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Hello peoples, here some facts about me. That I can think of now.

Name: Classified
Nicknames: depends on you ask: Shadow, Stalker, Creeper (all because i appear out of no where)
Age: between 15-20
Gender: Male
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Fave Cartoons: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Blood,
Fave Books: Hunger Games, Harry Potter,
Like: Vampires, Demons,
Dislikes: Sparkly Vampire,

Favorite Quotes:

"If this isn't an insanely beautiful woman, I'm hanging up." - Independence Day

Season of the Witch
Felson: You ever get the feeling God has too many enemies?
Behmen: Being his friend is not so easy either.

Felson: What is that smell?
Behmen: That would be you.

"When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Apple Juice And Let Life Figure Out How You Did That." -Unknown

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Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor by sprinter1988 reviews
Before the start of fifth year Dumbledore changes the plans. Unfortunately he didn't bother to inform Harry. At his trial, Harry realises that it is down to him to save his own skin. To do so his Slytherin side must come out to play, and once it's out it sticks around turning life at Hogwarts on its head. Warnings: EvilDumbles, SheepOrder/Staff, GoodGuysDontGetEverythingTheirWay
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OC Pokemon School by Manorslave2 reviews
Accepting Female OCs Only! Male Entrys are closed till Further notice.
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