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I am Last Warrior 7, an aspiring writer that plans on being one of the greatest authors that has ever lived. One of the masters of fantasy and fiction alike. Please feel free to send me a message, I love talking to other writers.

2016 Revision

It is not often that I am on this site anymore, and almost five years since I was here regularly. However I am still writing, getting my degree in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Evansville sometime soon. For people who are really serious about writing, I am willing to give much better tips. Furthermore, I am a fanatic about letter writing, and have lots of pen pals. If you would like to, send me a message. I still do enjoy talking to other writers. As for other details, here is what I think I owe.

I do have the plans for a sequel to Chronicles of Legendary Eevee, the reason I have never written it is due to the fact the story is almost six years old! Having been writing that entire time, I really try hard to keep improving, and honestly even the final chapters of the story is not my best work. I do plan on overhauling the whole thing, but honestly I am doing it as a Full Fledged Novel for my Fantasy Series rather than Fanfiction.

Aside from that, I would like to give this message to writers. Have some empathy and don't be so quick to tell other people/books that they are bad. It's okay to criticize, and it's almost a proven law at this point that 90% of all things are awful, but keep in mind the 10% is worth fighting for. The sad truth is more than the 90 cared about what they did, and put a lot of effort into something that for whatever reason didn't work. On Fanfiction the stakes are much less, it doesn't cost any money to publish but for real books, it hurts so much to see a book in the Sale section. Some empathy goes a long way, and it's a great way to make friends.

Don't see fanfiction as shameful. Honestly, write what you want. Be true to yourself first.

To the person who has happened to chance upon my profile page, whether you are looking for a new story to read, or trying to get more readers to your own story, there is something about fan fiction that everyone should know. I discovered this myself after many months of writing.

When you are writing Fanfiction, you must write it because you take pride or enjoyment in writing it. If you write mostly for the reveiws and fame, then you will always be disappointed no matter how successful you are. You have to be the one to enjoy that tender love scene, or that epic battle, above all your readers. The sad truth is the majority of reviews you will ever see in this experience are simply things like "Good job" or "I love this story keep writing". You will almost never get the reaction you wanted from the reveiwers to the events you crafted to astonish them. You must learn to write for not only the story's sake, but yourself before you can truly enjoy fanfiction.I have discovered Fanfictions with plots epic and dramatic enough to put to shame the movie of the year, so well written with countless hours of devotion by the author...lying forgotten in the endless mess of stories with similar titles, with reviews barely in the double digits. And I have also seen stories that are cliche, predictable, and poorly written with well over a hundred reviews and lots of followers. This site cannot, unfortunatly, sort by how good a story is. The diamonds in the mass of this site must be found, and not all of them are as easily seen. Do not be discouraged however. There are many stories on this site with the attention that they deserve, and many that were written several years ago and are still popular and being constantly read even after the author has left. This is the golden age of Fanfiction like never before, so pick up your pen and seize the day.

About me, I tend to take my writing seriously, and I will work to finish any story that I start. My best genre's are action, adventure, tragedy, suspense, drama, romance, and somewhat horror. Any reviews on my stories will be greatly appreciated, I always love to hear another's opinion on what I wrote. I see every opportunity, chapter, and review as a means of improving myself as a writer. To become a better writer is one of the reasons I joined this site in the first place. In return for taking the time out of your day to visit my profile or even read my work I have posted various tips on writing in general, and a series of tips to improve battle scenes. I am working on an epic fantasy novel that I plan to publish one day, but unlike my stories below it has changed so many times that even I am not sure when it will be done, but I am working on it. I read a lot of Fanfiction these days, especially about eevee and its many amazing evolutions. If fact, every story that I write on here will contain an eevee at some point. Please feel free to send me a message anytime, I always love talking to another author.

2014 Revision

Well, it certainly has been a while since I last updated my profile page. But I can assure everyone that I am not, as they refer to it, dead. I do plan on finishing all of my stories and I still greatly appreciate fanfiction and all that It has done for me, which is why I am always posting more and more tips about writing on here. What reason do I have for being gone for so long, in one word? College.

One thing that anyone who has ever wanted or is trying to be a good writer will understand is that there are going to be days when you would rather do anything but write. There are going to be times when you will go days, weeks, months, without getting that amazing feeling that comes from writing. There might even be years when writing is nothing more than applying school knowledge to a matrices. There will be a time, one day that is not even special in particular, when you don't want to be a writer anymore. That is normal, don't worry. We all have to go through that tribulation. Those moments when we doubt, are part of how we truly come to realie we want to be a writer. It will be clear if you no longer want to be a writer, don't be so quick to give in on your dream. Writing is hard, it really is.

Here are some things that I have learned in the meantime while I have been away, since I don't feel like revising my old tips.

1. Writing is hard. It really is. No one who has ever become an accomplished author will tell you that it was easy. No one is going to tell you that every single part of writing anything is going to be fun. Writing can be very fun and rewarding, and everyone knows that amazing feeling we as writers get addicted to, comes so rarely that often we question what the heck we are doing in the first place. You see, if you want to be successful, then you are going to have to work on your piece when it is fun, and when it is anything but. You are going to spend the majority of your time erasing and rewriting sentences until you are blue in the face, wondering where to put certain scenes and then ending up deleting your favorite parts. I am telling you, as someone who has been writing for most of their life, that it is going to be hard, very difficult. The endless criticism, judgement, rejections, and idea failures you will encounter will be staggering. if you want to be a writer of any kind of merit, you will be tested. One of the keys to successful writing is first understanding that it will not be easy. It will not always be fun, it will not always flow and there will be times when you don't know what to do. But it will be worth it.

