Jukassa, Zett: Unknown. (killed by Fox, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Jett Lucas, Matthew Stover)

Jurokk: "Anakin, what's going on? Something's happened. Something horrible. How bad is it -?" (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover)

Kaan, Skere: "Feel the power of the dark side. Surrender to it. Surrender to the unified whole. Let us become one." (suicide, Ruusan, Sith Lord, 1000 BBY, 5 ABY, Jonathan Davis, William C. Dietz, Drew Karpyshyn)

Kai, Tamith: “And now you are disarmed. You waste my time, child. Why don’t you save us both some trouble and just lie down and die?” (killed by Tenel Ka Djo, Yavin IV, Nightsister, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Kaileel, Detian: "I'm sorry, little Crimson." (killed by Adion Lang, Kuari Princess, Security Chief, Rebel spy, 0 BBY, Charlene Newcomb)

Kas'im: “I will follow you wherever you run. Wherever you go I will eventually find you and kill you. Don’t live your life in fear, Bane. Better to end it now.” (killed by Darth Bane, Lehon, Sith Blademaster, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Katarn, Morgan: "A Gamorrean princess delivers my orders every morning and lives under my barn." (killed by Jerec, Vengeance, Rebel, 1 BBY, David Chase, William C. Dietz)

Kay: "Why not? Because of some prophecy from some old wizard? So I should accept you as my king? No thank you. I just need to take what I want, and then I shall be the greatest king in all the realms." (accidental suicide, Camelot, knight, 1976, Lee Majdoub, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Kee: Unknown. (killed by Darth Vader, Mimban, Yuzzem, 2 ABY, Alan Dean Foster)

Kekrops: "SLITHER AWAY!" (killed by Frank Zhang, Athens, king, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Kelli: "No . . . school . . . spirit . . ." (killed by Annabeth Chase, Daedalus's workshop, empousa, 2008, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Kempo, Lex: "Just don't let people forget about me, right?" (sacrifice, Gabredor III, mercenary, 9 ABY, Tony Russo)

Kem, Rokari: "Oh, no, I should hate to be that. My entire philosophy rejects this. Everyone has something special, something truly unique, to contribute. I had what was needed at the time it was needed, nothing more or less. Those who stood by me for so many years are as able as I am to guide my people. I do not say lead - simply guide." (killed by Abeloth, Coruscant, Senator, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Kenobi, Obi-Wan: “This is a fight you cannot win, Darth. Your power has matured since I taught you, but I too have grown much since our parting. If my blade finds its mark, you will cease to exist. But if you cut me down, I will only become more powerful. Heed my words.” (killed by Darth Vader, Death Star I, Jedi Master, 0 BBY, Alec Guiness, Bernard Behrens, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Khai, Gavar: "So be it. I am done with you." (killed by Vestara Khai, Dromund Kaas, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Khai, Lahka: "Not our Vestara. She knows her duty. To the dark side, to the Sith, to the Lost Tribe, to us. Even if she falters, I have faith she will not truly fall from the path." (killed by Abeloth, Kesh, Sith minion, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Ki-Adi-Mundi: "Come on!" (killed by Commander Bacara, Mygeeto, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Silas Carson, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Kibbick: "How dare you? I'll have you executed! Farewell? Are you saying you're quitting? Leaving?" (killed by Teroenza, Ylesia, Hutt, 1 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Kidnapper: "You're a monster!" (killed by Ingrid, Arendelle, kidnapper, 1946, Ryan Booth, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Kim, Ronhar: "Die well." (killed by Palpatine, Merson, Jedi Master, 22 BBY, Daniel Davis, John Ostrander)

Kim, Vidar: “I need you to understand, son, that I'm not without influence. There are things that I know to which even the Jedi aren't privy. I can be useful to you, Ronhar, if you're willing to be useful to me." (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Senator, 52 BBY, Daniel Davis, John Ostrander)

Kindra: “I did what you wanted! He opened it! Now let me go! Let me—” (killed by Sith zombies, Odacer-Faustin, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Kinzie: "Praetor." (killed by Orion, Puerto Rico, Amazon, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Koax: “Hubris. If you reject the kindness of the gods, you will be punished for it.” (suicide, Dennogra, criminal, 19 ABY, Jeff Grubb)

Kolar, Agen: "It doesn't hurt." (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Tux Akindoyeni, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Koon, Plo: "There they are. Land on the nearest platform." (killed by clones, Cato Neimoidia, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Matt Sloan, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Koon, Sha: "Gladly. Killer of younglings. Betrayer of friends. Destroyer of the Jedi to whom you claimed allegiance. Animal. I have longed for this day." (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial Center, Jedi, 19 BBY, John Ostrander)

Kopecz: “You promised me death. I wish to fall in combat. If you hold back at all, you will be the one who dies here today. Do you understand?” (killed by Valenthyne Farfalla, Ruusan, Sith Lord, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Kore, Ulaha: “You must start the drop. They are shooting tentacles at us.” (sacrifice, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Korelei: "That is impossible. The only way to kill the Jedi is to find them, and the only way to find them is to flush them out." (killed by Abeloth, Coruscant, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Korsin, Devore: “Yaru? Yaru — I can’t see.” (killed by Yaru Korsin, Kesh, Sith, 5000 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Korsin, Nida: "Yes, that's what they tell me. Goodbye." (natural causes, Kesh, Sith Grand Lord, 4896 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Korsin, Jariad: "What in blazes?" (killed by Nida Korsin, Kesh, Sith Lord, 4975 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Korsin, Seelah: “Nida. Nida, you’re my child.” (killed by Nida Korsin, Kesh, Sith, after 4975 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Korsin, Yaru: "Nida, my daughter, you're more than the only good thing to come from Seelah. You're the future of the Sith on this planet. It wasn't… our choice to live here. But it is… our choice not to die here. That choice… will be made by you…" (killed in combat, Kesh, Sith Grand Lord, 4975 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Koyan, Sadras: "Get me to Coronet immediately." (killed by GAG, Centerpoint Station, Prime Minister, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Kraal, Charat: "Disobedience is death. Unless you win. And you cannot win by surrendering." (killed in combat, Pyria system, warrior, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Kraal, Penzak: "We'll enter their launching bays and destroy the facilities there, then gut the ship from within." (killed by the Mon Mothma, Pyria system, warrior, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Krail, Davish: “Lost Tiree... lost Dutch. They drop in behind you, and you can’t maneuver in the trench. Sorry... it’s your baby now. So long, Dave—” (killed by Darth Vader, Yavin, Gold Five, 0 BBY, Graham Ashley, Alan Dean Foster)

Kratas: "Admiral, I--” (killed in combat, Deep Core, commander, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Krayn: "Not by the likes of you, boy!" (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Nar Shaddaa, slaver, 27 BBY, Jude Watson)

Kre'fey, Laryn: "If they could have shot, they would have done so by now. Resistance is ended. It is time to claim our prize." (killed by Evir Derricote, Borleias, general, 6.5 ABY, Henry Thomas, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Krell, Pong: "Eventually, you'll have to do the right thing, and -- " (killed by Dogma, Umbara, Dark Jedi, 21 BBY, Dave Fennoy, George Lucas)

Krennel, Delak: "Our dying enemies can't be allowed to leave. After all, the fun has just started, hasn't it?" (killed by the New Republic, Reckoning, Imperial warlord, 9 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Krios: "You can try, but I won't be stuck in this stinking pit any longer!" (killed by Tartarus, Tartarus, Titan, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Kritkeen, Sinick: "No! No, please!" (killed by Dengar, Aruza, general, 3 ABY, Dave Wolverton)

Kronos: "NO!" (killed by Luke Castellan, Mount Olympus, Titan Lord, 2009, Robert Knepper, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Krul, Kaox: "Time to die, Jedi." (killed by Crian Maru, Balowa, Sith, 1000 BBY, Bill Slavicsek)

Ku, Denua: "I will now kill you, Viqi." (killed by Lord Nyax, Yuuzhan'tar, warrior, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Kun, Exar: "My spirit will live forever! Forever!" (killed by the Jedi, Yavin IV, Sith Lord, 3996 BBY, Peter Reneday, Kevin J. Anderson)

Kun, Exar (II): "No!" (destroyed by the Jedi, Yavin IV, Sith Lord, 11 ABY, Peter Beneday, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Kuro, An'ya: "Is that what you believe?" (killed by Darth Vader, Cophrigin V, Jedi Master, 0 BBY, Jan Stmad, Ron Marz)

Kwaad, Mezhan: "Nen Yim. Drag those two on board." (killed by Tahiri Veila, Yavin IV, Master Shaper, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Laa: "Goodbye, Rain." (killed by Petja, Ruusan, Bouncer, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Lah, Czulkang: "Be quiet, my son, and know that my last words were reserved for you. Fare well, and may the gods smile upon you, as they once did upon me." (killed by Lusankya, Borleias, Supreme Commander, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Lah, Khalee: "The battle was a failure. The Jeedai escaped. It would seem that I was infected with heresy, or the gods would have allowed me to die in glorious battle. My failure can only serve to tarnish my domain. The name of the warmaster, whom you name friend." (killed by Harrar, Hapes, warrior, 27 ABY, Alexander Adams, Elaine Cunningham)

Lah, Maal: “They think they've escaped, subaltern. But I know they have not.” (killed in combat, Ylesia, commander, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Troy Denning, Walter Jon Williams)

Lah, Tsavong: "What of her? Isn't she coming?" (killed by Jaina Solo, Ebaq IX, warmaster, 28 ABY, Anthony Heald, Jonathan Davis, Michael A. Stackpole, Walter Jon Williams)

Lance, Laurel: "Please don't let me be the last Canary. That way, a part of me will always be out there with you." (killed by Damien Darhk, Star City, vigilante, lawyer, 2016, Katie Cassidy, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Lance, Quentin: "Thanks, Oliver, for everything." (killed by Ricardo Diaz, Star City, mayor, 2017, Paul Blackthorne, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Lance, Sara: "What are you doing here?" (killed by Thea Queen, Star City, vigilante, assassin, 2014, Caity Lotz, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Lands, Roan: "Don’t give yourself away for me." (killed by Darth Vader, Bellassa, resistance fighter, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Lars, Owen: "I never did much care for the Rebel movement, but now I hope they find every one of you bantha slime and grill your carcasses!" (killed by Mod Terrik, Tatooine, moisture farmer, 0 BBY, Phil Brown, Thomas Hill, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster, Doug Beason)

Laufeyson, Loki: "You will never be . . . a god." (killed by Thanos, Statesman, god of mischief, 2018, Tom Hiddleston, Marc Thompson, Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Lawrence, Bryce: "No! No, I am Bryce Lawrence! I'm alive!" (killed by Nico di Angelo, Buford, demigod, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Leem, Maks: “I know. But not by you.” (killed by Asajj Ventress, Phindar Station, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Sean Stewart)

Lekauf, Jori: "Yeah, like you'll have a nice chat with me about Gejjen. I killed the scumbag and I'm proud of it. He was caving in to the GA. Lining his own pockets. I'm a patriot. You hear? I love Corellia. They ought to give me a medal." (sacrifice, Vulpter, lieutenant, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Karen Traviss)

Lemelisk, Bevel: "Stop this!" (killed by Palpatine, Imperial Center, engineer, 0 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael Stern, Kevin J. Anderson)

Lemelisk, Bevel (II): "At least make sure you do it right this time." (executed, Coruscant, engineer, 16 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael Stern, Daniel Wallace)

Leneus: "Did . . . did we win?" (killed of unknown means, Manhattan, satyr, 2009, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Lensi: “Did you know?” (killed by Wedge Antilles, Corellian system, Rogue Leader, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes, Aaron Allston)

Leopold: "You were right. I should never have made that wish." (killed by the Genie of Agrabah, Enchanted Forest, king, 1976, Richard Schiff, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Lesh: “Windu—” (killed by Mace Windu, Haruun Kal, rebel, 22 BBY, Sullivan Jones, Matthew Stover)

Levesque, Hazel: "No. I won't live. Not for that." (sacrifice, Alaska, demigod, 1942, Joshua Swanson, Rick Riordan)

Levesque, Marie: "You were my gift, Hazel. My most precious gift. I was foolish to think I needed anything else." (sacrifice, Alaska, fortune teller, 1942, Joshua Swanson, Rick Riordan)

Lian, Deign: “I understand, Master. This one awaits your pleas—What was that?” (killed by the New Republic, Legacy of Torment, warrior, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Llitishi: “That is not necessarily true—” (killed by Jangotat, Ord Cestus, executive, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Lobi, Tresina: “... Skywalker he was ... Lumiya IS following Ben ... is more ... Lumiya is—” (killed by Alema Rar, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Kathy Tyers, Troy Denning)

Logovik: “You got what you deserve, maggot.” (killed by Vas Nailhead, Cog Hive Seven, guard, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Loor, Kirtan: "After you." (killed by Diric Wessiri, Coruscant, Imperial Intelligence agent, 7 ABY, Henry Thomas, Marc Thompson, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Lsu, Raskta: “The handle!” (killed by Darth Zannah, Tython, Jedi, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Lucas, Anita: "You chose her." (killed by Red Riding Hood, Enchanted Forest, werewolf, 1980, Annabeth Gish, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Lucia: “I already said I owe you my life. If you want to take it now, that is your right.” (killed by Darth Zannah, Doan, bodyguard, bounty hunter, 980 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Lundi, Murk: "I just... just hope it's not too late." (natural causes, Ploo system, professor, convict, 29 BBY, Jude Watson)

