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--About Me--

Name: Kay Hau (same "au" sound as in Maui)

Pronouns: She/Her

My Writing: Mostly original fiction (http://www.fictionpress.com/u/774882/Kay_Hau), some Neopets fiction (published in the Neopian Times under the username appaloosa500), a few bits of fanfiction here and there. Nothing I would ever get paid for.

Writing Style: I apologize in advance, but I'm very much a 'what I want, when I want to' sort of author, meaning I can go full charge with a story, having a new chapter out every day for a month, then easily drop it and ignore it for a year or more, sometimes into infinity and beyond. If I happen to do that with a story you like, please feel free to flame me and/or hassle me for new chapters. If I drop a story and don't get any feedback, honestly I'll probably assume it wasn't that good to begin with and forget about it.

Update Frequency: I try to get something out every month, but I'm afraid I can't guarantee anything. My chapters are usually pretty short (my minimum chapter length before posting is only around 1,500 words), and I do try to edit before I post. I'm always up to constructive criticism, but please keep any negative comments to PM instead of a review.

Opinion of Reviews: LOVE THEM!! I will reply to every review (except anonymous or blocked, but I love them anyway and will try to answer any questions in author's notes) and take ALL comments/questions/ideas into consideration! I know I have to work more on my writing, and the best way is with feedback!

Story Covers: If anyone would like to volunteer to create story covers for any of my stories, feel free! I won't be coming up with anything on my own, being terrible at any type of drawing, and I'll be sure to credit any images gifted for that purpose.

--My Fanfiction Stories--


My Dad is Bad but still Family!: Current! Chapter 49 is in progress, 60%. Chapter 50 in progress, 10%. Chapter 51 (last chapter) rough draft complete. Top priority! Beta credits to Sunny Lighter. (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1578614/)

I have a gift-fic for this story! Gift-Fics that Found their Place, by Sunny Lighter! Check it out! I love it so much!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED fanart of the the ninjas with kitty ears by EMPFangirl02, posted by Carrie2Sky, on deviantart, user Sebastiansmybutler. Check it out! They're SO cute!

My Dad is Bad - Bonus Scenes: Current! Beta credits to Sunny Lighter. (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1578614/)

Ninjago Version 3 point 0: Complete! (Unless we get more ideas!) Crossover between Sunny Lighter's The Grass is Always Greener series and My Dad is Bad but still Family! Joint fic by Sunny Lighter, Triple the Ninja, Triple the Fun. I HIGHLY recommend reading the joint fics together, or some jokes and references simply won't make sense!

Greener Gift-fics: Current! A oneshot collection made up of gift-fics I've written for Sunny Lighter, all based in her Grass is Greener universe. Will contain spoilers if you have not read the entire series, including The Grass is Always Greener, Greener Pastures, and In Need of Polish.

Battery: Complete! Beta credits to Sunny Lighter. (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1578614/) - Working title for sequel is Overcharge. No current estimated posting date.

Venom in My Blood: Part one complete, to be continued! No current estimated posting date for part two. Beta credits to Sunny Lighter. (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1578614/)

Sunny Lighter wrote me a gift-fic for this story! Gift-Fics that Found their Place, chapter 3! It's VERY cute!

He Takes After His Grandfather: Current! Part One complete, chapters 1-9. Part Two is current, chapters 10-17 complete, 18 in progress. Approximately 35k words written, 70% of rough draft. Second in priority.

One Little Mistake: Complete! Gift-fic for ShinyShiny9 and inspired by Dork Squad, Assemble, but can be read on its own. Beta-read by Sunny Lighter.

Royal Green: Current! Chapter 1-8 rough drafts complete. Chapter 9 in progress. Prince Lloyd, set post-movie. Lloyd was awfully impressive when he tamed Meowthra and reformed his father. The King and Queen of Ninjago thought so too. Approximately 13k words written, 30% of rough draft. Third in priority.

Dr. Lloyd: WORKING TITLE, NOT READY FOR POSTING. Inspired by a line in chapter 5 of Sunny Lighter's Greener Pastures. "If he chose not to follow the family tradition of being a ninja, he would make an excellent nurse or even a doctor someday." Lloyd is twenty-six and a medical doctor. For "reasons" he quit being a ninja over ten years ago (before what would have been the movie events). His cousin Morro is the Green Ninja and leader of the Ninja Force. Approximately 4k words written, 10% of rough draft. Low priority.

