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KeronianLibrary's Guide to Writing Fanfiction

Note: I am aware that there are lots of authors on this site who are many times more talented than myself. However, I've been writing for quite awhile and long before I started uploading here. This is merely a guideline to help those who have absolutely no idea how to start making a fanfic.

1. Don't trust a guide that tells you how to structure a story - I'm serious here. As a writer, you need to develop your own style. There are some people out there who will tell you that one way of writing is bad or wrong. Besides grammar and basic sentence structure, there is no "wrong" way to write. That's what makes it so fun!

If you feel confident that you can formulate a cohesive narrative, skip to step 4

2. Learn to write - This is the hardest step by far. I'm still learning how to write. People who make millions on published novels are still learning how to write. It's one of those things that few people master. Not that I'm saying that I'm a pro writer. They just need a little more practice. I need ten lifetimes more practice. How do you become a better writer? I'm sure you've heard this somewhere before, but if you read, you can't help but become better at writing.

3. Read popular books - A series or even a single novel that has everyone at school or work going crazy can't be completely without merit. Figure out what genre you want to write for and read up. If you read enough of that one genre, you'll figure out what people like and what they think could be improved. Use that as your guideline, but don't copy it directly. As I said, you need to create your own style.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice - The people who read fanfiction (or at least those who comment on the Sgt. Frog ones) are mostly nice people. Don't be afraid to post chapters and get feedback on them!

-Brush up on your vocab. It really helps to have lively words and captivating description.

-Post chapters with reasonable lengths. Try around 600 - 1200 words if you're just starting out. The longest chapter I ever wrote was a little over 6,000 words and it ate up the whole day. I've seen regular and quality updates at around 10,000 words per chapter which just blows my mind.

-This is fanfiction, so it helps to be a fan about what you're writing about. I know this is obvious, but I'm running out of ideas.

5. I'm out of ideas - I'm not great writer by any stretch, but feel free to PM me if you need advice or a suggestion. Actually, that gives me an idea for step 6...

6. Don't be afraid to ask for help - Read fanfiction and find authors who you really like. I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping you out with a story or two!

Happy Writing!

For all of you who have read Apocalypse Now and the beginnings of Apocalypse Now 2, keep in mind that this will be a trilogy, combined total of words will probably equal around 50,000. This is the length of an average light novel.

Apocalypse Now:
My first Sgt. Frog fanfiction that got surprisingly good reviews from the public. A story of how the K66 Platoon and the Hinata family team up to survive and keep together in the face of insurmountable odds. COMPLETE!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!

A Day With Uncle: A sunny day for Mois, only Uncle around, a nice walk...not if jealous Tamama has anything to say about it! This story is currently under construction and will be out within the month (Finished, though I sorta lost my interest in that plot...and the ending was...unsatisfactory, but whatever.)

Apocalypse Now 2: Pacifist Armageddon - With a mysterious tribe besieging Keron, can the Keroro Platoon, with the help of Fuyuki and the gang, rescue their imprisoned comrades, overthrow Keron's corrupt government, banish the evil race back to whence they came, and learn a powerful life lesson at the same time? The clock is ticking. COMPLETE!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

Hello. How do you do? - I just love this story. It's a simple MomokaxFuyuki, but there is a much deeper meaning if you bother to read closely. COMPLETE

Love Unceasing - A request from a certain sarcasticToad. A highly dramatic MomoxFuyu story. Finally complete. The only reason I haven't marked it completed is that I may do a small epilogue.

Apocalypse Now 3: Crusaders of The Cataclysm - Naturally, I won't release the plot for the final part of Apocalypse Now, but be aware that since I have the whole plot planned, updates to Apocalypse Now 2 will be coming faster. (By faster, I mean like a new chapter every two weeks)UPDATE!!! THERE IS A LOT MORE WORK THAN I PLANNED...UPDATES WILL COME WHEN THEY COME. I WON'T MAKE ANY PROMISES ON HOW LONG THEY'LL TAKE. SORRY.

Stories to Be:


PLANNING A STORY ABOUT SABURO!!! It is true. People hate him. A lot of people hate him. Honestly, he's not that terrible. The only thing he's ever done is get in the way of Giroro and Natsumi...and when he battles with his pen and paper, he's a complete badass!

I will attempt to make more people accept Saburo.

Update: I did some's amazing how much anti-Saburo stuff is out there -_-

I hope I don't get loads of hate for doing a Saburo story where Saburo is the hero and Saburo wins...though I'm sure all of you will be supportive _

Massive Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) fan. Kururu is my all time favorite. I always thought that the anime should just dump Keroro, but during one episode where Keroro was missing and the rest of the platoon was having fun, I realized that something was definitely missing. Keroro is now my second favorite.

I plan to be writing stories for (you guessed it), Sgt. Frog.

Also, I may write stories for Love Hina and possibly for Lucky Star, as they are also some of my favorite manga/anime series. OK. I haven't done any of this, but I plan to. All of you Love Hina/Lucky Star fans, I'm sorry. I just don't have enough time to be pumping out stories. Don't think I've forgotten about stuff!!!

Maybe I should do a Love Hina/Sgt. Frog crossover. One of my friends said in passing that a Love Hina crossover with anything would be insane, so I thought, hey, what's more insane than Love Hina? SGT. FROG! So why not...

I still haven't gotten around to writing anything for Love Hina or Lucky Star. Since then, I've watched a crap ton of heck...when I feel like writing something, I will. Maybe I should try my hand at writing CLANNAD stuff? Actually, I'll wait until I become a better writer. CLANNAD was such a tragically epic masterpiece, that I feel I might butcher it turning it into a fanfiction...


I have no idea what I'm writing in my profile anymore

BUT WHO HAS WATCHED HANASAKU IROHA? It's good. You should watch it.

However, what I'm really excited about is SEASON 2 OF YURU YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, enough.

It's just garbled nonsense. If you're actually reading all this, then bottom line: I will write moar!

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