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Author has written 3 stories for Charmed, and Harry Potter.

Well, I'm really not sure what all I should add here. So I found a small Harry Potter questioner I filled out. I love Harry Potter and I love Charmed. I wrote a small Charmed one-shot which you all should read and review, as well as a short Hermione and Ron one-shot! And I am currently working on a Harry Potter fic. It's almost 45,000 words and I am working on chapter 9. I plan to begin posting it once I reach chapter 15 or so. Maybe at chapter eleven or twelve I will go ahead and post the prologue.

Favourite Book: Hands down, my favorite is Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. This has always been my favorite book!

Favorite chapter from your favorite book: Ironically, my favorite chapter of the book is titled, The Half-Blood Prince. Basically, any part of the book that revolved around the Potions textbook I loved. The idea that someone was able to edit a textbook and make it better fascinated me. And I always liked reading the parts where Harry showed up Hermione and did so amazing in Potions. I don't know, just that the textbook had so much edited writing and stuff in the margins, I mean, if I came across a book like that at school, I would be the happiest person ever. :)

5 Favorite Characters: Harry, Severus, Remus, Luna, Nymphadora!

5 Least Favorite Characters: 1)Quirrell-Other than the fact that he had Voldemort on the back of his head for a year, I don't know how the students got past his stuttering! 2)Fudge-What an idiot! Who elected him to be Minister anyways?! 3)James Potter-Yup. I said it. Growing up, and perhaps even as an adult, James Potter was a downright mean and cruel bully. I have absolutely no tolerance for bullies as I was a victim of it myself. Yes, he saved Severus on that one occasion, but too little too late. 4)Sirius Black-I have a love/hate relationship with him. I love that he wasn't evil like his family, and that he got away from that, but on the other hand, did he? I mean, like James he was a bully. And he was actually worse than James since he was the one that set Severus up for that awful prank. There are no excuses for his actions. Who cares if he had a predisposition against Slytherin's because of his family. No excuse for his actions. But like I said, love/hate. While he was a bully, he was there for Harry and played an important role for Harry. 5)Scrimgeour-He really irritated me. Wanting to use Harry as a mascot of sorts, still employing Umbridge, going behind Dumbledore's back. He was just a shady guy to me.

Favorite magical creature: I do like them all, but I'm going to have to go with the gnomes. They make me laugh so hard! At least the ones in the stories do. How they are just little tricksters. They make me think of the Twins! :)

Favorite family: Oh, most definitely the Weasleys! I still can't believe that JKR even considered killing off Arthur!

Favorite villain: Bellatrix!! She is CRAZY! But the entertaining kind of crazy-evil!

Favorite death Eater: Ha! Hmmm, well let me think...Evan Rosier. He is really only mentioned, but he fought Moody, and I think his name is awesome!

Favorite Diagon Alley location: Flourish and Blotts. What can I say, I am a book girl!

Favorite Knockturn Alley location: Boggydon's Dark Apothecary of course! Haha okay, so that's not actually a legit place there. But there is really only one shop to answer this question. So I went with the Apothecary I created for the fanfic I am working on! :)

Favorite Spell: Avis. That's the spell that conjures the small little birds. I'm also an animal person so I've always found this spell cool! Although Lumos and Accio are close seconds.

Favorite Unforgivable Curse: Cruciatus Curse. Don't know why, but it is.

Favorite Weasley: Okay well other then the obvious choice of the Twins, I am a fan of Charlie! We don't really seem to see him often, but he is so my favorite besides the Twins. I mean he works with Dragons. How Dreamy! ;)

Favorite Order member: Kingsley Shacklebolt of course!! Loved him! Always have and always will! He is simply amazing!! I love all he did for the Order, and even through the books he seems to have a calming effect.

Favorite pet: Oh definitely an Owl! That would just be so cool! And I am love being up at night, so it works for me! Did you know, that in India, the white owl population is dwindling because of the Harry Potter fanbase there? Turns out everyone wants a Hedwig!

One character you'd bring back to life: Fred Weasley. George couldn't produce a Patronus sad! I mean, I love Snape and all, but with Voldemort dead, and him having "redeemed" himself, what would he have done? I think he would have wanted to die in that war, maybe not by Voldy's snake, but I think he didn't mind being a war casualty.

Favorite Harry moment: Off the top of my head, I really laughed when Harry cast Levicorpus on Ron not knowing what it would do.

Favorite Harry quote: "Albus were named for the two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."

Favorite Ron moment: When he is under the love potion made by Romilda Vane.

Favorite Ron quote: "Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?"

Favorite Hermione moment: When she surprises everyone at the Yule Ball.

Favorite class: Potions! The idea of it is so awesome! With all the ingredients and herbs and the precise cutting and measuring. And all the different types of Potions and what they can do. Purely epic!! Although, Charms...Man I would love that too!

Favorite teacher: Teacher wise, I would have to say Flitwick or Sprout. I really can't decide.

Favorite DADA teacher: Has to be Remus Lupin.

Least favorite teacher: Quirinus Quirrell! The stutter would kill me faster than Voldemort on the back of his head.

Favorite Hogsmeade location: Had I not known the secret behind it, I would have loved the mystery and legends of the Shrieking Shack, but because we now know that it isn't actually haunted and mysterious, I will have to go with Honeydukes!

How long have you been a HP fan: You know, I honestly can't remember. It's sort of a funny story. When I was little, I absolutely hated to read. And in first grade I picked up the first Harry Potter book and started it. I still hated to read, I had started it at the beginning of the year and was reading it so slowly. In fact, my teacher would keep me inside during recess and make me read it. Anyways, so we are coming up on Christmas Break and my teacher pulled me aside and told me that if I didn't finish the book by the time we got back, I would be in big trouble. I finished the book within two days. After that, I was a fan. I read the second book in about two or three days and now I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I love to read! :)

Character you're most like: Ah geez. Probably a mix of Hermione and Luna. I love school and I love my studies. I may not be as intense as Hermione but I'm a bit close. Luna, well I don't dress as crazily as her, but I like to wear some odd things. Mostly chunky necklaces! And I tend to say things that make sense to me, but not to a lot of others:/

House you think you'd be sorted into: Slytherin or Ravenclaw. My friends tell me I would be a Slytherin because I can be extremely cunning when I want to be.

Your Patronus would be a: I imagine it would probably be an owl. I only say that because I am a night person. I write best at night and am more productive in the middle of the night. My imagination flourishes then.

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