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Favorite Naruto Pairings

*First Generation*

Gaara x Sakura

Naruto x Hinata

Kiba x Ino

Shikamaru x Temari

Neji x Tenten

OC Pairings

*Second Generation*

Akito x Natsumi

Toshiro x Minako

Kyo x Satomi

Vincent x Taka

Haru x Tomoyo

*Third Generation*

Kanamé x Vitani

Noriaki x Hikari

Kai x Izayoi

Sanosuke x Talia

Hayate x Chitose

Hideaki x Ami

Vance x Ayame

*Fourth Generation*

Sakimori x Valencia

Kurogané x Viletta

Ryousuke x Ming Yue

Taizen x Izumi

James x Emiko

Hiro x Kairi

Shusui x Shiori

Tadaaki x Faia

Rin x Mikoto

Character Profiles/Pictures

As you may have noticed, we do have some reoccurring characters that we have created. So we just thought it would be nice to put there bios up on our profile as well.

Akito x Natsumi:


Hideaki x Ami:

Kai x Izayoi:

Kurogané x Viletta:

Kyo x Satomi:

Noriaki x Hikari:

Sanosuke x Talia:

Second Generation:


LoveShinobi's Characters

Naruto Characters (First Generation): Gaara, Kiba, Ino, Shikamaru, Temari, Neji, Tenten, Sai, Sasori, Kankuro, Any Suna shinobi/officials, Hana, Shino, Kabuto, Orochimaru, Suigetsu, Madara, Gai, Anko, and Mikoto (Sasuke's Mother)

*Second Generation*

Sabaku no Toshiro

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Toshiro is the eldest son of Gaara and Sakura, basically the conformation of their love. He looks almost exactly like Gaara, with red hair and nearly the same build. But his eyes are a darker shade of jade, a color between Sakura's emerald and Gaara's pale jade. He was blessed with all the abilities of his parents. He can control sand and has immense and unnatural strength and he is a very skilled medic (mostly broken bones and less intricate healings). He is the prodigy of Suna, but one of the kindest people on the planet. He's always looking out for his sisters and his friends. He prefers not to fight, but that in no way makes him weak. His best friend is Uchiha Akito, apparently the feud between their fathers doesn't run too deep. Uzumaki Minako is the only girl who's ever caught his interest romantically, as she is the only one whose kindness is the same level as his own. Their relationship is always mutual and simple. Toshiro is one of the most trusting characters of all of them and his loyalty goes out to almost everyone. The only thing he lacks from both his parents is that he doesn't have a temper.

Sabaku no Satomi

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Satomi is the eldest daughter of Gaara and Sakura. She is the older twin of her and her sister, Natsumi. Satomi has an uncanny beauty that is hidden beneath the scowl always adorning her face. She has long, pink hair down to her waist that is always pulled back in a braid. Her eyes are the exact same shade of jade as her father's. Unlike both her siblings, her outlook on life is much darker. The only known time she has smiled is when it either pertains to children or the only man she's ever become fond of, Kyo. Being a twin, she was only blessed with one of her parent's gifts. Her strength is phenomenal, and her healing abilities are equal to that of her mother and Tsunade. There is very little she cannot do when it comes to being a medic. She doesn't really have many strong ties to anyone outside her family. She occasionally allows Uzumaki Minako in, but mainly only talks to her sister. Even though she hates everyone, the man she hates the most is Uchiha Akito. She cannot stand him in any way or form. Satomi isn't a very deep character, but she is extremely hard to read, taking after her father's stoic facade.

Sabaku no Natsumi

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Natsumi is usually the youngest daughter of Gaara and Sakura, born only a couple minutes after her twin sister Satomi. Natsumi is the picture of perfection, flawless in almost every way and form, except in her stability. She, unlike her sister, has short pink hair and pale jade eyes, just like her father. All of her clothing reveals some part of her beautiful figure. She is the most arrogant character in every story she is in. Though her arrogance is earned because she is one of the strongest, her only equal being Uchiha Akito. Her speed is unrivaled and she developed her own fighting style. Instead of fighting with her sand, she uses the golden grains as an extension of her body. She is proficient in taijutsu and skilled with weapons of every kind. But, she didn't inherit her mother's strength, and is the only one of the Sabaku children without it. Natsumi is an expert healer in poisons and abnormalities, such as the brain. Her whole world focuses around the young Uchiha heir. Her whole drive is to be the best, because Uchihas want nothing but the best. And no matter which Uchiha she comes in contact with, they can't help be feel drawn to her. She is always labeled as one of the most dangerous shinobi in all of the countries due to her own developed ninjutsu, where she focuses her healing chakra into something more deadly. It is similar to the gentle fist, but once it makes contact with her opponent's flesh their insides begin to deteriorate and destroy themselves from the inside out. Even though she smiles and laughs all the time, her mind is unstable, maybe even more so than her father's. She needs to be complimented and better than everyone else, which causes problems, because if something or someone gets in her way, she will annihilate it. The only one who has ever been able to calm her from a psychotic break is Akito, the man she is completely and utterly devoted to.

