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Heellooo :3

Anyways I believe i have started on this site over a year ago.

Some Ex-Names:

Wise Girl 077, Lil Red 21, you get the point

I am a major Percy Jackson Fan, and I love House of Anubis.

I try to write for diffrent fandoms, but not going to work.

If I every roleplay its either:

Patricia Williamson

Annabeth Chase

Thalia Grace

And of course my friends from school that have no idea this is my account.

I think NICO is ten times better then Percy.

Favorite video game: Mario and Sonic @ the 2012 olympic games, Wind Waker, and Just Dance 3

The bible says always be prepared Amber
Amber, That's the boy scouts Fabian

Speak of the devil, Litterelly, I'm surprised my phone didn't burst into flames. Jerome
What does it say? Alfie
It's not repeatable... Jerome

Tut Tut Fabian Tut Tut Amber

Are you insane?Eric
Yes, quite possibly Rufus

Just girl stuff, For girls. I can be really girly at times. Patricia

Oh yeah. I mean no, it wasn't her it was me. I love to steal keys. Amber

What Mick? Touble in Maradise? Oh my gosh, that was clever!Amber

Victor stop! What are you doing? Trudy
What does it look like I'm doing? I'm releasing an idiot. Victor

Your insane! Jason

Very observant Rufus

Nina, Will you go to prom with me? Fabes
Yes. Nina
yes. Yes?! Fabian
Yes! Nina
YES! Fabian

Adorible, Now i'm starving. Pat
Fabian just asked me to be his date for prom. Nina
No Way! I thought i was supposed to be going with Fabian! Pat
Oh... Nina
Haha! Patricia

Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Even I think I'm crazy. Patricia

Amber, what's with the cloves of garlic? This isn't Twilight! Fabian

Hello Trudy. Ice cream, brownies, yum yum. Ambs
Yes, unlike you, Miss. Millington. I wasn't born yesterday. Now, what are you doing? Victor
I'm starving and i don't care about your stupid rules! I'm on a fridge raid! Amber

You talk about Lewis and Clark and all you can do is think about the houses favorite comedy double-act (No, not sponge-bob and patrick)
You can say almost every line in multiple episodes
You can watch the entire season with out getting bored with it
You follow tons of people on twitter but, the only tweets that lighten your day are from the cast (Mainly productin info, and pics)
You have saved almost every picture of the cast that you can get your hands on
You are constantly trying to figure out how to get deadly bugs in to a hour glass and threaten your enemies with it.
You have watched the Season 2 promo almost 100 times already, and you aren't bored of it.
You have been yelled at by your parents to stop talking to people online about season 2.
You have sent fan-mail to one or more of the Anubis house cast mates.
Whenever you squeel you pause after and say 'oh no, I sound like amber'
You scream and jump up and down when they release new info on the Second season.
You dislike sponge-bob because it took HoA's timeslot on TV
You day-dream about season 2

Writers that I know personally:

None. But I have a list of who I want to meet

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