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Nihao. My style of writing usually depends on my moods... Um.. yeah. If you read something that’s totally depressing, it’s just my mood and I apologize ahead of time because I know that most of my poems/stories from before have at /least/ small parts angst in them. They still might later on, but most likely not as much...
Be forewarned that I babble. A lot.

- A test
- - Realm of the Spirits. My Spirit/Demon/Human RP. I hope someone joins!
- - Universe. This is kind of based on one of my fave Anime: .hack//SIGN. It's just a normal RP where you can wander and get to hack up the "monsters" that I "set up" (meaning I play them lolz... so you hack -me-!!! up...)
- - Inuyasha: A Miko's Sad Tale. This Inuyasha roleplay belongs to me and is co-owned by 2 friends. Please join. All charries are open besides Fluffy, Kikyo, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara/Kilala
- - Ballad Of Fallen Angels. This is my Cowboy Bebop RP. It's not currently accepting applications yet, but ALL characters are open aside from Faye (who I play)
- - This is my Trigun RP that I have just registered. It's not modified in any way whatsoever except for the fact that there is no application thing. I'm working on it!
- - Inuyasha: Tragic Love. This belongs to a friend of mine. She's Sango in A Miko's Sad Tale as well as here. Please join her site!

I have been called immature and other times, I’ve been called too mature. I’m a walking, talking, living (this is life? Hm...) contradiction. I stand strong by my opinions... In short, I can never make up my mind about anything but once I do, I'm very stubborn and it takes a lot to make me change my mind.

I've had a change of heart about historical fiction now. Any and all history that I actually know is really from books. I hate history in school since it's so boring, but historical fiction isn't really that bad. I went to the library looking for books one day and I came back with a handful of h/f books... unknowingly. They sounded so good, I just couldn't resist and by the time I found they were h/f, I was hooked already lolz. Also, I've been terribly fascinated with all of the books about human psychology... Fiction, mind you, not the scientific stuff. That'd actually bore me, unfortunately. But it's all really interesting. It makes me think... Suppressed memories and feelings. Then they come back because of certain events that link to that memory or feeling... If anyone likes books like that, "The Night I Disappeared" and "Secrets Not Meant To Be Kept" are two terrific books.

If you've actually read this far,
Actual Info:
-Name: Read one of my fics to find out =p I have my name on the tops of all of them.
-Gender: Female (Duh! Check name again if you weren't sure o.o;)
-Birthdate: August 8th (NOT April 5th, Sugah)
-Location: Somewhere in Florida
-Race: Chinese (I am really Chinese, full flesh and blood, but I was born in America.. so... I'm an American citizen and stuff and...)
-Other Info: Well, one thing I *really* like doing is annoying people. I always seem to always know how to get everyone to get mad at me.

*sigh* I will forever love my angel... and I am also hoping to lie down to sleep one night and meet my black-winged angel... "Goodbye, dream; hello reality.."

I have no real "obsession" at the moment, but it's bothering me that *somebody* isn't talking to me... No, 'tisn't my angel... I haven't seen him in months, now. (I lie.) But anyways...

Other stuff:
So far, three of my poems, "The Ocean" (my first), "Forgotten Eyes" (my second), and "Angel" (third) have been published in the Florida edition of the... book. Sorry I can't think of the name at the moment. (the site is ). I'm hoping that later on, I'll find something that'll publish poetry to the whole US, or even globally... Big dreams, high hopes, but I've learned not to let details complicate things. The Sky's the limit, ne? (And if anybody can tell me of any such contests or something, please email me?)

I -usually- don't read or write shonen-ai or shojo-ai (unless it’s purely for humor, like Pegasus) or the character is suppose to be gay, like Nuriko-chan, but sometimes, when I'm in a weird mood, I'll make an acception. (I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality, but I just refuse to have two people, even Anime characters, be something that I do not believe that they are. That is my reason. And I'm not trying to be insensitive, it's just what I feel.)

