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Yo, I'm Kiaranassimu, but you can shorten it to Kiaran, I do all the time.

This is where you're supposed to talk about yourself, right? Okay, I can do that. Sorry if it comes across as a little rambly though, I tend to do that a lot.

Age: legal

Sex: female

Looks: Short brown hair, blue-green-grey eyes, about five six.

Favorite Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, My Bloody Valentine, Halloween (originals), Alien(s), ScyFy movies, Harry Potter, Maze Runner

Favorite Television shows: Supernatural, House, NCIS, Burn Notice, Tanked, My Cat From Hell, Lucifer

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Cal Leandros series, Hallows series, Iron Druid series, Temeraire series, Eternal, Night Angel Trilogy, Game of Thrones

Favorite Manga/Anime: Shinjeki no Kyojin, SAO, Seven Deadly Sins, Tokyo Ghoul, Red Data Girl, Inuyasha, Demon Eyes Kyo


Oh my gosh, it has been over a year since I even looked at my fanfiction. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

So, a month after losing my cat, my great-grandma also passed away. A week to the day of my grandfather's (her son's) fourth anniversary of his death. So, that sucked. Like, a lot.

On a bright side, I got a male kitten that I named Spencer for her. He's my little Spencer Mister, and he is the sweetest, and yet dumbest, cat I have ever seen. I have never seen a cat take so much joy in running full tilt down a wood floor hallway, just to slam into a wall. Repeatedly.

Crazy furbutt.

I also graduated college with my Gen Ed degree. Yay! Now to go back for the Vet Tech degree I finally decided on. Lovely. Here's for you Simon!

So, I have decided to brush off my old stories and give them an update and a repost. Here goes nothing.

Wish me luck!!!

Ja Ne


A heart of gold stopped beating,

four little paws laid to rest,

God broke my heart but this I know,

He only takes the best.

With love and warm wishes, I gave you my heart and you gave me your soul. Please wait for me like you always did, and I'll see you at that Door.

Rest In Peace, Simon, Handsome Fella.


My fourteen year old cat has died today. He was my baby, my sweetheart. I have had him since I was eight, and now he is no longer with me. It is hard to think that just a few weeks ago he was curled up next to me sleeping, little paws touching my foot like he always has to do. These next few days are going to be hard. I got the call from the vet at two thirty in the morning, and there is no good news at that time of night. It will be impossible for me to sleep tonight.

But at least he is in a better place, sleeping on God's lap. Take care of my baby until I get there.

He loves chin scratches and spaghetti sauce.

I love you baby.


Dear Readers,

I am so thankful that you have enjoyed reading my stories. I write what I want to write, and am glad that people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

That being said I am aware of how long it had taken me to post another chapter for a story, and that many of you have probably felt that I have abandoned my stories.

This is not true.

I will NEVER abandon a story that I post, as chances are I have a really good idea what I am going to do with it and have some plan of how to get there.

With that being said as well people should also understand that I have a life, a job, and am a full time college student. Any free time I have is given over to homework and sleep, with a little bit of fanfiction writing as a very distant last. I have been writing, I have a few chapters waiting in my folders to be published. But I have had very little time to do anything with them.

I have enjoyed reading everyone's reviews to my story, even though I know that some of them were rather forced. In the beginning I was worried that people wouldn't like my ideas, I was putting myself out there and was hoping for a response, either positive or negative. I just wanted people to talk to me, to tell me what they thought, to tell me what I was doing right or wrong, if they had a question, anything. I do realize that my juvenile idea of holding the chapters 'hostage' for review 'ransom' was very silly and childish.

I wish to apologize to everyone for that.

I also wish to apologize for this, as I will be posting this, I will be taking down A Break in the Pattern, Dementia, and The Sky above. So basically, all of my WIP. I will come back to them, eventually, and have also decided to re-write them.

