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The Lost Warrior

Hello everyone, it's The Lost Warrior, here with some news for all of you! Once again, I want to apologize to all of you for having nothing on my profile when you all come by and look at it. The only reason for this is because I've been like EXTREMELY BUSY with stuff these past couple of months because school has just started up for me and I have so much going on I havent been able to focus on anything as of late.

This will change however. With the help from DisneyChannelLover and TheNewArtist, I'm working on a brand new fanfiction series that will be up soon, once I get my main OC character, (Chris) up and running. I keep changing everything with this character its hard to tell whenever I'm done with him you know so I'm glad you all are paitent with me on this!!! :)

Also too, I've been getting into some new Nickeldeon TV shows as well as some new Disney Channel shows as well, that was one of my New Years resoloutions for this year to get into something new and I think I have fullfild it (sorry I'm a horrible speller). Anyway, once my schudle at school becomes more relaxed and I have my OC character finished, and I have some down time, I'll be able to work on my stuff more and more, so look forward to seeing more stories on my profile!!

Until then, I just wanted to let you guys know that I wasn't "Dead" or anything I'm still alive and kicking, just REALLY BUSY.

So I give a BIG shout out to, DisneyChannelLover, TheNewAritst, and The Doctor's Only Companion for helping me with my OC characters and being there for me like a true friend, thank you guys!

This is "The Lost Warrior" logging out! See ya guys!

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