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I have moved my account! I am now Kilgore Trout ing :)


What Annie looks like to me:

just add a dimple in the chin.

Annie's outfit when from chapter 1-3

roll up the sleves, add dirt, then you got it(:

The Cullens house

but in the forest:P

Annie's outfit in Chapter 5


Rosalie's outfit in Chapter 5

Rosalie's Swimsuit in Chapter 10

her shoes are red though.

Annie's Swimsuit in Chapter 10

lol, suits as green as the flats

What Annie's Lego City Looked Like

Earth Vs Spider, great movie. Second picture down with the capitol in the back. I'd kick Emmetts ass too if he destroyed a replica I made of that.

Annie's outfit, the tribal skirt and Annie's hair

Annie's hair is always going to look like that for the most part:P Black hair is a lot to handle, folks.

Rosalie's Outfit in Chapter 14

Annie's Outfit and Earrings in Chapter 14

Emmett's truck in 15

Annie's bird hunting outfit

Annie's skirt and blouse

Chaper 21, Annie's outfit!


What Bella looks like to me. (Sort of, but mostly)

Bella's Outfit in Chapter 2

Bella's Outfit in Chapter 7

Alice's Outfit in Chapter 7

Bella's outfit in Chapter 10

Bella's outfit in Chapter 30

Kay, I'll shut up now.

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