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This is the new account of darkotter. I have been on FanFiction.net for more than seven years (yikes that's a long time!), and I thought that it was time to get a fresh start on things, so I have created a new account. My old account will still be up and accessible. Several of my stories will be transferred over to this account (those stories will be the ones I will be continuing).

Username: XxDARKOTTERxX (aka darkotter, same person)

Location: Colorado, USA

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(for those who care)

For those who enjoyed A New Experience, A Challenge Accepted, I'm actually working on a sequel piece to it, just some more KandaxAllenxLavi PWP, pretty much. But I just thought I'd tell you lovelies.

I AM still working on My Life as a Whole is a Complicated Matter, and I have chapter 4 in the works but it's taking me a lot longer than I hoped (I keep getting stuck I have work dealing with some personal stuff). But I really enjoy writing this story and I have quite a few ideas for it as well, so I won't abandon it...even if it's been five months since I've updated (gomen gomen, I'm so lame).

In regards to A Simple Wrinkle (is not so Simple When Dealing with Time)I am also still working on this, but again I've hit a sort of roadblock and am having issues working on this one. I do have part of chapter 3 written, but not enough to post (it's only like 3 pages long, nothing actually worth posting as of yet), and I apologize since it's been nearly a year since I updated that baby of mine.

I have removed Dreaming of Shadowsfrom my old account because I plan on rewriting and reposting it. No promises, but I do really want to do that, that's also in the making. That's also why it's no longer up on my old accout.


I'm such a slacker, aren't I? I love writing, and I love my fics, and especially with the PWP 3some sequel and A Complicated Matter I do have ideas and know where to go from where I am at the moment, but I seem to procrastinate (even on the things I love, aren't I horrible?), and/or get distracted, or have no motivation, or I am working and while at work is when I get a huge bout of motivation that I no longer have once I get home. I'll try to step it up, because it's good for me to write (I think I want to try and write everyday) and I get to share my stories with you lovely people. And if you lovely people enjoy my stories, then I've accomplished my goals of A. writing a story that I enjoy and B. having said story enjoyed by other people.

Like I said, I'll try super hard to try and write more! But it also depends on when my betas have time (Kumi, for my DGM, DD for Avengers and possibly Supernatural if I ever get around to writing anything for them) because I know that both of them are very busy with life and junk. I really wish that I could be one of those people who updates on a regular schedule, but one of my issues is that I like to write longer chapters (I'm sure you guys like to read longer chapters) and so obviously it takes me more time to write them and reach a point that makes sense to stop. I COULD write shorter chapters, but there would probably still be a huge wait between chapters, because I'm lame, so I feel that you guys deserve long chapters.


I'm involved in quite a lot of fandoms. Obviously D.Gray-Man is my favorite, although I'm sure the active fandom base for DGM isn't quite as big as it used to since Hoshino's injury has caused her to be unable to update in quite some time (and we aren't sure when she'll be able to update). Let me list some fandoms I love: D.Gray-Man, Avengers, Supernatural, No. 6, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Kuroshitsuji, Harry Potter, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Adventure Time, Shingeki no Kyojin. Those are the fandoms I'm more active in, especially, like I said, DGM, and then the Avengers.

For D.Gray-Man, nearly anything goes. But if you wanna know, here are some: Yullen, Lucky, Poker Pair, Laven, NeahAllen, CrossTyki, RoadAllen. And then some 3some pairings: KandaAllenLavi, TykiAllenNeah. But really, I love nearly all pairings (okay, that's a lie, but I do love a lot, especially with pairings involving Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Tyki).
For The Avengers: FrostIron, Stony, Thorki, Clintasha
For Supernatural: Destiel, Sabriel, BennyDean, Team Purgatory, LuciSam
For Sherlock: Johnlock
For Doctor Who: Mainly canon stuff - the 11th Doctor and River, Amy & Rory, and then my BroTP of Donna and the Doctor because they are totally my friend pairing.
For Kuro: SebastianCiel, AloisCiel, ClaudeAlois and sometimes SebastianGrell depending on mood.

I also enjoy SuperWhoLock (Supernatural x Doctor Who x Sherlock), it amuses me, and Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons (Rise of the Guardians x Brave x Tangled x How to Train your Dragon). These are the only crossovers that I really dig and can understand. Otherwise, I'm not too big on crossovers, besides those two which include multiple fandoms.

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Can't Go Home Alone Again Need Someone to Numb the Pain reviews
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