Skales Reset: WORKING TITLE, NOT READY FOR POSTING. The Skales goes back in time fic nobody asked for, and Sunny Lighter accidentally inspired with a comment of how Skales must be kicking himself for not knowing "the selfish brat who fell into their tomb would turn out to be one of the most powerful people on the planet". Rewind to just that day, and only Skales knows what's to come. Approximately 2k words written, 5% of rough draft. Low priority.

Star Wars AU: TITLE NOT YET DECIDED, NOT READY FOR POSTING. Lloyd is Luke. Garmadon is Darth Vader. Wu is Obi-Wan / Owen Lars. Kai AND Nya are Leia, and not related to Luke. Zane is R2-D2. Jay is Han Solo. Cole is Chewbacca, but a Mandalorian instead of a Wookie. Yes, I'm probably crazy. NOT a crossover! All characters will be from Ninjago, only the world will be Star Wars. VERY roughly based on Star Wars IV, V, and VI. Extreme deviation from original plot expected. Approximately 4k words written, 5% of rough draft. Low priority.

Plus Anima:

Husky and the Merman Prince: Dropped.

Change to Slavery: On hiatus.

Husky the Mermaid Princess: Dropped.

Princess and the Crow: Complete/Dropped.

The Family We Choose / Plus Anima Meets Teen Titans: On hiatus.

Divergence: Dropped.

Plus Anima Meets Teen Titans Fanart:

Fanart from Kuwaneko, Husky's Merman Skeleton

Teen Titans (Crossovers):

The Family We Choose / Plus Anima Meets Teen Titans: On hiatus.

Divergence: Dropped.

The Contract: On hiatus.

Search for the Jewels: Dropped.

One Piece:

Reverse Piece: Dropped. If I continue, I'm more likely to create a new story with more original arcs.

Yu Wo (Legend of Sun Knight, 1/2 Prince): (*Note: Author-approved English, Spanish, and German translations of Yu Wo's original stories are available for free, online, at .)

The Light God's Blessing: Dropped.

Nobles and Knights: Dropped.

Neopets: (for more of my Neopets stories, see http:///ntimes/index.phtml?section=search&keywords=appaloosa500.)

Neoschool Nightmares: A story I started for the Neopian Times. The latest in my DeSoni series, for those of you who are interested. A mandatory education policy is put into place by the faeries, and DeSoni discovers it just may affect him more than he realized. (On hiatus.)

Temptation: Another story I've been toying with for a long time. A twist addition to my DeSoni series, in which we finally get a glance at an 'evil genius' (?) DeSoni. Khargana and Rocky have 24 hours before Jhudora's ring warps DeSoni's morality for all time. The clock is ticking, and DeSoni is becoming a different person by the minute. Or is he? (On hiatus.)

Beware R.O.A.M.: Another story started for the NT and never finished. Also part of my Detective Khargana series, but this one connects with my DeSoni series. Khargana wakes up one day... completely useless. All faerie and physical abilities disappeared overnight... and her new little brother may have something to do with this mess. (On hiatus.)

Beauty Contest Catastrophe: Oneshot, scene from full length story never got anywhere with. VERY early Detective Khargana story, pre-DeSoni. Detective Khargana gets pretty much tricked into signing up as a contestant for the Beauty Contest, really to investigate a case and nab a crazy bomber, but to her friends it's just an excuse to FINALLY dress her up. In this scene, their makeover goes the wrong way. Khargana runs off in embarrassment and crashes into Black Jack, who seems to think he can help. (Complete? Main story on hiatus.)

A Detective's Arrest: A story I started a long time ago for the Neopian Times and never finished. This is part of my Detective Khargana series, pre-DeSoni, and connects with my Card House series. In which Khargana is framed rather neatly for a bank heist. Just how many laws will she break on her quest to prove herself innocent? (On hiatus.)

Mother's Love: Finished, but rejected from the NT. :( The story of how Jackie and 10C first met. Tales of a Pirate Prince series. (Complete? On hiatus, future chapters handwritten not typed.)

Prince and a Pirate: Finished, but rejected from the NT. Rewritten with DRASTIC changes and published in NT as Card House Secrets: The Prince. This is the original, though. (Complete.)

