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It's about time I update this thing. So here I go things that irk me about fan fiction.

1- My stance on slash still stands. I have no problem with m/m or f/f couples just as long as it follows cannon. IF there was no proof that Character A was gay then respect that and don't decide he/she is all of a sudden. This holds true for crossovers as well. Don't have two characters interact and decide wham both are gay. Especially since it makes an otherwise interesting fic seem cheap.

example; Harry Potter. Please point out in any of the books where exactly Harry had any romantic feelings towards another guy. I'm pretty sure his Team Boobs.

Jack Harkness from DW/TW pretty much does anything that moves so go ahead.

1b-Incest same thing. not to mention wrong on so many levels.

2-OCC. Unless it's a drug, whether alien or magical, OCC's tend to get out of hand. Why bother using that fandom at all?

2b-OC or Original Characters. Sometimes they can make a fic or sometimes they can break it. If the whole story centers around your OC then it's not really a fan fic. It's more of a writing exercise using established characters.

example: An OC that's a Time Lord. OK cannon up to Day of the Doctor states that only the Master and the Doctor survived the Time War. No other Time Lords made it. SO no Greta thought she was an ordinary school teacher until she finds a fob watch.


Naomi knew she had something big in her past but she never imagined she was a Fairy tale Character. Unless she's one of the FT characters we don't see much of in Storybrooke. A background character. Please don't make that character fall in love with any character who has an established true love.

3-Fics that have NO PLOT (PWP are the exception) and contain bad or absent grammar and punctuation. This site offers Betas for a reason. Please take advantage of it.

4-Fics that never get updated. I know Real Life tends to rear it's ugly head, but if you have no intention of finishing please either a) ask someone to adopt it. b) in the summary write HIATUS or ABANDONED. Please do not get my hopes up only to be disappointed. I'm sure I'm not the only person upset by this.


I want to add this because I want to be clear as possible concerning a future ONCE fic I am writing. I DON'T LIKE REGINA. There is nothing about her that makes me feel sorry for her. Her true love Daniel would have died regardless because Cora is a PYSCHO BITCH! To blame Snow then drag the whole EF into her vendetta killing because she can screams PYSCHOPATH. Her inability to let go and accept blame irks me. Also if she really wanted to change then she WOULD HAVE NEVER KILLED HER OWN FATHER. I'm sorry but if that was the price for vengeance then maybe I should just let it go. Losing someone you love hurts but she had her choice and made too many wrong ones. Also she can't change for Henry because she repeatedly says "She regrets nothing" which means she sees nothing wrong with her action. Yet we're suppose to believe she truly wants to change? At least Rumpelstiltskin admits that he does regret and acknowledges it's hard to change a lifetime of mistakes and bad choices. SO yeah sorry Regina you get no sympathy from me. *this is just my POV you don't have to like it but I just thought you know where I stand*

also I haven't posted many stories yet I will eventually. I have tons of ideas/prompts for fics. Feel free to e-mail or PM at anytime. All I ask is that you give me the proper credit,

Pairings I ship:



Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones

Doctor /Rose







There are more I just thought I'd give you an idea how my mind works.

Stuff about me I'm willing to share:

Age 30.


Born and raised in the Bronx, NY USA

Die hard Yankee Fan.

Loves to read books/comics.

God gave Rock n Roll to me. \m/

Obsessive fan girl in the following: No particular order

Doctor Who


Marvel/DC/Dead Horse Comics


The Lord of the Rings Books and Films

The Breakfast Club

Phantom of the Opera ALW Musical and Susan Kay Novel

Kevin Smith's Movies and Comics

Yankee Baseball

The Princess Bride

Wrestling -though I stand by the fact that John Cena is a Hulk Hogan imitation.

Firefly-Damn FOX.



Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

His Dark Materials

Disc World Books

Video Games- NES and Sega were my childhood. Yes I am that old. Super Mario, Sonic and Mortal Kombat were the best way to spend a rainy day

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