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Real Power wants FanFiction.

Hi. I'm Heather - aspiring author, avid music listener, about to be college graduate, blah blah blah - no one cares.

New to fanfiction. Seem to have nothing better to do.

I have a full time job at the moment.

It's different.

I'm an Avengers freak. My fellow geek friends tell me it's weird when I refer to them by their first names.

I ship Thorki and Stony. And regret nothing.

I don't really know why my first fic was StevexLoki. I honestly also don't know their ship name and I do use that joke in the fic. The plot came to me during a trip to the mountains. I was taking a walk with a red solo cup of blueberry lemonade Smirnoff and listening to Safety Suit's "Things to Say". All the sudden I had 50k words.


Some random facts about my writing:

In order to write anything, I have to find the appropriate music first.

I have a hard time writing anything that is half-assed.

Sometimes, I try way too hard. And a few weeks later I reread what I have written and realize I could have said three paragraphs worth of information in one sentence. Working on it.

My stories always have to have a story. And it has to be good. Or I scrap the idea.

When I write from my own perspective, such as now, I punctuate my sentences the way I speak.

I frequently have to read my work aloud to catch my mistakes.

I keep trying to tailor my stories to mainstream marketing... because getting published would be super.

If violence and genderbenders bother you, do not read Safety Suit.

I do rate my material M for a reason.

Some random facts about myself:

I am not here to offend you.

Caffeine does not make me hyper.

I love me some anime.

I enjoy my cocktails.

I need to write in order to feel alive.

I have a weird affinity for villains.

Everything is Avengers and nothing hurts.

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