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My Name is Aya Ishikawa, I am a gemini...which makes me an air symbol...and believe me im a huge air head!!^o^ Yes I gladly admit that. No I'm not stupid...im actually going to school to be a pscychologist...I just love to day dream and have my head in the clouds which is where I came up with all of these stories.

So to start off with Im gonna name my fandoms.

1)Harry Potter

2)Mass Effect

3)Criminal Minds

4)Star Treck


6)The Secret Life of the American Teenager

7)Final Fantasy


9)Kingdom Hearts




13)Justice Leauge

14) Ben 10


16) Dragon Ball

17) Gravitation

18) Bones


Next I will name each shipping if any and/or all that I like In each fandom.

1)Harry Potter: All and any. I have my favorites...like Ron and Draco, Harry and Severus, Harry and Tom, Harry and Albus D., Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny, Tom and Severus, Serius and Remus.

2) Mass Effect: Female Shepard and Joker, Female Shepard and Garus, Female Shepard and Thane, Female Shepard and Mordin, Female Shepard and Liara, Male Shepard and Joker, Male Shepard and Tali, Male Shepard and Jack, Male Shepard and Liara, Male Shepard and Miranda.

3)Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia, JJ and Will

4) Star Treck: Kirk and Spock, Picard and Crusher, Riker and Troy, Datta and Gordy,Belanna and Tom, Harry and Tuvok, 7of9(Anaka) and Chakotay

5) Smallville: Clark and Lex, Calrk and Lois, Clark and Lana, Clark and Cara(3rdand4thseason),Lana and Lex, Lois and Ollie, Cholie and Ollie

6)Secret Life: Ricky and Amy!! All the way. They were destined for each other. Ick I hate Adrian. and Ben and the rest. I just love Ricky and Amy.

7)Final Fantasy: Cloud and Eris, Squall and Renoa, Una and Tidus

8)Twilight: I love all the traditional, cannon couples with a few others thrown in such as: Bella and Jake,Bella and Alice, Bella and Jasper,Bella and Carsile, Jake and Nessie, Jake and Edward, Edward and Carsile.

9) Kingdom Hearts: Any and All

10)NCIS:OOO. Tony and Gibs! Tony and Ziva, Mcgee and Abby

11) Scrubs: Perrry and Jon or Cox and JD

12) Sailor Moon: Serena and Darrien. Thats it. I hate that Siehya or whoever person...almost ruined it for me!! GAHHAHH

13) JL:Ooo any and all. love them all

14)Ben 10: Kevin and Quin, Ben and Julie,Kevin and Ben

15)Ceres: Aya and Aki, Aya and Uhie, and Aya and Toya

16) DB: Any and all. top two faves are Bulma and Vegeta and Krillin and Android 18

17)Gravitation: Suichi and Yuki, K and Hero.

18) Bones: Seely and Brenan

19) Revolution: Andy and Virgil

Okay now my own stories. All of these are in Progress so you might not see them.

Harry Poter:

1)Dark Series

WARNING: Very dark. Child abuse, sexual abuse,horcrux ,mental illnessess and disorders includes: Catatonic Sychophrenia, Disociative Identity Disorder, anxiety, depression. Acohol Abuse, paligomy, spousal abouse, possible aboriton, Psycholosexual Disorders include:Fetishish, BDSM, Pediphilia, possible Necrophillia,TwinCest,three somes and/or moresomes, Blood play and cum play, Beastiality,Blood Magic. This sereis is obviously very Psychological. Seven Part series. 3 of which are OC. Mainly Severus and Tom

I) The Great Dark Serpent God

A}OC/OC. Prequal to Promises,Reunion,Celebration, Godessess and The Next Generation, Fullfillment, and Prophacy.

B}The scripture, myth and legened of my series.

C}Warning: Slight Implication of Beastiality. Blood Magic.

II) Dark Promise

A}Warning: Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Spusal Abuse, Acohol Abuse. Blood Magic. Catonic Sizchophrenia.MPREG

B}Severus/Tom. Tom takes Severus as his consort. Spans six years. From the proposition to the death of Tom.

III) Dark Reunion

A}Main shipings: Harry and Nevil, Draco and Ron, Severus and Tom.

B}Harry's struggle to over come his past abuse with his new, dynamic family to support him and Severus' stress and preasure of living without his one true love. Over Throw of Government and Magical Society.

C}Warning: Child abuse, Sexual abuse, mental illnessess and disorders. Blood Magic.