2. This is perhaps the second best advice that I can give you as a fellow author, do not, let me repeat, DO NOT think that you can simply store everything about your writing and worlds inside your head. So often I end up talking to authors, and when asked where they keep/write down/store their ideas, they arrogantly tap their forehead and say "Its all in here." Now we all are guilty of doing that maybe once or twice to try and impress the girls, but being completely honest, that idea, does not work at all. In fact it is the quickest way to kill your writing and bring about your downfall as a writer. Here is why. You see the brain has a natural process of placing information into patterns, which is brilliant because that is how we remember things. The problem is that we inevitably end up losing details as the patterns become less distinguishable from each other. To put it simply, we forget. I don't care if you are Stephan Hawking, you WILL end up forgetting the scenes and emotions and everything you need to have good writing. The longer it simply stays inside of your head, the more details are lost and the devil is in the details. It is the details that decide between the good writing and the great writing. I forget information, if I didn't write it all down, then I would lose so much information. This is only half the battle though. You see, while ideas are stored in the brain they exist as ideas without editing or form. The endless challenge of taking what is so perfect in your mind and trying to show it to someone else is this problem. When you place your ideas down on paper it gives them the potential to be edited, not in the grammatical sense, but in the sense that you can more intricately see the connections and work with the ideas. How many times have we been writing something down and realized something new, or we had no idea where to go next but just kept writing and created something? That happens for exactly the reason that makes us what we are. We are writers. If you refuse to ever write anything down out of arrogance or ignorance that you can just keep it all in your head, you are not a writer at all. You are dreamer.

3. Dreamers and Writers are actually two very different sorts of people, connected by the common thread that we both end up having ideas that we want others to hear about. Both can talk for a long time and go into endless detail about the places, worlds, and people that the mind can create. The difference is that only the writer ends up getting his ideas out. This is because the writer writes, and the dreamer only imagines and creates. You can transition from a dreamer into a writer, but the first thing that you need to understand is that writing is hard. Not everyone is a writer, and trying to take that pure image of something in your mind and turn it into something great is no small feat. Both Dreamers and Writers both end up telling all kinds of stories, but it is the writer who's dreams live longer because he preserves them, where as the dreams of the Dreamer are immediately replaced by the new emotion. Let me give an example. Often times, many people will experience dreams after a movie, hence fanfiction. And the person might have this idea or battle or even concept on their mind for the longest time, but because they ever write it down, it eventually gets replaced when the new dream comes erupting out of them. This is why, I ask everyone to take a look at themselves for a moment and decide if they are a dreamer or if they are a writer, because that does make a difference.

4. Relevance. One of the number one things that can help your readers feel what they are reader. And we all want that right? I mean what is writing but the transfer and stasis of emotion through the medium of speech patterns recorded on paper through symbols. Basically, we are recording something that may have never existed, and our aim is to freeze that motion so that when the reader picks it up again motion is restarted and they feel something. The best, and most understandable reason to make the reader feel something, is through relevance. Basically, that is, in a sense, that the reader can identify with one of the characters because he/she has already/is experiencing the same tribulations. Basically, they know what it feels like, or their struggle is related to the struggle that the reader is feeling. For instance, Naruto had such phenomenal success because people were easily able to identify with the main character, who was experiencing loneliness. We all know how that feels, and that establishes a connection between the fictional character and us. Say a character is experiencing hardships in a relationship. Many readers know what that feels like, and a connection is formed. Furthermore, if the reader is experiencing the same problem, he may be more invested to read on and figure out how the main character overcomes this challenge as a way to overcome it themselves. This is the reason character development is so frequently the hallmark of good writing. We ourselves are changing every day, and reading about the struggles of another character as they change, is interesting.

5. Quiet and Loud Sadness are two different things that can easily be confused, but it would help to know the difference between the two. Now other names have been used, but I am going to stick to Quiet and Loud for the purpose of explaining these two things. Also this is something I developed myself, so let me know if you agree with me. Basically, the emotion of tragedy can be played in one of two ways, and it is how the emotion is presented or not presented that makes these two things different from one another. Think of Loud Sadness through this example. A wounded side character is lying, bleeding on the ground as he tells the main character he loves her, and then he perishes telling her to move on, and she screams out into the open sky, tears falling down her cheeks in the rain. Now for an example of quiet sadness, think of this example. A lonely high school student just failed a test he studied for, his parents scorned him, his teachers yelled at him, and on this day he goes to his room and finds that he has absolutely no new messages on his phone, or anywhere. Instead he just crawls into bed, and tucks his knees to his chest. Take a moment to think of the difference between these two scenes. One is obviously more dramatic than the other, but that is not what I am trying to get at here. The point is, the first scene already has the emotion and is practically screaming it at you, while the other one the sadness is there, but it is not being dramatized. One is scene is trying to place emotion into a scene (hence the crying, screaming, so on) where as the other one, it is trying to draw emotion from you. In Quiet Sadness, the tragic sense is not presented outright, while the emotion exists it is not trying to place it directly into the scene (hence no crying, no dramitazion of this is sad). Basically in the second scene the sadness is not put there through acting or words, it is not presented. It exists, and it can very well be seen. In the first scene, the writing, acting, and scene are all trying to place emotion itself into it, in the hopes you feel it. The emotion is presented to you, very strongly. How often have you seen scenes like the first one, and not felt anything at all. This is because it is very easy to make Loud Sadness, melodramatic. That is, too emotional so that the reader is lost. I am not saying that Loud Sadness doesn't have its place. In fact, when used correctly that exactly is how you grip and twist the readers soul. However quiet sadness is harder because the sadness must be seen on the readers own accord. Like when two characters who are friends are forced to fight each other, that is sad. The subtle sad hint is what gives the scene its extra edge. The trick is not trying to shove it in the readers face and say "this is sad, feel it". The reader will know when to feel sad. Again, this is my personal theory, so let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