I am in my last semester of college and am graduating in May. So I really have to buckle down and focus, so there will be NO writing for the next few months, even if what I have written hasn't been posted.

I originally was going to leave my stories, as I know how it feels to see a story I like being taken down, but have decided that I cannot leave an unfinished work up to continue to be nagged and cursed at over it.

That makes this not so fun anymore, and there are some points where you have to draw a line.

On January eighth 2015, aspygirlredo posted this to my story A Break in the Pattern as a review.


Normally I laugh things like this off as the juvenile ranting of someone with no class and no character.

However, in some very unkind twist of fate, my fourteen year old cat was diagnosed with cancer shortly before this review was posted. He is my baby, I have had him since I was eight. I was already emotional at that point, and after checking my email and seeing this post I actually broke down into tears.

This is not something anyone wants to read. This is not something anyone wants to see on a good day, let alone on of the worst weeks of my life since I lost my grandfather.

Simon, my furbaby, has since gone into surgery and as I write I am hoping that he will make it, that we will be able to beat his cancer and I can have my cuddle bug back.

So thank you, to all who have given me kind words, and things to think about. Thank you those who have pointed out discrepancies and made me look back over my work and try to improve myself. Every one of you has a heart of gold and I hope you have all the best.

To aspygirlredo. Thank you for making up my mind. I hope you never have to go through what I am going through now, and that no one will be so unkind as to send a review to you like you have sent to me.

Much love and hopefully I will see you later!



Wow, been a while since I worked on my profile.

I got a new kitten who takes up a crap ton of time. A girl named Shadow who gets into everything and plays fetch with wristbands. I think she is a few strings short of a yarn ball, but she is cute and cuddly, so all is good. Simon wasn't happy for a little while but when he saw that she wasn't leaving he got over it. And I just had a birthday and oh God, where does the time go. Shit I'm getting old. And I got a new fish tank. My cats like them, but I don't think the fish feel the same way.

On the story side of things, I am still working on 'A Break in the Pattern' and have no plans on abandoning that any time soon. So no worries. I have been reviewing my work and editing them. Have it all almost done to, and will put those up with the new chapter. 'Curiouser and Curiouser' has hit a dead end for now but I won't give up. There will be another chapter, and I have hopes of making it a three-shot. So lets go, fingers crossed. I have a new story that has a lot of potential, called 'The Sky Above'. It is a Harry Potter/Temeraire crossover, so keep an eye out for that. First chapter is almost done. Woot! Wish me luck people, and a lot of reviews!

Still looking for that beta...

Ja Ne!


I'm a pretty happy person most of the time and I try not to let things get me down. I like to read and write, and I also spend a fair bit of my time drawing random stuff, mostly animals and dragons. I like listening to music while I work. I have a cat, Simon, who is the only man for me ;) and I am wrapped around his paw. I have a sister and two nieces that I lovingly dote on when they are 1) asleep, 2) not screaming. I am currently going to college for Graphic Design and Animation. For some reason that automatically means I need to take math. Why do you need to take math for art? I don't know but I really, really hate math. It is so totally kicking my ass.

I like to write about Supernatural and Harry Potter. Those two are the big ones that I visit. I randomly throw some Naruto in there and there will be others. Maybe Cal Leandros because I have a thing for brothers that hunt monsters. Really good series, check it out. And the author is nice too. Met her once when my High school managed to get her to come over last year. She signed all my books. My major work in progress right now is 'A Break in the Patter' which is a Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover. Two of my favorites all rolled into one, what more can I ask for? Anyway, I mainly write slash but I also write het so you can expect both in my stories.

Also, I'm looking for a beta to help me with grammer, spelling, and to keep me working. Someone who will let me bounce ideas off them and will give me a push to keep writing. So give me a reply or something if your interested with a way to contact you back. Thanks!

Ja Ne!

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Supply and Demand 1: Unwanted by Tari Roo reviews
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The Sky Above reviews
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Past reviews
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