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My name is Trinity Ann Jean Sorensen and I'm 12. I live in OH (I just moved here) and that's all I'm sayin LOL there's some major creeps out there I happen to be one myself ;) I'm a strong christian believer! Jesus is awesome! Write me if ya wanna talk about how awesome he is LOL!

I also HATE bullying. I was and am a victim of it and think it sucks! People have gone as far as saying that they could wear my pants better... Weird right? So bullying is the worst thing EVER.

My dream is to one day be a dancer or in a band (rock band, though, then I'll try and start my dancing career.) :0 (No not the dirty kind! Get your mind out of the gutter!) I love dance and always have. I've danced since I was 4 or 5. I hope to reach my dream despite all the odds that are against me. 1. there's a good chance I have Dyslexia, 2. I moved far away from my dance class that I've taken all my life, 3. my dance teacher retired, and 4. I'm "goth". I don't see myself as goth but people seem to think I am. So yeah, I guess I'm "goth". But people seem to think for all those reasons, I don't deserve to dance. That's some of the reasons, a rock band sounds good for me. I already got that rocker attitude and I love musc more than life itself at tmes lol.Lol at times, music is my life itself.

That up there is what I was when I was 12 :) I haven't been on in forever! Most of what I said is still true, except I'm 14 and wanna be an FBI Profiler now :)

Ok, so I love my life. Not in some annoying way of "Like OMG!!! Isn't my life soooooooooooo perfect?" Mm-mm. Not like that. I'll be the first to say that my life is NOT perfect. No where near it and sometimes I feel like the world will just crash down if one more thing goes wrong, but ya know what? THAT is life. It doesn't need to be perfect to be loved. I've recently learned that I don't need to be perfect to be loved.

Anyways, I take dance classes again, listen to more music and bands than I can count! Haha! And I help out with a whole bunch of different things at church.

I still have a passion for dance and write music, but I don't think that's what I wanna do with my life anymore. I feel like God is calling me to make a difference in a different way. I wanna help people. I wanna "catch the bad guys" and protect people. I've always been really over-protective of people and with this job I feel like I can use it to my advantage!

I know that I'm only 14, but I have so much planned already. Three and a half years isn't a lot of time to prepare for the future if you think about it.

Anyways! Just thought I'd get that outta the way and I realize this sounds like a blog, haha!

Here are some answers to questions (that nobody has asked or ever will for that matter lol) that are rather pointless. Just wanted people to know about me. Even the silly thing :)

Fave color?


Fave phone you've ever had?

iPhone 5

Fave food?

Skyline of course! (It's chili that's made in Cincinati)

Fave song?

Hmmm that's a toughy... I honestly can't pick, but if I had to pick right on the spot I'd say "East Coast Anthem" by Good Charlotte!

Fave band?(s)

Three Days Grace and Good Charlotte

Fave drink

Mt. Dew

Fave hand?


Fave animal?


Fave dog?

Great Dane

Fave show?

Criminal Minds! (I love the awesome eye candy on the show :) haha)

Fave snack?

Skyline dip

Fave actor?

Roshon Fegan or Ryan Reynolds

Fave actress?

Bella Thorne!

Fave singer?

Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) or Benji Madden (Good Charlotte) then there's also... ROSHON FEGAN!!!!!

Fave friend?

I'm pretty much friendless lol But probably one of my only friends. His name is Evan and he seriously puts a smile on my face xD

Fave thing to do in your spare time?

Listen to music and read about bands and their members.

What are you doing why you're writing this?

Eating popcorn and listening to the song "I can't make you love me Are you still doing that six or so months later? No, Jackie, I'm not.

Do you poop on a regular schedule?

Ummm I'm sorry, but what kind of question is that?!

Fave face

Odd question, but ok. Benji Madden!!!!!!

Do you have a crush on someone?

yes, no, yes, no, wait if I say yes will you tell? Yes. Then no.

Fave person in the whole world?

Benji Madden!!!!!!!!

Do you think Justin Bieber is a girl?

Uhhh? What does that have to do with anything?! Whateves... I'll just answer the dang question... Sometimes when one of his songs come on I mistake him for one yes. But I do like Justin Bieber. (Not really his music... My cousins say he's ugly...)

Did you like living in NC?

Not really no. I prefer the cold and NC just did not fill that need.

Do you ever feel "down"?

1. don't we all? And 2. only when I'm talking to you Bob... Only when I'm talking to you... My name's not Bob... Do I sound like I care? Apperantly not...

Fave shirt

My Simple Plan or Evanesence one! Hot Topic rocks!! I bet you can't guess how long it took me to save up for 'em ;)Yes, we can..

Do you like Chaz Bono?

No, not at all. "She" or "he" creeps me out.

Have you had your first kiss?

1. If I did I'd probably be making out with the dude instead of talking to you and 2. you're starting to creep me out with all these personal questions...

Are you done with the popcorn you said you were eating?

Yes, Chad, yes I am... My name's not Chad either. Again do I sound like I care?

Fave quote?

"Rawr! I'm a tator tot!

Fave hair color?

