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Hi hi how are you? Me I'm doing okay. Trying to write my own stuff. Gonna post my story here and fiction press.net. When am I gonna post it? Don't know. I managed to get what I'm gonna go with as a first chapter done but I won't post it yet. A very good friend told me to write what I like and know. So far I'm gonna tell ya I'm three part story. Each part will have stuff from anime and manga and video games I've seen read and played. Story one will have durarara, fable 3, fairy tail, a lil bleach, skyrim, and hit man reborn centered. Story two will have the same stuff but will be fairy tail and skyrim centered (cause fairy tail doesnt really have a set bad guy) but it might have some DBZ in it (kamehameha in a fun and unusual way) Story three is bleach and hitman reborn heavy, it will be the final story. Now I'll most likely change my mind on this. When I do eventually post the chapters all at once for story one, I'll probably maybe change where I want to take the series. Also to those who don't like this story, it's no big deal. Thanks for reading. I am glad I was able to waste your time. Those who like it, thanks I'll write more