Lupin, Remus: "Molly, how about this? Why doesn't Ginny stay here? Then at least she'll be on the scene and know what's going on. But she won't be in the middle of the fighting." (killed by Antonin Dolohov, Hogwarts, werewolf, 1998, David Thewlis, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Lusa: Unknown. (killed by voxyn, Chiron, Jedi, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Vonda N. McIntyre, Troy Denning)

Lussk, Rance: "No." (killed by Hestizo Trace, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Luzo, Flen: "Of course, Grand Lord." (killed by Lillia Venn, Kesh, Sith, 3960 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Luzo, Sawj: "None of us, Grand Lord." (killed by Lillia Venn, Kesh, Sith, 3960 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Lydgate, Mary: "Please let me go." (killed by Henry Jekyll, Victorian England, noblewoman, 1980s, Elizabeth Blackmore, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

M-TD: “Who? Lomi and—” (destroyed by Lomi Plo and Welk, Yoggoy, translator droid, 27 ABY, Anthony Daniels, Alexander Adams, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Troy Denning)

Madakor, Maori: "Shields up!" (killed by the Trade Federation, Saak'ak, captain, 32 BBY, Bronagh Gallagher, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks)

Madine, Crix: "Not to you." (killed by Durga Besadii Tai, Darksaber, commando, 12 ABY, Dermot Crowley, Tom Kane, Anthony Heald, James Kahn, Kevin J. Anderson)

Maggs: "Wait!" (killed by Kindra, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Magneta, Maris: "Palpatine double-crossed me, even after I allowed his agent, Pestage, to get away with the murder of more than a dozen pro-Gungan Naboo. Instead of being taken into the fold, I end up here, in humiliated self-exile for failing to save Veruna's life." (killed by Darth Maul, Naboo, guard, 32 BBY, Daniel Davis, David West Reynolds, James Luceno)

Mahlor, Tiyuu'cha: "No, please. I'll give you everything, then go away . . ." (killed by Drikl Lecersen, Coruscant, Senator, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Mai, Shu: "Please! Pleee -- " (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Separatist, 19 BBY, Chris Truswell, Jonathan Davis, Alan Dean Foster, Matthew Stover)

Malak, Darth: "And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing." (killed by Revan, Star Forge, Sith Lord, 3956 BBY, Rafael Ferrar, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Mallar, Plat: “This is Red Leader. On my way, Blue Five, with company. Take the first one—we’ll get the rest.” (sacrifice, over N'zoth, pilot, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael P. Kube-McDowell)

Malorum: "I've learned from the best." (killed by Ferus Olin, Naboo, Imperial Inquisitor, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Malreaux, Whie: "Yes." (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Coinneach Alexander, Jonathan Davis, Sean Stewart, Matthew Stover)

Marek, Galen: "No!" (killed by Palpatine, Death Star I, Jedi, 2 BBY, Samuel Witwer, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams)

Marek, Kento: "Run! Run now! Don't look back!" (killed by Darth Vader, Kashyyyk, Jedi, 18 BBY, Tom Kane, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams)

Marian: "All due respect, I don’t trust you . . . or believe you. So unless you’re kidnapping me, I’m going to go find my family." (killed by Zelena, Enchanted Forest, thief, 1981, Christie Laing, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Marr, Nichos: Unknown. (Quannot's Syndrome, Jedi, 12 ABY, Barbara Hambly)

Marr, Nichos (II): “Luke, you know I was never more than a substitute; a droid programmed to think, and remember, and act like someone Cray wanted very much to keep. And that might have suited me, if I hadn’t loved her—truly loved her—as well. But I’m not the living Nichos, and I know I never can be. I would always be something less, something that was not.” (sacrifice, Eye of Palpatine, droid, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly)

Marrow Sucker: "Flesh! Hero flesh for lunch!" (killed by Tyson, Meriwether Prep, giant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Maru, Crian: "You don't understand, do you?" (killed by Kaox Krul, Balowa, Jedi, 1000 BBY, Bill Slavicsek)

Maruk, Jai: "I won't." (killed by Asajj Ventress, Phindar, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Sean Stewart)

Masana, Callista: "Don't leave me, Geith. I can't do it alone." (sacrifice, Eye of Palpatine, Jedi, 18 BBY, Anthony Heald, Jeff Gurner, Barbara Hambly)

Massassi: "Here!" (killed by Relin Druur, Harbinger, guard, 5,000 BBY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Mat, Sinan: "The tizowyrm doesn't know that word, forgive. What—" (killed by Anakin Solo, Yavin IV, warrior, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Matalis, Eru: “It was just a matter of getting them to activate the force field. The scanner detected the activation. The holocam is going to do the rest.” (killed by Arwen Cohl, Eriadu, terrorist, journalist, 33 BBY, Alexander Adams, James Luceno)

Matchstick: "Watch out!" (killed by Malevolence, clone, 22 BBY, Dee Bradley Baker, Tim Burns)

Mathal: “Taarrnneeesseee—!” (killed by Tarnese Bleyd, Drongar, Black Sun agent, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Maul, Darth: “Where do you think I’m going, Viceroy? I’m going to main hangar to rid you of the Jedi once and for all.” (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Naboo, Sith Lord, 32 BBY, Peter Serafinowicz, Ray Park, Michael Cumpsty, Jonathan Davis, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks, Ryder Windham)

Maul, Darth (II): "That day in Theed I fell so far from what I was. When I came to rest, all I could see was you. But I rose from my ruin to find myself greater . . . and all the days since have been to your end." (killed by Owen Lars, Tatooine, Sith Lord, 16 BBY, Peter Serafinowicz, Ray Park, Terry Brooks, Aaron McBride)

Maul, Darth (III): "What could you hate enough to destroy me?" (killed by Darth Vader, Kalakar Six, Sith Lord, 0 BBY, Peter Serafinowicz, Ray Park, Terry Brooks, Ron Marz)

Maximoff, Wanda: "No!" (killed by Thanos, Wakanda, Avenger, 2018, Elizabeth Olsen, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Medea: "Oh, well done, Apollo. You made this pandos die for your sake for nothing. My magic is far enough along. I'll just flay you the old-fashioned way. And as for your friends . . . Ventus, kill them!" (killed by Piper McLean, Los Angeles, sorceress, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Medusa: "Too late." (killed by Percy Jackson, Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium, gorgon, 2006, Uma Thurman, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Meewalh: "A starfighter. I have no idea whose. All I was able to see was a blurry tail of ion exhaust." (killed by Jacen Solo, Millennium Falcon, bodyguard, Jonathan Davis, 40 ABY, Greg Keyes, Troy Denning)

Megaera: "So do I." (killed by Percy Jackson, New Jersey, Erinye, 2006, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Megara: "No, he'll kill you." (killed by Cerberus, Enchanted Forest, princess, 1972, Kacey Rohl, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Melne, Dren: “I can jump out of here under my own power!” (killed by Agamari pirates, Naboo, mercenary, 33 BBY, Steve Miller)

Menshikov, Vladimir: "I am Chaos itself! I will unknit your bones, dissolve your soul, and send you back to the primordial ooze you came from. Now, give me the scarab!" (killed by Apophis, Duat, magician, 2009, Katherine Kellgren, Kevin R. Free, Rick Riordan)

Merit, Klo: “You won’t use that blaster, Jos. I know you. You’re a doctor, a compassionate man. You save lives, you don’t take them. I’ve seen you during times whe you’ve been on your feet all day, completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake, just to save the life of one single clone. You can’t do this. It’s against everything you are.” (killed by Jos Vondar, physician, Black Sun agent, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Merlin: "But you're not really here." (killed by Killian Jones, Camelot, sorcerer, 2013, Elliot Knight, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Merlyn, Malcolm: "Let me show you." (sacrifice, Lian Yu, criminal, John Barrowman, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Merlyn, Tommy: "Thank you." (killed by Malcolm Merlyn, Star City, businessman, 2013, Colin Donnell, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Mermaid: "You'll kill yourselves. Now let me go." (killed by Queen Regina, Jolly Roger, mermaid, 2012, Natasha Wilson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Merrik, Tal: "Come on, then! Who will strike first and brand themselves a cold-blooded killer?" (killed by Anakin Skywalker, human, 21 BBY, Greg Proops, Paul Dini)

Micamberlecto: “I don’t know. It’s hard to know anything. Too little staff. They are all here, working, and all loyal and trusted, but half the com systems are down. We are helpless, helpless to do more than watch.” (killed by members of the Human League, Corellia, Governor-General, 18 ABY, Anthony Heald, Roger MacBride Allen)

Midnight, Proxima: "He'll die alone. As will you." (killed by Wanda Maximoff, Wakanda, Child of Thanos, 2018, Carrie Coon, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Milah: "I love you." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, pirate, 1862, Rachel Shelley, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Milah: "Emma!" (destroyed by Rumplestiltskin, Underworld, crossing guard, 2013, Rachel Shelley, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Minos: "You tell Daedalus. You tell him I will hound him even after death! If there is any justice in the Underworld, my soul will haunt him for eternity!" (killed by Aelia, Sicily, king, c. 500 BC, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Mimas: "Foolish girl! The makhai have abandoned you!" (killed by Piper McLean and Deimos, Sparta, giant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Ming, Callista: "Luke . . . Join with me. Save me." (killed by Abeloth, Nam Chorios, Jedi, 44 ABY, Anthony Heald, Jeff Gurner, Marc Thompson, Barbara Hambly, Aaron Allston)

Mingla, Cray: “Nichos is on the other side, Luke. I know it, and Nichos . . . And this Nichos knows it. Remember us.” (sacrifice, Eye of Palpatine, Jedi, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly)

Mithric, Thann: "Do all the Horns delight in their logical faculties?" (killed by Darth Caedus, Coruscant, Jedi, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Mitth'ras'safis: "Then let us bring this part of history to a close. May warriors' fortune smile upon our efforts." (sacrifice, Outbound Flight, Syndic, 27 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Timothy Zahn)

Mitth'raw'nuruodo: "But it was so artistically done." (killed by Rukh, Chimaera, Grand Admiral, 9 ABY, Robin Atkin Downes, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Momen, Reija: “I am Reija Momen, director of the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn. My staff and I are being held prisoner by an armed Separatist force. The commander of that force demands you order the troops now opposing him to withdraw from Praesitlyn immediately. For every hour you delay issuing that order, one of my staff will be executed, ending with me. I beg you, for the sake of my people, Attack! Attack! Attack!” (killed by a battle droid, Praesitlyn, chief administrator, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, David Sherman, Dan Cragg)

Monchar, Hath: “Nooo- “ (killed by Darth Maul, Coruscant, Deputy Viceroy, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Ron Marz, Michael Reaves)

Moorlu: "Got you, Boba Fett! Now I can take care of you, steal everything you own-and use it to chase down Bornan Thul." (killed by Ailyn Vel, bounty hunter, 24 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Mothma, Mon: "So gracious, Jedi Solusar. Thank you." (natural causes, Chandrila, politician, 24 ABY, Caroline Blakiston, Marc Thompson, Anthony Heald, James Kahn, R.A. Salvatore)

Motti, Conan Antonio: "They've fired proton torpedoes down an auxiliary heat shaft! Incoming! Incoming! The reactor will blow!" (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, admiral, 0 BBY, Richard LeParmentier, David Clennon, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Moudama, Foul: Unknown. (killed by General Grievous, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Genndy Tartakovsky, James Luceno)

Muln, Garen: "The galaxy will find its balance again. It won't need us to do it." (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, Jedi Master, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Murtog: “Lie flat on the ground and put your hands behind your head. If not, we open fire.” (killed in combat, Dromund Kaas, captain, 3950 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Mushkil: "I am Mushkil of Clan Baikh'vair. The way to a Jedi is through me." (killed by Krag Val, Garqi, commando, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Nailhead, Vasco: "Yeah? What's that?" (killed by the Syrox, Cog Hive Seven, inmate, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Nakamura, Ethan: "Deserve better . . . if they just had . . . thrones . . . " (sacrifice, Mount Olympus, Nemesis's son, 2009, Danny Le Boyer, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Nakay, Terrel: "Stinkin' Jedi. Go on an' kill me. Go on an' kill everybody." (killed by Kar Vastor, Haruun Kal, Korun, 22 BBY, Sullivan Jones, Matthew Stover)

Nandreeson: “You know, Solo, you’re right. This drowning method lacks originality. I’m tired of watching a man die slowly. Let’s speed it up, shall we?” (killed by Chewbacca, Skip 6, crime lord, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Naomi: "That wouldn't work . . . would it?" (killed by Orion, Puerto Rico, huntress, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Navett, Drend: "Conversation's over. Enjoy the fire." (killed in action, Bothawui, Imperial Intelligence agent, 19 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Needa, Lorth: "N-no — my lord — I beg you . . ." (killed by Darth Vader, Executer, captain, 3 ABY, Michael Culver, Nicholas Kepros, Jonathan Davis, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut, Brian Daley)

Nemoidian: "But sir, once they're gone . . ." (killed by General Grievous, Invisible Hand, gunner, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover)

Nenn: Unknown. (killed by Abeloth, Nam Chorios, Master of the Theran Listeners, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Nereus, Wilek: "No! You can't be here! Get back on board! You'll infest us all! You don't realize-" (killed by Luke Skywalker, Bakura, governor, 4 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers)