Sabaku no Yuki

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The sometimes youngest daughter of Sabaku no Gaara and Haruno Sakura. She has red hair like her father, and is the only Sabaku child with their mother's eyes. Of the four children, she is the one most noticeable as the trouble maker. Yuki is the angriest character I've created, but then again, who wouldn't be angry with three star siblings. There really isn't much room for her in the Sabaku family, and she hates all her siblings. Though, her hate derives from the fact that she admires them so much that she doesn't think she could ever be as good at them. She is always compared to her siblings, and thus has made her have a severe inferiority complex that she tries to cover with a superiority complex. She is loud and always trying to do things to get her parent's attention, whether it’s annoying or not. All in all, she pretty much received both Gaara and Sakura's insecurities. Though, when it comes down to it, she is always there for her siblings in a sense, and loves her family more than she claims. She thinks that her stalker, Uzumaki Shuhei, is the most annoying person on the face of the planet, and hates him to no end. But eventually she comes around to her senses, because Shuhei is the only person who can mellow her out.

Inuzuka Haru

Origin: Magnetism

Haru is the eldest son of Inuzuka Kiba and Yamanaka Ino. He has short, but shaggy brown hair, and beautiful deep blue eyes. He is funny and friendly and loves to laugh. Like all the Inuzuka clan, he has a canine companion named Hasuki, who is a black and white husky. He is good friends with Uchiha Akito, and knows everything about everything. There is not a piece of information this man does not know. He is very loyal and compassionate to everyone, though as bold as he is, he can never seem to get enough courage to ask out the girl he likes.

Inuzuka Yuri

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Yuri is the youngest child of Inuzuka Kiba and Yamanaka Ino. She has beautiful blonde hair that she wears up in a jaw clip, her long bangs covering half her face, much like her mother's. The younger sister to Haru, this girl loves good conversation and is almost as good as her brother at knowing what's going on. She loves to gossip and never misses a beat. Much like her father, she finds everything in life worth laughing about and has a care-free life style. Like her brother, she also has a canine companion named Nala.

Hyuuga Ryo

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Ryo is the only son of Hyuuga Neji and Tenten, as well as Uzumaki Minako and Uzumaki Shuhei's cousin. Much like his father, he is reserved and doesn't really have a lot to say. He has long brown hair and pale white eyes, looking almost exactly like Neji. He is very skilled with weapons and the Hyuuga fighting style. He admires Akito and aspires to be just like him, since the Uchiha has years of experience on him.

Terumi Vincent

Origin: Charade

The son of the Fifth Mizukage, he has auburn hair and aquamarine eyes. Vincent jumps at any chance to make fun of his friends, or hit on the nearest hot girl that he sees. Corny/cheesy pick-up lines are his thing, and for the most part he uses them to try and get women. Despite his nonchalant facade, Vincent is a pretty decent guy and is never one to attempt any real harm on someone's feelings. And while being able to have Natsumi in any way he can would just make his day, he can't help but have feelings for Taka, despite her bitchiness. But, their personalities mesh well together, and he knows deep down that he would never be able to deal with Natsumi as well as Akito does. Though he hasn't yet had the chance to show his ninja skills, they are extremely similar to the Mizukage's acid and lava jutsus.


Origin: Magnetism

Tomoyo is the girl of Inuzuka Haru's dreams. She has straight black hair that falls to her knees, and pretty blue eyes. She's a pretty neutral character, and very difficult to read. Haru always proclaims his affection for her, and at first she is unresponsive. But in truth, not one could be more perfect for the quiet little wise woman. She is very smart, and isn't very ambitious in her ninja career, but is of the jounin level. She likes everyone and is a good diffuser when things get heated between the other females and males.

Sabaku no Petra

Origin: Mishap

Petra is the illegitimate child of Sabaku no Kankuro. She has long brown hair and amber eyes. Her mother is unknown for a reason. She is a prostitute. One of many that Kankuro slept with, only she got pregnant. She would not take care of the child so she gave the girl to the father and left her in his care. Despite the terrible birth of the girl, she is fun loving and has a breezy demeanor. She likes to laugh and is much like her father, even taking in his special puppet technique.

Akimichi Kazuya

Origin: Extermination

Son of Choji. He has light, spiky brown hair and light brown eyes. Like most of his clan, his cheeks are adorned with the red swirls that mark their family. Surprisingly thin for one of the Akimichi clan, since his mother is a slender woman, he is known as the runt of the litter. But even though he isn't as big as his other family members, he proves that he is still worthy of the clan's jutsu and his strength is formidable. He has his father's trigger anger, though it is only when someone refers to him as small or skinny. He doesn't like his lean figure and so eats as much as possible whenever he can, but never seems to gain any weight. He is kind at heart, but a bit fierier and bolder than his father. He is a master chef and prides himself in knowing how to cook.

Angelv's Characters

Naruto Characters (First Generation): Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Lee, Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade, Itachi, Fugaku (Itachi's Father), All Konoha shinobi/officials/Elders, Karin, Yoko, Matsuri, and the Tsuchikage.

