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Author has written 6 stories for Touhou Project, and Skullgirls.

Hm...where should I begin? Well if you look down the profile a little bit, you'll see that I have something to say. Might as well brace for impact!

My name (online, of course) is Kerreb17, though I prefer to be called Kerreb (pronounced 'care-ub').

Gender: Male

Location: Florida (too damn hot... T-T)

Birthday: 18 January

I am a fan of the Touhou games and Project Shrine Maiden. But rather than list my various acheivements in the games, I'll just say that I'm decent.

I'm also a fan of the Skullgirls series, though I haven't actually played the game. Once it comes out on PC (through Steam, I'd hope), then I'll most likely buy it and play it.

I write poetry, fanfiction, songs (Hasn't come to fruition yet, but I'm working on it), and other sorts of things for the Touhou and Skullgirls fanbases. Honestly though, what did you expect from an author here? Would you like me to bake you cookies while I'm at it? *sarcasm mode*

I speak fluent Spanish and a bit of Japanese. Don't be afraid to ask me questions!

I also do beta-readings by request. If you need a very thorough grammar analysis, I'm your man. I can also help with plot and character balance, as well as help with story guidance if necessary. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll let you know about my proofing schedule. It's usually pretty dependent on work load and such, so I might not be able to get chapters back as quickly as other people can. That's what you get for "quality," though.

That's about all the personal stuff you need to know. Now, on to the important stuff!

Notes on my Works:

Deaf to All but the Darkness (Dead)

- First arc (SDM) is completed as of Chapter 17.

- I would assume that this is my more popular work (judging by views alone), so I'm glad to see that so many people are reading it. I intend to keep the story going, but I can't guarantee that my updates will be frequent. I've been doing my best to free time for myself, but it really comes down to whether or not I'm in the mood to binge write (sit down for 4 hours and write without stopping); honestly, that's the only way that I can seem to get this done. It's a shame, really.

- For the time being, I'm calling this project. I just don't have the desire to continue it. If you'd really like me to continue, please send me a PM. I know that it might sound selfish, but I just don't feel that it's a good enough story to even merit continuing.

Curtain Call (Completed)

- Simple one-shot is simple. I felt somewhat inspired to write this after a binge proofing session, which is simply perfect for building my patented Muse Meter. Anywyas, I actually hadn't played the game before I wrote this. It's still accurate—I do my research, after all—so I really just took this opportunity to get to know the game better and attempt to start the Skullgirls section.

Life = Attraction / Distance (Dead) [Co-Authored with KuriaKai]

- Albeit not as popular as DtabtD, I find myself working the most on this one. It's actually a lot of fun, which surprised me when I started writing it alongside KuriaKai. I'd like it if more people checked it out, but I understand; two OCs in one story is almost an automatic turn-off to most people.

- Currently delayed due to issues beyond our control.

Touhou Poetry Project (By request)

- I'm not surprised that I let this one die, to be quite honest. If you or anyone you know ever wants a custom piece of poetry concerning a Touhou character (you may select any format you wish--I'm not limited to the triolets that I have published already), refer them to me. I'd be more than happy to write something for them.

Traditions Buried in Gensokyo Snow (Completed)

- A simple one-shot Christmas story. It was actually very difficult to write this, as my writing speed decreases significantly when I have to write descriptions. I have this compulsiveness to describe everything as if a person were watching it in a movie theater, seeing the whole scene layed out before them. Maybe it was too much? I'm not even sure, myself.

[6 January 2012 EDIT]

Added "Traditions Buried in Gensokyo Snow"

[15 May 2012 EDIT]

Edited the descriptions for "Deaf to All But the Darkness" and "Life = Attraction / Distance". I also added beta-reading to my profile.

[22 May 2012 EDIT]

Added "Curtain Call" and fixed some minor grammar issues with the profile.

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