Nero: “You’ve given him victory. You’ve—” (killed by Apollo, New York, Roman emperor, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Ngaaluh: "I will tell you nothing." (suicide, Yuuzhan'tar, heretic and spy, 28 ABY, Martha Harmon Pardee, Greg Keyes, Sean Williams)

Niathal, Cha: "This has been done with honor, without error, and by my choosing. Niathal out." (suicide, Mon Calamari, admiral, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Nickter, Wim: “It was Lussk! He used the Force on me, he—” (killed by Darth Scabrous, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Nightshade, Zoe: "I see stars, milady." (killed by Ladon and Atlas, Mount Othrys, lieutenant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Nimue: "You can't stop us." (killed by Killian Jones, Storybrooke, demon, 2013, Caroline Ford, Robert Carlyle, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Nkik, Het: "Yes, I accept the trade. Keep the talisman for now. Bring me the price we agreed on the morning." (killed by 1047, Tatooine, trader, 0 BBY, uncredited actor, Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason)

Nobis, Ona: "Come on, children. You can do better." (killed by Adi Gallia, Belasco, bounty hunter, 43 BBY, Jude Watson)

Nod, Lorian: "Could it be that you encouraged my fears? Looking back, I find that strange. I would not have done that to you. I would not have fed your fears, but tried to allay them." (killed by Darth Tyranus, Null, 22 BBY, leader of Junction V, Jude Watson)

Nome, Rugess: "You've risked everything to undo me! The entire future of the Sith! My instincts about you prove correct, after all!" (killed by Darth Plagueis, Bal'demnic, Sith, ship designer, 67 BBY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno, Matthew Stover)

Norand Goss Pell, Akanah: "Luke, forgive me. I didn't . . . I didn't understand." (killed by Abeloth, Pydyr, Fallanassi, 44 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Michael P. Kube-McDowell, Troy Denning)

Norval: "You have no idea what you are up against." (killed by Carnor Jax's father, Ploo system, Sith minion, 29 BBY, Jude Watson)

Norys: “Go stick your head up an exhaust tube. I’m not letting an old coward tell me what to do.” (killed by Qorl, over Yavin IV, pilot, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Notsil, Tavin: "Easily done." (killed by Myn Donos, Aldivy, mercenary, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Aaron Allston)

Nu, Jocasta: "Skywalker?" (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Alethea McGrath, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson, John Ostrander)

Nyriss, Darth: "Gaze upon me and see your doom! I am Darth Nyriss, Lord of the Sith. I am the conqueror of Drezzi, the destroyer of Melldia, and a member of the Dark Council!" (killed by Revan, Dromund Kaas, Sith Lord, 3950 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Obsidian, Cull: N/A (killed by Bruce Banner, Wakanda, Child of Thanos, 2018, Terry Notary, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Octavian: "Goodbye, Gaea! Goodbye, Jason Grace the traitor!" (accidental suicide, Camp Half-Blood, centurion, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Octusi: "No." (killed by Belok Rhal, Blaudus Sextus, slave, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Offee, Barriss: Unknown. (killed by Lieutenant Galle, Felucia, Jedi, 19 BBY, Nalini Krishan, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Chuck Benson, Alan Dean Foster, Matthew Stover)

Ogomoor: “Honored representatives of the Ansionian Unity of cities and towns! I beg you to grant me a moment of your time. I have information that will be of great use to you in the rendering of your decision. I know whereof the—” (killed by Soergg Vosadii Bezhin, Ansion, majordomo, 22 BBY, Alexander Adams, Alan Dean Foster)

Olin, Ferus: "You can kill me if you want. But you will never kill Anakin. I suspect someday, he'll kill you." (killed by Darth Vader, Sixela system, Jedi, 0 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson, Alex Wheeler)

Olmahk: “Keep your head down, Lady Vader.” (killed by Yuuzhan Vong, Duro, bodyguard, 26 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael Cumpsty, Michael A. Stackpole, Kathy Tyers)

Olyphant: Unknown. (killed by Vas Nailhead and Massif, Cog Hive Seven, guard, 33 BBY, Joe Schreiber)

Omas, Cal: "Go, Ben. And forgive me." (sacrifice, Coruscant, Chief of State, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, R.A. Salvatore, Troy Denning)

Omega, Granta: "I know who he is. You will wish you did." (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Korriban, terrorist, 24 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson)

Onimi: "How is this so? you ask yourself. How did it come to this? Because your military created a poison that was to kill my people, and instead I have sent it back to kill the very world you persuaded to join you to fight against us. Is there not in that the hand of a new god, Jeedai Yun-Shuno? Where is your precious Force now -- the lingering exhalations of Yun-Yuuzhan -- that this has been allowed to happen?" (killed by Jacen Solo, The Citadel, Supreme Overlord, 29 ABY, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes, James Luceno)

OnSon, Skot: “But how much money have we raised from our raids? Wasn’t it supposed to be a survivors’ fund?” (killed in combat, Ord Cestus, Desert Wind operative, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Oola: "No chuba negatori. Na! Na! Natoota." (killed by Jabba's rancor, Tatooine, dancer, 4 ABY, Femi Taylor, James Kahn, Kathy Tyers)

Oolth: “What are you doing? We have to get out of here!” (accidental death, Coruscant, Black Sun secretary, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Ron Marz, Michael Reaves)

Opress, Savage: "Brother, I am an unworthy apprentice. I'm not like you. I never was." (killed by Palpatine, Mandalore, Sith apprentice, 21 BBY, Clancy Browm, George Lucas)

Oracle: "I know, and I won't leave your side until we do. I promise you, we will find him, Jasmine." (killed by Queen Regina, Storybrooke, oracle, 2013, Jordyn Ashley Olson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Orang: "No . . ." (killed by Cyrus, Wonderland, guard, 2013, Hugo Steele, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Orbus, Evar: "Not my problem. Stay where you are!" (killed by Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, Tatooine, musician, 4 ABY, John Gregory Betancourt)

Oreius: "He-he! He-he!" (killed by Chiron, Princess Andromeda, giant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Organa, Bail: "Leia, daughter, you already have. You already have. Now hurry." (killed by Wilhuff Tarkin, Alderaan, Viceroy, 0 BBY, Jimmy Smits, Stephen Elliott, Jonathan Davis, Jeff Gurner, Alan Dean Foster, Brian Daley)

Orion: "You have failed! I still live!" (killed by Reyna Ramírez-Arellano and Athena, New York, giant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Orvak: “Hey!” (killed in combat, Yavin IV, pilot, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Oryon: “We need ships. Fast ones.” (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, spy, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Ossilege, Hortel: “I can’t—I can’t move my arm. I can’t push the button.” (sacrifice, Intruder, admiral, 18 ABY, Anthony Heald, Roger MacBride Allen)

Ostrogoth, Jura: "Thanks." (killed by Darth Scabrous, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Othone, Johun: “But Master Valenthyne—” (killed by Darth Zannah, Tython, Jedi, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Ovin, Grunel: "Lick up their spittle, Chief Daala. I laugh at you from beyond your reach." (sacrifice, over Coruscant, freedom fighter, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Ovin, Padnel: "No! I'm not done yet! I'm allowed to speak as long as I wish, and speak I -" (killed by Abeloth, Coruscant, Chief of State, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston, Christie Golden)

Ozzel, Kendal: "Lord Vader, the fleet has moved out of lightspeed and we're preparing to -" (killed by Darth Vader, Executer, admiral, 3 ABY, Michael Sheard, Peter Michael Goetz, Marc Thompson, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut)

Pablo-Jill: Unknown. (killed by General Grievous, Invisible Hand, Jedi, 19 BBY, James Luceno)

Pagorski, Lydea: "I understand. Feel free." (killed by Abeloth, Coruscant, lieutenant, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Palpatine: "Young fool! Only now at the end, do you understand. Your puerile skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You have paid a price for your lack of vision. Now, young Skywalker, you will pay the price in full. You will die!" (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Death Star II, Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor, 4 ABY, Ian McDiarmid, Paul Hecht, Daniel Davis, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut, James Kahn)

Palpatine (II): "The Corellian has killed me . . . I feel it . . . I am done . . . It is time . . . to enter the child as I promised -- who will you kill now, Han Solo? Your own son?" (killed by Han Solo and Empatojayos Brand, Onderon, Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor, 11 ABY, Ian McDiarmid, Nick Jameson, Marc Thompson, Donald F. Glut, Tom Veitch)

Palpatine, Cosinga: "If the Force birthed you, then I curse it! I curse it!" (killed by Palpatine, Naboo, nobleman, 67 BBY, Daniel Davis, James Luceno)

Palpatine, Madam: "Cosinga!" (killed by Palpatine, Naboo, noblewoman, 67 BBY, Daniel Davis, James Luceno)

Pan: "Thank you, dear satyr. My final blessing." (natural causes, New Mexico, god, 2008, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Pan, Peter: "Rumple, please. You can stop this. Remove the dagger. We can start over. We can have a happy ending." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Storybrooke, sorcerer, 2012, Robbie Kay, Stephen Lord, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Pan, Peter (II): "No. Why?" (destroyed by Rumplestiltskin, Underworld, sorcerer, pawnbroker, 2013, Robbie Kay, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Paratus, Kazdan: "I'm sorry, my Masters. I've failed you." (killed by Galen Marek, Raxus Prime, Jedi, 2 BBY, Larry Drake, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams)

Parker, Peter: "I don't know what's happening. I don't know. I don't want to go. I don't want to go, sir. Please. Please. I don't want to go. I don't want to go." (killed by Thanos, Titan, Avenger, 2018, Tom Holland, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Parova, Sallinor: "Of course I wouldn't. Let's get going. I've got a lot of work to do -- and some people we need to get rid of." (killed by the Sith, Coruscant, Chief of Naval Operations, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston, Christie Golden)

Patrell, Jav: “General Calrissian. We have a problem.” (killed in combat, over Mindor, captain, 5 ABY, Matthew Stover)

Pavan, Lorn: “Thank you... Senator Palpatine.” (killed by Darth Maul, Coruscant, information broker, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Reaves)

Pellaeon, Gilad: "Quille." (killed by Tahiri Veila, Bloodfin, Imperial Head of State, 41 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn, Karen Traviss)

Percival: "Because Arthur would have stopped me from doing this." (killed by Prince Charming, Camelot, knight, 2013, Andrew Jenkins, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Perdix: "Uncle!" (killed by Daedalus, Athens, apprentice, c. 500 BC, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Pernicar: "I don't like splitting our squads like this." (killed in combat, Ruusan, Jedi, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Pestage, Sate: "I do, and it will be up to you to command them and even expand what I have. When you do, you will find I am a generous man." (killed by Delak Krennel, Ciutric IV, Galactic Emperor, 5 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Daniel Davis, Leigh Brackett, Lawrence Kasdan, Michael A. Stackpole)

Peter: "Please! Red! No! Red! No! Red! Red, no!" (killed by Red Riding Hood, Enchanted Forest, blacksmith, 1980, Jesse Hutch, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Petja: “What’s the mat—” (killed by Zannah, Ruusan, Jedi, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Pettigrew, Peter: "Stand back! Stand away from the door. I am coming in." (suicide, Malfoy Manor, Death Eater, 1998, Timothy Spall, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Phanan, Ton: "Ah. That's good to know. Hey, we've stopped again." (killed by Imperial pilots, Halmad, pilot, pirate, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Aaron Allston)

Phoebe: "Get out of here!" (killed by Orion, Puerto Rico, huntress, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Piell, Even: "Oh, don't be an idiot. Move me and I'll come apart like a holopuzzle. I'm done—we both know it. Someone must take over my mission. Now pay attention…" (killed by stormtroopers, Imperial Center, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Michaela Cottrell, Christopher Hurt, Terry Brooks, Michael Reaves)

Pieterson, Cris: "Ensign Colclazure, sir." (killed by Rukh, Chimaera, naval officer, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Piett, Firmus: "Intensify forward fire power!" (killed by Arvel Crynyd, Executer, admiral, 4 ABY, Kenneth Colley, David Rasche, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut, James Kahn)

Plo, Lomi: "I could call off the attack on the hospital ship. All you have to do is let me go." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar, Sith Master, 36 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Poggle the Lesser: Unknown. (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Archduke, 19 BBY, Marton Csokas, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Polybotes: "Unacceptable! You cannot trust this vile Roman!" (killed by Jason Grace and Kymopoleia, Atlantis, giant, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Pomt, Victor: “It had nothing to do with assassins. We were, um, concerned about her safety.” (killed by Viqi Shesh, Coruscant, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Troy Denning)

Poof, Yarael: "It is possible to use the Force to . . . bind together . . . the idol's energies once again . . . It's possible . . ." (sacrifice, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 27 BBY, Terry Brooks, Ron Marz)

Porkins, Jek: “I’m okay. I can hold her. Give me a little room to run, Biggs.” (killed by Death Star turbolasers, Yavin, Red Six, 0 BBY, William Hootkins, Alan Dean Foster)

