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Author has written 30 stories for Harvest Moon.

Ahh...these things can be annoying...

Name: My name is Valerie, but people around here call me Jeannie-chan.

Birthday: October 20th. Yay! XD

Gender- female

Location: Sunshine State. LA...Lower Alabama...inside joke. But I do live on good old hurricane prone Florida. The North West Panhandle to be exact, in case any one is stalking me ;P for some reason thinks I live in the land down under. Hannah must have hacked into my profile. (this apparently has been fixed, but for how long we'll find out.)

Interest: Manga/Anime/ Video Games/ fan fiction/ youtube/ Japanese

Favs: Host Club,Fruits Basket, Hana Kimi...most of everything funny actually. Video Game wise I'm all Harvest Moon as far as the writing goes.

So...if anyone wants to talk or wants my advice or wants me to read their fics by all means PM and I'll reply ASAP(unless I'm off on 2 year depression/feeling sorry for myself and fanfic no longer sends me notification to my email). I'm on almost everyday unless I have a paper deadline for class. I promise I wont bite! Also I mostly use Yahoo Messenger. So if you can add me that way. MSN is for...emergencies only it seems ;;; You must give your pen name and say that you got my address from to be added. Else I will deny the add. Nothing personal but scammers have been randomly adding me.

Yahoo Messenger ID:


I'm online like all the time on my home computer, but I'm not always there. I never ignore anyone so if you talk to me and I dont answer...chances are I'm AFKish.

Add me and we can chat! xD besties

Sugarapplesweet aka Sugar :P She's defaulted to being my self esteem builder.

Prolouge aka Jen

HmGirly aka Hannah- who has named me lemon queen and given me a stylish tiara for writing Scottish Gray.

BlueCupcakes aka Britt- Wish you weren't so busy :P


I like the HM fandom. It's a nice size and the fans are nice. I might start writing for something else in the future, but I'm happy where I am right now. My favorite character to write for is Gray, though I'm not sure why. But I really enjoy his POV. My second favorite character is Kai. I recently decided for every Graire fic I post I must post Claire/a different guy to make amends.

Favorite HM Pairings: ClaireXGray, ClaireXKai, Chelsea X Shea, Chelsea X Denny, JillXRock, JillXMarlin, CliffXAnn, PopuriXKai, GrayXPopuri, BlueXJill, Owen x Angela, Angela x Chase...lots more.

NonCannon Fav: KaiXMary, Doc x Mary, Doc x Ann, Ann x Kai

Hated Pairings: None. I don't hate any pairing at all. They can all be done if you put enough work into it. I do favor some more than others, but I don't believe in the hating of a blob of pixels.

Generic Graire in this fandom is getting old I think. I don't care for fics that involve the words : love at first site, or she was so beautiful...ect...ect...I don't see Gray as the type to fall for physical attraction by itself. And let me stress that I personally think Mary is HOT! If I ever write a yuri fic, its going to be Claire Mary FTW! I however, see Gray as a person who doesn't seek out physical beauty, but metaphorical beauty. He's probably more attracted to someone who supports him and help him with his own problems than someone beautiful...of course he's pretty darn lucky, getting paired with the blond and the sexy little librarian(isnt Mary the prettiest bride? xD ) I'm just saying that he wants someone for emotional and intellectual attachments.

Moral of the story: Grary and Graire are both wonderful if written well. Don't hate a pairing just because its not involving your OC.

I continue to write Graire because I enjoy it, and to battle the flood of Mary-sue self insert Graire. This has happily turned to Vaughn, and I hope it stays that way.

FYI- Kairy (ie. Kai/Mary) is the best crack pairing ever, and I'm so glad that I am the first person to post something about it on to my knoweldge. I'm glad that a lot of fans seem to like it, and I hope that the fandom becomes overrun with Kairy goodness. Authors converted:

The Scarlet Sky





August 16,2012: Immediately I apologize to any followers that havent outgrown I did get that shift change I was speaking of, but unfortunately I also had a great disruption in life shortly before it. So after 7-8 years of life being one way; it drastically changed and uprooted, and I was left having to deal with my adult worries with no desire to write fanfiction that wasnt depression inspired. So a lot has changed; from who I was to my current address. BTW- when moving if you can afford to buy new crap just leave your old crap. If you've sent me requests, PM's and the like, fanfic stopped sending me emails a millinia ago for whatever reason. I just logged in on here for the first time in forever because I still randomly will get a review; and I had all these PM's. I'm sorry that its taken...8 months to get back to some of you! *bows* The good news is things are better, even though I work more hours in a work week, due to these awesome 12 hr shifts, I have more time off and hope to be able to update things more frequently.

