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Name: Not saying. Call me by my handle.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Home: Gold Coast Australia.


Hobbies: Fanfic reading(il read most genre as long as decently written with an understandable pace, plot and NOT in first person that shit never works) and sleeping, cooking food so spicy others cant eat it (cant eat MY leftovers if it melts their face off), watching anime(il watch pretty much anything, reading, finding new good anime to watch.

Likes: Most things Japanese, animals,going on psychotic rants, winter and snow, drugs, anime fanfic, my privacy, music(metal, industrial and many other genres, fire(i love the smell of napalm in the morning), dead bodies, blood and gore, guns, alcohol.

Dislikes: Heat, crowds, coffee, reality TV, being wet, fancy clothes, people(i fucking HATE people those stupid fucks they should fuck off and die) and when people randomly delete or abandon realy good fics only to start a new fic that is not nearly as good, people that read a few fanfics and actualy think that what happened in them was actualy in canon(like naruto was actualy regularly beaten by mobs as a child and the hokage knew and did nothing about it while secretly hating him. some people actualy beleve this), crossovers where a character is put in another characters world and has NONE of their traits aside from name and looks, yaoi(I F*#KING HATE YAOI) and the fact that it seems like half the fics at the moment seem to be yaoi.

things i HATE in fics

many people have told me im fucking weird or a bit mentaly unbalanced(im assuming that most people dont think of the pros and cons of different tourture methods and diferent corpse disposl methods.)

If you hate OC's copy this into your profile

If you hate selfinserts copy this into your profile

If you hate yaoi copy this into your profile

Every time you introduce a OC, you lose a reviewer.

Every time you think about making an OC THE main character you should stop writing fanfiction

Every time you introduce a OC that is a main character i stop reading and boycott your fics.

Every time you introduce a OC with more power than plot characters, you lose 100 reviewers, make me boycott your other fics and make me want to punch you in the face.

Every time you introduce a shitty plot that involves OC characters and ego jerking, you lose a reviewer.

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If you love rain, copy and paste this into your profile.


Naruto gender swap challenge

What would the Naruto world be like if EVERYONE was the opposite gender?

This is the challenge im posting if you decide to give it a go tell me so I can read it.

Any other changes besides EVERYONES gender is up to you surprise me.

Naruto bleach crossover

Naruto and sasuke die beating Madara and get sent to soul society with sasuke as Naruto’s zanpakuto

Shikai is sasuke’s chokuto its techniques are all sasukes lightning jutsu, bankai is madara’s war fan with kama at end of chain, adds the mangekyou sharingan jutsu as techniques.

Efficient Naruto challenge

There are a variety of diverse personality quirks in the Naruto universe. For example some are extremely perverted; some are obsessed with art, power, immortality, laziness, the flames of youth, being on time, being late, devotion to their master or their go. one even stating they were a god so what if Naruto developed a different quirk than in cannon more precisely an obsession with efficiency and the more traditional ninja tactics of stealth, speed, precision and weapon use(NO COMBAT BOOTS).

This is the challenge I am posting for the writers out there. What Naruto would be like if he had an obsession with efficiency and a more traditional approach to being a ninja.

Brooding emo Kyuubi challenge

Challenge for the writers out there for a brooding emo Kyuubi with comments and speeches about how no one understands him and crappy emo poetry

Naruto chakra reserves and control CHALLANGE

Naruto’s seal was designed insure that the Kyuubi could never escape and to drain the Kyuubi’s chakra away from it then give it to Naruto but what if a mistake in the seal made the fox able to regenerate its own reserves by absorbing any ambient chakra from around Naruto.

The Kyuubi knowing that it can never escape Naruto but knowing the seal can’t kill it by draining it completely due to the regeneration. The fox wanting to kill Madara contacts Naruto with a message to the hokage. The message being about the truth of why it attacked and promising to help the leaf in exchange for Madara’s death.

To ensure that Naruto would be able kill Madara rapidly accelerates the seal draining its chakra massively expanding Naruto’s reserves to the point that a training exercise for elemental chakra(fire: breathing embers, lightning: spark from finger, wind: cut a leaf and so on ) becomes a C-rank jutsu(embers become like phoenix sage flower technique and a spark becomes a weaker version of hado 4 Byakurai from bleach) and a normal rasengan becomes the size of sage art: big ball rasengan. How will Naruto grow up with the truth of the Kyuubi attack public knowledge but the people still a bit wary of him but not hateful. And him knowing that Madara will return for him how will he train while having the worst chakra control possible.

