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Hi, My name is Gigi. Or Saph.

I am a Web-Comic artist in training.

My Main story, The Murder of Me, is about Sonic, Shadow, and Silver facing a danger that is a bit different from those other stories.

You can Find The Murder of Me ( Web Comic form) Issue 1 here:

You can find more of my works here:

My Deavinatart Profile:

My avairy profile:

A little bit about me:

Hey, do you remember school? Obviously. Well, remember where there was always a kid who always seemed to stand out from the others? I bet you barely remember that person, don't you? I mean, that person was invisible, and had his/her nose inside a book at all times.

I' m that person.

Alright, lemme just stop being mopey and dramatic. Hey. Name's Saph. Or my other nickname, Gigi. I'm a young artist who tries really hard to surpass even the best comic artists. I love Sonic. Been loving it for 5 years now. And I don't plan on stopping for a while.

If you want to ask me anything, send me a PM message, R&R, or message me on my devaintart account.

I'm planning to become the best comic artist there is. Right now, I'm not quite there. But I will. Count on it. ;p

The Murder on Me: Written Story will be on hold until the webcomic series is finished..or halfway finished, at least.

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Overwhelming Darkness by sprx777 reviews
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