6. Be consistent with formatting. This does not seem like a big issue, but it really is. Many authors, myself included like to use different formats, like italics, to show different speech types or flashbacks or other literary devices. A lot of writers on this site use italics for memory, to make a point. The important thing to remember is that you have to do it exactly the same way each time otherwise the reader will be lost. If italicized font is centered for flashbacks, don't occasionally have thought speech be the same thing, or even worse, alternate between centered, left aligned, or whatnot for the flashback. Keep it the same way each time. Also remember, that you do not need to bold or underline as much as you think. Let your words speak for themselves, rather than try to show them in your readers face. Formatting is used correctly not to emphasize, but the differentiate.

7. Keep Everything. Don't throw away those old papers you wrote the rough drafts on no matter how bad they are. It is something really rewarding to look at later when you have finished a story, and gives you something to show off. In the writing sense, it is also important to keep your old work not only in case you need to look up something or need an idea, but to keep track of your progress as a writer. In fact, try to have a journal dedicated to your progress as a writer. It would definetly give you something to look back on.

8. Don't be afraid to take ideas from around you, just know the difference between being inspired by something and downright plagiarizing. This is a big one, and something I feel that EVERY writer should know. I mean, I just got down with several paragraphs about how hard it is to write, imagine how it would feel for someone to steal your work. That sucks, and unfortunetly we as Fanfiction writers get the worst of it. Here is why. Those of us who come up with really cool concepts for our story, are powerless to stop other people from taking those concepts and using them at their lesiure. This is why I am going to go into detail here. Think about taking ideas like with a car. If you are taking apart the car and, let me emphasize, figuring out how it works, then doing the same basic mechanics, that is FINE. Taking the car and changing the paint job, is NOT OKAY. This sounds simple right? Well despite what you think, this thing happens all the time. You cannot, just take the idea of a story and change the characters and call it your own. You cannot take the idea, add your own arc, and then call it your own. I have witnessed people on fanfiction that were my friends just delete their stories and pack up and leave, because they were sick of all the little cretins who were making their own versions of his idea. Yes, the sincerest form of flattery is mimicking, but not when it comes to writing. It is the greatest insult of all time. You are not only saying that you do not respect the author enough to leave his work, his. But you are also now also saying that you don't have the skill to produce something entirely on your own, and must recolor someone else's work. If you are unsure of whether or not you are taking someone else's work, think for a moment. How have you been writing the characters, story, setting? It is impossible for you to write something that will not, at least to some extent, resemble someone else's work, but copying someone's work is not something that happens accidentally. If you feel inspired by a work, then STUDY it and learn all the devices, scenes, and literary features that the author uses to make the story something special and learn from it. And think for a moment, we all are so much better than we think, there is no need to recolor someone else's work after all, isn't there?

9. Trying to be overly dramatic is the quickest way to lose your audience. You see, Power in writing is the single best thing you can do for your story, and trying to place it everywhere or failing to properly place it, will repel your readers like nothing else. This is a mistake I see often here, people are writing in sentences like "The azure sky was booming lighting as he swung with his sword with the might of the heavens. Their battle was one of which no one had ever seen, and would ever see again. The Dragon roared, and finally fell" Read that for a moment, do you know why it lacks the power that it should have? Why the emotion just goes right over your head? Its because the writing is too dramatic. This is for all of you reading this. Don't even try to write dramatically, if you are trying you are failing. Writing dramatically takes a lot of skill, and when done wrong it is repulsive. If you write a scene well, then it will stand out on its own right without you needing to make every word seem like thunder. This also goes for trying to be too mysterious. Everything in its place, take a look over your writing and if it reads like someone is writing for a movie trailer, then you are doing it wrong. I will go into reasons to make writing dramatic and more importantly, powerful in the last tip. Drama will happen on its own accord, if you force it, you Will pay for it. Trust me on this, just don't even try, write the scene as it needs to be written.