Naruto uncontrollable power challenge

Had this idea as a dream and due to me not having any writing ability I am posting it as a challenge.

So basically my idea was all of Kyuubi was sealed into him not just the yang half resulting in him being really powerful but not able to control the power during day to day life. Thus his clothing being a quick release straightjacket covered in restricting seals and a mask covering his mouth (like tia harribel but just the face part) and when the seals are released its like point him at what you want dead or blown up and get out of the way (kind of like Ichigo going full hollow against ulquiorra but with full control over Kyuubi like kirabi has with the 8 tails meaning normal bjuu cloak, version 2 and full bjuu mode and use of imari in version 2 and full bjuu with helpful Kyuubi because through Naruto it still gets kill an destroy stuff therefore happy Kyuubi ). Anything else in the fic is up to you (if he uses a weapon or weapons, any pairing or harem as long as it not yaoi or if you want to change anything else like characters gender or if the uchiha didn’t plan to take over so sasuke is normal instead of crazy whatever you want seriously whatever you want).


Maniacal laughter and psychotic grins a true berserker. He is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and sadistic. What if Ichigo showed these traits while fighting after all Hichigo is part of him those traits had to come from somewhere. An Ichigo with no problems from his inner hollow and full control of all its powers (cero, bala and full hollowfication (second mask stays like in full hollow from full head with the horns) this is my challenge for the writers out there how much would a different Ichigo change the story line.

Naruto X pirates of the carabean

Immortal (age wise)

Possible bloodline

All affinity


Kirabi’s swords

Zabuza’s sword

Clothes white mostly open gi with long wide sleeves, black ¾ length pants taped at the ends with geta sandals

Orange rope belt tied in a knot, shippuden sage coat with long sleeves.

Seals on skin for kunai and shuriken

Personality of a realy apathetic kakashi mixed with crazy sadistic anko like in the fic subject 014 by jellyfishblues (now now chapter 2 of compilation by same author)


Naruto zoids xover challenge

Immortal Naruto dimension hops into the zoids universe and ends up with an epic Kyuubi zoid (power and size, and can shoot menacing balls) via Yōkai mutation of a dead shadow fox (like the shield liger in chaotic century) and a fem Kyuubi with a human body that can be like an organoid can be chaotic century or new century.

If anyone decides to do this challenge let me know had this idea as a dream and think it could make a cool fic

If written please use imagination I would like for what happens to be a surprise so write it how YOU would like to write it.

Naruto xmen xover challange

Immortal Naruto looks between 16 and 20 ends up at Xavier's institute due to the professor examining a found hiraishin kunai thinking the seal on it is something to do with mutant history or something and calling him there from the mountains somewhere and he decides to stick around I thought with a personality cross of anko and extreme kakashi (apathetic and lazy to the extreme like in the now gone fic subject 14(my fav fic ever) (if you have read it) anyway let me know if anyone decides to do this challenge.

If written please use imagination I would like for what happens to be a surprise so write it how YOU would like to write it.

Naruto black lagoon xover

Fic idea immortal Naruto using some kind of dimension hoping jutsu or seal or whatever appears on the deck of the black lagoon during the chopper chase and ends up joining the crew instead of rock (rock didn’t come out with idea to save them so stays a massive pussy and back to japan) also thought it would be cool if Naruto pwns the chopper in some kind of awesome way. I also thought ANBU gear and mask with zabuza’s sword would be awesome.

All pairings open or harem if you want anyway let me know if anyone decides to do this challenge.

If written please use imagination I would like for what happens to be a surprise so write it how YOU would like to write it.

CHALLENGE Naruto/Pokémon harem fic

A smart Immortal (age wise) godlike Naruto after becoming the new jubi (jubi eyes have same powers as rinnegan/sharringan/EMsharingan) dimension hops into Pokémon world bringing with him the bjuu as his Pokémon (full size bjuu with size change ability) must have a cool wep like zabuza’s sword or any notable Naruto wep or weps and an animal form. ANYONE can be added to harem from Naruto or Pokémon dead and fem characters included (e.g. femhaku for fem and yugito for dead) fem bjuu and fem legendries also can be included (shape shifting).

Let me know if you decide to take this fic on anyone can just let me know.

If written please use imagination I would like for what happens to be a surprise so write it how YOU would like to write it.

Rukia didnt need to be rescued

what if Rukia was praised for giving Ichigo her power. Killing hollows and protecting humans no matter what is a soul reapers job and she did that job.

how would the bleach universe change if rukia wasnt punished.

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