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Author has written 15 stories for Superman, Animorphs, Avatar: Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Kingdom Hearts, X-Men: Evolution, Avengers, and Final Fantasy X.

My Avatar is Megabyte from ReBoot, who is one of my favorite villains. What makes him special is that unlike most other villains on a classic Saturday Morning Cartoon, Megabyte never decayed into a minor pest for the heroes. Quite the opposite, he became a better villain over time. May his voice actor, Tony Jay, rest in peace. If I die and go to hell, I can only hope that Tony Jay voices the Devil. Either him or David Kaye, voice actor of my other favorite villain Megatron.

Favorite Series: ReBoot, Beast Wars, Animorphs, Gargoyles, Batman Beyond, Justice League, X-Men: Evolution, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Transformers Prime, Legend of Korra.

If there is any constant with my writing, its that I tend to ignore Momo in my Avatar stories. For the most part he's a visual comedy relief character, which I can't translate into text very well. I also never found Momo very funny either, and using him just seems like a waste of text for me.

Completed Stories:

Avatar: The Last Kryptonian. Superman in the Avatar world, why hasn't anyone else done this already? Sure Superman is a game breaker, but that makes this story fun to write in a way that he is not a game breaker. Since in this story Superman is still in his teens during canon events, he gradually obtains his powers like how Aang gradually masters the elements. Oh and my official pairing is Superman/The Blind Bandit. Can the world handle a couple that awesome?

Avatar: The Legend from Krypton. A rewrite of my first fanfiction, far better written, and including more ideas than what I included with the original story.

Superior Sister Switch. A Body Swap story between Katara and Azula, inspired by 'In His Shoes' by AvocadoLove.

For Want of a Scar. Avatar: The Last Airbender AU where Zuko never spoke out in that war meeting that led to his scar. Pairings are Maiko and Yukka, but not the main focus of the story.

The Saiyan Contamination. Goku in the Avatar world, starting right after Namek blew up and right after the Siege of the North. No pairings for this one, as Goku is already married to Chi-Chi and is faithful to her.

The Saiyan Menace. Vegeta interferes in the Star Wars, specifically during the events of A New Hope.

You All Look Familiar. Toph in the Wizard of Oz. Pretty self-explanatory.

The Saiyan Pilgrimage. Goku visits the world of Spira. Set during the seven year time-skip between Cell and Buu, during the events of Final Fantasy X, Goku gets to Spira though a passage that connects the Farplane with Hell.

The Avatar Strikes Back. A sequel to both The Saiyan Contamination and The Saiyan Menace, a crossover between Avatar and Star Wars. Set a year after both stories, the Empire comes across the world of Avatar. Team Avatar has no idea what the Empire has in store for Earth.

The Keyblade War: Extended Cut. A fix-fic of Kingdom Hearts III. Expanding on the good parts, cutting out the bad parts, and adding parts that were expected but missing in the game. Point of divergence is at the Aqua vs. Vanitas fight.


It's Tee Time. The Gaang plus Azula play golf.

Sick of Tea. What if Iroh never liked tea. Essentially takes the scene where Jet spotted Iroh firebending tea and erases it, leading to a different version of Jet's demise. I wrote this for "InspiredByFyre" week and as an excuse to totally homage the death of another favorite character of mine.

The Rise of the Equalists. A speculation story set a few years before The Legend of Korra. Inspired by Transformers Prime and dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Note: Only a few episodes into the series and virtually everything in this oneshot has been proven incorrect. I was way off in a lot of places.

Dead Stories:

XMen: Animorph. The Ellimist and Crayak literally reboot Earth after the Animorphs story ended, this time with mutants. Tobias was alone in the construction site, S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up instead of Visser Three, and Charles Xavier recruits Tobias after his morphing ability is detected by Cerebro. Magneto discovers the Yeerk invasion by accident, and also hates Ax.

I got tired with this one after reaching several episodes in a row of X-Men Evolution that got on my nerves watching them, which really broke my will to continue.

Avatar Avengers Assemble. A fusion/AU of Legend of Korra and The Avengers. How the team could form in the Avatar world, using characters from Republic City for the various superheroes. Starts after "The Aftermath" and is full on AU after that, but I will try to incorporate episodes as they happen. Current pairing is Masami, because that's the pairing in place when the story diverges from canon.

