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Female, American, Is truly good, but sometimes it's just more fun being bad.

PM is a good way to contact me. Tootles. :p


Mini Blog

Updating, correcting grammar errors in Breaking Wonderland for newer readers, though I's not correcting fact errors. -sigh- I found Anime Flavor after 75% ways through of Breaking Wonderland. So I'm sorry about some continuity/universe errors. Especially bout Johnny boy. It's fan fiction after all. Unless DC decided to actually miraculously decided to publish my fanfic into a comic series so I can see my story come into comic dream fruition, and get paid a little bit get my surgery done and get a normal ass job. I might have to settle for commissioning an Artist just to make me a comic cover so I can pretend my dream came true.

Decided to start working on Third Arc and went through Deviant Art for inspiration since it's been so long since I looked over Batman fanart. Thus I realize OMG I suck as a human being I think I got some of my ideas from the fan art there, ie: for Alice in Chains. I's sorry, didn't even realize it till I looked at it again recently. Sadness please don't hate, I guess deep down fans of Hatter/Alice have an embedded core of how Hatter and Alice could logically and fictionally come together without gagging too much on the fluff and Bull Shit meter.

I've realized I need to complete some other fanfictions out there, at least some of the ones near done... closest being a 24 chapter Harry Potter one. It's so close to being finished been working on it since what six years!!!! Followed closely by a Yuffitine one and a SSX one on of course other accounts and .

Yay I made myself a Book Title Cover for Breaking Wonderland I plan to others next (maybe) I'm a bit rusty :( with photoshop. Though overall I'm satisfied. It was a pain in a butt since I had to get my own images... -sigh- I also made an Alice in Chains cover too. LOL at first it was going to turn out like the first dark. It also had images of Harley/Ivy/Joker/Scarecrow in it. Then I [x] out and forgot to save 0_0 lost two hours of work. Okay so I decided I really want a bright colored one anyways. So I got more creative and Ta-Da! That's what I came up with. :p I'm satisfied with it so yep.


Updated again! YES Two Decently Length Fan Fics are completed. -confetti comes falling from the sky- I'm going to probably finish my Mindless Doll Fan Fic so I can complete it since I only had one or two chapters left. The sad thing is I don't remember Duodecim. BLEH so that's going to be hard to revive my plot bunny even though I pretty much know how I want to end it.

ALSO! Been thinking about writing a small multi-chapter Fan Fic about BTAS about three two minor villains and one renowned. Need to watch some BTAS once again. YAY! I wonder if anyone would even read it considering they are not popular villains. -shrugs-

I decided to delay the releasing of my next Breaking Wonderland Arc until I actually start my other BTAS story. I've decided when I do release I'll double up chapters to twice a week instead of one chapter a week. Until my next update. Thanks for all your lovely and concrit reviews. I appreciate it _.


Sorry been busy with other accounts and works. Will get to back to this account soon. I promise.


Okay been procrastinating too long... I'm such a professional when it comes to that. Anyways FINALLY UPLOADING my new fan fiction Fountain of Youth featuring; Baby Doll, Calendar Girl, and Hugo Strange. It's not going to be a long one and will update that one much slower. Hope people read it because Fan does not have slots available for Calendar Girl or Strange... like WTF Fan . Get Yo Cookies Togetha. Okay I'm also uploading my next Arc of Breaking Wonderland -blinks- I seriously wonder if any will read it as well. I've been done with it ages ago...literally like 2 months ago. Though I decided to postpone it for various reasons. Mainly I've written another long fan fic another account which is already 18 chapters long. You know how it is when the MUSE COMES and Goes. -le sigh- But I really miss Hatter and Alice so I'm realising them again. Been distracted with Tumblr, MMORPG's, My love, Family, Life mostly in good ways.


Okay been sick again lately but I won't give up hope. I've been writing off and on and blah doing lots of things. I really need to finish my last two chapters of Fountain of Youth as I hate leaving things incomplete I have the outline for it but muses come and go. Hate them muses. In other news I wrote another Batman Fan Fic but I don't have a title nor a whole plot. :P I kind of know where I'm going with it but yet I don't know how to start the second chapter. Grrrr anywayz... here's my Tumblr if you're interested in talking to me there... cause I really have no one to talk to on Tumblr. :( I'm very unpopular I suppose.


