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Changing my profile~ Most of it will be the same old info, some will be new~

I GOT A NEW LAPTOP :D And so my fanfics can be completed >:3

Hey, hey guys :3 Imma be more active now~

Some serious things about me:

~ I do not judge people
~ I am critical to *help* people
~ I don't care about sexuality - we're all human
~ I don't care about age, it's just a number, numbers are math, math is boring, so dwelling on age is boring u_u

~ cha cha chang cha ~

Anyway~ I got round to watching new anime and *may* write a fanfic or two for them u.u Although I'm not entirely suuuuuuure... Hmmmm... And, I decided, that yes... I may do pairings which I don't like T~T Just because I aim to please everyone and to be able to say I don't bash any shippings... Phooey...

Important Notice!

If you review my fanfics = THANK YOU! If I also review my fanfic, it's because I am replying to my reviews x3 However, I of course can only review one fanfic once so if I do so and you want to reply to my comment:
Or whatever it says ~ Because I like to get feedback to improve my stuff so you guys like it~ Thanks for reading if you did so - if not: Reeeaaad iiiit! X3

And here is a list of... stuff... I may post for/have posted for:
~ Fruits Basket (Done)
~ Yu Gi Oh (Done)
~ K-on!! (In process)
~ Meloncholy of Haruhi
~ Naruto
~ Shugo Chara/ Doki
~ Avatar: Legend of Aang
~ Vapire Knight/ Guilty
~ Death Note
- things besides anime -
~ Vampire Diaries
~ Chronicles of Anicent Darkness (In Process)
~ Harry Potter

I will update whenever I have time/remember/sieve through my old fanfics/ get inspiration... =.=
Oh... And I *do* write yaoi/yuri - but I of course will put a warning in my summaries for fanfics including this :3

Okay guys!

I was planing to post some of my poetry, but yes, I realised there is no section for posting poetry =.=
SO! I am going to post it here! XD
I'll change it every week or so... If I remember to change it x3

Take a silver knife,

Press it to my throat,

Slide the blade across,

It is my only hope.

Free me of this pain,

This confusion in my mind,

Because it seems the world

And it's people aren't so kind.

You said you'd be there for me,

I was the only thing that mattered,

But as a tea cup hits the ground

Those words are simply shattered.

If I meant that much to you

And you meant those words you said...

I wouldn't feel this way and it'd all

Be clear inside my head.

But you're words they leave it cloudy,

For you mix the truth with lies.

It's a shame you're not hear with me,

To hear my lonely cries.

I hate and love you mixed in one,

My feelings they have changed...

Because you're not completely honest,

You have left me oh so framed...!

There's so much I want to say to you,

To tell you of what I know.

But I will refrain from spilling truths,

I will let my pain just grow...

Because I don't care if you lie to me,

I simply want us together.

I'll put up with this stupid pain

From now until forever.

Yes you tell me to explain,

To say what it is that's true,

To say what it is which upsets me -

But the fact is that it's you.

You no longer make me happy

With all these lies you spread.

But like I say I'll put up with it,

You just keep messing with my head...

Good Bye My Friends/Stalkers/Randomer who came across my profile~! Hope you guys keep 'coming back for more' ;) Haha, seriously though - I love posting my work for others to read :3 And I like to know what you guys think too :) So yes~ Until Next Time: Bye~!
-gives dark side cookies to everyone-

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