Deal with a Spy: Why Black Jack hates secret agents in general, and 00Hog in particular. In between Tales of a Pirate Prince series and Card House series. (On hiatus. More handwritten, not typed.)

Prince and a Pirate - Sequel: Exactly what it says it is. Note, follows events from Card House Secrets: The Prince, notably that XP does not know who the prince is at the start of this story and holds the position of Joker in The Card House. Will not include Tales of a Pirate Prince backstories. (On hiatus.)

Neopets Fan Works:

Fanart, from zalein: DeSoni (http:///albums/a153/Strife1/desoni_art.gif), DeSoni Defiant (http:///fanq/n/a/nalanirena/desoni_again_by_zalein.jpg.html), DeSoni and a Stopwatch (http:///art/DeSoni-and-a-Stopwatch-20178639)

Fanart, from darkerstrife: DeSoni (http:///albums/a153/Strife1/desoni_art.gif)

Fanart, from KatiaSwift: Detective Khargana (http:///art/Detective-Khargana-256721137)

Fanstory, from annases13: Stori (http:///stori.php)


Evil Genius Crossover with Criminal Minds: Idea is Cadel Piggot/Greeniaus is now eighteen and a genius hacker on loan to the American government, specifically the BAU. The BAU doesn't know why they've been saddled with another computer genius when they've already got one, but quickly figure out there's more to Cadel then meets the eye as they go head to head against the outrageous terrorist Prosper English. FOR ADOPTION, for the simple reason that I don't think I can write a CM fic, having never actually seen an episode.

The Half-Way House: Story idea by Venas. Takes place about ten years from the events in Anima Meets Teen Titans. The Anima gang has decided to stay in the DC world and are now grown-ups and part-time heroes in their own rights, as well as the managers of a half-way house for superpowered or especially talented orphans/runaways. Nana is a famous fashion designer (and part time spy for the Batclan), Husky is an equally famous jeweler/geologist (who just might spend his off season helping out Atlanteans), Cooro's a star in the music and art worlds (and the League's little fly-on-the-wall for the rich and famous), and Senri's a world-class chef (who tends to pull out his bear claw when he sees someone threatening a child). The foursome live together (when not traveling the world) at the half-way house they own and operate, caring for whichever troubled child the League happens to throw their way (or Senri picked up and brought home with him). rinchanmidnight has permission to use this idea.

Any ideas welcome, and feel free to steal and run with any ideas I post here, as they're ALL ideas I would want to read for myself. I will not take offense to any of my story ideas/characters being used, but I request to please be notified and that you not plagiarize (copy word-for-word). I would also appreciate being credited for the original idea.

NOTE: I will not be using swearing, yaoi/yuri, sex, real-life religion/politics, or excessive violence in any of my stories. If you do find anything in my stories offensive, or feel I have rated a story wrongly, please inform me and I will fix the issue, providing that the specific term/situation is not necessary to the plot.

--My Original Stories--


Dragon's Child: Aurou is the legendary land of dragons. However, ten years ago it turned out to be not so legendary when the king and queen of that land arrived in Valan looking for their son, riding the backs of golden dragons, with skin like chocolate, hair like honey, and eyes of gold. And thus the search began for the Auroyan prince, and continued long after the disheartened parents had to head back to their mysterious homeland. To this day collectors and hunters examine every child they come across for tell-tale Auroyan traits, and one day an orphan stablehand named Rice wakes up with his eyes having turned golden.

Tales of Lore: A series of stories revolving around a white-haired child with the power of healing and a strange connection to plants and animals. Lore was taken from his family at the age of six and raised as the king's pet and a symbol of the kingdom. Tales of Lore 1 is divided into four parts, the first from his guardian's POV, the second from his best friend's, the third is everyone's reaction to the events ending the second part and his friend's invitation to join them, and the last part finally brings the story to a head. Tales of Lore 2 is about a selfish princess who falls in love with Lore, or at least the idea of him, meanwhile Maya (his best friend) breaks his heart when he asks her to marry him. (Lore is among the OCs I've included in my Search for the Jewels series on fanfiction.net.)

