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Country: USA (but I wish it was England...)


Yeah, I'm pretty much what you’d expect: a semi-lonesome high school student who got hooked on writing and sci-fi. Luckily, the internet taught me how to combine the two through blogging and a word processor. I write short stories about Doctor Who, The Nanny (the old 90’s sitcom with Fran Drescher, not that Nanny 911 show, that one’s rubbish), and Glee, as well as for my school paper, and very recently became a published writer in the 2011 Florida state University Alumni Newsletter. All of that can be found here:, as well as all the stories posted on FanFanfiction.

On here (and my blog, which you should really check out, ByTheWay) you’ll find all my shipping posts, which will be described now:

Doctor Who:

9/Rose: there was just something fantastic about what these two people shared. If you don’t understand what I mean, and just think Eccleston’s Doctor was an ugly bipolar oaf that became the segue to Tennant’s brilliant sexiness, then re-watch The Unquiet Dead. I was a sceptic too, until I saw the way the Doctor held onto Rose’s waist after he found her in the morgue. That was when I realised, this Doctor isn’t grouchy and closed off because of the time war, that experience has him now bursting with emotions. He gets moody and angry one moment, then passionate and full of glee the next. Rose gets caught in the middle of that, and all those emotions mixed with her young human hormones, creates the perfect storm of unrequited want.

10/Rose: if Eccleston’s Doctor was passionate, then Tennant’s Doctor was romantic. True, I’ll give 9 Women Wept, but looking back on season two, 10 was all about getting Rose to smile. By the end of The Christmas Invasion, 10 has his feelings figured out (without the swirling vortex of shifting emotions 9 had clouding his judgment it became pretty simple), and knows what he wants and who he wants it with. Rose finally realises it’s possible to love the Doctor, have a proper relationship with him, and uses both New Earth and Tooth and Claw to make up for lost time. It’s obvious something was going on between them, and I relish the idea of being able to put down on paper exactly what that was in each and every story. I also like to imagine Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday never happened, at all, so season three just becomes them travelling around time and space, with Harold Saxon messing with Jackie’s head back on the Powell Estates.

The Nanny:

Fran/Max: does it really need to be said? Niles/C.C. is just plain weird, and these two have wanted each other from day one.


Will/Emma: I seriously think they are the only two people who have a shot at happiness. They are both adults, and will stay grounded in Lima for the rest of their lives, where as all the other Gleeks will end up going their separate ways, left to reminisce on past romances every five years at a reunion party. Besides, have you seen the way they look at each other? Even when Will was married, I like to imagine there was most definitely something there.

That’s it for now, pretty much. I currently have a few short stories in the works, but with school and extracurricular activities, any writing I want to get done is moving at an agonizingly slow pace.

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