Porphyrion: "Your cause is lost, Zeus. Even if you defeat me, the Earth Mother shall simply raise me again!" (killed by Jason Grace and Zeus, Athens, giant king, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Por'Ten: “They are not lethal until their Gabonna crystals are replaced, ma’am.” (killed by Jangotat, Ord Cestus, noblewoman, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Potter, James: "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! I'll try to hold him off — just go!" (killed by Tom Riddle, Godric's Hollow, Marauder, 1981, Adrian Rawlins, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Priest, Dred: "Isabet? Issy? Help me . . . help me . . ." (killed by Mij Gilamar, Mandalore, Mandalorian, terrorist, 19 BBY, Karen Traviss)

Priscilla: "Jefferson, no . . . no more missions. No more journeys." (killed by the March Hare, Wonderland, thief, 1976, Kalinda Vasquez)

Procrustes: "No money down! No interest for six months!" (killed by Percy Jackson, Crusty's Water Bed Palace, giant, 2006, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Python: "Destroy you!" (killed by Apollo, Chaos, serpent, 2014, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Qel-Droma, Cay: "Ulic, I love you! That's why I'm doing this!" (killed by Ulic Qel-Droma, Ossus, Jedi, 3996 BBY, Skip Lackey, Jack Noseworthy, Tom Veitch, Kevin J. Anderson)

Qel-Droma, Ulic: "Vima, remember . . . possibilities. Take this, Jedi . . ." (killed by Hoggon, Rhen Var, Jedi Master, 3986 BBY, David Scott Gordon, John Cygan, Tom Veitch, Kevin J. Anderson)

Qat, Hul: "You must help me. I cannot take the news myself. The Prophet must know where the world is." (killed by Yuuzhan Vong warriors, Dagobah, Shamed One, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

Qazadi: "I don't make deals." (killed by Boba Fett, Wukkar, crime lord, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Qordis: “I … know. More … honor … in … death … by … combat.” (killed by Darth Bane, Ruusan, Sith Lord, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Kevin J. Anderson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Qreph, Craitheus: "Excellent. We take them one at a time. With Skywalker gone, the Solo woman won't stand a chance." (killed by Leia Organa Solo, Base Prime, crime lord, 45 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Qreph, Marvid: "We'll feint an attack at the gate, then whirl on Skywalker and take him by surprise." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Base Prime, crime lord, 45 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Queen of the Red: “I don’t know. When they arrive, I will ask them.” (killed by Nuso Esva, Quetfold, queen, 8 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Queen, Robert: "Survive." (sacrifice, North China Sea, businessman, 2007, Jamey Sheridan, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Queen, Moira: "What?" (killed by Slade Wilson, Star City, mayor, 2014, Susanna Thompson, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Oscar Balderrama, Lauren Certo)

Queen, Oliver: "I'm at peace. The real heroes ― they're the ones that have to keep going. So keep . . . going . . . and don't ever stop. This world, this new world ― it needs both of you." (sacrifice, Dawn of Time, vigilante, 2020, Stephen Amell, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim)

Quien, Corman: “I’ll cover sector twelve. Have control set screen alpha.” (killed by tauntauns, Hoth, Alliance scout, 3 ABY, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut)

Quill, Caiza: “Do not. Our ally, the great Asajj Ventress, will destroy him. You must supply her with whatever she asks, whenever she asks, without question. Kenobi may still trust you, and come to you for help. If he does, you must act without hesitation. The moment will come, and when it does, you may emerge into the sun.” (killed by Jangotat, Ord Cestus, X'ting leader, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Quill, Peter: "Oh, man." (killed by Thanos, Titan, captain, Guardian, 2018, Chris Pratt, Marc Thompson, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Quill, Raina: "I will do anything to protect this base." (killed by Toma, Jedi asteroid, Separatist, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Quinn: "We're her pack." (killed by Queen Regina's knights, Enchanted Forest, werewolf, 1980, Ben Hollingsworth, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Quirrell, Quirinus: "Master! I cannot hold him -- my hands!" (killed by Harry Potter, Hogwarts, professor, 1992, Ian Hart, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Ra, Vonnda: “Yes. I’ll make them pay for what they’ve done to us!” (killed in combat, Kashyyyk, Nightsister, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson)

Ra'at, Mnah: "See?" (killed by Xal Hracken, Odacer-Faustin, Sith, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Radique, Iram: “No No! No!” (killed by Eogan Truax, Cog Hive Seven, arms dealer, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Raas, Ahri: "Yeah, right. Two Jedi are stronger than fifteen Sith. That --" (killed by Ben Skywalker, Sinkhole Station, Sith, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind: "No. You are no one's master. You do not order us --" (killed by Belok Rhal, Blaudu Sextus, slave, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Rak, Bastori: “Can we move them without harm?” (killed by Alema Rar, Jeolocas, warrior, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Ralter, Dak: “Whoea! Luke, I can’t seem to find my restraints.” (killed AT-AT blasterfire, Hoth, gunner, 3 ABY, John Morton, Peter Friedman, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut)

Rancisis, Oppo: "And here I thought Anzati were silent killers." (killed by Sora Bulq, Saleucami, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Jerome Blake, Terry Brooks, John Ostrander)

Rankin, Pek: "Cease fire!" (killed by Kar Vastor, Haruun Kal, Balawai, 22 BBY, Sullivan Jones, Matthew Stover)

Rapuung, Vua: "A salute to the Jeedai! A salute of blood!" (sacrifice, Yavin IV, Shamed One, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Rar, Alema: "Remember." (killed by Jagged Fel, The Home, Dark Jedi, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning, Aaron Allston)

Rashid, Zia (II): "Find her, will you? She'd . . . like that . . . a date at the mall." (killed by Set, United States, shabti, 2008, Katherine Kellgren, Kevin R. Free, Rick Riordan)

Ree-Yees: "Who's laughing now, you perverted two-eyed worm slime! Chuff-sucking leech!" (detonated, Tatooine, assassin, 4 ABY, James Kahn, Deborah Wheeler)

Reglia, Miko: “Where they keep their ships." (sacrifice, Helska IV, Jedi, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Rendar, Dash: "We don't have a choice. There are ships everywhere. What's the matter, kid? Don't think you can do it?" (killed by Imperial fire, Imperial Center, smuggler, 3 ABY, John Cygan, Anthony Heald, Steve Perry)

Rhea: "Mon-El . . . save me." (killed by Kara Danvers, National City, queen, 2017, Teri Hatcher, Jessica Queller, Derek Simon, Andrew Kreisberg)

Rhea, Olaris: "Coming your way. Be care . . . are very good." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Sinkhole Station, Sith Lady, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Rhinann, Haninum Tyk: “You stole my life. I shall have yours in payment.” (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial Center, Whiplash member, 18 BBY, Christopher Hurt, Michael Reaves, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

Rhysode, Ganner: "No. I am Ganner. This threshold is mine. I claim it for my own. Bring on your thousands, one at a time or all in a rush. I don't give a damn. None shall pass." (sacrifice, Yuuzhan'tar, Jedi, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Jonathan Davis, Michael A. Stackpole, Matthew Stover)

Riddle, Tom: "Avada Kedavra!" (accidental suicide, Hogwarts, Dark Lord, 1998, Ralph Fiennes, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Riten, Atour: "Ah, yeah, here it is. That's a valid number, Control. Let 'em go." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, Chief Librarian, 0 BBY, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Robert: "No, you don't have to worry about me. I have no love for the King. Please, cut me loose. I'll never say a word. I swear on my son's life. I just want to get home to my family." (killed by Killian Jones, Enchanted Forest, shepherd, 1962, David Cubitt, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Rochev, Isabel: “Kill me, don’t kill me. It doesn’t matter. I beat you. I took away the one—” (killed by Nyssa al Ghul, Star City, Ravager, 2014, Summer Glau, Greg Berlanti, Oscar Balderrama, Lauren Certo)

Roderick: "No, no, no, no, no! Stop!" (killed by Fiona, Dark Realm, prisoner, 2013, Grayson Gabriel, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Rodo: "We're having fun now, aren't we?" (killed by Imperial stormtroopers, Death Star I, bouncer, 0 BBY, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Roegr: "Let's go do this. I'm getting hot." (killed by Darth Caedus, Nickel One, commando, 41 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Rohlan: “Are you trying to scare me, Kaan? I do not fear death. I do not mind dying. I would not mind all the Jedi dying if it meant the end of the Sith.” (killed by Skere Kaan, Ruusan, Jedi Lord, 1000 BBY, 5 ABY, Jonathan Davis, William C. Dietz, Drew Karpyshyn)

Rook: “It’s all I know. Don’t kill me. Don’t—” (killed by Darth Maul, Cog Hive Seven, prisoner, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Rossik, Todrin: "Keep her covered and take her blaster. I'm doing what I told you―leaving through the rear of the house and circling around behind her partner. Just keep her here and quiet until then." (killed by Gara Petothel, Aldivy, captain, 7.5 ABY, Anthony Heald, Aaron Allston)

Rrogon, Saes: "You understand now, at the end. That pleases me." (killed by Relin Druur, Harbinger, Sith, 41 ABY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Rukh: "For the treachery of the Empire against the Noghri people. We were betrayed. We have been avenged." (killed by Grodin Tierce, Chimaera, bodyguard, 9 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Rulin: Unknown. (killed by Tesar Sebatyne, Coruscant, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Rumplestiltskin: "Oh, but I'm a villain, and villains don't get happy endings." (sacrifice, Storybrooke, sorcerer, pawn shop owner, collector of rare antiquities, 2012, Robert Carlyle, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Rumplestiltskin (II): "I know that. But I also know you don't do the right thing for a reward. You do it because it's right. Now, I've been selfish for too long. I've been living on stolen time. Now I will finally face the unknown." (sacrifice, Wish Realm, sorcerer, police detective, 2017, Robert Carlyle, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Rumplestiltskin (III): "No more Rumple?" (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Wish Realm, sorcerer, 2017, Robert Carlyle, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Ruth: "For what? For being happy? For finding your true love? For your happiness, I would gladly give my life. My only regret is that I won’t live to see you marry Snow." (killed by King George's knights, Enchanted Forest, shepherd, 1982, Gabrielle Rose, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Ruuq, Bhasu: "Master Yim, flee. There is danger here." (killed by Nen Yim, Yuuzhan'tar, warrior, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

Ry-Gaul: "We had a good journey in this life. I'm ready to join the Force." (killed by Darth Vader, Jedi asteroid, Jedi, 18 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson)

S'ybll: "I never did like you." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Tarnoonga, mind-witch, 4 ABY, Archie Goodwin, Ryder Windham)

Sage, Andrea: "What?" (killed by Hansel, Hyperion Heights, witch, doctor, 2017, Nisreen Slim, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Sai, Ko: "Thank you, Etain. It was fascinating." (suicide, Mandalore, cloner, 21 BBY, Daniel Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Karen Traviss)

Sal, Tuden: "Stupid . . . so many mistakes." (killed by Kalibar Droosh, Imperial Center, resistance leader, 18 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Christopher Hurt, Michael Reaves, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

Sal-Solo, Anakin: "Anakin Sal-Solo. Thrackan's offspring. That's what I am." (sacrifice, Centerpoint Station, droid, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Sal-Solo, Thrackan: "I tipped them off about her. Too busy following her to worry about the others. They're coming, Han, and you don't know how many. You'll never be able to sleep soundly again." (killed by Mirta Gev, Corellia, President, 40 ABY, Anthony Heald, Marc Thompson, Roger MacBride Allen, Karen Traviss)

Salporin: Unknown. (killed by the Noghri Death Commandos, Kashyyyk, warrior, David Stiff, Timothy Zahn)

Sancor: "Suppose you two tell me what's going on. I didn't know if you had something to hide. But now I'm sure." (accidental suicide, Polis Massa, Imperial Inquisitor, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Sandskimmer, Estoric: Unknown. (killed by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Chashima, commando, 29 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Sark, Robbyn: "Thank you." (killed by the Empire, Rosha, delegate, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Sasso: "As for the yammosk, I don't know how to kill it. But I'm guessing you have some idea." (killed by a Slayer, Caluula, revolutionary, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Saxan, Aidel: "Well, obviously, our contribution to the GA military would have to be reduced by a value equivalent to our space navy. And that navy would be available to the GA for military activities when called upon." (killed by Lumiya, Toryaz Station, Prime Minister, Marc Thompson, 40 ABY, Aaron Allston)

Scabrous, Darth: "That was easy. You're next." (killed by Hestizo Trace, Odacer-Faustin, Sith Lord, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Scarn: "No, now. I give the orders. You -" (killed by Qizak, Brink Station, Mandalorian, 45 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Scintel, Miraj: "You were right, Skywalker. I am a slave, just as you are." (killed by Darth Tyranus, slaver, 21 BBY, Rajia Baroudi, Henry Gilroy, Steve Melching)

Sechel: “It’s all here. But it’s encrypted. If anything happens to me, the data is useless. I’m the only one who can decode it.” (killed by Scourge, Dromund Kaas, Sith, 3950 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Secura: "Coward." (killed by Bib Fortuna, Ryloth, mother of Nat Secura, 30 BBY, M. Shayn Bell)

Secura, Aayla: "Bly, do you think they're droids?" (killed by Commander Bly, Felucia, Jedi, 19 BBY, Amy Allen, John Ostrander, Matthew Stover)

Seer: "Could the ancient prophecies and revelations be wrong? Could they have been misinterpreted? Is it possible that the gods have not engineered the living vessels as an additional test, but in fact have aligned themselves with the Jeedai." (killed by Shimrra Jamaane, Yuuzhan'tar, priest, 29 ABY, James Luceno)