*Second Generation*

Uchiha Akito

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Akito is Uchiha Sasuke's only child. His mother is always unknown, and dies sometime after Akito is born. Basically, she was only used by Sasuke to continue the Uchiha line. He has dark, forest green eyes, and pretty much looks exactly like Sasuke, only his hair doesn't look completely like a chicken's butt in the back, it's much cooler, and his bangs hang across his forehead, kind of like Sasuke's when he first joined the Akatsuki. It takes him a while to warm up to people, and he always feels like he is a disappointment to his father. Sabaku no Toshiro is always his friend in some form or fashion, as well as Uzumaki Minako. Sabaku no Natsumi is the only woman who can deal with all of his crap, and also the only one that he cares enough about to actually admit his feelings to, no matter how complicated their relationship is. He is as fast, if not more so than his father, and has similar abilities. On his own, he developed the ability to put lightning into kunai and throw them at his enemies, shocking them, and he can also shoot lightning from his fingertips, much in the same way that Zuko does, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is extremely proficient with any weapon, especially his katana, and is usually sent on infiltrations and assassinations because of his abilities. This also causes him to be labeled as one of the most powerful shinobi in the nations, easily recognizable because of his abilities, and his classic Uchiha looks. Although he isn't much of a people person, he generally gets along with everyone, except Sabaku no Satomi, whom he hates more than anything. To him she is just ugly and boring, and so he argues with her constantly, despite how much it displeases Natsumi.

Uzumaki Minako

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Minako is the daughter of Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata. She looks almost exactly like her mother, except her bright blue eyes, that she inherited from her father. Her hair is just as long, but her bangs fall off to the left side of her face. She is almost too nice sometimes, but does have a mean side. Ramen and Sabaku no Toshiro are the two loves in her life, and she is fiercely devoted to her friends and family. She has always been a bit of a nature lover, and that sometimes can get her into trouble. Kidnapping is usually the end result. Sabaku no Satomi and Sabaku no Natsumi are her best friends in the entire world, though she generally prefers to hang out with Natsumi, since she is a lot more cheerful than her sister. Because she trained with her Uncle Neji, she is very proficient with the Gentle Fist. She developed her own move using the Gentle Fist and the Rasengan, able to put a small one on the tips of her fingers and push it into her opponent. She can also flash step, like Naruto and Minato, but hers is a purple flash, instead of yellow. She doesn't really like to fight or kill people, but if she has to, she will.

Uzumaki Shuhei

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Minako's little brother, and the son of Naruto and Hinata. He is an exact replica of Naruto, and has the same crystalline eyes as his sister. Shuhei is even more annoying than Naruto was, and enjoys playing pranks on people and acting like a child all the time. He isn't intimidated in the least by Gaara, and even goes so far as to annoy the redhead to no end. Always happy and full of love, everyone can't help but like the blonde, despite how annoying he is. He is also proficient in the Gentle Fist, and invented his own move, which combines Neji's Rotation with Hinata's invented chakra whips, so that when he spins, whips of chakra lash out at his opponent, making the move both defensive, and offensive. On top of all of this, he is completely obsessed with Sabaku no Yuki's hair, believing it to be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. She doesn't usually accept his attention, but eventually comes around. For who couldn't love a Naruto replica.


Origin: Whirlwind Saga

She has no last name, because we don't really care that much, and she is never really important enough to have one. Kind of like TenTen. Taka is a beautiful woman, with long brown hair and icy blue eyes, any man's ideal woman, if she weren't so bitchy. Always obsessed with Uchiha Akito, she and Natsumi are frenemies. They rarely get along, and Taka always tries to ruin Natsumi's relationship with Akito in some way or another. She is a decent enough ninja, able to make it into Anbu, and is very manipulative and tactical when the need arises. She hates her laugh, because if she starts to laugh hard enough she will snort and hyperventilate simultaneously, and she is afraid that people will make fun of her for it. She isn't all bad, having few good moments, but for the most part, she was invented to add drama and cat fights to our stories, and she serves her purpose well. And even though sometimes it takes her a while, she eventually discovers that Vincent is really the man for her, as he is the only one who puts up with her crap.

Rock Ken

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Rock Lee's only child. Nobody really knows who would procreate with the bushy haired ninja, but obviously somebody did. Ken is exactly like his father, though he takes the love of youth to a whole new level. He's completely obsessed with Uzumaki Minako, Sabaku no Natsumi, and Sabaku no Satomi, unable to pick between the three of them because of their different types of 'beauty and youth'. Just like his father, his love is an unrequited one, but that never dampens his spirits. Akito and Toshiro can't stand him, and quite often Akito will even threaten Ken's life whenever he tries to put the moves on Natsumi. Kyo has never had to do this, for he and Ken have never met, and Satomi is pretty intimidating all on her own. Made to add comedy to the stories, Ken serves his purpose well, and is a great addition to our invented generation of Naruto characters.


