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My name is Devon, yes that is my real name, and I shall be known on this site as the 'Idiot-In-TinFoil.'

Lookit! Johnny Depp!

I can be quite humorous at times and as a lifetime goal I want to learn to speak Norwegian, and I want to be an English Lit. Teacher, or a Poet, or Artist, or anything really that involves the arts.

I'm loyal to my friends, and I'm always willing to make new ones so just talk to me! Unless you do something to convince me otherwise I already like you! :D

I have battled with Social-Anxiety for most of my high school career, so I guess you can say I don't have many friends. I'm happy nevertheless.

As far as nicknames go I've been called; Devie Devers DevDev Deden, and Eddie(The last two by my baby cousins.)

About Me:

Hair- Dirty Blond

Eyes- When Blue they look stormy, when green they look like a deep jade

Age- 16

Sex- Female

Theme Song- XFire- The Bens

Friends- BrutalBrittany24 (writes Inu Fics) is a real life friend! We go to school together :0. Kara, more of a sister then a friend. Jen, the one who got me started on Anime. All hail Jen!!

Mental Stability- What Stability? I've attempted Suicide, I'm anxious to the point of severe paranoia, and I see a therapist once every week. Please don't hate me...

That's enough for now, here are my story likes:


Inuyasha (so far I have lots of stories and one-shots for this anime category in my mind. Check out my story Vice!) [InuxKags]

Ranma 1/2 [RanmaxAkane]

Rurouni Kenshin [HimuraxKaoru]

Soul Eater (Check out my story Keeping Your Cool!) [SoulxMaka]

Black Butler (This one I'm just getting into so it'll be slow going) [Idontevenknowlol]


Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Movies/Abridged (If you like DBZ you HAVE to check out DBZ Abridged!) [GohanxVidel]


Harry Potter [HarryxGinny]

Howl's Moving Castle (Book and Anime-verse) [HowlxSophie]

The Neverending story [..]

The Immortals Series [DamenxEver]

Beastly and Kiss in Time

Anything by Gregory Maguire [..]


Anything by Christopher Moore [..]

I like a lot of classic Novels too but, ehh too many to name.


Fargo [..]

Spirited Away [ChihiroxHaku]

POTC [..]


Disney Things [..]

Video Games-

Kingdom Hearts 1/2/BBS/Days/Coded/COM (I have LOVED this series since number one!) [SoraxKiri]

Final Fantasy 5/7/8/10 [..]

Marvel vs. Capcom Series [..]


Fall Out New Vegas [..]


Side-note: I try to update as fast as possible but I usually write things out in longhand (at least half of the chapter) before I transfer them to the computer, at times that's either a good thing or bad, I hope for everyone's sake it's good.


-Did you see this on Keeping Your Cool? Lol 'course you did! Even if you didn't comment you can have one, this is for all my readers ;P here are my rules and regulations!!

1. Look at the things above, my likes? These are my limitations category wise, if you don't see anything that interests you don't be afraid to ask for something!

2. NO LIMITATIONS ON WORD COUNT! If you want me to set a number I will follow it, but it all depends on you!

3. Specify please! Make sure to specify the category, characters, pairings, and genre!

4. If you need to know any additional info PM PM PM PM!! I do not bite!

5. One additional detail we can use the DocX system on here or I can send it to you via e-mail, either way know that I will give your story 100% of my attention when I write it!

Hope you guys are interested! Please give me a chance!

(If you want to check on your stories progression PM me.)

Commissions Finished...1/4


2.Kylee-Cat...[In Progress]

3.WingedHero540...[In Progress]

4.crazychick1313...[In Progress]

Story Progression and Facts:

(Revised 3/16/2011 12:25 AM)

Keeping Your Cool -Soul Eater

-Update to come every other day as of now. (As you can see if you have been following my story I'm very unreliable on due dates sorry)

-Main Pairing SoulxMaka.

-The way I write Kid's name is weird. Okay so when a friend or his dad addresses him they will call him Kidd or Kiddo, but when I address him (as in the body of the story, not dialog) or when he addresses himself I will use just Kid or in some cases Death the Kid. (Hope that wasn't to confusing) *Found in Chapters after 4*

-This story is not AU, it's somewhat post-Anime with Manga influences, sorry Manga lovers I watched the Anime first.

-There is cursing in this story, and sexual implications in later chapters! (That's why it's rated T)

-Chapter 4 is the outline for the setup of the rest of to story (The way the chapters look, and style of writing)

-This is my first Soul Eater Fan Fic, don't be too hard please I am growing as an author so the writing styles I use may change minutely through the chapters.

-I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THIS STORY! I have been known to abandon things but do not fret I will not let this story go!

-The chapters are, and will remain, 400 words each. Not including A/Ns and Disclaimers.

-If you have any questions, concerns, or requests PM me! I won't bite...hard

Vice -Inuyasha Discontinued

DISCONTINUED* Very sorry about that.

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