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Author has written 2 stories for Sky High, and Dragon Ball Z.


Two stories up but currently only updating DWMW:Re

As I've gotten to know myself better throughout the years I've come to realize that I try to do too many things at once. My fingers cannot keep up with how quickly my brain throws out stories/ideas, so I am focusing only on my DBZ story, for now, otherwise I'll write for too many stories, lose the feel of one and not be able to come back to it for years.

Dude Where's My World? Revised (DWMW:Re) Is about two completely different girls, Josie and Valerie, that are brought together by one similar passion, DBZ and with a strange machine they made they accidently wind up there and woah! they DONT automatically become Super Saiyans, they DONT have amazing powers, they AREN'T stronger than Vegeta and Goku, they're normal girls that are intensely flawed and very different from one another and trying to figure out how to get back home.

They had no advantages when coming into DBZ world and I love getting to know them in the time that I’ve spent writing this story, getting to see how they get around these obstacles and continue existing in this familiar, yet foreign world they grew up knowing. That’s the reason why I haven’t put this story away quite yet, because I’m not done finding out what happens to them. I wrote most of this story when I was thirteen years old and was never satisfied with how I wrote it (Because, well, I was thirteen, need I say more?) but because of the fact that I liked the idea of Josie and Valerie and had spent so many countless hours thinking of those two girls and what adventures they had I decided to redo the story and attempt to revive it. DWMW:Re is that attempt, I hope you take the time to read it and review!

IF you would like to see some fan made pictures of Dude Where's My world, go to the following links!

1) http://

The first one was made by my good friend, Govi, I asked her a long time ago to draw up Josie and Valerie how SHE saw them and this is what she came up with! I should note (Quite importantly) that the scenarios that the characters are in here with Goten and Trunks do not necessarily reflect what'll actually happen in the story, it's just HER interpretation. Also, the drawn characters you don't recognize are her interpretation of some future characters that I mentioned to her. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

2) http://

These series of drawings are from a comic that a fan made a few years back, I go to this when I need inspiration to write for the girls. I love it. It's one of my most favorite possessions. Thank you Geri for all the wonderful comics you drew for me!

3) http://

This lovely rendition of Josie is from a wonderful reader whose pen name is TitaniumFables. This brought me such a huge smile and inspired me to continue writing. Thank you so much!

4) http://

An incredible review/top 10 list mention. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my 2014 Christmas incredible, Bowser Jr's Descendant.

5) http://

6) http://

Both of these wonderful images are of two of my favorites characters! Cerean and Auberjene. Credit goes to the amazing Delighted Arsonist, thank you so much for drawing this piece!

7) http://

I have another piece from HandywithUzis on my other computer that I'll be uploading soon, but I wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you to you for being such a wonderful conversation and smile to be had when I'm feeling blue, you, your talent constantly inspire me. Especially seeing you be a T/J shipper. Thank you!

If you're ever interested in doing some artwork for the story or crossovers or anything, please feel free to write to me and let me know. I adore everything I've received regarding the girls, including reviews!

UVA: I've seen the movie "Sky High" a lot and I found it so refreshing and charming that I can now watch itd over again without a problem. I love it, the characters are unique and interesting (And not to mention their strange powers!) so I read fanfiction of it and as I did slowly an idea started to form in my head. You all should have seen me when this idea started up, I litereally looked through ALL the fanfic stories of Sky high on here making sure that no one had done this idea before, I was so fond of it that my heart ached at the thought of someone already having done it! but the basic concept was, if theirs a Sky High for super heroes, why shouldn't their be one for super Villains? So, the idea for UVA was born.



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PLEASE REVIEW: I try as hard as I can to review every chapter I read of any story I stumble upon because I'd like the same courtesy showed to me. I appreciate any kind words or any constructive criticism!

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