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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight, and Code Lyoko.

Hey, I'm Drake. I'm fan of twilight (like it or not I am) and Code Lyoko (I have liked the show since I was little), I love to read and write. Give me anything in English and I'll read it.



Morning Moon

Code Lyoko:

Until the end

Reason to write:

I read the four books of twilight and since I don't like open endings I thought that many other people didn't ether so I started to continue the story of my favorite writer Stephenie Meyer.

I too like code lyoko so I reciently decided to publish my ideas on a story.

Since I was little I had a big imagination and I have always enjoyed putting all my ideas into words to create stories for others to apreciate. I have many grammar errors but hey, no one is perfect.

P.S. I'm not owner of the Twilight Saga but I do like to write what I would want to happen after all the four books. Don't own either Code Lyoko but I enjoyed watching it and I want to continue the series, my way.


What is your favorite book? / You would think Twilight but I really like The Giver. No offense, Twilight would be second on list. And of course I prefer the Bible over all, don't think wrong.

How old are you? / Younger than my older brothers, is that enough?

Very funny, what's your favorite band? / Have many, depends on what type of music we're speaking about.

What type of music do you prefer then? / Metal, symphonic metal to be exact, and several bands of rock as we know it.

Where were you born? / I don't think I should answer.

When? / Really that's personal but okay. I was born in a hospital and nine months after my mother got pregnant, happy?

Calm your attitude please. Favorite animals? / Wolves and dogs. Hate it when I see someone screaming at a dog.

Favorite instrument? / Between guitar and piano, always had that fight.

Grades? / Don't want to brag but I'm pretty good at school.

Any crushes? / Haha, actually no, though I kind of like Alice Cullen a lot.

What was your first book to finish? / Hm, good one, Wishbone, don't remember which. Really, I was a kid back then. After that came Twilight, Dreadlocks, Percy Jackson, and so on.

#1 reviewer? / Missionarycook, definitely the one who most reviews.

Best friends? / yumiulrichlovers.

Since when? / I'd say years. (No joking)

Favorite food? / What should I say? Salami sandwich? It's not really my first but I have to say at least what I always eat.

Favorite phrase? / Many but currently: "A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something." Kind of deep if you give it a bit of thought.

What are you hearing while responding these questions? / Falling Inside The Black, Skillet.

What's your favorite subject? / Math.

What are you currently reading? / Hideaway, by Dean something, I'm not going to look for the book to just write down a name. The shelf is pretty high, haven't opened the book in days. 'Sigh' you just never have enough time in one day to do everything you want.

What's your greatest dream? / To be a famous writer one day.

What's your hobby? / I like to draw, I'm kind of improving with time. Though, I take three to four hours to make every sketch.

Your personality? / I'm very patient, that is one of the good things about me. I stand for my friends if they ever need me, I'm a good helper and can make anyone's day bright in a split second.

So is that all? / I'd say that's enough.

So you are you going to flirt next school year? / Shut up, I never flirt. Barely speak with the girls at my classroom.

So you are shy? / Not shy, actually just a very self centered person. I like to keep myself for myself.

Is that supposed to make sense? / Okay, why has this conversation gone that far?

It's not a conversation its a monologe. / Okay, you know what, lets just leave it there.

Hmph, Fine. / ...


Okay, I need to take this easy. That has been the whose interview I've ever had. Just to add something, I want to say thanks to all my readers for reading my stories. Even if you don't review I'm glad you spend some time reading my stories.

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