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Congrats to the Winners!

First Place
In Between by avioleta

Second Place
Amid the Lucid Stream by ArcadianMaggie

Third Place
Windows by shoefreak37

Best Canon
Fire and Ice by HoochieMomma

Best Femmeslash
Windows by shoefreak37

Best Non-Edward/Jasper
In Between by avioleta

Readers Choice
Amid the Lucid Stream by ArcadianMaggie

Hosts Choice
vampireisthenewblack: Vision by mamdi
venis-envy: All that’s best of dark and bright by rhythm junkie
sapphirescribe and mynameisserendipity: In Between by avioleta

Go read this post to check out the winner banners and other winner announcement stuff. Watch the VampSlash blog for reviews of some of our winners.

The VampSlash Contest, for any Twilight slash story that does not qualify as All Human (AH). Pairings can be vamp/vamp, vamp/human, vamp/wolf, wolf/wolf, or wolf/human. Yes, femmeslash is allowed.

Never written canon or AU before? Twilight Lexicon has pages on Vampire Mythology and Wolf Mythology in the Twilight universe. Get yourself a beta or prereader who knows their shit. Check out the Writing Vamp section of the VampSlash blog. Tweet or email us.

This is an OPEN contest. Fics will be posted to your own FFn profile, and once validated, will be added to the VampSlash C2. Judges are forbidden to read any fic with ‘:VAMPSLASH CONTEST:’ in the summary, and they will be receiving those fics entered via email, without names.

First, Second, & Third Place will be decided by impartial judging.

Prizes will be a shiny new banner, your story reviewed on the VampSlash blog, and eternal bragging rights.

Judges Choice will be awarded for the following categories:

Best Canon

Best Femmeslash

Best non-Edward/Jasper

Prizes will be a shiny new banner, your story reviewed on the VampSlash blog, and eternal bragging rights.

Readers Choice will be decided by public vote. Prize will be a shiny new banner and eternal bragging rights.

Hosts Choice will be decided by fickle whim. Prize will be a shiny new banner and eternal bragging rights.

Hosts & Judges

Hosts and Validators: vampireisthenewblack, sapphirescribe, venis-envy, mynameisserendipity.

Emailer and Keeper of Names: vampireisthenewblack

Judges: ICMezzo, YellowGlue, ShortHappyLife, giselle-lx, bmango.


We’ve made a few small additions to the content rules (26 April). If you’ve already started writing something that clashes with these changes, email us.

Word Count
1000 – 8,000 words, not including title, summary, header or authors note. (No exceptions. If you go over, you’ll be asked to cut. 8k is NOT a target, it is a LIMIT). If we feel the need to check, we’ll cut and paste story only into Word or Open Office Writer. Don’t panic if your 7.9k turns into 8.1k when uploaded to FFn.

We’re fairly liberal here, and ask only that appropriate warnings (non-specific warnings acceptable) are used. Paedophilia is a big no-no, however.

Your entry must be a new story, not an outtake, and must not have been posted before.

Use a good beta. Contact Project Team Beta if you don’t have one.

Multiple entries are fine, as are collaborations.

Original characters are fine on the side, but not as a main character or as half of the main pairing.

Sorry, no crossovers.

Post to only. Once the contest is over you can post your story wherever you like.

Despite the fact this is an open contest, pimpage of individual stories is discouraged. When announcing your entry, link to the contest profile or the C2. No entries may be rec’d or reviewed on blogs (yes, we are aware authors often are not notified prior to reviews being posted, another reason why proper headers and summaries are to be used) until after the contest is over.

Using review replies to ask for votes while voting is underway is pretty cheeky. Reply, but do it early. Thanks :D

Feel free to pimp the contest on blogs, twitter, facebook, your FFn profile, sandwich boards, all you like. In fact, we’ll give you cookies. Grab a button. Stick it on your twitter. Or your blog. You can link it to this page or the contest page on the VampSlash blog.

Feel free to continue or extend your work once the contest is over and the winners have been announced, but not before. ‘Remember to vote’ chapters posted will be grounds for disqualification.


Launch: April 11th
Open for entries: May 1st
Deadline: May 31st
Readers Choice voting opens: June 4th
Readers Choice voting closes: June 11th
Announcements: June 15th

~How to Enter~

Use the following header for your story exactly as it appears here:


Genre: (canon or AU – not sure which? See this post)
Word Count:

Read the other entries on the VampSlash Contest C2:

Insert :VAMPSLASH CONTEST: exactly as it appears at the beginning of your summary (this is to ensure judges do not inadvertently read stories on FFn.

Post your story to your own profile and email us at with the link.

Your story will then be validated and added to the C2.

New Poll for the Contest VOTING IS OPEN!
Due to FFn fail, we've relocated the vote. If you voted before, you will need to vote again. Check VampSlash FFn profile for voting link.
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