-Cowboy Bebop
-Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
-Yu-Yu Hakusho
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Sailor Moon
-Dragonball Z
-Dragonball GT
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Ayashi no Ceres
-Marmalade Boy
-Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)
-Demon Diary (Eclipse!!!!!)
-Ayashi no Ceres (AKA: Ceres: Celestial Legend)
-Oh! My Goddess
-Tenchi (all 3 thingamabobbers.. sagas?)
-Blue Gender
-Video Girl Ai (Kinda. I get Animerica Extra, so I know a little about it and I like it)
-Is X-Men considered Anime? It's American, but still animation, so *shrugs* I like it.
=Wanna see:
I Me My Strawberry Eggs
Kodochi (sp)
X (I've seen the movie, but not the series...)
Angel Sanctuary
Boogiepop Phantom
Blue (something... I can't remember, but it's not Blue Gender... I've seen it and it rules, too ^ ^''')

TV Shows:
-Birds of Prey
-Black Sash (I like the guy that plays Trip... What's his name again? Lolz. He's cute... But not as cute as Greg...)
-Smallville (Mmm.. Tom Welling...)
-Everwood (Mmmmm... Gregory Smith... he's so hot...)
-7th Heaven (David Galliger... Yummy lolz)

-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
-A Walk To Remember
-The Craft
-Killing Mr.Griffin
-The One
-Legend of the Red Dragon (I liked it, but the dubbed was so horrrrrrrrrible!!!! I want the original, since I think it's in Cantonese... If not, I'm dead, 'cause I can't understand any other Chinese dialects lolz)
-Tokyo Raiders (Ekin Cheng is so cute! Lolz. If you understand Cantonese at all, watch it in Cantonese! The dubbed sux so badly -.-;)
-The Others (This so rocked!)

-Harry Potter (all of 'em)
-His Dark Trilogy (the whole trilogy)
-A Solitary Blue
-His Dark Materials
-Ring of Endless Light
-from e to you
-Telling Christina Goodbye
-The Night I Disappeared
-The Angels Trilogy
-The Outsiders
-That Was Then, This Is Now (more or less a sequal to "The Outsiders)
-Someone Like You
-Walk Two Moons
-The Storyteller's Daughter
-Dreamland (by Sarah Dessen who is also the authoress of "Someone Like You")
-Dancing on the Edge
-Calling the Swan
-For the Love of Venice
-The Darkest Corner
-Hard Love
-Secrets Not Meant To Be Kept
-The Voices of Silence
-Rose Daughter
-The Black Swan
-Lisa, bright and dark
-The Bone Doll's Twin
-Hidden Warrior (sequal to The Bone Doll's Twin)

-Lurlene McDaniel
-Caroline B. Cooney
-Phillip Pullman
-J.K. Rowling
-S.E. Hinton
-Cameron Dokey
-Sarah Dessen
-Donna Jo Napoli (I think that's how you spell her name)
-Robin McKinley
-Lynn Flewlling (she is so fantastic it's not even funny)

Bishonen (the Anime bishonen who're cool to me are in the couples mostly):
-Nick Bluetooth (I have no clue what his name is. I saw it once in a 'zine and I forgot it. It's from Galidor. Kinda kid show, but very cute. Um.. the show, as well as the guy lolz)
-Angel (from Angel. Not my angel, though he's... quite attractive)
-Clark Kent (Tom Welling!!!)
-Leo (from Charmed)
-Ephram (Gregory Smith!!!)
-My sweet angel
-Alex (heh heh... Don't anybody dare repeat this..)
=I did think I found my first American bishie (Alex isn't really a bish, but I'll just say he is... Um.. repeat this and die...) See, notice the "did think" part. Thanks a lot, Emily. Grr. Alex Band... He's in a Santana music vid (Why Can't You and I) and he was so cute! Then Em gave me a pic of him... on the 'net... and it was a close-up... Damn you, Emily!!!