Chosen Powers: The Training School is for children with special abilities, generally falling into three categories: Physical (involving body), Mental (involving mind) Phenomenon (control of outside elements); which in turn fall into four types: Draining, Controlled, Uncontrolled, and Limitless. Vision, a girl with healing abilities, and Dyna, a girl with an uncontrollable power of destruction, are recruited by Hawk, a boy who can fly and talk to animals, and Fen, a very strange boy who can see the abilities themselves. The Training School proves to be a great place and everything they ever dreamed of, but the girls get suspicious of something darker going on when Fen disappears and no one asks questions, and apparently its not the first time.

Empath: Reville is an empath, a very rare person with the ability to feel what other people are feeling. A prize in any court, with their ability of sniffing out the untrustworthy and disloyal, plus a handy lie detector. But Reville is headstrong and proud, and refuses to work for a king who disregards his advice and treats him as an ignorant tool. The child, all of eight years old, runs away, but falls into the hands of the great thief and Clan Chieftain, Lord Naphdar. (Reville is among the OCs I've included in my Search for the Jewels series on fanfiction.net.)

Echo: The leaders of World Intelligence have discovered alien life! Particularly, they've met with the leaders of the Liquidite alien race, pacifist shapeshifters. But the WI leaders have something more immediately important than universal peace - one of their own is plotting a betrayal, and as their top general they have no way to stop him. Unless the Liquidites lend them one of their own? Not quite understanding the situation, the Liquidite leaders send them the best shapeshifter on the planet... who just happens to be a 14 year old named Echo. Can a pacifist shapeshifter with absolutely zero training take down the top general of WI? Or will he be the one taken down before he even gets started?

More to come! I have a ton of stories handwritten, just not typed, but I plan to get up all chapters/stories I have typed first.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