Black or dark brown

Fave brother?

I'm sorry, but I will NOT answer that. I find that question VERY offensive!

Fave story you've ever written?

Hmmm, that's another hard one... But I think I'll have to say "Hide The Treasure!" it's a really fun story to write :D

Dream job?

FBI Profiler

Fave cartoon character?

Donald Duck

Do you like the rain?

Yes!!! It's my fave! It was a dark and stormy night... LOL. Anywhoo... I do love the rain. It's just so pretty :)

Do you prefer "pop" or "rock"?

Rock a 100%! Pop annoys me (most of the time) because it just repeats the same thing over and over and over again!

If you could do one last thing for the world before you die, what would it be?

Honestly... I don't really know. I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish and I want to do so many things to help the world. I don't know... Maybe show people that "goth"s' and "emo"s' are not "freaks" and they do have hearts. In fact goths' and emos' are the ones that feel the most. In their mind they feel too much. It hurts when people call you the names and put you in a catogory just to "isolate" you. It truely does Albert. My name is not Albert either!!! I was having a serious moment and you had to ruin it, really? You're the one who got my name wrong...

Do you like to sing and write songs?

Yeah. I love to sing even though I don't think I'm very good. I love to write songs so much that I can't even explain. If I couldn't be a Profiler I'd defanetely go into the music bussiness.

Do you support gay marriage?

Despite what a lot of people believe because of my punk rock nature; I don't. I believe in the bible and the bible don't believe in gay marriage. That's all the reason that I need.

How much do you get in allowence?

35 dollars to forty depending on how many kids I watch.

Do you have a facebook?

Yup :)

Have you moved recently?

Nope, but I did move to OH about a year and a half ago.

Do you have a dog?

Yes, his name is Marley. Are you in love with him? No, he is a dog. So are you Andrew, sit in the chair! Now!!! My name isn't Andrew, mother... I. Am. Not. Your. Mother.

Are you glad that you changed? And do you think it was for the better?

I know that I have. I think it's a good kind of change and I'm a litte proud of it.

I prefer doing multi-chapters instead of ONE-SHOTS. I like a a lot of shows and video games including


Couples I support Tandre (Andre and Tori) Bade (Beck and Jade) Cabbie (Cat and Robbie) Jandre (Andre and Jade)

Shake It Up!

Couples I support Cy (Ty and Cece) Drocky (Deuce and Rocky) Flynka (Flynn and Tinka) Runther (Rocky and Gunther)

Hannah Montana

Couples I support Jiley (Jake and Miley) Loliver (Lily and Oliver)


Couples I support Seddie (Freddie and Sam) Spam (Sam and Spencer)

SpongeBob Square Pants

Couples I support Spandy (Spongebob and Sandy)

A.N.T Farm

Couples I support Flyna (Fletcher and Chyna)

Stargate Atlantis

I support Reyla (Ronan and Teyla) Shweir (Elizabeth and John)

Cold Case

Couples I support Scilly (Scotty and Lilly) Nat (Kat and Nick)

The Naked Brothers Band

Couple I support Rat (Nat and Rosalina)

Phineas and Ferb

Couples I Support Phibella (Isabella and Phineas) Ferbassa (Ferb and Vannessa) Jandace (Candace and Jeremy) Casy (Stacy and Cultrane) Doofenshmirts and his ex wife

Deep Space Nine

Kodo (Kira and Odo) Jorf (Jadzea and Worf) Julzia (Julian and Jadzia)

Suite Life On Deck

Couples I Support Zondon (Zach and London) Cailey (Cody and Bailey) Wadison (Woody And Addison) Carrie and their Father Mema (Marion and Emma)

The Suite Life Of Zach and Cody

Couples I support Zaddie (Zach and Maddie) Zondon (Zach and London)

Dancing With The Stars

Couples I support Derek Hough And Myself Blushes

Good Luck Charlie

Couples I support Pyler (Pj and Skyler) Speddy (Teddy And Spencer) Jabe (Jo and Gabe)

Lemonade Mouth

Couples I support Starlie (Stella and Charlie) Scohini (Mohini and Scott) Wolivia (Wen and Olivia)

So Random

Couples I support Taco (Nico And Tawni) Zady (Zora and Grady) Zico (Nico and Zora)

Sonny With A Chance

Couples I support Channy (Sonny And Chad) Taco (Tawni and Nico) Zady (Zora And Grady) Zico (Nico and Zora)

Code Lyoko

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Sailor Moon

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Ouran High School Host Club

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H2O Just Add Water

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Big Time Rush

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Criminal Minds

Jied (JJ and Ried) Potch (Prentiss and Hotch) Marcia (Morgan and Garcia (


Tabby (Tony and Abby) McAbby (McGee and Abby, but not as much as Tabby!) Jibbs (Jenny and Gibbs. R.I.P Jenny :'( ) and I kinda support Zibbs (Ziva and Gibbs)

Lie To Me

Emi (Emily and Eli) Gal (Gillian and Cal)

Final Fantasy IV (4)

Cydia (Cecil and Rydia. I know I'm weird!) Redward (Rydia and Edward)Redge (Rydia and Edge) Recil (Rosa and Cecil, but I like Cydia more!)

