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Author has written 15 stories for Cats, Star Fox, and Last of Us.

Hi!I'm BlueSky509!I have been reading fanfics for quite a long time,and I finally decided I want to make some stories of my own!I'm on everyday, but I cannot always guarantee constant updates. I will also try to return any reviews that my readers give me, either with a PM or a review of my own, provided that the stories are of a genre I recognize.

Stories in Progress:

Denver's Finest (Last of Us)

Finished Stories:

Learning to Trust

A Dove Among Crows

Caught Red-pawed

Pulling on the Heartstrings



Under the Mask

The Calico Criminal

Unlikely Love

The Tabby at the Train Station

No Sound Please

Pet Peeves:

Numerous grammatical and spelling errors in other people's stories.

People who write three or four-word reviews. That's like sending one-word answers in a texting conversation or on Facebook.

Seeing your story has over 1000 views/visitors, and only four or five of those people actually bothered to review the story.

Seeing your favourite character die in a story/movie/TV show, etc.

Working with people who don't know what they're doing or don't want to work.

Having multiple tests on one day at school.

Spending seven or eight hours writing a chapter, only to get two reviews on it.

Dying in a video game right when you're about to beat the boss.

When video game bosses decide to be dicks and use powerful moves, killing your whole team.

Status ailments. 'Nuff said.

Exp. farming, grinding, whatever you want to call it, in video games to level up your weak-ass characters.

Forgetting your wallet somewhere, and realizing you forgot it an hour later.

My OC's:

Elijah: Macavity's second-in-command. He is a little taller than Mistofelees, and he's a completely black tom with blue eyes. He is only a few years older than Misto. He's lean and has excellent hearing and reflexes. Elijah hates to disappoint Macavity, and always tries his best to please him. Despite his loyalty, and high rank, he hates his job; especially when it comes to harming queens. He respects them, and never takes advantage of them. He's the only tom who treats them nicely around the hideout. Quiet, respectful, a good guy on the inside, but bad on the outside, Elijah really is not what he appears to be. Appearance: Pulling on the Heartstrings, A Dove Among Crows.

You can find the concept pic if you copy and paste that website down there. Sorry, I can't post a link.:( Many thanks to Kristen-Kai-Lundy, though!

SD: Full name is Sven Dominic. A black tom with yellow eyes, a few years older than Mungojerrie. Macavity's head instructor. Illiterate, but he packs a punch and is a heartless criminal. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Seth: A red and white-patched tom, same age as SD. Mungojerrie's friend from the hideout. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Sammy: Brown tabby tom, close to Mungojerrie's age. Tried to rape Rumpleteazer once. One of Macavity's henchcats. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Pixie: Brown tabby queen. Rumpleteazer's best friend from the hideout and around the same age as her. Also one of Macavity's henchcats. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Casey: Black and white-patched tom, much like Alonzo. He is actually a few years younger than Munkustrap, but looks younger still. Macavity's second-in-command from A Dove Among Crows. Authoritative and unemotional, acts much like an army general.

Dr. Stanley: An older brown tom who works as a doctor in A Dove Among Crows. Very amiable and likes to joke. Can be described as much like Skimbleshanks.

Jake: Gray tom with a malevolent demeanor and angry temper. Elijah's rival from A Dove Among Crows. Hates Rumpleteazer.

Axel: A tom who was Elijah's comrade in A Dove Among Crows.

Remmy: A young dark brown tom who was Elijah's best friend in Pulling on the Heartstrings. A submissive and somewhat stupid henchcat. Can't think for himself.

Portia: Patched black and white queen. She loves to seduce toms and is very suave and manipulative. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Starling: Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer's adopted daughter in The Calico Criminal. She has a black coat with a white bib and spots. Adventurous and respectful of her adoptive parents.

Jaytyr: Starling's tomfriend. He is one of Macavity's henchcats and has a cinnamon and gold-striped coat. He is protective of Starling, but can be a ruthless criminal when he has to be. Appearance: The Calico Criminal.

Ezmeria: An orange tabby queen that has a crush on Alonzo in Unlikely Love.

Aldretch: A black tom that tried to catnap Victoria in Unlikely Love. One of Macavity's henchcats.

Coilin: Skimble's adopted father in The Tabby at the Train Station. He is a middle-aged grey and white-patched Irish tom who works at the train station.

Remgail: Jenny's father in The Tabby at the Train Station. He is an older calico tom who can be intimidating, but he is really a softie when it comes to his daughter and her interests.

Annasta: Jenny's mother in The Tabby at the Train Station. She is the current Gumbie Cat in the story, with her daughter following in her footsteps. Annasta can be strict when it comes to Jenny's studying, but she is usually easy-going.

Rykah: A flame-coloured female falcon, age 23. She was saved from a military base on Macbeth by the Star Fox Team. Rykah is shy, but affectionate and caring. She doesn't speak much English and is a telepath. Appearance: My Weakness, My Strength.