10. Similar to Dramatic, trying to be too mysterious, epic, or vague just leads to the reader getting lost. I am being serious here, in the first chapter, if you don't give the reader enough to go on, he/she will just be reading empty words. We all want to do an epic opening to a book that starts with a strange conversation between two unnamed figures, but the problem is 1. We have no idea who is talking 2. There is nothing for the reader to take from that which will help the story, and 3. The reader IS NOT going to go back at a later time and finally understand the conversation. Very rarely does the reader ever go back and "get it". The only result will be that the first part of the prologue was entirely comprehensible. Here is a good idea for seeing if you are accidentally being too mysterious or vague. Ask yourself what the reader is suppose to get out of this conversation, and be dense. Don't assume the reader will pick up on tone, sarcasm, or whatever. It needs to be something concrete. Like "A magical artifact was stolen, rather than "something bad will happen" or "Two god like figures are planning.

11. POWER. The greatest thing that an author can learn, and the absolute hardest to control. Power is the last tip I have to give you because it is not something so much as I can teach you, but lead you off knowing you are going to have to discover it on your own. This is the single greatest way to improve your writing. It is also the hardest, and easiest to get wrong. Unfortunately, like with overly dramatic or mysterious scenes, you cannot solve this problem by letting it happen on its own. It won't. You have to voluntarily write to the greatest of your ability and weave it into paragraphs of text before it can manifest. POWER is what people are looking for in writing. So what is it? Well have you ever read a line or scene that gave you goosebumps, or make you think wow? Powerful scenes in writing are those that inspire you, which are a step above those scenes that make you feel emotion. It is more than emotional, it is a sacred thing you are trying to put into writing. The feeling of energy you get from something you can't understand, that is power. Now how do you include that in your writing? Every single author worth something has asked the same question and we are ALL searching for a reliable and understandable method to infuse works with power. I can give you some vague, around the bush practices to start experimenting with power, but it is very easy for none of these to work. It all depends on You. Every writer has his own method of trying to include power into works, so I will share you some that I think "might" work. Again, these are not fail safe, and probably will not work. Discovering power is the journey every author must take, and when you undertake that journey is when you are on your way to being a serious writer.

a. Build up. If you have spent twenty or so chapters dodging and working your way to two characters meeting, or a certain event happening, then chances are when it finally does occur, that moment will be powerful because of all the time the reader will have spent leading up to it. It is the accumulation and climax of everything the reader knows about the story, and possibly the last scene as well. So naturally, that writing is going to be greater than all that has come before. Will it contain the sacred, power I was talking about? Maybe. It stands more of a chance than earlier in the novel. This depends on the execution, because if everything goes exactly as planned, that can work out one of two ways. Either the reader is anguished because now there is no more time to run and the terrible fate of the character is at hand, or it will be boring because everything they thought would happen, did. And even if things do not go as planned, it might still surprise the reader but fail to strike or inspire him/her. Writing is tricky business, but the most powerful scenes in the story are usually found at the end for this reason. Would adding twice the build up time make the scene even more powerful? Not necessarily.

b. Deep connection. This is not to be mistaken for emotional appeal, as this is an entirely different beast. It contains emotion, but it goes deeper than that. Take, for instance, a moment when the characters flaws have brought about his own destruction. That moment when he admits to it, though already knowing it is too late, is powerful. Or a moment when a character has no choice but to change, or do something he is adamantly against, is very appealing. Is is always powerful? Again, power depends on the writing of the author. The reason this is different than emotional appeal is while it does contain heavy emotions, it deals with a deep sense that is more than dependent on actions. In this, we are getting a glimpse of the character as a human, one with a deep core the character "might not even be aware of". This ties into relevance as we all take turns discovering ourselves. Have I made sense? Not at all, again I am drawing at straws trying to explain something I am not even fully aware of myself.

c. Reliance. Again drawing on straws here but if you have seen "The Hobbit" do you remember that moment when they sang the song in the beginning? That was powerful wasn't it? That was because it was their motivation, it was power, it was something the reader/viewer could understand. Now they had music, and all you have is writing, so that might not actually be so easy.

d. Book changing moment. As the name implies, this is the moment of decision where the character chooses to do something that affects the entire book and more importantly, what happens next. like that moment when he decides that he will not seek out the flower, despite 300 pages of its journey, and instead challenges the one who sent him out. It is not merely a decision made in the story, it is a complete turnover of what the story was beforehand. It is the metamorphosis from one kind of story, into something else much greater.

These are all theories on how to possibly bring about power in writing, so it is very well possible that none of them work. I am grasping at straws at how to explain power because I am still in the process of discovering it myself. But like I said, it is very important you do if you want your writing to ever be more than words on a page. Write something worth reading with skill, write something worth remembering with power. I am telling you now, the journey of a writer is his journey to discover power. From now on, whenever you are blown away by a turn of events or deeply inspired, take a moment to ask, how was this done?

This concludes my tips on writing for now, and while it is doubtful that I will post another set, this is where I leave it off to you to discover the truths about writing. Discover what is sacred to you and write about it, because a great writer is not born, a great writer is made. So write all the time, write in the dark times and in the bright times, write in the moments when you must but also in the moments when you would do anything but. The journey is hard, but as a writer you will find that almost nothing is more fulfilling. I am not talking about getting reviews. For those who deeply enjoy the craft of writing, there is a deep sense of fulfillment that comes when you read work that you have written. Or that moment when a story turns in on itself and becomes something much more than you ever meant for it to be. I made all of these tips myself, so let me know if they helped you or if you disagree with any of them.