Okay Okay I've finished ANOTHER LONG ASS FAN FICTION! Well it may not be long to other but it's certainly long for me. -confetti and balloons come falling around me and a band plays a marching song- Yay! Okay

Anywayz I started my next ARC OMFG SOMEONE get this girl a life! PLaHaha! It's going to be called The Mad Tea party, and no it's not going to be like the one in the comics. It's BTAS verse. Mostly, as I did take a little bit of liberties to borrow from comic verse. Anyways it's only half ways done and I haven't worked on the second half yet I'm actually satisfied with what I got. The only thing is when to start releasing it. Also been working with a Gotham City Sirens too as well but a lot slower then the rest of my fan fiction. I might release them anyways and update periodically when I actually write the chapter and what not. I don't know it's going to be spur of the moment kind of thing.


-Sigh- dealing with Finals at the moment luckily I got the summer off. I've been working on my new stories SSG, and Cold Madness. :P Ah Fan Fiction. It's a great escape from school work. But yeah they're up and going for now. Been playing video games and MMO's UNJUSTICE! Me wants it!


Ah okay been writing a lot again. Been looking for work as well. Bleh such a B-Word! Anyways been working on Fiction on this account and my other account two major long fan fictions almost completed. YAY! After I'm done writing... Sirens Scream Green and Growing Up (other account)... I'll probably concentrate back on Cold Madness and of course my next installment of Breaking Wonderland -slap- Ouch I know! I can't help it. MWAHAHAHA! JP. Thanks for those who are reading :)


Holy shit it's been quite a while hasn't it. Tee hee but oh well sooner or later stories will be finished and some will be continued. Though with all that glimmer of hope finals come around again and so I'll be busy these next couple of weeks. Le Sigh. Everyone who read and review thank you. Your reviews always brighten my days.


What's that?! That's the sound of me finishing my longest Batman Fanfic yet! "Can I get a what what!" Yep I took it old school. So what cause I'm happy. I finished a pretty good story that I feel happy with characters I love and it's great to see that others appreciate it too. Okay gotta finish stuff from my other account. If you an can honestly believe it it's longer than this one up to the Mid 40 chapters!. I wrote my first longest fan fiction at the age 17 or 15 :0 it's 24 chapters over 60K words. (Incomplete) I WILL COMPLETE IT! One day :( You can also totally tell the difference in my writing and progress and if you're some type of shifty-eye editor can see my writing epic flaws that I always have problems with.


So yeah me and writing decently length fan fiction has always been in Mah blood!? Nah JP. Okay well see you guys again and Thank you all for your reviews and PM's they me *Make* smile. :)

Haha forgot a word make Side Update: 2/3/13

I forgot to mention after I'm done with the work I'm my other account I'll be starting my next Breaking Wonderland Series... WAHAHAHAHAHAH! AH Ah AH! *insert Penguin laugh here* It's time I need more Hatter and Alice in my life as of course they're one of my favorite pairings. -shrugs- I'll probably always ship them too. Ehhk Excited, I'll be posting the first chapter soon for now I got to make a Lil book cover for it.


It's always around school time or fall when I get back into writing. Anyways I'm writing again and I intend to finish what I started. Because... I have even more ideas. WHAT!? I know I'm such a fangirling dork. But I don't care. Anyways sorry for the hiatus. Plus someone dared me to write a Dark/Nolan verse of Mad Hatter and Alice. Who dares!? Gasp it was an anon on Tumblr. I have an inkling of what to do with that, but that would take a lot of liberties and reworking on the Mad Hatter and probably Alice as well. Would anyone even like it or read it?! Psh who knows anyways I'm babbling now so ciao, for now.


Man I'm such a bad fanfiction writer my muse is like everywhere that I'm having trouble finishing up fanfictions. Grrr this has always been a problem of mines. Anyways I will probably never finish all my fanfics but I do hope to finish the saga ones. Probably not the near future but in the future. Like I said my muse keeps fandom jumping lately. :( I'll try to finish what I can when I can. Ha Ha it's been practically 3 years since I updated my profile. :o


You guys I think I'm finally almost done of the last seiers of my The Mad Tea Party. I feel like I'm three chapters away so just thinking that is a good enough drive for me to finish what I have started. I know how GRRM feels. LMFAO Yes it's has been literally years but my stubborness to finish my series has sparked and thrived once again. Plus I still ship them. I will always ship them. I will also be posting up on A03 as well. If you want to see what I wrote in between the years, check

SupercalifragilisticexpertwritinBullshit @A03

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