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Writer Summary: I create new things and almost getting it right. I like mixing it up a bit and adding in a new flare of imagination (if that's possible)? This'll be the main HQ for information on stories in progress, on the back-burner (story stalled), being updated and any major credits and disclaimers to rightful owners and statements about what's what. However, you will see that I may go back and update a Chapter of a story I am writing because there's always something that needs changing or fixing. I'm sorry if this teases you! I will try and update with new Chapters when I can.

Main Story Disclaimer: Anything related or used in any new stories, current stories, or ideas still in progress are inspired by Square Enix and it's group companies. Other uses of quotes from music lyrics or manga/anime are credited to whom created them and their origins. Stories that involve things such as "faith" or anything related to God in my fiction stories are not made to detour anyone away from their own. (Just wanted to place this somewhere obvious)

Oc Story Development: The stories involving my Ocs work from starting points where they are introduced and come into play with each other. They've been made with as much realism as possible. Some if not all new characters developed in their stories will be created from old/modern mythology, philosophy, etc. There'll also be character cross-overs involving those from Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary (those who have read it, taken interest in it, will notice which characters are used).

Reviews and Feedback: Please send me constructive criticism on my story developments. I am confident in my descriptions and detail parts of my paragraphs, however, I do feel that my stories are a bit rough in the way they flow with each other. Especially when they are "chapter related." Therefore, I'd love all the reviews you could handle to submit. I will reply personally to what elements you like about the story and see how the story works for you. Thank you for your participation!


I have no time for this anymore.

"Hell is what you make it" only uses similar character descriptions from "Angel Sanctuary" for Michael and Rapheal, but nothing from the manga other than that was actually used. It was based solely around original characters/backgrounds that I had created back in 2000s. The storyline is completely original and raw, although most Heaven/Hell stories go a similar way. I chose to specifically focus on Heaven (Angels) vs. Hell (Demons) in my own way. And I wanted my "Devil Oc" to alter the perception of how malicious he became and that even Angels/God aren't that good (Note: it was not to detour any religious views anyone has). Anyway, thank you for favoring and reading my stories. Ciao.