As for my future in writing, I am hard at work with numerous story ideas, but most of all right now I am trying to master the short story and subscribe to literary magazines across the world to get a reputation of getting published. I am going to spend some time working on my fanfictions, but I also want to work on the history of my fantasy settings as well. As a writer, I cannot promise that I will completely finish all of my stories, but I hate leaving things unfinished, so you are sure to hear from me from time to time. I will remain active on fanfiction as long as I have a computer with access to it. I mean, I am still learning more things about writing as i keep going, why not surround myself in an environment of writing, which is exactly what this site is. After all, its where most of us end up learning how to write in some form or another. I am going to college for a dual major in Creative Writing and Literature and plan on securing a job at TOR fantasy publication if the chance ever arises. I am also really good with advice, so if anyone needs someone anonymous to ask for serious advice without bias, feel free to message me. Of course, I would also love to hear if you have any questions about writing. I still love talking to other authors, even after all this time.

And yes, I still carry my dream with me even after all this time. I will never let my dream die, one day I will be one of the greatest writers of my time.

My Story

My current in progress story is The Chronicles of Legendary Eevee. Truth being told, I have had this story in my head for a long time before i ever came to fan fiction. The storyline has been revised many time over since I have started writing it, and it is amazing to experience firsthand how some stories unfold and write themselves.

The story is mostly told from the point of view of the main character, an Eevee named Michael. Inside, he harbors a deeper secret, he is a Mystery Pokemon, an anomaly of nature in which a human has turned into a Pokemon. Cursed and blessed by this strange occurrence, he is shunned from everyone else despite his efforts to be a hero. When a simple mission of exploring a ruined structure leads to so much more, Prophecies will unfold and choices will be made and the seeds of revenge and retribution will awaken. In this epic struggle against foes, fate, and ultimately himself, the very world that hates him lies on the brink of apocalypse.

Please check it out, the story gets better as you read and I consider it to be my best story thus far into my career here.

Story Progress

"Chronicles of Legendary Eevee" (current main story)

Chapter Thirty: Imperfect Hero: I absolutely love the title for this chapter, and it acacuratly displays the theme and purpose of the chapter like no other chapter title could. This part of the story will be from SParky's POV, and will focus primarly on the fight between him and his best friend. The climax of the long story has begun, get ready for possibly THE greatest fight in all of the story.

"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Dying World" (side story)

Chapter 5- I am going to have to come up with something for this chapter as there is nothing for it in my original plan, so I can't predict exactly when it will come out unfortuatly. On the good side, the longer it takes the more things I can come up with for the plot. I can at least say however that you are going to learn about the eevee that Rikko rescued in this chapter.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Hopeless War (side story)

Chapter 10- Well what I had planned at this stage in the story with the murderous voices and the whispering forest fell through, so I will save that for later. This chapter, as predicted, will be from Crystal's POV. You are going to learn a little more about BLazefire perhaps, and possibly more insight onto just what she was feeling when she lost her mind to fear.

Overall Writing Tips

TIP #1 : Always plan out the entire story before you begin. Authors who live from update to update often end up leaving their stories unfinished. Also the mood and direction of the story seems inconsistent because they were written on a whim rather than following a storyline. Nothing is set in stone, you can always change the story for the better, even if you have already posted it. I know very well some stories write themselves, but following at least a general path is advised.

TIP #2 : DON'T MAKE YOUR CHARACTER A MARY SUE. That is, a character who overcomes any challenge through willpower or excessive strength. As much fun as it is to insert your own character in a story to clobber the movie villain, you have to remember that is boring for the reader. Seriously, don't have him clobber every foe simply because he is somehow stronger than everyone else, use strategy to show how he wins. Be original, use the terrain, strategy, cooperation between other characters, a desperate gamble, anything to make it fun for the reader to see how he will win. If he has some hidden, unexplained strength inside of him, there should be some flaws to balance it. Like he can't control who he is attacking, or it doesn't come when he needs it the most, or even acts independently of his will.

TIP # 3 : Don't be afraid to make the bad guy evil. Instead, strive to make him as ruthless and brutal as possible. Have him kill is injured underlings when they fail him. Have him kill innocent people for no reason, have him hurt the Hero's family. Interuppt long awaited reunions between characters. Have him shatter dreams, and crush hopes. Play on the Hero's feeling for another, anything to make him as evil as you wish. Your goal is not only to make the Main character or Hero hate him, but to make the reader hate him! This also adds to the realism of a story because it shows the reader why he hates the villain rather than just the fact that he is the bad guy. If the reader is appalled by the villain's actions, they will get involved in the story because they want to see the bad guy get what he deserves. This will drive them on through the story, and at the same time increase the drama of the final confrontation between the villain and the hero. The moment where everything the character has fought for, the chance he has been waiting for to strike back at the one who took away everything from him, almost nothing could be more dramatic. Make this battle as memorable and powerful as you can, for it is the height of the story. (see battle tips below). Don't make him win simply because he pushes through pain with anger, make it interesting. The suspense that he could lose even after everything he did is another exciting factor on that battle.

TIP #4 : This advice is only for those of you with Pokemon stories. No one wants to read a story about a trainer traveling to the eight gyms to defeat the league, that is so cliche and lacks creativity. Seriously, we do that in the game, and the only major plot points are gym battles and so on, that is predictable and boring. If you really want to have that kind of story, try telling it from the point of view of one of the Pokemon, that is far more interesting. Also, 80% of those stories are left unfinished. Why? Because even the author lost interest in it!