Seer (II): "He will lead you to what you seek, but there will be a price. The boy will be your undoing." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, seer, 1862, Shannon Lucio, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Senator: "Goodbye, Doc!" (accidental suicide, Ando, Senator, 0 ABY, Kenneth C. Flint)

Sentry: "The sorceress . . . She made every . . ." (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, guard, 2013, Toby Levins, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Serephone: "Yes! Follow me!" (killed by Kelli, Tartarus, empousa, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Sergeant: "Anyone could grab some deformed kid and claim it's anything they want. How do you know it's a Jedi?" (killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, Coruscant, clone, 19 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover)

Serra: "No. I don't believe that. The dark side is evil. You are evil. And I will never serve you." (killed by Darth Cognus, Ambria, princess, 980 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Darko Macan, Drew Karpyshyn)

Shahmed, Farzeen: "Just . . . mercy." (killed by Jafar, Agrabah, peddler, unknown, Michael Antonakos, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Shai, Shedao: “Oh? And what would that have been?” (killed by Corran Horn, Ithor, commander, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Shar, Shar: “Are you ready?” (killed by Jangotat, Ord Cestus, assistant, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Shaw, Henry Jr.: ". . . and it's true we have made some progress, but there is no reward for idleness. So just as the odious saloons have been banished, so now the pool halls, and these private parlors . . ." (killed by Credence Barebone, New York, Senator, 1926, Josh Cowdery, J.K. Rowling)

Shesh, Viqi: "No, you won't. Yuuzhan Vong can't kill me. Noghri can't. Jedi can't. You're all beneath me. There's only one thing in the universe that can kill Viqi Shesh." (suicide, Yuuzhan'tar, Senator, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston)

Shevu, Lon: "Quiet!" (killed by Tahiri Veila, Coruscant, captain, 41 ABY, Marc Thompson, Karen Traviss, Troy Denning)

Sheyvan: “He’ll betray you, too, sir." (killed by Darth Vader, ST 321, Emperor's Hand, 18 BBY, Karen Traviss)

Shild, Sarn: "Wonga, winga, cingee wooze . . . which of these do I choose?" (suicide, Teth, Moff, 4 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Shirru, Taneka: "If it does, then you will not need to apologize. I will use my blaster on you. We keep going. Take a look at what intersections are ahead and note any places where we can double back." (killed by Tesar Sebatyne, Coruscant, Sith, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Shrike, Garris: "I'll tell you everything when you give me the blaster. Everything. You have my word." (killed by unidentified bounty hunter, Imperial Center, pirate, 10 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Shryne, Roan: "Skywalker, it won't matter if you find them. It won't matter if you find and kill every Jedi who survived Order 66. I understand now . . . the Force will never die." (killed by Darth Vader, Kashyyyk, Jedi, 18 BBY, unknown actor, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Sh'tk'ith: "Follow!" (killed by Dev Sibwarra, Shriwirr, Ssi-ruuvi elder, 4 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers)

Shysa, Fenn: "If you only look after your own hide, then you're not a man." (sacrifice, Shogun, Manda'lor, 21 ABY, David Michelinie, Karen Traviss)

Sibwarra, Dev: "Prosthetics? Sounds like entechment." (killed by Pter Thanas, Millennium Falcon, slave, 4 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers)

Silizzar, Gurion: "I'll kill you with my bare hands!" (killed by Cornelius Evazan, Ando, bounty hunter, 0 ABY, Kenneth C. Flint)

Sicko: “This is where you get off. End of the line.” (killed in combat, Corellian–Perlemian hyperspace intersection, clone, 21 BBY, Temuera Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Josh Adams, Karen Traviss)

Sifo-Dyas: “I need time to consider this.” (killed by Darth Tyranus, desert moon of Oba Diah, Jedi Master, 32 BBY, Daniel Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Warren Fu, James Luceno)

Sirak: "Listen to me. I'll serve you, I'll do anything you command. You can use me. I can help you. Please, Bane—have mercy!" (killed by Darth Bane, Korriban, Sith, 1000 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Siren: "Congratulations, Prince Charming. You're the first." (killed by Prince Charming, Lake Nostos, siren, 1981, Aria Pullman, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Sivrak, Lak: "Sometimes choice is an illusion." (killed in action, Endor, pilot, 4 ABY, Rick Baker, Alan Dean Foster, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

Sivron, Tol: "Now we'll finish this properly." (killed by a black hole, Death Star prototype, bureaucrat, 11 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Skell, Yoog: "What are you doing, Executer?" (killed by Nom Anor, Yuuzhan'tar, High Prefect, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Walter Jon Williams)

Skidder, Wurth: "Randa and Chine-kal. Find them." (killed by Chine-kal, Crèche, Jedi, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore, James Luceno)

Skull Eater: "Flesh! Hero flesh for lunch!" (killed by Tyson, Meriwether Prep, giant, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Skywalker, Anakin: "Luke, you were right ... and you were right about me ... Tell your sister ... you were right." (killed by Palpatine, Death Star II, Jedi, 4 ABY, Sebastian Shaw, Hayden Christensen, David Birney, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Anthony Heald, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster, James Kahn)

Skywalker, Kol: "Back! Only death lies this way!" (killed by Darth Nihl, Ossus, Jedi Grand Master, 130 ABY, John Ostrander, Jan Duursema)

Skywalker, Luke: Unknown. (natural causes, Ossus, Jedi Grand Master, between 45 ABY and 137 ABY, Mark Hamill, Marc Thompson, Alan Dean Foster, John Ostrander, Jan Duursema)

Skywalker, Luuke: None. (killed by Mara Jade, Wayland, Dark Jedi, 9 ABY, Mark Hamill, Timothy Zahn)

Skywalker Lars, Shmi: "I love . . . " (killed by Tusken Raiders, Tatooine, moisture farmer, 22 BBY, Pernilla August, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore)

Skynxnex, Arb: "Solo!" (killed by an energy spider, Kessel, enforcer, 11 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Slipher, Vesto: “My intellect is vastly superior to yours in every imaginable capacity. Even if there was any chance that you could—” (accidental death, Cog Hive Seven, banker, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Smight, Augustine: “What—what are you doing here?” (accidental suicide, Cog Hive Seven, guard, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Snape, Severus: "Look at me. You have your mother's eyes." (killed by Nagini, Shrieking Shack, headmaster, 1998, Alan Rickman, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves)

Snoil, Doolb: “If there is any combat bonus, make certain that my broodmates receive full measure . . . and . . . And see that it isn’t taxed. The agreement we signed with the Republic, which my grandfather negotiated . . .” (killed by a rogue droid, Ord Cestus, barrister, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Snow White: "She's not a queen anymore!" (killed by Queen Regina, Dark Palace, queen, 2013, Ginnifer Goodwin, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Solo, Anakin: "Kiss Tahiri for me." (killed by Yuuzhan Vong, Baanu Rass, Jedi, 27 ABY, Anthony Heald, Alexander Adams, Marc Thompson, Kevin J. Anderson, Troy Denning)

Solo, Jacen: "Isolder would have made the same choice. In fact, he did. Jaina, we don't have time for this." (killed by Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Sith Lord, Chief of State, 41 ABY, Anthony Heald, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn, Troy Denning)

Solo, Jarik: "Name . . . My name . . . It ain't . . . Solo. Lied to you." (killed in battle, Ylesia, smuggler, 1 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Son: "So . . . you betray me, Father." (killed by Anakin Skywalker, Mortis, Celestial, 21 BBY, Sam Witwer, Pernilla August, Matt Lanter, Christian Taylor)

Soresh, Rezi: "Did you really think I would let you leave this moon alive, Luke? You will always belong to me!" (killed by Han Solo, Sixela system, commander, 0 ABY, Alex Wheeler)

Sovv, Sien: “There will be no executions, Warmaster.” (killed by a drunk Vratix pilot, over Coruscant, admiral, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno, Troy Denning)

Spaar, Nil: “You are low and impure creatures, and your threats mean nothing to me. Your presence fouls the perfection of the All and offends the honor of the Blessed. I will rip the soft white bellies of your ships open and spill their disgusting entrails for all to see. Your lungs will thirst for air. Your vigorless blood will boil in your ears. Your pleas will go unanswered, and your screams will go unheard. Your bodies will fall into the sun and be consumed. You will be forgotten by your offspring, and your mates will bring new blood to their beds.” (killed by Sil Sorannan, over N'zoth, Viceroy, 17 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael P. Kube-McDowell)

Spar: Unknown. (killed by Ailyn Vel, Extrictarium Nebula, mercenary, between 4 ABY and 40 ABY, Temeura Morrison, David Michelinie, Karen Traviss)

Stadd, Dyon: "I'd like to come with you." (killed by Abeloth, Abeloth's planet, Jedi candidate, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston, Christie Golden)

Stark, Anthony: "And I . . . am . . . Iron Man." (sacrifice, Midgard, Avenger, 2023, Robert Downey Jr., Marc Thompson, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Stealthy: "Grumpy, no! We can make it!" (killed by King George's guards, Enchanted Forest, dwarf, 1981, Geoff Gustafson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Stein, Martin: "Thank you, Jefferson, for the adventure of a lifetime. I hope your life is long and full of love. Just as mine has been." (killed in combat, Central City, physicist, vigilante, Victor Garber, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim)

Spencer, Kate: "Sebastian?" (killed by one of Slade Wilson's soldiers, Star City, district attorney, 2014, Chelah Horsdal, Wendy Mericle, Ben Sokolowski, Jake Coburn, Oscar Balderrama, Lauren Certo)

Stephen: "Thank you." (killed by Jiminy Cricket, Enchanted Forest, peasant, 1907, Luke Camilleri, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Stihl, Nova: "You, too, Rodo." (killed by Imperial stormtroopers, Death Star I, guard, 0 BBY, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Strabo: "There’s worse ways to spend a few hours. So what do you say? Care for a walkabout?” (killed by the Syrox, Cog Hive Seven, inmate, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Strange, Stephen: "Tony. There was no other way." (killed by Thanos, Titan, Sorcerer Supreme, 2018, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marc Thompson, Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Sultan: "Jafar . . . help . . ." (killed by Jafar, Wonderland, sultan, 2013, Brian George, Adam Horowtz, Edward Kitsis)

Surik, Meetra: "We need to help Revan! He needs us!" (killed by Scourge, Dromund Kaas, Jedi, 3,950 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Swilja: "You're wrong! The Force is stronger than you. The Jedi will be your end, Tsavong Lah!" (killed by Tsavong Lah, coralskipper, Jedi, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Syrox: "We are you." (killed by Darth Maul, Cog Hive Seven, Wolf Worm of Monsolar, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Taalon, Sarasu: "Oh, really? Then I must finish this quickly. Before young Skywalker escapes and kills us both." (killed by Vestara Khai, Pydyr, Sith High Lord, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston, Troy Denning)

Tachi, Siri: "Don't worry so much." (killed by Magus, Azure, Jedi Master, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson)

Tagge, Cassio: “And what of the Rebellion? If the Rebels have obtained a complete technical readout of this station, it is possible, however unlikely, that they might find a weakness and exploit it.” (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, general, 0 BBY, Don Henderson, Alan Dean Foster)

Tahl: "Let my last moment be this one." (killed by Balog, New Apsolon, Jedi Master, 41 BBY, Jude Watson)

T'Challa: "Up, General, up! This is no place to die." (killed by Thanos, Wakanda, king, 2018, Chadwick Boseman, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Tal'dira: "Captain, please. It is not in my nature to beseech. I beg you to get clear of my shot before I have to kill you, too." (killed by Corran Horn, Jussafet Four, pilot, 7.5 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston)

Tamara: "Can . . . can you forgive me?" (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Neverland, Home Office agent, 2012, Sonequa Martin-Green, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Tambor, Wat: "Please, I'll give you anything -- anything you want!" (killed by Darth Vader, Mustafar, Separatist, 19 BBY, Chris Truswell, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Matthew Stover)

Tammy: "I don't usually kill girls, but for you, mortal, I'll make an exception. Your eyesight is a little too good." (killed by Percy Jackson, Goode High School, empousa, 2008, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Tanbris: “Lord Vader, we count at least thirty of them, of two types. They are so small and quick the fixed guns cannot follow them accurately. They continuously evade the predictors.” (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, lieutenant, 0 BBY, Andy Bradford, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Tannis: “I can try. You get what you came for?” (killed by Caaldra, Shelsha sector, pirate, 0 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Tapper, Quelev: "You're not bribing him with aleudrupe berries, either. You can buy those things on the open market for thirty or forty a packload." (killed by Gamgalon, Varonat, smuggler, 8 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Tarak, Laranth: "There is no death; there is the Force." (killed by Darth Vader, Far Ranger, Jedi, 18 BBY, Christopher Hurt, Michael Reaves, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

Tarkin, Wilhuff: "You may fire when ready." (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, Grand Moff, 0 BBY, Peter Cushing, Keene Curtis, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Tarkona, Nolaa: “Yes, we are coming, we accept." (disease, Outer Rim, terrorist, 24 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Tarquin: "I have lived for millennia. You could not kill me with a thousand tons of stone, Hazel Levesque. You will not kill me with a sword." (killed by Diana, New Rome, king, 2011, Robbie Daymond, Rick Riordan)

