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Hi there.

Thanks for visiting my profile page.

When I first started reading fan fiction I kept to epic length tales. The first three stories I read were Methods of Rationality, Prince of a Dark Kingdom and Bungle in the Jungle. I felt all the good fiction had to be epic length. I then discovered the redo genre and while I liked it, there were some things that always bugged me in it. Usually that if you give Harry that much of a power up the story has no conflict. The other thing that bugged me was the idea of a ninety year old Harry getting together with an eleven year old girl.

So I decided I could do a better epic length time redo story.

My major idea was for a time travel tale with Luna as the main protagonist (Snorckack/Circumstances) it died a death.

I’m just not the sort of person who can sit behind the computer and keep plugging away week after week. My greatest respect to those of you who update regularly. Let’s face it guys, 99% of us will never be published authors, this is just a hobby. Trying to keep a long fic on track was making me miserable with all my other commitments.

My other writings are just little ideas that pop half formed into my head. Writing is my hobby and I write for myself. Most of my writing are challenges I set myself. Some I succeed at, others I fail. The one thing my tales are full of are interesting ideas. How well I hang a story on these ideas is up to you the reader to judge.

Sins of the Father is the thing I’m most proud of. I actually plotted that from start to finish. I challenged myself here to plot something start to finish and to make a unsympathetic character sympathetic.

Sally-Anne and the Random Scenes snapshots about an unknown character. The books tell us nothing about her. So I gave her some back story. Then I just couldn't stop. The cover photo, is she she by mialepson . http://mialepson.deviantart.com/art/she-she-359985820 .Used with permission. I pictured Sally-Anne a little more ginger than auburn but the photo works.

Solitude. A tale of a relationship in three parts. Inspired by the music of Suzanne Vega. I made the mistake of reading Perfect Situations by Jeconais before writing chapter three. His work is better than mine and its influence bleeds through. While I like chapter one and two shows promise, I am frequently tempted to delete three. I was trying to make it dialogue light and a little sweet.

A Forest Tale. More than a drabble but not much more. Expansion of scene in the Battle of Hogwarts. Surprisingly dark. One reviewer called it indecently dark. My first attempt to write something short but gripping. The chapter of Odds and Ends called Scars is a sequel of sorts.

Ode to Lily. It's terrible, but it's meant to be. A Teachers Lounge challenge, a teenage Snape writes poetry. The first draft was merely bad; this was my 4th draft I just couldn't make it worse.

Bar of Requirements. A multi crossover. Many heroes are either dark haired and green eyed or have rubbish childhoods or both. No one has named all the characters who feature in this story. I am not surprised. Go on I dare you, name them all. Really, I was just having fun.

Odds and Ends. Most of my writing at the moment is short little scenes that don't really belong anywhere. I decided to give them a home to live. If I'd made this a month earlier, Forest Tale would have lived here. So that is my current writing. In varies wildly in tone. Chapter 2 is a joke; chapter 3 contains scenes of torture. I generally give warnings in each individual chapter.

Ship Tease/Call Me A exploration of non canon ships. Call me started as chapter 7 of Ship Tease. it just didn't stop.

The Return Biblical fan fiction. I have no shame.

Twisted Princess Inspired by a series of pictures on Deviant Art.

I stay mostly within the HP universe because there is so much space there. Want to write a tale of love and romance you can do that. Want to write something of darkest horror you can do that too. Harry is a wonderful everyman and depending which year you take him from you can do almost anything to him.

The stories in my fav lists are my all time favourite stories to be found on this site many of which I have multiple times. My fav author list is similar, I have read the majority of their work and enjoyed it. My all time favourite is The Passing of Plan A, not for everyone but I love it. Also the Story that convinced me the short form is fantastic in and of itself.

Just one more thing.

Reviews make me happy. Unless they are completely negative, then they make me sad.

Do a good thing today, make a writer happy.

If you have a question don’t ask it in an anonymous review. I have no way of replying.

Thank you for reading.

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Call Me reviews
A found phone number, the decision to tale a risk. What does a different summer of 96 hold for Harry? A tale of light romance. No secret training no major angst. For once Harry meets someone normal.
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A collection of unconnected shorts and random ideas. So far we have a snowball fight, a flirtatious Sue, a psychopathic Bella, some zombies, a tale of Tom's childhood, a were-squid, a thug, a brutal death, Scorpius slash,a drabble,some Ronimone good and bad, Neville post battle. Pansy and Hermione trapped in a classroom. Other stuff too but I've hit the word limit for summaries.
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