TIP #5 : In any story there are subplots and main plots, don't get the two confused. The main plots is the reason the main character is on the path he is, or taking some action a normal person would not. Sub plots are misadventures the character experiences on the quest which are related to the story. Those misadventures a character experiences should always connect to a much bigger main plot that ties the whole story together. I can not stress the amount of frustration i get when a character in a story does something totally random that he had no reason to do and is not even related to the story.

TIP #6 : Break the tension. In any story there is a growing sense of tension as important events are about to occur or stand a chance of occurring. If the characters are being hunted and the fearful tension remains throughout the entire story, it quickly grows stale. Include a joke, an awkward moment that subtracts from the tension. By taking away the tension for a bit, you prevent it from becoming stale and thus add to it. This is hard to explain and i apologize if i have confused you.

TIP #7 : Don't forget the passage of time. If the story begins in summer use the description of the weather to tell how much time has passed. The world is not is stasis, the moon phases and the seasons change. Also, not every eventful night is a story should be a full moon. Be original, something happening on the night of a full moon is becoming overused. Use the crescent, half, or even gibbous (three quarter, don't trust my spelling) moon in your story.

TIP # 7 : Don't be predictable. If you write a common story that any fool can see what will happen, then why read it. We want to read something that is unique and fun. Plot twists, unexpected events, dramatic endings all add to the greatness of a story. At the same time, don't be erratic. You should stay at least on the same track of storyline. If a character suddenly takes an unexpected path on the story, explain why he did that and somehow connect it to the story.

TIP #8 : Character development. It is one of the more complicated but rewarding things to do in writing. In short, the experiences your character has endured has turned him into a slightly different person. This can be difficult and actually hurt your story if you don't know how to do it. Above all else, the change should be noticeable, but not overly drastic, and if it is there must be a strong reason for it. Change in both power and personality happens over time, so little changes here and there in the story add up. Don't make your character suddenly ten times stronger in such a short time. There are exceptions for this, such as he had a sensei brutally training him or otherwise. Still, introduce new strengths outside of major battles. It has become cliche and boring for a character to suddenly uncover a new ability in the heat of battle, which realistically is practically impossible. Also this makes your character a bit of a Mary sue (see above). Have him trying out new techniques in less important battle scenes so we know he didn't come up with it out of the blue.

TIP #10 : Character personalities in a story. Just the same way in life, every character in a story is different. You should strive to flesh out a character with their personality to present a better image of them to the reader. Make sure their actions match their personalities though. A timid and shy character will not attack someone on an insult like a arrogant or headstrong one will. Also, their should be a reason behind the way they act. A warrior with the classic 'I don't care' attitude might be that way because he experienced a rough life, so on. But most importantly, every character should have distinguishable personalities. In a dark story featuring a rebellion against the king, not everyone should act in like a hurt warrior with nothing to lose, or be the hero out for vengeance. Have characters stand out, include a character that tells jokes amongst the hoard of hardened warriors. If all your characters act the same, they will be boring and even worse...Indifferent to the reader. When characters are unique, the reader might end up forming attachments to a character. If a stand out character has been killed, the reader experiences a bit of that grief when the uniqueness that character added is gone, the same way the other character will. They begin to see them as people rather than mindless characters acting out a story. By striving to make your characters unique, they become special and add their own sense to the story, making it that much greater.

TIP # 11 : Informational overload. It happens with a lot of stories not only on this site, but in real writing too. Usually occurs in the first or second chapter, suddenly everyone important to the story is introduced and you have to wrack your brain to remember all of this at once as the setting for the story is also being described. Slow down, you do not want to confuse your readers. Reveal things as you need them and as the story progresses. That can be used to draw on the reader too, trying to figure out who "that" person is. Not everything should be revealed at once either in terms of plot. Don't keep the reader in the dark for 27 chapters only to reveal everything in the 28th chapter. Chances are that reader never made it to the 28th chapter, because nothing made sense and there was no lure to draw him on. Include bits and pieces as the reader goes along, keep him guessing. To reveal it overtime even adds tension to the story that adds to the dramatic effect of the final chapter when everything the reader has learned is about to come together.

TIP # 12 : Broaden your skills. Diversity in a story adds to its overall greatness. Sure, you can have a great novel with simply battle scenes and the like, but to have a novel with a romance, mystery, fighting scenes, and tragedy is a much better novel. Having trouble writing about a certain Genre, THEN READ MORE OF THAT GENRE. I had a romance in my story, yet beforehand i had no idea how to write one. SO i went around this site reading tons of romance stories. When you read great stories, you take in some of that writing style into your own. Also, ask other authors on this site for advice, we are all aspiring authors here. I for one would love to give advice if you still want some more. Or just PM me to talk, I get lonely sometimes.

TIP # 13 : Character flaws. Lets be honest, every single human being has flaws, the same should go for characters. For example, a character that talks too much or one that is too nervous to talk at all. These flaws help define a character as much as if not more than their actions or words, and they make them seem more human. Sometimes flaws contrast in a story between characters, like in my "The Dying World" story, Piech talks way to much, and Rikko's tendency to lose his temper over small things doesn't help them get along very well. There should always be more than one flaw, and it should make sense somehow. Choose carefully in this as it helps with character creation, but if you use the same flaws over and over again, it gets old, so strive to be unique.

