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We've moved. That's right, Ancient Enchantress has moved to the screen name "Dawn's Shadow". Why? Simple. Looking back, I can see the bad cliches, the terrible grammar, and just how much my writing's changed over the year or so I've been here. Thus, I find it necessary to start again, considering I'm already too embarrassed to let anyone read these fictions anymore. I won't take them down, as they can remind me of how far I've come, but I won't update here nor continue any of them.

I'm sorry if this dissappoints any of you. Feel free to check out my new location, if you want, where more fanfiction (GOOD fanfiction) will be posted. If you decide not to, then this is goodbye. Thanks for reading.~

~Ancient Enchantress


Present-day mortals are so fun to terrorize, don't you think?

Chaos would suit me just fine...

A devil, a shadow, an arch-nemisis...something like that...

Spinning Flower Golden Dragon Fist Punch!!!
~Nanami--Suikoden 2

You need people of intelligence on this kind of
~Pippin--LOTR FoR

Engine...running, flux capaciter...fluxing...
~Marty-BTTF 1

Light and dark intertwine to make way for chaos!!
~Yami, summoning Black Luster Soldier--Yu-gi-oh

Tyson: Hmph, you're just talking trash, that's all...
Robert: Alas, no, I'm talking TO trash.
~Tyson, Robert; Beyblade

The world is made of two things...LOVE AND PEACE! *hand motion*
~Vash the Stampede, Trigun

'Til next time.
~Ancient Enchantress

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