One Heck of a Wedding by Sunny Lighter reviews
The Lloyds are thrilled when Lord Garmadon and Koko are set to be remarried, however, not everyone in Ninjago is happy with the coming union. With the Sons of Garmadon determined not to let the marriage happen, the Ninja of both worlds will have to work together to make sure they say 'I do'. Third in the Grass is Always Greener series. Beta Read by Kay Hau.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 32,202 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 9/24 - Published: 7/1 - Lord G., The Ninja, Harumi, Koko
Justice by Black' Victor Cachat reviews
Dealing with villains is all part of being a superhero, the Justice League knows this. So how do they handle the new supervillain gang that can't decide whether they're good or evil? And said gang, the Straw Hat Pirates, are just desperate to get home to fulfil their dreams, whatever it takes. And they have no problems with fighting more believers in 'Justice' along the way
Crossover - One Piece & Justice League - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 312,250 - Reviews: 2250 - Favs: 3,713 - Follows: 3,919 - Updated: 9/23 - Published: 7/15/2017 - Luffy, unknown 1, Clark K./Kal-El/Superman, Bruce W./Batman
The Inevitability of Oversight by Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet reviews
Anakin's life at the temple seems to have stabilized...mostly. No small feat for a time-traveling former Sith. But, even with support from those who know, the tentative balance he's found can't last. And once Sidious gets involved, he can only prepare to face him and hope he can make it work out; well, if he can learn to hope again. Sequel to Dangers of Foresight Cover:AngelGidget
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 31 - Words: 166,331 - Reviews: 1473 - Favs: 2,531 - Follows: 3,314 - Updated: 8/29 - Published: 7/13/2018 - Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, E. Palpatine, Siri T.
That's Ninja Swag (it's nothing new) by Fabro de Omres reviews
Sometimes, Lloyd's life just doesn't seem to add up. Movie setting: a fic to tie together the show!verse and movie!verse. Now a chaptered story.
Ninjago - Rated: K - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,974 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 8/21 - Published: 9/22/2018 - Lloyd G., The Ninja
Fight or Flight by Watcher321 reviews
Lloyd Garmadon, former evil-lord-in-training and secret ninja hero, has worked for years to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Ninjago. When his father fails for the final time to conquer Ninjago City and is sentenced to life in prison, it's time for Lloyd to put his own plans in action.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 25,583 - Reviews: 60 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 7/12 - Published: 7/9/2019 - Lord G., Lloyd G.
Greener Pastures by Sunny Lighter reviews
After a whole adventure where two different worlds meet and decide to keep in contact, almost anything can happen. How do you interact with yourself or a different version of someone you know? What are the events that led to those differences? Well, it'll be fun to find out. Oneshots to be read during or after my fic, The Grass is Always Greener.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 47 - Words: 118,058 - Reviews: 448 - Favs: 98 - Follows: 88 - Updated: 7/1 - Published: 8/2/2019 - Lord G., Sensei Wu, The Ninja, Koko
Impass (Completely Revised and new chapters -The sequel- being added) by Bl00d-R4v3n reviews
Post S9: Garmadon finds an injured green ninja. And he couldn't just leave his son-er nemesis to bleed out in a random alley, right? Now with an injured Lloyd chained up in his hideout, the dark Lord finally has to confront his internal turmoil between good and evil, while dealing with his less than happy captive(Revised OG story Sequel added to this fic rather than as a new story)
Ninjago - Rated: T - English - Angst/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 26,578 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 6/16 - Published: 1/15/2020
Dark Times by Treenahasthaal reviews
Two years after joining the Rebellion Luke is shot down during a mission and ejects from his X-Wing in enemy territory. The events that follow lead him, painfully, to his first meeting with Vader. The repercussions of which change his life and his destiny forever. A father/son story although it might not seem like it. Note: There is violence and torture in this tale.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 59 - Words: 296,790 - Reviews: 1101 - Favs: 1,071 - Follows: 1,199 - Updated: 5/9 - Published: 6/17/2005 - Luke S., Leia O., Han S., Darth Vader
Shades of Self by Deyinel reviews
Four years ago Ben surrendered to Vilgax to protect his town. In the present day Gwen fights to protect her world from Vilgax's army, and discovers Ben has become Vilgax's loyal pet. How did Vilgax gain the loyalty of the boy who would become the most powerful being in the galaxy?
Ben 10 - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Angst - Chapters: 23 - Words: 77,650 - Reviews: 210 - Favs: 193 - Follows: 226 - Updated: 4/30 - Published: 7/27/2011 - Ben T., Gwen T., Vilgax
Out of One Prison and Into Another by Sakura245 reviews
Atsushi didn't know what he was. He didn't know why he woke up alone in a darkened jail cell. He has no idea what he did wrong, until a man appears, and offers him an offer that he is powerless to refuse. Dark Era AU. Atsushi is Dazai's apprentice instead of Akutagawa.
Bungou Stray Dogs/文豪ストレイドッグス - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 19 - Words: 83,343 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 172 - Follows: 182 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 1/3/2018
Triple the Ninja, Triple the Fun by Sunny Lighter reviews
We know there are two versions of Ninjago out there, but what if there's one more. Crossover of The Grass is Always Greener with Kay Hau's My Dad is Bad but Still Family story.
Ninjago - Rated: K - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,088 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 4/1/2020 - Kai, Lloyd G., Nya, Morro
Welcome to the club by Malicean reviews