Thats all for now, i have many more, you can ask me if you want to. Don't be afraid to ask me for advice, we all need some help. God knows how awful my story was before Neoshadowwolf reviewed it for me. If you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!

Battle Scene Tips

The battle is often the most interesting part of some fan fictions. All the drama leads up to them, and often they are the major turning points of the story. If written well, they can keep the reader enthralled, wondering how the characters will make it out alive, or how they will save another while at it. However a lot of authors don't know how to write these very well, so i will be posting some tips here to help spice up battles. Note: Some of these should be applied to every battle, while many others should be used very rarely. This is to prevent battles from all being the same, that is something you should avoid at all costs.

Above all else: Battle is not turn based like in the anime or the games. In a more realistic setting, it is more of an action reaction situation. Simply writing your battle scenes lie: Magnaton used thunderbolt, Delcatty used Sing magnaton fell asleep, Delcatty used fury swipes; Is not only increadibly boring, but is also not realistic at all. To make more sense, One character takes an action, and you write what the other character does about it. THe most common reaction is to dodge. (For example: Eevee shot a Shadow ball attack at Jolteon who slid under the ball of energy to dodge.) Never, ever, ever think the characters stand and wait for the other to do something. Combat is a continuous thing, actions flow into one another and the characters are taking the initiative to attack the other. This is more realistic than turn based combat, but also harder to write.

Tip #1. Never simply say dodged unless you have to. To make the battle more realistic tell HOW they dodged the said attack. (ducked, side stepped, leapt to the side, twisted their body, leaned back, jumped into the air, so on...) Remember that dodging an attack changes the defenders location a bit, so keep in mind how this change in location changes the battle ( usually it dosen't, but say their is a cliff or rock wall in one direction..)

Tip #2. Instead of simply saying which attack they are using, the first time they do it describe what the attack looks like to make the reader guess what they are doing. Be careful not to overuse this, very careful. Only describe attacks like this once per chapter or longer. Think about it, if the story is in first person, how does the main character immediately know what attack is being used against him. By showing the description and how he figures it out, it also reveals a bit of how the characters mind works in combat.

Tip #3. There is always the knockout blow in any fight, the move that utterly ends the fight. Keep tabs on your characters abilities during the fight. If one of the Characters takes a huge hit, it has the chance or being a knockout blow. This is my opinion but this happens sometimes during a fight. A battle suddenly ending has a bit more dramatic feeling than one in which the characters are slowly chipped away. Be careful with this though and rarely use it.

Tip #4 MISTAKES. Everyone makes them in life, more so during battles. The characters are not perfect, despite how much training they put in. Their attacks won't work perfectly every time when called, and not every dodge can be performed perfectly even if the character has the ability to dodge it. Sometimes the flamethrower a houndoom intended becomes a useless shower of sparks, or a character slips while trying to dodge.

Tip #5 Interruptions. Very rarely in a fight an interruption can occur. Like lightning strikes a tree and the combatants have to temporarily forget the fight to escape the forest fire. Or a lovesick girl tries to stop her friend from fighting, or even tries to save him herself. Or even something as radical as the bad guy takes one of the observers hostage. unexpected events make a fight more interesting.

Tip #6 Distractions. Fire burns, causing a person or pokemon pain to move and thus distracting them. Poison slowly ebbs their strength, and getting shocked by a thundershock can cause a pokemon to spasm because of the electricity. The characters are not impervious to their surroundings or their own body. If they are fighting in a slippery area, the character will not take actions he would normally because of this, or a character inflicted with a burn might not see an obvious ruse he would have seen if he was not distracted. MOST IMPORTANTLY, rage. An enraged character will act rashly and not think through his actions. The hero out for revenge in the heat of battle would not act the same way as if he was fighting some lowlife underling.

Tip #7. Taunts. They happen in real life, and sometimes they are a reason the fight happens in the first place. During a pause in the battle or even while fighting, characters might taunt one another. Smarter characters will do this to enrage their foes and get them to think rashly. Often in the time frame right before a battle is where the most taunts take place, boasting they can clobber the other or goading them into a fight they cannot win, or even calling them a coward to get them to attack and waste their energy.

Tip #8 Stamina. Faster characters usually have less stamina, stronger characters usually have more. After a certain time period has passed, the character will tire and will perform at a different level because of it. Certain actions become unavailable due to the lack of strengh. (example, during my fight with the Hunter in chapter 8, Michael wastes too much of his energy taking down Tyranitar, and is forced to go on the defensive against the Sizor and Sandslash that the hunter sends out next. Instead of Charging his foe and firing Shadow Balls with abandon, he is forced to try and catch is breath while dodging enemy attacks. Unable to do any damage, he loses that fight...Badly.) One character can outlast the other and end up winning due to his stamina. Once again, an exahsted character acts diffrently than when he first started the fight.