Bishojo who are not in Anime (the Anime bishojo who're cool to me are in the couples mostly):
-Alegra (from Galidor)
-Helena Kyle (BoP)
-Diannah (what's her last name? From BoP)
-Cordelia (Angel)
-Phoebe Halliwell (I can't remember her name o.o' Alyssa Milano, right? Right? Or did I screw up big time?)
-Paige Halliwell (Rose McGowan, right? She rox. If anyone can find her name, please tell me?)
-Piper Halliwell (I can't remember her name either o.o')
-Hermione Granger (what was her name? Emma Watson, ne?)
yeah yeah... I'm bad with names, in case you didn't notice lolz

Couples (I loooove these ^-^):
-Shizuru/Youko Kurama
-TeA/Yami Bakura
-TeA/Yami Malik (Marik. W/e. I like Malik)
-SesshouMaru/Older Rin
-Kikyo/Sesshoumaru (planning a fic with them...)
-Trunks/Pan (Don't ask)
-Sanosuke/Megumi (sort of)
-Syaoran (sp?)/Sakura

The Hated Couples *shivers:
-Kikyo/Naraku (I just plain old hate Naraku .)
-Kikyo/Miroku (Just to tell u, I did /not/ come up w/ this pairing. I'm going to write something for it because of a request from Eric... I don't like this coupling though. It scares me O.O''')
-Trunks/Marron (Marron is useless!!)
-Mei Lin/Li
-Miaka/Hotohori (sp? lolz. I just got the second graphic novel today and I can't spell his name *sweatdrops*
-Nuriko/Hotohori (I just don't like Hotohori too much... I love Nuriko-chan, though)
-Most Yuri and/or Yaoi stuffs (sorry to yuri and yaoi fans out there. I stand strong by my opinions. They're /mine/ after all, ya know?)

Music by:
-Michelle Branch (I love her new song, "Are You Happy Now?" and "Breathe")
-Avril Lavigne
-Stacie Orrico
-Lucy Woodward
-Keiko Matsui (She's just a pianist and there's no singing on the CD I have of her, but I play the piano myself and she plays beautifully)
(Girl power lolz)
-Linkin' Park
-Smile Empty Soul
-Brand New
-Andy Lau (he's good, really... Cantonese, but I just love the music.. *sigh*)

-You Get Me
-Sweet Misery
-Here With Me
-I'd Rather Be In Love
-Are You Happy Now?
-Tuesday Morning
--Michelle Branch

-Losing Grip
-Sk8er Boi
-My World
--Avril Lavigne

-Jenny From The Block
-I'm Glad
-All I Had (ftr. LL Cool J)
--Jennifer Lopez

-Running Away
-Crawling In The Dark

-Thousand Miles
--Vanessa Carlton

-Get Over Yourself
-No Drama
--Eden's Crush

-Mine All Mine
-Keep Me
-I Wish I Were The Rain
--SHeDAISY (Country, but oh well. I like some of it)

-One Step Closer (my first LP song... *sigh*)
-Somewhere I Belong (LOVE THIS!)
-Faint (FAINT RULES! My fave LP song)
-Papercut (I LOOOVE THIS SONG!!!)
-In the End
-Numb (my current feeling...)
--Linkin' Park (Lolz. That's all I've heard by them and I love it all. I want to get one of their CDs now..)

-Picture (ftr. Sheryl Crow)
--Kid Rock

-It's My Life
-Missunderstood (The music vid is hilarious)
-All About Loving You (This vid was sooooooo sweeeeet! I loved it!)
--Bon Jovi

-How You Remind Me
-Someday (one of the sweetest songs in the world)

--DJ Sammy

--Amanda Perez

-Bring Me To Life (ftr Paul McCoy)
-Going Under (Yes! They finally made a vid for this! Now they need one for Tourniquet... and Imaginary... and Immortal... and all the other songs!)
-My Immortal
-Everybody's Fool
-Taking Over Me
-My Last Breath
(Lolz. That's almost all the songs on their album "Fallen". The only one I didn't put is Haunted)

-Stupid Cupid
-It's Gonna Be Love
--Mandy Moore

-Dumb Girls
-Trust Me (You Don't Wanna See This)
-Is This Hollywood?
--Lucy Woodward