Origin: Magnetism

Kyo is the grandson of the Third Tsuchikage, who somehow doesn't have a last name. At least, not that we know of. He has shaggy, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. For the most part he is pretty easy going, not really caring much about what goes on around him. He is a talented artist, which also pertains to his ninja abilities. He is able to mold clay like Deidara, but doesn't have the mouths on his palms. He is also able to fly the way that the Tsuchikage can, but doesn't really showcase that ability, and rarely ever has to use it. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, or if something that he does care about is in jeopardy, such as Sabaku no Satomi, the love of his life. Anger problems do run in his family, but because Kyo doesn't like the way it makes him, he strives to maintain his happy, carefree demeanor. Though, occasionally he does have moments where he becomes sullen, and extremely quiet.

Aburame Seito

Origin: Extermination

The only son of Aburame Shino, and a woman that his family picked out for him to marry. He has short, dark brown hair that is spiked in the front, and dark brown eyes. He can do the same jutsu that his father can, also having the kikaichu living in his body. He is a very skilled and strategic fighter, though he never brags about his abilities to his opponents, or teammates. Despite having bugs inhabit his body, he is a huge germophobe, and so does not like to be touched by other people, and constantly washes his hands. Being dirty freaks him out, almost as much as his father does. He believes Shino to be a huge creeper, and even goes out of his way to try and not be like his elder. In doing so, he is naturally outgoing and optimistic, instead of the odd withdrawn and silent that the males of the Aburame Clan usually are.

*Third Generation*

Uchiha Kanamé -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Kanamé is the eldest of the Uchiha triplets. He has black hair and pale jade eyes that he inherited from his mother. Being the elder of the next Uchiha generation he acts far older than his age, having to take care of his younger siblings on an emotional level. Like all five of the Uchiha children, he was blessed with the ability to control sand and has the fearful sharingan. He is an extremely fast learner and has a very deep connection with his mother, who he feels like he must protect, much like his father. His admiration for Akito runs deep, and he mimics his father in almost every way. Kanamé is the cleverest of all the Uchiha children being the protégé that he is. He has mastered the art of lightning far beyond Sasuke, and even Akito. Though his prowess has yet to be shown, in battle his kind façade fades and is replaced with a mixture of both his parents’ determination. As one of the more 'emotional' Uchihas, he does find interest in a girl, who is the daughter of his parent’s most loathsome friends. Confused at first by his feelings for the younger woman, Kanamé eventually comes forth and reveals his adoration for Vitani.

Uchiha Noriaki -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The second of the Uchiha triplets. He looks almost exactly like his older brother, but has a sharper look to his face. He is the trouble maker of the five, always finding mischievous things to do to his younger brother Hayate. Like his elder brother, he's a hard worker when he actually puts his mind to it. But aside from training, he can usually be found trying to cook up some excuse to torture his siblings. Noriaki has the worst of the middle child syndrome. He is the middle triplet, as well as middle child with his brother Sanosuke. Though Sanosuke receives praise from the eldest living Uchiha, Sasuke, while Noriaki does not. Always held second best to his elder brother Kanamé, he took on the element of fire to differ himself from him. Much like his chosen element, Noriaki is a hothead and not only finds praise in his brother's failures, as few as they may be, but does his best to ensure them. Despite his ‘place’ as second, Noriaki is the strongest of the Uchiha generation, due to his hard work to prove he is different and is at a higher level. He is a known womanizer and is nearly irresistible to the female population, with his drop dead gorgeous looks and bad boy demeanor. Despite his known relations with women, he is best friends with Vitani, and at some point mistakes those feelings for something more. As conniving as he can be, Noriaki is never one to follow through with something devastating to anyone in his family, and would put his life on the line for any of them. In a test of his character, Noriaki begins to fall for a childhood frenemy of his, Takata Hikari, who he eventually devotes himself to.

Uchiha Izayoi -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The only daughter of Akito and Natsumi, and the youngest of the triplets. She is almost the spitting image of Natsumi, aside from her black hair. And much like her mother, she is utterly devoted to her father and loves him with all her heart, wanting him to be proud of her. She also loves her grandfather, Sasuke, very much, and is secretly his favorite grandchild. She delves further into intelligence than strength, coming up with the ability to create and control glass. She is the smartest of the Uchihas, outwitting even the Nara Clan in her brilliance. She is a kind spirit and loves to talk, as well as solve puzzles. As much of a beauty as she is, she is never pursued from sheer fear of the other Uchiha males. Until she meets Ryū Kai, who falls madly in love with her at their first meeting. Though she isn’t as head over heels for him as he is her, she loves him enough to stand up to her family and fend them off to protect him from their wrath.

Uchiha Sanosuke -Angelv-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

Sanosuke is the spitting image of his grandfather, Uchiha Sasuke, even wearing his hair the exact same way, though, unlike the triplets, his eyes are the same shade of green as Akito's. He loves to train, it being his only hobby, and spends most of his time doing so with the eldest Uchiha. He loves both of his parents dearly, and it is extremely difficult for him to defy or stay mad at his mother. For the most part he follows the rules, unless he feels that he must break them. He is also able to control sand, and using his sharingan, developed a way to combine his sand with dirt, so that when it gets wet he can separate the two, and still have use of the deadly grains. Despite being able to use this though, he prefers the use of his weapons, such as kunai, shuriken, senbon, and his sword. He is the fastest of all of his siblings, making him all the more deadly when he strikes. Not one for socializing, Sanosuke only has one real friend named Talia. It takes him a while to figure out just how much she means to him, but when he does, he doesn’t let the opportunity pass to let her know, for fear that some other man will come along that has a better way with words.

