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Name: Maria Hannah (preferably Hannah)

Age: Somewhere between 1-100

Country: Well, if you really want to know...

Like(s): Pokémon

Dislike(s): Harry Potter (don't ask)

Music: K-Pop, cute, hyper, and upbeat Japanese and Korean songs! (Like Bubble Pop, Ma Boy, Electric Love, & Perfect Star, Perfect Style!)

Food: Chocolate, cotton candy, burgers, sundaes

Beverages: Water & green tea

How my obsession with Pokémon started: (started 2007-present)

So anyway, I'd like to share how I became obsessed with Pokémon! Actually, it's a pretty long story. It all started out when my aunt and uncle gave me a Nintendo DS along with a Pokémon game – the Diamond version. My older cousin had the Pearl version, and he helped me start out with the game. I chose Turtwig as my starter and named him Twitter (okay, so I was like so young back then and I didn't know that Twitter was a social network on the Internet! And besides, it did fit him when he was a Turtwig...although it didn't really sound cute when my Turtwig evolved until it became a Torterra...talk about scary!). So yeah, I was really stupid back then and I pretty much just used Twitter and only Twitter to battle. I caught some other Pokémon along the way, but I rarely used them and they fell behind Twitter's level greatly. When I reached the Elite Four, Twitter was like lv. 78 then, but my other Pokémon (and they were the strongest I had besides Twitter) were like lv. 23-35. I know, alright?!? I'm such a total dork!

So I battled the Elite Four with Twitter, occasionally switching to my lv. 32 Luxray whenever Twitter's HP got low. When I reached Lucian, Twitter was almost out of PP points, and I didn't know what to do. I tried using a Full Restore, but nothing happened. Then finally, I gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up, I opened my game to think of a way to beat Lucian. I checked Twitter's stats again and I was startled! His PP points were all full! I immediately went to my sister and she admitted that she experimented with the potions, medicine, and berries that I had, trying to find a way to help me. She thought I was angry and pleaded to not scold her for playing my game, but I just laughed – much to her surprise – and said "Why would I be angry with you? You helped me a ton! How could I even repay you?" and she smiled shyly and I hugged her. So yeah, I battled Lucian and Cynthia and won (the battle with Cynthia was too easy! One shot at it and she was a goner!). I entered the Hall of Fame, with my Torterra with half HP, my Luxray and Bibarel fainted, but otherwise, my other Pokémon were great. So after that I didn't know what to do, so I kinda searched the Internet and saw these walkthroughs on YouTube and wished that I followed that instead of having this stupid and dorky team. Luckily though, I didn't delete my game and start over. I just captured new Pokémon and trained them until they matched the level of my Torterra. Then I truly understood the game. I became so obsessed with it I bought Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. Though I haven't Black & White because it wasn't released in my country yet, but I will once it is.

So eventually I found out about the anime and I learned a ton from it, just watching the episodes. So I started making videos about them, though I only started out with .gif files – pictures that were animated. I found these Pokémon .gifs on Photobucket. But through months of doing these videos and my craving for finding better Pokémon clips, I finally found a site where I could download full episodes. I downloaded a lot – surprisingly enough for me to last with without needing any more. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the site and could not download from it no more. So of course, I found a way to keep adding clips to my collection. I download YouTube Downloader and used it to download stuff from YouTube. I still make videos now. I support a lot of shippings, mainly Ash/Dawn/PearlShipping. Even after almost three years, I still love Pokémon, and no one can stop me from loving it more.

I also came across some things like GLEE, Rosario + Vampire, Shugo Chara, and Highschool of the Dead, but gradually I got bored of them and resorted back to Pokémon. I have a love for Pokémon that never wavers, and no one can stop that.

Pokémon forever!

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