I made too many mistakes with this one, diverged too far from canon ahead of the show, and gotten to the point where I'm just not interested anymore.

Miscellaneous Trivia:

As I am a terrible artist I would appreciate any suggestions for story cover art. The only one I'm using so far was done with just the basic paint program, which I'm certain is not the best tool for this sort of thing. If there are any fans of my stories that have art that can work for story covers, permission to use them would be very much appreciated.

Story Ideas That Someone Else Should Write:

Bases & Benders. An unconventional crossover between Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. The premise would be Korra's Team Avatar participating in a role playing game set during the Hundred Year War, in which they assume the roles of Aang's Team Avatar. Humor and Parody would be the focus of this story, in particular between one character trying to keep to the historical plot and another character trying to derail it.

I'm not suited to write this story because my experience with Dungeons & Dragons style gameplay and storytelling is very limited. The idea itself came from playing the Borderlands 2 DLC with the Bunkers & Badasses game in it. Someone that has more extensive knowledge of non-video game RPGs would do a far better job writing this story.

All Hail the Avatar. An alternate universe story of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The divergence point is when Fire Lord Sozin first proposes an empire to Avatar Roku, the former making a last minute change of words to sound more peaceful to the latter. Their friendship does not fracture there and it endures until Roku's death, which in turn leads to Sozin dying in an attempt to save his best friend from the volcano. Twelve years later Fire Lord Azulon takes up his father's plans of world domination, but chooses to attack the Earth Kingdom first. The plan would be to wipe out earthbending before the Avatar Cycle could reach that element, theoretically forcing the Avatar to skip Earth Kingdom and reincarnate as Fire Nation early. Until that time the Fire Nation treats the Avatar like royalty to dissuade him from intervening, making alliances with parts of the world that they expect him to be in like the Air Temples and the Southern Water Tribe.

But since war is still happening Aang is still told that he's the Avatar early, still gets frozen, and still gets released by Katara. Some miscommunication and bad assumptions about the light that Aang's icecube shoots out leads to people believing that Katara is the Avatar, something that Aang plays along with so he can pretend to be a normal airbending kid. Azula is sent to escort 'Avatar Katara' to the Western Air Temple for airbending training, deliberately going in the opposite direction of the element cycle to avoid earthbending, and meanwhile Sokka figures out that Aang's the real deal and could get Katara killed if he's discovered. There the quest begins to covertly train Aang in the elements and rescue Katara before Azula figures out that she's got the wrong person. During this quest the story would explore just how badly the Earth Kingdom fared after Azulon's Comet, specifically the north-western half being officially annexed by the Fire Nation and the rest heavily damaged by war reaching it sooner.

I would write this myself, but I just don't have the time or energy for a series-spanning alternate universe story of this magnitude. But I would gladly work with someone else in an advisory role, pitching ideas for how the world would have changed if the Fire Nation switched targets before starting the war.

Prime Justice. A crossover between Young Justice and Transformers Prime. Autobots and Decepticons alike get involved when other aliens invade Earth, the former to protect humanity while the latter claims that Earth belongs to Megatron. This story would start at the beginning of season 2 for both shows, but with a prologue involving Doctor Fate battling Clarion the Witch-Boy during Unicron's awakening.

This story should be written by someone good at handling dozens of characters at a time, given how big the League and the Team were in season 2. I would just provide ideas on where the series plots intertwine and possible outcomes.

Arching Archer. A humorous crossover between Archer and The Venture Brothers. Various ideas can be used for this one, from Malory Archer and Rusty Venture working together on a get rich quick scheme to Sterling going up against the Monarch to Bionic Barry dealing with the Guild of Calamitous Intent to Lana joining the O.S.I. and more. The ultimate gag for this crossover would be Doctor Orpheus mistaking Sterling for the Master, as they have the exact same voice and the Master is a known shapeshifter.

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Five years have passed since Goku gave his life to protect the Earth, and he is given a mission from the Grand Kai. Return to the living realm on a distant planet, one that spans the divide between the living and the dead, and put an end to the steady stream of death and destruction that has plagued it for a thousand years. Here, on the planet known as Spira, this is his story.
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Prince Zuko kept his mouth shut during that war meeting. He never disrespected his father. Never faced him in Agni Kai. He was never scarred. Zuko never hunted the Avatar. Without Zuko driving him forward, Aang's journey takes a different turn.
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