Uchiha Hayate -Angelv-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The youngest of the five, Hayate is the apple of his mother’s eye. He is the spitting image of his father, down to his eyes and hair style. Always happy and cheerful, he is rarely ever sad. The definition of a mama's boy, Hayate is extremely perceptive to Natsumi's emotions, and helps her get through them when Akito is not there to do so. He looks up to his older siblings, but most of all, wants to be like his daddy some day. He loves everyone he comes into contact with, and it's nearly impossible for others to not love him back. Hayate can use fire, lightning, sand, and weapons, but having the gentlest soul, specializes in medical jutsu, developing his skills far beyond Natsumi's. He can also perform the Kamui (Mangekyou Sharingan ability that allows the user to transport an object into another dimension), with relative ease, not having to concentrate as hard as Kakashi does, because he carries the Uchiha blood. And, unlike his siblings, he does not pursue a career in Anbu, as he doesn’t like to go on more ruthless missions. He’s sworn his heart to only one woman, and that is Inuzuka Chitose, the girl he has loved since first meeting.

Sabaku no Ami -Angelv-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The eldest daughter of Sabaku no Toshiro and Uzumaki Minako. She has long, straight auburn hair and dark teal eyes. She doesn't get along well with her cousin, Uchiha Kanamé, for they are always trying to one-up each other, whether it's at who is better as the eldest, or whose father is better. Despite not getting along with him, or enjoying spending time with her Uchiha relatives, when it comes down to it, family is extremely important to her, and she would do anything to protect them. She inherited her father's strength, as well as her mother's byakugan, so she can use the gentle fist. She doesn't really pay any attention to boys, since she thinks they're all stupid and immature. Akechi Hideaki confuses her with the fact that he never leaves her alone, no matter how mean she is to him. But eventually, she grows to like this about him.

Sabaku no Ayame -Angelv-

Origin: Whirlwind Saga

The youngest daughter of Sabaku no Toshiro and Uzumaki Minako. She has long, wavy auburn hair and dark teal eyes, just like her older sister. Unlike her sister, she is easygoing, and loves all of her relatives. She gets along with them wonderfully, having inherited that special trait that gets everyone to like her. Uchiha Hayate is her best friend, and she can always be found hanging out with him, or with Terumi Vance, the boy she has decided to spend the rest of her life with. From her father she inherited control over sand, and also has the byakugan and gentle fist from her mother.

Sabaku no Sora -Angelv-

Origin: The Goblin King

The only child of Kyo and Sabaku no Satomi. (Kyo took on Satomi's last name when they married, as some Japanese do). He has shaggy, pale pink hair that he inherited from his mother, and light eyes the color of honey. He’s pretty easygoing, just like his father, but gets his smarts from his mother. He loves all of his cousins, and while he doesn’t really care about the feud between Ami and Kanamé, he wishes that they could get along. He also inherited the sand from his mother, because although Satomi doesn’t have the ability of sand, she carried the gene. But what separates his ability from his cousins’, is that he can use Iron Sand, just like the Third Kazekage of Suna. He can also use his father’s flying jutsu, as well as his clay, and is learning to heal from Satomi.

Terumi Vitani -Angelv-

Origin: Indefinite

The daughter of Terumi Vincent and Taka, Vitani has her mother's long brown hair with auburn highlights, along with Vincent's aquamarine eyes. She is brutally honest with people, not putting a candy coating on anything. Corny phrases are one of her specialties, as was with Vincent, but she keeps them to herself for the most part, and only every once in a while voices them aloud. She's confident in her looks, but holds Taka’s uncertainty about people actually liking her for her, since she isn’t always the nicest person. While she is a skilled fighter, she doesn’t care about proving to others how great she is, because strength has never been that important to her. She's also very smart and tactical, but hides it because she thinks it’s unattractive. She has inherited Vincent's kekkei genkai, which is the ability to shoot lava and acid from her mouth at her opponents. She is head over heels in love with Uchiha Kanamé, though tries to deny it, because she was taught by Taka her entire life to never trust Uchihas.

Takata Hikari -Angelv-

Origin: The Goblin King

Born in Leaf, raised in Lightning. She has purple eyes, and white hair that goes to the middle of her back. Her ninja abilities revolve mostly around water based techniques, because, despite her family being from Kumogakure originally, she is unable to manipulate lightning properly. Her biggest technique is called Storm Release, which combines water and lightning chakras to shoot beams of energy at people that flow like water. As well as this she is very proficient in throwing things, whether its kunai, senbon, or shuriken, though her preferred item are special daggers that she custom orders. Hikari practically worships the ground that Uchiha Kanamé walks on, thinking him to be the nicest, coolest person ever, and completely hates Uchiha Noriaki and all of his arrogance. Though, her feelings eventually begin to change when she sees the lengths he will go to just to get her to like him. For who can resist such an attractive bad boy?

