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~~ Hey Everyone! I know I've already changed my pen-name once...and I'm not usually this fickle, but I'm thinking of changing it one more time. Just to something more generic. It's going to be something along the lines of ''Archeress''. Just to give you guys some heads up! ~~

Went ahead and updated my bio, not that much has changed or anything...

!Please feel free to email or IM me if you have any question or comments with any of my stories! I love hearing from you guys!

The homepage thing I put up was just my xanga site. Had for ages. Did I ever use it? No...not until recently anyways. Read up if you feel the need to study my life! lol...

Name: Kelsey

Age: 15 and 1/2 andI COULD have gotten my permit May 1st! Unfortunately, however, my parents just "love me too much"...

Birthday: November 1st, the day after Halloween...plenty of leftover candy!

Location: The good ol' USA

Looks: brown hair blue eyes blah blah blah

Favorite Colors: Blue is, and always will be, my favorite color, followed by green and pink.

Family: Pretty traditional- mom, dad, younger sister, and two younger brothers.

Pets: My yellow lab puppy! Maizy! Actually, her full name is Maizybo...that was my 5-year old brother's idea though, so don't ask. ;;

Sport: swimming, but i've finally left my old team... life is good!

Hobbies: Aside from swimming, I love archery, skiing, and snowboarding. Obviously, I only ski/board in the winter and I'm a much better skiier than I ama boarder, but they're both fun! And my bow and arrows are my most prized possessions. It's so sad, I only get to use them in nice weather! T_T

Favorite Animes:
2)Cardcapter Sakura

Favorite Mangas:
1)Cardcaptor Sakura
2)Rurouni Kenshin
3)Ranma 1/2
6)Angelic Layer
7)Di-Gi Charat
8)Clamp School Detectives

Current Fics:

Syaoran's Three Wishes
Eh...I don't know what to say. The inspiration has come to a dead-halt. Maybe I'll finish it sometime...maybe not. We'll just have to see.
Next chapter: 2 done

Mistaken Identity
I'm sorry for the delays guys... I just have zero inspiration. I promise I really will finish it sometime...
Next chapter: 50 done

Future Fics:

Not too many details are going to go in this section because I'm slightly paranoid that someone will steal my ideas! ;; Also remember that titles are liable to change. Aside from that, I have about four other stories I want to write - they'll need a title first, however_~

Rings Bind: Also Inuyasha, but the title may change, I'm not entirely happy with it. This is probably going to be the next one I write after Mistaken Identity is finished, I really like the plot and it should be fun to write.

Goddess: Another Inuyasha fiction. This one might not come out for a little, its plot is really confusing and I need to work out some complitcations first.

A Simple Smile: Okay! Well, this is the title I have decided for this soon-to-be Inuyasha one-shot. Yes, I did finally choose a plot. It was actually a new one I came up with in the shower the other day. Go figure. Anyways, I just have to fine-tune it. This will be a very long one, people, so it won't be out for a little while. _

Extra Info: Hey People! The only couples I write about are Inu and Kag for Inuyasha and S+S for Carcaptor Sakura, I'll usually put some E+T or Sango and Miroku in each story, but they'll hardly ever be the main couple. Thanks for reading, you guys rock! glomps

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