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Author has written 6 stories for Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew.

To my readers

I am ever so sorry! I got caught up in exams, moving, and job hunting, that i was completely sucked dry of all creative juices! I hope to post a chapter in each in progress story this week. Thank you to those who review my works and put me and my stories on alert. Thanks for your patience!

In every book I read, I develop a character. Some of them have nothing to do with the original plot, some of them make me mad at the authors afterwards because they ruined my story line by placing a minor character on a different path. (or sometimes not so minor, in the one instance where I wrote a character in while reading the story, Fred Weasley proposed to her in the seventh book during the battle at Hogwarts. Those of you who have read it know what that did to me.) Anyways, I have always wanted to be a detective, and even though I grew up wanting to be Nancy Drew, I really didn't want to be her. I finally picked up the Hardy Boys and realized that I would love to have a family like that, with two cool older brothers. Thus, Alicia was born. Most of the Fan fiction I end up writing will probably be about her. I use this to get my inspiration flowing so the stories I'm writing from scratch come a little easier. Mystery is also a new genre for me to write, so don't be too harsh, but please feel free to give me some tips!

Stories (Complete and in progress. In chronological order.)

Introduction to Disaster: Meet Alicia Hardy, the youngest of the Hardys. Flashback to the reason Frank, Joe and Alicia became detectives, their first encounter with Nancy Drew, and one mystery they can not solve. (This is a new, artistic style that I am trying out. If you like the flash back view, Please tell me. If you think it is too confusing, please tell me as well. I would love criticism.) Complete with chance of updates.

All the World: A Stage: When the Hardy's have a little to much drama at home, they travel to Cincinnati to get away from it all and see some real drama, on stage. While there, they run into old friends, new friends, and of course, a mystery.

The Beginning, Middle, and End of It: A bunch of short one shots detailing Alicia's part in Frank and Nancy's love life.

Angels Can Wait: A story based on the song "Stay with Me" sung by DJ Ironik. Is Joe going to make it, or are Frank and Alicia left on their own? COMPLETE! the only reason it's not posted is someone asked for an alternative ending I may or may not do.

Heartache on the High Seas: My prized possession. See how deep all of the characters relationships really go when there is nothing to do, no mysteries to solve, and all spring break to figure it out.

Night on Brickmore Hill

Upcoming Stories

Starboard Treachery: Alicia accidentally stumbles upon an art smuggling ring and is trapped in the cargo bay of an out going ship. Can Frank and Joe find her before the smugglers? Or is Alicia in too deep? Coming soon to a webpage near you.

Dates with Disaster: Can you believe it? Alicia has finally found a guy that distracts her from pushing Frank and Nancy together! But what seems like a harmless visit to River Heights to see this boy turns into a dangerous mystery. Will this boy be a heart breaker, or even worse, is he the criminal behind all of these ruthless attacks? And the question you all are asking... Will Ned and Frank survive a summer in the same city?

About the Author

Gender: Female, Duh?

Age: My 4th year on 16? I'm not 16, but apparently I look it. Everyone says that will come in handy when I want to look young later. Right now its just annoying.

Home: Well, I have an apartment in the middle of nowhere in the south of Utah, but the O-H-I-O is still my home sweet home.

Fandom Writings: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, I have others, but not on Fan fiction. or on the web at all for that matter.

Genre Writing Styles: Romance, Family/Friendship, Mystery.

Ratings: I'll keep it at "T" or less. If it goes to "M" I'll be surprised.

Favorite TV Shows: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Psych, Eureka, Lie to Me, Dr. Who. (Matt Smith is my Favorite)

Favorite Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Dragon Voice

Favorite Movies: Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Most Disney actually. My Girlfriends Boyfriend, Knight and Day, and lots of other really random movies

Favorite Books: Most Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction. Fantasy is best.

Random things

What's My:

Bedtime: anywhere from 10PM to 4AM
Most Missed Memory: his hand in mine
First Thought Waking Up: Shoot... I'm sick again. Have to go to class... must... go... back to sleep.
Goal for this year: Mail all my letters and finish at least one of my stories. oh, and Try to keep my GPA up and actually decide on a major.
my friends leaving and never coming back, heights, and failing.
Longest Relationship: 6 months? It's kinda complicated. Like someone asking me if I'm single or not. I am, but it's complicated. Kinda like Frank and Nancy complicated... except no strings attached.

Anything you want to know, just ask!

I'm going to post a little blurb about Alicia, since she is the basis of most of my stories.

When looking at Frank and Joe, it is hard to believe that Alicia is actually a Hardy. Though her dark eyes perfectly match Frank's, she does not resemble her brothers. She is lean, 9 months younger than Joe, 5'7", and her hair is most often a dark auburn. No one actually knows why her hair is reddish. Young Joe once made a joke that she was the mail man's daughter. For an entire week, she truly believed it.
Growing up with Frank and Joe, she was very athletic. Still, nothing stopped her from joining Bayport High School Marching Band instead of being a cheerleader. It was quite a controversy that a band geeks older brothers played football, and one was quarterback.
Alicia was waiting for the one guy that made her feel special, so frequently turned to her overprotective brother, Joe, to scare off most of her unwanted dates. She is a huge flirt, but can't flirt with any one she actually likes. The only guy she ever seriously dated during high school was a stable hand she met in Saratoga, Ben.
Alicia is the biggest book worm you will most likely ever meet. She constantly got in trouble for climbing the bookshelves in her house when she was little.

Again, Anything you want to know, Just Ask :) PM me!!!!

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