Ryū Kai -Angelv-

Origin: The Goblin King

Kai is the last survivor of the Ryū Clan. He has stormy grey eyes, and black and white hair. His personality it pretty easygoing, and he is a very humble person. He’s an excellent ninja, but never feels the need to brag about his abilities, or his victories. His main weapon is something called The Dragon Blade, a sword that allows him to perform any jutsu that is thrown at him during a fight, as well as cut and absorb his opponent’s chakra. He is completely and utterly devoted to Uchiha Izayoi, even daring to stand up to her overprotective relatives just so he can be in her presence.

Utagawa Talia -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Enigma

A regular girl from the village Hidden in the Leaves, Talia is the only one of our characters who is not a ninja. She does not possess chakra, but her deceased father was a ninja of mediocre caliber. The only thing she inherited from him was his kekkei genkai, which is the ability to be unaffected by genjutsu. Talia is a willowy girl of average height and has golden blonde hair, accompanied by brilliant amber eyes. She’s feisty and a bit mouthy, always up to trouble. She is Uchiha Sanosuke’s lifelong best friend and eventual love interest. The two are practically inseparable until their lives begin to lead off in different directions. Always supportive of her friend despite the insecurities she has of not being good enough, since she does not possess any abilities the Uchiha Clan strives for, she's always there for Sanosuke when he needs her, and vice versa.

Inuzuka Chitose -LoveShinobi-

Origin: The Goblin King

The only child of Inuzuka Haru and Tomoyo. She has long, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She enjoys helping her parents in the famous Yamanaka Flower shop, which Haru took over from his mom, Ino. She is a ninja like her parents, and has a canine companion that looks like a Great Pyrenees and is named Mai. Somehow she manages to catch the eye of the youngest Uchiha, Hayate, and winds up loving him more than life itself.

Akechi Hideaki -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Oddity

Hideaki is a Konoha shinobi with light brown hair that falls around his face, but not enough to cover his fuchsia eyes. He is a carefree individual once you get to know him, but up front is the serious and silent type, though deep down he loves a good laugh and tries to make those around him happy. He's lengthy and tall and loves to be right, but is not afraid to admit once he's made a mistake. He's an all-around good guy, but occasionally loses his tempter when others don't respect the rules. He likes to take life as it comes and his catch phrase seems to be "Don't worry about it..." with a crooked smile. He shows interest in a few women, but none attract his intrigue like Sabaku no Ami. He finds her flustered and somewhat angry look on life trivial but amusing, and does his best to teach her the ways of letting go. Hideaki wields duel ninja machetes made from vajra, a mythical substance that can cut any substance, but cannot be cut itself. He is also sufficient in wood release jutsu like the First Hokage, and Captain Yamato.

Terumi Vance -LoveShinobi-

Origin: The Goblin King

The son of Terumi Vincent and Taka, he looks exactly like his father, though his eyes are that of his mother’s. He tries to be assertive and confident like his father, but winds up becoming nervous around girls, due to the fact that he inherited his mother’s self-doubt when it comes to people liking him. He likes to joke around and have fun, and eventually begins to like Sabaku no Ayame. He possesses the same abilities as his sister, Vitani, but unlike most siblings, there is no rivalry of any kind between the two.

*Fourth Generation*

Uchiha Sakimori -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Ignominy

Sakimori is the first born Uchiha of the fourth generation. Despite being the son of the infamous Uchiha Noriaki, Sakimori is a kind hearted Uchiha, who tends to be more shy than assertive. Sakimori has black hair tipped with frosted white from his mother, and deep amethyst eyes. He doesn't speak a lot and when he does it is mostly only to his family. Nearly the opposite of his father in every way, Sakimori has extreme difficulty talking to girls and hates confrontation amongst his friends and family. Even though he is the eldest, Sasuke and Akito do not see him worth as carrying that title and would much prefer that his close cousins Kurogané or Ryousuke become the next head of the clan. Despite his timid behavior, Sakimori is one of the strongest of his generation, being able to control fire and lightning just as well as his father. Even though he has trouble with girls, he eventually gets over his nerves and asks his long-time crush Valencia to be his girlfriend. There was only one trait Sakimori inherited from his father, and that was his amazing libido and skills in the bedroom.

Uchiha Kurogané -Angelv-

Origin: Ignominy

Kurogané is the eldest son of Kai and Izayoi. An arrogant, headstrong boy, he has his mother's light jade eyes, though his features are those of his father. His hair is black and somewhat spiky, with a prominent white streak on the left side of his head. He, along with his twin sister Izumi, are the only ones out of the Uchihas that inherited Gaara's sand, a fact that they bring up. He can also wield lightning and fire, as well as possesses the Sharingan. He doesn't develop much with his kekkei genkai, however, instead training in the art of the sword. He becomes friends with Viletta at an early age, but fears ruining their friendship by confessing to her, and so keeps his feelings to himself as they grow up. But he is fiercely possessive, even chasing away those who would ask her out, until she finally makes him admit his feelings.