-(There's Gotta Be) More To Life
-Strong Enough
-I Could Be the One
-Maybe I Won't Look Back
--Stacie Orrico

-Sing For the Moment (one of my faves)
-I Am Whatever You Say I Am
-Without Me
--Eminem (Hate him if you want, I like him)

-If You're Not the One (I have a fic planned for this song...)
--Daniel Bedingfield

-Bottom of a Bottle
-With This Knife
-The Other Side
-Every Friday
--Smile Empty Soul

-White Flag
-Thank You

Those are just a /few/ of the songs I like. I could do even more than I already have lolz, but I won't. I'll be nice =p

What's the point of this part? lol. Fine. Ramen, some pizzas, and sushi (of course...) =P

Anything dark. Like dark blue, violet, black (of course), blood red, etc. (My favorite mix of colors is black and red... Lolz, colors of the devil *grows horns* Daddy! Lolz. I'm kidding O.O)

Romance/angst/comedy fic & stories
Anime and Manga (My babies lolz)
Bugging people to death
Being annoying
Write fics and stories (big ‘duh’ on that)
Read books that touch certain emotions very strongly
Freak myself out
Read Manga
Watch TV
Leech random stuff off of random people
Print out pix of bishonen
Be myself (weird me!)
Shop (!!! What girl doesn't?)
Work on my sites (My RP is coming along... I hope someone wants to join it! Above are the links to my sites.)

Bugs (nasty little things -.-''' *Sweatdrops*)
Arachnids (spiders... ew...)
Love (*sigh* 'tis sad..)
Raining/flying leeches... (don't ask... inside joke)
Life (I'm timid about it now, not really afraid, thank the Heavens)
Being happy
Being sad (Actually, I hate being sad. I'm not afraid)
Silence (hate)
Being alone (hate)
Being with people (people betray...)
Betrayal (I hate betrayal... very, very... very much... very, very much)
Trusting (it's hard for me..)
Embarassment! (Can u say 'tomato' lolz)
Adriana (Yes, I'm afraid of my crush's li'l sis cause she totally embarrased me before!)
Alex ('nough said.. heh heh..)
Cecily (Hm.. Apparently, she's Alex and Adriana's step-sister. Their mother re-married... I guess recently. I haven't heard anything =[)
Something good (I learned a while ago that if it's good, it comes with a price that's usually not worth paying... But I'm learning to accept the good now without always being on the lookout for the evil...)

Thanks to all that reviewed and that will review later or whatever. *Hugs them all* It really makes my day to read reviews from people *smiles*

And IM me anytime. I'm on like any time after school...

Fics that are--
-Losing Grip - Cowboy Bebop
-Obie Yoru: Fright Night (Halloween Special) - Inuyasha
-Haunted Dream: Toritsukarete iru Yume - Inuyasha
-Kurisumasu no Tenshi: Angel of Christmas (Christmas Special) - Inuyasha
-Things I'll Never Say - Ranma
-From the Eyes of a Shrew - Cowboy Bebop
-Thank You - Cowboy Bebop

On Hold:
-Kurama's Ordeal - Yu-Yu Hakusho
-Jigoku kara Tenshi: Angel from Hell - Yu-Yu Hakusho

In process:
-A Place Where I Belong - Cowboy Bebop: Chapter 4 is now up

Coming Soon:
-Crim - Yu-Yu Hakusho:
"Shizuru, you bitch!" my mother screamed as she slapped me. "Look what you've done now!" I looked at the spilt glass of water and then back at my mother. I barely even blinked as she slapped me again. "Clean this up," she said with deadly calmness, "now." Slowly, I knelt down and used my small 10-year-old hands to pick up the plastic cup. I walked it over to our tiny kitchen and washed it out before returning to the room with a couple of paper towels to clean up the water that was on the carpet. Before I reached the living room, I heard Kazuma cry out. Mother was hurting Baby Brother again... He was only 2 years old! He couldn’t have known any better, whatever he did. That was when I vowed that I would get him and me out of our horrible house as soon as I could. I would save up every cent that I earned from my paper route and we'd be free... If only I could tell Daddy... If only he were here...