Tip #9 Stakes to win. This makes a fight indefinetly more interesting and complex than anything else. Say the hero has to open the floodgates before his love drowns in the cave, but an enemy blocks his way. The fight becomes increasingly more dramatic as the reader knows he is running out of time to open the floodgates and if he loses she dies. THat carries more fun to the reader than a random skirmish in the woods over an insult. The more at stake, the more interesting the fight. There are some fights the character cannot back down from, and has to win no matter the cost or he and possibly others will die. Those fights are indefinetly more interesting. However this poses a problem if the enemy is out of the characters league. HE should NOT be a mary sue and somehow push through exhastion and life threatening wounds and somehow overcome the bad guy. It should be strategy or a planned mistake or even a risky gamble that wins the fight. Lets face it. The knowledge that the character can easily die or fall is what makes the battles worthwhile.

About me

Now that you have made it this far, I will tell you a little about me. I am a High School student and an avid writer. I read a lot, though these days I have ended up reading more fan fiction than printed material. I tend to update rather quickly once i start a story. The hardest part for me to write in most stories is the beginning. I do exellent in the middle and ending, it is just that first impression that i have trouble with.

My favorite pokemon game is the original pokemon mystery game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. I have completed the game fully recruiting all 386 pokemon including Legendaries. Yes, i have beat purity forest, the one that makes you start at level one with no items or friends and no recruiting available. I will happily provide advice for the game if you ask me.

I believe Pokemon should have ended after ash lost in the Pokemon league against Richie, that was the height if its glory. I did enjoy the seasons with May because she had an Eevee, but soon lost interest when Dawn came. To hell with the replacement of Brock in the newest season.

Enough of Pokemon, i also enjoy a collection of other anime and manga. My all time favorite anime is Gundam OO. Nothing i have ever seen can compare to it. I also like, inuyasha, Pokemon (the original), Dragonball Z, Naruto and Naruto Shipudden, Code Lyoko, Legend of Zelda, Bleach, Bakugon (the original), and Yu-gi-oh (the original). in case anyone asks me, i will never write a fanfiction for Gundam OO, the series was perfect in my opinion. To write a fanfiction on it would mar its greatness. As far as video games go my favorites include Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Soul Caliber, Legend of Zelda, and Kingdom hearts.

Outside of Anime, I am a Junior High School student, an active Boy scout soon to be Eagle scout, a member of a kick butt Marching Band, and a second degree black belt. I have surpassed the color belts and i am now even beyond the ordinary black belt. I also am a avid sword collector and own a variety of razor sharp weapons, even two fully functional Katanas. I know how to use a samurai sword very well and can actually perform a number of the stunts I see in the anime, and not just the ones with swords.

If you request me to read and review your story and I do so, please return the favor and review "Chronicles of Legendary Eevee" I need to get the word out about it. There are a lot of Pokemon stories with Chronicles in their name (and half of them are unfinished and were posted in 2006).

Future plans

I have a lot of plans for new stories in my head, but getting them fleshed out and on paper is proving to be quite difficult. Mostly the stories I am planning are either for the sequel for the Chronicles or for a new series that I am starting. At the same time I am wrestling with the idea if I should even bother with a sequel right now. I know very well that sometimes sequels can turn out to be bad and sometimes they can turn out to be good.

As for the new series that I am starting, it will be much less happy and bright than the Chronicles. The series takes place in an alternate setting and landscape to the Chronicles, having an entirely new set of characters and plot. It will consist of two prequels that set the stage for what I hope to be my greatest story yet in my fan fiction experience. I am stockpiling ideas and techniques for it to make it as great as possible. The prequel(s) will be released before I release this story to get into the mood that the story needs. The genre for all will be Adventure/tragedy. Both stories, especially the flagship one will be very dramatic, and this great story I am planning will have many twists and turns. The battle scenes will be a slight bit more gruesome, but at the same time more exciting. I will be accepting OC for this story, but hold off on the characters until I post the first chapter, which I hope will be out before Summer break is here. Like before, it will be somewhat related to the Chronicles, but takes place way later in time and on a different landscape of my creation.

The first of these prequels has already been published, it is titled "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Dying World." Please read it I like how it turned out. One note however is that the description of Mysteria (the continent of the Shadow Series) will be at a minimum due to the fact that the landscape changes over time. The time for this story is 134 years after the first Shadows appeared. Humans grow ever weaker as they are banding together in SafeCities in an attempt to survive the Shadow Pokemon that are polluting the world with Dark Matter. The battle scenes in this story are very violent, but gore is kept to a minimum, i think. You will like this story, i started out better prepared than with the Chronicles.

For the sequel, I have a lot of ideas and a great story idea planned but the beginning is proving to be very difficult. I will refrain from posting this sequel or any details until I have worked out all the problems and have a definite storyline planned. The biggest problem I am facing as with any story I ever write is the beginning.

Books i recommend reading if you like to read a good book.

Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight

The Sight by David Clement-Davies

Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

The Adamantine Palace by Stephen Deas

Way of the Shadows by Brent Weeks

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks

Firebringer by David Clement-Davies

Inspirational quote of the month: " What is the propose of anything when one day, all we will have done will become dust. What is the propose of enjoy it while it lasts."- I made this myself.

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I would strongly recomend you to check out the stories on my favorites list. All of them are exceptional and a place in my favorites is hard earned. Sadly, a few of them are unfinished, but you should still read them anyway. I have read well over a hundred fan fictions on this site and these are my personal favorites.

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