Tarrid, Kana: “The Republic has broken the cipher codes. Sending the message now will only let them know we’re coming. They might even abandon their plan. Better to sacrifice a few of our own ships than to let the Republic fleet escape.” (killed by Theron Shan, over Duro, Sith Lord, 3640 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Tawaler, Siron: "It's gone. The shuttle." (killed by Lumiya, Toryaz Station, guard, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Tawr, Vatok: "May the Force be with you, Jedi." (killed by Darth Caedus, Nickel One, commando, 41 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Tebut, Patra: "Sir . . . can't . . . loyal . . ." (killed by Darth Caedus, Anakin Solo, lieutenant, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Karen Traviss, Aaron Allston)

Teda, Roy: "Who are you calling a murderer? Or wait, am I the thief?" (killed by Granta Omega and Jenna Zan Arbor, Coruscant, tyrant, 24 BBY, Jude Watson)

Teep, Dakorse: "Rogue Seven, all green." (killed in combat, Borleias, Rogue Seven, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Tenebrae: "Remember me when your Alliance burns to ash!" (killed by the Commander, Zakuul, Sith Emperor, 3631 BBY, Marc Thompson, Doug Bradley, Alexander Freed)

Teradoc, Kosh: "Three weeks. And at this moment, my guard has a blaster leveled at your gut under the table." (killed by Wraith Squadron, Ryvester, warlord, 13 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Teradoc, Treuten: "Well, he's not here." (killed by Natasi Daala, Tsoss Beacon, warlord, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly, Kevin J. Anderson)

Teroenza: "Hutts do not have friends. Farewell, Solo." (killed by Boba Fett, Ylesia, t'landa Til, High Priest, 0 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Terrik, Mod: "Capture the droids! The Rebels have them -- don't let them get away!" (killed by Davin Felth, Tatooine, stormtrooper captain, 0 BBY, unknown actor, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster, Doug Beason)

Terson, Hasray: "It's the ugly-" (killed by Denua Ku, Yuuzhan'tar, survivor, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Tesla, Probus: "Clever. But, of course, he can't be real. You're the last Jedi, and you have the last Jedi lightsaber." (killed by Sacha Swiftbird, Kantaros Station, Imperial Inquisitor, 18 BBY, Christopher Hurt, Michael Reaves, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

Thanas, Pter: “That’s right, soldier. Under the Alliance. I’m defecting.” (Knowt's Disease, Bakura, commander, 16 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kathy Tyers, Roger MacBride Allen)

Thanos (I): "Thank you, daughter. Perhaps I treated you too harshly." (killed by Thor Odinson, The Garden, warlord, 2018, Josh Brolin, Marc Thompson, Joss Whedon, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Thanos (II): "I am . . . inevitable." (killed by Tony Stark, Midgard, warlord, 2023, Josh Brolin, Marc Thompson, Joss Whedon, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Thel-Tanis, Darra: "I see it." (killed by Granta Omega, Korriban, Jedi, 23 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson)

Thule, Ryoo: "For Padmé. For Padmé." (killed by Malorum, Naboo, Naboo, 18 BBY, Christopher Cerasi, Jude Watson)

Thyne, Zekka: "There, I will haunt you." (killed by Inyri Forge, Imperial Center, criminal, Black Sun operative, 7 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Ti, Shaak: "Poor boy. The Sith always betray one another, but I'm sure you'll learn that soon enough." (killed by Galen Marek, Felucia, Jedi Master, 2 BBY, Susan Eisenberg, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore, Sean Williams)

Tierce, Grodin: Unknown. (killed in action, Generis, Royal Guard, 9 ABY, Timothy Zahn)

Tierce, Grodin (II): "That doesn't matter. What matters is that I can do the job. I can defeat the Rebels. Just give me a little more time." (killed by Shada D'ukal, Star Destroyer, major, 19 ABY, Marc Thompson, Timothy Zahn)

Tiin, Saesee: "The Dark Lord has revealed himself, and we dare not hesitate. Think not of if, Master Fisto; this duty has fallen to us. We will suffice. We will suffice. We will have to." (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Khan Bonfils, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Tikk: N/A (killed by Gavar Khai, Kesh, uvak, 44 ABY, Christie Golden)

Tion, Nenevanth: "Release me!" (killed by Leia Organa, Alderaan, lord, 0 BBY, John Considine, Brian Daley)

Tiree: "The guns! They've stopped!" (killed by Darth Vader, Death Star I, Y-wing pilot, 0 BBY, Jeremy Sinden, Alan Dean Foster)

Tisiphone: "So do I." (killed by Percy Jackson, New Jersey, Erinye, 2006, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Thorn, Dr.: "No! I will deal with you myself." (killed by Dionysus, San Francisco, manticore, 2007, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Thrym: "Bring the hammer here! Be quick about it!" (killed by Vidar, Loki's prison, king, 2011, Kieran Culkin, Rick Riordan)

Thrynga: "That sword is finished, already dissolving. But perhaps I'll take yours!" (killed by Magnus Chase, Loki's prison, giantess, 2011, KIeran Culkin, Rick Riordan)

Thul, Bornan: “Stop. IG-88, I order you to save the only part of me that can still be saved: my son. I am beyond help.” (sacrifice, Deep Core, noble, 24 ABY, A.C. Crispin, David Pittu, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Ti'wyn, Diss: "Always do." (killed in combat, Borleias, pilot, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Toma: "You wouldn't kill me." (killed by Raina Quill, Jedi asteroid, Separatist, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Tomri, Bensin: “Get us out of here." (killed by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Helska IV, scientist, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, R.A. Salvatore)

Tonks, Nymphadora: "Have you seen Remus?" (killed by Bellatrix Black, Hogwarts, Auror, 1998, Natalia Tena, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Trace, Rojo: "Zo . . ." (killed by Darth Scabrous, Odacer-Faustin, Jedi, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Trebor, Coleman: Unknown. (killed by Jango Fett, Geonosis, Jedi Master, 22 BBY, R.A. Salvatore)

Tremaine, Rapunzel: "It's all right. I love . . ." (killed by Gothel, Hyperion Heights, noblewoman, real estate developer, 2017, Gabrielle Anwar, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Tremaine, Rhondi: "Probably? You murglak!" (killed by Sith, Sinkhole Station, Mind Walker, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Trevagg, Feltipern: "You need something to calm you down, my blossom." (killed by M'iiyoom Onith, Tatooine, tax collector, bounty hunter, 0 BBY, Alan Oppenheimer, Barbara Hambly)

Trevin: "My flagship has taken damage, and I've lost half my fleet." (killed by the Empire of the Hand, over Exodo II, Moff, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Trevval, Liane: “Maybe better take nav, you." (killed in combat, Haruun Kal, rebel, 22 BBY, Sullivan Jones, Matthew Stover)

Trillot: “And even less for you, I think.” (killed by Asajj Ventress, Ord Cestus, gangster, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Truax, Artagan: “The Fifty-Two Fists. I’m so proud of you.” (killed by Iram Radique, Cog Hive Seven, criminal, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Tsu, Sha'natrac: "It's too cold here at night." (killed by Halliava Vurse, Dathomir, tracker, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Aaron Allston)

Tulkh: "Now." (killed by Hestizo Trace, Esstran sector, bounty hunter, 3645 BBY, John Glover, Joe Schreiber)

Tur-Mukan, Etain: "Dar!" (killed by unidentified Jedi, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Josh Adams, Karen Traviss)

Twin Suns Nine: "Sorry, Colonel. Can't do anything about it, I've lost an engine and my stabilizers are shot." (killed by Yuuzhan Vong, Bilbringi, Twin Suns pilot, 29 ABY, Martha Harmon Pardee, Greg Keyes)

Twizzl: "Only Jedi can fly like that. If we're facing Jedi —" (killed by Ben Skywalker, Anakin Solo, commander, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Typho, Gregar: ""And you're responsible . . . for the death of the Jedi . . . Anakin Skywalker as well!"" (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial Center, security officer, 18 BBY, Jay Laga'aia, André Sogliuzzo, James Mathis III, Jonathan Davis, Christopher Hurt, R.A. Salvatore, Michael Reaves)

Tyris, Nikkos: "Do you? Better summon one swiftly." (killed by Nejaa Halcyon, Susevfi, Dark Acolyte, 19 BBY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Udonta, Yondu: "He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy. I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right. I'm damn lucky you're my boy." (sacrifice, over Ego, Ravager, 2014, Michael Rooker, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman)

Ugliano, Gabriel: "Hey, Sally. How about that meatloaf, huh?" (killed by Sally Jackson, New York, entrepreneur, 2006, Joe Pantoliano, Jesse Bernstein, Rick Riordan)

Ulima: "He will remember. You are his blood. He will not turn you away." (natural causes, Agrabah, healer, 20th century, Rekha Sharma, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Uliss, Tam: "No hard feelings, Shu Mai. Not even you can win every battle." (killed by Shu Mai, Coruscant, industrialist, 22 BBY, Alexander Adams, Alan Dean Foster)

Unduli, Luminara: Unknown. (killed by Commander Faie, Kashyyyk, Jedi, 19 BBY, Mary Oyaya, Fay David, Olivia d'Abo, Alexander Adams, Bob Askey, Chuck Benson, Jeff Gurner, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno, John Ostrander)

Uul, Takhaff: "What? I don't understand." (killed by Tsavong Lah's rancors, Fu'ulanh, priest, 27 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Aaron Allston)

Vaandt, Madhi: "Did you get the shot? Just tell me you got the shot." (killed by Belok Rhal, Blaudus Sextus, journalist, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Val, Krag: "I am Krag of Domain Val. Garqi is mine. Surrender and you live." (killed by bafforr pollen, Garqi, warrior, 25 ABY, Anthony Heald, Michael A. Stackpole)

Valdez, Leo: "I told you I had a plan. When are you going to trust me? And by the way — I love you guys." (sacrifice, Camp Half-Blood, demigod, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Valorum, Finis: "Some fights must be fought whether you believe you can win them or not. Watch yourselves. Be careful whom to trust. May the Force be with us." (killed by Sajé Tasha, Coruscant, politician, 22 BBY, Terence Stamp, Alexander Adams, Daniel Davis, Terry Brooks, John Ostrander)

Val Zsing, Thak: “We can’t stop it!” (sacrifice, Ord Cestus, resistance fighter, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Vale: "Skips at point two, Major. Getting set to bounce us." (killed in combat, over Ebaq IX, Twin Suns Two, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Walter Jon Williams)

Vance, Reegas: "Got you! Now for some keela." (killed by Kell Douro, Fhost, gambler, 41 ABY, Alec Volz, Paul S. Kemp)

Vandap, Dree: “Will the storm come soon?” (killed by Kaox Krul, Balowa, Jedi, 1000 BBY, Bill Slavicsek)

Vander, Jon: “It’s no good. I’m hit. I’m hit...!” (killed by Darth Vader, Death Star I, Gold Leader, 0 BBY, Angus McInnes, Alan Dean Foster)

Varus, Michael: "Born a Roman, die a Roman." (killed by Piper McLean, Sparta, praetor, 2010, Nick Chamlan, Rick Riordan)

Veermok: “You’re obviously in no shape to run me down, so I’m afraid this is where we part ways. I hope we meet again under better circumstances. See you soon.” (killed by Sate Pestage, Naboo, criminal, 36 BBY, Daniel Wallace)

Veers, Maximilian: "Fire Control, this is Captain Veers -- SD-9s and attack troops in position to storm the city!" (sacrifice, Balmorra, captain, 10 ABY, Julian Glover, Gordon Gould, Tony Roberts, Donald F. Glut, Tom Veitch)

Vel, Ailyn: "I'll bet." (killed by Jacen Solo, Coruscant, bounty hunter, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Beau Smith, Karen Traviss)

Veld, Tru: Unknown. (killed by the 501st, Coruscant, Jedi, 19 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Jude Watson)

Venn, Lillia: "Secure this place!" (accidental suicide, Kesh, Sith Grand Lord, 3960 BBY, John Jackson Miller)

Vere: “Right you are, sir.” (detonated, JanFathal, clone, 22 BBY, Temeura Morrison, Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Gurner, Karen Traviss)

Vergere: "If you'll let me." (suicide, Ebaq IX, Jedi Master, 28 ABY, Anthony Heald, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno, Walter Jon Williams)

Veruna, Ars: "Don't do this . . . Damask. Please . . . " (killed by Darth Plagueis, Naboo, monarch, 32 BBY, Daniel Davis, Jude Watson, James Luceno)

Vilas: “Is that the best you can do, trash collector?” (killed by Zekk, Shadow Academy, Dark Jedi, 23 ABY, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta)

Villager: "Please . . . please don't kill me." (killed by the Jabberwocky, Wonderland, villager, 2013, Kalvin Olafson, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Vision: "I love you." (killed by Wanda Maximoff and Thanos, Wakanda, Avenger, 2018, Paul Bettany, Marc Thompson, Joss Whedon, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Vol, Darish: "The Tribe has waited five thousand years for this moment; I am anxious to experience it." (killed by Abeloth, Coruscant, Sith Grand Lord, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Volette, Ves: "It's almost time. You'd better get ready to let them in." (killed by the Umber 3PO unit, Imperial Center, artist, 19 BBY, Christopher Hurt, Michael Reaves)

Vorrik, B'shith: “You may kill us, but you will not defeat us! You will never defeat us!” (killed by the Empire, Kur-hashan, commander, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams, Shane Dix)