Still reeling from the revelations at Bespin – and not exactly reassured by Obi-wan's rationalizations and Yoda's last words and subsequent disappearing act – Luke had entered the coordinates for his first jump away from Dagobah more or less blindly. He had promptly come this close to splattering his X-wing all over the SSD Executor's colossal armored underbelly.
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 64 - Words: 144,836 - Reviews: 1580 - Favs: 1,996 - Follows: 2,335 - Updated: 3/28 - Published: 3/9/2014 - Luke S., Darth Vader, F. Piett, General Veers
Cenon by freakyanimegal reviews
He panted, holding the area over his heart where a gaping hole had just been, stunned, then jolted as the four-armed figure grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off his feet. "It's time to wake" The fiery feeling erupted into an inferno. cover pic by Symphoniafan
Tales of Symphonia - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 34 - Words: 82,166 - Reviews: 438 - Favs: 211 - Follows: 227 - Updated: 3/22 - Published: 3/23/2011 - Lloyd I.
The Fantastic Mr Walker by ShinyShiny9 reviews
Hold the nunchucks, hit the bad guys, they said. It'll be easy, they said. Now there's aliens crashlanding on Ninjago, a mysterious crime ring is rising to power, and it seems like everybody on the ninja team suddenly has secrets to keep - some darker than others. But hey, nothing here the Master of Lightning can't handle! Having your hands full is all part of the fun.
Ninjago - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 128 - Words: 526,027 - Reviews: 2119 - Favs: 216 - Follows: 215 - Updated: 3/6 - Published: 11/24/2015 - Jay
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Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 17 - Words: 62,431 - Reviews: 850 - Favs: 1,293 - Follows: 1,240 - Updated: 2/20 - Published: 4/9/2016 - Luke S., Darth Vader, F. Piett - Complete
Skyward by Fabro de Omres reviews
"Dragons. Great, scaly, fire-breathing monsters." And yet- this is what the four protectors of Ninjago become when they use the legendary art of spinjitzu. A retelling of s1-2 of ninjago.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 54 - Words: 186,514 - Reviews: 306 - Favs: 141 - Follows: 149 - Updated: 12/16/2020 - Published: 10/3/2014 - Lloyd G., Nya, The Ninja
any port in a storm by lloydskywalkers reviews
Pixal and Lloyd and the evolving nature of friendship, as highlighted by the regular destruction of their city.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,294 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 30 - Follows: 8 - Published: 12/5/2020 - Lloyd G., P.I.X.A.L. - Complete
Wishful Thinking by lloydskywalkers reviews
Garmadon doesn't know what possessed him, rescuing the boy. It's not as if he means anything to him, and they've more than burned any bridges left between them. If only the aching pull in his chest would let him convince himself of that, already.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,191 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 13 - Published: 8/11/2020 - Lord G., Lloyd G. - Complete
In Need of Polish by Sunny Lighter reviews
New hidden threats have arisen on both Ninjagos. Between ominous prophecies, missing snakes, killer robots, and an underground mafia, the Ninja of both worlds have their hands full, all while dusting off hidden secrets to allow their owners to shine. As it is, now is SO not the time for two Zanes and a Kai to fall in love! Sequel to The Grass is Always Greener. Betaed by Kay Hau.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 50 - Words: 171,231 - Reviews: 539 - Favs: 89 - Follows: 79 - Updated: 7/17/2020 - Published: 12/17/2019 - Dr. Julien, P.I.X.A.L., Skylor, The Ninja - Complete
Before They Were Ninja by EMPFangirl02 reviews
It's the beginning of high school, and our favorite ninja are caught in the middle of teenage angst: the constant anxiety, the joys of trying to make friends, the ever present parent problems, and of course, the struggle of pretending to be a normal human teenager... Or maybe that last one's just Zane. Rated T for bullying and because I'm paranoid.
Ninjago - Rated: T - English - Angst/Friendship - Chapters: 10 - Words: 36,785 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 7/13/2020 - Published: 5/14/2019
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Determined to make the best out of the worst hand, Lloyd drags his newly-living, pseudo-cousin on the road trip from hell in a desperate attempt to bond. Or get rid of each other for good, they're not sure yet.
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Raising Hell by lloydskywalkers reviews
It hits her one day that Nya can't quite remember how Lloyd went from being the brat of their worst enemy to the heart-of-gold little brother they'd all die for. Or, the story of how Kai and Nya eventually ended up adopting the demon spawn as their honorary little brother, and the resulting chaos. Latest: the ninja take on pirates and the perils of finding a free dojo to destroy.
Ninjago - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 14 - Words: 129,139 - Reviews: 384 - Favs: 302 - Follows: 277 - Updated: 5/30/2020 - Published: 3/12/2018 - Kai, Lloyd G., Nya, The Ninja
Black Squadron: Loyalties by Azalea Scroggs reviews
Sequel to "Black Squadron." Luke Skywalker is on the run. Hunted by the Empire, not a single credit on him, he has to rely on old friends and new acquaintances alike to elude its powerful grasp. Every step he makes, however, is shadowed by the mystery of Darth Vader. Why did the Dark Lord save his life? (On hiatus - see end note in the last chapter)
Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 43,263 - Reviews: 184 - Favs: 424 - Follows: 639 - Updated: 5/17/2020 - Published: 4/6/2019 - Luke S., Darth Vader
If He Be Worthy by AndyHood reviews
In the aftermath of the alien invasion of London, Coulson's team is set out to retrieve a man, a man that had picked up Thor's hammer. John Watson hadn't meant to get mixed up in the alien invasion only intending to repay a favor. He had only been surveying the damage done by the aliens when he had tripped on a hammer, he didn't know the significance of being able to pick it up.
Crossover - Sherlock & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 18 - Words: 58,110 - Reviews: 366 - Favs: 913 - Follows: 1,087 - Updated: 4/18/2020 - Published: 6/25/2014 - John W., Mycroft H., Iron Man/Tony S., Thor
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