The fic plans now:

MEMF; but I think I will just finish it, have the sad first fic on my page, so I can revisit it and see how I've grown. But since I havent touched it in awhile...I need to read my own fic to make sure I have all the details.

Cameron Enterprises: In progress, lots written, just needs to be edited. I'm one of those awesome people who writes things in one document and has to go back and paste it into chapters...yeah..

Ancient and the Damned: Decided to revamp the next chapter- which was to be citrusy, but it was decided it would add later on if the lemons would wait. So if you're reading for plot, yay! If you're reading for the citrus...just wait it out.

Purple Silk Ties: I have a chapter for this somewhere in a random USB that when I find will be posted.

I'm not me and you're not you: same boat as PST- random USB. And I'm fairly sure its not the same one v.v

Fairy Tail Dreams- was doing good, reread what I had- hated it. Axed it. like 10 times. low priority since no one was PM's about finishing this one. Plus its a silly yeah...this will be when I have the occasional sugar high writing.

November 28th, 2010: Updated AaD and INMaYNY. Have a lot of hand written bits for multiple stories- its just finding the time to type them up. Jobs have me tied up a lot. Hopefully I get a shift change soon enough which means more time for the important things in life.

September 28th, 2010: Updated AaD. CE is almost ready for an update too. Working on MEMF- slowly but surely. It would help if Claire would co-operate. Good news though- Kai is coming back :)

April 10th, 2010: Planning on posting Fairytale Dreams. Working on You're Not You and I'm Not Me ch3, Purple Silk Ties ch8.

April 3rd, 2010: My Enemy, My Friend ch 37 updated.

March 21st, 2010(or sometimes around then): Posted My Confession. Updated ch4- The Ancient and the Damned, ch 7 Purple Silk Ties, ch3 of Cameron Enterprises. Working on My Enemy, My Friend ch37, Cameron Enterprises ch 4.

February 7th, 2010: Updated- ch 36-My Enemy My Friend, ch 3-The Ancient and the Damned, ch6-Purple Silk Ties Posted the first two chapters of Cameron Enterprises. Working on the next chapter of I'm Not Me and You're Not You. Its been a busy day for me. All this productivity must be going to precede a horrid case of writer's block.

January 27th, 2010: Posted Ancient and the Damned, and I'm Not Me and You're Not You!. Working hard on MEMF, but Gray is being difficult to work with, Kai is on vacation, and the only characters showing up for work are Claire and Ann. Scottish Gray and Italian Kai are raring to work, but sadly MEMF Gray and Kai have taken off to Cancun and are checking out chicks. Do me a favor and go get them back here ASAP.

January 9th, 2010: PST and MEMF updatedtoday. I'm working on a lot of different projects in my free time, and I'm probably going to post them really soon. They will be updated whenever. But it's better to show what I've been working on than keep it on my hard drive.

December 7th,2009: Lots of stuff going on. Plot lines outlined, but sadly the new job has me working 11pm- 7am at this time, and the next two weeks I still have school, so I have little time for else but sleep. But hopefully MEMF and PST will be updated this Friday if not before. Seems like 85 of you guys want lemonaide. When it gets done I'll post it separate under My Confession.

Fun to know facts:

1. I'm not jaded enough to not beleive in HEA endings yet- so no worries.(currently open to debate...)

2. If I write straight makes me cry. (still true)

3. I feel really bad when people tell me I made them cry- but I still appreciate the review.

4. I'm bad about reading and not reviewing. REAL bad.(and never ever logging in unless I'm uploading)

5. I've recently been addicted to WoW. (this is randomly determined by funds and attention span)

6. Easily influenced by a crazy Aussie's shovel threats. ( luv ya Hannah!)

7. I've told myself for every Gray/Claire fic I write I must write a less popular pairing oneshot at the least. (on my to do list)

and that's all for now. I'll add to it eventually.