Vootuh, Tsaak: "The accusation is heresy, of course. An accusation readily born out by the evidence, I feel certain." (killed by Mezhan Kwaad, Yavin IV, commander, 26 ABY, Alexander Adams, Greg Keyes)

Vorn, Liegeus: “A long one.” (killed by Moffs, Deep Core, pilot, 35 ABY, Anthony Heald, Barbara Hambly, Karen Traviss)

Vortigan: "Then you shouldn't have turned it into a sword." (killed by Nimue, Oxleigh, warlord, 1513, Darren Moore, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Vosa, Komari: "He is here." (killed by Darth Tyranus, Kohlma, Dark Jedi, crime lord, 32 BBY, Tamara Phillips, Jonathan Davis, Haden Blackman)

Voxyn Queen: N/A (killed by Jacen Solo, Baanu Rass, clone template, 27 ABY, Troy Denning)

Voystock: “Then you can—” (killed by Darth Maul, Cog Hive Seven, guard, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Vri'syk, Peshk: Unknown. (killed by a TIE pilot, Borleias, pilot, 6.5 ABY, Henry Thomas, Marc Thompson, Michael A. Stackpole)

Walsh: "It's too bad. I actually kind of liked you." (killed by Emma Swan, New York, con artist, 2013, Christopher Gorham, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Wake, Russell: “I have nothing...to tell...” (killed by Darth Vader, Bellassa, security officer, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Wan, Natua: "I knew we could never trust a Sith!" (killed by Vestara Khai, Upekzar, Jedi, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden)

Warren, Myrtle: "Go away!" (killed by Salazar Slytherin's basilisk, Hogwarts, ghost, 1943, Shirley Henderson, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Warv, Bazel: "Go! Allana needs . . ." (killed by the Sith, Coruscant, Jedi, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Weasley, Fred: "You actually are joking, Perce! I don't think I've heard you joke since you were -- " (killed by unidentified Death Eater, Hogwarts, prankster, 1998, James Phelps, Jim Dale, J.K. Rowling)

Weequay: "You serve the Bando Gora." (killed by Darth Maul, Cog Hive Seven, criminal, 33 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Joe Schreiber)

Welk: "We are not your son!" (killed by Luke Skywalker, Kr, Dark Jedi, 35 ABY, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Troy Denning)

Wessel, Zam: "It was a bounty hunter called . . . bounty hunter slimeball." (killed by Jango Fett, Coruscant, assassin, 22 BBY, Leeanna Walsman, Jonathan Davis, R.A. Salvatore)

Wessiri, Diric: "It's over. I love you. She wanted me to kill you. I couldn't resist. I could defy -- the trigger that opened the lift was supposed to be linked to a bomb. I did what I could. So you could stop me from betraying myself by killing you. Thank you for freeing me." (killed by Iella Wessiri, Coruscant, Imperial sleeper agent, 7 ABY, Henry Thomas, Michael A. Stackpole)

Whitesun Lars, Beru: “I think so. I’m sure I saw at least one of them with him.” (killed by Mod Terrik, Tatooine, moisture farmer, 0 BBY, Shelagh Fraser, Anne Gerety, Tony Roberts, Alan Dean Foster)

Williams: "Captain, look!" (killed by Trade Federation, Saak'ak, lieutenant, 32 BBY, Silas Carson, Alexander Adams, Terry Brooks)

Wilson, Samuel: "I'm doin' it." (killed by Thanos, Wakanda, Avenger, 2018, Anthony Mackie, Marc Thompson, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

Windu, Mace: “You can explain the difference after he’s dead.” (killed by Palpatine, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 19 BBY, Samuel Jackson, Sullivan Jones, Jeff Gurner, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Matthew Stover)

Workan, Ivaar: "Enough. We are done playing games, Jedi." (killed by Ben Skywalker, Coruscant, Sith High Lord, Senator, Chair of the Senate, 44 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

World Brain: [telepathic communication with Jacen Solo] (killed by Alema Rar, Coruscant, dhuryam, 40 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Matthew Stover, Troy Denning)

Xal, Yuvar: "Now!" (killed by Vestara Khai, Sinkhole Station, Sith, 43 ABY, Marc Thompson, Christie Golden, Troy Denning)

Xaj, Sarro: "Go. I can handle this one." (killed by Darth Zannah, Tython, Jedi, 990 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Drew Karpyshyn)

Xanatos: "You will never have the satisfaction of killing me, Qui-Gon Jinn. And I will never submit to anyone's laws. Your hate drove you, though you won't admit it. You destroyed me because you could not save me. I am your biggest failure. Live with that. And live with this." (suicide, Telos, Dark Jedi, 44 BBY, Jude Watson)

Xedrix, Darth: “Please, Lord Scourge, I’ll give you anything you want. Slaves. Wealth. Power.” (killed by Scourge, Bosthirda, Sith Lord, 3954 BBY, Marc Thompson, Drew Karpyshyn)

Xizor: "What are you going to do, Vader? Destroy my skyhook? You wouldn't dare. The Emperor -- " (killed by Darth Vader, Falleen's Fist, Black Sun Prince, 3 ABY, Nick Tate, Anthony Heald, Steve Perry)

Xizor, Vrath: “I wish I had killed them now! I wish I had!” (killed by Zeerid Korr, over Coruscant, mercenary, 3653 BBY, Marc Thompson, Paul S. Kemp)

Xutoo: “I can’t make you go, sir, but in a moment I’ll jettison the remaining escape pods in an attempt to distract the missile.” (killed in combat, Ord Cestus, clone, 22 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Steven Barnes)

Xyn, Torvin: “Jedi scum. You’ve only delayed the inevitable.” (killed by Jacen Solo, Right to Rule, infiltrator, 28 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Sean Williams, Shane Dix)

Yaddle: "If you lose your anger, find you it will. Embrace it and disappear it will. Chosen, you may be. But for what? Your question to answer, it is." (sacrifice, Mawan, Jedi Master, 26 BBY, Phil Eason, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Terry Brooks, Jude Watson)

Yanth: “One million non-sequential Republic credits. You take them -- I keep this. Everybody’s happy.” (killed by Darth Maul, Coruscant, Black Sun Vigo, 32 BBY, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Reaves)

Yant, Zan: “No, it isn’t. It’s much more than that. I wrote my first conserlista using it. Learned the first of the Berltahg Sonatas on it. It’s as much a part of me as my arm. I will never forget what Den Dhur did, not as long as I live.” (killed by shrapnel, Drongar, surgeon, 20 BBY, Jonathan Davis, Michael Reaves, Steve Perry)

Yim, Ahsi: “I can promise nothing, but I will see what can be done.” (killed by Shimrra Jamaane, Yuuzhan'tar, shaper, 29 ABY, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

Yim, Nen: "So are you. And part of me. Don't forget. Wanted to tell you about Sekot. It's what -- " (killed by Nom Anor, Zonama Sekot, Master Shaper, 29 ABY, Alexander Adams, Jonathan Davis, Greg Keyes)

Yinsen, Ho: "Don't waste it. Don't waste your life." (sacrifice, Afghanistan, scientist, 2009, Shaun Toub, Stan Lee)

Yoda: "Luke -- of the Emperor beware. Do not underestimate his powers, or suffer your father's fate you will. When gone I am ... last of the Jedi will you be. Luke, the Force is strong in your family. Pass on what you ... have ... learned ... There ... is ... another ... sky..." (natural causes, Dagobah, Jedi Grand Master, 4 ABY, Frank Oz, John Lithgow, Jonathan Davis, Jeff Gurner, Tony Roberts, Marc Thompson, Donald F. Glut, James Kahn)

Youngling: "Master Skywalker, there are too many of them! What are we going to do?" (killed by Darth Vader, Coruscant, Jedi youngling, 19 BBY, unknown actor, George Lucas)

Yularen, Wulff: Unknown. (killed by Luke Skywalker, Death Star I, ISB commander, 0 BBY, Robert Clarke, Tom Kane, Jeff Gurner, Alan Dean Foster)

Yzu, Malfkla: Unknown. (killed by Natasi Daala, Tsoss Beacon, warlord, 12 ABY, Anthony Heald, Kevin J. Anderson)

Zallow, Ven: "May the Force be with you all." (killed by Darth Malgus, Coruscant, Jedi Master, 3653 BBY, Marc Thompson, Dave Wilson, Paul S. Kemp)

Zan Arbor, Jenna: “Do I know you? I do, don’t I? I can’t remember things. But if I think very, very hard I might...do you remember my septsilk gown? Can you tell me what color it was?” (killed by Darth Vader, Imperial Center, scientist, 18 BBY, Jude Watson)

Zar, Entora: "I decide who the targets are around here, Two-Twenty. I'm the one the Ducha left in charge." (killed by 2-20, Terephon, instructor, 40 ABY, Marc Thompson, Troy Denning)

Zar, Fang: “But surely—” (killed by Darth Vader, Alderaan, Senator, 18 BBY, Warren Owens, Jonathan Davis, James Luceno)

Zavval: "Get them!" (killed by Han Solo, Ylesia, Hutt, 0 BBY, David Pittu, A.C. Crispin)

Zoso: "I know how to recognize a desperate soul." (killed by Rumplestiltskin, Enchanted Forest, sorcerer, 1861, Brad Dourif, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis)

Zsinj: "Mama." (killed by Han Solo, over Dathomir, warlord, 8 ABY, Anthony Heald, Dave Wolverton)


Introduced to the Dark Side

Tulak Hord

Marka Ragnos - overthrown by Jaden Korr in 14 ABY

Naga Sadow - overthrown by Freedon Nadd in 3756 BBY

Ludo Kressh - overthrown by Naga Sadow in 5000 BBY

Emperor Vitiate - born Tenebrae, overthrown by Hero of Tython sometime before 67 BBY

Darth Nyriss - overthrown by Revan in 3950 BBY

Darth Xedrix - overthrown by Lord Scourge in 3954 BBY

Darth Sion - turned to the light side by Meetra Surik, allowed himself to die

Darth Nihilus - overthrown by Meetra Surik and the Mandalorians

Lord Scourge - betrayed Emperor Vitiate, joined the Hero of Tython

Darth Malgus - born Veradun, overthrown in 3641 BBY

Lord Adraas - overthrown by Darth Malgus in 3651 BBY

Darth Angral - overthrown by Darth Malgus in 3651 BBY

Darth Baras - overthrown by the Emperor's Wrath in 3641 BBY

Darth Scabrous - overthrown by Hestizo Trace in 3645 BBY

Darth Chratis - overthrown by Eldon Ax in 3643 BBY

Darth Howl

Eldon Ax - born Cinzia Xandret

Darth Marr

Darth Gravus - overthrown by Darth Karrid in 3640 BBY

Darth Mortis

Darth Ravage

Darth Rictus

Darth Desolous - overthrown by the Jedi

Darth Ruin - born Phanius, overthrown by his followers

Darth Rivan - overthrown by his apprentice

Belia Darzu - overthrown by the Mecrosa Order in 1230 BBY

Lord Qordis - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY

Lord Kas'im - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY

Fohargh - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1001 BBY

Llokay - overthrown by Githany in 1000 BBY

Sirak - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY

Yevra - overthrown by Githany in 1000 BBY

Darth Bane - born Dessel, overthrown by Darth Zannah in 980 BBY

Darth Cognus - once known as The Huntress, overthrown by her second apprentice

Darth Millennial - founded the Prophets of the Dark Side

Darth Vectivus

Darth Guile

Darth Gravid - turned to the light side, overthrown by Darth Gean in 552 BBY

Darth Gean

Darth Tenebrous - born Rugess Nome, overthrown by Darth Plagueis in 67 BBY

Darth Plagueis - born Hego Damask, overthrown by Darth Sidious in 32 BBY

Darth Venamis - allowed to die by Darth Plagueis in 42 BBY

Darth Sidious - born Palpatine, overthrown by Empatojayos Brand in 11 ABY

Talzin - disappeared

Darth Maul - overthrown by Owen Lars in 16 BBY

Joruus C'Baoth - overthrown by Mara Jade

Savage Opress - overthrown by Darth Sidious

Hethrir - consumed by Waru in 14 ABY

Rillao - turned to the light side by Leia Organa Solo

Cronal - born Perek, overthrown by Luke Skywalker in 5 ABY

Vill Goir - overthrown by Luke Skywalker

Galen Marek - turned to the light side by Juno Eclipse, executed by Darth Sidious in 2 BBY

Sa Cuis - executed by Darth Vader

Mara Jade Skywalker - turned to the light side by Luke Skywalker, assassinated by Darth Caedus in 40 ABY

Roganda Ismaren - killed by Lord Nyax in 27 ABY

Lumiya - born Shira Brie, overthrown by Luke Skywalker in 40 ABY

Brakiss - killed by Imperial Guard in 23 ABY

Flint - turned to the light side by Luke Skywalker, assassinated by Lumiya in 14 ABY

Garowyn - overthrown by Jaina Solo and Chewbacca in 23 ABY

Tamith Kai - killed by Imperial Guard in 23 ABY

Lomi Plo - overthrown by Luke Skywalker in 36 ABY

Carnor Jax - assassinated by Kir Kanos in 11 ABY

Lord Nyax - originally Irek Ismaren, killed in 27 ABY

Zekk - turned to the light side by Luke Skywalker

Vilas - overthrown by Zekk in 23 ABY

Welk - overthrown by Luke Skywalker in 35 ABY

Darth Wyyrlok - overthrown by Darth Krayt in 138 ABY

Darth Maladi - born Malincha

Darth Nihl

Darth Talon

Introduced to the Light Side

Abeloth - originally the Mother, overthrown by Luke Skywalker and Darth Krayt in 44 ABY

