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hey I'm who R U 7 how do U no my name (the '7' stand for '&' because they would let use it and because if i used the whole word it would fit)

i mostly help my friend 'darling i've got a dark side' (formerly know as shadowsonlygirl) sorties

anything written in italics is just me babbling on ignore if you must.

(when writing dates i right the day first because i'm Australian)

9/3 may I just say this is my first day on the site and i think it weird that i can read, review and write anything i want on this profile but i can't upload a pitcher. i know a picture can say a thousand word, but i think i could do more damage writing and reviewing then i could by uploading a picture, which by the would be a picture of a stuffed lion i saw at the museum. not that i going to do any damage (don't kick me off the site) but that just what i think.

10/3 i have just read the rules. and can i say now i feel scared! theres a lot of 'no exceptions' and don't do this and don't do that. my mum has aways said when writing rules you should always make them positive now i see why. What i find ridicules is that i'm not allowed to spell thing wrong. i mean i know they don't cheek it and they probably won't kick me off for spelling my name wrong or somthing. but it dosne't make me fell comfortable (i just spent 5 minutes looking up how to spell comfortable because i didn't want to spell it wrong) about putting my storys which will proberbly have a few spelling and grammer mistakes... but here i go about to put on my first story. wish me luck

well i just wrote it all up. then found up i can't put it on till tomorrow it is a new ending to the first hunger games book.

10/3 WOW there are over 600 tribe story that is so cool. i can't pick what i want to read. some of them sound good but are to long some... well ok most of them are just long. i know if i started to write one i would just want to write more but i don't like reading long storys

15/3 i got my first review the other day you want to know what it said? "no" well i'm going to tell you any way all it said was "this bites" i mean really? it' not even a vampire story! not even some constructive critrsum. i came on this website not even thinking i'd write a story and when i did all i got was 'this bites'. that bites and must i say it really hurt to.

15/3 i just look at my traffic and i've had up to 50 people read my story and not a single person commented besides the on that wrote 'this bite' not a single person could be bother to say anything. maybe i really do suck at writing and no one wants to hurt my felling.if i really do suck tell me.if you think i'm good please tell me even more. but don't think thats going to stop me.

15/3 i don't think anyone is reading any of this, besides maybe people i really know in which case 'hi' don't worry i'm fine, but somehow i don't think their reading it either which i think is a good thing i'm just rambling. try to avoid doing my homework ps. if you r reading this. do you know anything about ionic bonds

19/3 yay! i got a review that wasn't just 'this bites' it gave advice and was kind so thank you primrose001

26/3 i have no inspiration What So Ever, let alone time. 10th grade is hard. i promised to help out at the go cart race. not to mention the splitting headache (i got from hitting my head on the pavement yesterday). and the lack of inspiration for my homework. i think i should just go to bed (i would but it lunch time) (i just thought i should write something because i haven't in awhile.)

31/3 right now i'm at shadowonlygirls house helping her come up with her newest story. it's going to be fantastic! it's a sonic story, i'm not a sonic fan but i still think it's going to be great. my fav story of hers is future beginning, which is also sonic but it still made complete sense to me. (i love lolly)

8/4 i'm thinking about putting my name on my account because all my friend have then. but i get paranoid about giving out my information, we had a police chick come and talk to us about Facebook but all i could think about was popcorn i mean really who hold a safety talk in a cinema (and doesn't even use the giant screen)

8/4 i wish someone other then my friends were reading this because (no efence to myself) i think it's way more interesting then my stories. i think i should get a blog or something but i don't think anyone would read that either

31/5 i just read my profile and i spelt picture wrong in my first entry. if i read that in someone else's profile i would stop reading, so thanks and congratulations to anyone who read my profile before to day for being so kind and un judging.

31/5 i haven't been on in awhile and i'm only really on now because i'm at home sick with nothing to do but i have been doing my part for fan fiction. even though it took me awhile i started helping

31/5 i have reviews!!!! i'm happy. i'm up to the point where i don't want advice i just like to know people are actually reading my stuff. which i guess i can just look at traffic but its not the same. advice is pointless to me i can't be bothered changing my stories (it why i never changed my hunger games story) but i still don't mind if you want to help death ears

31/5 i changed my profile pic because i figured if i'm on fan fiction i should probably have a pitcher of a show or somethingi like, so yesterday i was going trough my old school work from when i was about 6 and a found a poster about my favourite tv shows and it was mostly about rugarats so i was instanly re interest and plan to watch all the rugrats i can!! i love remembering things it how my obsesion with flashbacks comes from that and the tribe i was watching an episode and they had 3 flash back in 1 20 min episode not to mention the flashback episodes.

16/8 i haven't been on for a long time i've had nothing to say. it almost my 16th birthday i really excited. i changed my pitcher because the rugrats seemed a little childish.

12/2/12 hay it been almost a year since i joined. i think i going to have to get read of all my old babbling.

i hate that i have to writ something to add a story to my favourites.

i didn't relies how popular maximum ride

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