Sooo...I've been reading a lot of Harvest Moon fics lately and am working on my own stories

The Fics:

My Enemy, My Friend:Graire based, and I hope I don't have everyone so badly OOC. Gray and Claire hate each other at first, but slowly get better. Also the first fic that I know of to pair Kai/Mary, my personal favorite crack pairing ever. It was meant to be a romantic comedy, by events in my life post publishing have turned it into a drama as well, giving Claire an angsty past. It seems to be popular, though many fans don't like the Ouran characters. Let me state once again, at the time- to lazy to create my own characters, so I borrowed the guys and their personalities...sorry v.v Also I would like to say that I didn't expect such an Anti-Doctor fanbase. I want everyone who reads this to know that Tim isn't the villain. He's flawed, and as a human being will be redeemed at some point. So please don't hate him because he makes mistakes (1st priority-writers block)

My Favorite Color: Graire yet again, its more serious that MEMF, and I think keeps most characters in character, and shows a different Claire than the bubbly one everyone always sees. (Completed)

Simply Amazing-awesome Kairy fan crack/fluff. spin off of MEMF, showing a different side of Kai, and his relationship with the adorable Librarian. ( Hiatus till further notice)

Christmas Follies:Family moments and fluff- tenshot dedicated to MFOMT married couples. OC/bachelors and OC/Bachelorettes. Finished Rick/Claire; Jack/Ann; Mary/Jack; Karen/Jack. Working on Cliff/Claire and Tim/Claire. Will update eventually.

At the Office:First M rated fic. AU at that. It is supposed to be a one shot but depending on its reception I may or may not conitnue. We'll find out- wont we? Claire was determined that this would be her last day at the office...;) This will be continued! X3 Next long chapter in progress.Update: Because of the screwed up formatting on this, I will leave it as is, and update it with a new story called Cameron Enterprises.

Purple Silk Ties: M rated AU Kai/Claire fic. Outlined. Will be updated sporadically.

I'm Not Me and You're Not You!: Humor/ Romance. Rated M for mature material? It was meant to be a prank on two young men, but then something went wrong, a glitch if you will- a hiccup in the magic. And before I knew it had even backfired those two girls were involved, and then another. The magic keeps hiccuping, and I can't fix it right now. They had better get used to being one another for awhile at this rate...Kai/Popuri Gray/Claire

The Ancient and the Damned: Werewolf fic. Why? Why the hell not? M rated AUish. Multiple pairings- but due to my addiction- Gray/Claire is the main pairing.

Cameron Enterprises: Continuation of At the Office. No pattern in POV's, but there will be many more HM characters making cameos and having parts. Yay for that :)

Coming soon:

PLOT BUNNIES: Titles not permanent

You Belong to Me: Kai/Claire very AU. Kai and Claire meet in their first year of college. Friendship blooms along with Claire's constant cleaning up after Kai's reckless mishaps. She grows to love the irresponsible man, but the feelings are onesided. Follows Claire through her four years at the University.Will be started after MFC is finished. Angst and what not. Mulitple game characters. Gift for Jen. Possible 10-15 chapters. (Still in planning stages.)

The Princess in her Tower: one shot or possible three shot- Jack/Mary. MFC prequel. Gift for Hannah.

Fairytale Dreams: (A long fic parody with multiple pairings- poking fun at our favorite fairy tales and the obscure ones for multiple Mineral Town Pairings, Might possibly include some for FMNV. Fluff overload a possibility. Follow at your own risk.) Rated T. In progress. Well why shouldn't I help her finish her own Fairy Tale? And why not enchanct the rest of the town why I'm at it? I mean...we draw inspiration from what we know...

Shuffle Story: random drabbles themed from shuffled songs for multiple pairings. Claire/guys. five shot I guess O.o

My Fair Prince is Weak in the Head- Rock/Lumina one-shot. Gift for AsianFlipGurl. As Jill had so kindly put it, it was a good thing Rock was easy on the eyes, because his thought process was pretty buggy.

Exotic Isn't Spelled With an R: M rated. One little misspelled world resulted in Claire seeing a side of her boyfriend she didn't know he had. Kai/Claire

My Immortal Soul: For hundreds of centuries I had traveled the world, not knowing why it was every thing I knew disintegrated while I remained unchanged Few others in existence were cursed like me. I would travel around, following the pull to the soul that called for mine. The soul of the man that would eventually wither away and die, leaving me to wait for his next incarnation. AU Chelsea/?? (actually have a prologue for this complete!)

Links and other stuff:

The Talent competition Dress for MEMF

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War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -Bertrand Russell
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I am…not ready," she muttered, her eyes shutting tightly. "to accept this. Or…am I ready to lose what we already have over a fleeting attraction." "And if I told you this was anything but fleeting?" "I'd have to say you were a liar."
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Harvest Moon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,000 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/10/2007 - Gray, Mary - Complete
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