Final Fantasy V (5)

Baris (Bartz and Faris. Once again I'm a freak for liking a weird couple!)

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Zareth (Zack and Aerith (which is later changed to Aeris) They're cute!) GenesisxMe!! ;)

Final Fantasy VII (7)

Cifa (Cloud and Tifa) Yuffintine (Yuffie and Vincent

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Lope (Lighting and Hope) Vazh (Sazh and Vanille) Sang (Snow and Fang)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13-2)

Soel (Serah and Noel)


I also looooooooooooooove talking to friends. I have a couple of GREAT friends on here, their names are Logan Henderson Is Mine , MusicDoll1155, and a couple others:) I looooove their stories! So whoever is reading this read them! Please... I have some other good friends but none I talk to on here nor do I live close to them.

I also love music to death! The music I like includes,

3 Doors Down

Allstar Weekend


Avril Lavigne


Between The Trees

Big Time Rush

Bob Seger

Bon Jovi (Heck, Yeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!!!!)

Boys Like Girls (Is that a bash towards gays? Lol)

Breaking Benjamin

Britt Nicole

Carrie Underwood

Casting Crowns


Colbie Caillet

Cory Lamb


Cyndi Lauper

Danny Gokey

Dashboard Confessional


David Crowder Band

Demi Lovato





Good Charlotte (My favorite band ever!)

Guns N' Roses

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Ingrid Michaelson

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Jimmy Eat World

Jonas Brothers (Not very much though)

Justin Bieber (Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

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Miley Cyrus (Kind of, I hate her though)

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Secondhand Serenade


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Smile Empty Soul

Simple Plan

Skillet (I have a lot of respect for the lead singer and he's, well awesome...)

Smash Mouth

Smile Empty Soul

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Soul Asylum

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Taylor Swift

Tenth Avenue North

The Band Of Perry

The Cranberries

The Fray

The Naked Brothers Band (No they are not perverts. Their mom named them that cuz their pants fell down at the same time once or something like that)

The Offspring

The Pussycat Dolls

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Third Day

Thousand Foot Krutch

Three Days Grace (I think Adam is soooooo hot!)

Toby Keith (I don't really like country but I like some of his lyrics. I am SOOOOO not a country girl!)


Victoria Justice




Zendaya Coleman (Eh, she's alright. I don't know if I spelled her last name right, though. I met her and she's SO nice!)

A girl goes to school, gets bullied, walks home, gets caught by more bullies before getting home, gets home with more hurt feelings than usual, eats dinner, looks in the mirror, thinks she's fat, goes to her room, cuts her wrists, and wakes up in the morning to do it all over again. One day the girl decided cutting is not enough and is done with being bullied. She goes into her parents room and takes her dads gun out. She then decides that this needs to end.

A boy goes to school, gets bullied&pushed around, walks home, gets caught by more bullies, gets home with more hurt feelings and more bruises, combs his hair, thinks he's ugly, goes to his room, cuts his wrists, and wakes up in the morning to do it all again. One day the boy decided that cutting is not enough and is done with being bullied. He goes into his parents room and takes his dads gun out. He decides this needs to end.

The girl realizes she needs to write a goodbye letter to her one friend and her family, but she remembers she needs paper, so she decides to go to the store to get a notebook.

The boy realizes he needs to write a goodbye letter to his family and his cousin that he is extremely tight with, but he remembers he needs paper, so he decides to go to the store to get a notebook.

The girl walks outside to the store when a couple bullies that she knows all to well, jumps out. She's terrified because they are the worst. Not only are they verbal bullies but they are also physical bullies.

The boy walks outside to the store when a couple bullies that he knows all to well jump out. He isn't terrified because he's used to it.

After a while of beating on the poor defensless boy the bullies leave and the boy gets up tiredly. He now knows he made the right decision of suicide. "Now if I can only get that paper!" the boy thinks.

The boy walks for a while then see a girl face down in the snow. He walks over to her to make sure she is alright. He moves her broken body and looks her in the eyes. At the meeting of the two broken teens' eyes' they know. They know that they will be alright. They know they have finally found the one that will understand them and love them.

Re-post this if you hate bullying and want to put an end to it! Bullying is never fun and is the worst feeling one can have, so if you want to at least TRY and stop it, re-post this!

I don't read any couple fics unless I support the couple so sorry Cunther (GeCe) and Bori (Teck) fans LOL

If anyone is a huge Cy lover like I am you can join my group on facebook !!!!! So join and if you want add me as a friend eh eh?! :D

I would also like to say that I wrote the thing about bullies. Ya know the one above this? I wrote it and am pretty darn proud. I'm thinking about doing a story about the teens :) So yeah, that bullying thing was written by Trinity Ann Jean Sorensen. Sorry if it seems like I'm advertising LOL, but I have a friend who's mom wrote a famous poem and someone stole it :'(

That's Me :) I am also going to try writing a fanfiction about each of the couples I said if I ever get a chance!

Trinity Out


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