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Umm, hi guys :) + :/ = :D

A bit about me, I, and myself.

Name: Cornelius Sigan (We all like a villain with a good dress sense).

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Homeland: UK (There should be a little flag near the top :P), in the city of Manchester, which is well known for its foul language. Honestly, though, all my fics will be clean, promise :P

Favourite types of Merlin fics: Extreme, unexplainable mysteries, unthinkably dark Magic (That would make even Mordred and Morgana cringe), super-powerful enemies and apocalyptic situations. All in all, Suspense is probably... no, definitely my favorite genre, twinned with either Horror, Mystery, or Adventure. Hurt/Comfort (Always more Hurt than comfort) I enjoy quite a bit as well.

Favourite Merlin Protagonist: Merlin, lol. Nice and simple. Can't wait to see the darker part of him in Season 4 though. I want to see Merlin have a slightly merciless streak in him!

Favourite Merlin Antagonist: It's in the name. Morgause as well though. Badass + Beauty + Powerful Magic + Beating Arthur in a swordfight = One Amazing Woman. When everyone says Morgana is the most beautiful woman on the show, I like to be different and say Morgause.

I'm quite new to the world of fanfic and I've only written one fanfic before joining (which was a Merlin one, but I'm not going to put it up here because I'm a bit ashamed of it :() so I'm not the most experienced writer. However I do like to think I've got a buzzing imagination; I have a couple of ideas set up and I'm hoping you'll like them as much as I do. Its quite scary coming on here because you don't have any idea at all as to how your work is going to be received. Honestly, there can't be anything worse in the world when you put so many hours into writing and you get negative feedback. It's like being spat in the face. So I'm crossing my fingers that whatever I put up here, you like it!

My first fic, which I'm still working on, is called Your End is Nigh. It centers on Arthur and Merlin, especially the warlock, and its set after Season 3 when a star crashes down to earth. A new super enemy (I prefer to call it an 'Ultra-Enemy') pushes Merlin's newfound powers to the utmost limit. The reason I have put my first fic on here as a multi-parter is because I want to, as this site says "Unleash your Imagination!' and I struggle to do that with one-shots, drabbles and ficlets. So I decided to go along with this idea that was stirring in my head. Depending on how many hits and reivews it gets, I might do a sequel to it. Anyways, I'm getting carried away. It includes other canon (is that the right term?) characters such as the usual; Gwen, Uther, Gaius, Morgana, Morgause etc... I've also thrown Alvarr and Mordred into the mix too, and with good reason (especially the latter of the two). So far I'm really humbled by the number and content of the reviews, so thanks guys :) I hope I keep up what you're finding entertaining, and as long as you are, that's good by me :)

I've also done a one-shot titled Another Chance. This is also set after Season 3 (In all honesty any more of my future fics will probably be during the same time period) and is a rather depressing, apocalptic fic. All the main canon characters have died, save Merlin, who is reflecting on his mistakes. He is given an oppurtunity to wind back the clock and forget it all, but has to pay a terrible price.

After that I went for a post 3:13 one-shot; Something Special, which focuses on Merlin. He manages to salvage the Cup of Life from the ruins, but keeps it a secret. Realising how close Morgause had been to killing him, Merlin decides to use the Cup, and becomes his own master in immortality, only to find the Cup has no effect on him, because he is already immortal.

Then I decided to go for a bit of humour/humor, which I have to confess isn't my forte, but I had a go anyway. Gwaine and the Tavern is as simple as it says on the tin. Merlin and Sir Elyan have to get the drunken knight out before the innkeeper notices, and avoid an impeding bill that would send even the King into empty pocket.

My most recent work is a ficlet named Darkness Conquers. Merlin's darker corner bathes in delight as it reminds Merlin of the amount of blood spilt in order to achieve destiny.

If you have ever read any of my fics (Thanks firstly for reading them) you will know I love reviews! It's harder for new members to get reviews, so for me its extremely difficult. So Please R&R and I will be very, very thankful. Thanks for visiting my little profile, which will hopefully grow in time!

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