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Time for a victory shout! I have officially finished Part I of my Gale and Katniss Fanfiction. And that, my friends, is an incredible milestone. So now, you can continue your adventures with Gale and Katniss in Part II, titled "We Burn." And I have increased the rating, but not because I've been forcing Gale and Katniss into innappropriate situations regarding their...erm...nevermind, but it is a bit violent.

The Hunger Games

Gale in the Games (Katniss POV) - Part 2 (We Burn) now in progress (after a few false starts)!

Annie's Games (Annie POV) - Haven't updated in a long time (yes, guilty.) But I think I've written the part where Annie leaves the games and is crowned victor.

Mockingjay Rewrite (vignettes) - so this is basically a series of progressive one shots concerning Gale and Katniss's future. It's more of an extended epilogue, and it's definitely NOT priority - so expect updates on this to be very sparse. I mostly write these when I feel like writing, but I'm not motivated to work on any of my stories.

Johanna's Games - still not published, because then i would feel guilty about not working on my other two stories. But now I've figured out her character (I was having trouble with writing her as a violent beast).

Incarceron Series

Sort of an obscure duo of books, but I like the different writing style. And it was a great plot with lots of room for fanfic.

Keiro and Attia: Post-Sapphique - One shot; complete.

Keiro and Attia: Mid-Sapphique - I've written a few different versions, but I'm not in love with either of them yet. I haven't published any of it yet, and it'll probably be a while - if I ever DO get it done.

NOW TAKING RECOMMENDATIONS for things I should read and write. =). And most likely, if you name it, I've read it. So fire away.

And about me...


I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, and my hobbies including skiing, riding horses, playing soccer, drawing, and (sometimes) writing. I'm impatient and lazy, which is sometimes a difficult combination, as well as overtly competitive. I'm going to be 15, I live in a small town on the west coast, and I have a German Shepherd. My favorite color this month is orange, and I currently have a very bad sunburn.

Oh! and I LOVE reviews. Hint, hint.

My Bucket List:

1.) Write and finish a most excellent Hunger Games fanfiction, which will be loved by all

2.) Buy myself a horse - not a cheap one, a nice, expensive one from Europe, which does eventing and will carry my fat butt willingly over enormous jumps, maybe someday winning me the chance to compete in the olympics.

3.) Climb something huge, like El Cap in Yosemite, or even better, Mount Kenya. Or Everest, while I'm at it.

4.)The Bucket List Cliche: Go base jumping, hang gliding, and bungee jumping, then live to tell the tale.

5.) might be hard to top that last about learn to backflip on my skis? And for that matter, become a better skier. Get into racing.

6.) Win a Nobel Prize. NOT of the Peace variety, I want to get one for something really spectacular, like the discovery of radium.

7.) Be best at everything.

8.) Run a marathon...naked.

9.) Learn a third, fourth, and maybe fifth language. I'm thinking something sophisticated, something exotic, and something completely bizarre. Forget practical, that's for weenies.

10.) Live.

11.) Die.

12.) Complete each of the actions on my bucket list before I attempt number 11.

13.) Think of a better bucket list.

14.) Become good at soccer again. Play varsity.

15.) Don't get fat, and do all that is in my power to avoid the typical stereotypes that befall an American teen such as myself (oops, too late for this one =] ).

16.) Get accepted, hopefully with a scholarship, into an Ivy League college. I'm thinking veterinary work (hehe, you can tell I just watched WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.)?

Books which I like and would recommend:

The Hunger Games - including each of the books. Despite my argumentative ideals with the ways some of the books progressed, their endings were completely obvious through the way Collins wrote, sad as it may be to admit that fact. Also, Hunger Games fanfiction tends to be quite good.

Incarceron and Sapphique - sort of obscure, but very modern idea of sci-fi/fantasy. The writing style was unique, and the book left plenty of room for your imagination to fill in some of the more graphic blanks. I think I might undertake a fanfiction involving it, but my motivation lately has been less than perfect.

Harry Potter - The awful cliche. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. I haven't become fond of any HP fan's work, though, so I consider that a victory.

Unlondon - Best. Book. Ever. Very British, and very, very good. It was like a modern Alice in Wonderland/Phantom Tolbooth, and it honestly couldn't have been better.

I, Coriander - A very cute romantic fantasy. It was sort of like a lighter, much happier Incarceron. At least the writing style/ideas were a little similar. At least, as far as I remember.

Fly by Night - I like it more each time I read it. It's got a surprising, twisted plot, and the characters were very dynamic.

And now for the cheesy classics.

The Phantom Tollbooth

Alice in Wonderland

The Giver

The Wizard of Oz

The Princess Bride - way better than the movie!!!

Lord of the Flies

Gravity's Rainbow - not exactly the most entertaining read. It doesn't really fit this list because I wouldn't recommend it, but it's killer sophisticated & notorious and so I had to add it.

And finally, if you're reading this, I'd like to thank you. Because for sure that was boring, and I'm amazed you made it this far. Congratulations, you have joined the ranks of my favorite people.

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