Uchiha Ryousuke -Angelv-

Origin: Venture

The only child of Sanosuke and Talia, Ryousuke is the only Uchiha with golden blonde hair, a trait he got from his mother. He wears it short, not wanting it to cover up his forest green eyes and hinder him in battle. A generally kind boy, Ryousuke hides it behind a stoic mask in fear of disappointing his father and appearing weak. Not only does he have the Sharingan and can use it almost as well as his cousin Izumi, but he is unaffected by genjutsu, another gift from Talia. Using that as his main form of attack, he doesn't practice many jutsu, instead training with weapons of varying kinds. The second he meets his love Ming Yue, he becomes entranced with her beauty and the kindness only he can see. But his insecurity of not being good enough for her often gets in the way, causing many bumps in their otherwise perfect relationship.

Uchiha Izumi -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Ignominy

Izumi is the first female Uchiha to be born to the fourth generation. The daughter of Kai and Izayoi, she is named after her mother, as her twin brother, Kurogané, is named after their father. She is a headstrong and arrogant Uchiha, much like her mother and grandmother before her. She has long black hair, like most Uchiha, though she has a prominent white streak on the right side of her head. She has stormy grey eyes, the only real feature that distinguishes her from her bother. A master of illusion, Izumi is a prodigy when it comes to the Sharingan. Having mastered even the most complex of jutsu from a young age, she is the youngest Uchiha to unleash a fully formed Susanoo. In a complex love triangle, her first love does not return her feelings as he is in love with her cousin, but she fully realizes her feelings for Taizen when he is hurt trying to protect her.

Akechi Emiko -Angelv-

Origin: Melancholy

The only daughter of Hideaki and Ami, Emiko has her father's brown hair, with auburn highlights that she got from her mother. Despite having teal eyes, she inherited the Byakugan, and is proficient in the Gentle Fist. Luckily enough, she also inherited her mother's super strength, and is knowledgeable when it comes to healing. Along with that she can perform the wood jutsu of the First Hokage, a trait she got from her father, though it is not something she uses often. Emiko is a smart, kind girl, who loves to help people. She also has secret temper even larger than her mother's, which she covers up by acting laid back like her father. When she first meets James, a foreigner that almost everyone shuns, she instantly decides to become his friend. Curious about where he comes from, she asks him to teach her about his world as she helps him learn about hers. And along the way, she falls harder for him than she ever thought possible.

Uchiha Kairi -Angelv-

Origin: Ignominy

Kairi is Noriaki and Hikari's second child, and younger sister of Sakimori. Unlike her brother, all of her hair is black and kept long like her elder cousin Izumi's. She's very close with the girl, but there is a rivalry there that surpasses their mother's. She has the large violet eyes of her mother, eyes that Noriaki is unable to resist when it comes to giving his princess whatever she wants. Except a boyfriend. Kairi is proficient in the Sharingan, and can also wield fire and energy the way her parent's can. A stubborn daddy's girl, it takes Kairi a long time to realize that she loves Hiro with all of her heart, instead thinking herself in love with Taizen, since he resembles her father more. But once she and Izumi get over their squabbles about their men, all is right with the world.

Uchiha Shiori -LoveShinobi-

Origin: She's Just Not That Into You

Shiori is the only daughter of Kanamé and Vitani. Unlike most of the Uchiha, she chooses to delve into the power from her mother and specializes in magma and acid jutsus. She still has the Sharingan, but develops hers only to the point of seeing her opponent’s moves before they happen. Shiori is a happy and talkative girl who likes to pull pranks and cause trouble, despite being the Hokage's daughter. She is a hard worker and strives to be one of the best, after all she is still an Uchiha. Her love life is not complicated or simple, she's always liked her childhood friend Shusui, but their love doesn't blossom until later when he tricks her into dating him.

Akechi Tadaaki -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Melancholy

Tadaaki is the only son of Hideaki and Ami, despite taking after his father's looks with his shaggy brown hair and auburn highlights, he is much like his mother, practical and analytical of everything and everyone. He appears laid back at first, but will do anything to prove he is right. Especially when it comes to his sister, Emiko, as the two usually end up in a squabble before it is resolved by outside sources. Tadaaki, like his elder sister, inherited the Byakugan and favors his strength and healing above all else. Not one for drama, Tadaaki finds interest in a sweet girl named Faia, who's above all else shy. He loves her glasses, her hair, and how she takes everything so calmly, not wanting to upset others. The biggest challenge he faces is keeping her conscious around him for long periods of time.

Tanaka Valencia -Angelv-

Origin: Melancholy

Valencia is a happy, cheerful girl with light green hair and hazel eyes. She's very friendly and outgoing, traits that help when it comes to shy, quiet people such as her sister, and her long-time secret love, Uchiha Sakimori. She is a ninja with the ability to heal herself really easily, as well as others. She is also capable of reattaching lost limbs without the use of a hospital, and doesn't experience pain, a gift that aides her when fighting. When it finally comes down to admitting her love for Sakimori, she does it gladly, since the quiet Uchiha never seems to catch on to her hints, or even notice her. At least, that's what she believes.

