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I also have a relationship with God and wear a purity ring to keep myself pure for my future husband. Jesus means everything to me. Please message me to give me ideas, or just to talk! We can also roleplay if you wish! Here are things that I LOVE: God, Jesus, the Bible the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Psych, books in general, Harry Potter, the Avengers, Merlin, Star Trek, and Disney, but not necessarily in that exact order. The pairings I like in Harry Potter are Harry and Luna, and Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ginny is okay too, but I'm more of a Luna fan myself, and think she and Harry would get along great together!

Characters from movies and why I like/don't like them. Also how we would get along:
NOTE:They are not in any order. I very rarely choose favorites.


Frodo Baggins--He's actually very brave to offer to take the ring to Mordor. I mean, he sacrificed basically EVERYTHING! And he'd have your back in life. Sure, the ring starts taking over his brain, but he isn't one to "throw you under the bus". And I LOVE HOBBITS!!!! He's super adorable and not to mention v. h-o-t-t! I could see us being besties. We couldn't have love though because we're both really dependant and he's a bit too solomn. :(
Samwise Gamgee--Sam is extremely loyal and I love that, and he's super kind and has this way of making everyone around him feel comforatable. He's also a very determined hobbit, and never gives up. I like that he always has something positive to say to everyone, and compliments from him are often! He and I are very much alike, but that's even a more reason that we'd not only be besties, but lovers as well. Now, only to get Rose Cotten out of the picture...
Meriadoc Brandybuck--He's actually one of the smartest hobbits, in my opinion. Yes, he does goof off with Pippin, and he does do stupid things sometimes, but don't all hobbits? I know sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but if you watch the movie closely (or better yet--read the book!) he's very intelligent and has some great ideas. Plus, he always answers Pippin's questions, even if they're obvious. I could see us as lovers, and besties as well.
Peregrin Took--We are both clueless. We'd basically just feed off eachother's random hilariousness. I could see us getting in trouble together, and if I were in the fellowship, Pippin would no longer be the only one Gandalf yells at. I like that Pippin has a playful spirit, and he likes to liven the place up. He never gives up, though, and does any duty given to him well (even if he does ask stupid questions like "why?") I could see us being besties!
Gandalf the Grey/White--First, let's get one thing straight: GANDALF IS NOTHING LIKE DUMBLEDORE-THAT OLD SOFTIE! (No offense to Dumbledore) I like Gandalf because he's a very grandfatherly figure and always has good advice to give. I like that he does the things he has to do in confidence, even when he knows some people he loves will get hurt. I could see us being good friends.
Aragorn, son of Arathor--Rugged and Manly. That is what describes Aragorn! I love that he's always ready to fight, and jumps into battle without a second thought to his own life. He's a person you'd want to hide behind in battle. I admire his bravery, his loyalty, and the ability to resist temptation. He faces things like a man and that's how it should be done. However, I wouldn't want to take him away from Arwen (they're so cute together) but we'd be close buds.
Boromir, son of Denethor--This guy does have his problems, but don't we all? I like the fact that he's true to Gondor and the people in it. He's also very determined and persistant. I also admire his ability to teach others what he knows, and even though he's tempted, he's someone I'd like to call "friend".
Legolas Greenleaf--He is never dirty, his hair is never mussed, and his clothes are clean, despite the fact that he is out of Mirkwood. I like elves, they're very wise, and very talented, and they have wickedly awesome ears! Legolas is a very good listener, and he keeps the others (mainly Gimli) in line. He's also shares the fame, and never blames anyone else. He is a true-blue friend, and I could see us chatting up a storm! We'd be good friends!
Gimli, son of Gloin--Dwarf!!! He's stubborn and likes it when the attention is on him, but he doesn't call it upon himself. I admire his willingness to step into the midst of battle without a care for his own life. He's a bit more like Aragorn if you think about it. I love his beard, and his ability to see humor and say humorous things without being too annoying. I would definately get along well with Gimli! (Plus I have blonde hair, wink wink!)


Tony Stark--Hahaha! He's hilarious, I'll admit. But a bit cocky to arrogant for me. I, however, can see us being friends, though.
Hawkeye--Dude, love they way he always looks so serious! Plus, the bow and arrow is my favorite weapon, so...kudos for Hawkie-poo. And no I would never in my right mind call him that. We'd make good friends.
The Hulk/Bruce Banner--Too brainy for me. I probably wouldn't understand him, being the dummy that I am. We could be friends, though.
Black Widow--She is very flexible, and extremely awesome. I could see us being besties!
Thor--I like this guy. He's a very polite gentleman and seems to understand you. And seriously, he's the only guy I know of yet that uses a HAMMER to fight with creeps! Go Thor! I could see us being besties!
Captain America--He's very nice looking, and he is a born leader. He gets along with mostly everyone and tries to understand everything despite his 1985 mind. Me and him would be good friends.
Loki--Loki is misunderstand and I feel bad for him. I wish he had a better childhood--that's part of the problem. I am glad Loki exists because without him, there'd be NO Avengers! I just wouldn't be friends with him. Maybe I'd try to help him, though?
Stan Lee--Again, he's not an avenger. But without him, there'd be no avengers! GO GUY!
Nick Fury--He's pretty cool, for a guy with one eye ;P. But seriously, we'd probably get along, but I'm not sure we'd get as far as "friends".
Maria Hill--In the movie, she was super pretty. Considering that she's really loyal and always does what people say, we'd get along fine. No, seriously, I can see us being close buds.
That one Pepper chick--Eh...she seems decent enough. I don't really know too much about her though, even from the Iron Man movies. So we probably would just be like, acquaintances.


Harry Potter--He's pretty hot. But he looks to much like my best guy friend for me to really get serious about him. I could see us as being besties, though!
Ronald Weasley--We'd get along fine, considering we'd both be hiding in a corner while everyone else is battling. ;P I like red hair, but Hermione's got this redhead around her little finger so I don't go near him.
Hermione Granger--Okay, I officially want that girl's hair! I know, I'm a weirdo...but seriously. It's pretty awesome, don't you agree? I think we'd be pretty good friends.
Fred & George Weasley--Woah! Pranksters alert! These guys are like two of my twin guy-friends! Silly and never serious. I could see us being close friends.
Neville Longbottom--Seeing as we're both little scardy-cats/cry-babies, I think we'd get along just fine.
Ginny Weasley--LOVE her hair! (Didn't I say before that I LOVE red hair???!!!!!) And her freckles...adorable! Even in the books I can tell that she's a cutie! I don't know if we'd be close friends, though, for some reason.
Luna Lovegood--Oh Lordy, this girl is ME!!! That's one of the reasons she's like, my favorite girl in Harry Potter. Plus, she's super sweet and understanding and loyal. I could totally see us as besties!!

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