Hailey: A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, around 15. She is loyal and to her friends and caring, but a bit shallow. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Jason Noah Carmichael: A mute boy with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is 17, and loves horses. He used to be a soldier, and uses American Sign Language to communicate. Has a crush on Ellie. Appearance: No Sound, Please; Denver's Finest.

Riley Elena Marshall: A 17-year old blonde girl with blue eyes. She was in the military like Jason, and is in love with him. Tends to be rude, sarcastic, and generally unfriendly. However, Riley can be polite and considerate when she wants to be. Appearance: No Sound, Please; Denver's Finest.

Dale Marshall: Riley's father. Has black hair and hazel eyes, and is in his 40's. He is a hulking man, an intimidating leader who rules by fear, and violent. Always carries a whip with him. Appearance: No Sound, Please; Denver's Finest.

Josie: A brunnette girl who is quiet and shy, but stays by her friends. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Katie: A Chinese girl with black hair and dark brown eyes, she is Hailey's best friend and goes along with whatever she tells her. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Gemma: 14 years old, Gemma enjoys stealing things, especially booze for her friends. She has mouse-brown hair and blue eyes. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Olivia: 15 years old with curly black hair, dark skin, and chocolate brown eyes. She is part of Hailey's group, but prefers to go off on her own. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Derek and Julian: Twin brothers with blond hair and blue eyes. Julian is a champion cattle roper, and Derek is more violent than his brother. Julian is a romantic, always on the lookout for a girlfriend. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Michael: A 15-year old boy with light brown hair, he is timid and prefers to hang in the background. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Peter: 15 years old, black hair, and is less rowdy than the other boys he hangs out with. Appearance: No Sound, Please.

Shane: Jason's father, he is over 40 and is going bald. He works with and loves horses, just like his son. Appearance: No Sound, Please; Denver's Finest.

Julia: Shane's wife and Jason's mother. She was born deaf, and uses ASL to communicate. She is kind and caring, just like her son. Has dark brown hair and brown eyes like her son Jason. Appearance: No Sound, Please; Denver's Finest.

(Dominique) Ian Rowland: A blond 18-year old boy with blue eyes. His real hair colour is brown and his real eye colour is also brown. Less brutal than others in his line of work, in love with Riley. Part of the Cobras, a secretive branch of the military in the Denver Quarantine Zone. Appearance: Denver's Finest; No Sound, Please.

Callahan and Renwick: Two older male members of the Cobras, they are merciless and enjoy ending the lives of their targets. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Major Wright, Major Rowland, Officer Harrison, and Colonel Jones: Adult middle-aged males in the military in the Denver QZ. All typical army dogs with a bite to match, but scared to death of the Cobras. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Myriam and Christine: Two 16-year old, red-haired twins that are part of Squad 25. They enjoy pulling pranks on unsuspecting people, but are also helpful and kind to other members of their Squad. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Caleb: A 15-year old boy with white-blond hair and blue eyes. He treats his gun, Callie, like a lady. He doesn't intend to cheat on his "lovely lady". Appearance: Denver's Finest.

George: A 17-year old boy with sandy blond hair, he is seen as a role model for the younger boys in Squad 25. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Harry: A Chinese 16-year old in Squad 25, he tends to keep to himself like Daniel, but is known for his stealth and shooting ability. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Daniel: A 16-year old boy with longer, dark brown hair. He is quiet and reserved. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Alexander: A respectful 14-year old with dark skin and black hair. Doesn't say much, but is strong both mentally and physically. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Sgt. Brookes: A middle-aged woman with black hair and green eyes. She is in charge of the daily reports in the military, similar to a secretary. She is strict, but also tends to act more casually than other military personnel towards Squad 25, who treat her hotel lobby like a bar. Appearance: Denver's Finest

Nadia: A 14-year old brunette girl who has both bark and bite. She can be a little bitchy at times, and serves as Riley's rival for a short while. Appearance: Denver's Finest.

Random Facts about Me and Cats:

I CAN'T tell Pouncival and Asparagus Jr. apart for the life of me!

I sing random Cats songs on my way home from school.

My cat looks exactly like Demeter. She even acts like her, too. Shy and skittish, but loving and affectionate once you get to know her.

Whenever I see a black and white kitten in a pet shop window that looks like Misto, I say, "OMG it's Misto!"Then my brother stares at me weird.

I have actually seen the musical on Broadway, and it was AMAZING!!!

My Top 5 Favourite Songs from Cats:

1. Mr. Mistofelees

2. Memory

3. Journey to the Heaviside Layer

4. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer

5. Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat

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So many boys, so many reasons to stay alone...

"The line between confidence and arrogance is thin, the line between arrogance and stupidity even finer."

I'm the kind of person who walks into a door then apologizes.

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