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*To all my precious readers, I am SO sorry for the lack of updates. I have not been able to finish a story chapter of any current/upcoming to post up because I write so many stories. And I almost only go on Fanfiction to update, which obviously isn't very often. I meant to put this in January, but I forgot about it. I'm sorry if I worried any of you. Things like me disappearing are probably going to happen again in the future, so I'm sorry again in advance. But the next time I update, which should be much later, I'll have the prologue and maybe the first chapter of my upcoming Kingdom Hearts story: When I Had A Heart. I'm sorry for being so inactive, guys. ; ^ ;*

*CONCERNING "EVEN A THIEF CAN LOVE": I know I promised to have the next chapter up by Christmas, but I was caught up with other priorities. Since the last chapter was posted up, the story line got confusing for me to understand and mix in with other later parts of the story, so I just left it alone to think about it and try and clean it up a bit. But when I went back to it, I started rewriting it and lost interest in it all together. However, this does NOT mean I discontinued the story; it's just going to be on a very long hiatus that I don't know how long will last.*

Hello there~ Like my username states, I'm a forgetful person who acts mean to hide her true feelings. I taught myself to be forgetful in the sixth grade, and I still have no idea how I managed to accomplish that. And I get close to a lot of guys, so I end up liking them. I'll be mean to them so that they won't figure out I like them. So that's basically the story behind my username. I'm a pretty weird person, huh? Anyways, I'm a very passionate yaoi fan, ever since the 5th grade. I was exposed to a lot of things at the age I was at. And I have deviantART to thank for that. Not that I have a problem with that though.

I'm not too good a writer, so please forgive me if I burned your eyes with my bad writing ability. However, I am gradually learning how to improve. The stories currently up are old, so they're not too good. They'll be updated soon, I promise. Most of my stories fall into the "Romance" category, and they're usually Hetalia-related. Also, I hate to read real books. I know it's probably "unprofessional" for an author to hate reading, but I just do. I've never enjoyed it. It's not that I can't read, I just choose not to. However, I do read some books that most people do not know about but engross me very much. I myself am not very sure why I love to write but hate to read, but that's how I function.

And for all those deviantART users, here's my account: But all I have in my gallery are most of the stories I have up here, some old version of those stories, previews of other stories, and test chapters. I'm on deviantART almost 24/7, so if you ever need to contact me, just go there. Feel free to add me to your watchers' list!

Well, enough about me. FanFiction is all about the stories. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and read my stories. Rate and review please~


April 12, 2012 - I'm sorry about the inactivity lately :( I'll update soon, no promises. Fixed a few of the story summaries.

December 21, 2011 - Merry early Christmas! It's been a while since I've updated with a new chapter, and yes, I am working on "Even A Thief Can Love" and "Averting Gaze." I promised the 3rd chapter of my Thief Lord story before Christmas, but I don't think it'll be up by then. It might be up a before New Year's, but there's no guarantee about that. Sorry.The wait won't be too long though. Also, I'll also be adding a Kingdom Hearts story in a few weeks or so.

November 27, 2011 - Sup guys, I'm back for a while. I just that that I'd let you all know that the third chapter for "Even A Thief Can Love" will be up in maybe two or three weeks. I've already started it and its going smoothly, but I'm at a certain point where I can't figure out what to write anymore. But I promise the wait for this one won't be too long.

November 7, 2011 - So, as of recently, I started a Durarara!! story. I've been watching Durarara!! on Adult Swim for the past couple months (since like episode 7). I kept getting the urge to writing a story about it, so I decided to just write a story about. The first chapter will probably be up by late February. Also, I've added a new story to the Upcoming Stories section: A Vampire's Love, a genderbent Adventure Time story.

Current Story Progress:


Christmas Surprise: Soon to be deleted and replaced with a revised version. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland. Main couple: SwedenxFinland. (Rated:T)(Categories:Romance, Drama)

Fourth of July: Soon to be deleted and replaced with a revised version. America, England. Main couple: AmericaxEngland. (Rated:T)(Categories:Romance, Angst)

Averting Gaze: Starting. N.Italy, Germany, S. Italy, Prussia, Spain, France. Main couple: N.ItalyxGermany (Rated:T) (Categories:Romance, Humor)


Even A Thief Can Love (Thief Lord): Progressing. Main couple: ScipioxProsper. Warning: (future) incest rape (Rated:M)(Categories:Romance, Drama)

Upcoming Stories:


Vacation with the Mediterraneans: Turkey & Greece (Egypt, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Cyprus) (Rated:T)(Categories:Romance)

Egypt, Northern Cyprus, and Cyprus all decide that Turkey and Greece should stop fighting. So they arrange for all of them to go on a vacation together. But it doesn't exactly go as the trio had originally planned.

