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Heya, everybody! My name is (name censored), but you can refer to me as Rachel. I'm a regular teenage person (or so I think...)

I am obsessed with anime, manga, and video games. And also writing and drawing. I like to do a lot of things, a lot of them crazy.

I am writing in here purely for practice, since I plan to write and draw my OWN manga someday. So, I'm not really going to dedicate the last years of my life writing fanfics if you get what I mean.

I will do fanfics about some RPG games I've played, and some mangas I've read. So, expect some crazy s*t to happen.

I usually will write in any genre, as long as it has action, humor, and romance. But mostly humor and some deep action. Also, when I write about romance, I expect to pull it off perfectly. (I'm just like that when it comes to stuff like writing about such a sensitive topic.)

My pen names are Impersona, Ran Hotaru, and Iyumi Kasumi.

I have two best friends, who are also my muses, and they are the yin to my yang. One of the two is Than A Triple-Edged Sword, who just started off. IF YOU FLAME THEM I WILL KILL YOU.


(God, I hope she doesn't read this..)

Thanks for watching.

Also, I am a big fan nowadays of Pokemon shippings (Go figure..) And have written about these pairings so far...

Gold x Silver (yes, it's kinda yaoi, but not in the way I write it.)

Barry x Dawn (Yes. You know in your heart that you love it.)

Aaaaaand, here's a link to my DeviantArt.

Yup. THAT'S RIGHT. I, like millions of other people, finally have a DeviantArt. GO ME! 3


To those out there who read my stories, particularly my main one about Gold and Silver, I just want you to know that there most likely will be lengthy intervals between each chapter, for many different reasons.

Such as, life in general. Go figure... -.-

Rachel V.S. World



I am currently ON HAITUS until further notice. Since high school just started, I have a buttload of work to do and not a lot of time to do it, so I can't really focus on fanfiction right now.

To my fans who number few, I am very sorry. I will most likely return for a little bit on the next three-day weekend or break. So... maybe a Christmas episode with Gold and Silver sometime soon? Heheheh. Maybe...

I should make like the Terminator and GET BACK SOON, eh? :)

Most deepest apologies,

Rachel V.S. World

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