-The Apprentice Detective - Yu-Yu Hakusho:
Yuusuke and the rest of the Rei Kai Taichi have a new case. There’s going to be a new girl spirit detective and she’s a case all right. She’s pretty and has a good heart. Deep down inside. Deep, deep down inside. But will that be enough to overcome her klutzy nature and outer ‘bad girl’ attitude?

-Loving A Rose - Yu-Yu Hakusho:
Loving the most beautiful of all flowers from afar. He's so beautiful, but that's what makes him deadly. He is heartless and yet has the biggest heart. He's kind and yet he is ruthless. He kills, yet he creates life with his plants... But don't all roses have thorns, no matter how beautiful or perfect on the outside?

-One Life, One Dream, One Ending - Cowboy Bebop:
One bullet. One life. Is this where Faye's dream ends? Or where it finally begins?

-Millennia - Yu-Gi-Oh:
Exactly a millennia ago, there was a great war that raged in ancient Egypt. A mighty pharaoh battled many great and evil sorcerers back then to save the world. And the life of his beloved... she was called Imea (A/N: Ee-meh-ya).
The pentacle: the sign of great magic. The colors, black and red: the colors of the devil himself. The eye, shining so bright: the eye of the Millennium Items.
Her mind is now two. Her body now carries two souls. Her name is Tea. Her yami, Imea.

-Desert Rose - Yu-Gi-Oh:
Tea... assassin extraordinaire. Beautiful... Deadly beautiful. Quick, accurate, and doesn’t ask questions—that is why they call the Desert Rose the perfect assassin. She is beautiful on the outside, innocent even, but within, she holds many dark secrets, thorns from the past that she would guard... with her life.
What made her so cold? What made her hate? What made her The Rose, beauty on the surface with sharp thorns right underneath the petals?

-Forever - Inuyasha:
"Kagome... Kagome-sama... is dead. Inuyasha... Inuyasha, there is no point in trying to speak to her. She can't hear you..." said Miroku gently to the hanyou.
Inuyasha growled at the monk. "Go away." When the three didn't move, Inuyasha snarled and bared his fangs, "I said GO!"
Slowly, Miroku led a weeping Sango and carried a sobbing kitsune cub back to the village. He turned back towards the couple, one of which would never smile nor speak again, and said a simple prayer for them.

-What The? - Inuyasha:
What in the world is going on? Miroku and... Kikyo? Is this Naraku’s doing?!?!?!?! Oh... Never mind. It was Eric’s doing -.-;;;;;;;;

-Healing Takes Love - Inuyasha:
When the one you love most in the world dies, you mourn. But mourning by yourself often brings you to near insanity. Inuyasha and Sango help each other cope with the deaths of Kagome and Miroku and slowly fall in love again... with each other.

-I'm In Love with the Rain - Inuyasha:
Miroku... Mysterious... Kind... Pervert. I laugh as I think about Miroku, my love. My... love? Yes. I love him so much. If it were not for him, I would have died long ago. In a way, I did. I died with my mother. And I died with my father. My comrades... And I died once again with Kohaku. Will I end up dying one more time—one last time—with Miroku? Or will we be victorious in our battle with Naraku? Will we be victorious or will we be mourning our losses in the afterlife?
Naraku... Miroku... The eternal darkness... or the rainy gloom that could pass once the sun shines again... Which will triumph?

-Remember - Inuyasha:
"It's always better to remember the good times that you've had and not dwell on what you could not have helped. You'll only cry and hurt and torture yourself about how you could have prevented it. It wasn’t your fault; it was nobody's fault. Cry. Just cry, Kagome. It hurts but it'll pass... It always does. Trust me. Please...”

-Big Brother - Inuyasha/Yu-Yu Hakusho Crossover:
Inuyasha and Co. find a new Shikon Shard… along with a new—family member?!

-The... Come Again? - Inuyasha/Ranma1/2 Crossover:
Kagome is now engaged to Ranma Saotome? Uh-oh. Trouble and hijinx (sp) are sure to ensue.

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