Tanaka Viletta -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Melancholy

Viletta is a quiet girl, keeping mostly to herself as she doesn't like to talk to others. Aside from her sister Valencia, she keeps contact with others to a minimum until she meets Uchiha Kurogané. Like the moody Uchiha, Viletta has black hair and deep forest green eyes, and looks down on life as somewhat bleak and miserable. Seeing as she is referred to as Death personified, it's not too odd of a behavior. The elder Tanaka is dark and loves black, along with depressing things aside from her sister. She is an excellent fighter, but prefers not to use violence if possible. Her gift from birth was that she could steal life from others, not to use on herself, but remove it alone. Her weapon of choice is a scythe taller than she is. Even though she is anti-social, she loves the company of her childhood friend Kurogané, and ends up falling helplessly in love with him and yearns that he love her back. Viletta is clever and quick, but can easily be distracted when it comes to things like feelings and emotions.

Matsuo Taizen -Angelv-

Origin: Tetrad

Taizen is an obnoxious boy who flirts with every girl he comes in contact with, before finding out if she's already attached. Such encounters usually end in pain for him, but he never seems to learn his lesson. He has light blue, almost white hair, and vivid indigo eyes. A ninja of the Land Hidden in the Snow, his abilities include wind and water-based jutsus, as well as ice, similar to what Haku used. He instantly likes Izumi when he meets her, and her sudden brush-off of him only intrigues him and makes him more determined to get her to like him. Eventually he falls for her, going so far as to risk his life in order to prove it to the Uchiha.

Ming Yue -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Venture

Ming Yue is the crown princess from the Crescent Moon Kingdom. She is exceedingly beautiful, with a large ample chest and a gorgeous face to boot. She has long, purple locks and beautiful navy blue eyes. Aside from her flawless casing, she is the rudest and most arrogant person in the entire world. Being a princess, she receives everything she wants and when something is denied to her, she will fight to get it. Unfortunately, Ming's kekkei genkai has all the power to back her overconfident attitude up. She is one of the strongest shinobi in all the land, due to her gravity control. She can bend the gravity of anything she wishes, and uses it in a way that is similar to telekinesis. Unrivaled in beauty and power, she only aims for the best, which in her book is Uchiha Ryousuke. Clan born and bred, she finds him to be the prince of Konoha, and thus worthy of her love. Ryousuke continues to be the only human that Ming has ever shown her kind side to, proving that she really does have a heart.

James Harrison -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Affinity

James is a foreigner from the land of Great Britain. His family moves in order to expand their business empire and trade to the entire world. Though James is not a ninja, he does have skill in swordsmanship and fencing. He is suave, sexy, and a ladies man to the core. He loves a good flirt and his amazing accent doesn't hurt his chances either. James has spiky bright red hair and beautiful blue eyes. Despite his charm, he has a bit of a temper, which can get him into trouble with the three big Uchiha, especially since he comes to fancy Emiko, a cousin of the infamous Uchiha line.

Yoshida Shusui -Angelv-

Origin: Melancholy

Shusui is about as arrogant as a person can get, aided by the fact that he is naturally good at everything he does. He's naturally muscular, making his frame larger than most of the lean ninjas he works with. He has dark brown hair that falls into his face somewhat, and light brown eyes. A master of taijutsu and senjutsu, he is able to use the energy of his surroundings, as he is a Fox Sage. He can also use earth based jutsus. Friends with Uchiha Shiori for as long as he can remember, he's always loved her, but the brunette denies his advances, thinking him a simple horn dog. He eventually tricks her into dating him, and declares that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, keeping her to himself for the rest of time.

Miyagi Faia -Angelv-

Origin: Melancholy

Faia is a shy, quiet girl with long dark brown hair and large blue eyes hidden behind round glasses. A bookworm to her core, she prefers studying things about the ninja world and working in the strategy and intel departments instead of going out on missions. But she is a ninja, and her forms of attack include earth type jutsus, and the ability to control and manipulate crystals. Almost creepily in love with Tadaaki, Faia can't help but stutter and faint around the brunette, keeping her from confessing to him. She eventually grows tired of her love being kept a secret, and vows to herself to do better. Eventually she is able to confess, and that leads to her stuttering and fainting becoming a thing of the past. At least around Tadaaki.

Nakamura Hiro -LoveShinobi-

Origin: Tetrad

Hiro is a chivalrous shinobi from the Land Hidden in the Snow. Best friend's with Taizen, Hiro has short grey hair that falls in his face slightly, though not enough to hide his electric blue eyes. Hiro is the exact opposite of Taizen when it comes to women. He's waiting for the right one to come along so he can sweep her off her feet. Hiro is kind and valiant, basically the hero every princess is waiting for. When he meets his love for the first time, he is disheartened to find that she prefers his friend, but stops at nothing to win her affection.

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