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Name: Gabriel.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Gender: NO! Don't even start me!

Background: Russian/Japanese

Nationality: Russian/Australian

Sister: Twiggy Boredom

Fandom(s): FFVII and currently I am really getting into Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Adam Jensen is HOOOOOOT!!! Ahem...I mean...yeah, it's a great game... ;)

OTP(s): Seph/Gen. Always and forever my ship.

Shows?: Community (hahaha), Adventure Time, Regular Show, G-War.


Likes: ICE CREAM! Preferably tea gelato. mmm...Also I LOVE Korean barbecue and sushi/sashimi, and just food in general. Awesome food of course. I also like roses and tulips. And hot guys. And that stupidly sexy deep laugh thing they do which makes me melt into a puddle of goo. Cats and dogs, but prefer dogs. Especially fluffy ones. Make-up and pretty dresses. Occasionally my husband.

Dislikes: Extremists. People who try to force you to think like they do. Bad blow jobs. Labellers. 3rd wave feminists. Sexists. Homophobes (for obvious reasons). Cloud Strife. Bugs. Sunburn. Occasionally my husband.

I'm not that interesting. I got married when I was 18 to the man of my dreams. I do not recommend getting married young! Aside from the onslaught of prejudice young love rarely lasts, but we've been through enough trials and tribulations (a military deployment, a hospital stay, mental disorders) which have proved we can last. So far so good. :)

English is not my first language. Russian is. :P I can speak and read a little Japanese, but not as well as I used to. It's poor at best, lol. I also took German for 2 semesters at university, did really well in it (GPA 5.5 for German), but I avoid using it because I feel like I insult every German that is living and has ever lived the instant I say at least one syllable. But I try...I bought bread using it once with no trouble! :D So sometimes I read German fics on this site and I HOPE the grammar is all correct and if I leave a review and it sounds tut mir leid...ich werde besser bekommen (ist das richtig?!)

I can come off as a little brash and self-righteous at times, but I'm really quite docile. Like a fluffy old cat that wants cuddles. I'm miffed that men can't get pregnant at times because I really love children! I also really love cooking, and eating, which sometimes shocks people when I tell them that in mid/early 2011-late 2012 I had anorexia nervosa. If you're reading this and suffering from an eating disorder - anorexia, binge eating, pica, bulimia etc - my pm box is open so hit me up any time. I don't condone the practice - I was tube fed for more than 4 months which is incredibly painful, instead I want you all to get better!

I have a diploma of arts in dance and history and also an official RAD (some major ballet organisation in the UK) dance teacher's qualification and will be hoping to get my Solo Seal (prestigious ballet award) next year. I attend university/college and do a BA in dance teaching which is pretty boring and technical with all of this anatomy stuff, but the dancing is fun. In case you haven't gathered, I dance, a lot. 5 hours a day, 6 days a week - pure ballet. And I have no shame.

I also work at a sex store as one of the ready to use sex dolls. Kidding. :P I do work at a sex store though because it's really close to my other work, a brothel a ballet academy I formerly attended. Also work at a cafe. 3 jobs! Yay! (no...not yay...).

Wow, you read all of this?

Well I'm also really short and tiny. 5'3. :(

Pakah! :)

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