Maybe I Love You: Hungary (Austria, Prussia, maybe Romania) (Rated:K+) (Categories:Romance, Drama)

Throughout her childhood, Elizabeta always believed she was male. She even went by the name Elias. But then when she meets Roderich and Gilbert, she gradually finds out the truth about the lie she had been living...

I've Loved You Ever Since the 900's: Chibitalia & Holy Roman Empire (Germany, S.Italy) (Rated:K+) (Categories: Romance, Angst)

Feliciano always had a special place in his heart for his first love, Holy Roman Empire. But when a certain blue-eyed nation enters his life... what's going to happen to that place?

Left Alone in the Cold: Russia & Kievan Rus (Belarus, Ukraine, Mongolia) (Rated:K+) (Categories: Tragedy)

Kievan Rus never thought that she would ever have to leave her children to fend for themselves. But when Mongolia comes into the picture, she can't help but leave them alone in the snowy tundra they called home.

German Princess: Liechtenstein & Switzerland (Austria, Prussia, Germany) (Rated:T) (Categories:Romance)

Lili, alone at home after Vash left for a meeting, gets 3 love confessions all in the same day and right after the other! She has no idea what's going on, but her heart will only and always belong to her brother.

My Beautiful Angel: Canada & Seychelles (France, Joan of Arc, America, England, Fem!America) (Rated:K+) (Categories:Hurt/Comfort, Friendship)

After the death of his mother, Matthew Bonnefoy lost the meaning of his life. But his sister Victoria and cousin Alfred Kirkland are there to help him get through it. AU

Past Fears: Germany & Prussia (Holy Roman Empire, N.Italy, Chibitalia, Russia) (Rated:T) (Categories:Romance, Tragedy)

Ludwig never wanted Gilbert to die and leave him alone in the worl. Gilbert never wanted Ludwig to know of his real past as the Holy Roman Empire. Neither of them knew their nightmares would actually be realized.

Forgive and Forget: China (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam) (Rated:K+) (Categories:Hurt/Comfort)

Everyone has something they regret. Yao has 5000 years worth of regret, and not spending enough time with his younger siblings is one of them.

Stupid Tomato-Bastard: S.Italy & Spain (Belgium, Netherlands) (Rated:K+) (Categories:Romance)

Lovino loves Antonio with all the love a man could have. He just has a hard time expressing it. (Some Pirate!Spain)

When A Viking Falls in Love: Sweden & Finland (Denmark, Norway, Iceland) (Rated:T) (Categories:Romance, Angst)

After being rejected by Norway, Sweden decides to go on his own for a while. Then when he stumbles upon a poor victim of Denmark and Norway's viking-pillaging, he finds out what it really means to fall in love.

Non-Hetalia Stories

(Kingdom Hearts) When I Had A Heart...: Lexaeus/Aeleus & Zexion/Ienzo (Rated:T) (Categories:Romance, Hurt/Comfort)

A love story about Lexaeus and Zexion's complicated relationship during their times as Ansem's loyal apprentices. Also features short arcs about the other apprentices and their relationships outside of their work.

(Genderbent!Adventure Time) A Vampire's Love: Marshall Lee/The Vampire King & Prince Gumball (Fionna, Cake, Beemo) (Rated:T)(Categories:Romance, Angst)

The Kingdom War ravaged through the Land of Aaa, devastating its citizens. Now it's 50 years later and Marshall Lee finally returns to Aaa to visit his deceased lover's grave to tell him how he fell in love with him.

Hm? I see you have a question there, sir:

Feel free to send me a PM right here, and you will always get a response! (It just might be a bit late.) Or, if you have a deviantART account, you can note me at the account I have listed above. I recommend contacting me there since I'm on almost all day.

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How can I see you're okay in Heaven when the gray rain clouds are in the way? As the rain falls, feelings unfold and tears are shed.
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Who knew the day before Christmas holds so many shocking things. Contains SwedenxFinland, SwedenxDenmark, DenmarkxNorway, and NorwayxIceland.
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