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Hello, I'm GoldenClaw. It's a mix of my two most used names online: Claw and Goldenwolf.

I do have a DeviantArt account, Goldenwolf94 is my username^^

Anyways, I love to write and I have like... lets just say a lot of storied I've started =).

I got the 7th chapter of will Power up! take a look^^ I am working on the 8th currently, and will move onto the 9th soon. I need to stay ahead and catch up, also I'm busy with school and other things, so bear with me...

Some Characters of Will power

Claw-Brown female, with deep blue eyes.

Kar- Dark brown male, with daker shades of brown on his back, with grey eyes.

Oki- Light brown wolf, with white on his face, chest, and tail. Darker brown on his head, and back, with deep amber eyes.

Rii- Light brown, like Oki, with a black stripe starting at his head and going down his back. He has a white chest with light blue eyes.

Yodi- Brown like Claw, with lighter brown markings on eyes, with shades of black on his back, and white chest, belly and tail.

Alpha male- Dark brown, with dark blue eyes, tints of grey in them. Has a slightly lighter color chest, and black stripe going down his back.

Alpha female- light brown, with white on face. Black stripe going down he back, and a darker shade of brown on her back and eye dots. With light amber eyes.

River- A pretty light brown female, sister of the alpha female. White on her face, chest, belly, all the way to her tail. She has slightly darker shades of brown on her back. Light blue eyes.

Rock- A broad male wolf, with black and grey shades all over him. He has dusty blue eye’s and a white tipped tail.

Zark- A lean longed legged young male wolf, Rock’s brother. He has black with grey and white tints in them. He has white on his face, chest, paws, and tail, and bright yellow eyes.

Raymus- A large whiteish male, Mudd’s cousin. He is mostly whiteish grey, with brown shades across his body. Brown eyes.

Zee- A young female with light brown fur, she has darker shades all over her body and a white tipped tail. She has Yellow eyes. Raymus’s sister, and Mudd’s cousin.

Mudd- An old male wolf, dark brown, with even darker, almost black splotched all over his body, and brown eyes.

Ria- Claw’s half sister, younger than her. She is dark brown, with blue eyes like Claw. Has lighter brown around eyes, snout, chest and paws. She also has lighter brown stripes on her back

(hopefully this helps)

-I have dark brown eye's (in the right sunlight appear redish...)

-I have short curly hair. (now braided)

-I'm black, get used to it.

-I like goth stuff, get used to it.

Pets: (I have 3 dogs and 1 cat)

Riley, 3 years old Huge male-

Skyler also 3 years female-

Kiley, 7 years, female-

Mae tabby female, 11 years-

Alright, I mainly write about animals, mostly dogs/wolves. I've been thinking of writing human stories, but I haven't gotten around to it.

Stories I'm working on currently:

-Will Power, Never give in

-Rescue Dog

Storied I've started in the past: (Still planning on continuing)


-Darklight's Quest

-Dog Warriors

-Journey Through the Wild (First story ever started)

I do draw, so I might put up some pictures of my main characters of stories^^

Will Power, Never Give In reviews
Claw, from a young age was always bullied by her four older brothers. She learns that somehow she is the omega of the pack, and just can't accept it, her smart tongue might get her into a lot of trouble in the future of the pack.
Wolf Chronicles - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 7 - Words: 9,954 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/9/2011 - Published: 3/5/2011