Xendor - overthrown by Murrtaggh in 1750 BBY

Ajunta Pall - returned to the light side by Revan

Freedon Nadd - turned to the dark side by Naga Sadow, corrupted Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma, then allowed himself to die in 3997 BBY

Exar Kun - turned to the dark side by Freedon Nadd, overthrown by the New Jedi Order in 11 ABY

Ulic Qel-Droma - turned to the dark side by Exar Kun, returned to the light side by Cay Qel-Droma in 3996 BBY, killed by Hoggon in 3986 BBY

Darth Revan - turned to the dark side by Emperor Vitiate, returned to the light side by Bastila Shan, overwhelmed by an Imperial strike team, vanished in 3640 BBY

Darth Malak - originally Alek, turned to the dark side by Emperor Vitiate, overthrown by Darth Revan in 3956 BBY

Bastila Shan - turned to the dark side by Darth Malak, returned to the light side by Revan

Darth Traya - born Kreia, overthrown by Meetra Surik in 3956 BBY

Dar'Nala - overthrown by Dalborra in 3653 BBY

Darth Karrid - born Kana Tarrid, turned to the dark side by Darth Malgus, overthrown by Theron Shan in 3640 BBY

Skere Kaan - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY

Lord Kopecz - killed by Valenthyne Farfalla in 1000 BBY

Githany - overthrown by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY

Darth Zannah - turned to the dark side by Darth Bane, overthrown by Darth Cognus

Set Harth - deserted the Sith Order

Xanatos - suicided in 44 BBY

Bruck Chun - turned to the dark side by Xanatos, died in 44 BBY

Aurra Sing - turned to the dark side by her own anger

Kar Vastor - overthrown in 5 ABY

Komari Vosa - overthrown by Darth Tyranus in 32 BBY

Darth Tyranus - born Dooku, turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, overthrown by Anakin Skywalker in 19 BBY

Jorus C'Baoth - overthrown by Mitth'raw'nuruodo in 27 BBY

Asajj Ventress - faked her death in 19 BBY

Sora Bulq - turned to the dark side by Darth Tyranus, overthrown by Quinlan Vos in 19 BBY

Nikkos Tyris - turned to the dark side by Darth Tyranus, founded the Jensaarai, overthrown by Nejaa Halcyon in 19 BBY

Pong Krell - overthrown by Dogma in 21 BBY

Quinlan Vos - turned to the dark side by Darth Tyranus, returned to the light side

Aayla Secura - returned to the light side by Quinlan Vos, assassinated by CC-5052 in 19 BBY

Gethzerion - turned to the dark side, overthrown by Zsinj in 8 ABY

Baritha - turned to the dark side by Gethzerion, disappeared in 8 ABY

Barukka - turned to the dark side by Gethzerion, returned to the light side

Depa Billaba - turned to the dark side by Kar Vastor, left catatonic in 22 BBY

Barriss Offee - assassinated by CT-6734 in 19 BBY

Beldorion - overthrown by Leia Organa Solo in 13 ABY

Taselda - returned to the light side by Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader - born Anakin Skywalker, turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, returned to the light side by Luke Skywalker, killed by Darth Sidious

Jerec - turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, overthrown by Kyle Katarn

Antinnis Tremayne - turned to the dark side by Darth Vader

Kadann - overthrown by Azrakel in 5 ABY

Ferus Olin - turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, returns to the light side, killed by Darth Vader in 0 ABY

Kajin Savaros - turned to the dark side by Darth Vader, returns to the light side

Darth Krayt - born A'Sharad Hett, turned to the dark side by XoXaan, overthrown by Cade Skywalker in 138 ABY

Roganda Ismaren - turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, killed by Lord Nyax

Kyle Katarn - returned to the light side by Mara Jade Skywalker

Kam Solusar - turned to the dark side by Darth Vader, returned to the light side by Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker - turned to the dark side by Darth Sidious, returned to the light side by Leia Organa Solo, died sometime before 137 ABY

Gantoris - turned to the dark side by Exar Kun, returned to the light side, consumed by Exar Kun

Kyp Durron - turned to the dark side by Exar Kun, returned to the light side by Han Solo

Kueller - born Dolph, overthrown by Leia Organa Solo

Daeshara'cor - returned to the light side by Anakin Solo, sacrificed herself in 25 ABY

Jaina Solo Fel - returned to the light side by Kyp Durron

Onimi - overthrown by Jacen Solo

UnuThul - originally Raynar Thul, turned to the dark side by the Killiks, returned to the light side

Alema Rar - turned to the dark side by Lomi Plo, returned to the light side, overthrown by Jagged Fel in 40 ABY

Darth Caedus - originally Jacen Solo, turned to the dark side by Lumiya, overthrown by Jaina Solo in 41 ABY, returned to the light side by Allana Solo in 44 ABY

Tahiri Veila - turned to the dark side by Darth Caedus, returned to the light side by Ben Skywalker in 41 ABY

Cade Skywalker - turned to the dark side by Darth Krayt, returned to the light side

Hades - turned to the dark side indirectly by King Kronos, overthrown by Zelena

Gothel - turned to the dark side by Isla, overthrown by Alice Jones in 2017

Vortigan - overthrown by Merlin, killed by Nimue by 1477

Nimue - turned to the dark side by Vortigan by 1477, overthrown by the second Dark One

Black Fairy - originally Fiona, turned to the dark side indirectly by Reul Ghorm and Tiger Lily in 1811, overthrown by Reul Ghorm

Peter Pan - originally Malcolm, turned to the dark side by his own bitterness in 1822, overthrown by Rumplestiltskin in 2012 and in 2013

Gorgon - turned to the dark side by a previous Dark One, overthrown by Zoso

Zoso - turned to the dark side by Gorgon, overthrown by Rumplestiltskin in 1861

Captain Hook - originally Killian Jones, turned to the dark side indirectly by Peter Pan in 1848, returned to the light side by Baelfire in 2012, returned to the dark side by Nimue in 2013, returned to the light side by Emma Swan and Queen Regina in 2013, killed by Emma Swan

Rumplestiltskin - turned to the dark side by Zoso in 1861, overthrown by Henry Mills in 2013, returned to the light side by Belle, returned to the dark side by himself in 2013, returned to the light side by Belle and Gideon in 2014

Maleficent - overthrown by Emma Swan in 2012, returned to the light side by Lily Page in 2013

Cora - turned to the dark side by herself in 1936, overthrown by Snow White in 2012, returned to the light side by Queen Regina and Zelena in 2013

Ingrid - turned to the dark side by Gerda in 1955, returned to the light side by Anna, sacrificed herself in 2013

Ursula - turned to the dark side by Killian Jones in 1963, returned to the light side by Killian Jones in 2013

The Author - born Isaac Heller, turned to the dark side by himself after 1966, overthrown by Henry Mills in 2013

Cruella de Vil - overthrown by Emma Swan in 2013

Queen Regina - born Regina, turned to the dark side by Rumplestiltskin in 1966, returned to the light side by Henry Mills in 2012

Jafar - turned to the dark side by Amara, overthrown by Nyx

Anastasia - turned to the dark side by Cora, returned to the light side by Will Scarlet in 2012

Zelena - turned to the dark side by Rumplestiltskin in 1966, overthrown by Queen Regina in 2013, returned to the light side by Cora in 2013, returned to the dark side by Queen Regina in 2013, returned to the light side by Robin in 2013

Blind Witch - overthrown by Hansel and Gretel, killed by Queen Regina in 1981

Prince James - turned to the dark side by King George during the 1960s, killed by the Behemoth in 1981, overthrown by Prince Charming in 2013

King Arthur - turned to the dark side by his own anger in the 1981, overthrown by Prince Charming and Captain Hook in 2013, returned to the light side by Killian Jones in 2013, killed by Hades

Dr. Facilier - overthrown by Rumplestiltskin in 2017

Edward Hyde - formerly Dr. Henry Jekyll, turned to the dark side indirectly by Rumplestiltskin, overthrown by Captain Hook

Henry Jekyll - turned to the dark side indirectly by Rumplestiltskin, overthrown by Captain Hook

Lily Page - turned to the dark side unintentionally by Snow White and Prince Charming, returned to the light side by Emma Swan in 2013

Dark Swan - originally Emma Swan, turned to the dark side by Nimue, returned to the light side by herself in 2013

Evil Queen - formerly Queen Regina, turned to the dark side by Rumplestiltskin in 1966, overthrown by Queen Regina in 2013

Jack - originally Hansel, turned to the dark side by Zelena and Hilda Braeburn in 2012, overthrown by Zelena in 2017, killed by Dr. Facilier in 2017

Gideon - turned to the dark side by the Black Fairy in 2013, returned to the light side by Roderick in 2013

Captain Hook - originally Killian Jones, turned to the dark side indirectly by Peter Pan in 1848, returned to the light side by Alice by 2030

Lady Tremaine - originally Rapunzel, turned to the dark side by Gothel, overthrown by Gothel and Drizella in 2017, returned to the light side by Drizella in 2017, killed by Gothel in 2017

Drizella - turned to the dark side indirectly by Lady Tremaine in 2030, overthrown by Gothel in 2017, returned to the light side by Rapunzel Tremaine

Gellert Grindelwald - turned to the dark side by himself, overthrown by Albus Dumbledore in 1945, returned to the light side by 1998

Lord Voldemort - born Tom Riddle, overthrown by Harry Potter in 1998

Bellatrix Lestrange - originally Bellatrix Black, overthrown by Molly Weasley in 1998

Severus Snape - turned to the light side by Albus Dumbledore in 1981, overthrown by Lord Voldemort in 1998

Wormtail - born Peter Pettigrew, turned to the dark side by Lord Voldemort, sacrificed himself in 1998

Quirinus Quirrell - turned to the dark side by Lord Voldemort, overthrown by Harry Potter in 1991

Draco Malfoy - turned to the light side by Harry Potter in 1998

Marie Levesque - turned to the dark side by Gaea, returned to the light side by Hazel Levesque, sacrificed herself in 1942

Luke Castellan - turned to the dark side by Kronos in 2006, returned to the light side by Annabeth Chase, sacrificed himself in 2009

Ethan Nakamura - turned to the dark side by Kronos, returned to the light side by Percy Jackson, sacrificed himself in 2009

Silena Beauregard - turned to the dark side by Luke Castellan, returned to the light side by Charles Beckondorf, sacrificed herself in 2009

Chris Rodriguez - turned to the dark side by Luke Castellan, returned to the light side by Clarisse la Rue

Bob - born Iapetus, turned to the light side by Percy Jackson in 2008, sacrificed himself in 2010

Khione - turned to the dark side by Gaea in 2009

Octavian - overthrown by Nico di Angelo, Will Solace, and Mike Kahale in 2010

Bryce Lawrence - overthrown by Nico di Angelo in 2010

Beryl Grace - turned to the dark side by Gaea, overthrown by Jason Grace in 2010

Best Star Wars Novels (Sorted by Author)

Matthew Stover

  1. Traitor
  2. Revenge of the Sith
  3. Shatterpoint
  4. Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Timothy Zahn

  1. Vision of the Future
  2. The Last Command
  3. Dark Force Rising
  4. Specter of the Past
  5. Heir to the Empire
  6. Survivor's Quest
  7. Choices of One
  8. Allegiance
  9. Outbound Flight
  10. Scoundrels

James Luceno

  1. The Unifying Force
  2. Darth Plagueis
  3. Jedi Eclipse
  4. Hero's Trial
  5. Millennium Falcon
  6. Labyrinth of Evil
  7. Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader
  8. Cloak of Deception

Troy Denning

  1. Apocalypse
  2. The Swarm War
  3. The Unseen Queen
  4. The Joiner King
  5. Star by Star
  6. Tatooine Ghost
  7. Abyss
  8. Vortex
  9. Crucible
  10. Tempest
  11. Inferno
  12. Invincible

Michael A. Stackpole

  1. I, Jedi
  2. Ruin
  3. Onslaught
  4. The Bacta War
  5. The Krytos Trap
  6. Isard's Revenge
  7. Wedge's Gamble
  8. Rogue Squadron

Karen Traviss

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Bloodlines
  3. Revelation
  4. No Prisoners
  5. The Clone Wars
  6. Order 66
  7. True Colors
  8. Triple Zero
  9. 501st
  10. Hard Contact

Aaron Allston

  1. Conviction
  2. Backlash
  3. Outcast
  4. Fury
  5. Exile
  6. Betrayal
  7. Rebel Stand
  8. Rebel Dream
  9. Mercy Kill
  10. Solo Command
  11. Iron Fist
  12. Wraith Squadron
  13. Starfighters of Adumar

Christie Golden

  1. Ascension
  2. Allies
  3. Omen

Sean Williams

  1. Reunion
  2. Refugee
  3. Remnant
  4. The Force Unleashed
  5. Fatal Alliance
  6. The Force Unleashed II

Greg Keyes

  1. The Final Prophecy
  2. Rebirth
  3. Conquest

Walter Jon Williams

  1. Destiny's Way
  2. Ylesia

Kevin J. Anderson

  1. Champions of the Force
  2. Dark Apprentice
  3. Darksaber
  4. Jedi Search
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