IV) Dark Celebration

A}Warning: Child Abuse, Sexual abuse, Spousal Abuse, Alohol Abuse, Paligamy, Threesomes and/or moresomes, Fetishes, BDSM, Blood Play, Cum Play, Pediphillia, possible Necrophillia, TwinCest. Mental Illnesses and Disorders. Blood Magic.MPREG

B}Multipaul ships and story lines. Main shiping: Tom/Severus. Main Story Line: Tom comes back and they soon discover how unstable Hary really is. Tom and Severus encounter a huge obstical in their realtionship, and in the process it nearly destroys everything they've worked so hard to build.

V) Dark Godessess and the Next Generation

A} OC/OC. The story of all the children and their strugel to fit into their family.

B} Time Gap between four and five about 16 years. Relevent history will be explained through flash backs.

C} Celine and Venus must over come obsticals to find their place within their hugely complex family. They're afraid to fade into the background...yet they do do not yet know if they can fulfill their destiny and take their rightful place in the family tree.

VI) Dark Fulfillment

A} Warning: Character Death, Blood Magic.MPREG

B} A bizar and shocking twist leaves Tom with out a partner to stand beside him on his thrown. In his desperation..he calls on an old sacred contract that was once drawn up 38 years ago. Met with the new turn of events...Severus must fullfil with his oath once again. As must his son and daughters.

C} Lutessa Marrope Riddle is born 40 years after the contract was drawn up and with her...comes a dawning of a new, or rather old but rediscovered, era of magic as it is known.

VII) Lutessa and the Great Dark Prohacy

A} Lutessa, a power which, recieves a vision that sparks a two year long journy into the unknown and darker history of magic, all to prevent the down fall of her father's rein. By Her side...her trusted companion, Dobby, who has a mysterious past and heritage all his own. Along their journy friendships and alliances are made. Hearts conect and evolotion takes places. Through her journy Tess discovers that the magnificant Merlin and his only son know of the tale of the Great Elvian Enslavement and with his son, Odin, along for the ride, a quest for redemption is iminemt.


C}Warning: Interspecies relationships, Character Death, Blood Magic

D}For this story I combined elements of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age Origins and Merlin. Please note the Merlin in my story is the same legend, but has a different story. I took some big liberties with it. Don't flame me because of it. I warned you. If you don't like it, don't read.

E} This is that last instalement of this series. I chose for it to be 7 parts long because 7 is the most symbolic and powerful number in Harry Potter.

AN:// I,IV,VII are all OC. I is also AU. VI is OC as is VII. Not everyone in this series is OOC. If you favor connan and in character character and do not believe in Psycholoy in any way...this is not the series for you.

okay now that I got my Harry Potter series out of the way...here are my other Harry Potter stories.

2) It's the Way

A number of rambles featuring my favorite couples.

3) Strawberry Fields Forever

Father/daughter relationship. Developes into Severus/Hermione.

4) Through Erisod

Cronilogs Draco through the years after he sees some one unexpected through Erisod. Draco/Ron

5)The Half Blood Prince's Secret Journal

Harry falls in love with the Prince through the book, which turns out to have some secrets itself.


6)Love and Time

Albus D./Harry. A story that defies the ages and transends time itself.

7) The Unkown and Revealed Past

James Potter's and Lucius Malfoy's strange past told by Harry through Pictures, Journals, and Pensives. James P/Luscius M.

8)Lilies and Cauldrons

Lily's and Severus' story starting from when they were kids and goes until their own children start at hogwarts. Lily/Severus

9)The Beast Within

Rem and Siri through the years. Moony/Padfoot

10)I hurt

Warning:Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse. Little Harry gets abused by Dursleys, when he starts Hogwarts Severus has something to say about it. Not for the weak minded. Psychological.

Father/son relationship, developes into Severus/Harry when Harry is of age.

Mass Effect:


Male Shepard/Joker. Starts a week before Suicide mission and goes until the start of Reaper Attack.

2)Love Unmasked

Male Shepard/Tali, same as Breakable.

Criminal Minds:

1) Ellie's Family

Ellie gets adopted by Spencer and Derek. Established Morgan/Reid

2) What You've Done to Me

Warning:Extreamley angsty...drug abuse...attempted suicide. Psychological.

Morgan and Reid have been together four years two of which they've been married. Two months after adopting a new born...Derek leaves Spencer. And causes a world of shit to happen. Pretty boy breaks and breaks hard.


Well, I'll try to start posting soon. See you then! byebye ^o^

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