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Okay I need to revamp my profile because I've recently finished watching Tamers so yeah :)

Now, why I ship WizTail:

First a few quotes to start us off:

"I don't care whether you trust me or not as long as Gatomon needs me I'll be here"- Wizardmon, episode 34 "The eighth child revealed"

"We really need to stick together"- Gatomon, same episode as above quote.

"No! Wizardmon, leave him alone!"- Gatomon, same episode as above.

"Kari, where's Kari? I need to get this crest to Kari and Gatomon."- Wizardmon, episode 37 "City under chaos"

"He's got Gatomon. But not for long." - Wizardmon, same episode.

"It's Wizardmon!" -Gatomon, episode 38 "Wizardmon's Gift"

"I'm sorry I got you involved in this." - Gatomon same episode as above

"If I had never met you, my life would've had no meaning. I'm glad you and I were friends." - Wizardmon, same episode as above.

"Best, forever." Gatomon same episode as above.

Okay, now that the quotes are out of the way anyone see why I love these two so much? They had a connection that Gatomon had with no other digimon ever. Patamon and V-mon have been listed as possible suitors for them but really can they match up? Gatomon and Patamon are good friends, V-mon has a small crush on her but can either of them match? Gatomon cried for Wizardmon three times with true emotion in her heart, they taught each other the meaning of friendship. Even when Wizardmon was badly injured when Joe and T.K. found him his first concern was Gatomon and of course Kari since she is Gatomon's partner. So, WizGato fans come together and help us spread the fandom. A few more things before I shut my mouth.

Wizardmon's devotion to Gatomon: He constantly worries for her, makes sure she's protected and she's always the first one he worries about. He also didn't care about his own life at all as long as Gatomon got his freedom. If that doesn't show love and loyalty then I'm a stuffed toy.

Gatomon's care for Wizardmon: Gatomon saved Wizardmon's life once and she helped him realise friendship by becoming his friend. She cried whenever he was hurt because he was trying to protect her and when he came back as a ghost to warn them. She even said "That Wizardmon, even when he's gone he continues to watch out for me" :) Thats all for now, ta!

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