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Author has written 15 stories for Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, World Only God Knows/神のみぞ知るセカイ, Dragon Quest Series, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU/やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている, and Darkest Dungeon.

About me: I don't particularly think I've got a special talent in writing, but I do have some interesting ideas...

Stories so far:


Rainy Day Girl - One-shot. I don't think I'll ever be able to write a proper romance, but it's a genre I'd like to experiment with. In the end, this really didn't turn out to be all that romantic. But as it stands, I think it's good the way it is.

Dragon Quest:

Monster Girl Quest! - One of my most viewed fics for some reason. A loose adaptation of a "Visual Novel" with the same name, it's basically about a kid on an adventure who's just trying not to get screwed over. Pretty much anyway...


Thread - A short and sweet drabble written on Halloween night.

Youth is Actually Not That Exciting - It's a comedy bit. And depending on who you are, it may be a bit too real.

To Aru Series:

The Plague - Kamijou Touma had a terrible childhood. It probably doesn't matter since he's forgotten all about it, but still, it's pretty rough. I wrote this thinking that it deserves some merit. Though... it isn't really that long.

Decelerate - I wrote this without really thinking much. And I posted it without really reading much into it. But looking on it now, it's actually pretty dark... More-so than I intended. That is to say, it ended a lot better than I thought it would.

Zero - Originally, this was a fic about Hamazura Shiage. After thinking about it, I decided to be ambiguous throughout the chapter, since this type of setting could probably apply to all of skill-out in some way. I don't think this'll ever be popular, but I wanted to post something about Hamazura Shiage since I have two other general fics with Kamijou Touma and Accelerator.

To Aru Super SS - I think I gave an accurate description in the summary. As someone who has read a lot of 4-koma's from one site or another, I kind of wanted to see that in fanfiction. Rather, is this type of 'thing' even considered fanfiction? There's no story, no character development. Just a bunch of events that kind of just... happen.

Unnatural - Another general fic about Kamijou Touma's past. He doesn't appear much in it but still has an important role. The four main characters are the film crew that supposedly stalked him when he was a kid. As with 'The Plague', 'Decelerate', and 'Zero', it's got a darker tone.

To Aru Super SS: The Movie: The Miracle of Endymion - A parody based off of the movie with the same name. I've covered roughly the first 10 minutes of it. I currently have no plans to continue past that since it would require me to re-watch that movie.

Super Collider - A story about Misaka Mikoto told in a Super SS-like way. It's probably my favorite fic in terms of fun.

Parallelogram - This is about parallel universes and 'mutual world destruction'. I suppose the phrase 'the more things change, the more things stay the same' is apt here. The first universe is about an Accelerator in a world with no magic or advanced science. The second universe is about an Accelerator in a world where he turned against Level 6 SHIFT. Despite how I'm describing it, the focus is on Misaka Mikoto's relationship with Accelerator. This was written before NT10, where... I guess this is now possible? I'm not going to think too much on it.

To Aru Super SS II - A continuation of 'To Aru Super SS' in the loosest sense. In comparison with its previous iteration, it's pretty much the same thing. Maybe the jokes are a bit worse. They probably are. I'm updating this intermittently.

Super Seven - Like with 'Super Collider', this is a story told in a Super SS-like way. It's centered around the friction between Level 5s. Currently, this is my main ongoing project.

Additional Thoughts:

As someone who focuses on "style" over "content" (meaning I'm not a very good writer) I'm very aware that there's a lot of things I write that are... a bit too confusing or off-the-wall. Especially the jokes. Some of my jokes are really weird. If ever anyone needs some clarification or additional thoughts on something, feel free to throw me a PM and I'll throw something back.

Also, if anyone has writers block or needs help coming up with ideas, send a PM for that too. I'm pretentious and enjoy doing things like that too.


Users BuyMeABlueLolipop and edanereS have both contacted me about making drawing out a few strips from To Aru Super SS. It's extremely gratifying for me to know that I've actually written something that people want to sketch and I appreciate their efforts! Check em' out yourself and comment on their sites!



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Chapter 1: As always, Hikigaya Hachiman is a pretty funny guy.
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Even if you didn't come that day, I'm sure we would meet.
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In a world with cute monster girls abound, a young boy named Luka journeys to defeat the Monster Lord. A loose adaptation of the parody VN of the same name. Rape scenes have been removed for family friendliness. Chapter 4: Luka drops by Happiness Village only to find trouble?-! What's in store for our fake hero?-!
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Even in a parallel universe where no magic or science resides, Accelerator still can't make friends.
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A lost arc from To Aru Super SS that finally reached the light of day. This is the story of a girl and a videogame.
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If there was ever a fanfiction about a doujin artist's take of a To Aru Majutsu 4koma, this might be it. Discretion: may contain spoilers.
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Kosaka Chihiro and Katsuragi Keima take a break in the rain. Chihiro Arc. R&R if you like it... Don't take that the wrong way, it's not like I particularly want you to...
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